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  • Leaflets 🍃 and impact man


    Leaflets: I couldn’t stop thinking about him he is so brave and protect over Gigi even though I can protect myself I still think I wanna help out but I know people want me to stay away from dangerous thing but that’s don’t matter I won’t let anything happen to me. I know don’t hang out that much but I think he and is friends are great team and so does the gear sisters.


    * After work was over leaflets went to tree to sit down and see the sun goes down as he Fall asleep he didn’t notice impact man was next to him,he was blushing a little bit he was lay next to him and impact man gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder to wake up *

    Impact man: * mind * he’s so cute when he sleeps I don’t want to leave him alone in the dark I’ll just bring him home with me.

    * impact man pick up leaflets and walk home and put him in his room as he put leaflets to bed he slowly opened his eyes and see impact man , both of them was shocked to see each other but leaflets was a little nervous how did he bring him home *

    Leaflets: how did you get here?

    Impact man: I pick you up and brought you home I don’t want you leaving out in the dark and get you hurt.

    Leaflets: Aww that’s sweet of you but you I can handle myself but I don’t want you to leave too sometimes we have our differences but don’t mean we to overprotective, the truth is we just seen each other for a little while and I like you a lot and…..impact

    Impact man: 0////0……

    Leaflets: no impact I didn’t mean I-I-I’m sorry if I sa-

    * impact man kiss him and leaflets was blushing so much and he kiss him back , sometimes he can still feel the butterfly in his stomach *

    Impact man: I like you too leafy

    Leaflets: oh you packy ^\\^

    (( the end 🍃💚⛏🧡))

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  • Leaflets in his sparkle dress


    He looks so adorable in his sparkle dress

    Impact man: 0///0 * mind * : so cute

    Leaflets: are you ok?

    Impact man: y-yeah is just you look so cute in that dress

    Leaflets: ^\\^ oh thanks

    Impact man: your welcome ☺️

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  • With you <3

    The story of how I was inspired by the song is this…

    On Facebook, I’ve found a funny video of Barbie dancing with this song that it’s the 6th Opening of Inuyasha (youtu.be/yHb2LXedl6U).
    The thing is that I’ve seen a episode of Inuyasha long time ago in my childhood. I searched the episode and they were the episodes 166-167. THE LAST EPISODES FROM 6TH SEASON!!
    I saw them and memories came in my mind.
    I wanted to searched the song of the ending of the episodes, but I ended finding that song!!

    Now the drawing…

    Taiga Woman was created to be Ignis’ love interest, so that means those characters were destined to be together since the beginning.
    There is a Japanese legend called “Red String of fate”. A string that bonds two people who are destined to meet by fate.

    Taiga and Ignis complement themselves.
    Taiga Woman could stay as a simple girl who is behind her love interest, but, as I like work hard with my characters, she became something more than this.

    In the drawing, they are inside something like a factory…
    Oh no! Are they going to die??

    La historia de cómo fui inspirada por la canción es esta…

    En Facebook, encontré un video gracioso de Barbie bailando con esta canción que es el 6to Opening de Inuyasha (youtu.be/yHb2LXedl6U).
    La cosa es que he visto un episodio de Inuyasha hace lago tiempo en mi infancia. Busqué el episodio y esos eran los episodios 166-167. ¡¡LOS ÚLTIMOS EPISODIOS DE LA 6TA TEMPORADA!!
    Los vi y las memorias vinieron a mi mente.
    Quería buscar la canción del ending de los episodios, pero ¡terminé encontrando otra canción!!

    Ahora el dibujo…

    Si han visto esto (Secrets of my characters 3), Taiga Woman fue creada para ser el interés amoroso de Ignis, lo que significaría que ambos personajes fueron destinados a estar juntos desde el inicio.
    Hay una legenda japonesa llamada “El hilo rojo del destino”. Un hilo que une dos personas quienes están destinadas a conocerse.

    Taiga e Ignis se complementan a sí mismos.
    Taiga Woman pudo quedarse como una simple chica quien está detrás de su interés amoroso, pero, como me gusta esforzarme mucho con mis personajes, ella se volvió más que eso.

    En el dibujo, ellos están dentro de una especie de fábrica…
    ¡Oh no! ¿Ambos van a morir?



    ►BASED ON:

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  • You know what I haven’t done in forever? Made a Mega Man OC. This is Bargain Man. He was inspired from a Jackbox game a couple of days ago. I love him already.

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  • Leaflets is bait


    Oh boy he’s was not happy about this bait thing

    (( inspired by Tmnt 2012))

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  • Gear sisters part 2 : the corruption of leaflets

    * As Gigi is still looking for the bunny’s owner she senses she was being watch , she felt uncomfortable and scared about it while she was holding the bunny *

    Gigi: is ok your safe with me..* she looks at its collar and she relies it was Fuse man’s bunny * watt? Aw you poor little bunny You know fuse man don’t like it when you hop away from him.

    Watt: * feels scared, and snuggles Gigi *

    Gigi: * put watt on her head, grab a branch * o-Ok you evil monster come out who ever you are..

    * the bushes were shaking even more as Gigi get closer and closer until She hit Kui-ichiro 4 times *

    Kui-ichiro: ow ow ow ow Gigi stop is me!!

    Gigi: oh sorry I didn’t know you were here, .. how did you find me?

    Kui-ichiro: I wasn’t alone we fallow you.

    Gigi: we? What do you mean “we”? I just see you in the bu-

    * Kui-Jiro and Kui-Saburo comes out of the woods between with Kui-ichiro*

    Gigi: oh never mind, is good to see you boys

    Kui-Saburo: same here and you found watt

    Gigi: yeah he was hiding in the bushes the whole time and I didn’t know he had a collar on it

    Kui-jiro: no way

    Gigi: is true Last time I find him I brought him over at my house and made a collar and put his name on it.

    The impact brothers: * see watt has a collar * ohhh that’s adorable Gigi

    Gigi: * giggles *

    * then there was robot figure trying to attack Gigi *

    Kui-ichiro: Gigi look out!!

    Gigi: * doges the attacker* who is this strange robot?

    Kui-Saburo: I don’t know but I think this robot is going to be stop for good!

    Gigi: * has her sparkle suit on * nothing shall defeat me

    ??: try to stop me if you must but you never know my power!! Hahah * has a stone as he put his arm up high and the stone makes a thunder spark *

    Gigi: hey that’s the stone it control some of the robot masters you better put that back!!

    ??: oh I don’t know about that but because this is only the beginning of our battle! * use his beam to shoot Gigi *

    * but it was stop by impact man instead *

    Corrupted leaflets: ahhh!! Oof

    Gigi: * grab the stone and put it in the jar, see leaflets * !!!

    Impact man: * shocked * leaflets…

    Corrupted leaflets: impact man please don’t… I don’t want you to end up like me

    Impact man: leafy try to remember you don’t have to do this you know I was here for you buddy after those days you been hiding…

    Corrupted leaflets: … yeah and I was hiding from and it wasn’t you it was from my actions I kept the stone for a long time when it happened and I didn’t know it had powers and it hit me it made me insane my sister try to calm me down but I couldn’t handle it myself I didn’t mean to scare her for what I did I didn’t want to hurt.. her * his tears running down on his face *

    *Impact man and Gigi felt bad about what happened to leaflets lucky Gigi is strong enough to break the stone and leaflets turn back to normal, impact man carefully pick up leaflets as Gigi and impact man starts walking back home.*

    Impact man: Gigi what happened if our friends gets in to the stone control?

    Gigi: it will make them be more unstoppable and will impossible to get rid of it’s power the only way to stop it is use our gears and our normal power to connect it

    Impact man: this may be a tough task but…let go save our friends

    Gigi: yeah

    (( to be continued))

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  • TaigaWoman: *without words* Oh my… *faints of the emotion* 

    Ignis knows well to his girlfriend XD

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  • Hey, I’m not dead here,  I bring new adoptive robot, Shine Man

      (A Robot Master Custom Adopt that I adopt from MegaPhantaze in DA)

    Copied from the Custom adopt publication:

    Shine Man has flamethrowers on the mask. Underwater, he can boil the water, and on land it breathes fire. The tail is made to create whirpools and agility in water is fast enough for those whirpools, also known to have metal like skin and claws are sharp as well.

    New information added:
    Shine man also has the capable of shining in the dark when he want, adopted by Dr. Jazz 5 years after Keys man was adopted.
    He’s very smart and a little naughty, but its has a tendency to scare unknown people when they’re in their area, so it’s kind of hard to socialize, but with patience towards him you can know him better, he is quite friendly when he is in confidence.

    Fun facts:
    - Although he is the last of the three brothers, he is the tallest surpassing even his second brother, Kaaman.
    - His claws are so sharp that he can kill someone unintentionally.
    - His name and capableness is inspired by Bioluminescence.
    - I was inspired by the original description and decided to give his tail as a kind of helix.

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  • That happens before Taiga Woman and Ignis strengthen their relationship.

    Ignis fell in love of that Ice Princess by her beauty and power.

    However, he started to noticed that she wasn’t feeling the same like him.

    Is something wrong from him?

    Or is because she hates his “fire side”?

    Taiga Woman still had a grudge towards Fire Robots, but this time is different.

    She found on Ignis someone who cares of her.

    Also, she started to have feeling towards him, but by her cold acttitude, Ignis thought that she hates him by being a “Fire Robot”.

    Ignis tried to change himself to Taiga doesn’t hate him: He was decided to stay in his “Frozen Mode” forever and become in a “Ice Robot”.

    However, that’s dangerous for his core because he could stop working and maybe he couldn’t be fixed again until Dr. Wright found him.

    Taiga was crying to see what he’s able to risk his health to please her.

    She knows that Ignis isn’t only fire and no only ice. He’s a Fire and Ice Robot and she can’t freeze his fire side or that will have bad consequenses on him.

    Taiga Woman: ¡No te lastimes a ti mismo para amarme! ¡No te voy a congelar!

    Ignis Frost: ¿Ahora me amas?

    Eso pasa antes de que Taiga Woman e Ignis refuerzen su relación.

    Ignis se enamoró de aquella Princesa de Hielo por su belleza y poder.
    Sin embargo, él empezó a notar que ella no estaba sintiendo lo mismo que él.
    ¿Es algo malo de él?
    ¿O es porque ella odia su “lado de fuego”?

    Taiga Woman aún tenía rencor hacia los Robots de Fuego, pero esta vez era diferente.
    Ella encontró en Ignis a alguien quien se preocupa por ella.
    Además, ella empezó a tener sentimientos hacia él, pero por su fría actitud, Ignis pensó que ella lo odia por ser un “Robot de Fuego”.

    Ignis intentó cambiarse a sí mismo para que Taiga no lo odie: Estaba decidido a quedarse en su “Frozen Mode” para siempre y convertirse en un “Robot de Hielo”.
    Sin embargo, eso es peligroso para su núcleo porque él podría dejar de funcionar y tal vez no podría ser reparado de nuevo hasta que el Dr. Wright lo encuentre.

    Taiga estaba llorando al ver que él es capaz de arriesgar su saluf para complacerla.
    Ella sabe que Ignis no es solo fuego como no es solo hielo. Él es un Robot de Fuego y Hielo y ella no puede congelar su lado fuego o tendría malas consecuencias en él.

    *Another song that is stuck in my head :’v

    *Otra canción que está en mi cabeza :’v

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  • Peacock Quartz 🦚🌸


    Dancing to the moon as sparkle shine like stars ✨

    Peacock woman: ….

    Quartz woman: are you ok ?

    Peacock woman: yeah is just I have feeling is stuck in my head and …. I can’t tell you how because is too soon

    Quartz woman: is ok just take it slow you can tell me anything you don’t have to hide it from me

    Peacock woman: … * as she looks down and she can’t hide it anymore * I.. I love you Quartz…..

    Quartz woman: ///// …..

    Peacock woman: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that I know is to soon but I-I didn’t want to end this way but I- don’t mean-

    Quartz woman: * kiss her on the lips *

    Peacock woman: ////…

    Quartz woman: you don’t have to apologize to me peacock sometimes I have the same thing but I have to tell you is was difficult to have this feeling.

    Peacock woman: * smile happy, giggles * yeah I guess I been thinking about it.

    *Quartz woman and peacock woman smiled at each other and kiss each other *

    (( the end 💜💖🦚🌸 ))

    (( Quartz woman belongs to @flowersofstarlight , and Peacock woman belongs to me))

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  • Blaze girl‘s First word

    Blaze girl was a sleep while Tundra man was reading his book about flowers and roses, and Torch man is relaxing in the other room watching Blaze girl.

    Blaze girl : zzz

    Torch man: * looks at Blaze girl * My adorable little girl you have so much gift in your heart, soon you will be a good child and we will always love you and I will never let you get hurt and I love your father too.

    Tundra man: * walking in the room * Torch how’s Blaze girl?

    Torch man: she’s doing ok she’s just asleep for now.

    Tundra man: * sigh happy , hold Blaze girl * our sweet angel aww you’re so cute baby robot

    Blaze girl: * coos happy *

    Torch man and Tundra man: * laugh together *

    * Then Blaze girl said her first word*

    Blaze girl: d-d- da da’s

    Torch man and Tundra man: * gasp *

    Tundra man: her first words

    Torch man: I can’t believe this Is so adorable

    Blaze girl: ^^ * coos happy *

    * as Torch man and Tundra man hugs Blaze girl happy together *

    (( the end ❤️🔥❄️💙))

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  • done real quick- haze man! inspired by aimkids soft fuzzy man animation (might mess around with the colors a little more, something feels off about them)

    #mega man oc #megaman oc#haze man#hazeman #i should probably get to the rest of the dsn line sometime #btw haze is another uin #almost made him a dsn but his name is too similar to hare/haz #i did concepts of him w/ art heavily inspired by official art that looked better than this smh
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  • Taiga Woman - The Ice Princess

    Taiga Woman is the princess of the Frozen Forest.
    When she isn’t fighting, she wears this princess dress.

    PD1: She usually embed herself ice crystals in her body when her outfit shows her shoulders.
    PD2: She sometimes takes off her ice skaters (Especially in summer, when the ice disappears from the forest).

    Taiga Woman - La Princesa de Hielo 

    Taiga Woman es la princesa del Bosque Helado.
    Cuando ella no está peleando, ella viste este vestido de princesa.

    PD1: Usualmente, ella se incrusta cristales de hielo en su cuerpo cuando en su outfit muestra sus hombros.
    PD2: A veces ella se quita sus patines de hielo (Especialmente en verano cuando el hielo desaparece del bosque).

    I was inspired by this song that it’s stuck on my head :’v

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  • Gear sisters part 1

    The girls are asleep in there rooms then Milly tried to wake them up with the big alarm, all the girls hear the alarm and they groan about the alarm.

    Flare woman: * groan* is 5 in the morning can I have more time to get a break already?

    Dead fly woman: yeah we just did some of the work and now more work ugh just few more minutes * cover herself with a blanket *

    Kanna: zzz mochi zzz ramen

    Frozen woman: * in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the girls and greet Galilei * morning Galilei

    Galilei: * dusty the glass vase * oh morning frozen woman are you feeling ok?

    Frozen woman: * cooking pancakes * yeah I’m just a little nervous about … today

    Galilei: don’t be what ever happens well be there

    Frozen woman: thanks Galilei you’re a good sport

    Galilei: you too

    * Ziska and and KoKi in the bathroom brush their hair and wash their faces , while flare and dead fly are getting up to eat breakfast *

    Ziska: So did you think we could go out to see our family or someone else?

    KoKi: … uhhh I’m not sure what to say but we’ll see our cousins for sure but I’ll won’t let someone evil stuff happen to you

    Ziska: KoKi you know I can handle it on my own right?

    KoKi: yeah but is just always get in my skin like I don’t have you on my own or anything else

    Ziska: KoKi I won’t ever betray your side besides your are favorite kitty cat

    KoKi: * blushing * wh- I- I’m not a kitty cat!!

    Ziska: * pet KoKi on her head , start giggles *

    * Gigi, was in the garden looking at the Rose and the butterfly *

    Gigi: oh hi little butterfly * landed on my face * heh heh aww you so cute little bug ha haha * hums *

    * Gigi herd a something different in the bushes while she wasn’t looking *

    Gigi: …. is someone there? Hello ?

    * Gigi got a little worried about a second and went through the bushes and see what was in there, and then is was a little bunny it was lost *

    Gigi: oh you poor bunny you got lost?

    * the bunny nod yes to Gigi and she fell bad for the bunny *

    Gigi: don’t worry will go find your owner together. * as the bunny landed on Gigi’s head she giggles and keeps walking to mega city to find the bunny’s owner *

    * as the girls finished breakfast milly go to the living room and pick up the phone and got a call from Dr. light *

    Milly: oh Hi light

    Light: Hi Milly is been so long in university

    Milly: I know i remember we used to hang out with our friends too get together and helping our robots to give them time and peace.

    Light: yeah they don’t want to see them being a different person what they become in the mean time how about your robots come in and meet us?

    Milly: oh… sure why not I’ll go get the girls

    Light: that lovely 😊

    Milly: yup bye * hang up the phone * hey girls how about we go and see light and his friends to hang out?

    Girls: yeah

    Galilei: what about Gigi?

    Milly: oh yeah she’s Block man and impact man to watch her for the night

    Galilei: oh ok

    * In the city Gigi was still look for the bunny’s owner but no luck. But then someone is watching her*

    (( to be continued))

    #megaman#gearsisters#megaman oc #megaman : gearsisters
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  • isopod man really said 

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  • Gear sisters mini story:

    Bird love

    I was walking through the woods and saw a beautiful woman and she can sprout her tail and is amazing, when I see her do that I feel excited about it, then she greet herself.

    ???: Hello there, I’m Peacock woman queen of the woods and nature and what’s your name?

    Gigi: oh me? Well I’m Gigi milly’s robot.

    Peacock woman: oh you’re must one of the boys cousins he was talking about

    Gigi: wait you spoke with one of them?

    Peacock woman: yes he told me you love making jewelry and make something special and I was wondering if you could make me a heart necklace?

    Gigi: sure

    *After I show her few stuff how Milly told me to make a necklace I ask peacock how did she met the gear heros and her friends *

    Gigi: so how did you meet them after that evil man kidnapped you?

    Peacock woman : well I was taped in the dungeon scare and worried until a woman come in she was so brave and powerful I was shocked when I first saw her I just told her was happen to me and she was ferocious about it but I told her not to do it but she didn’t.

    Gigi: oh dear

    Peacock woman: yeah she told me not to feel down on your self as long as you have your courage and be a good warrior.

    Gigi: wow that’s seems like a good hero you must have like her

    Peacock woman: * blushing and laugh a little * yeah after she save me we hang out like good friends and we talk about we did together until we hold hands and we stare at each other I was shocked and apologize and she wasn’t uncomfortable she told me it was ok

    Gigi: oh so it means you have feelings for her?

    Peacock woman: yes but I can’t tell her because I did she won’t except it

    Gigi: is ok just give her time to think about and maybe one day she will, and you two will be a great match together * I put the necklace on peacock woman *

    Peacock woman: thanks Gigi you’re a great supporter for others and I sure hope you’re cousins are too.

    Gigi: ^w^ * giggles *

    * the end *

    ((Story for @flowersofstarlight I hope you in joy it 😁))

    #megaman#gearsisters#megaman oc #megaman : gearsisters #megaman: gear heros
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