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  • 1980sactionfigures
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Spider-Man - Amazing Spider-Man Die-Cast Metal Limited Collector’s Edition (Mego)

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  • cuoxou
    18.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    #wait let mego to the pc
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  • apollomakesmusic
    18.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    no thot just rib hurt 

    #bone do weird things #and make mego ow #and then i get tired #like i am now #lol im a poet #this is the worst most delirious post i have ever made
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  • determined-magi
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [There is no turning back... is there?]


    he can’t really sleep.

    Agarwaenor lies on the makeshift bed of his, a pair of potato sacks sewed into a single small bed filled with hay. blackened eyes staring absently towards the exit as he listens carefully to everyone around the camp, nostrils opening and closing over his scaled face. Brows furrowed before he lets a frustrated, inhuman growl and snaps from his resting position.

    He really hated this timeline...

    Everyone was... just so MISERABLE, so damn depressing on it, he hated it, and it was all his fault. All his fault for chosing to have a little hope from seeing one of them take the initiative, all because he thought things could go differently with everyone involved. What a fucking moron he was, right? An absolute fucking tool of stupidity. Of course it would never work... It didn’t to him, with all the power he had... what fucking chance they had to right it? It would take a miracle to right this world, or change the course of history, it was a suicide mission.

    He should have let it run its course, perhaps... perhaps that way they would get some control on how they went, perhaps that way they wouldn’t be stuck in the place they were, burning bridge after bridge against their will so horribly, they wouldn’t lose everyone’s trust, their trust on themselves. Where did this little ruse left them? They were sick, losing control, losing friends, killing allies... perhaps they were worse now than how they would have been the other way around... and for what? Monsterkind would never value that, they’d just see everything that was wrong, pain their kind as barbarians, even those who wanted to do right by them... and they? They would be painted the worst, most likely, for rising a coup so disastrous, and a long-lasting bloodshed that would expand to other kingdoms allied with Bellegur’s father... there was no use in saving a few monsters if the price to pay was that... It would have led to the same position they were, with little allies, and with them struggling to control themselves and avoid risking the future for both races...

    He claws at his face, letting a long insufferable growl. Before roaring in frustration whilst he throws around his table. Futile... it was all futile. He knew it was futile, and like the dumb madman he is, he tried anyways.

    What a fucking joke.

    Look where it got him? He was dying on body and mind, sick beyond life, sick beyond death. Living more in an endless torture sustained by a dumb spell that was failing, mutilated in body by his magic, and in mind by his LOVE. And the worst of it? He dragged the others into it, his dumb decision had them all suffer the same thing, how? he doesn’t remember... but he knows it was all hist fault too, whatever happened the last Reset? it was bad, and it is involved... and he dragged them into it too. For some miracle it got handled... but now? now they were risking doing that all over again, with no assurance that whatever happened last time would save anyone again. He’s fucked and he fucked everyone else too...

    Just look at his friends... his family...

    They hardly looked human, they hardly acted so. They couldn’t even speak anymore, for fuck’s sake. What kind of path was this? Their magic was making their bodies collapse on themselves, their Love was twisting their mind until they didn’t know what was real and what not, what was the poison trying to further screw them over beyond salvation, twisting their bodies into a mockery of the race they were trying to save. How long until they lost it? Or people couldn’t keep up anymore? When was enough... enough? He should fix this... he has to... he has to fix this, what else is this power for, if not fixing things?

    He just needs to find that old save... that old file before this conflict started. That... that should do, right? Gilrin will be back to her academy, no wiser and happy with her students, Thanneth? She’d still have her privileges, a prestigious position and enjoy a rather comfortable day to day basis being an asshole. Braigon? He wouldn’t have to fight many men he knew and saw grow over his long life, he didn’t deserve to fight people he once knew, he deserved his life with his colleagues, his family... Belle? He shouldn’t be fucking killing his whole family, for fuck’s sake, what kind of life was that? He shouldn’t be doing a coup to get his crown, or lead a civil war to stop the extinction of an species, what kind of sick bastard was he to allow this?

    What of Thannor? He had a happy life with Kairos as his apprentice before all of this came crashing down, even if it was a lie, they both were happy, who was he to take that away? to ruin that by entertaining this pointless path? He ruined everything he worked hard for, decades of work with the bastard to keep him from being the same as most of the rotten fucks wrong in this world are. He ruined a perfectly good dishonest friendship, and chance at him to get actually better for once... that is what he did...

    And Rhowën?... oh dear Rhowën... that poor judge...

    He ruined his friendship with Lost, With Kairos, the only persons beside him and the other mages that had managed to get a semblance of a honest, good and close friendship... Made him burn bridges he deeply valued, only to watch him come to the crashing realization of how his sacrifises were FOR NOTHING. They didn’t mean ANYTHING, the outcomes all led to the same fucking endings. They fought, they worsened, they fell from grace, and they would die for it.

    He ruined Kairos and Lost too, ruined yet another chance at hoping to find something that was different, ruined their relationships with his friends, nay.... his family. He ruined honest, well meaning attempts by humoring this all, now he could see that fucking mistake. Discouraged one from showing ever again, and now was cutting the last ties with the other, at the pace they were going. He ruined everyone and it was his fucking fault, he ruined a perfect lie in a desperate attempt to find another way, knowing there was no other, and he ruined everything for doing so. And he was even risking being found out on top of it, he was losing everything over a fucking maybe, AGAIN.

    Well... screw turning this all into a meaningless lost battle, he’s got the power to stop this, right? he should fix this mess, before it couldn’t be undone... he had to fix it... he had to... He didn’t care if everyone hated him for it, he had to fix this. he didn’t care if he was seen as a greceless bastard or anything, for turning all into a joke, he had to undo this damage, he had the power to do that.

    He would fix it... no matter what cost was on him. He just wanted to see them be happy, he just wanted to be happy... if only a little longer... he just needed a little more time to figure things out... just... give him more time...

    He would fix this, he promises. He had to...

    For everyone.

    *You open the menu  You move to the files and  look for the old save file.
    * The file is older than desired    But it seems fine...    It should do, right?
    * Load?
    [Yes]  -   [No]

    His hand hovers over the loading option...

    This was right, wasn’t it? It should be enough. Perhaps Kairos and Lost would have to pretend a bit again, until they didn’t need to feing like they didn’t know much about them... but... that couldn’t hurt them, they were good at that? Not like each had their lies to keep, or anything really, it would make their lives easier, really... isn’t he right? It would suck seeing things go bad, once they do, but they would learn from this and perhaps find a way to lessen the blows... Kairos spell should work then, they’d get way less LV than the amount they currently had... it should work... it had to...

    Then? They could figure out a way to have things be different, perhaps get a shot at a happy ending, because this? This would never lead to it. Going against the current would never work for them, they weren’t like salmon were... No.

    *[Yes]    -    [No]
    Are you sure you want to load the file?
    [Yes]    -    [No]

    His hand hovers over the yes, snorting at the question seeking confirmation. Of course he wanted to, he wouldn’t hover over it without a reason, or if he didn’t want to do so. That was a senseless thing, he never understood why it was there to begin with, really.

    Or... well... used to never do so.

    The moment moment he’s about to press the option to confirm, a tearing pain rushes from his chest towards his head. Ravaging every inch of his mind as he lets a single agonic cry towards the sky. Hands snapping at his head and clawing at its sides, tears falling down as eyes light up with magic and his face twists in pure, unbriddled pain and despair. Before doubling down as his magic grows volatile immediatelly... ramming against the spell viciously as Agarwaenor shakes profusely, as if trying to get something off his head.

    Once that proves useless, he goes back towards tearing at the side of his head and jaws, screeching unholy, inhuman cries as the guards immediatelly run into the sight. Alerted by the sudden cry breaking through the sound proofing spells, and the sheer emotions conveyed through the camp by his magic screaming at their souls. Only to find the sight of the distressed mage grow less reassuring, as his gaze grows from helplesss anguish into a derranged irate beast with tears still falling down.

    “ Fuck... get whoever had those fucking meds, NOW. “

    He doesn’t waste time using his magic o stop them, against his instincts screeching that it would only worsen the pain. He doesn’t care then, no... And that leads to both guards deaths, quick and as sudden as they could be. And the mutilation of their bodies as he continues to slam claws around their corpses until Bellegur and Gilrin come to tackle him... knowing well this time they would be needed to pin him down for a shot.

    But not without a fight, that is, he made sure to be hard to catch. As he thrashed and fought fiercely against his would-be captors. Wrathfully screeching and roaring madly whilst tears fell down his face, clawing, striking and biting at anyone trying to pin him as his body was soon to follow signs of strain, until he couldn’t fight anymore out of pure pain...

    He didn’t fade into restless sleep silently however, not at all. And the camp echoed with his inhuman cries, until his breath could no longer let such jarring cries. And even then, his eyes remained wide open, face twisted back towards a distressed grieving cry until they closed his eyes.

    No one slept that night.

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  • actionfigureinsider
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I think these will be the first of the Mego/Topps venture that I’ll pick up for my collection. • @megocorp Mego proudly presents Green Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul! These two new additions to the World’s Greatest Mego Heroes (and Villains!) line up are available exclusively for preorder @topps for one week only! Link in our bio section. #MakeMineMego #MegoMondays #Topps #dccomics #greenarrow #rasalghul #mego #megocorp #megoactionfigures #megoactionfigure #megocorp #megotoys #megomuseum #martyabramspresentsmego #martyabrams #Monday #Mondays #exclusive https://www.instagram.com/p/CTzGhQhllnd/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • titleknown
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • bloodworthstudios
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lizzie Reptilia. Custom 8" Figure and Carry Case Diorama. Diorama made out of wood shadow box, cardboard, new and used Mego figure parts, accessories, and acrylic paint. Will have this with me at The Monroe PopFest. #mego #actionfigures #8inchfigures #diorama #craft #horrorfigures #horrorart #handmade #lizziereptilia #hammerhorror #mummy #dracula #frankenstein #nosferatu #wolman #werewolf #thereptile #baronfrankenstein #laboratory #salemwitch #swampmonster #theripper #baronsamedi #phantom #madmonsters #planetoftheapes #startrek #marvelsuperheroes #dcsuperheroes https://www.instagram.com/p/CTvYtresOab/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • dustedmagazine
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Lionel Marchetti — La Grande Vallée / Micro-Climat  (Recollection GRM)

    La grande vallée / Micro-climat by Lionel Marchetti

    Eleanor Roosevelt probably didn’t have musique concrète in mind when she said, “with freedom comes responsibility.” But nowhere is her assertion more apposite than in the original music to open composition to non-musical sounds. For when an artistic paradigm shifts to make anything possible, the best will recognize that reasons and results have to line up in order to transcend anything-goes mediocrity. Lionel Marchetti is one of the best.

    Born in 1967, Marchetti has spent his life locating and sharing the poetry in sound. He’s presented his work via radio, records, downloads, improvisational concerts, and in-person diffusions, but regardless of how he gets it into the world, his source remains just that — the world. Marchetti’s material has included field recordings taken from nature, ethnographic records, synthesizers, feedback, and other people’s works of musique concrete. When he got into the game in the late 1980s, music had reached an inflection point. The advent of mass market samplers meant that it had never been easier to collect and assemble sounds, but ease of use meant that it had also never been easier to make lazy-ass electronic music. From the start, Marchetti’s work has stood as a stern reproach to anything that just settled. Every electronic swell, every huff of wind, and every abrupt, unnamable event has been shaped for impact and effectiveness within its context. Each piece unfolds with a dream logic that feels unassailable, but defies easy decoding. 

    “Micro​-​Climat,” one of two 20-minute-long pieces compiled on this splendidly executed LP, is among Marchetti’s earliest recordings. Assembled in 1989-1990, it affirms his command of sound placement. It begins with a constructed call and response between whistles and birds, which ushers in the first of many questions. Who are they calling? Are they supposed to be calling each other? If their makers could really hear each other, would that change what they did next? Each moment unleashes a new set of riddles, and while the changes from one sound to the next often surprise, they never feel arbitrary. 

    Marchetti completed “La Grande Vallée” between 1993 and 1995. It is an episodic passage through experiences of closeness and distance; as wolves howl far away, leaves rustle close-up and a woman savors a sound from the back of her throat. Sudden impacts disrupt the proceedings, and slowly morphing synth tones thread them together. Like “Micro​-​Climat,” this piece feels simultaneously inscrutable and certain of its own unexplainable cohesion. 

    Both of these pieces have been released before on CD, but freshly cut into vinyl, each feels especially vivid. The LP is a worthy addition to the Recollection GRM catalog, which has been the product of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales’ deep catalog and Edition Mego’s production and distribution know-how. Sadly, it’s unclear whether and how the label will continue, given the recent demise of Mego’s founder, boss, and sole employee, Peter Rehberg. Access remains possible, since Marchetti offers this album on his Bandcamp page. But if you like for your sounds to come from solid sources, don’t tarry.

     Bill Meyer

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  • weekinnerd
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Mego 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Figures Now Available Through Topps

    Mego ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Figures Now Available Through Topps

    Mego has had a long history of creating classic Star Trek action figures, and that tradition continues with their first-ever offerings from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! For one week only, Mego is offering 8″ figures of Captain Benjamin Sisko and Quark, the scheming Ferengi! The figures are part of Mego’s exclusive line of figures, which are sold for one week only on the Topps website, never to…

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    #Deep Space Nine #Mego#star trek
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  • 1980sactionfigures
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The Cat - Eagle Force (Mego)

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  • nesshead68
    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Beep Beep, Richie! #NESSHEAD #mego @megocorp #megocorp #makeminemego #megotoys #it #pennywise #actionfigure #retrotoys #toycollector #toycollection #toyhunter #funkofunatic #funkofamily #picoftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #toys #toyoftheday #horror #evilclown https://www.instagram.com/p/CTXob3jJroZ/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • actionfigureinsider
    01.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Available for one week only! • Taylor and Zira from The Planet of The Apes available exclusively @Topps for one week only! Get the link over at the @megocorp IG #MakeMineMego #MegoMondays #topps #planetoftheapes #zira #taylor #mego #megocorp #megoactionfigures #megoactionfigure #martyabrams #martyabramspresentsmego #megomuseum #space #timetravel #exclusive #mondays https://www.instagram.com/p/CTS2yn6hmzP/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • 1980sactionfigures
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Jor-El - World’s Greatest Super-Heroes (Mego)

    #world's greatest super-heroes #mego#dc comics#superman
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  • 1980sactionfigures
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Wonder Woman - Comic Action Heroes (Mego)

    #comic action heroes #mego#dc comics
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  • nashmijo
    26.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    مطلوب  مندوبة مبيعات لدى Mego Electronics في دبي

    مطلوب  مندوبة مبيعات لدى Mego Electronics في دبي

    مطلوب  مندوبة مبيعات لدى Mego Electronics في دبي الإمارات المسمى الوظيفي: مندوبة مبيعات الجهة الموظفة: Mego Electronics – شركة ألعاب إلكترونية للأطفال مدينة العمل: دبي دولة العمل: الإمارات العربية المتحدة طبيعة الدوام: دوام كامل الراتب المتوقع: غير محدد عدد الشواغر: 1 المؤهلات المطلوبة: التقديم متاح للإناث فقط يفضل خبرة في مجال الوظيفة المتقدم عليها على الراغبين بالتقديم ممن يملكون المؤهلات…

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  • spinningjupiters
    25.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    // happy sad //

    Growing up no one told us. What it would be like. To take your sadness by its arms. Feel it breathing with nostalgia. Sense the scent of old baggage left in the basement. Caress the fears it has been holding tight. And sit with it. Facing it. Looking into its abysmal eyes. And then wonder. If the person looking back at you is a reflection of your heart or a mirage. The ashes that rise in the sky, maybe abandoned embers of a fire rising from unknown lands. Sometimes being your own confidant becomes as natural as breathing. You pluck the dying leaves and withered flowers. You poke the ground of your thoughts with comforting moments and warm memories. To seep down into your soul, the happiness you ought to deserve by now. Somehow no one emphasised how important it is to serve yourself the same care you so easily display to the world. So you create your own oasis. Amidst the ocean of tears. Both happy and sad. And let yourself just 'feel'. Regardless of the pressure of being 'something' or 'somewhere else'. And you for the first time show your skin to the world, scars and all. And realise there's no point in hiding any longer.

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  • sadoldjonny
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #editions mego (record label)
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  • theeighthbeacon
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    These hands?

    They’re registered weapons.

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