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  • ambrodias
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    What do I do when I love you and want somebody else?

    ㅤ— Summary: Jjk x threesome

    ㅤ— Characters: Gojo, Geto, Toji, Naoya (kill me pls), Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, Maki, Mai.

    ㅤ— Warnings: AFAB reader, All characters aged up to 21+, double penetration (both in one hole & anal), dom/sub dynamics, slight femdom, MFM, FMF, FFF, dacryphilia, blindfold, cucking, degradation(?) lmao, dom! & sub! Reader, fingering, oral (m. & f. Receiving), slight possessiveness, overstim, that's all I think.

    ㅤ— Note. Too many drafts, too little patience, ya know how it's with me. Btw the sexy ass header pic is found by @s-zu

    #tags. @fiftyshadesofpurple @manjiken @yuujispinkhair

    reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!

    ➣ Satoru Gojo & Suguru Geto

    Gojo's blindfold hung loose around your head, covering your eyes and still giving Geto enough reign to pull at it from behind. Your jaw slackens as you feel both of them start thrusting inside you. Gojo snickers at your flushed body, naked under his blue eyes. Long fingers pinched your hard nipples,"Aw, baby," His hand soothes your heated cheek,"Are we being too rough for ya'?" He purrs, snowy strands soft and ticklish on your jaw and you soon feel his mouth on your neck,"Ah, slow down," Your hands push at his chest. Geto chuckles behind you, hips slapping faster against yours. The force had you stumbling into his friend's chest. The black haired man's hand slips down from your waist to your clit, pinching it harshly.

    Satoru's eyes travelled down to see what made you cry out like that, an evil grin on his lips when he saw his friend's antics. That's before he noticed the bulge in your lower belly. Pressing his hand on it and pushing slightly, he gasps. Geto felt the albino's cock pulse beside his. Whatever inquiry was bubbling on his lips, gave way to a loud groan when Satoru pushed down harshly at the bulge,"Holy shit- Suguru," He can feel both their lengths moving inside you.

    Your head leans forward, falling on Satoru's shoulder as your mind goes dizzy from the border of pain and pleasure,"Please,"

    "Fuck, you're so tight," Geto's chest heaves at the feel of your walls snug against his and Satoru's cocks,"Ya' gonna cream on our cocks already, darlin'?" Tugging you back against his chest, he presses his lips to your ears. Satoru's hand is pushing down at your lower abdomen and with both their cocks relentlessly pounding into your poor pussy, you can't hold back anymore,"Ah, that's so hot-" Suguru brings up his wet fingers to your lips,"Clean 'em up," Even through your hazed mind, you obey. Moving your tongue lazily around his digits when Satoru chuckles at the confused furrow of your brows,"Oh, baby, you squirted." Shoving his friend's hand away, he devours your mouth, tongue licking at yours only to moan at the taste,"Sweet as ever."

    ➣ Naoya Zenin & Toji Fushiguro

    Brown eyes watched your face in awe, he's never seen you make such pretty expressions for him- even when he's all rough with you,"He's never fucked ya' like this, has he?" Toji's large shoulders enveloped you, hands pinning yours down on each side of Naoya's torso. The younger Zenin is propped up on his elbows, a light blush dusting his cheeks as he watched you topple over him with each thrust from the man behind you,"Daddy asked ya' something, baby." Toji pushes his cock deeper with a hard thrust till you're yelping out a jumbled response,"No, daddy."

    Your head falls forward, warm forehead resting on your fiance's,"Only you." Toji chuckles,"Yeah, that's right." Nudging his face into the crook of your neck to steal a bite at the sensitive skin,"Only I can fuck this tight pussy s'well." And he's not wrong, his thick cock hits all your good spots with each stroke and you can't bite back the moans even with your teeth gnawing at your poor lower lip,"Yes, daddy."

    With your face so close to his and the way your eyes are squeezed shut with your lip in between your teeth- oh, and the way his cock is straining against his clothes, tenting to rub at your lower abdomen with each thrust from toji that had your body pushing up against his. Naoya can't restrain himself. Cradling your burning cheek, his thumb tugs your lip free and tilts his chin up to capture your mouth with his. Your sweet sounds are now muffled vibrations on his lips.

    A large hand weighs heavy on the blond's neck and he's soon pushed down on your bed,"No touchin', I wanna hear every whimper from her." Toji's fingers wrap around your fiance's throat as your cunt made the filthiest wet squelches on his cock, lewd moans falling from your lips,"Hear that? Your fiancee prefers me, brat."

    ➣ Satoru Gojo & Naoya Zenin

    "You must be outta yer' mind, Zenin." Satoru's breath is hot on your lips,"To think that you can pull her. She's clearly outta your league." His cock drags against Naoya's with each buck of his hips against your ass,"What were ya' thinking?" The man whimpers in response, cock throbbing in your pussy from the added pressure of the other man's length, separated by nothing but your thin walls. Naoya's hands resting on your waist moved down to squeeze your thighs that straddled his twitching hips.

    Leaning down, you brush your lips against his parted ones,"Answer him, Zenin." You clench your pussy around his dick and he's babbling,"Yes, Satoru-kun," Gasping for air when you slip your tongue in his mouth, moaning against his lips,"Apologize to my bunny, you fuckin' filth." Satoru thrusts into your ass, hard, your holes clenching around both cocks in response,"'m sorry! Y/n!" His shaky voice tapering off to a sharp groan as your hands pinch his nipples,"Close, I'm close," Brown eyes glossed over with desperate tears are looking up at you and your boyfriend who hums into your shoulder, teeth giving the skin a teasing nibble,"Ask her."

    "Can i-" Your lips descends on his neck, mouth making him writhe underneath.

    "By that I meant, beg." The snowy haired man snaps,"Beg her to make you cum, lowlife scum." And Naoya begs, pretty pleas falling from his lips which had your heart and ego fluttering. Pressing your palms flat on his chest, you move your hips to Satoru's fast rhythm,"Cum for me, puppy." Your fingers wrap around his throat. His adam's apple bobbing under your palm,"Look at me, look at us." Dark lashes flutter open as he cums inside your warm cunt, a breathless whine on his tongue.

    "Don't ever think that you can have her," Azure eyes on him and he feels like time has slowed down and each sensation is infinitely modified,"She's mine, Naoya-kun."

    ➣ Yuji Itadori & Megumi Fushiguro

    Fingers dug into the flesh of your ass, squeezing tightly before sliding up your spine,"Yeah, show him how good you are, baby." Yuji's voice is breathy, hand heavy on your shoulder blade, pushing you forward and onto the moaning mess of his friend,"She's good, ah- so fuckin' good," Megumi moans, holding your head down as you press your tongue flat on the underside of his dick. Flicking the tip against the vein running from the base of his shaft, you hum, pleased at the slight twitch of his cock in your mouth,"Fu-ck. What a good girl.”

    "Yeah?" Your precious boyfriend slurs, his cock drooling precum inside you just from hearing the other man sing praises for you,"Doin' s'good for us, y/n." As his pelvis smacks against yours, you're hurled up against Megumi, his cock hitting the back of your throat. He's biting back on a broken moan at how tight your throat feels around him, fingers carding through your hair,"Taking me like a pro, hmm?" Half lidded eyes look down at your glassy ones with a droopy smile. You garbled up a muffled "yes" Which made Yuji chuckle,"Still a sucker for praises, eh?"

    "Can feel ya' tighten up around me everytime 'Gumi praises you."

    "That true, honey?" Blue eyes catch on yours,"You getting off on it?" His thumb wipes away at the tears pooling on corner of your eyes,"Then be a good girl," Yuji groans, unable to hold back the twitch of his hips, his balls hitting your clit with each thrust,"And make your boyfriend cum soon."

    "'Cause I'm gonna fill up that pretty little pussy of yours."

    ➣ Nobara Kugisaki & Yuji Itadori

    Yuji's muffled whines mingled with filthy wet sounds,"Mhm please," He's not sure what he's begging for but must be the lack of air from having Nobara sitting on his face or his overstimulated cock aching in your pussy.

    "Aw Yuji," You coo, lips parting from Nobara's to pay attention to the man writhing under you both. Ginger strands fall in front orange orbs that stare at you with desire. Your fingers are wrapped tightly around Yuji's wrists, holding his hands down while you bounce on his cock, milking him for all he's worth. Your pussy won't stop clenching around him even after he came and he can't help but slide his tongue inside Nobara's cunt, her essence dripping down his chin,"C'mon, make us cum, or will we just have to use you like our toy?"

    Yuji whines against her pussy, lapping at her slit like an obedient pet. Tangling your fingers with his, you grind down on his hips as your lips find Nobara's breasts, enveloping the bud in your warm mouth,"Oh," Her hand wraps around the back of your neck, thighs trembling around Yuji's face,"Ngh y/n," Your eyes flick up to take note of the cherry tint on her cheeks,"Hmm, sweetie?"

    "Gonna- ah!" Loud gulping noises flood the room, accompanied by Yuji's cute whimpers. The lewd expression on her face and how Yuji's hips are bucking up against yours makes the coil in your belly snap. The pink haired man sobs as he's pushed to a second orgasm with you,"Did so well for us, puppy."

    ➣ Maki Zenin & Nobara Kugisaki

    "What's the matter?" Maki's grip on your jaw is bruising,"Not so much of a brat now, huh?" Your lips chase hers as she pulls further away with a mean chuckle,"Nobara," The orange haired girl grins at her senior.

    "Fuck her harder." Slender fingers working in your cunt feverently now at the command,"Please!" Nobara's legs straddle your thigh, humping against you for some friction,"You're s'tight 'round my fingers, y/n." A sultry purr whispered into the shell of your ear sweetly,"Are you about to cum?" Her eyes fluttered up to meet dark green ones,"Without her permission?"

    You fall into a tangle of moans when her thumb rubs on your clit,"Maki, please, can I cum? Need ta' cum so badly," Your cheeks press against the cool sheets, flushed from embarrassment or ecstasy, you're not sure anymore,"No." Your eyes catch a glimpse of her wicked grin just as Nobara's digits push you over the edge,"What a bad kitty, you are." The ginger head tuts above you, pulling away her fingers from inside your squelching cunt before popping them in her mouth. Maki grabs the back of her head and pulls her in a kiss. You can only watch in awe as their tongues tangle above you, fresh gush of arousal coursing through your skin.

    "Now c'mere n' sit on my face, brat."

    ➣ Mai & Maki Zenins

    Mai sharing u with Maki to show that she's better at something

    Your back pressed flush against Maki's chest, her glasses askew on the couch somewhere. Her knees held your apart for her twin to devour you easily. Tongue slurping at your pussy as Maki held you still. Her fingers playing with your breasts, kneeding the plump flesh,"Say my name, y/n." Mai purrs against your skin, her name bounces off with a shy moan from your tongue.

    "Stop fuckin' squirming." Maki's voice breaks through, hands holding your body still before pinching your nipples as a rebuke,"Ah Maki!" Your thighs shake when Mai slides her fingers through your slit,"Maki," She purrs, looking up at you both, dark eyes focused on your face,"Don't be so rude with my girl."

    "Yeah?" Her lips press to your neck,"Then why'd ya' agree to share her with me?" Mai just hums, kissing your thigh tentatively, curling her fingers up inside your tight walls,"To prove that I'm better." Leaning forward, she gives your clit a teasing lick,"That no one can please my pretty girl better than me." A proud smirk forms on her wet lips as you writhe between the twins.

    Maki turns your chin towards her, lips crashing on yours to dissolve the moans and whimpers Mai pulled from you, "Ya' think Mai is good? Wait till you have her Onee-chan."

    2021 © all content belongs to ambrodias. Do not repost my work anywhere.

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    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    megumi: [about to leave for a mission]

    yuji, who's saying goodbye to him: oh it's the first advent.

    megumi: yeah

    yuji: the foreplay of christmas has started


    megumi: [slowly takes his backpack]

    #𝗷𝗷𝗸 𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗸𝘀 #jujutsu kaisen incorrect quotes #jjk incorrect quotes #incorrect jjk quotes #incorrect jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen#jjk#itafushi interactions#itafushi#fushiita #itadori x fushiguro #fushiguro x itadori #megumi x yuji #yuji x megumi #yuji itadori#itadori yuji#yuuji itadori#itadori yuuji#itadori yūji#yūji itadori #jjk megumi fushiguro #jjk fushiguro megumi #jjk megumi#megumi jjk #jujutsu kaisen megumi #megumi fushiguro#fushiguro megumi #jjk yuji itadori #jjk itadori#itadori jjk
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  • yuujiskitten
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I feel like Megumi is the type of person to put a hand over your mouth while fucking because he doesnt want anyone to hear him rearrange your guts.

    But Yuuji can’t keep his own whimpers in so he doesn‘t even bother to conceal your sounds. This is why Megumi is in a bad mood on missions because he can barely sleep when you and Yuuji have the libido of animals in heat🤣

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  • fushigoomi
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    im making a masterlist and it has come to my attention how much i write for jujutsu kaisen, specifically megumi... its so embarrassing how much fics ive written for him 💔😭 i counted and i have 11 fics of him alone for jjk 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️

    i mean if you'd like to send in ideas for other jjk characters why not?

    #will i write more? yeah #LMAO #no but i do want to write for other jjk characters #i just dont have prompts for them 😭 #megumi fushiguro#jujutsu kaisen#jjk #megumi x reader #aki rambles #what the fuck lilac
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    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀Heart fragment.

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Fushiguro megumi

    Genre; angst, scenario & character death.

    It was a quiet night, the soft lullaby of the rain had everyone in the school in a deep slumber. All except for the girl who begged the moon for mercy as she puked another pile of petals onto the floor. It was a terrifying sight because each one of those petals were adored with blood. 

    She shivered as the tears kissed against her eyelashes and cheeks, it was happening again after she dreamt about that boy. Megumi Fushiguro and his pretty green eyes haunting her as he sung sweet nothings into her dreams. 

    The hanahaki disease, it was a devastating wake up call from the doctor’s office. A disease only cured if the person you’re in love with, returns the mutual feeling. In your case, it was hard to tell when the boy you’re pinning after shows you mixed signals. Secret kisses here and ghosting you there. He was complicated alright! but his messy heart was yours. 

    But it was confusing, why was the ache in your chest blooming in the worst ways possible? It felt like the thorns were poking so harshly against your bones. It was mocking you. That one flower that planted inside of you only painted your favorite color, green.

    After that night of cleaning, you checked yourself in the hospital once more. It was raining pretty heavily again, which made you scoff. ‘Can this be any more dramatic?’ you thought as you waited for your name to be called in the waiting room. 

    Today was supposed to be spent with your favorite trio at the carnival that was being held in Tokyo but at the last minute for everything, the pain was unbearable to ignore. So you thought it was best to meet up with them later after your appointment. 

    Another hour of waiting, after a couple of minutes of questions and testing and another hour of waiting, you stared down at the paper as the tears and sweat flushed on your skin. Another disease to burn inside your body. The process of your death was looming. 

    The doctor tried their best to hide the tears and voice filled with grief as they explained that they wouldn’t know which disease would make way faster to your heart as this was a rare occasion to even happen. ‘Spend your time wisely.’ were the only words that they tried to comfort you with.

    Memories flowed inside your head, the meetings of your favorite boy, the first secret date and complicated feelings starting to rage. It was your perfect mess, a mess that was fading so quickly. 

    You were still in disbelief as you walked towards the carnival that roared with laughter. How were you supposed to tell your bestfriends that you were suffering with an illness or worse, dying from being in love? 

    The nights of loneliness finally weighed on your shoulders, it was impossible to have your way with megumi as he was starting to leave you behind again as you asked his feelings towards you which led into an argument. 

    ‘My heart hurts.’ you whispered. The traces of his lips felt so ghostly against your skin, you missed him. His soft chuckles, his arms wrapped around you so tightly. You missed your megumi. 

    Time was up.

    Crumbling up the last petal that laid in your hand, you cried. ‘Gumi, It hurts.’ 

    #jjk x reader #megumi imagine#jujutsu megumi#jjk scenarios#megumi fushiguro #megumi x reader #jjk angst #jujutsu kaisen x gender neutral reader #jujustsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen
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  • tojisun
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #how we break #PS: a separate anon is asking for this au too and i have another idea that’s not this so i’ll he answering that tomo!!! #which means.. ‘‘lets hurt the gojos’’ agenda would have a part two 👀✨ #lets hurt the gojos agenda is a lot OWIE more ykyk #like GODDAMN WHEW THIS ONE HURTS BAD #i was writing this mid-lecture and i actuallt kinda was tearing up #this ones saucy hhhh #by sauce i mean PAIN #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru#satoru gojo #satoru gojo x reader #gojo x you #gojo satoru x reader #satoru gojo x you #gojo satoru x y/n #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen gojo #fushiguro megumi#megumi fushiguro#long post
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  • zuccher-0
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Today it's time to publish a fanart that I did a while ago, many of my followers loved it. How not to do it? It's toji😳😳😳🤌🤌✨

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  • saoney
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Suguru Geto x f!Reader

    📝: slow morning with Suguru & him admiring us <3

    A big warm palm lovingly rubs up and down motions on your soft cheek, his eyes never leaving from your angelic face— wanting to savour every inch of you, from your plump lips down to your neck; that is until his gazes stop at your mounds slightly hiding under the fluffy blanket.

    He wish to toss the thick blanket from your naked form so he can admire all of the marks and the love bites covering your supple skin— maybe later when you’re awake, now this will do; seeing you snuggle comfortably under the blanket faraway in your slumberland.

    A smile creeps on his face as he saw you let out a soft sigh and a content smile after, he wonders what you were dreaming about that made you this happy even when you’re under the spell of your own dormant. His precious sweetheart.

    Your hand suddenly flung to your side, eyes shot open when you feel them empty and cold unaccompanied by your boyfriend’s body heat. You were about to rose up from the comfort of your bed but halted when you feel that familiar warmth and weight around your waist. He’s at your side of the bed— so you have invaded his side of the bed, yet again.

    “Hey, you awake?” His voice slowed, trying not to startle you.

    You turn your body to face him and nodded to his question. You offered him your smile that always makes him swooned every time; that’s what he said.

    “You’re getting a good rest?” He asked.

    “Yup, I even dreamt of you.”

    Ah, so that’s what made you smiled earlier. He grinned so wide that apples of his cheeks narrowing his vision.

    “Oh yeah? I wondered what the dream was about. Oh, what do we have here?” He hums.

    His big hand find purchase on your teats, gently playing with your nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Your body flinched in response to his naughty touch.

    “Suguru….” You moaned sounded beautifully to his ears. If he doesn’t have a good self restraint he might just take you.

    But no, no matter how strong his urge to just plunge his cock deep in your wet cavern; he will never force your body to take him when he knows you’re sore all over from last night.

    “We’re not gonna do it, love. You’re sore.” He said as his hand left your bosom to lightly massage your hip.

    Suguru will never know how him being endearing to you will always melted your heart, without fail.

    “I’m sorry, I’m a bit… rough last night.” He sheepishly said, averting his gazes to the side of the room not wanting to meet yours.

    Your soft hand trail from his broad, muscled shoulder up to his cheek to bring his view back to you. “It’s okay, I like it when you rough.”

    A moment of silence went by between you and him, sharing stares both equally have love shaped stamped on your irises.

    He thinks you’re too good for him and he is grateful.

    You think he’s the one for you and you are grateful.

    It is a morning like this that you wish the time moves slow so you can have him close to you. It is a moment like this that he wish the time stop so he could shower you with his love some more.

    ©𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐳𝐚𝐡𝐚. 𝐃𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐦𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐲 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭.

    #🍯: writes #suguru geto x reader #suguru geto#geto suguru#jujutsu kaisen#boyfriend suguru#boyfriend heto #boyfriend suguru geto #suguru jjk#geto jjk #suguru geto x you #geto suguru x reader #boyfriend jjk#satoru jjk #satoru gojo x you #fushiguro toji x reader #fushiguro megumi x reader #itadori yuuji x reader #nanami kento x reader
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  • luffyttaro
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    🗡️ Meu mundo aos seus olhos

    🖇️ Pedido de  macaulayculkin

    📆 01/12/21

    🗝️Jujutsu Kaisen

    #capa de fanfic #capa de spirit #capa de fic #capa clean #capa de anime #itafushi#megumi fanart#megumi#megumi fushiguro#fushikugi#jujutsu kaisen#jujutsu sorcerer#jujutsu megumi#jujutsu yuji #megumi x yuji #itadori yuuji#yuji #itadori x fushiguro #itadori x megumi #megumi x itadori #itadori
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  • meta-eggplant
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    if you see me mixing up how I tag jjk characters with last name/first name and first/name last name. I am aware and I will not change

    #ramblings #some of them feel wrong to type one way or another #like who is kento nanami #or fushiguro megumi
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  • fushigurotsumikis
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    annnnnnnnd on the note of that last post, fma au featuring the fushiguro siblings

    #jjk#fushiguro megumi#fushiguro tsumiki #also i'm preemptively tagging this #itafushi
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  • yugiohz
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    torn between picking up the manga and living in ignorance <3

    #i need to nnow what they're up to but also no ♡ #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#itadori yuuji#kugisaki nobara#fushiguro megumi#sketches
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  • xuanhuas
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ㅤ──┈⠅ GOJŌ SATORU AND FUSHIGURO MEGUMI FROM JUJUTSU KAISEN ICONS ꩜̲%! like&reblog if saved ¡! don’t repost . . . ⌗

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  • maliceinborderland
    01.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Just As A Lie[megumi.fushiguro]

    Pairing: Megumi Fushiguro x fem reader

    Characters: Megumi Fushiguro, Maki Zenin (mentioned), Nobara Kugisaki (mentioned)

    Genre: hella angst, slice of life, College AU

    Warnings: none

    Word Count: 5.9K

    Summary: Four years have passed since YN's confession to Megumi on the schoolyard. Their relationship has since developed beyond childhood friends and have found that being a couple is not as easy as they thought. YN can feel that they're drifting apart. Could it be that it's all in her head?

    Soundtrack: Just As A Lie - Cheeze

    Part One

    A/N: not beta-read AT ALL

    You walked the busy streets of Kyoto on your way to your apartment. You’d spent the entire day looking for the perfect outfit for tomorrow night. It had been a while since you’d been able to see your boyfriend, and just the thought of it made a bright flush bloom across your face, silently thankful the outer atmosphere was cold and would mask your blush from your inner thoughts as a cold blush. Even after four years, the thought of him made your heart race like a schoolgirl.

    You’d had made it past the first year of excitement. The year where everything about being a couple was nerve-wracking and exciting because it was all new territory for the both of you. You knew how to be friends. You learned how to be a couple that year.

    You had made it past the second year of getting to know one another. It seems crazy to think that there was something that you didn’t already know about each other, having known each other for almost 10 years. You knew each other as friends. You got to know each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

    You breezed through the third year, where you were never bored, even if there wasn’t anything particularly special going on. You had become comfortable. You had already been a part of each other’s everyday life. It had been that way since the very first day you met.

    This marked the fourth year of you being together. The fourth year was always the trickiest for many couples. Some spent it like it was any other year, and for others, it became a test that would define whether you should even stay together.

    The two of you had spent it like any other day. Lounging about at one of your apartments, completely engulfed in your computers busy with either schoolwork or productions needed at work. You were so immersed in your tasks, the two of you could have very well been alone, not really paying attention to one another. It wasn’t until nightfall that you both agreed to go out for dinner to a barbeque restaurant not too far from your apartment. And just like every other time, your friends managed to find you there and join you.

    The day had seemed to lack any specialty, it hardly seemed like an anniversary, but if either of you minded it was left unsaid. Come to think of it… You’d spent so much time engulfed in your respectful activities, it had been quite a while since you had a date night or really had a day or night to just each other.

    Hell, you hadn’t even been able to spend Christmas with each other.

    Megumi had been called into a mandatory Christmas party and Secret Santa event with friends from work, and your mom had wanted you home for the holiday. You don’t know if it had been during dinner with your chatty family, or after the opening of gifts when your cousin announced her engagement, the occasional laughter of one of your family’s couples getting caught under the mistletoe and go in for the obligatory kiss, or the tenth cup of eggnog that blurred your vision and made you realize just how lonely and empty you felt.

    You missed him. Even though hadn’t been long since you’d last seen him, you missed him. Not just physically, but you missed him completely.

    It was then that you put it into your head that it would become your New Years’ resolution to do better as a girlfriend and voice your concerns to him.

    It was this train of thought that had led you to where you stood today, n your way back home from a day’s long search for the perfect outfit to wear at the New Year’s party you and Megumi would be attending together

    It was the year of doubts. And doubts had begun to fill your mind. Was it love? Did he really feel -for you the way you did for him? Or was he only playing along for your sake? It would’ve been typical of him to have played along for you, so as to not hurt your feelings. He always put others before him, and you definitely wouldn’t have been an exception. Even if it meant giving up four years of his life to dedicate them to not hurting your feelings. He would keep up the facade of returning your feelings if it meant you were happy. He was this sort of person. It was no surprise at all. This was the fourth year, and four years was four years too many if he was pretending.

    3 times you had to postpone your 4th-anniversary dinner.

    The first time, the day of, he had called it off because his cousin Maki was in town from Tokyo and she’d only be here for that weekend and he absolutely had to see her. You hid your disappointment as best as you could, forgetting about the meal you had been preparing at the moment, made special for him, and agreed to postpone it.

    The second time, he set the date on one of your class presentations and it was for a final grade, so your mind and time were utterly occupied as you had tried to get your group’s materials and info all into a PowerPoint that was way too last minute.

    The third time you ended up getting into an argument because neither of you wanted to cancel the plans you’d already made with friends on the days either of you was suggesting. The fact that neither of you would cancel your anniversary celebration to be with other people should have been a fire sign.

    The fourth time was the charm. You had agreed to meet each other at the cafe you two frequented together at 9:30 pm.

    It had been a while since you’d dressed yourself up to see him, so you went the whole 9 yards. Curling/straightening your hair, putting a little more effort into your makeup than usual, and wearing a blue velvet dress you just knew he’d love. You grabbed the gift bag full of items you’d been buying for him to give to him on this day and headed out.

    You arrived 15 minutes early. As if the odds had been in your favor, your usual table was free. You’d only ever seen the cafe during the daytime, the simple potted plant as the centerpiece and bright natural light illuminating the area. But the dinner setup was a different story. It was such a cliche setup, a candle in the center next to a big window that overlooked a small garden outside with fairy lights, and for a moment you thought about how lovely it would be to take a walk there with Megumi afterward.

    Your phone lit up with a five-minute reminder that your anniversary dinner should be commencing soon, and yet there was still no sign of your boyfriend.

    “y/n! Hey~” Hitomi, a waitress you and Megumi had become friends with, greeted you. “Fancy seeing you this time of night.”

    “Yeah, well… Megumi and I are supposed to meet up here.”

    “Really? You guys are gonna love it. The dinner menu is sooo good.” she placed a red booklet in front of you. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

    “Just water for now.”

    “Coming right up.” Hitomi smiled, and went off to fetch you a pitcher of water and a couple of glasses. “You let me know if there’s anything you want or need, okay?”

    “Thank you~” you offered her a smile, and poured a glass of water for yourself.

    Another notification lit up your phone’s screen: 9:30 PM: 0 minutes until Anniversary Dinner.

    Just to make sure that you hadn’t gotten the day or time confused, you decided it would be a good idea to shoot him a quick text.

    To Fushiguro🐺✨💙: hey im at the cafe… are you almost here?

    You idly tapped at the screen, unsure of whether to send the text or not. After thinking it over, you decided to give him some time. Maybe he was just running late. Or maybe there’s a lot of traffic since it is busy this time of night.

    All you could do was take small sips from your glass of water as the minutes passed by. You did your best to not check the time on your phone so much, but really, it was all you could do.

    9:57 PM

    The sudden thought of something bad having happened entered your mind and you brought yourself to call him instead.

    The phone rang and rang, ultimately going to voicemail the first time. You tried a second time. Again, no response. Your heart began to beat a little more quickly, your hands shook, and dialed his number again. You sighed in relief when the line clicked and heard his voice.

    “Y/N?” Megumi’s voice sounded somewhat muffled when he answered the phone, the ruckus of loud talking and laughing audible in the background.

    “Megumi! Hey~”

    “What’s up?”

    “Hey. I’m just got to the restaurant, I was running a little late.” you lied, “uh… where are you? Are you almost here?”

    “Almost where?”

    “Ha-ha, very funny.” You tried to sound as lighthearted as possible. “You did remember about tonight, right?”

    He went quiet for a bit, the chatter of people in the background on his end filling the silence between you two.

    “Right?” You asked again.

    “Shit.” You heard him mutter.

    “Megumi.” You said, sternly.

    “Listen, babygirl,” he sighed, “I was with the guys and I totally lost track of time. Let me just change and I’ll head on out.”

    “Are you serious? Megumi… Be honest, did you forget?”

    “What? Of course not, I-”

    “Megumi… We had agreed on 9:30.” You checked the time on your phone again. “It’s almost 10:30. And right now when I asked you about it, it really seemed like you forgot.” You sighed. “If you did, it’s fine. Really. But at least be honest about it.”

    “I know, I know. Y/N, I’m so sorry. I’ll be there soon, though. I promise.”


    “Okay good.”

    “I lo-”

    The line went dead before you could finish your sentence. A knot formed in your throat and you had to take a deep breath to hold back any tears that dared fall.


    It was 10:45 when Hitomi came to your table to notify you that the cafe would be closing its kitchen in 15 minutes, and if you’d like anything now would be the time to order. She even offered you the day’s special, a grilled cheese, and tomato soup, on the house, probably believing you’d been stood up, but you kindly declined.

    At 10:58, you picked up your purse and the gift bag you had come in with and decided it was best if you left.

    Your heart felt heavy, and your lower lip quivered as you leaned against the outside wall leading into the cafe’s entrance. You watched as couples, both old and young, eagerly chatting away with one another or simply enjoying each other’s company passed you by. It made you wonder when things had stopped being like that between you and Megumi. It was a real kicker that you couldn’t remember.

    The time was 11:11 when Megumi ran up to you, his hair disheveled, and his clothes messy and unironed like he’d just pulled them straight off the hanger.

    “Hey.” he smiled. He did so in such a way that made it seem like nothing was wrong. Instinctively, he pulled you in for a hug.

    “You’re here.” You said, matter-of-factly.

    “Y/N! Have you been standing out here long? You’re freezing!” He shuddered, rubbing his hands on your shoulders. “Why didn’t you sit inside? Your legs must be tired from standing out in the cold.”

    “I’m fine.” You adjusted the strap of your purse on your shoulder. “I actually got tired of sitting while I waited.” You sighed, heavily. “Besides, they’re closed now.”

    He winced a little at your words, and his eyes became apologetic.

    “Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

    “It’s fine, Megumi.”

    “I know it’s not.”

    “And I’m telling you it is.”

    “Babygirl, I don’t want to argue with you.” he sighed. “Not tonight.”

    You stared at him for what felt like a long time, before taking a deep breath. “Okay.”

    “Good.” He ran a hand through his hair. “Why don’t we get out of here, hm? I’m sure there’s still lots to do. Maybe we can find something.”

    All you could do was answer a simple “ok.”

    The two of you walked out of the restaurant and into the cold winter night. The routine of him grabbing your hand to hold and put into his coat pocket took place, your other hand occupied holding the gift bag you had yet to give him. The two of you walked in silence for a while, hand in hand, silently through the night. It was really such a beautiful night. The dark night was illuminated by not just the streetlights, but Christmas lights that had been set up for the upcoming holidays. There was a dreamy glow to the atmosphere and had things gone the way you had wanted to, then it would all be more perfect.

    “Should we take a walk downtown? It’s a beautiful night. It’s also on the way to your apartment. I can walk you home, too.” Megumi suggested.

    You looked up at him and offered a small smile and nodded.

    Despite being winter, there were many couples walking around down the strip. They walked together closely for warmth, chatting happily with each other, laughter filling the air every now and then. It was such a contrast to you and Megumi.

    Is this what being with someone for 4 years was like?

    The honeymoon stage was really over.

    You walked past an array of street food vendors and Megumi pointed at them.

    “Wanna get some steamed buns? They’ll warm you up a bit. You must be starving, too, huh? I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”

    “Yeah.. I’d like that. And.. I said it was fine, Megumi.” You didn’t mean to be so dry and curt with him, but the event from earlier was still on your mind.

    Megumi took you up to the vendors and bought you each a steamed bun and cups of hot chocolate. He led you to a plastic canopy nearby with several tables and chairs laid out. Taking seats across from one another, he handed you the bun and hot chocolate.

    “Oh, wait,” he placed the cup of hot chocolate and bun in your hands and reached to his side. He placed a small, pink gift bag on the table, you hadn’t noticed him having it with him in the midst of the situation, and your mind not exactly being 100% at the moment. “I got you something.”

    “Oh,” you smiled, really smiled for the first time in the whole night. “Really?” You brought the blue gift bag you had prepared for him up from your side and placed it in front of him. “I got you a little something, too.”

    You shared an honest smile with each other.

    “Open yours first.” you insisted, giddily. You hoped that this would turn the night for the better. That this would lift the mood.

    “Oh? Since when are you pushy about these sort of things?” he mused. “I’ll bet you went ham on this, didn’t you?”

    You rolled your eyes. “Just open it.”

    “Fine, fine.” he proceeded to pull the various lumps wrapped in tissue paper onto the table, unwrapping them one by one. “Oh my god, y/n. Are you serious?” he held out one of the gifts, the one you’d anticipated giving him the most, taking a good look at it.

    “You like it?”

    “Like it?” he scoffed. “I love it! I’ve been looking for it everywhere, but it’s out of stock everywhere.”

    “I know. I had to call in a few favors just to find it.”

    “Baby, this is,” he sighed, “this is absolutely insane.” He shook his head in disbelief. “This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten.”

    “Really?” you laughed. “There’s one better. Check the bottom of the bag.”

    His brow furrowed but he listened to you nonetheless. He pulled out an exponentially larger package, admiring how his eyes widened as he realized what he held in his hands.

    “No,” he gasped. “Y/n! Are you serious right now?”


    “You’ve got to be kidding me.” he admired the leather he held in his hands, shrugged off the coat he currently wore, and slipped the new jacket on.

    “How do I look?”

    “Perfect.” you sighed, with a smile.

    “You think? Man, this is beyond anything I could’ve asked for.” he leaned across the table, and while you had expected a kiss on the lips, he simply placed one on your cheek. “I can’t thank you enough. Jeez.” He gave you a small smile. “Open yours.”

    “Oh?” you smiled down at the pink bag. “Okay~” Your brow furrowed at the contents of the bag. Still, your smile never left your face. A few sets of film for your polaroid camera, a new perfume that you’re sure he got because it was in the top choices when he searched for one not because he thought you’d like it, and some makeup. It all seemed like gift choices he had asked others about as opposed to having chosen them because he put thought into it. Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, you spray some of the perfume on your wrist, taking a quick whiff. You do your best to hide the small wave of nausea that hit you as you took in the too-sweet scent of vanilla, coconut, and some sort of berry combination. You wondered if he had bothered to check it before buying it or even giving it to you. He knew you didn’t like overbearing scents like these, and it seemed like such a small misstep but at the same time, it disappoints you because…. He should know. “Wow~,” you felt a lump in your throat once again but did your best not to let your voice quiver. “This is so thoughtful.” You smiled up at him. “I love it.”

    In your mind, you thought about how you had saved up 2 months of your paycheck to get him the latest Maneskin album he’d been raving about since it had been released, and that leather jacket he had liked so much from the shop you two always walked past by on your way to uni. The look on his face when he found out it had been sold already (to you, no less) made you want to tell him right then and there but you really wanted to treasure the moment and waited until tonight to make it all the more special. You also thought about how you hadn’t wanted to do anything too flashy and had really wanted to spend the day with him at home like you always did back then and make him his favorite food, going as far as having bought the groceries necessary to do so, but when he called you, insisting that it’d be all the more meaningful.

    He must’ve planned this beforehand, you had thought then, but this didn’t seem like something Megumi would do. It was all so hasty and rushed as if it had all been done last minute. You tried all the while to make it seem like it didn’t bother you.

    “This is all so thoughtful,” you repeated. You didn’t want to make it seem like you weren’t grateful for his gifts, not at all. It did, however, break your heart knowing that it had all been last minute. There was no denying that. “Thanks, Megumi.”

    “I remembered you had said you needed more film, and I wasn’t too sure what other things you might like, so I asked Nobara and Maki to see what they were into, and just kind of put it together.”

    “Oh,” you mused, “how nice of them to help you out.”

    A knot formed in your throat. This was something you’d expect maybe the first year you two had been dating, and even then, you’d known each other for so long, he really couldn’t think of anything? You’d known each other for 11 years and he didn’t know what to give you?

    You were snapped out of your thoughts by Megumi offering your bun to you. “You good?”

    “Yeah, just lost in thought.”

    He smiled. “As always.”

    You nodded and took the bun, your fingers were suddenly warmed, burned almost, by the heat of the bun. You watched as Megumi blew lightly on his own bun as he tore it apart and blew on it again before taking a bite.

    Your eyes shifted to a young couple, no older than high school students, next to you, and you watched as how the young boyfriend carefully blew onto the bun he and his girlfriend were sharing and offered it to her. It reminded you of how things used to be before with Megumi. How thoughtful he used to be about everything. Now you were lucky if he remembered the things you’d send him reminders for on his phone.

    Silently, the two of you ate your snacks, but the empty feeling in your heart felt so heavy. You wanted to dismiss it as him just being forgetful, but it was so out of his character. It made you wonder if it had been intentional.

    Had his heart been in the right place?


    To be honest, it wouldn’t have surprised you if the only reason he was dating you at this very moment was for your sake. Because you had confessed. Because you were his best friend. Because he’d have done anything to make you happy and keep your friendship. For some reason… that made so much sense. It was so typical of Megumi Fushiguro.

    It made you wonder if you were keeping him from experiencing his life to the fullest by holding him back with your petty childhood romance.

    Everything seemed to pass by the two of you in a haze, the two of you caught in a loop where you stayed in the same place whilst the world moved on ahead of you.

    Could it be that the only thing keeping you two from moving forward was the person in front of each other?

    “Hey, I was thinking,” Megumi piped up,“We should go on a trip together.”

    “Hm?” you hummed, “Where would we go?”

    “I don’t know.” he shrugged. “The guys and I were talking about going somewhere for New Year, and since it’s close to your birthday I thought you’d want to come along.”

    You sighed. You knew he meant well in wanting to count you into his plans, but it made you feel like an afterthought. As if he made his plans and decisions and it wasn’t until after that you’d come to mind and he’d try to squeeze you in.

    You were thoughtful for a bit. “Sounds more like a guys’ trip.” you pointed out.

    “Yeah, I mean, but you’ve always been like one of the guys, y/n.”

    That comment. Any other day, under any other circumstance

    It sent a shock down your spine and your teeth gritted against each other.

    “Huh.” you lightly chuckled. “Except…”

    “Hm?” he hummed, he stuffed what remained of the bun into his mouth, filling his cheeks.

    “Except I’m not one of the guys,” you said, putting your bun down. You looked him in the eyes “I’m your girlfriend, Megumi.”

    He nodded, cheeks still full with the bun.“You are my girlfriend.” He managed, after swallowing.

    “It’s literally the reason we’re sitting here.”

    ‘I know.” he sighed, taking a sip from his hot cocoa. It’s almost as if he didn’t want to talk about it. “It’s getting even colder,” he observed. “Wanna head over to your place?”

    “Huh,” you chuckled. ‘Sure.”

    As soon as you two were done with your drinks and buns, Megumi took the remaining trash and disposed of it. When he came back, like clockwork, Megumi reached for your hand and the two went on your way to your apartment.

    Usually, this sort of proposition made butterflies engulf your body. Any sort of alone time with Megumi made you feel giddy. Overwhelmingly happy.

    Now… it just brought an empty feeling to your heart.

    It was as empty as the silence between the two of you. It reminded you of how before, when you had barely started dating, the two of you couldn’t go 5 minutes without telling each other something or sending each other cute messages about things you thought of, had wanted to say, or that you found reminded you of one another.

    Usually, being with him and being able to share time together brought you warmth, it was like each memory together was a secret between the two of you.

    Now, even as he held your hand, he felt cold and distant.

    He was with you, right next to you, but he felt miles away. His heart didn’t seem to be with you. Not anymore at least.

    Your past doubts about him only being with you for our sake and not because he really shared your feelings returned again. For some reason, they seemed all the more plausible. After today, it all seemed like a surreal dream. One that you wished you didn’t have to wake up from.

    Your apartment building came into view and your heartbeat hitched. You were going to let fate decide. In your head, you told yourself: if he comes in, we can make it work, you’ll try harder; if he doesn’t come in, then you’d allow him to leave. One more time.

    “You wanna come in?” you asked. Come in, you begged with your eyes, please.

    “I don’t know… I have to be at JJT headquarters early tomorrow. The guys would never let me live it down if I didn’t go in and they did.” He smiled.

    “Are you sure? I’m sure the guys will understand.” you insisted.

    “Yeah.” he shrugged. “Some other night.”

    “We’re supposed to be celebrating our anniversary tonight, though.”

    “I know,” he sighed. “But I’m a key member of the team, y/n. I can’t always get away with goofing around.”


    “Anyways,” he chuckled, “I should be heading home. It’s past midnight and it’s kind of a ways from here. I think we had a good time tonight.” he offered you a small smile. “Goodnight, y/n.”

    He pulled you in for a hug, squeezing you, tightly. This place right here. This is where you imagined yourself always being. Where you wanted to be. You wrapped your arms around him, too, holding him just as tight, if not more. You breathed in his scent, the smell of his aftershave, body wash, deodorant, cologne, and laundry detergent blending together into an aroma that you could only ever describe as “home.” You inhaled, deeply, branding it into your memory for what you knew would be forever. You could feel the soft thrumming of his heart against your chest. Strong and steady. It dawned on you how it had been a while since you’d felt his heart race whilst being in each other’s arms.

    You questioned yourself. Is this really what you wanted?

    Of course not.

    This wasn’t at all how you had wanted this night to go.

    “Hey, Fushiguro,” you said, breathily.

    “Hm?” he hummed against your neck, nestling his face in the crook of your neck. When you didn’t respond, he shifted himself to look at you. “What is it?”

    You looked up at him, into the eyes of the boy you fell in love with at the tender age of 10, whom you confessed to at the age of 17, and whom at 21 would be closing the page on the book of your story that wasn’t a fairy tale.

    You wished that some divine power would bless you with the ability to read minds so you could know what he was thinking, how he felt, what he felt in his heart. You wished that there was some way to stop time and just stay with him forever.

    Gently, you caressed the side of his face, a small, sad smile pulling at your lips. Smiling made it easier not to cry because we lived in a world where wishes don’t come true.

    “I’m breaking up with you.”

    The smile on his face faltered a little. “What?” he let out a short, nervous laugh. “You’re joking, right?” His eyebrows shot straight up. “If you are, that’s seriously not funny.”

    You shook your head and stared up at him unsure of what to say. “Whenever I was with you, there wasn’t anything that didn’t make me smile.”

    With each word, you saw his expression falter, realizing the depth of your words.

    “No matter the reason, whenever you smiled at me… I loved it.”

    “If that’s the case… Why would you say something like that?” his voice was barely audible. “Why?”

    “Because it feels like we’re forcing this.”

    “What the hell do you mean? Where is all this coming from? I don’t understand…” Megumi studied your face, gauging your expression as best as he could, trying to find answers. A nervous laugh emerged from his lips. “You’re just trying to get back at me for being late, right? Do you really want me to stay that badly? Is it because of that?” he managed to laugh a bit more, albeit unconvincingly. He placed a hand over his heart. “You really had me going there, aye. I felt like I was gonna pass out for a moment there. I could’ve sworn my heart was going to jump out of my chest.”

    “Fushiguro...” you sighed. “What was tonight about?”

    “Huh?” he paused, trying to gather his thoughts. “Because I knew it meant a lot to you if we celebrated.”

    “You know,” you began, “I’m pretty busy, too. I have my internship at the station, I’m head of the A/V department.Not to mention, I have to study hard to stay on the Dean’s list. I have assignments and jobs for all those things, and yet I still make time for you. For us. Even if I’m busy, I stop what I’m doing and give you a place.” You felt a tear roll down your cheek. “Did you know that I was asked to go in for an interview today? It was such a big deal for me. Do you know how much pressure and stress I’ve been under?”

    His face fell. “I didn’t.. I didn’t know.”

    “It went well,” you sniffled, “At least I think it did.”

    “I was just about to ask-”

    “Because you never ask, huh, Fushiguro? And I can’t just tell you, either.” More tears were beginning to roll down your cheeks. “I tried so hard to be the perfect girlfriend for you. I always gave you encouragement and support when you needed it. I always smiled for you, even if I had had the absolute shittiest day, I’d smile, because of you, for you.”

    “Y/n… I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. Really.” You could see the hurt in his eyes. You weren’t sure if it was heartbreak as a boyfriend, or as a best friend. He brought you into his arm again, holding you tightly, combing his hands through your hair. This was the old Megumi peaking through and that only made the tears fall faster down your face and seep into his coat.

    “Of course you didn’t,” you said, voice muffled against his shoulder. “Like today? All I wanted was to spend the day with you. Like the old days. But you showed up 2 hours late, and then I only see you for a little over an hour?” you did your best to choke back a sob.

    “I can’t tell you how fucking sorry I am, y/n. I told you I-”

    “I think we were better off as friends.” you pulled away from his embrace.

    Megumi stared at you for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts. “Do you really feel that way?”

    “I don’t know.” you sighed. “At least when we were friends we didn’t worry about shit like this.”

    “You’re right,” he admitted. “You know, it hasn’t been easy for me either? Relationships are a full-time thing, but so is working at Jujutsu Tech.”

    “I know.” you hated it. You hated that he’d describe being with you, being your boyfriend, as like a job. You wanted to yell. To scream. To cry out loud. You wanted him to lie to you. Tell you that being with you is a walk in the park and that every moment with you is what he wants to come home to. That you’re the home he goes to after work, not the job he goes home from.

    “I keep having to choose between the two of you. So, I’m sorry if I’d forget every now and then.”

    “That’s the thing, Megumi.” you shook your head. “You don’t have to choose anymore.”

    He was thoughtful for a moment. “We did always act more like friends, anyway.”


    “This might even work out better, you know.” He offered you a small smile. “We were always better at being best friends than we were a good couple.”

    “Right,” you repeated, sniffling with a smile, “ you’re right.” you began to walk backward towards the apartment complex entrance. “I’m gonna call it a night.”

    “Wait, y/n.” he reached out for your hand, wrapping his fingers around your wrist and bringing you to him once more. “Let’s talk about it. I know,” he sighed, “I know this isn’t the outcome either of us wanted but…” he looked around as if trying to look for some divine intervention to give him the answers he desperately needed. “y/n, please. You know I didn’t want it to be like this, right?”

    “Let’s just leave it here, Fushiguro.” you looked into his eyes, giving him a sad smile, caressing the side of his face. Again you asked yourself if this is what you truly wanted. Maybe that’s not what you wanted but there was only so much you could do. Would telling him you loved him one last time do something? Would it change anything?

    Megumi took the hand you had on his face and brought it to his lips, kissing it. It was a silent goodbye of sorts and for a fragment of a second, you thought that his eyes told you he loved you, but you didn’t care. Not for goodbyes, anyway. And whatever love he had for you was all in the name of friendship. You know that now.

    Without anything more said, you parted ways.

    You headed up to your lone, empty apartment. The moment the lock on the door clicked as you shut it, you allowed yourself to sink to the floor and cry.

    Really cry.

    It was inevitable; blaming yourself. You wondered if there was anything you could’ve done differently. Anything you could’ve done better.

    This wasn’t the outcome you had wanted, let alone expected, for tonight.

    This marked your fourth year as Megumi Fushiguro’s girlfriend.

    The first year of excitement had faded into obscurity.

    The second year of getting to know each other had become a distant memory.

    The third year of not being bored and being a part of each other’s everyday lives was no more.

    The fourth year of taking each other for granted was a fresh wound.

    There was no point in dwelling in memories that came just as a lie.

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