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  • todaysbird
    26.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    melanistic deer appreciation post

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  • mother-of-hell-moved
    07.11.2020 - 10 monts ago

    theres nothing that we cant discuss, like girls we wish would notice us

    #my art#love live #love live sunshine #love live school idol project #love live school idol festival #love live all stars #llsip#llsif#llas#karin asaka#ai miyashita#furry#anthro#deer#doe#leopard#jaguar#melanistic#melanistic deer#fanart#nijigasaki
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  • dromaeocore
    06.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    one year and three months into dating me: jude is currently drawing his fursona on his own volition

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  • t3rrortoff33
    14.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Melanistic fallow deer

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  • bluewingedcoyote
    10.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    pen and marker

    Flame Horn, a creature from my upcoming comic- Tales From the Elfwoods.

    Top is showing from fawn to adult with their own fawns, bottom are some color variations- albino, standard, and melanistic.

    The Elfwoods, where the dragons don’t breathe fire, but some of the deer do.

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  • happyheidi
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #ask#moomin#snorkmaiden#cottagecore#cartoon #why am I tagging this in any way serious #changing my url to happybubble (which coincidentally sounded freakin ADORABLE 😵) #(but yeah I know about the photoshop. bubble is burst but found lovely and cool info in the process) #so it was worth the ride
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  • chynadoxx
    28.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I just finished the 2nd season of Beastars so here's my species hc for the creeps and co

    Toby - Coyote

    Brian - Borzoi

    Tim - Grizzly Bear

    Jeff - Harpy Eagle

    Ben - Fennec Fox

    EJ - Melanistic Leopard

    Bloody painter- Caracal

    LJ - Bearded Vulture

    Puppeteer - Maned wolf

    Clockwork - Spaniel

    Jane - Swan

    Nina - Shorthair cat

    Slender - Red Deer

    Alex - Striped Hyena

    Jay - Blue Jay (creative I know)

    Liu - Grey heron

    Sally - Papillon

    Xvirus - Jack Russell

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  • halothenthehorns
    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    All in the Family

    Chapter 56: The Dementor's Kiss

    Silver glinted all around them. In the dark woods it highlighted every aged line in the trees and every hollow on the ground, gave every blade of grass a new sheen. It was in the very air of the full moon, casting bright shadows on the only nearby cottage too far off in the distance for most eyes to see, and shined on the bars of the reinforced cage.

    For the first time, Remus was too distracted to notice, and he wasn't the only one.

    "Let me go! I'm going to kill him, I swear I will-"

    "Sirius, think about what you're saying!" Remus pleaded, holding him with shaking hands. "He hasn't-"

    Peter slowly appeared before them, just behind James, his other form so small the other four hadn't even been able to pick him out in the gloom. "I, James, Sirius, I couldn't, Remus you know I could never-" this only enraged Sirius further as he struggled harder, and Remus started to lose his grip.

    For a moment Peter thought he was seeing double, he flinched farther back into the corner as he thought Sirius broke free, but it was Regulus who was suddenly in front of him, then pivoted on the spot and shoved Sirius farther back into Remus' arms.

    "What's the matter with you?" He snarled so fiercely into the others face, their resemblance was more prominent than ever. "He's spent ages defending you, never giving you one bit of shite over-"

    "Sirius!" Remus' voice pleaded behind him, to listen he supposed, as the shaking increased, but he just tried to shove him off again, and found the grip on his arms turning inhumanly tight. He didn't know what he was going to do to Peter yet, maybe shake him next, force him to really see what he'd done rather than that look of shock still in his face now ebbing with fear-

    "Padfoot get out of there!" Some instinct in him began the change right along with Moony before he even heard James, but the werewolves hold only tightened, Remus' guttural screams of pain growing fainter as the howling grew around him.

    As cloth tearing to shreds joined the cacophony, James' last shout of someone get the damn book was the last true sane noise before Prongs slammed into the pair at full force. He didn't know for several long painful seconds if he'd intervened in time as the black dog was finally able to shake himself loose, bleeding over the pristine surface of their enclosure.

    There was not nearly enough space for anyone's liking, the four painfully non-animagus wizards could only cower in the farthest corner away as the three animals brought new meaning to the term fur flying.

    The melanistic deer had the brute almost pinned to the floor through his tangle of antlers, the enormous black dog had his jaws secured into the werewolves two hind feet no matter how many times he was slammed against the bars for his efforts, and the tiny purple book had wound up in the thick of it all.

    They should have summoned it. They could have tried to help. Wormtail saw all of this, and bristled at being the one called a coward this night as he danced between the ones who would always be larger than him, and began nudging the book along. He'd been helping to distract this particular werewolf for nearly two years now, and like the basilisk before, was completely fine with being the distraction as he finally gave a good enough shove that it slide across the wet surface and landed at Evans' feet. He'd watched for too long as her hands darted forward, not seeming to think twice about scooping up the now weeping cover as more droplets scattered around, Prongs was starting to lose his tenacious grip on the slick surface and Moony's jaws snapped on flesh at last.

    Wormtail spun on the spot and hissed in protest, biting the snout and dancing back farther away as his ear throbbed. Blood began dripping into his eyes now, he longed to change back and see the true damage, but knew better. The werewolves bite would not contaminate animals, but he feared risking changing back too soon.

    All he could do now was listen, as Evans began mirroring their horror in Harry's life. It started out with just the tiniest bit of hope they all needed, if Sirius really adopted Harry as was being implied than surely this mayhem of a life would end! Then it all went wrong, of course, in both lives. Moony's struggles were slowly breaking him free, and a massive swipe of his paw now added Prongs' blood into the mix, his hooves unable to get any more purchase as he bellowed and was left a mess of limbs. Padfoot made a last, desperate lunge, teeth sinking into Moony's scruff and pulling with all his might as the werewolf's contagious jaws ached for his pray, just as Evans reached the ending with Harry blacking out and the dementors likely murdering Sirius, and it was all Peter's fault.

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  • youarejesting
    08.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Sly like a... ? Part 2

    [Master list] [Sly Master List] Beta: n/a (at the moment) Rating: All Pairing: Hybrid!BTS x FailedHybrid!Reader Genre: Hybrid au, fluff, action, adventure, angst, drama, slice of life. Some marked chapters will contain mature/smut scenes, BUT they will not have plot in those scenes and are 100% skippable without losing your place in the story. Words: 2.1k

    Summary: Human’s strive to be better, faster and stronger looking to animal DNA. Thus Hybrids are born. As the rise for designer and Pedigree Hybrids increase, so do the failed attempts. There is one species scientists are unsuccessful in creating, but, folklore says they have been here all along, hiding and blending in with the humans for many millennia. How clever they are.

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    It was your dream to convert a large warehouse on the outskirts of town into a home and education center for Hybrids. Somewhere they could learn to be self-sufficient. You would have professors and volunteers, teaching and fundraising, all for the day you could buy another warehouse on the other side of town. You wanted it to become the norm that these Hybrid facilities would build and grow in every city. Allowing the Hybrids to become an independent race no longer looked down upon by society.

    You were on the last day of your heat and craving something savory. As it was late your best option was the convenience store that was always open late.

    Things were falling into place as you received an email earlier that day confirming that all the items you had requested were acquired. That meant school books, equipment, and more. You were also granted the first loan for the Hybrids, a loan you would receive every term. The board wanted no less than five and no more than ten participants for an adequate examination of results.

    You assumed for the program to be officially approved, you would have to show successful results from Hybrids with different backgrounds during this trial. That meant different ages and different upbringings. Wondering if it was worth visiting the adoption agency or perhaps a Hybrid store, it wouldn’t hurt for more variables.

    Shaken from your thoughts by a shadowed figure rustling through the garbage, in a dark alley between the antiques and postal office. Your ears picked up the sound easily, feet scuffing to a halt on the pavement catching the Hybrid’s attention. Their eyes searched the dark for any sign of threat before falling upon you, a deep growl resonating on the wind. It was best to not get involved with stray Hybrids, they tended to be more violent. This is what you were doing the program for, to stop Hybrids from ending up homeless and on the streets. To prove that they aren’t dangerous and are capable of learning.

    Struck by an idea, if you could get a Hybrid from the street to join the trial program, you could prove they weren’t violent and show that given the opportunity they could all learn and grow into members of society.

    “Can I buy you dinner?” You called out, voice cracking from the cold. Your breath puffed out like smoke visible between you both. The night brought you more energy, it made you feel alive.

    Cars passed, their headlights illuminating the entire alleyway and reflecting in his eyes a blood-red. He stalked forward, his body moving gracefully but you could see he was hurt, his shirt ripped and there was a strong scent of blood in the breeze. That was a downside to having heightened senses. You tried to control the disgusted look on your face, “I will pay and there is nothing else to it, just sit and have dinner with me, so I don’t look like a woman in her mid to late twenties eating alone at a convenience store”

    He looked you up and down, it was then you noticed his features, he was a feline, not a common house cat. No, he was a big predator.

    “Do I look like some charity case? Some pathetic creature who needs help from a human?” His words rumbled from his chest in a growl. You wanted to correct him that you weren’t exactly human yourself but decided against it. Stuck somewhere between Hybrid and human you didn’t fit in either category.

    “What’s it to you? My reason is my reason, just take the free meal. Hell! Exploit me for a free meal, anything you want, go crazy.” You shrugged, trying desperately to charm him. He seemed to contemplate his choices for a moment before turning to walk away. You scrambled for your wallet and grabbed out twenty dollars, holding it out to him.

    “Wait! At least take this; if you don’t want to eat with me, get something warm, and here is my card if ever you need help.”

    He eyed the money but didn’t move to take it. Hoping he wouldn’t rip your arm off, you grabbed his hand. You knew it was risky. His fingers were cold, but you didn’t want to linger and make him mad, quickly placing the money on his palm with your business card.

    “Have a good night, mister,” He nodded confused about the whole encounter, before shoving his hands in his pockets and leaving. It seemed even if you tried your best, it wouldn’t be enough to persuade him. He was too defensive, the best you could hope for was that he would stay safe in the cold.

    What trials and tribulations must you go through to have these Hybrids trust and confide in you? Hopefully, it wouldn’t be this hard to get through to the group of Hybrids you were soon to obtain.

    This was going to be a rather difficult experiment and you weren’t sure if it was going to go well but you hoped with every fiber of your being that you would see this through for the sake of the Hybrids.

    That night you dreamed about the group of participants being hostile and unresponsive to the program, it did little to soothe your nerves the next morning. When you received an email about the new house. Jimin would have the key and would meet you outside later that day with the other Hybrids. No matter who they were, you were going to make sure they were achieving the best result they could.

    The government had registered two Hybrids in your name, their files attached to the confirmation email. The two participants were so contrasting, Hoseok was a deer Hybrid, from a small farming family. The other was a Lion Hybrid by the name of Namjoon. He was from New Zealand and had participated in another government program regarding genius Hybrids.

    Altogether, there were four: Namjoon the genius, Hoseok the country bumpkin, Taehyung, and Jimin. You decided to look for possible participants within the Hybrid store, and rehoming center. That would give you a wide variety of variables for the experiment; each would have a different background and would require different tools to help them.

    You started at the nearest Hybrid shop. There were several rooms each with an observation window, a photo card, and a brief description of the Hybrid sitting, reading or playing video games inside. It was such a small space, how could they live in these tiny rooms every day until someone adopted them. Reading their descriptions by the windows you analyzed each of them, your attention caught by one playing video games. He had dark ears that stuck out from his dark hair. He seemed fun and you thought it would be easy to connect with him.

    Hello, My name is Jungkook, I am twenty-three and I am a fully vaccinated Melanistic Jaguar.

    You didn’t bother reading the rest, thinking you would like to learn about him properly, “Sir, I would like to adopt this Hybrid,” You declared, whilst walking towards the counter to begin the paperwork. Once everything was signed the young Jaguar boy was led from his small room. He looked nervous holding a small store backpack filled with all his essential items.

    On the drive to the next location, you were the one doing most of the talking, receiving quiet one-word answers and small fidgets. He seemed excited when you finally parked the car, you guessed he was eager to see his new home.

    However, as you walked towards the menacing rehoming center, he grew quieter and quieter, slowing to a stop before the entrance. Looking at his feet crying profusely, you realized how this must look. He must have thought he had done something wrong, how could he think you would buy him and rehome him on the same day.

    “Jungkook, I am not abandoning you, I am picking up a brother for you to play with.” It took a few moments to console the young man. Wiping his tears and giving him a few pats on the head careful of his ears.

    Deciding anyone younger than Jungkook would be too much to handle. “You have to help me find a big brother, someone you think will be really nice and that you like to play with, what do you think? Can you do that for me?”

    Jungkook nodded, sniffing and wiping his eyes on his sleeve. “Okay, I can do that,”

    The inside of the rehoming center smelt like disinfectant, you explained you were looking for another Hybrid and were led to a large room. There were Hybrids of all ages all playing and entertaining themselves with different activities.

    It was overwhelming even for you, so you grasped Jungkook’s hand and encouraged him to look around, “Hey, what about ping pong?” You grinned at Jungkook who smiled playing a few rounds with you, the two of you giggling.

    “Have I told you I am the ping pong master,” an older Hybrid grinned, he had a striped tail. You handed over the paddle and stood near Jungkook. “Do you want to play a game?”

    Jungkook nodded, was this boy unable to say no. Either way, the two were getting along quickly, the older Hybrid was very playful and funny, even as he lost you were holding your sides from the laughter and Jungkook seemed to grow really comfortable with him.

    Talking to one of the volunteers she explained that Seokjin was a raccoon hybrid and the oldest in the center. She explained that he often took the younger hybrids under his wing. It was an easy decision to adopt him. While you were filling out the paperwork, Jungkook was telling you all about his match with Seokjin.

    “And I got the winning shot,” He grinned, swinging his arm like he was hitting an invisible ping pong ball.

    “He seems really fun, would he make a good big brother?” It was cute how he nodded wholeheartedly. “Jungkook why don’t you go tell him that he is coming home with us?”

    He grew embarrassed again, his dark ears twitching but followed the volunteer nonetheless. You were quick to finish up the last of the paperwork before the two came back laughing volunteer in tow.

    “Unbelie-Bubble” Seokjin said before squeaking in laughter. He had all of his things and like Jungkook was nervous, but he showed it through talking.

    You felt good with your selection, there was a Hybrid for every walk of life and socio-economic background. This would be perfect for the trial. They all seemed like lovely young Hybrids and you could already see them forming friendships.

    It was on your way out that you saw a familiar face struggling against Hybrid control. “This is your last time, you know what happens to strays.”

    “Wait!” You shouted, everyone in the lobby froze turning to look at you, the cold room felt quite warm with all of the attention “He is mine”

    They froze looking between you and the hybrid before letting him go curiously. The injured Hybrid staggered over to you, knowing this was his best chance at survival, “why didn’t you tell them my name?” you asked him curiously but he kept his head down.

    “This white tiger Hybrid is yours?” The handler spoke in disbelief, practically accusing you of lying. “why is he not microchipped, or registered in our system?”

    “I was supposed to register him last week when I got him but I had been busy with work, I would like to properly register him under my name today,” You didn’t break under this man's pressure, you could notice the more he held eye contact the more he seemed to falter himself. “so that you will stop taking him in when he is harmlessly walking the streets”

    The man opened his mouth to argue but you blinked up at him, watching him lower his hand.

    “I am so sorry miss, we didn't mean to cause you trouble?” It wasn’t exactly odd behavior, you often found your arguments nullifying this way. You liked to think that your self-confident stare was what made people give in.

    “Miss we have just noticed some suspicious activity in your account it says you have adopted four Hybrids today,” The woman behind the desk said, “We are legally required to ask your intentions or we can detain the Hybrids from you”

    Almost questioning her, you remembered the government was placing two Hybrids in your name; they would be arriving today as well. With a smile you removed a folder from your bag, “I have a grant from the government.” You said brandishing the signed document, “I will be placing these Hybrids in my care”

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  • huntingshop
    02.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    anyone know what kind of animal this is? found the leg on my front lawn about 10 feet from my door. melanistic whitetail deer maybe? (New England area)

    anyone know what kind of animal this is? found the leg on my front lawn about 10 feet from my door. melanistic whitetail deer maybe? (New England area) https://ift.tt/3r8mMY3 Submitted March 02, 2021 at 05:47PM by mckinnon69 via reddit https://ift.tt/3qao3MN

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  • huntingshop
    02.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    anyone know what kind of animal this is? found the leg on my front lawn about 10 feet from my door. melanistic whitetail deer maybe? (New England area)

    anyone know what kind of animal this is? found the leg on my front lawn about 10 feet from my door. melanistic whitetail deer maybe? (New England area) https://ift.tt/3r8mMY3 Submitted March 02, 2021 at 05:47PM by mckinnon69 via reddit https://ift.tt/3qao3MN #huntingshop

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  • darknesslioness
    31.12.2020 - 8 monts ago


    This year, I’m turning all the nutcrackers into whatever animal chosen by their creators, with an added bit of holiday flare!

    'May your nose and sky glow bright, in your bashfulness and delight!'

    For my final day, day 37, I present @shinyzango‘s Hans as a pseudo-melanistic European Red Deer! I gave him a sort of a Rudolph curse, for his nose to glow bright red whenever he be happy or embarrassed! He’s trying to make the best of it, I think.

    Fun fact: The ‘reindeer’ harness design was also inspired by this little work of Zango’s right here.


    Original content for this nutcracker can be found here.

    The Nutcracker Month challenges organized by @artsynoova.

    2020 Nutcracker Month list can be found here.

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  • gravewick
    26.12.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Lad got some colors I'm happy with! Sorry for the nakey, I've yet to decide on a wardrobe.

    Chandeleur is a woodland fae spirit that takes the shape of a melanistic fallow deer with towering candles in place of antlers.

    [Image: A digital full-body drawing of an anthropomorphic male fallow deer with a darker, almost melanistic coloration posed in an elegant posture. His pelt consists of muted blues, browns, and creams. His antlers have been replaced with an array of burning, melting candles. A tuft of black hair sits on his forelock. The background is dark smokey blue and gray.]

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  • little-pisces-dreaming
    13.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    I can't stop thinking about the melanistic fallow deer. You're making your way through the countryside or the woods, just a traveller, and in the early dawn light, this creature evanesces into existence, all majestic shadow and gleaming fur. And above you, the sun, yes, just risen, but also the moon. This land, this saint terre, this is sacred ground. This is the republic of the sacred moon. And in this liminal moment you are on Her land, under Her eye, with Her emissary.

    #the writer speaks #Crane and Sergeant #my wips
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  • carolinecastro123
    09.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    I found a melanistic whitetail deer, one of the rarest deer colors ever, more rare than an albino

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