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  • melons-icons
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    melon bun and goblin icons!!

    #cookie run#goblin cookie #melon bun cookie
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  • abbynx
    03.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Random La Squadra headcanons I came up at 3 AM instead of rushing an essay


    I feel like when Pesci's angry or frustrated or generally in a bad mood, he's scared of lashing out at others and hurting them, so he just sulks in his room, ignoring the chaos happening around him, with his headphones at maximum volume to calm him down.


    I get the vibes that he's good with photography and idk why, but there's something so cute about Melone with a camera that's making me feel things 😳👌

    Okay so Mel is great with photography no matter what device he uses. Professional camera, phone camera, etc etc. A talented craftsman does not blame his tools after all~

    Like, his trick is just the lighting and the background and of course, the model! He's good at making people comfortable at the face of a camera if he tries by being— ya know—, not a creep?


    He's extremely stiff and awkward when it comes to taking pictures. Like in every photograph he's been in where it's required for him to stop, pose and smile at the camera he looks as if he's wincing instead of smiling.

    So Melone's method of taking pictures of him requires Ghiaccio being distracted and unaware of the camera, where his smile feels more natural and he's less tense. So now majority of his pictures at the duration of his stay in La Squadra are stolen shots.


    He has a whole album of close friends asleep for blackmail purposes. No one in La Squadra is safe, including his husband. Once he sees anyone of them passed out in his vicinity, he'll get his phone ready and take a picture of them. And he knows when to take a non-flattering photograph, oh no, he makes sure to catch them at their worst sleeping position and resting face.

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  • selfaware-cookierunkingdom
    03.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #Stardust Responds #carnival chimera anon #Melon Cream (Carnival Chimera)
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