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    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Maybe stop being gorg??

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    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Relationship with Seventeen

    For the person who wanted Qiang’s relationship with Seventeen, here you go!

    Choi Seungcheol (S.Coups): Qiang and Seungcheol are very close. They’re the same age and Seungcheol really did his best as leader to try and bring Qiang into the group even though there was a language barrier at first. While he might look intimidating, Qiang didn’t think he was at all when they first met. He gravitated towards him immediately.

    Yoon Jeonghan: They’re not the closest of the members, but they’re still really good friends. Jeonghan definitely took over the ‘mother’ aspect for Qiang. He would help him with chores around the dorm and made sure that he always had food before the others. The two talk from time to time over the phone, but not as much as he does with other members.

    Hong Jisoo (Joshua): It took a while for the two to become friends. Qiang was extremely shy and there was also a language barrier. However, the two closely bonded during their Korean lessons and would help each other out where they could. He was one of the first members to meet Josh’s parents and a few friends from back home.

    Wen Junhui (Jun): The two are like brothers. Junhui was able to communicate with Qiang in their native language and until he got used to Korean, Junhui was the one who would translate everything for him so he knew what was going on. Qiang admired Jun’s dance skills and when he first started training with the group, he tried to mimic him in that aspect as much as possible.

    Kwon Soonyoung (Hoshi): Surprisingly, Qiang was probably most intimidated by Hoshi when he first met everyone. That quickly changed when he saw how playfully and funny he was. Hoshi would stay back late some days to help Qiang nail choreography for the monthly evaluations and has always been good at uplifting his mood when he felt disappointed or down on himself.

    Jeon Wonwoo: Like with Joshua, it took a while for the two to be comfortable with each other. Wonwoo is a man of little words and so is Qiang so, for them to actually have a conversation with one another was like a miracle. Wonwoo used to help Qiang write his raps and would help him on getting timing down as well. The two enjoy playing video games together and talk almost every day.

    Lee Jihoon (Woozi): Like Hoshi, Qiang was really intimidated by Woozi when he first met him. It felt like he never smiled and that he was always moving ten steps ahead of everyone. When Qiang found him one day, frustratedly tearing out pages from a notebook, he had stepped in and offered to help in any way he could, even if he had no idea about producing. After that, the two are pretty close and Woozi’s helped him learn a lot more about producing and lyric writing since.

    Lee Seokmin (DK/Dokyeom): Even though there was a language barrier, Dokyeom was the first one to start talking with the young trainee. Qiang couldn’t understand half of what the poor was saying, but Dokyeom was good at using hand gestures and facial features to act out what he was saying. When he needs a good laugh or just someone to distract him from his brain, Dokyeom is the one he turns to.

    Kim Mingyu: Like Jeonghan, Mingyu also played that ‘mother’ role for Qiang. He learned how to make different Chinese dishes from Qiang’s hometown to make him feel like he was more at home. Qiang helped him a lot to learn the Chinese and he’s always just felt a comfortable aura around Mingyu. Out of all the members, Mingyu is probably his mom’s favorite. Mingyu talks to Qiang’s mom more than he does sometimes.

    Xu Minghao (The8): Like Jun, the two are like brothers. Minghao was one of the first members to meet Qiang’s parents and younger sister. Minghao has always been patient with Qiang and has always been good at calming his mind down when it’s racing on overdrive. He also helped to translate things for Qiang until he was more comfortable with Korean and the two video chat nearly every day and hang out at least once a week.

    Boo Seungkwan: Qiang found him a little annoying at first. He didn’t like being scolded by him even though he was older than him. Seungkwan grew on him though and Qiang thinks he has an amazing voice. He saw how hard Seungkwan worked to get exposure for the group when they first started out and Qiang admires him for that deeply.

    Choi Hansol (Vernon): One of the members where neither of them have to say anything to know what the other one is thinking, feeling or wanting. They enjoy the same type of music and songs. Qiang hated how much he hate he got at the beginning just for looking different than the rest of them and he made sure to compliment Vernon on something every day. The two talk every now and then, but they seem to just know when the other needs them.

    Lee Chan (Dino): Qiang felt like Dino was way to young to be exposed to this kind of life so, he definitely took on the role of protector and big brother. Dino has amazing dance skills and Qiang loved staying late to watch the boy and give him advice or his thoughts on the routine when Dino would ask. He checks up on him every week to make sure that he’s still doing well. Dino cried the most when Qiang was not picked for the debut group and when he announced he was leaving the company.

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  • pastorgregchosengeneration
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Justice finally won but instigators still want to burn down a city By Pastor Greg

    Justice finally won but instigators still want to burn down a city By Pastor Greg

    Shameful how the blacks community continues to be exploited by BLM, Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton, the Black Congressional Congress, the DCCC, Planned Parenthood and the media. Kyle Rittenhouse was assaulted by three white guys and kicked in the head by one black guy. He used self defense to defend himself against the threat and use of lethal force against him. The black community rioted and…

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    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I wish that MJF and Kenny didn't somehow exist in completely different universes, and I hope that MJF and Adam Cole interact sooner rather than later.

    #how weird is it that kenny and mjf have never spoken onscreen #max interacted with and faced every other member of the elite #beat cody and page #lost to yb but jericho took the pin #mjf and mox are the most protected wrestlers are on the roster #who have been on dynamite since day 1 anyway #in this essay i will #mjf #maxwell jacob friedman
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    01.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Make A Wish

    pairing; moonbae (kevin moon x jacob bae)

    genre; fluff, suggestive, mxm, mlm

    notes/warnings; touching, kissing, male x male

    word count; 780 and some change

    lyric prompts;

    Ooh, you should make a wish (Make a Wish - NCT U

    I don’t want to be alone anymore (Take Me Home - Ateez

    Kevin smiled softly as he looked down to Jacob as he sat on the arm of the chair that Jacob occupied. The warm afternoon light hit the man’s face perfectly, making Kevin take in a deep breath as his eyes studied his face. He grinned again, spotting a fallen eyelash resting on Jacob’s cheek, before lifting his hand to collect it on his index finger. “Ooh, you should make a wish.”

    Jacob had started to move his face back from Kevin’s hand as it got close to him, but the touch was so gentle, he couldn’t help but smile, especially at Kevin’s words when he finally focused on the single eyelash sitting on Kevin’s fingertip. “A wish?”

    Kevin bit at his bottom lip and nodded as he turned further towards Jacob, resting his knee over Jacob’s. “Mmhm, they are good luck. You close your eyes, make your wish, then blow it off my finger. It might just come true.”

    Meeting Kevin’s eyes, Jacob felt his cheeks suddenly go warm as he flushed. Clearing his throat, he laughed a bit and shrugged, sitting up a bit in his chair. “I wish for anything?”

    Kevin tilts his head, before nodding, “Anything you want.”

    Furrowing his brows, Jacob focused on Kevin’s finger and the lash, before closing his eyes and thinking hard. There were plenty of things he could wish for, plenty of things he wanted, but only one of those things came to mind. Jacob said the silent prayer, before opening his eyes again and blowing out a soft breath, watching the eyelash fly off of Kevin’s finger.

    “What did you wish for?” Kevin’s eyes tried to follow the eyelash, but the moment it fell from his finger, it was lost. Smiling, he instead looked back to Jacob to meet his eyes as the man bit his bottom lip and shook his head.

    “It’s silly.”

    Kevin furrowed his brows and watched Jacob carefully, before leaning to bump his arm into Jacob’s shoulder. “I doubt it. Just tell me.”

    If Jacob’s cheeks had been warm before, and possibly pink from embarrassment, they were obviously flushed now. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

    Kevin’s smile faded slightly as Jacob spoke his wish out loud, his words hitting him like a wall. “That’s what you wished for?”

    Jacob nodded and laughed, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. “It’s stupid, I know. I’m an idiot. Forget it.”

    Even if he wanted to, Kevin wasn’t sure he’d ever forget those words leaving Jacob’s mouth. “You don’t have to be alone, Jacob. You aren’t alone…” Kevin couldn’t help but lift his hand to tilt Jacob’s chin up to make the man meet his eyes. “Right? You know that I’m right here?”

    Jacob’s mouth was dry as he looked up to Kevin. He had tried to avoid his eyes because he wasn’t sure if he could trust himself and his emotions.

    The moment his eyes were fixed on Kevin’s, all of Jacob’s resolve was gone. “I know you are. I just didn’t want to assume. I didn’t know if you -”

    Kevin’s lips met Jacob's, silencing the rest of his sentence and taking away his breath. Jacob’s fingers slid through Kevin’s hair at the nape of his neck, pulling the man closer to him and down into the chair with him, causing the younger of the men to laugh as the kiss was broken for a moment.

    Leaning back as he moved to sit next to Jacob, Kevin shook his head and met the man’s eyes, taking a breath. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

    “I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same way.” Jacob couldn’t help but smile hearing Kevin’s laugh as he tugged gently at Kevin’s hair, before leaning back into the kiss, reconnecting their lips.

    Kevin smiled into the kiss, even letting a small groan escape his lips to the feeling of his hair being tugged as he moved to drape his leg over Jacob’s lap, speaking between kisses. “I’ve felt this way since I met you...think of all the time wasted.”

    Jacob laughed into the kiss at Kevin’s dramatic words, before letting his hands slide along the man’s sides, towards his hips, as he too let out a groan, feeling Kevin’s hips press against his own. “Then, I guess we need to make up for time lost.”

    Leaning back, Kevin grinned and raised a brow, before glancing between their bodies to their evident arousal. With a nod, he slid off of Jacob’s lap and to his feet, offering the man his hand. “We better get started.”


    tag list: @binzuli @kvnmoonies @m1ss-foodi3 @chaebb @astroodledream @michaellangdonscockslut @aarfyie @rdflare51 @stopitvpls @verylonelymind @givememunjang @glitteringcoffeefreak @frappenha @cottoncandy-kiwiin​ @poopandshitetc @donutswjam​ @shingisimp​  @tbzboba

    #the boyz fluff #the boyz suggestive #the boyz smut #the boyz member x member #the boyz mxm #the boyz mlm #tbz fluff#tbz suggestive#tbz smut #tbz member x member #tbz mxm#tbz mlm #kevin moon suggestive #kevin moon fluff #kevin moon smut #kevin moon mxm #kevin moon mlm #jacob bae suggestive #jacob bae fluff #jacob bae smut #jacob bae mxm #jacob bae mlm #moonbae#moonbae mxm#moonbae mlm#moonbae suggestive#moonbae fluff#moonbae smut
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    i’m a maverick 😩🥺😥🤩✨‼️😋😳😘😂😎😔🥰😣😳😌❤️

    #the boyz#tbz #i’m a maverick #i wish there was more jacob tho 😔 #idk if i like the chorus or not #the m dance thing is ok but i feel like it’ll get old #they all look so good tho #they winning something tho #ALSO THE SPY/AGENT THEMES MMMM #still sad about jacob and the lack of him #sunwoo was really hot tho #so was q and new #and literally all the members #tbz juyeon#tbz sunwoo#tbz eric#tbz haknyeon#tbz smut#tbz changmin#tbz juhaknyeon#tbz jacob#tbz sangyeon#tbz hyunjae#tbz q#tbz new
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    30.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    👻 Happy Halloween! 🎃

    Happy Halloween everyone! Today we’re going to discuss…Karl Jacobs! A time traveler! We’re going to look into different theories, and speculate what’s right and wrong! 

    First off, Karl is a time traveler, he can travel forward or back in time, and it seems he either meets reincarnations of his loved ones, or Ancestors and Decedents of them. These travels are titled “Tales of the SMP” if you’d like to watch them.

    Secondly, let’s talk about the little we know about the..,INBETWEEN!  so far, we know that the in between is another dimension, I like to think it’s a safe haven for all the books Karl writes after his travels!

    Thirdly, let’s talk about Karl’s similarity with..Ranboo!  Ranboo and Karl both have memory issues. Karl’s is more of a decision issue, whereas he chooses to time travel when he know he forgets more and more every time, while Ranboo’s can be described as simple amnesia or even past trauma. Both Karl and Ranboo also write down almost everything, Karl writes down those he loves, and other things that he needs to remember, while Ranboo mostly writes down his everyday life.

    Fourthly, let’s talk about ‘The Egg’. In one of Karl’s travels, he sees the egg, at the masquerade ball, Sir Billiam and Ranbutler work for the egg, now this is in the past, so in reality, the egg has probably existed for years and years, maybe it travels around looking for new victims!

    Fifthly, Karl’s, Quakitys, and Sapnap’s relationship is likely broken, as in Quackity pretty much left both of his fiancés for Las Nevades.


    And that’s it for today everyone! Make sure to watch or re-watch everyone’s stream today on the DSMP for the #teamseas cleanup by Mr.Beast!

    #Karl Jacobs #Mentioned Sapnap and Quackity #Mentioned DSMP members #Mr.Beast #ocean#teamseas
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    vav_official: Just dance to “Rasputin” if you’re overeat🕺🕺

    #추석 #한가위 #Chuseok

    #VAV가_추석을_보내는_방법 #전먹고_라스푸틴

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    vav_official: VAV Chuseok Greetings NG cut

    #추석 #한가위 #Chuseok #쉽지않다

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    22.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    vav_official: Happy Chuseok with VAV🌝

    #추석 #한가위 #Chuseok

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    vav_official: [VLIVE UPCOMING]

    달 달 무슨 달 바브같이 둥근 달🌝

    Happy Chuseok with VAV🌝

    📅 2021.09.16(Thu) 6:30PM (KST)


    #추석 #한가위 #Chuseok

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    14.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #Jacob Burgess#loadingreadyrun#lrr tweets #@JacobBurgessVO #tim drake#jonathan kent#photos #look I know he's not technically a member of the crew #but I enjoy lrr stuff much more when he's around
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  • altalunerp
    07.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    JIN WEIYUAN · ooc +18

    Etnia: sino-coreano Pronomes: ele/dele Gênero: homem cis Orientação sexual: bissexual  Temas de interesse: crack, romance, angst, smut, fluff Triggers: abelhas (visual), estupro

    Yuan foi o terceiro filho da família Jin-Hong a vir a este mundo e diferente dos irmãos foi uma gravidez não planejada, logo, seu tratamento em comparação a eles era diferente, mas isso não foi capaz de abalar a criança animada e extrovertida que estava sempre conquistando todos os amigos da família e demais familiares. Ao contrário dos mais velhos, acabou se tornando o favorito de sua avó paterna, com quem foi morar aos dezesseis anos de idade, em Hong Kong, após seus pais o expulsarem de casa por se assumir bissexual. Era inaceitável um "tipo daquele" na família. Uma vez que entrou no avião, nunca mais retornou à Coreia do Sul e cortou laços definitivos com seus genitores e irmãos.

    A avó o protegia sempre. Ainda que o pai pedisse para que ela não o abrigasse, ela rebatia dizendo para que cuidasse da própria vida. Seu primeiro emprego foi na loja de antiguidades que ela geria, negócio que pertenceu a seu avô e seria dele conforme dizia o testamento que a mesma escreveu e autenticou. Yuan tinha agora uma boa vida, uma estabilidade e poderia começar a pensar no futuro. Mas o destino é uma caixinha de surpresas e quem poderia imaginar que, durante um passeio noturno com colegas, acabaria conhecendo as lutas clandestinas e se interessaria em participar. Mas não como apostador.

    Passou a ter uma vida dupla. Durante o dia trabalhava e ia para a faculdade, estava cursando Educação Física, e a noite, se esgueirava pelas ruelas dos bairros perigosos da cidade para enfrentar algum oponente no octógono. Todo dinheiro que conseguia usava para pagar o tratamento da avó, que acabou falecendo sem saber de onde o neto conseguiu aqueles fundos para bancar internação no melhor hospital da cidade. Sem interesse em permanecer ali, Yuan vendeu a loja por uma boa quantia e alugou um pequeno quarto. Terminou seu curso e tinha planos de ir embora, mas algumas lutas estavam programadas, então precisou ficar mais um pouco. Seu maior erro.

    Descobriu, minutos antes, que o lutador era ninguém menos do que seu irmão mais velho e só então entendeu o motivo de ter escutado tantas ofensas durante o caminho até o octogono. Ele havia contado a todos sobre sua sexualidade, noticia que não foi bem aceita pelos "fãs". Todos presentes apostaram contra Yuan e perderam, pois a luta terminou em menos de dez minutos com um nocaute que tirou a vida do Jin mais velho. Passou dois anos na prisão, até que um benfeitor misterioso pagou a sua fiança. Junto às suas roupas, encontrou um bilhete que continha um endereço de uma residência em Altalune, junto a um cartão de crédito. Todo dinheiro que havia ganho nas lutas e com a venda da loja de sua avó estavam na conta, intocados. Na mesma noite uma mensagem surgiu em seu celular "Não foda com a sua segunda chance".

    Pegou o voo na manhã seguinte, decidido a colocar uma pedra naquele passado, em um novo lugar.

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    30.09.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #jacob is 100% one of the members that ive unintentionally distanced myself from these past few days #because i'm busy focusing on juyeon or hyunjae or chanhee #younghoon too #BUT GSOD SHATABA JSUY #listen that man owns my everything idc what other people say #BUT STOP THIS #‘🌵 ⟶ vae rambles #‘🌱 ⟶ vae's asks #🌱: wooyoung a
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    Film Independent Presents Free Members-Only Theatrical Screening Of The Guilty In New York(2021) pics...

    #Film Independent Presents Free Members-Only Theatrical Screening Of The Guilty In New York(2021) #Jake Gyllenhaal #Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal #jacob gyllenhaal
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    25.09.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Film Independent Presents Free Members-Only Theatrical Screening Of The Guilty In New York(2021) pics...

    #Film Independent Presents Free Members-Only Theatrical Screening Of The Guilty In New York(2021) #Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal #Jake Gyllenhaal#jacob gyllenhaal
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  • just-just-gyllenhaal
    25.09.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Film Independent Presents Free Members-Only Theatrical Screening Of The Guilty In New York(2021) pics...

    #Film Independent Presents Free Members-Only Theatrical Screening Of The Guilty In New York(2021) #Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal #jacob gyllenhaal#Jake Gyllenhaal
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    21.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    "omg you like her bro you're so jealous holy crap"

    #that face your friend makes when they know you got a crush on someone #diego's gonna have so much fun- #uncontrollably flirting with candy to make talbott upset #and later on giving him advice #that's what i call friendship #he ships them #he's joining the ''people who know they like eachother but they're very good at hiding it in public'' club #funded by andre #current members: andre penny tulip rowan ben jae badeea. and now diego #call me dumb y'all im bored #hphm#hogwarts mystery #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hphm mc#jacob's sibling#candy vigiere#hphm diego#diego caplan#hphm talbott#talbott winger#myart #talbott winger x mc #talbott x mc #talbott x candy #canbott #talbott winger x jacob's sibling
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    ayno.vav: Hi I’m Jacob😎

    Ayno bought me a nice gift and some great food for my birthday! Thanks Ayno #happybirthdaytome @ayno.vav @jacob.vav


    jacob.vav: Thank u Jacob❤

    ayno.vav @jacob.vav my bestie 🙌

    jacob.vav: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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