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  • angel7gabo
    30.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🇬🇧 "The idea that does not try to become a word is a bad idea, and the word that does not try to become an action is a bad word" Gilbert Keith Chesterton 🇦🇷 "La idea que no trata de convertirse en palabra es una mala idea, y la palabra que no trata de convertirse en acción es una mala palabra" Gilbert Keith Chesterton #gay #instagay #gayboy #argentina #love #boy #instagood #picoftheday #instaboy #lgbt #buenosaires #selfie #instagram #happy #me #photography #men #style #beard #photooftheday #fashion #follow #pride #gayargentina #gayguy #model #followme #guy #gayman #gaylove https://www.instagram.com/p/CW4RP8AoRuo/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • oxfords---notbrogues
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #menswear#men's fashion#men's style #Men's Fall Fashion #men's fall outfits #men's fall clothes #men's fall clothing #men's fall trends #classic menswear#men's lifestyle#fashion#style
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  • brovlofskis
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #* #old men style from the special are also doing something to my brain................
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  • i--needed--that
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    First of all...Peggy Fleming is adorable. 🤗 Also...Gene is an amazing ice-skater. 😊 I don't know if this kiss moment was planned or spontaneous, but I love Peggy's little giggle here. So Cute. 🤍 Peggy Fleming & Gene Kelly, in her "Here's Peggy Fleming" Television Special (1968). 💕

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  • monstersandmaw
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Lan and Moiraine’s platonic relationship means so much to me, and seeing it portrayed in a way that’s deeply close and intimate (physically as well as emotionally) on screen, while not being sexualised at all nearly broke my little heart in the best way possible.

    #some of my closest friends in life have been men and I present female #and it means so much to me to see a very close and very deep friendship between a man and a woman presented without baggage or implication #their fighting style in ep 1 #and the bath they shared as friends #and the hand holding in ep 4 #it all just… worked. #I’m ranting#platonic relationship #the wheel of time #wheel of time #wheel of time on prime
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  • starshipsofstarlord
    29.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The Baby Factor (Part 2)

    Part One / Series Masterlist / Main Masterlist / Navigation

    Summary: In the midst of being mad at your roommate Eros, the perfect opportunity appears that will get you out of your shared apartment; babysitting Wanda and Vision's children. However it clashes with Bucky's plans of making your date together spontaneous, and so, he must endure watching over Tommy and Billy to spend time with you, all whilst Eros sulks until the perfect distraction arrives

    Fandom: Marvel (MCU/AU)

    Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Eros x Female Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Vision, very brief mention of Pietro Maximoff x Female Reader, Agatha Harkness x Ralph Boner

    Warnings: mentions of death and murder, blackmail, fake relationship, reader keeps her options over, not great living conditions, swearing, talks of pregnancy and sperm donors and sex, jealousy, guilt, seeing blood and limbs being torn off an animal’s body, listening to other people’s conversations, lying, angst, fluff, Agatha makes an appearance and talks about a threesome and a sex dungeon, cliffhanger for next part, making out

    Word Count -> 10446

    A child was all that you wanted from life, and whilst you still had not managed to find someone who would help you have one, or for that matter actually asked anyone to give you some intimate aid, your day was all set, and it wasn’t to be childless. Your friends Wanda and Vision had two boys, Billy and Tommy, and they could be little miscreants when they wanted to be, it was your duty this evening to babysit them so that their parents could have a date together and be relieved of parental matters, and you practically jumped at the chance to be the one that cared for them. It however was still day time, you had been to work in the morning, and now were stood in the kitchen of your apartment, gulping down a much needed glass of water. The liquid slithered down your throat, prizing you with a moment of peace until the sound of footsteps breached your hearing. Eros wandered closer to you, his ruby hair was a mess, no doubt from some girl running their smothering hands through it, you could only squint at him and place your glass down. The two of you had only briefly spoken when passing the other by since the incident, where he had dictated that you pretend to date him and if you refused used his leverage of being able to expose you as a bargaining chip.

    “Morning gorgeous.” At his greeting you rolled his eyes and answered with a huff; it wasn’t even morning anymore. The man knew how just to get beneath your skin and make it crawl, and his lips quirked in a absentminded smile, or as was more character like for him, a cocky grin. He had you in the palm of his hand, feeding you options that would disperse from the one thing that you were guaranteed to protect with any deed. “Aw, is that how my girlfriend is going to greet me? If I’m being honest I’m kind of offended lovie, thought you may have even given me a little kiss or… you know…” With your hand you grabbed the tea towel that was on the side and whipped Eros’ thigh, a tough and frankly pissed off expression upon your face. How dare he act so- so, so, ugh you couldn’t think of a description for how irritating he was being. Living with him had never been this much of a chore, but recently it felt like a curse, as though there was a darkness looming over your shoulder and making your life a literal hell. “Ow.” He sneered, to which you sarcastically smiled at him and turned around, placing your empty glass into the sink. “Are you really not talking to me now y/n? Come on, you’re going to have to if you want to convince Thanos that this thing between us is real.”

    Finally you caved, you could talk, especially if you were to correct him on anything that seeped out of his mouth like flammable poison. “If any stupid girl was to be with you, they’d be miserable, so let me play the part and keep it realistic. Perhaps you should have thought of my mood before you blackmailed me, in front of my friend none the less! You’re selfish Eros, I’ve never met someone who priorities themselves to the point where they will cross a line that has no boundaries. We’re supposed to be friends, and if you had asked me nicely instead of using something like that against me, then maybe I’d have gone out on a whim for you and said yes without too much observant consideration. Though you used that crucial piece of evidence against me, friends don’t do that to friends! So I will pretend to be dating a jerk for you, and when Thanos leaves, we ‘break up’, you hand me the evidence that you have of my problem, and I move out. That’s it.” From your words, Eros felt terribly guilty, almost sick from the conception of his own sins. This wasn’t at all who he wanted to be, this was not an image of a real man, instead he was turning into a monster due to the visitation of his close family and he could not mess up with them, he was already the disappointment child. And if it were revealed that all that he had informed his brother and parents of to be a sham, then he had a feeling that they would be done with him for good, and that was one thing that he couldn’t have.

    If he lost them then he lost his trust fund, and then in turn the lifestyle that he had tried so hard to achieve. Therefore he would have to lose something else, and that would be you. Even thinking that sparked a pain in his mind, he squeezed his eyes closed from the sensation before opening them and unveiling his green orbs to look at you, her would never memorise your appearance enough. You were perfect, which was exactly how his life was supposed to be with the noble family and the wealth, but without you he had not doubt that it would feel obscurely empty. “I’m sorry…” He whimpered gravely aloud, he had never felt ashamed of himself or his impulsive actions. The warning of a deadly glare that you amended him with said it all, it was not a viable option for you to forgive him for what he had done. There was no line for him to cross anymore since he had completely obliterated it through his destructive angle of perspective, in that moment he was thinking more about himself other than anyone else. You’d been hurt in the crossfire of his greed, and if he could make it up to you in any way possible, then he absolutely would. He didn’t want you to hate him, he was human, he made mistakes like every other being within the same species, it was a natural clash of desires that had caused this catastrophe. It was never in his intent to reveal to a single soul of your past trial and error, nor was it his place to unmask the truth, that was all on you, and he should have felt honoured that after he discovered your secret that you wanted to continue residing in this rent complex.

    “You should be, more than I’d say. Don’t ever try to blackmail me again Eros, or I’ll ensure that you regret ever attempting to do so. Now I have matters to attend to, ones that to my much needed relief do not involve you in any sense.” Brushing arrogantly past him, you headed directly to your room where you wouldn’t have to see his face for a while, unless he decided to intrude on your privacy like he had previously done on his own asserted accord. It was far too much to deal with, the drama was certainly unpleasant and now what you wanted to be assigned, as for when you did find a sperm donor it was known that there were troubles to conceive when stressed, and you were highly strung by the feeling. You literally couldn’t wait to babysit Tommy and Billy, as well as having the chore of feeding Sparky, anything really to get out of these haunted walls. No matter where you looked you were reminded of fun memories that you shared with Eros, and well you were enraged with the idiot so you didn’t want to smile whilst sentimentally thinking about time that you had spent with him. That was rom com bullshit, and you definitely weren’t in one of those, the idea alone was one that had you retching for fresh air that was not tainted by his high and mighty procrastination where he had to make everyone else’s lives harder because he could barely handle living his own. Pathetic some would say, though you’d argue that he truly was an incompetent being that had to learn to do much better.

    It wasn’t healthy for anyone involved being mad at him, perhaps you’d settle the score at a later date, those petty details flushed from your mind as your phone began to ring, the tone blaring out and echoing around your bedroom, bouncing off the wall and the sound waves being sent directly into your ears. As you turned the device over from where it was restrained to charge, your heart pompously raced like a swelling bruise forming, the name Bucky ran across your screen in white lettering, a part of you feared to answer, the other was squealing like a teenage girl on the inside. Allowing it to ring for a couple more seconds so that you didn’t appear so urgent to hear his soothing voice, you answered, the line crackled on the other side for a moment, instigating that he was shuffling around, and he cleared his throat before he dared talk. “Hi, how are you?” Burdening him with the truth with the problems that you were presently facing was not a wise choice to make complications always made Bucky feel uncomfortable and second best. If you were to berate him with the irritation that Eros had scathed down your chest then it would be a mess, you had a feeling that Bucky would run and never look back, and there’d be nothing that you would be able to do about it. He was no longer a fighter instead he was one for flight, even when there were drunken disagreements building tension at parties, he would often shove himself in a corner or walk outside for some fresh air. And so you chose your only possible - lie.

    It was much better than telling too much of the truth such as Eros had done in reference that ghostly night that was still haunting you. You put your hand on your hip as you put your phone down where it had previously been, putting him on speaker which may have been a mistake all by itself further down the line, however you hadn’t thought of that in the moment and thus you continued to converse with the sweet, complex, often brooding man. “I’m fine, really good actually. Tonight I’ve been reserved to look after a pair of little monsters called Tommy and Billy, Wanda and Vision’s kids. I’m kinda looking forward to it, as well as the pizza they’ll order for us - mmm pineapple.” The line was dead for a moment, until Bucky laughed lightly and clicked his tongue. “For a moment I had hope that I was going to take you out tonight, however I think attempting to do so is fatal since we’d disagree over that pizza topping. Strongly may I add.” That prompted verbal amusement to flee from your lips as you put a hand on your chest to sweeten the tough notion that was pulling at the muscles for laughing too hard. Well, that was surely a first of many thing that the two of you would disagree on, but that was a given as the pair of you were separate people, and it was no doubt less troublesome than your uncivil battle that was ongoing within the household that you were coerced to live in until the spree of pretending to date Eros for his brother’s satisfaction began and ended. “But I still like you, so I guess that we’re still good, I’ll just have to find another time to take you out.”

    “I guess you do.” It was an honorary disappointment that two things that you were impatient to attend overlapped, the date however had been the last to be asked of you on this specific day that you were standing in. Your shoulders primitively roused upwards as you chewed for a moment on the inside of your cheek, a golden idea succumbing to your mind that was an opportunity to hit two birds with a singular stone. “If you wanted you could always join me, the kids are to be put to bed at 8, we could always share a pizza, have a bottle of wine?” It was a reach, and whilst was not particularly the perfect first date as Bucky has planned beyond your awareness, he felt far too impatient to miss a chance to spend a lovely evening with you, and so without reluctance he agreed to the promiscuous offer. “Sounds great. I guess I’ll see you at 8.” The smile he upheld could be heard through his voice, and it roused a notion of security in yourself, as well as pride, to whirlwind around your chest. “I guess you will.” You repeated, finishing the phone call so that the mystery could be kept about the oncoming evening. He already knew where Wanda and Vision lived, he wasn’t close in social proximity with them but he had been to their place during a Thanksgiving celebration, it was not long after they had tied the knot and had their twin children. Bucky even remembered how you cooed over the infants, he had only been in the branch that was the group for a few weeks at that time, but he knew then and there he felt pulled to you.

    During that evening you and he hadn’t even spoke, in fact he was utmost certain that you didn’t know of his existence until a later date. Since Wanda had been pregnant she felt somewhat responsible for your brooding desire for wanting a child; you had always wanted to be a mother, however when you had taken it upon yourself to nurture for her children when she wished to spend some private time with her husband on date nights and more further intimacy, it was when your further efforts of looking into motherhood began. That was where the idea of a sperm donor came in, you had been on many dates and failed to find anyone that wanted the same life that you did, though nobody quite fitted as a match. They were all wanting the acts of procreation rather than the results, and found your hopes and dreams as an opportunity to get laid, and well, never of them had never got that far so it was no worry for you. It was a wonder how they had come to such a conclusion that you’d allow jackasses like themselves into your pants; you weren’t naïve as some people thought you may have looked or thought given the lifestyle you wanted to dive into headfirst. Not everyone understood, and that was okay, it wasn’t for them to experience. They’d never understand how it felt to be truly lonely, you hardly felt connected to anybody on a spiritual level, and then Bucky Barnes came along and without a word spoken between you when you had first been introduced, there was an undeniable spark wavering in the corner of your eye. Though that didn’t mean that you were put down from wanting a child of your own, nor did it mean you had to wait for a relationship to build until the two of you were ready for a child. Any man could be a donor, all you wanted was to find the right one, and no large decision would be made till then.

    The patience that you had to have was not an easy thing to handle, though you managed. You were forced to be patient with many things in your life all at once, perhaps that had all amounted to great practice for your future and for the girl or boy that you would eventually have. And more importantly, you had to endure the tiring efforts of looking after twins tonight, you’d text Wanda and make sure it was okay for Bucky to come over in a minute. The one thing you had to remember was that Tommy was fast, insanely so and would nab anything sweet from the cupboards if you turned your back for a second, and Billy was rather invested in reading you, which had been slightly unnerving for anyone else that had previously sat the night with him and his brother, but they were kids, and bound to be curious! They were good kids, and more importantly Wanda and Vision were great parents, they had raised them right and you doubted they could have done any better. Over the years you had watched how Wanda had changed, she went from a young woman who had been forced to leave her homeland whilst climate change coerced it into collapsing, losing her brother which you wouldn’t dwell on too much as it was rather personal for you also, to not only an American citizen, but a mother that flowed under the radiance of how the role made her feel. Slowly you gathered your things to leave, placing the necessary items for your stay in your handbag before stepping out from your room, and closing the door behind your silhouette. They lived on the outskirts of New York, the journey would take quite a while and it was better to get there early than late, and even if you had more than a few minutes to spare before your alleged shift started, then you’d get to wear Wanda’s parental shoes for a little longer.

    Grasped in your hand were your keys, the metal they were forged from was cold in your hand, you used it as a distraction as you walked through your home. Boy, you couldn't wait to move, the only thing that had made you feel like you had belonged here was Eros when you had began the contract, not the mouldy walls that the tenants had painted over in the corner of the bathroom, or the broken top cupboard in the kitchen that you still had no idea what was in it since if you opened it then the whole structure would collapse upon you, or the disturbing view that you got of the butcher's shop from the living room. A light from the corner flicked on, startling you from your thoughtful trance as the ambience from the shaded bulb illuminated the man that had practically stabbed you in the heart. Your very own roommate. He couldn't leave you in peace as you so much wished, and it was starting to make you feel sullen and hopeless of finding solace from his bullshit, which was to be expected since you lived with the idiot. Eros licked his lips, they were feeling suspiciously dry as he gazed upon you, or perhaps that was from guilt, no, that was definitely from the dodgy faucet in the kitchen, he thought. He was too proud to admit to those emotions, he had claimed he was sorry, surely that had to be enough for you to ease your attitudes towards him down. At least he hoped so, he felt tortured, all he wanted was for you to join him on the sofa and rest into him like you used to, no words had to be exchanged he just wanted to feel you close, and your breathing fluttering across his skin, scorning away the grit of his mistakes. However he couldn't help himself, he had to open his mouth, it was impossible not to after hearing your phone call, it was his intention to interrogate you on this guy that you were supposedly spending the evening with.

    "If I heard correctly, you have a date tonight right?" His enquiry triggered a scoff to scathe its unbelievable route out from your throat. Really?! Could he not learn from his mistake and not be sticking his nose in your business that didn't concern him at all. But it however was impossible for him to retain from not saying anything at all when you sounded so happy when conversing with that guy. The redhead didn't even know his name, but he was aware of one thing, whomever this man was was one lucky soul, and that in itself made Eros dislike him. Even from a child Eros had got everything that he wanted, he was the favourite child from a wealthy family so that was to be expected, however he had his sights set on you, for some perplexing excuse you made his heart beat more often and his skin sometimes produce more sweat, commonly in the palms of his hands, and you were the one thing that he couldn't simply ask you. A beauty and complicated creature like yourself had to be tended to with thoughtful acts and the rhythm of trust which he had lost through his own stupidity, and he was still only damaging the chances of repairing it further. If he were in his brother's large and forceful shoes he would sweep you off from your feet, in a literal sense, he would do give you the world in his hands, he would risk nothing short of being able to capture your attention. But he wasn't like Thanos, whilst in the current situation that he had created it didn't seem like it, he was gentle and tentative, at first greet distant, but this lady killer act that he implored was all a façade, a shell to protect himself from the cruel world. The mask he wore he had thought was transparent to you, that you could see the real him, but he had mixed up your views and turned them to dust when he blackmailed you. That was a pain that he had caused which he would take to his grave, and forever regret. All he wanted was to fix the cognitive swarm of trouble that he had bombarded you with, it was the last thing that you deserved.

    "As a matter of fact that was a private conversation, as should I add that I am babysitting for my friend and invited another friend over so I have some company when the kids are asleep. Perhaps I'd have dragged your sorry ass along if you weren't at the strip club almost every night or had some tensions you had to relieve yourself of, not to mention once again that you fucking blackmailed me. So excuse me for having a life that doesn't concern you, we haven't even started to pretend date yet and you already have me on a leash; no wonder why you're single and women and men only see you as a shag to go and nothing more. It might be an idea to use your ears as a system to keep track of the horrid shit that leaves your mouth rather than spying on someone else's life!" You almost shrunk into yourself when realised that you had called Bucky nothing more or less than a friend; that wasn't right, you weren't certain why you had blatantly lied to Eros on such a matter, your love life was not affected by him. You'd always found the man attractive, but nothing would ever happen there, especially now after he bluntly held something against you so that he could force you into doing a selfish favour for no one other than himself. Even before, fitting that cliché of hooking up with a roommate was not exactly in your schedule, less so when you would have rather been spending your time learning the most you could about what was suitable in a sperm donor and what wasn't. And the best annotation that you had so far it couldn't be the cocky and rude man that you were residing with, the one that you were currently storming away from and abandoning in the silence of his own breath as you slammed the door shut as you left, rage overpowering any other feeling in your body. Each step that you made was a stride towards the evening that you were looking forward to, and more importantly, further away from Eros. It was more inconvenient living with Eros than it was to look after a couple of naughty kids, too bad Wanda and Vision did not have a spare room otherwise you'd feel magnetised to stay with them for some time, and them being the great, non-blackmailing, caring friends they were, would allow you to do.

    As you walked to your car you passed the butcher's shop and grimaced as you were too intrigued to completely gaze away from the sight of the man in white get covered in red from where he was hatching off limb from limb of a sow, resonating with the pain its body would have been in if it were alive as your entire chest was exonerating that enflamed sensation. No matter who you befriended they could always bring you endless pain, especially when they were completely informed of your strengths and your unfortunate weaknesses. Nat had tried to talk to your further on the matter, but it was in your best interest to shut the conversation off, you couldn't allow anyone else to know that terrible secret, if they did that would only mean more potential enemies that would try to destroy you with the knowledge that they had gained through you trusting them. Trust no one, that was a smart move, and one that you would return to so that this incident would not happen again, if it did then you'd have to cover up the truth, and that was rather difficult when someone alive in the world already had the evidence. Without notice of anything else around you, you got into your vehicle, and turned the AC up after putting the key into the ignition. And so you began to drive, through the busy streets, stopping only at red lights, passing by schools which made your heart ache with the emptiness that filled it as you watched with a quick eye parents collecting their children to take them home or out for ice cream. Baskin Robbins was the most popular shop in town, and you knew somebody that worked there - Scott Lang. He'd done some time here and there, but the most noticeable thing about him was that he was a good parent to his daughter Cassie, which was hard given the stereotypes of his reputation, but he tried his hardest not only as an ex con but as a single parent. Not to mention that he was funny and attractive and obviously good with children...

    Tearing you out from your momentary daze the beeping from cars that were queued behind you ripped you out from your possible realisation, and so you switched gears and continued to drive, the thought of the dorky man fading from your mind as you got back on track of where you were supposed to be going. The excuse of getting ice cream for Tommy and Billy wasn't even a plausible reason to stop by in order to see Scott as by the time that you managed to finally get to Westview, the contents of the eco friendly tubs would be already melted, not to mention that the small journey would be overly time consuming for what it was worth. If you wanted to have a professional discussion or just a general catch up with Scott, then you had his number so there was no problem getting a hold of him. He was always rather urgent to spend time with any of the original seven that had spouted the large and supportive group, of which included you so therefore he would miss any opportunity to go on a platonic (or more than) coffee date with you, which was humorous and adorable all at the same time. But the date that you were significantly more invested within was the current night where the mere hours after the moon had rose with a handsome man whom originated from Brooklyn, sharing a pizza that he half despised as on the side that you were set to devour there would be a topping of pineapple and his be of other contents. Though no matter if he religiously disagreed with one of the things in life that you loved, you doubted he would use it against you or judge you for it. Bucky was a very calm soul, he occasionally became angered however those times that he did were acceptable. Tony wasn't particularly his biggest fan due to a history of their parents and the conspiracies that his own guardians had been the ones to set up the car crash that Maria and Howard had died in due to the business concessions that dwelled darkness in the eye of the consumer. However as time past Anthony grew softer, you suspected it to be because he was focusing on his future with the beautiful Pepper Potts and his daughter Morgan rather than putting that energy of continuing old grudges.

    There were two sides to every story was what you had learnt through that supposed scandal, due to the sons of the retrospective families bidding riddance to the war of their forefathers; Bucky's sister Rebecca now owned the family's company, repainting history with a new image. It made you wonder what had been flying through Eros' mind when he spent no time to consider the damage that he could do when disrespecting you to get exactly what he wanted. What was his story? Surely there had to be one otherwise the calculations of his callous actions made a nonsense of non existent sense. A part of you felt moderately worried about whatever had pushed him to be so reckless, more so than his character already was, seeing as he had always been thoughtful of every step that he made. The possibility that it had something to do with the oncoming arrival of his brother made you feel rather squeamish and you had tried to dim that option from your mind as you knew nothing for certain, though it was the only thing that made a pinch of resolution. Thanos wasn't the favourite yet Eros was still wanting to impress him, if he did not manage to do so, what would happen? Biting your lip you blinked a few times so that the road in front of you would grow clearer in your sights rather than the meddling image of your suspicions clouding your perception of your surroundings. The last thing you wanted to do was to get into a crash, Tony would blame Bucky because of his past trauma and Bucky would blame Tony, in theory it would go full circle. Finally, after a premise of time that felt like infinity, you drove through the borders of Westview, entering the friendly town that you often ogled at for its peacefulness. If anyone ever argued it was within the walls and the sanctum that was their own home, and you respected that nobody wanted to commercialise the problems within their marriages or whatnot. For some time whilst you had first started to consider having a child of your own, you had thought of moving to Westview, it seemed perfect. All the children maintained smiles on their faces, but then after spending time with Wanda when she first moved, you had rid yourself of the idea as it was not one so wise.

    Pristine judgement would be your welcoming gift as for having chosen an route that was not one of tradition values in order to formulate a family of your own. And it would in a literal sense be one of your own as there would be no presence of a father, it was something that you were doing solo, you wanted the control from now on rather than be dictated by a man that wanted nothing more than sex. You wanted them to know that they were creating life, a specimen of which your entire world would revolve around, a child that would be the main component of your future. Westview had the appearance of being pretty, but beneath the layers of fresh coats of paint upon buildings and perfectly mowed lawns there was a rousing darkness, they weren't fans of those that did not appeal to the same old fashioned system as they did, and to your luck few there knew of your route of how you were planning to conceive your child. Out of wedlock, even outside of a relationship with said man whomever he ended up to be, now that was something that you'd get strung up like a witch to slaughter for. No one would approve, except Wanda and her nosey neighbour Agatha of whom was just now stepping out of the Maximoff residence, excitedly waving at you as she watched you park your car on the drive of the house that reminded you a little too much of the one in Bewitched, you made sure however to leave room for Vision to reverse his car out and drive it back through when his romantic evening was over. With a forced smile stapled onto your face, you grabbed you bag and slipped the strap over your shoulder, evacuating the car and allowing the curly haired fanatic who was always pleased to see you rush forwards, hand on her hip. "You know, if you want a child that badly, then I'm sure I could insinuate something with my husband Ralph. He could always just watch until he's needed." Her tone was coy, and a smirk poisoned her complexion as she allowed her eyes to roam down your body, until she was finally right before you, awaiting your reaction.

    "For the last time Agatha, I am not having a threesome with you and Ralph Boner." Despite you having turned her down once again, she continued to smile, and rolled a strand of your hair around her finger as though it were a curling iron, and behind her form you could see Wanda standing on her porch, holding down her laughter as she watched the overly friendly woman flirt so obviously with you. "I'll wear you down eventually until you're wearing less." And then of course in her Harkness fashion she extenuated a dramatic wink from her right eye, leading you to roll your eyes as you could not deny that her attempts strongly amuse you also. "Though the man that Wanda claims is coming over to help you babysit might get the chance before I do. So tell me y/n, is he a potential baby daddy or are you actually interested in this, as Vision put it, the Weiner Solider? And may I enquire about that title, because out of concern of you getting laid, I want to make sure that he swings towards you, otherwise you might have to just settle for me. Either way, I'm sure you'll fall for my charm eventually." It was a conflict of interests, Agatha was using her tactics of intimate persuasion to flatter not only you but herself. Listening to her ramble on about the strangest of topics was truly amusing, she had the skill of making anything that she spoke about sound interesting, even if it could be slightly concerning at times. Though now it was your turn to talk, and the answer would no doubt amuse her, anything that Agatha could laugh at she most definitely would release the most evil cackle within all of the United States, whilst throwing her head back, and if she didn't she'd have the perfect response that would put her opposing speaker on the spot and feel as they were her prey.

    "I wish you hadn't asked, but on a stupid road trip that the guys took there was a hotdog eating contest, and well, Buck won. And for the other question, he goes both ways, so I am an option, so sorry Agatha. Maybe another time when Ralph is out of town if he ever chooses to leave the basement you keep him in like a hostage, and replace him with me, so that I can recoil at the fact that Senor Scratchy has his own room and I don't." It was just a joke, but you should have known better than dare make one of those in her presence. Anything that you said she would only turn around and fill it with dirty context. Wanda couldn't hear what was being said from where she was stood, though she was relieved that her children were inside as she knew that whatever it was had your ears burning with heat and dryness contorting your throat. Since she had moved to Westview Agatha had always been a permanent factor within the town, and some of the town belittled her for not wanting children, yet praised her for being married (though they didn't appreciate it being to a younger man who had no sense in fashion), however with her residing close by it made Wanda and Vision feel more at ease. It meant that they weren't the only outsiders from substantial distance away that had decided to move away from the street clutter and small apartments to somewhere that they knew would no doubt be safe for their children. There was hardly any crime ongoing in the lovely opinionated town so that was a ravenous plus in comparison to where there were daily ongoing of illegal acts ongoing all around the city.

    "Honey that's called a sex dungeon, but I guess I won't keep you any longer, or there unfortunately since I don't Wanda to see the real skeletons that I have in my closet whilst she's over for some tea; the sooner I leave the quicker the Weiner Soldier comes, pun intended of course, since you know, women can have multiple orgasms and all. And if you get bored of him, well you know where I live sweets, you could always sneak over and share a bit of that pineapple pizza with me, I'd just love a slice." With sultry intent she licked her lips before walking away, and you had to shake your head and rid your own mind of any filthy thoughts that had wandered into your mind, she had a way of doing just that to about any one that she picked piece by piece until they were a quivering mess due to no more than her maleficent words. "I swear that neighbour of yours is a lot of work." You said as you rifled your hand through your hair to calm yourself, as you stalked towards Wanda and followed her inside of her tidy home. "We keep her around just for you." The Sokovian retorted with a sweet smile, dusting her hands down her dark red dress with long sleeves as though the filth that Agatha had spoken had tainted it or something of the sort. She decided to converse nothing on the matter of you wanting to bare a child within your womb, everyone had their opinions but she thought it no place to vocalise her own. It wasn't long since she had been told of your master plans, Tony had allowed it to slip to her a few days prior to the one of present, and whilst it wasn't her place to stop you from doing anything, she thought you were trying to fill a void that could not be fixed. Alike her you had lost someone, and it was the same person - her brother. Pietro had brought joy to many, and the smile that was intoxicated on your face when the two of you were messing around or simply talking could not be replaced by the interest of anyone or anything. And that included Bucky Barnes and a child, first loves were something special, Wanda knew as she remained with her own and had the happy ending that she had always dreamed of as a child, she just wished that you could have had a fighting chance to have the same.

    That corner that you had turned however was sharp and very intent on capturing a fresh start, you’d moved out from the apartment that you and Pietro had shared and found another, as well as getting another flatmate of whom Wanda had somewhat of a dislike towards simply because of how he flirted with you, and though she doubted that he was aware of the grave loss that you had endured, he’d help you grow and somewhat ignore the memory of her brother. She adored that you had passed through the depression and the occasional hook ups with strangers, but she wanted you to face the pain that you were hiding rather than to keep it locked away. Eventually you would explode from the amount of trauma that you were holding in and there would be no helping you, the last thing that Wanda wanted you to do was destroy yourself, she’d witnessed you beating yourself up about the loss of Pietro enough, and if it were to be the thing that made you crumble for eternity then you’d seek acceptance in the darkest of places, including your own mind which was in truth your opponent. And that was exactly why you didn’t allow the emotions to seep in, you didn’t want the confrontation, you wanted to avoid any of the sort at all costs. “Okay, so you know where everything is, if there is an emergency call us y/n/n, even if its not to do with the kids. And please can you and Bucky keep any intimacy to a minimal, Vision is very aware of the state of the couch, he even scolded me for wearing slippers whilst on it.” Wanda could not help herself but pull you into a hug, she hated lying to you but the real reason that she didn’t want any intimate ongoing to occur between you and Bucky was because she didn’t want the blame for it being her house, and on top of that she didn’t think either of you were ready. The pair of you were broken shells of the people you had once been and thought you needed to take it slow to ease yourselves into anything serious.

    Once again it was something that she wouldn’t admit to your face, but out of concern for you, a dear friend who was supposed to have been her sister in law someday, she wanted you to take everything easy. “Exactly Wan, I’ll call you if anything happens, we’l all be fine. You look lovely, best get going before you miss your reservation though because I already have to share my pizza with one person, and there’s not going to be much of the pineapple side when it arrives, least when I get my hands on it.” She chortled a laugh, Vision plodded into view from the living room and handed you the remote, bowing his head slightly. “Your weapon for the night madam.” Wanda had to laugh again, but this time much more humoured, that was one thing that you strongly appreciated about Vision, he always brightened Wanda’s mood, especially after - no you weren’t going to think of that tragedy right now. Graciously you accepted the controller for the television that would no doubt keep the children quiet for a while, they’d already eaten dinner so that would also aid in their silence, until they regained their energy. “Also be careful, if he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza he’s a monster!” The only response you could give Wanda was a hysterical shake of your head, smiling with glee as you watched Vision guide his wife out from their home, leaving you with the responsibility of caring after their kids. As you watched them drive away you left for the living room where Tommy and Billy were preoccupied watching The Addams Family, they had good taste was all that you could think. “Hi boys.” They greeted you in return as auntie y/n, and you took that as an acceptance to join them on the couch, they were either side of you, and so you also got swept up with watching the movie, and before you knew it you were already half way through the sequel. Whilst you subtly checked your phone, you noticed that it was almost 8, however you decided that you’d allow them to stay up a little longer to finish the film, though you couldn’t help but wonder if Bucky was going to be late. Often when invited anywhere he showed up a little earlier hence the time that you had invited him over, but you decided not to worry over it, he had a life too and it didn’t revolve around you which totally and completely fine.

    Your life didn’t revolve around him either, the main subject within your own was to have a child. That was all that you wanted, nothing else, nothing at all. In the end you were starting blankly at the screen, until a knock caused you to jump, and so you told the boys to stay put as you walked over to the front door, only to see your guest with a box of pizza in his glove covered hand. Clearly after the therapy he had endured he still had insecurity of being out in the open with the obvious prosthetic, the one that he had now was an upgrade of the one he had prior, the design was beautiful and you wished that he could see past the scars that tormented his crystalline eyes, but if you spoke that aloud then you’d be considered nothing but a hypocrite. “Come on in, you must be freezing.” He smiled and joined you inside, hanging up his coat as the two of you stood silently within the entry way until he decided to break the ice. “Hope you don’t mind, the pizza guy was out there and I said I was coming in.” You placed your arm on his own, smiling at him and shrugged. “Of course I don’t, I got two things I had been waiting for at once. Now come on, we’re not gonna stand here all night, I can’t risk dropping the pizza.” And so you lead him through the home that he was familiarising himself with again, the memories of it were a little blurry considering that evening every one was consuming alcohol and he hadn’t been noticing the decor that made the structure a home, he had been preoccupied with watching your ghostly form converse with everyone else around you. You’d even by caught by him as a witness refilling your drink on far more than one occasion, and walking around the house to stare at images that were hung around the walls with a sullen loo. Steve had even abandoned him out of concern for you, he’d worm a scared and upset frown whilst giving Bucky no context as to why he was so urgent with making sure that you were feeling alright.

    Admittedly that evening Steve was in a limbo between his relationships with the Carters, he hadn't been split from Peggy for long, and it wasn't long before him and Sharon had started something. Ugh, Bucky hated allowing her to come to mind, but the scowl on his face soon softened as he watched you place the pizza down on the coffee table and ignore the box as you focused entirely on the two boys who were swaying their short legs off the edge of the sofa. It was as though he didn't exist as you neglected from showing him further affection, you stood before them, holding your hands out for them to take. "Come on guys, you've been up later than you should have; you have to go to bed or else next time I may be adamant about allowing you to pass curfew." There were some groans exhibiting from the twins, not wanting to go to bed, but your threat kicked their gears into moving and drop down from where they were sat as they began to plod upstairs. You smiled at Bucky, appreciating how patient he was being, and whilst the boys' backs were turned you pressed a grateful kiss to his stubbly cheek. "I won't be long, I've just got to make sure that they brush their teeth and are all tucked in. Just wait here, and I'll be back in a jiffy, and don't touch my pineapple pizza, else I'll know." Crinkles exhibited around Bucky's stone like eyes, as lines grew around his mouth. "Trust me doll, I wouldn't dare." He watched as you fled after Tommy and Billy, calling after them, he had yet to take a seat and began to stalk around the room, noticing your face in many of the frames that were on the walls. And then he stopped when he saw one of you and a man whom was garnished in silver hair, and eyes as blue as the sky. He had never seen him before, Bucky noted, though you appeared very happy beside whoever he was. It confused him as to why there was a picture of you and the mystery man on the wall, but there had to be a reason, he just didn't know the answer.

    He wasn't jealous, he knew you had been around the block a few times, though he was simply confused. If you looked so happy with the man in the photo, then why pass that happiness up? Your footsteps caused him to snap his head around to face you, there was a quiet line between your brows as you inched closer to where he was stood, completely freezing whence you realised which image he was focusing on. You and Pietro. Though no matter how intrigued he may have been feeling, you decided to dwell in silence until he broke it and refrained you from melting. Bucky walked away from the photo to your relief, eventually he could know that part of that story but you weren't in the mood nor the right place to tell him about your past, and more importantly talk about Pietro. The moment wasn't right, not when his nephews that he'd never had a chance of meeting were upstairs, and if Wanda came home early you'd only set her into tears as well, where she'd join you in the continuation of mourning her own twin that was precisely born twelve minutes before her. "You're good with them. Have you always been like that with kids?" Bucky was intrigued, it was as though he had watched you go from his date to a mother, a shy expression dumbfounded your face, it wasn't upon your schedule to talk to him about the impact of children on your life either, but you'd rather that than the first option. "Like what?" You asked him, knowing exactly what he meant, but you wanted to hear him say it. Whenever anyone praised you for your well adapted skill to care for those in their youth, you used it as a provided asset of encouragement to continuing searching for someone that could help you have a child of your own.

    "I don't know how to say it. You're just good with them." His compliment transferred into a full blown conversation of your childhoods, siblings to which you learnt that whilst Steve was like a brother to him he actually had didn't speak to his younger sister Rebecca as much as he wanted to, and his experience of growing up in Brooklyn. Hours passed until all you were left with was an empty pizza box and minutes until Wanda and Vision were due to return. "I feel like I haven't got to spend enough time with you tonight." Bucky admitted, a hue flushing his cheeks as the words left his chapped lips. "I know. We could always spend more time together, it's not like the night is quite over, its just gone 12. You could always come back with me, unless you have other things to do..." To answer Bucky leant forwards and placed his lips upon your own, gently smouldering a kiss between you as his right hand reached up to cup the side of your face, your tongue poked at the indent that parted his top and bottom lip, wishing to take it further though earlier you hadn't planned to even get this far, but you pulled apart as you heard a car door close outside, the sound causing you to briefly panic. And splitting from the oral embrace had been the wise thing to do since the happily married couple walked through the door, suspicious of nothing ongoing as they both had wide smiles upon their faces. "James, lovely to see you again." Vision spoke to him, their hands shaking as Bucky respectfully stood to do so. "It's been fun, call me if you guys need me to look after them again. I best get going before my stupid roommate puts the latch across the front door otherwise I'll be sneaking through his window and that is not the image that I want for myself."

    "I don't want that for you either y/n." Sternly responded Wanda as she gritted her teeth from the mere mention of Eros. However she did not blame you for referencing him, it was usual considering that you lived with him, so she hugged you before you left, Bucky on your heels with his heavy boots scraped the ground. As you looked forwards you could only roll your eyes as you noticed Agatha peeping out from her bedroom window, her head of unruly hair splayed in front of the lace curtains as she analysed your body language and how it reacted to the man behind you. "Do you want a ride, or are you gonna follow behind me?" You implored, wanting an answer so you'd know if he was really intent of returning to your apartment as your guest within your own legal boundaries. Bucky smiled, taking his keys out of his pocket as he messed about with them in his hands. "Better take the bike otherwise it may be a little too obvious where I'm going." He winked, placing his helmet onto his head as you got into your car and began the ignition so that you could begin your journey back to your place. Knowing that he was riding behind you only enforced you to keep checking in your rear view mirror, relieved that he couldn't see the smile of satisfaction that was written upon your face. Things had processed faster than you had initially expected though that didn't mean that you felt regret for a single thing that you did, because you didn't. Not one thing. It felt like forever until you had pulled into the car park outside of your building, Bucky taking the spot next to you as he removed his helmet and puffed his cheeks out to fight the cold and catch his breath.

    Now the only dreaded detail would be if Eros was awake, but you decided not to worry. He was not your keeper and could not control any choice that you made, except for having to pretend to date him when his brother came to town, but that wasn't an urgent role in the present. You were nobody's girlfriend, not even Bucky's, and no man would decide for you how you were to live your life. If you wanted a child then eventually the process would be completed, if you wanted to fall in love then somebody had to earn your love, that was how that worked. "Sorry it took so long, Westview is kinda outta shot, and well I have no idea why you'd go there and back just to spend time with me. You must be crazy James Barnes." Your tone dwindled to be more serious yet softer, and Bucky could only move closer to you, fanning his hot breath across his lips as his black pupils grew all because of his proximity with you. "Maybe I am crazy, but I'd go any distance for you. You're special y/n y/l/n and I want to know all there is about you. The story behind every scar, how you met all your friends, why you're mental and like pineapple on pizza." His hands cupped your cheeks and as you were prepared to bargain back an excuse for his last statement in the list, he removed all sound that dared escape your lips by kissing you, passion raging like a fire between you as it only grew in a similar flicker as flames. It was a lucky coincidence that Eros had not completely locked the door from the inside as you and Bucky stumbled across the living room, more so since the redhead was nowhere to be seen, to which opened up the opportunity to drag Bucky into your room and pull each other onto the bed. You straddled the man as you moved your lips against him for moments that lasted for time that skipped by without you noticing.

    As you began to litter supple licks and teasing nips down Bucky's throat, he gently pulled you away, running his prosthetic thumb across your swollen lips as you stared back at him. "I don't think we should go further yet, this was only our first date. This isn't all I want from you and I want to prove it. Sex sounds great but I think the wiser decision would to be for us to wait a while until we take a step like that." Not only was it the words that Bucky was saying but you could tell Bucky wasn't ready for that kind of intimacy yet, his therapist had even told him to be careful with who he got close to. And he wasn't fearful of getting close to you he actually felt rather eager to do so, however he didn't either one of you to get hurt for neither of you thinking and going ahead and being inconsiderate of what your minds wanted and instead allowed your bodies to do as they pleased. "That's okay Buck, we can still make out though right...?" You awaited his answer, releasing a squeal as he flipped the pair of you over, the springs that were contained within the mattress causing you to somewhat bounce from the unexpected impact, "Of course, do you really think I'm going to pass that up?" His head descended again as he attached his teeth around your bottom lip and playfully tugged at it which caused you to excerpt a series of giggles as his hands squeezed at your hips, moulding you against him as he slotted his body between your legs, the position giving him further dominance and you the chance to wrap your legs around his waist. The morning after when you awoke, you were met with two arms coiled around your stomach, you were wearing his shirt as Bucky remained in nothing but his jeans which had surprisingly stayed in through your time together.

    You groaned as you realised that you should probably get up and make sure that Bucky was awake so that he didn't go to work late. And so you wriggled out of his comfortable grip and shook the adorable man who was snoring beside you, until he opened his eyes and slowly sat up. He reached to the bedside table to grab his phone and check the time although there was a clock right beside it, putting the device in his pocket as he leant over and kissed you. "If this is the sight that I get then I'm not sure I want to leave." Biting your lip you unravelled the material of his shirt off your arms and over your head and threw it at him to put back on as you sat there for a moment allowing his eyes to scan across your flesh before you grabbed an oversized jumper of your own and tugged it on to conceal any of your intimate skin. "Now I really don't want to go." Bucky groaned whilst begrudgingly shrugging his leather jacket on and picking up his helmet from where it had been resting on the ground. "Well you're going to have to unless you want to get fired, and how else are you going to afford all that fuel to follow me everywhere I go?" You remarked, snickering lightly as Bucky rolled his eyes at your behaviour and scathed his fingertips through his fine scruff. "You drive a fair point." He admitted, as you stood up and tugged him down for one last peck. "Come on I'll walk you out, don't want you to get lost in my dingy apartment otherwise you'll never leave and I'll be stuck with you and I'll have to tell Steve why he'll never see you again." You opened your bedroom door and walked out as if nothing could go wrong, until a man walked out from the kitchen, and you were unsure of how you should feel. The annoyance that you had felt towards Eros had faded since he had been the last thing on your mind but seeing him again made some of that anger blossom in your chest again. It was a notion that you had not missed.

    "Nice night y/n/n?" Eros raised his brows, looking slightly disgusted as he gazed upon Bucky. You could feel Bucky tensing behind you and you smiled reassuringly back at him, of course this had to happen, no less when Bucky was leaving. Nothing in the world, and especially the apartment that you shared with Eros could ever be easy. The moment was fleeting as you watched Eros and Bucky glare obviously at one another, disdain written across their features as they frowned, Bucky wore such a the expression often however this time the details were different. He wasn’t doing this due to the annoyance from Sam who often retrospectively tried to get on his nerves, no. In fact though this being the first instance of which he had met Eros, he clearly had an instant dislike for the man, and that was without knowing the loop he had you wrapped up in by forceful commission. If he knew of the blackmail that you roommate was using against you he would have gone wild, worse than when he had argued with that John Walker guy in a bar and outside of therapy. No matter who was on the receiving end of his penetrating eyes, he was like a security dog in the sense that he didn’t release his locked jaw and he could sense when something was off. Before you could formally introduce them or stop their defensive competition, a brash knock that made the front door shake thundered through the room, splitting their eyes from the other to the source of the sound. Since Eros remained still you walked over to the door and opened it, smiling as a stranger older than yourself was on the other side. "Hi, you must be y/n. It's lovely to meet you, I'm Thanos." Fuck.

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