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  • to lose respect from someone you would do so much for has killed me. 

    internally, i’m not doing great. instagram doesn’t help. continuously i’ve deleted the app, and re-installed it because i know it helps with promoting myself. but time and time again, i find myself stuck in the tunnel of endlessly scrolling through instagram watching attractive, polished females flaunt their endless perfections.

    i don’t see myself that way. many people have come up to me and complimented me. it’s so hard for me to accept what they’re saying, because i don’t hear them. i force a smile and say, “thank you, i appreciate that.” and don’t say anything else. i don’t even appreciate it. i feel so bad that i don’t, because they’re going out of their way to compliment me.

    on a bad day, i stay in bed all day. today i did. in the morning, i told myself i would have a walk and go to the gym, then go to the library to work on things because i can’t in my bedroom. my bedroom is where i sleep and disable myself, but i couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. i just couldn’t. i lacked all the motivation to do that. 

    because of this, i’m falling behind. i have so much to do. for myself and for people. i feel like a disappointment to myself and to the people that need things from me. this failure has led me to believe i shouldn’t bother, because i’m not going to achieve it, anyway.

    my living situation isn’t helping, either. i don’t have anyone to physically talk to here at home. the people i live with are much, much older and they don’t have anything in common with me. i live in a seperate part of the house. they don’t know anything about me, or anything about what i’m doing. they don’t understand it, and don’t bother to understand it.

    i would love to wake up in the morning, go into the kitchen and say, “good morning!” and receive a “good morning, how was your sleep?”, back. a genuine interest in me and how i am. i would love to come back home and have dinner together at the dining table. i would love to play board games with them and smile, laugh, and connect. i would love to tell them how i have been, and about my personal life. surely, they have experienced the same feelings i have when they were younger. there has to be a connect somewhere.

    i’m going to go to the doctor on wednesday morning and get my mental health checked out. i haven’t been in this state before. this year really fucked me up. i’ve never told a professional about my mental health before, and i’m a bit scared because i don’t know what’ll happen. 

    i’m hoping this will help.

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  • Daily Gratitude 🧶

    September 21, 2020

    What are you grateful for today?

    Welcome to our gratitude support group! Take some time to reflect on the good things in your life. Then, take some time to read what’s good for others. It warms my heart ♥️ every day.

    Re-blog or write a note about what you are grateful for as often as makes sense for you.

    All posts will be tagged ‘resiliencewithin’s daily gratitude group’

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  • Entry 11

    Despite 7 years, I finally a taking my mental health more seriously than me sitting with Dr. Z. It took being heartbroken and perhaps used to realize it’s about time…

    But I’d like to think out of the my entire neurotic toxic family of undiagnosed mental illness that it is the most adult thing I could ever do. To recognize a problem and to go forth to better myself is much more adult then they will ever do.


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  • I don’t care. But if I did, it’d be a lot.

    #quotes#love#Numb #Broken? #i thought it was cute #if you feel too much #I guess i cared too much #Help#mental health
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  • I am so tired all the time.. I can hardly keep up with the world.

    World is just passing by.

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  • Your friends are not your therapists… It’s one thing to provide emotional support during rough times, and it’s reasonable to expect friends to do so within reason… But it’s another thing entirely to treat your friends like your therapist. Not only are they not qualified to provide professional care, but it’s incredibly irresponsible and unfair to expect them to act like they are.

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  •   Because Mandalorian Season 2 is officially happening. – Guest Submission

    (Please don’t add negative comments to these posts.)

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  • Before I do continue my social media break. I would like to ask if anyone has any advise or resources for someone who is dealing with a celebrity crush, where it’s came to a point, where I’ve been told that it’s unhealthly, and I’ve lost friends on here due to it. I have strict parents who refuse to pay for therapy for me, and I would need something that is free, and I can do without them knowing about it.

    Thank you! ❤️

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  • OK, so I think I am a kitchen witch/green witch, I really feel drawn to nature, herbs, cooking, sharing and all these, but I am fuckng messed up.. last spring I collected bear leek and made a delicious pesto from it but time to time I get anxiety attack because I stupidly believe that I accidentaly collected some lilies of the valley too (they are poisonous and deadly) and mixed them up and I might die.. which is nonsense, I’ve eaten this pesto thousand times, and I researched ALOT to be able to recognize which one is bear like and which plant is lily.. 

    HOW COULD I BE A GREEN WITCH IF I CAN’T TRUST MYSELF IN QUESTIONS LIKE THIS ?! It’s so fucked up. but if anxiety and panic and this bullshit kicks in, it’s so hard to make this strange feeling and thoughts stop..

    Actually, now I succeeded after 2 hours to be back to normal and stop worrying which is kinda good time, cause normally I need a night-long-sleep to be able to start fresh the next day so that’s progress.

    I try to concentrate on the latter and use this experience as an evidence that I should not be worried next time and I’ll beat this messed-up anxcious and panicky shit I have. I will succeed:) 

    If you are struggling with somehing like this, you will succeed too! You are not alone, there is a way out of this, and I believe in you!

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  • #give yourself time #give yourself a break #take it slow #take it easy #you are loved #healing #you are amazing #text#transparent#transparent png#transparent text#transparent images#positivity#mental health #mental health support
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    Honestly this is me 💁‍♀️💜

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  • 21-27 September 2020

    ☆ Bisexual Awareness Week


    Originally posted by yakuwuza

    ☆ New Zealand Sign Language Week


    ☆ Mental Health Awareness Week


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    poem by me 🤍

    @taylorswift thank you for inspiring me everyday, i love you

    #poetry #poems on tumblr #mental health #new poets society #my poem
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    - life -

    I’m not quite sure where this is going but I felt like it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything on here. Honestly I’ve been having a bit of writers block and been up and down when it came to my moods in the last while. There’s been a few situations that have messed with my brain a bit and I couldn’t put pen to paper or finger to phone (horrible joke I know).

    Anyway. I’ve been doing okay mainly because I’ve been keeping busy at church, helping out and starting to serve again. And it’s brought me so much joy. Honestly, I’ve missed church life and seeing people. It’s strange the things you miss until you’re doing it again. I even went to someone’s farm for a weekend where I could just enjoy the peace and quiet. My sister and my nephew came to visit and are staying for quite a while which is awesome because family is so important I’m realizing and I’m learning lessons everyday from my nephew jonah and my sister. I miss my brother in law who’s in Cape Town but it’s almost time for him to come back which is exciting! Altho sleeping on the couch hasn’t been as comfy as I remembered lol. But I’m grateful for my family and for my church who have kept me out of spiraling. Obviously I still have bad days but that’s part of life and it just makes the good days a million times better.

    I’ve also seen a lot of friends from my school days and gone out for coffee and cake etc and took a trip with my family to nieu-bethesda which was a massive highlight. I’m just really grateful for everything right now and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. A year ago I wouldn’t have thought or even imagined being here but here I am not just surviving but living a purposeful life that is only possible because of God Himself. He has been nothing but gracious and loving with me and patient with my process an I give Him all the glory. Nothing would be possible without Him and I’ll keep saying that until the day I meet Him.

    It feels good to have peace. I’ve fought for it and now it’s real. Now I can focus on so many other things. Like being healthy physically, mentally etc. I can focus on my weight which has been bothering me. I can focus on helping others if they need me to. I can focus on getting my damn license which is long overdue (I drove into a pole - I was traumatized leave me be).

    My point is I feel more capable now and I feel in control even though God is still the one in control. I feel more level headed and happier. I’ve always had joy but not as much happiness but now I do. I have amazing friends and an amazing family. Yes families and friends fight but what’s new? That’s normal. You still love one another no matter what. I’m just grateful today and every other day.

    So my encouragement for you is - stay focused and believe that you got this because you really do. That’s coming from someone who didn’t think they did not so long ago. So keep pushing. A friend of mine always says - we move. Which is so inspiring to me. Cause we can’t just not move. We need to keep going. Because we can.

    Anyway, that’s just me. Have a super day and a better week! X

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  • It feels like there are two people with two totally different personalities living inside of me.

    And I don’t like neither of them.


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