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  • dissociatingdad
    25.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I genuinely wonder what it must be like to have a fully functioning memory of your life. How does that work exactly? Knowing what happened in your past fully? Or even partially? All I get are random flashes, things that feel like dreams. Things I can't tell if they're dreams or, or if they're made up or if they're real.

    I want to know what it's like to remember huge sections of my life at a time.

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  • seahorsetears
    25.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Is there a manual for how to continue?

    Is life like a video game?

    I feel like every time I ask is today the day I end the game?

    continue? 3, 2, 1

    Right before it hits zero I enter another quarter and quickly press start

    I play again for a while until inevitably some new more difficult obstruction stands in the way of completion

    And I try every way I can with the time I'm given

    And again

    Continue? 3

    And I put the quarter in 2


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  • idle-optimism
    25.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    It's nearly Halloween which means I want to go crazy with decorating and baking and organising parties etc, but I'm also lowkey depressed at the moment so I can't be bothered with any of it at all, but also Halloween is my favourite season and so I know I'll regret not attempting to enjoy it once I'm out of this hole again

    #like i know happy me wants this #but i dont have the energy #but ill be heartbroken that i have to wait another year if i dont do anything #ugh #i hate being bipolar #depression sucks dick #actuallybipolar#mental health#halloween#p#depression
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  • seahorsetears
    25.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    I'm so tired. The kind of tired where you've spent you entire life hoping that today's the day. The day for anything to happen that was better for the last. Simultaneously you also deep down hope that today is THE day. The day that everything finally progressively starts getting better and life becomes a parabola instead of a one sided downward spiral. Perhaps even the opposite will happen and everything will just stop happening and there will be no bad and there will be no good there will just not be.

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  • techie-waterwitch
    25.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    ~💧~ “Haha haha oooo~ I’m mentally ill.~ Ha! HA! HA!”

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  • bubblegum-ossuary
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tears dripping

    down my face

    Restless and paranoid

    The blue dawn

    A new day

    The same fight.

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  • thatblackboianarchist
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thinking About Steven Universe Future

    I love this show so much, I just wanted to start off with that. The Steven Universe verse is a tremendous one and it's so interesting. I love the idea of the Gem species, it's such a unique idea to me.

    I like how we were shown the long-term ramifications of Steven's traumatic upbringing. It's weird to think about, but Steven was 13-14 during the main series. It was so, cheerful and compassionate and helpful, which is odd to consider with regard to real life. He had a kind of childlike innocence that I have never seen in a 14 year old; hell, especially not in me.

    SUF gets a lot of praise, and criticism, for its portrayal of mental illness, and both are warranted. On one hand, it is incredibly realistic for a teenager, after enduring trauma after trauma, being turned into a on-site therapist for the Gems and gems in general, being attacked, assaulted, almost murdered, kidnapped, whatever, to break down. To no longer have the ability to keep up appearances, to snap and lose control. Him murdering Jasper honestly made a lot of sense, since he has been suppressing himself this entire time and eventually just couldn't anymore.

    It's realistic for a kid to be traumatized like that and show all of those signs of something being seriously wrong. Ofc, SUF isn't the first show to do this. Season 4 of the Legend of Korra also did, which is part of why I love LOK and think Season 4 is the second-best or best season, but I digress.

    My only criticism is I had wished SUF was darker and longer. SUF needed to be twice as long, at the least, or possibly two seasons for the portrayal of mental illness to be the most realistic and developed. So we can see the real ramifications of Steven's trauma and mental illness. If you want any idea about how this could have played out, I recommend this fanfic.

    Either way, love this show and I'm gonna write a fanfic of my own.

    #su future#suf#steven universe #steven universe future #ptsd#mental illness#fanfic#trauma #trauma and stuff #mental health#praise#criticisms #my head is killing me #body aches#life sucks #but this show is good
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  • mav-proships
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You’re so wonderful and full of creativity. Your ships are so interesting and cool and explore so many cool dynamics, and exploring them doesn’t make you a bad person at all. You are human, and you are enjoying things in a safe environment that doesn’t harm anybody. Remember that there are no real people being hurt.

    Your character should be judged on real life interactions/intentions, not on your thoughts/creative expression.

    #proshipper#pro shipping #pro ship safe #proshippers please interact #anti antis please interact #anti anti#pro fiction #idk I just hate how we tend to judge ourselves on private thoughts #as long as you aren’t hurting real people your thoughts don’t define you #in my opinion at least #sometimes my mental illness makes me think really mean shit about people I love. when that happens I take a break and keep it to myself. #afterwards when I feel better I still love them. I tell them that. #I shouldn’t feel toxic or bad for having those thoughts #because I didn’t do anything to hurt them #my brain just wasn’t in a good place #I’m trying not to judge myself based on personal thoughts because that isn’t what defines me #sorry to ramble #this isn’t relevant #I just wanted to say it
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  • chirsu
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    For some reason I keep going: I have never felt an emotion in my life, and wow, that thought is giving me a bunch of anxiety so maybe it isn't true? But, what if it was true, but it isn't, but what if. What if. Maybe I have something wrong with me? But no, I'm overexaggerating, I only have depression and anxiety. Also, I think I'm faking everything, I'm fake, and people know I'm fake. Everyone thinks I'm incredibly insincere and I'm the least comforting person in their life. Everyone is actively avoiding me because I don't know how to talk and they think I'm awkward, but people also tell me they like me so maybe that's a lie I made up?

    And it keeps spiraling...

    #she speaks #I feel so anxious giving myself self diagnosis because what if I'm wildly wrong? #What if I don't have these mental illnesses? I can only confidently say that I have anxiety. Depression. and ADHD #I'm just so tired. I want someone to tell me what's wrong with me... Then I'd know what's causing these thoughts. #vent
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  • rongasm
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #answered #okay I think I gotchu #it’s 2021 but I’m still mentally ill so ya girl has only grown so much
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  • murderous-666-666
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Overthinking kills your happiness."

    — Artwork by: Robert Carter.


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  • useless-nerdy-lesbian
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Having adhd is wild because i was feeling down a couple of days ago and now I've started a vinyl collection

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  • skostuff
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Why Meditation Must Be Taught One On One

    I tried to learn design from a book. I clearly needed a teacher. Have you ever tried to learn a skill from a book? When I was a kid I tried to learn Judo that way and besides learning how to fall, I didn’t learn anything at all. In reality, I didn’t even how to fall with any certainty. To perform meditation properly you must be certain that what you’re doing is accurate. Doubt kills a…

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  • magicsuga
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    As someone who suffers from both physical and mental illness/ chronic pain/ disabilities. I hate people who are very anti self diagnosing.

    I’m fortunate enough to have an official diagnosis for most of my issues. However there is physical issues that still have no diagnosis. But even though I don’t have a diagnosis for all of it, I can explain that I have extremely chronic back pain to the point I literally physically can’t move and most reasonable people will be like “oh okay that sucks”.

    But when I was undiagnosed with my adhd for example, I couldn’t just say oh I have a hard time staying focused and starting tasks, oh but I could read a book for 7 hours straight with out stoping but also I will forget to eat or sleep or go to the bathroom. But I could be like I have adhd but I haven’t gotten a official diagnosis yet.

    Like the idea that you need an official diagnosis to have mental health issues is blatantly classist, and ableist. And definitely has aspects of sexism and racism as well

    #meghan's mumblings#mental health#chronic illness#chronic pain#spoonie#self diagnosis#self diagnosing #obv there is nuance but most people don’t have that ability of critical thinking lmao
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  • bpdohwhatajoy
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I feel like an experiment to see how much suffering one being can endure before they decide go take matters into their own hands and end it.

    #ryan.txt #bpd #borderline personality disorder #legitimately becssue why is this shit so bad #convinced I’ve never been happy ever #mentally ill#mental illness#suffering#trauma#traumatized
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  • bluewishesss
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Hi I love this funny lil man,, finally,, a fellow shorty,

    Drawn w the haste of a new hyperfixation,

    #hi yes hello #ill take his deal he is so trustworthy and mentally stable #/s#spamton#deltarune #deltarune chapter 2 #deltarune spoilers#my art #his ex boyfriend is gaster he told me himself #FJSLFJSJFSKFSKFHALSOALBFJ
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  • one-big-dumpsterfire
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’ve never felt more frustrated and angry while simultaneously feeling hard core empathy and sadness than when I watched Hoarders: Buried Alive.

    Like, I understand why you don’t wanna throw that rock away but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THROW THE FUCKING ROCK!

    #hoarders buried alive #addiction#mental illness#hoarding
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  • fat-girl-for-life
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I can remember being 12, laying in bed praying and begging god to not let me be gay... I can remember writing in my diary saying "do not become a lesbian".

    My family were fundie Christians, they drilled into me that gay=sin and hell. And for 12 year old me who sometimes thought girls were cute, it terrified me.

    I can remember a church friend talking about boys playing with dolls and demanding that we not let our sons become gay. I can remember my grandfather getting cross at my grandmother for acknowledging a gay couple as a couple. I can remember in highschool telling my mum my best friend was bi and she said it's okay their sin isn't any different to ours...

    I've moved away from Christianity now. I feel like I'm finally becoming who I really am. But I continue to question that part of me. When I've found girls attractive, id somehow convince myself it's them not me... I don't know denial logic?!

    I don't think I fit in any box, I cant definitively say I'm straight or a lesbian or bi...

    #questioning who i am #mental illness #living with bpd #bpd #fat girl for life #mcfatty#toxic christianity #am i gay #who am i
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  • bpdohwhatajoy
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I need an escape key for my life.

    #ryan.txt #bpd #borderline personality disorder #mentally ill#mental illness#trauma#traumatized#depression#anxiety#sad #esc key when
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  • creolesasuke
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Love Tchaikovsky. That neurotic little homo ❤❤

    #I just love gay mentally ill composers one of my favorite genders
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