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  • hydraworx
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    With the Blizzard news, I desperately hope Overwatch will see a comeback, miss it sm.

    Devil Mercy as worn at Blizzcon 2017. Photo by EurobeatKasumi.

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  • takaraphoenix
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    KaiShin in Detective Conan Episodes 724-725 Kaitou KID and the Blush Mermaid


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  • pseudobot
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    if you have pet fish or pet shellfish or any kind of animal that is sometimes a food i’m patting you on the back cause yes. yes i know ppl are so fucking annoying with thier stupid jokes abt eating ur pet shrimp i know bestie i know. their so unfunny and annoying i know bestie i know.

    #its the second level of ppl seeing u have a pet spider or roach and going into detail as to how theyd kill ur pet just cuz its a bug #owning pets that arent like cats or dogs is so fucking anoying #i hate talking abt spiders and having ppl being like ''ew gross if you had spider and it escaped dont let it near me cuz id smash ur pet'' #ok well i think dogs are so fucking anoying and i cant say shit abt that wo looking like the devil #but shure go on abt how gross u think roaches are #roaches are so harmless and sweet just the babyest animal ever #lord have mercy if you have pet shrimp lol #botbitching #just shut up abt killing my pets jesus crist
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  • immortalcas
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #i hope this ones gonna be so much better!!!!!!!! #happy new year! #here's to the devil we don't know #may he be merciful ;sldkgjksdhgkdfh #nice people#compliments
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  • mercyxkilling
    28.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    sweet nothings meme

    @phantomdream said: “ i could just eat you up ” (from Adachi)

    perhaps she should have been frightened of him. mercy knew what adachi was after all. a murderer. he’d admitted as such to her before, about how he’d snuffed out mayumi’s life the way he had. and it had been so easy for him to do. it hadn’t caused him any kind of guilt or suffering, nor had he felt terror from his newfound talents or abilities. he’d admitted to her that he’d wanted to see how far he could go because he was bored. why hadn’t she ran away from that? and when he had gone on to tell her about the konishi girl, mercy still had stayed. she should have been disgusted at the very least, horrified at how easily this man could take the lives of innocents simply on a whim. maybe some part of him was broken. or maybe he wasn’t broken, but completely shattered, the pieces impossible to gather so he could be put back together in some kind of way that made sense to the rest of the world, to mold him back into the man he might once have been. some semblance of what others would call ‘normal’ so he could integrate back into society, as boring and as normal as anyone that he might stand next to in a crowd.

    but where was the fun in that?

    if she were to be honest, she found his presence refreshing in a way. and it was exciting. together they were unstoppable. why on earth would she ever want that to change?

    hiding her true self from everyone was so exhausting. playing nice with people she cared nothing about got old, and it got old fast. sure, she was mouthy and abrasive, but she knew when to walk a certain line and when to behave herself. if she didn’t she’d have been discovered long ago. and she deserved that much, to be put away or perhaps even executed, and she knew it. but it also wasn’t going to stop her from indulging in her darker impulses, either. why should she? not when she’d found someone who seemed to want, at least on some level, the same things that she did.

    the duality of their lives made her laugh, in a way.

    always were they pretending to be someone else, hiding beneath a mask, a guise that pleased—or at least placated—the rest of the world enough that the two of them were written off or dismissed. most assumed adachi was an idiot, that he was lazy and had no real motivations, content to stay in his place. others thought mercy was just a barbaric foreigner with no regard to their culture, that she was rude and perhaps a complete fuck-up when compared to her successful brother. maybe they were right about the latter, but the moment her hands were around their throat or she plunged a knife into their chest, they weren’t very keen to share their opinions then.

    and god, how fucking liberating it had felt when she could finally show someone who she truly was. someone that she actually wanted to keep alive anyway. there was a risk there, certainly, and mercy wasn’t going to act as if she didn’t know that adachi could expose her if he ever wanted to. if he ever grew bored of her, or decided that she was more of a liability than much else, it would have been so easy for him to cuff her and run to dojima. perhaps he could go so far as to try and pin everything that had happened on her, even if some of it had actually been his handiwork. she wasn’t a complete fool in that sense, but perhaps she must have felt that it was worth it considering how willing she was to share her time, her methods, her mind, her body… everything she had, she shared it with him. he didn’t treat her with the contempt she saw in the eyes of everyone else that looked upon her. she was going to revel in that for as long as he would allow it, or for as long as society would allow them to continue their adventures; they couldn’t do this forever, after all. either they’d be caught, or they’d destroy themselves and everything else in their wake. 

    mercy was more in favor of the latter. she’d never put much value on her own life anyway, and clearly she didn’t give much of a fuck about anyone else. her nieces and nephews were the only exceptions, and it broke what heart she had left to know they were growing up in a world that would inevitably swallow them whole without any regards to how they felt about anything. her brother, their father, seemed to care very little about them, and it was evident in the way he behaved around them, or by how he was always absent when they needed him most. it reminded her too much of her own childhood, and she would never want that for them.

    she’d crush the entirety of the world if it meant keeping them safe from that kind of pain and anguish. mercy’s alliance with adachi allowed her to take those first steps into creating a world where that might have been possible. her involvement with him might not have made much sense to anyone else, either on the outside looking in and seeing only their façade, or to anyone that might have actually been privy to their true natures, but it made sense to her. in fact it was the only thing that truly made any sense to her at all.

    and, if she were to be completely honest, mercy found that she’d been pretty fucking bored overall as well.

    inaba provided nothing in terms of entertainment. a handful of shops, a shrine, an old historical inn, and… old people, or married couples with children. she couldn’t find a single soul in this place that she could relate to, or even wanted to try such a thing with. the language barrier did her no favors, most people unable to understand her since her new york accent had been so thick, and the culture was so different that mercy couldn’t really relate to many people, and didn’t want to bother with searching for anything like that when she knew she’d come up empty handed anyway. (or so she’d thought.) okina city wasn’t too far away, but even then it was nothing like what she was used to back home, the chaos of all the different kinds of people from different boroughs clashing on a near-constant basis. there’d once been a time that it had exhausted her, that constant danger and the threat of violence lurking around every corner, but now she found herself strangely nostalgic for it. she didn’t miss everything about it, and there were quite a number of people she would want to avoid seeing if she were to make her way back (like her mother), but at least she’d always had something to occupy her time, and she had her fucking freedom there. mercy was a grown ass woman, yet because of her brother’s insistence, she’d always have a shadow, a fucking babysitter, each time she tried to walk out the front door. it was a good thing she was so nimble and could move so quickly, otherwise she’d never have any time to herself.

    having found adachi had been a fucking godsend, to put it lightly.

    he was smarter than he tried to make himself appear, and somehow she’d been able to pinpoint that early on. there was a sharpness there, burning brightly behind those charcoal eyes of his that she recognized, and perhaps a hint of madness that only she could understand, at least out of anyone else he surrounded himself with. she had seen beyond the deep and profound loneliness in them, saw that there was more at work than he was letting on. beyond that, though, she’d not been quite certain. not until he finally sought fit to reveal himself to her. mercy found herself wondering if he’d been trying to frighten her when he did, to test her, to see if she was to be someone he could use or if she would simply be another victim, just another body to be discovered and gawked at on some foggy morning like the others. but he must have seen something in her that he thought made her worthy of keeping around, because they were still together, even after all that.

    admittedly he was still somewhat hard to read at times. perhaps it was because he was so good at playing his part, despite how much mercy prided herself on seeing past at least some of that. he was simultaneously terrifying and exciting, and there were times he sincerely seemed to give a damn about her, and others when he was dismissive and infuriating. a part of her wondered if even he actually knew what it was that he felt half the time, or maybe that all of this, all that they had done and shared, was also some kind of farce.

    so when he talked to her like that, she wondered just where the hell it was all coming from. but when mercy gave it some thought, she realized that she didn’t actually care all that much. she’d enjoy all of it for as long as she could. and that was why her lips curved into a smile as she tilted her head, gazing at the detective for a long moment before responding.

    “is that right? then why don’tcha get over here an’ do it then?”

    #phantomdream#meme #can't you see? the devil's got nothing on us; you and me (adachi x mercy) #i think i'm slowly finding my groove with as wordy as i'm getting again lmao #sorry if it's TOO MUCH #cut for length and obvious dark themes and all that
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  • 12am-motivation
    24.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago


    #HAVE MERCY#simeon#シメオン #simeon obey me #obey me simeon #obey me shall we date #obey me swd #obey me#おべいみー#mo's gameplays #mo rambles into the void #mo's simping hours #happy devil day '21
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  • corvianbard
    11.12.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Solemn ones, sing And know the blessing That shall be your mercy Toward devils’ fantasy.

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  • jewelswrites-ish
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #oc: maize #oc: veronica flores #oc: ruby santiago #oc: marianna rumlow #oc: morgan stark #oc: rebecca barnes #oc: olivia friedman #oc: lian zhao #oc: kira volkov #if i stay | talk tag #friends from college | talk tag #blurred lines | talk tag #love in the dark | talk tag #empty gold | talk tag #rebuilding a home | talk tag #devil underneath your grin | talk tag #mercy | talk tag
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  • 55ludovicoplace
    01.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I think they need to make a new diagnostic label for whatever is happening with me

    #missives #death death devil devil devil devil evil evil evil evil songs #shout out to my top two genres being post-punk and russian post-punk #i have no idea how fucking folk punk got up there? unless tmg is classified as punk ? #which i think would be very strange #anyway i'm so mad sisters of mercy weren't in my top five bands #it makes sense when i consider it though. ever since i got it on vinyl that's been how i put myself in the floodland chamber
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  • mcrningstar-a
    22.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    wings + opposites.
    mutuals may interact.
    #( this one goes out to real-michael-demiurgos ) #( <3 ) #❴ EDITS. ❵ #❴ LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR. ❵ ❛ they call me devil; and you should be afraid. ❜ #❴ MICHAEL. ❵ ❛ you better pick your weapons up and throw your mercy down. ❜
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  • gr4veofb0nes
    22.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    this night has my whole heart, i miss there all the time🖤

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  • californiasoul27
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #vision vision #ready for the devil #no mercy
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  • laryna6
    19.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ...I encounter someone who is ‘Law is the best alignment in SMT’ and it’s an automatic block.

    The role of the Law alignment is to be a cautionary tale about genocide and fascism. You could maybe say ‘the Law route in X game is the best from a literary perspective/is the best written because it does a really good job showing how Western/American christianity/fascism is really fucking evil’ but like. Law route is never a morally justifiable choice. It’s a You Monster.

    There’s one game where Chaos is the GoodTM route, but no games in which Law is ok.

    The game where Chaos is the good route is the one set in Alternate Universe WWII Era Japan, and Chaos is good there because ‘if The System has gone Law, then you burn that shit to the ground.’’

    Like, Chaos is ‘everybody murders everybody’ because Lucifer was created and is programmed to be a slave (at one point YHVH orders him to commit genocide, he has to do it despite having already rebelled ages ago and heading the Chaos faction because he can’t not obey and he has to beg the MC to stop it before those people die) and he doesn’t get that free will and people having rights means people can agree to respect each other’s rights. So the closest he can come to conceptualizing freedom is ‘a system where no one is a slave and everyone is a Master’ meaning ‘everyone acts like YHVH’ meaning ‘everyone is a Complete Monster.’

    Chaos is not good.

    But it’s not fucking Law. *SMT IV and the sequel are basically about how ‘complete multiversal annihilation is better than condemning anyone to the living hell that is existence enslaved by Law’

    Anyone who can play an SMT game and not see that is either a moron who couldn’t analyze literature out of a paper bag, or a white supremacist who goes ‘Christian fascism enforced by genocide of everyone who isn’t part of a small group of chosen? Sign me the fuck up!’

    #yes this includes the Law route in devil survivor #it's more hidden there because #remiel #but there are scenes like Sariel in the human he's possessing #that are easily overlooked because important stuff's going down #and HOLY SHIT #yep law's evil here too #there's a scene on the menu with a generic npc sprite #and I was trying to see all the scenes and like not saving after ones that meant missing routes #and it was Sariel #in the possessed woman #giving this racist AF rant #re what should/would be done to humans #bc how dare we not be perfect slaves #and making it very clear the rest of heaven saw Remiel as a deviant #Remiel is the actual angel of mercy #and his behavior is still 'um is this ok??' #enough to raise some questions about Law in even people who just #scratch the surface #the rest of the angels are Complete Monsters as usual #and it's not even their fault #slave race #they can't grasp that people can have #rights and value #they can't grasp that how YHVH treats them is wrong #aside from Lucy #so they don't realize how evil it is to treat humans the same way #and maybe Gabriel in SMT2? #was also part of the 'not having free will is a living hell' #like there's dialogue
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  • preachercuster
    11.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #thank you lou for having mercy on me #v: low lays the devil #asks#themysteriouslou
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  • corvianbard
    08.11.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Maiden of immense beauty, Granting all your gentle mercy, No matter what kind of sin, I cannot seem to dare grin, For you are of godly saints, And even the great Devil faints At your immaculate pureness That calms every madness, Hush any causes of sorrow, Yet is desire to serve like Cupid’s arrow.

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  • voidsteffy
    05.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #she wants to kill us #that's it#it's settled #I don't I'll survive the finale #nancy drew cw cbs #ya wee devil #kennedy mcmann twitter #plssss#have mercy
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  • wastedonyoursmile
    01.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I'm slowly sinking myself into the pain of Ruin. I can only do so many songs at a time cause this album hits home so much more than the previous two. I latched on to The Old Witch Sleep and the Good Man Grace bc it was such a powerhouse of energy and fuck you and I really need that, it's gotten me out of bed for two days and it's kept me moving when I start to fade out.

    But now I'm giving more time to the other songs since today has more downtime and my brain is allowing for a bit more reflection.

    The Calling, my god.

    Madeleine is coming for ours souls.

    I now see why everyone was crying. I didn't have the focus to process initially. There's so much pain and emotion and rawness and realness. But there's also so much power. So much will. So much FUCK YOU, I AM WHO I AM AND WHO I AM IS FLAWED BUT NOT BROKEN AND I WILL RISE, MOTHERFUCKER.

    Yes, there's a lot of pain, but I feel like there is a lot more strength and hope. And a word that I just can't pinpoint atm about personal and inner courage and power, about finding a will to thrive.

    And today it gives me something to draw strength from, gives me a little push to keep going, a little feeling of everything isn't so goddamn bleak.

    My tl;dr summary would be:

    This album is one big Fuck You of emotional catharsis.

    (plz forgive me if the text in this is funky asf, the app hates me today and keeps glitching everything all over)

    #the amazing devil #madeline plz have mercy #your voice is so haunting at times but so stunning and powerful and just awe inspiring #like holy shit how. how do you... how. utterly breathtaking #but also joey plz have mercy bc these lyrics
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  • wondersmith-and-sons
    01.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ok but this bit but from Secret Worlds

    has the exact same energy as this post

    #the amazing devil #madeleine’s voice sounds like an actual siren it’s INSANE #ma’am PLEASE have mercy on me when you come to drown me
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