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    ah, fuck it (immortal mer) @punnyskipper​

                   “  oh, don’t you dare. i am still tal---  ”   but words are cut off with her back hitting the wall as familiar lips hit her own. okay, perhaps she could allow him to dare for the next few moments ... it felt too damn good, and she admittedly had missed the contact over the past few years. meredith loses herself in the touch for a few moments, hands gripping at his shirt before she breaks the kiss with softly panting breaths,   “  i’m still angry with you.  ”   it’s something that he needs to know because she has no plans to stop this as she presses tighter against him. the kiss, filled with a hunger that was undeniable. 

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    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    callie and mark's first interaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #they are my 2nd favorite dynamic on the show after meredith/derek #also dynamic not /ship/ lol #cassidy rewatches greys anatomy
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    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    cringe greys anatomy blogging again but i feel like greys is really good at showing how some people can be really important and significant to you and your life generally who you'll always have a special connection with but who aren't in your life forever

    #alex/izzie addison/mark #kms but derek/meredith #cassidy rewatches greys anatomy
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    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
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    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    EXTENDED PROMO | Grey's Anatomy Season 18 & Station 19 Season 5 Premiere Crossover Event 

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    Thanks for explaining the word “many” to me. It means a lot. @punnyskipper​

                   her expression deadpans, glancing over to him as she blinks once ... twice ...   “  yep, i’m leaving.  ”   she says before straightening up and discarding his shirt that was draped over her so she can pull on her own clothes. was about time to give up the on call room anyways and he had given her the perfect excuse. although the moment she turned away from him, her lips twitched with slight amusement that she would forever deny. 

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  • redhairedwolfwitch
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Doctor Y/n - Residency - 34 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    "What's wrong?" Alex asked, walking over to where Jo was being supported by Meredith.

    "He came back." Meredith explained, "He's gone now, but I did have to call security."

    "That son of a bitch." Alex growled, looking at Jo worriedly.

    "He knows where to find me, where to find us."

    "You're safe, you hear me? You're not gonnna be alone, okay?" Alex replied before glancing around.

    "We can't find Braces... he could have done something... god, I wish he was dead." Jo cried, leaving Alex to freeze.

    "Oh crap! What do you mean you can't find her-"


    "DeLuca, you paged me? Is there a patient?" You could hear Arizona's face outside of the trauma room that DeLuca had you in. The blinds were shut and the curtains obscured you from view as DeLuca brought Arizona into the room.

    "Oh my god, Y/n? What the hell happened? Did he do this?"

    "Who's he? Jo's husband?" DeLuca asked, watching as Arizona tried to look at your face, but you moved away from her hands, trying to stand up but failing.

    "Y/n, you need to lay down, you could have a skull fracture or a brain bleed." Arizona stated as you kept moving.

    "Then page Amelia, need to get to Joey." You replied, wincing as DeLuca brought over an ice pack for your face.

    "What happened?" Arizona asked after paging Amelia, Jo, Alex and Meredith down to the trauma room.

    "How are you still conscious right now?" DeLuca asked, watching carefully in case you were spacing out but a bloody chuckle left your lips as exhaustion rushed through your bones.

    "Spite... and, this really fucking hurts." You admitted, taking the ice pack from DeLuca's hand and holding it up to your face.

    "What have we got-" Amelia froze as she walked into the trauma room, any confidence she had fading as you removed the icepack from your face so you could look at her.

    "She needs a head CT to rule out skull fracture or a brain bleed, I've paged Wilson because she won't let anyone physically examine her until she's here." Arizona stated, waving her hand at you as Amelia walked over to try see how you were.

    "Y/n, I need you to follow the light... and follow my finger, can you match my finger?" Amelia stated, watching as you obeyed each command with a grumpy glare.

    "What's going... on? Oh my god." Jo's voice had everyone but Amelia freezing on the spot.

    "Pupils are equal and reactive, but you still need that head CT, Y/n." Amelia stated, stepping to the side as Jo hurried over.

    You were silent as Jo's fingers gently hooked under your chin, turning your head side to side as she took in all your facial injuries. It was only when her hand moved to your shoulder that you flinched.

    "What the- add an abdominal CT and chest x-rays to that." Jo stated, her eyes staring into yours after she'd pulled down the shoulder of your scrub top, spotting the large handprint bruise from where you'd been held up to take the beating.

    Jo checked your knuckles next, noticing how they were untouched, unbruised and untarnished.

    "What the hell were you thinking? Braces, he could have killed you! You didn't even fight back!" Jo's voice was loud enough that Bailey could hear from outside.

    "I'm not made of porcelain, Joey!"

    "Damn right you're not, you're not replaceable, Braces." Jo snapped but you ignored her, looking at Amelia.

    "Can we go up to CT now?"

    Amelia murmured a sure, watching as you finally laid down on the patient bed to be taken upstairs.

    "What on earth happened to you?" Bailey exclaimed as she walked over, leaving you to let out a groan and shut your eyes instead.


    "Head CT scans show you have a concussion, no signs of a brain bleed or skull fracture. No signs of an orbital fracture either, so you have a black eye, busted lip and a broken nose that you realigned five seconds before the head CT. Abdominal scans show you have bruised ribs and a very nasty shoulder bruise... Y/n, you're lucky you're not pulp right now. You're also lucky that the CCTV cameras came back online when he first grabbed you, because Bailey has the police involved for assault on a doctor." Amelia explained, trying to meet your eyes as you stared at your lap.

    "I wasn't going to let him hurt her ever again." You murmured, wincing as you tried to reach for Amelia's hand.

    "Y/n..." Amelia whispered, taking your hand when she realised what you were trying to do.

    "If stopping Joey from getting hurt meant I got battered, then I don't mind. He hurt Joey worse than what he did to me today. He almost ruptured her kidney for fucks sake! He's a bad guy, he's a bad guy..." You rambled, voice cracking as a sob left your mouth.

    "Hey, I know, I know, I've got you." Amelia cooed, climbing onto the patient bed to hold you as you began to cry.


    It was supposed to be a new day, where everything was fine. But instead, Meredith's face fell from the smile to confusion as she spotted Jo and Alex.

    "What's happening?" Meredith asked, walking over to where Jo and Alex were staring into a trauma room.

    "Hit and run. ABC's are intact, but he's hypertensive and tachycardic." April announced, revealing the trauma patient to be Paul Stadler.

    "What did you do?" Meredith turned to Jo and Alex.

    "We didn't do this." Alex stated, his voice calm as he wrapped his arm around Jo.

    "My card was in his pocket, so they called me. But we were at home, we were in bed." Jo affirmed, frowning as Meredith began to page someone.

    "Who are you paging? Mer?" Alex frowned, watching as Meredith looked at Jo.

    "Y/n was kept in overnight observation, Amelia stayed with her, I'm just checking neither of them did anything. Go to the attendings lounge on 3, don't talk to anyone." Meredith ordered them, leaving Jo and Alex to head into the trauma room, warning April to not lose the patient.


    "I'm not sure you guys should be here, or even in the country." Meredith whispered as she spotted Jo and Alex walking into the ICU.

    "It wasn't us." Jo whisper-snapped, leaving Meredith to nod.

    "I know, I know. It wasn't Y/n or Amelia either, I walked in on them spooning, do you remember that rumour about those two sleeping together?"

    "Oh my god, the pasta salad was a euphemism, Braces just can't sleep without being held or she has really bad nightmares." Jo retorted as Amelia walked out of the patient room.

    "There's no acute abnormalities on the CT. It just looks like a severe concussion, worse than the one he gave Y/n..." Amelia replied before heading to exit the ICU.

    "Attempted murder, not murder..." Meredith began until Alex spotted the police talking to Jenny, Paul's fiancee.

    "Accessory to attempted murder."


    "What's going on? What's with the face?" You frowned, trying to sit up as Amelia walked in with a wheelchair.

    "Um, a hit and run, Mer was checking it wasn't us." Amelia replied, moving the wheelchair closer before throwing the pair of jogging bottoms to you to put on.


    "Where are we going?" You asked as you got in, Amelia wheeling you out of your room towards the elevator.

    "We're going to find Wilson, since she hasn't checked on you since last night." Amelia quietly explained, leaving you to sigh.

    "She's always with Karev, I don't know what you expect. She doesn't remember she needs me or that I need her... I'm sorry you had to hold me last night." You admitted, pausing as Amelia stopped the wheelchair's movements.

    "It's fine, I actually quite enjoyed being the big spoon... I need to do another check on the patient, can you wait out here, with this?" Amelia asked, revealing a rubix cube from her pocket.

    "Why do you have a rubix cube?" You shouted after her, going unheard.

    A sigh left your lips as you began to try solve the cube, only glancing up when you saw Jo and Paul's fiancee, Jenny going into his room.

    "Jenny, I'm a well known physician, and you're a nobody."

    "You're a well known physcian, caught on CCTV beating the crap out of me." You interjected, wheeling yourself into the room.

    "Oh, look, the guard dog is here, even when she's kicked and down." Paul began but you smirked, confusing everyone.

    "There's a BOLO out for your arrest, doesn't matter if you're a doctor, because I'm one too."

    "Let me be very clear Paul, I am never talking to you again, unless it's in front of a witness stand." Jenny stated, her eyes widening as she spotted how bruised you were.

    "You stupid bitch. You're not going to the police, you're not walking out on me!" Paul growled, hurriedly getting out of bed.

    You were quick to wheel yourself backwards, out of the way as Meredith pulled Jo and Jenny back. The four of you watching as Paul slipped, hitting his head on the patient bedframe, cupboard and floor before he was out like a light.

    Meredith was hesitant as she checked for a pulse, aware that if he woke up, he could attack her.

    "His pulse is thready and he's not breathing. We should get a crash cart in here." Meredith declared, watching as you gently took Jenny's hand, pulling her into the corridor as Jo went to get the crash cart.


    "Alex, it's not up to her." Meredith stated, leaving Alex to frown whilst you dropped the rubix cube on the ground in realisation.

    "Oh, my god. It's me. I'm still legally his wife. Oh, my god!" Jo began to laugh hysterically, leaving you to facepalm as Meredith passed you the rubix cube to stop you from laughing too.

    "Oh, my god! I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, crap, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." Jo went from laughter to almost crying whilst you pulled your lip between your teeth, grimacing at the taste of iron, a reminder that it was busted.


    "It was a drunk driver." Meredith stated as she spotted you and Alex watching Jo and Jenny watch over Paul.

    "What?!" Alex exclaimed, not believing what he was hearing whilst you just blinked in shock.

    "They found the guy who hit Paul. It was a drunk driver. So nobody has to go to Canada. She's free. You're both free." Meredith smiled at you before heading away.

    "How are you feeling?" You glanced up at Alex, noticing how he was smiling.

    "I'm fine, more than fine. How are you?" Alex enquired, watching Jo and Jenny leave.

    "I feel alone." You admitted, but it went unheard as Alex continued to watch Jo and Jenny walk away.


    "Braces, come with us..." Jo whispered, slipping behind the wheelchair to push it to the OR gallery.

    "What are you- oohh..." You realised as you watched Meredith begin to remove Paul's organs for donation.

    "This is a good one, his kidney's going to a little girl in Billings." Jo chuckled as Jenny asked if the two of you thought he was evil.

    "I don't believe that anyone is just evil. If people were just one thing, life would be so much simpler. Paul was awful in this life, but now, in death, he gets to do all this good. So there's light and darkness, and they both co-exist. And sometimes, it's really beautiful." Jo monologued, watching as Paul's organs were being removed.

    "Every life, every story, it's full of plot twists, there's always bad guys to some, maybe not to others. Everyone just wants their happy ever after, but maybe some are just meant to be alone." You murmured to yourself, feeling Jo and Jenny look at you as you wheeled yourself out of there.

    Your eyes widened as you met Leah Murphy's gaze, seeing the concern in her eyes before you wheeled yourself past her.

    Maybe you were meant to be alone.


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    Nem ismersz?

    Én vagyok Regina Mills,Natasha Romanoff,Loki,Jennifer Jearau,Bree Van De Kamp,Amelia Shephard,Meredith Grey stb…


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    PRESS RELEASE | Grey’s Anatomy 18x02 - “Some Kind Of Tomorrow”

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    closed starter for @punnyskipper​ 

                   meredith grinned as she looked down at her ticket for titanic. the ship of dreams that was set to sail in a few weeks. nearly the entire country was in a buzz over it, and she was more than ready to get back to the streets. for a medical discovery that was calling her name. wouldn’t be her first medical advancement she made, while allowing another to take the credit, if only to protect her identity. sometimes those were the   sacrifices   one had to make when you were an immortal. her ego took a blow a few times over the years, but at least people were healing. that’s all that mattered to her. 

                  curious hues glance over to a group of women talking in hushed tones with giggles moving through the group. her brows furrowed as she looked over towards the direction they were staring. only to swallow down a grown at the sight of frank heading towards her. she had yet to forgive him for the monkey incident 47 years ago. as much as she loved the man, he also irritated her like no other. tucking the ticket into her purse, she turns towards him, dress shifting with her as she stepped forwards,   “  what are you doing here, frank.  ”   short. to the point.   “  hopefully to apologize.  ”   doubtful, though. apologizing was not something they did. although perhaps it would get them far if they added the word   ‘sorry’   to their vocabulary. 

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