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  • slitchychan
    24.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    [Pt. 24]

    Gwaine: *fanning his face because it's extremely hot in the house*

    Merlin: *confusedly watches him*

    Gwaine: What? You gonna help me or just keep fuckin watching?

    Merlin: *busts out laughing*

    #merlin: put your fucking hair up then! #gwaine: fuck you! #merlin#gwaine#bbc merlin#bbc gwaine#incorrect quotes #incorrect merlin quotes #oops#lmao #turning conversations between my brother and i into incorrect merlin quotes
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  • fishoutofcamelot
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Can Aithusa loaf like a cat? Does she loaf like a cat? Does Kilgharrah? These are important questions

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  • universallyjustme
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Merlin Fanfic - Texts and Droplets of Water

    I posted another one-shot fanfic.
    Merlin texts Gwaine about Arthur, without knowing who is the one actually reading his texts *Text message format
    Basically, Merlin talking about how much he likes Arthur to "Gwaine" through text messages that I did my best to recreate somewhat realistically
    So please check it out if you like this idea. And if you have any other thoughts or for one-shots in the Merlin universe feel free to message me or comment
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  • feztheshep
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this is a surprisingly delightful episode for a plot about our himbo hero's father dying (or is he the sidekick in this case? nah he's the tails side of the hero coin)

    I thought I would dislike Old Man Jenkins Merlin but honestly every time there's an episode with him it's a blast

    #bbc merlin #bbc merlin s4 ep3 #baaaa #i forgot what old man merlin's name was and really just I can't replace jenkins #to be faiir uther dying is like #he had it coming #and we kinda celebrate it no? but still #Arthur will be devastated which is the sad part #oh Merlin why #but I guess Uther seems to be rapidly unwell since like last ep or the one before idr
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  • mildinsanite
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This needs a bit of fixing but I’m sick of looking at it teehee. scary morgana pendragon. As she should.

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  • zoingfandom
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • guyofgisbourne
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My thoughts on the BBC Merlin Finale

    Okay, if I already didn’t have knowledge of the Arthurian Legends, I would have been confused by the BBC Merlin ending. However, I am not. It was a bittersweet ending that holds true to the Myths. 

    In fact, the whole scene with the Truck ending is an allued to modern times. It means Arthur hasn’t risen yet. It means Merlin is still waiting for him to rise exactly as the Great Dragon said and be the “Once and Great Future King” to help Albion when it is needed most. 

    The story is still yet to be told...There is more to come...eventually.

    Despite being sad, but also knowing what would happen, I thought it was a pretty okay finale in my opinion. 

    However, they killed Morgana off WAY too easily. It took you 3 seasons to get to that point and it’s suddenly an easy thing to do? Seriously? I will always be Team everyone deserved better except Uther. And although I was okay with the ending, I do also like the happy alternate ending in my head. 

    Wish I would have watched the show during the time it originally came out so I could have joined my friends and everyone else in the feels, but instead it took me till 2020-2021 to do. I tried watching it back sometime in 2013-2016, but couldn’t get past the first episode. Yet here I am having finished it. What an accomplishment. Even if I’m in a long dead fandom now, I’m glad to be here. 

    #Jamie watches BBC Merlin #merlin spoilers #??
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  • colinmorgan-beautifulsmile
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    keep an eye on this page for more information, including show times, for the world premiere of belfast - starring colin morgan as billy clanton

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  • augustwritessometimes
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I want prompts and i don't give a fuck who asks for them.

    Fandoms i write:


    Sanders Sides (limited tho. I don't do pairings for this fandom)

    Legend of Zelda (i do not write Zelink, do not ask for it)

    Original Work (none of these have Romance. One is two trans dad's raising a ship shifting, genderfluid child and they're all centaurs. One is a nonbinary AFAB knight finds a kid that can transform into a dragon and they take care of the kid)

    SIX (kinda? It's really only the Ladies In Waiting and minor queens, but also, haven't written them in a while)

    Detroit: Become Human (as long as a prompt catches my attention)

    BBC Merlin (same with D:BH)

    Avengers/Marvel (very little shipping happens here. I will take a shippy prompt but it will probably be turned platonic)

    #writing prompt needed #nonbinary #six the musical #legend of zelda #loz#sanders sides#the witcher#the avengers#marvel #detroit become human #bbc merlin#merlin
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  • nextstopparis
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • theonceandfutureking6481
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    BBC's Merlin Season 1 Episode 4: The Poisoned Chalice Analysis

    This is one of my favourite episodes, in this season, mainly for Merlin and Arthur. They are wonderful in this episode, and this is the first episode where you really see them starting to truly care about each other. This is a show fundamentally about love and the relationships between every character, and Merlin and Arthur are at the core of the show. Everyone in this episode though is so brave, and I admire them all so much. I talk a lot about a lot of different elements of Merlin on here but what I really love about this show is how much the characters inspire me, how much I admire them because I'm not sure I could ever be as brave as these characters, but I'd like to be.

    Merlin's courage

    There's not much in detail I can say about this but Merlin is so brave at the start of this episode. To burst into the king's hall and publicly accuse another king of attempting to poison Arthur. It's funny but one of the parts of Merlin's courage I most admire isn't his bravery to die for Arthur, it's his willingness to speak out when somethings wrong, his willingness to publicly embarrass himself, his willingness to be brave even when he could be wrong. It's a reachable form of courage, I don't think any of us frequently (or ever) have the opportunity to die for others, but in many ways the fact that we could all be as brave as Merlin in this way, that's what makes it feel so much more unattainable and thus more admirable.

    The bigger courage though really is when Merlin drinks from the goblet, honestly even though Uther made him, Arthur probably would have drunk it but Merlin didn't let him. Merlin knew he would die if he drunk from that goblet, because he believed Nimueh to be telling the truth (which she was), but (as Arthur says) "he did it anyway." To meet death so willingly, it's not like jumping in front of someone in the moment in a battle, he had to make the choice to drink that poison because he is willing to sacrifice his life for Arthur's. And it hasn't got anything to do with destiny yet, he cares about Arthur, Arthur's his friend and Merlin's a good person. It's just a very noble moment for Merlin, Uther was making him but at the same time you could see Merlin choosing to drink from it, that's a choice and that was incredibly noble.

    Arthur and Uther

    There is tension between Arthur and Uther in this episode, between their views on the world and honour. It is, I think essentially summed up in.

    Arthur: Because his life's worthless?

    Uther: No, because its worth less than yours.

    It's funny, you can see Uther's perspective here. He is right about one thing, Arthur is the future king, even if he's not inherently worth more than Merlin the stability of the kingdom rests on a secure succession and Arthur is Uther's only heir, there is more at stake here.

    But Arthur's also right, a world in which any single person's life is protected more than others because of their social position is not a good place. It is not something Arthur believes in, but in Uther's world its just a given, it's not even a question that people ask.

    Uther: This boy wont be the last to die on your behalf

    Arthur: I can't accept that

    Arthur never accepts this inevitability, he always seeks to risk his life first before any one else's and people follow him because of that, people (even his enemies) see the nobility in him because of that. His refusal to accept what to Uther appears to be an inevitability of kingship (Not a welcome one granted but one nonetheless) is what's going to make him a better king than Uther. As Morgana emphasises when she's persuading Arthur to go.

    Morgana: And what sort of king would Camelot want? One that would risk his life to save that of a lowly servant, or one that does what his father tells him to?

    Isn't this really just the point, Arthur will be a better king than his father because for him his right to rule is in some way always premised on his fulfilment of what he sees as right. Arthur is always trying to prove himself, especially in the early seasons. In Season 2 Episode 2: The Once and Future Queen when Arthur is fighting in a tournament under an alias so people don't know its him (and they will hopefully not let him win), you really see this.

    Gwen: You have nothing to prove, least of all to me.

    Arthur: I have everything to prove, to myself.

    This is the fundamental point, Arthur is always trying to prove himself often to his father or others but always primarily to himself. Because he needs to prove to himself that he can rule Camelot, that he is deserving of it, so for the fact that he's going to be king to hold any weight he needs to do what he thinks is right, because if he doesn't then what sort of king would he be anyway?

    This ties I think into what I mentioned in the last episode about Merlin and the greater good. The idea that Merlin never really makes the choice to kill Morgana or Mordred, except for in a moment where it was Morgana or Arthur, where it was a certain in the moment choice. Yes, he reaches a point where he tries to let them die but this is different to outright murder, and I think perhaps a Merlin who would have killed them is not a the Merlin we know, it is not a Merlin that could have formed Camelot. Arthur and Merlin's goodness comes from always trying to do the right thing, whatever the sacrifice to themselves, and if they hadn't been those sort of people then there is no way they could have been people who made a better kingdom.

    Gaius: Arthur may give you a hard time, but at heart he's a man of honour. Not many people would have risked what he did for a servant


    Uther's interesting in this episode, he has one of his worst moments in the show, not the worst thing he's ever done but certainly one of the worst things we witness. He purposefully lets Merlin die, we could understand it when he wasn't letting Arthur go after him, but to try to destroy Merlin's only hope for a cure to teach his son a lesson, that is cruel and so wrong. This takes valuing Arthur's life more than Merlin's to a whole other level, he values Arthur's obeying of him more than he values Merlin's life.

    This goes to another feature of Uther's character I was just thinking about. He constantly mistakes control for love. He seeks to control both his children, he wants them to obey him, and if they openly defy him or disagree with him he punishes them. But he does love them, probably more than he loves anything else. When Morgana stages a coup against him and tells him how much she hates him he is broken, and he literally never recovers he does love them that cannot be denied but he spends so much of his life mistaking his controlling them for an expression of his love. It is an expression of his fear, he is scared of being out of control as he was when his wife died. Magic can be dangerous but mostly it caused him great suffering (although really it was him), so he seeks to control it absolutely, there is no nuance there and this is how he behaves towards his children. Hate and fear are terrible things to be motivated by, and Uther shows that. His hate comes from his fear, and his cruelty comes from there as well.

    One thing, Uther does accept his fault at the end of this episode. It's not really adequate but its better than nothing and in its own way shows that Uther is capable of character development, and the fact that he will fail to do it in the most important ways is sad. His moment when he says to Arthur that Nimueh "is evil", it is so clear he is talking more to himself than anyone else. Isn't that a sign of trying to persuade yourself, he has to tell himself that Nimueh's evil cause ultimately she was just doing what he asked, and if he doesn't villainise her absolutely than its his fault too.

    The one moment that really does redeem Uther a little in this episode is when he tells Arthur that "You did the right thing... I'm proud of you Arthur, never forget that." The last comment is telling, Uther knows he's not the best father, he knows that Arthur probably doesn't realise that Uther is proud of him. So the 'never forget that' is a reminder, I think, for when Uther inevitably forgets that himself. It is a reminder, for us, in its own way that Uther is trying to be a good father, and at least in this realm Uther realises that he very often fails.


    One interesting thing I noticed in this episode was how frustrated Morgana is with her life. I've never really noticed it before, but its in everything she says and does, even in the episodes before this. Even before she turns against Arthur and Uther and Camelot she is angry, not just at them, she's angry at her life. You can tell she feels like she doesn't have the power to do anything, like she's being controlled and perhaps like she isn't able to anything good or right because of Uther and her position, she feels pity for all the magic users but she is a part of the body that persecutes them. How do you reconcile that?

    Morgana: Sometimes you have to do what you think is right and damn the consequences

    There is so much frustration in that, and everything she says in this scene. I don't know exactly what this says about Morgana's character or her eventual place in the story but its interesting to note. Perhaps its to say her hatred of Uther and eventually Arthur isn't only because of her sympathy for magic users and eventually her own fear and feelings of being unloved but perhaps has its roots in her anger at this time, in Uther's control and her own powerlessness.

    Merlin and Arthur

    This is Merlin and Arthur's episode, so its kind of funny it took me so long to get to them, but there's really not that much to analyse in the wider scheme regarding them. They just are, and they are wonderful.

    This is the episode where you see they do truly care about each other and they are truly good friends They risk their lives for each other with barely a second thought, and yes that is partially their own honour and decency but it is also fundamentally their care for each other that motivates them. You can tell when Merlin's thinking about destiny when he saves Arthur, it becomes such a huge part of his characterisation later on even though he loves Arthur more by that point he also admires him more so Arthur's destiny seems more important. Merlin doesn't really admire Arthur that much yet, he respects him and cares about him but the sheer admiration he will have for him comes later, and it is that admiration that makes him care even more about Arthur's destiny, because he believes in it far more. Right now though it is just their goodness and their friendship that motivates them.

    The final moment between them though is beautiful. The moment when Arthur goes to Gaius' chambers just to check that Merlin's all right, even though he's obviously been told he is. He brushes it aside as usual, brushes how much he does actually care about what happens to Merlin (I mean Arthur did just go on a perilous quest that could have led to his death for him so I think Merlin gets it). But the moment at the end of that scene is lovely. There is just such mutual respect and recognition of each other and what they've done for each other, and the way they look at each other is just so wonderful.

    Merlin: Thank you

    Arthur: You too


    One quick note about her. We will find out eventually what her motivations really are, that she's obviously not just evil. That she is angry at Uther and understandably so. And I wonder if in her there is a parallel for Uther I hadn't considered before. Both of them were involved in Igraine's death and Arthur's birth. And it was as a result of this action that Uther outlawed sorcery and began the great purge. She out of everyone knows best how hypocritical Uther really is. And in her own way, though it is obviously not her fault, it is her actions that set off the great purge. Uther made the choice to blame her and all magic but nonetheless it was a spell she cast that was the trigger, and I wonder if in her own way she feels guilty (just as Uther feels guilty about his wife's death) but like Uther she takes it out in anger rather than guilt. I'm not saying she should feel guilty, perhaps over Igraine's death but certainly not the great purge. However, she most probably does, and like Uther I think she's refusing to feel that guilt, and to avoid that guilt she chooses hatred and anger instead.


    Everyone in this episode though, is so brave. Gwen, Merlin, Arthur and Gaius all do risky, brave things that could get them killed, though maybe not killed in Gwen's case but certainly in huge trouble. Gwen sneaks into the dungeons and Gaius does magic. We will learn more about Gaius' character later but he is in many ways not a brave person, he is the sort who witnesses injustice and stays quiet, he's not brave. But he's brave here, he does magic, for Merlin, because he loves Merlin like a son. All the courage and bravery in this show comes from the love people have for others, and that's an important message, that the people we love and our own ability to love others can inspire us to be better people and to be brave.

    Their immediate response to Merlin's apparent death moreover is guilty, they have nothing to feel guilty about, it's Uther's fault, but they blame themselves anyway. There is in that a contrast to Uther, who refuses to blame himself. They don't take their pain out in anger, they accept it and even though they have nothing to be guilty for the fact that their immediate response is guilt does say they are better people, braver people than Uther.

    Other things

    Morgana holding that butter knife ready to fight Bayard's men is the funniest thing ever. Like its an impressive butter knife, but it is still so clearly a butter knife.

    Also so many bad guys plans in this show rely on Arthur or Merlin being fundamentally good people, like when your plan involves using people's goodness against them you need to re-evaluate your choices in life. I suppose its part of the point though- that they are willing to harm the innocent or take advantage of goodness in their anger. Uther punishes goodness in this episode.

    My new motivational quote—> Gaius: "As the Old proverb says: Hard work breeds..........a harder soul." Merlin: "There is no way that's a proverb. You just made that up."

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  • nextstopparis
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #THANK YOU FOR THIS IT HAS BEEN HAUNTING ME #i hope that all made sense lol im sort of jittery rn for no reason sfjsl #bbc merlin #ygraine and arthur #ask #2.08 #merlin meta #kind of i guess
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  • stubby-psych-o
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #what could have happened if Merlin was helpful instead #its not inconceivable #bbc merlin#merlin fanfiction
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  • bellamyblakru
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    MERWAINEFEST || day six - favorite merlin quote

    don't ever think that. we all matter.
    #ashley creates#merwainefest #day six - favorite merlin quote(s) #aka we all matter bc my king is a fucking KING #merlin#bbc merlin#merlingifs #the hallow queen #merlin & daegal #daegal my beloved #yall his face after merlin tells him that breaks my heart #its a face saying 'this person..who i barely know..thinks i matter? what' #i love daegal and i would die for him #he is still alive to me bc fuck his end man fsnrsl #okay im sorry for rambling and i hope these gifs dont fuckin succ
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  • carlandrea
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    This really doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult

    @neat-crows you asked for this

    #hi if you’re a cool lotr blog who follows me #I am so so sorry #bbc Merlin#not lotr#Merlin#Arthur#uther#Merthur
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  • merlintheselkie
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    You know you should have been allowed to openly dislike Agrivaine?? Gwen. The answer is Gwen.

    #like the way Angel Coulby plays it in 4x02 makes it feel very much like Gwen is deciding that she at the very least does not trust this man #(I mean this as a compliment- Gwen and Merlin should 100% trying to Nancy Drew and prove he was a creepy traitor man) #and like even when he's acting normal his behaviour generally goes against all Gwen's values #idk I also feel like she should have gotten to call Arthur out for putting so much stock in his opinion when it goes against things that #Arthur claims to stand for #like she should have gotten to be like hey no we both know this is not what you believe smarten the fuck up or admit that you aren't the man #I thought you were #like she had every justification to go off on him a lil #It also would have been a nice way to bridge the gap between her s3 and 4 characterization and her season 5 characterization #like Gwen knowing that she has some sway and using it more than she got to in s4 to help the people and say fuck him fuck you this is #bullshit you are going to treat people well or I am going to be a force to be reckoned with #even if only a verbal force #would have been really cool #and im not saying she had to be mean about it not at all #im just saying it would have been fun to see Gwen get to be convicted even more than she got to in canon #and like holding firm about her views #let gwen be an advisor before being queen and while queen thats the tldr #let her talk to the court more #that scene is one of the best gwen scenes #tv; bbc merlin #bbc merlin #ch; guinevere smith #ch; the queen of hearts #what im saying is I like the scenes where gwen gets to be gentle and kind yet still verbally fucking powerful and like you can't help but #listen because she's right
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  • the-mother-of-lions
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    BBC Merlin x The Infinity Stones

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  • guyofgisbourne
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Only 3 more episodes left of BBC Merlin and then I’ve successfully finished the show for good! It’s getting REALLY intense 😭😱

    #Jamie watches BBC Merlin
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  • uh-oh-ants
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Watching Merlin with my family is very fun because I am seeing everything through the lens of “Arthur and Merlin frenemies to lovers” and my parents are like “what’s better that this? Guys bein dudes.”

    #merlin#bbc merlin#merthur #hell yeah first time watching this show the cgi is SHIT
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