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  • illyriamade
    17.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    half assed timeline for teen wolf ithaca below the cut? absolutely -- there might not be dates for some things bcus im still figuring out the logistics.

    january 21st. ithaca catalina ramirez is born. her mother is maria ramirez and her father is jacob ramirez. she lives in harmony until 14 years of age, when she meets the wrong group of people and surrounds herself with unhealthy behaviors. her relationship with her parents become strained and she becomes slightly resentful. bullying in school for her abnormal appearance starts, and she becomes shy, reclusive, withdrawn.

    16 years of age, shes arrested for the first time for vandalism. a few months later, breaking in entering [she literally stole someones tv for shits n giggles and i find it so funny]. both times her parents bail her out -- for the third time of getting into a nasty fight in public, her parents are called, but they do not answer. they do not want to help her as shes spiraled down too far of a bad path. ithaca sees her mistakes but is too self loathing to do anything to fix it. 

    17 years of age, she accepts a dare from her friend group to steal araya calavera’s silver revolver. it nearly goes well until araya wakes up and spots ithaca with the gun, and alarms raise. she runs out for dear life, only to be tranqued by severo calavera as shes running through the streets. she falls over, paralyzed and after some sinister banter, he shoots her. ithaca nearly dies before derek hale intervenes, asking if she wants to live. she accepts his terms and he bites her, transforming her into a werejaguar -- surprising to them both. 

    not long after, she disappears from mexico and leaves with derek hale to move to beacon hills and resides within his loft. struggling to process her newfound amplified senses and confusion, suffering from severe hallucinations and nightmares, she leaves in the middle of the night to unknown locations. this is the discovery of her ability to shift into a true night-black jaguar. for about of month, she is unable to shift out of this form and lives within the woods to hunt for food and often raids inconvenience stores to also find some sort of sustenance. 

    after regaining her strength and getting a hold on her abilities, she manages to transform back and returns to the loft with hazy recollection of the time before. she then transfers to beacon hills with a cleared [altered identity] background and her records are sealed. who she was in mexico is hidden information and she now has a clean slate to start fresh. although having a slight grip on her abilities, under the effects of the full moon, she is still very volatile and even more unhinged due to her temperamental nature.

    #002 / felyne moxie ( teen wolf ) #meta — ithaca. #death mention tw #gun violence cw
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  • thestupidhelmet
    17.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #That 70s Show #That '70s Show #Eric x Donna #Eric Forman#Donna Pinciotti#Ask#Anon#My Meta#My Essay#Meta#Essay
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  • hithelleth
    17.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Oh, come on, you can't end the season this way, The Rookie!

    I'm gonna have to watch S4 (I think it's been just announced, right?), won't I? Because I need to know. Also, FFS, can Angela and Wesley just have their wedding already?!

    Well, this season was more watchable than I'd expected and if they continue this way, S4 should be a nice low-stress time-killer as this one.

    #The Rookie #the rookie s3 #the rookie meta #my meta: the rookie #i just want to see them happily married #and uh that dress was so beautiful #me: does not mind all of la fiera's murder and other crimes #me when she kidnaps angela from her own wedding: that's it #we're done you're evil #;) #(la fiera is a bamf altho a criminal one ok but now she touched my bb) #(and that displeases me to put it mildly)
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  • deathburns
    17.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    uuhHH well anyway while i , get myself back together here lms for like . plotting lmao

    #im also goign to finally write the bellion is anraks son meta too good lord
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  • pitchblackdragon
    17.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    I gave them their masks and edited the backgrounds to fit with the Star Allies Boss Screen.

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  • an0nymousghost
    17.05.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    makeover for my girl venessa

    #ts4 gameplay #ts4 get famous #get famous! (with noelle) #venessa #it's meta because the one before was a makeover already #she looked kinda ridiculous tho #ngl
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  • deanwasalwaysbi
    17.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago
    #deancas#deancas meta#deancas gifs#spn 15x18#spn 14x10 #I mean but at the time we were like he doesn't he cares about DEAN enough to risk his own life... #tumblr you hellsite why are the gif sources not loading?? these are not my gifs #original content#spn meta#spn gifset#Castiel meta#destiel #destiel was always canon #dean was always bi #castiel#spn rewatch#it hurts#spn feels
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  • chipotlethief
    17.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Dark meta knight needs to show up more

    #my art#Kirby #dark meta knight #Kirby star allies #kirby and the amazing mirror #Nintendo
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  • sunnydalebimbo
    17.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Marina is just Anya culture. Sorry I don’t make the rules, but every single one of Marina’s songs somehow relate to Anya. Specifically Are You Satisfied? and I’m Not A Robot. Also I think Anya herself would like Marina. So take that.

    #every song #anya and marina just have similar vibes isk #maybe it’s just becuase i adore them both #does this count as music theroy? #or like music meta? #idk but im right #thank you for understanding #buffy the vampire slayer #btvs#anya jenkins
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  • musicfeedsmysoul12
    17.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago
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  • sekilat
    17.05.2021 - 58 minutes ago
    adlan simply cannot fuck off after trespasser because his greatest concern is how the elves in tevinter would be manipulated & forced into a sudden change of lifestyle with no guiding principle to rehabilitate them back into ‘ normal living ’ . he’s personally experienced this with his parents & moreso had to witness their own father needing to pull himself out of the lifestyle again after being forced back into it .
    #meta; ( it's a life that can't be exchanged with anyone else's . ) #// im just HHHH WHRRRRR at how miserable i'd be playing da4
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  • chewycube
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #boy meets world #bmw#jeric#eric matthews#kim possible#ron stoppable#will friedle #woah so ​meta #i’m literally crying #you don’t even understand #im having an existential crisis #is this real life #????? help #my memes
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  • amardala
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    padmé allowed herself so few moments of happiness.       she told herself she must be in public service,     but in truth it was a lie ---------- must? too harsh a word.      no, she wanted to, needed it to feel right,    needed to use her voice to help others because few others were trying to.     it was a duty of her soul &&. heart,   not something written in stone.         her handmaidens knew that .    knew that their lady was in denial about many things.     telling herself that building a family was not something she wanted.   that it was sola’s path.      avoiding marriage and relantionships even though she felt  LONELY     (  so,  so alone ....  ).       that’s why they hid and kept her relantionship with anakin a secret ------- anakin was padmé’s selfish act,   the first time she put herself before anyone or anything else.     they probably didn’t know she would cross the line and marry him.    no one would think the righteous senator would try such a thing,  would go so far,   would do such a wrong     ; they only didn’t know how empty it was to lie to oneself.   to hide underneath a self-designed duty.    to wear a mask of apathy while feeling so much.

    #i have so much to say #but i'm at work so this is it for now #meta tbt.
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  • serpenteve
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    everyone always wants to talk about how the darkling is the biggest villain in the series because he wanted to "expand the fold" but does anyone think about the logical conclusions of his original plan? use alina's power to move the fold to the ravka-fjerdan border and unite east and west ravka into one united country able to wield an unnatural abomination against their enemies....full access to west ravkan ports, trading with the kerch and novyi zem, control the opening and closing of the fjerdan border for transportion, world peace initiated, happily ever after,,,

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  • szethsmom
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @liltumgrum half-jokingly said that Lucien is immune to psychic damage because his mind is already irreparably shattered and fucked up beyond recognition, and... yeah I think she’s onto something. Getting “pieced back together” by the Somnovum ain’t exactly therapy.

    #at a certain point if you take that much psychic damage and still exist does it even matter anymore? #anyways sis you should write some Lucien meta bc you have great takes #cr spoilers#lucien#eiselcross arc
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  • haljathefangirlcat
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    still thinking about that “we Have To Talk about how quips are ruining fandom by destroying meta and turning all fic into shitposts” post @ms-demeanor wrote a great rebuttal to, and about the other posts she wrote about it and about the You’re Doing Fandom Wrong attitude in it, and about the notes on those posts. not gonna reblog or reply to any of those because my thoughts are admittedly kind of random and jumping from place to place and probably OT to the point of the discussion, but you know. still thinking.

    so, uh. not trying to start wank or anything but enjoy the ranting that got way out of hand under the cut.

    so, like... that one “we can’t just block everyone who quips and shitposts because some of these people also write actual meta but then they unfortunately go back to Not Engaging With Canon by writing quippy shitpost-y stuff” line, or however it was actually phrased? besides the blatant entitlement with the “you have to fandom ONLY in ways I like, I can’t just engage with the part of the content you create that I’m interested in and scroll past the rest” thing (which kinda reminds me of the whole “you can’t CNTW on some of your fics, I should be able to read ALL of your fics” thing, in a way) and the ”I refuse to curate my fandom experience and I’ll make it some stranger’s problem” thing (which... reminds me of a few other things, but tbf it has probably been around since the very first days of fandom), what if someone doesn’t even see meta and quips/shitposts as fundamentally different and mutually exclusive approaches to fandom? what if they see them as just two ways to be interested in a specific fandom and interact with it, and maybe even closely linked together, so going from one to another is actually very, very easy for them? hell, what if they (gasp!) even mix quips and meta together sometimes?

    I have a few posts about what I think Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese might have been doing with mythological references and themes in Dark, and about what I got from the series finale. some are meme-like, phrased in a joking tone, probably even shitpost-y? another one is literally just a gifset plus me having intense Feels in the tags, and the last one is an edit of the kind I’ve seen people complain about as “those cringey unoriginal tumblr aesthetics that all look the same” in at least a couple of occasions. does that automatically mean I only wanted to “win” at fandom (with my hard-earned prize being... a handful of notes in a fandom that’s not even that big compared to others) and that I haven’t actually spent probably way too much time thinking about the significance of Martha’s Ariadne play as a commentary on character interactions/plot/narrative themes (and honestly still do from time to time), or that I don’t occasionally read the captions under other people’s gifsets and suddenly feel very much enlightened about why the Ariadne play mentions the myth of the Flood of all things? that I didn’t start reading posts and comments and reviews and theories about the series finale as soon as I finished watching it? that, just because I didn’t write 10K+ words of Perfectly Serious Seriousness about all that stuff, I simply refused to Engage With The Text? 

    ... and if I said that I feel a little irrationally self-conscious at the idea of writing down all of my (often rambling, sometimes jumbled) thoughts about a series that to me actually does feel very deep and complex, so adding memes and humor to that or finding different means to put my ideas out there makes me feel more comfortable expressing myself while also taking off the (admittedly made-up) pressure of having to write a whole coherent essay where I have to find a clear and explicit way to explain where every single thought comes from and how it leads to the next like I’m gonna get graded on it? or that a lot of those thoughts stem from memories of spending five years of high school translating and analysing ancient Greek poetry and reading and watching and discussing every available interpretation and reinterpretation of it from Nietzsche to Vernant to Dürrenmatt to Christa Wolf to Pasolini to a lot of others and from certain things in Dark violently hurtling me back to those times without even asking for permission, so a part of my self-consciousness is actually “I probably don’t actually know/remember enough about this to base a whole in-depth analysis on it even though I do think there’s something there” and another part is “shit I’m too lazy to dig through all of my old textbooks and homework and additional readings to hunt for the thing I feel the desperate need to reference or figure out who might have said it, so no extended explanation here either”? I guess in the end it would all boil down to “there’s an amount of effort and physical and mental energy I’m willing to put into fandom but I also have limits to stop something that makes me feel happy from becoming a chore”, which. considering the whole “you have to put all your resources into constantly pouring out 100% serious meta and nothing else because that’s what I like, no deviations allowed” thing? yeah, I can see saying stuff like that would still make me a blight upon fandom. and/or Not Engaging.

    which, I realize, it’s a thing I keep coming back to. but that’s because I really, really, really hate it? seriously, what even counts as Engaging With The Text correctly? not shitposts, and not quips either, apparently. Regardless of the fact that humor and crack have existed in fandom since forever and that it’s actually not uncommon AT ALL for them to be born out of looking at canon from different angles, pointing out whatever the fan in question finds surreal/strange/implausible/convoluted/awkward/just kinda funny about it. 

    also, not canon divergence/what if fics motivated not by a desire to “fix” something that made us feel bad when it happened in canon but by a desire to actually fix what we felt was objectively a poor writing choice from the author, because we shouldn’t Engage by analysing the text to criticize it or to think over how and why certain aspects of it don’t work for us or how we think the structure of the text itself could be modified or even improved, we should Engage by... writing meta and/or writing canon-compliant fics with perhaps a little allowance for slightly-to-the-left-of-canon-compliant missing moments fics, I guess? 

    from what I’ve gathered from reading other fandom discussion some time ago, AUs are also out, especially Modern/No Powers AUs, because those are always just an excuse to slap your fave’s name on your OC/disguise your original fiction as fanfic to get comments/ignore all that’s interesting about canon to write yet another dumb syrupy high school or coffee shop AU, even if I’m honestly not sure what kind of AUs people are even reading to never get to the “there’s no supernatural threat so let’s focus entirely on the fucked-up family dynamics and blatant mental issues in a world where you can’t just ignore them by marrying off your daughter or sending your son to be someone’s squire” AUs or the “this is pretty much what happens in canon but adding new dimensions and different outlooks on the themes by moving everything to a new context” AUs. seriously, I could rec you a pretty great “this guy would be a horrible father and treat his children horribly in any world, it’s not just the feudal society around him, it’s him as a person” AU and that’s literally just the first thing that came to my mind. but, hey, maybe Engaging is only engaging with the canon plot and setting and nothing else, what do I know.

    ... fuck, thinking about it, I’m not even sure if by “not shitpost and not quips” I should even mean humor/crack? because it’s not like the OP was clear about it in any way? maybe it’s just all that’s weird and tropey and not-canon-compliant? I can see the “everybody gathers in the main character’s stuff to smoke weed and weird shit happens” fic I got a chuckle out of some time ago being one of the dreaded tumblr-born shitpost fics that are supposedly ruining fandom by ensuring that fans stop thinking (?), but what about the “everything is the same but this one character is a catboy, not for any particular reason but just because” fic I’m currently following and loving? people have been joking and shitposting about catboys a lot on tumblr lately (I distinctly remember that the last catboy joke to pop up on my dash was the “I’m your catboy gf and I’m stuck in a wall” one...) and finding an always-a-catboy!AU initially got an amused smile out of me, so is the mere premise enough to make the fic just a joke/just taking a trope and running off with it/just part of a shallow trend? even when the author literally goes “oh shit just realized this is all a metaphor for neuodivergence and masking” in the story notes? unless writing a character who’s never explicitly stated to be neurodivergent in canon as a being literally or metaphorically neurodivergent in your fic is always shallow projecting or posturing issuefic... instead of, y’know, looking closely at the text and Engaging with it by interpreting it that way....

    I feel all this ranting/venting might end up plunging into Why We Slash discussion territory now, so I better stop here.

    anyway, in short, good to know I’ve been in fandom for years yet I’ve always been just a Fake Fan who Can’t Think and is constantly Doing It Wrong (by Not Being Transformative Enough, possibly). gonna do my best to stay exactly like that in the future <3

    #... see THIS is why i don't write meta #fic is so much easier be it crack or not #ugh i feel i should probably delete this to avoid a giant headache but let's give it a try
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  • kirbyfanzine
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Day 9 of these cute sneak peaks! @/jinjatea 💕 and @/kaitpaint 💕

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