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  • mefausto19
    26.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    something that i think about a lot is the quote from the game where sasha says something along the lines of "this way, people know you're hurting. at least someone will know" in response to "you have so many bruises. so many wounds."

    at first, it's just super strange. it's such a jarring leap of logic from a character that we often see as the more reasonable/sane one. but, once you analyze it more, it reveals so much about faust's character and his general story. it might be one of the most important lines for understanding faust's character.

    first, i think it really stands to show that faust does not have a healthy mindset. he is also a traumatized child. the problem solving that he can come up with will be flawed and unhealthy, because he has never learned good coping mechanisms either. eno takes up a lot of attention, and is a lot more blatantly fucked up, but this quote really goes to show that faust is too; he is just more quiet about it. he believes that hurting himself is an effective way of solving problems; he believes that his own pain is not important.

    both of them come from a background of violence. both of them have no real standard of what normal is. it is unfair to expect faust to be able to solve things or fix mephisto or know what to do, because at the end of the day he is just a deeply traumatized child. a mature child that was forced to grow up too early, but still a child. he cannot guide mephisto, or even himself, because then he will lead them off a metaphorical cliff. he needs help.

    next, this quote and the whole situation is a good metaphor for what happens to faust later on. here, he hurts himself, gives himself scars and wounds and bruises in a cry for help. later, mephisto gets his arts, and removes that option from him. we see it over and over: "faust, are you hurt?" literally every single time they show up on screen

    it's crazy that this could ever be considered as a bad thing; the natural response to having wounds or scars is to want to heal them, right? self harm should always be avoided or minimized. in this situation it is a good thing. but it also mirrors other situations in faust's life which ARE bad.

    pain isn't a bad thing. it has a purpose. it's telling you that something is wrong, so you can fix it. if you ignore pain and pretend it isnt there, things only get worse.

    that's what happens with faust and mephisto. mephisto pretends that nothing is wrong; that talulah is still the same woman that took them in, that faust is not desperately miserable, that the crimes that he are doing are not only okay but ideal, and things get worse. he ignores the pain of the people around him and multiplies it with his ignorance.

    faust cant hurt himself and ask for help in the only way he learned how; faust is effectively silenced and prevented from talking about how miserable he is.

    as a side note: this is also why the official lullabye art lowkey pisses me off, because sasha doesnt have any wounds there (even though eno does). i see a lot of art where eno is drawn with wounds and scars but not sasha, and it bothers me a lot. because we can see that those wounds are important to sasha. theyre one of the only (albeit a really bad, ineffective, and unhealthy) ways that sasha knows how to communicate. in a way, erasing them is erasing his voice, and ignoring all of the pain that he went through. sasha canonically has a lot of wounds as a child.

    i just have a lot of feelings ab this issue djfkjekdkl

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  • gloriabourne
    26.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago
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  • gloriabourne
    26.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago
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  • fracktastic
    26.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    To post or not to post...

    I’ve got this WIP (well... fragments, citations, and a list of plot points) that’s basically a dialectical feminist rant disguised as fanfiction.  I can’t decide if it’s too disturbing/dark to post, or apropriate in light of the BS going on in Texas and Oklahoma these days. It absolutely does tie into concepts from BSG, but in greater detail and exploring the implications of it, with very “Handmaid’s Tale-y” vibes. 

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  • bonmotx
    26.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    unsorted ramblings quoted from discord but i love arsene lupin so have arsene lupin interlude hcs

    > also thinking of an arsene interlude where he can't settle on a face and faint shadows of every face he's ever worn across all summoning are wandering through chaldea like lost ghosts > where you literally kill every single one, most of which are essentially gravitating towards a fancy looking little kid version in a cute outfit, happy and content until it's just the maid (still referred to as he/him despite looking far more traditionally feminine and more bishoujo than bishounen, sue him he’s less along in transition at this part of his life) and the child version of him, leading you to think the child is the real one, but the maid just smiles sadly "...no, we never had the chance to grow up like this, me. You know we didn't look like this at all." > and the kid vanishes to a horribly malnourished child, clinging to a diamond necklace "momma was happy we did it. she got better and was happy. she died of old age." and the maid just smiles softly. "the age of pretending we had a face has long since passed. trying to figure out which is the true face... it's a lost cause. i was never written to have a face at all." and you have to fight off the phantoms of the rest of the identities desperately trying to fight the reality of it all as the forced support arsene swaps ascensions with each skill usage and has a blank mask in front of his face > and the child finally breaks down sobbing "momma said we looked like her. so why don't... i remember what she looked like...?" and both forms vanish holding each other (freeze frame bonus that both lose their facial expressions completely right as they golden sparkle), but arsene's spirit origin solidifies again, just not manifesting yet > but da vinci reports nervously that he doesn't have an actual name- even the scanner is only recognizing his aura, but not registering a name at all, but you get the chance to say [Even if it isn't his name, he's still Arsene.] or [He doesn't need to be Arsene to be Arsene.] > a day later in my room arsene pops up, smiling like nothing ever happened, and you have a normal conversation but then you get the option to ask [Did you figure it out?] > and for a second he pauses, but his face goes completely blank for a moment, swapping between his ascensions quickly, before settling on just a smile on an otherwise blank face. "...not yet. But I'm closer. Thank you, Ma~ster~!"  

    #arsene headcanon. #meta. #mention of body horror tw
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  • deafeninggardenerpanda
    26.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Kirbtober Day 25: Clown

    #kirby#marx#meta knight#my art#kirbtober #if you dont know why meta knight looks Like That dont ask /lh #YOU'RE STAGGERING! PATHETIC KIRBY!
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  • jadnt
    26.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Ever since chap 2 came out the ask blogs have been resurfacing

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  • meeedeee
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • useless-fanfictions-for-glee
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Glee Meta: Kurt doesn’t deserve being called biphobic

    To start this off, I’d like to say that I am not talking about any other scenes except this one ( X ) which is the most talked about when it comes to the discussion. It is a scene from the episode 2.14 “Blame It On The Alcohol”. Other scenes/episodes are discussed and sourced as we go, though. 

    Another fact. I am a bisexual person. That is the sexual identity that I relate to/with the most and the label that I use for myself. The word means a lot of different things to a lot of people, and I am comfortable with my own definition of the word. That is all I will talk about on the subject of the sexuality itself. We’re here for my opinion on Kurt anyways.

    TL;DR: I personally don’t think that Kurt was biphobic in the episode and he has his words twisted by most people, but I understand how it is easy to think this way about the scene.

    Now, to jump right into it. This isn’t a “he was hurt and confused so he lashed out” argument. I am not justifying bad behavior here; I just don’t see it as bad behavior. That being said (and this might sound contradictory), I don’t think he didn’t say anything bad. He definitely had some lines in these scenes that had me cringing.

    Let me explain.

    In the first scene, I think the worst thing that comes from Kurt is the following quote,

    [1:20-1:25] “Bisexual’s a term that gay guys in high school use when they want to hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change.”

    Just plucking the quote out like so, you can clearly see how this is biphobic. This is bisexual erasure. This quote is invalidating the existence of bisexuality as a sexuality.

    Had it just been anyone, I would agree with the vast majority of you and put the label of “biphobic” on Kurt. However, it wasn’t just anyone. Us, as viewers of the show, got to see more into his character and his backstory. We know more about Kurt than if he had just been some random character or person saying such a thing.

    An honorable mention for the boldness behind this quote is the time; it’s 2010. This isn’t my only excuse, but I still felt it important enough to mention. Now, I can’t go into too much detail about it because I was merely eight years old for majority of the year, so this is why it is only getting a mention and no further elaboration from me (if anyone would like to add on to this point, feel free). I just know that it does factor in because, like the majority of Glee’s harsh comments and rough edges, it is due to the time which they were created that lead to their passing under everyone’s noses. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Glee would have never survived in 2021.

    Another mention about bisexual erasure (albeit a little off topic), I think Rachel’s comment in the later of the two scenes also dabbles in the subject as well. Her quote is as follows,

    [0:38-0:49] “Look… Blaine is obviously conflicted, and if he turns out not to be gay, well, then I guess I will have done you a favor.”*

    *there is some that I cut from the quote, hence the ellipses, but they were relevant to the conversation her and Kurt were having, but not the point that I am trying to make

    In a way, this (in my opinion) sounds like bisexual erasure as well. This is Rachel saying “if he likes me then he is straight” and not even entertaining the idea that there is another option; that it is one or the other; gay or straight. This confirms the already proven point that the writers of the show were fond of putting these double-sided comments about invalidating this sexuality. However, I’ve never seen anyone slap the “biphobic” sticker on Rachel’s head. But this isn’t about her right now; it’s about Kurt, so back to him.

    Why do I not think the already stated quote is biphobic? Because I believe he was reflecting his own story instead of trying to erase others’.

    Sam, what the hell are you talking about? Well, let’s take you back to season one… episode 1.18 “Laryngitis” to be exact. Do you remember when Kurt (a gay guy in high school) held hands with Brittany (a girl) to feel normal because he felt like that was a way he could impress his father? Sound familiar?

    I don’t think he was invalidating bisexuality at all. I think he was remembering and reflecting on the only experience thus far with the idea of bisexuality that he had as the only out kid at that school (which was made clear, and he stated multiple times before this episode that he was the only kid out of the closet). And yes, you may think it is a stretch, but I do not think that Kurt saying to Brittany, “Can I ask you something? What do boys’ lips taste like?” [0:19-0:25] was Kurt avoiding this attraction to men during this time. He’d obviously had both on his mind during this episode.

    So, going back to the quote: “Bisexual’s a term that gay guys in high school use when they want to hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change.” I do not think it was biphobic coming from Kurt while knowing what he’s been through like we do. Another example is this quote from the very conversation from Kurt as well,

    [1:31-1:35] “I know what it’s like to be in the closet, and here you are about to tiptoe back in.”

    Which is exactly what he’d forced himself to do when he started kissing girls. He forced himself to like Brittany, he forced himself to change even though we could all see how miserable he was. He just doesn’t want to see it happen to the person steadfastly becoming his best friend. Having the mindset that you have to change, or that you can’t be yourself (that I wholeheartedly believe that he had in 1.18 “Laryngitis” when he was going through his changes) is extremely, horrendously toxic to oneself. And it is something that he carried all by himself. He just doesn’t want to watch it all happen to Blaine.

    Does this mean that Kurt is an absolute saint in either of the scenes from the [2.14 “Blame It On The Alcohol] episode? No. He did have an attitude and wasn’t as thoughtful or open about his friend’s sexual identity crisis as he should have been, however, I don’t think that is deserving of the title “biphobic.” His snark to both Blaine and Rachel in the episode can be credited to the “he was hurt and lashing out” excuse because those bad behaviors (in my opinion) can be excused because no one, especially teenagers who don’t yet know how to navigate themselves, much less the world, and no one is perfect.

    Just to be clear, I am not using that excuse to justify his accused biphobia, but only his moodiness and general unkindness to both Rachel and Blaine through out the episode. Also, like, come on… if you saw one of your good friends make out and then try to date your crush, wouldn’t you be a tad upset? I feel like all of that drama made season one’s bitchy!Kurt come back a little and I love it, lmao.


    One last thing. I’ve said my piece, I’m made my points; you’re either going to agree with me or not and that is completely okay. As long as you remain respectful, I will as well. The last thing that I’d like to say is that I completely understand why people are so quick to jump on Kurt for this scene, because it was written to be taken like that.

    Mostly it’s Blaine’s (entirely inappropriate) reaction that seals the deal.

    The rest of the conversation is transcribed as follows,


    “Yeah… I’ve had a lot of luck, Blaine. I was really lucky to be chased out of high school by a bully who threatened to kill me.”

    “And why did he do that?”

    “Because he didn’t like who I was.”

    “Sort of exactly what you’re saying to me right now. Isn’t it?” (pause) “I am searching, okay? I am honestly just trying to figure out who I am. And for you, of all people, to get down on me for that, I didn’t think that’s who you were.” (then he walks away)

    Blaine takes offense to what Kurt said so quickly because he doesn’t know about Kurt’s past like we do. He wasn’t there. That being said, I still think him bringing up Kurt’s obvious and still very current trauma because he got hurt was very inappropriate (much less equating one conversation to literal years of horrific trauma) but that is a whole other conversation for a different time. The point that I’m trying to make is that the scene was framed around the idea of Kurt being biphobic, but I find it very hard to be able to put that label on him.

    Mostly because I just can’t see Kurt “I was bullied for most of my life for who I like” Hummel to hate on anyone else for who they like. Even if he were undereducated and moody at the time. So yes, I took my own person fondness and opinions about the character and found a way to defend his actions, but not in a “I am choosing to ignore his bad” way. When I first watched the episode, I was a little sus of Kurt for a while if I were being honest. As a bisexual person, it hurt to hear him say these things because I had initially reacted the way most people (and Blaine) had; but after some thought and character digging (as I love to do with Mr. Kurt Hummel), I found an explanation that I liked and that wasn’t just excusing away the bad parts.

    Kurt isn’t perfect, he most definitely had moments that had me damn near flinching away because of how godawful he really was. Just because he’s my favorite character doesn’t mean he’s perfect. However, I just don’t see this scene or episode as one of his faults.

    If you agree or disagree and would like to maintain a civil discussion, comment or reblog and I will try to respond when I can. Thanks for reading!

    #Kurt Hummel#Glee#biphobia#glee meta #useless.thoughts #useless.thinking #anti Kurt Hummel hate #bisexuality erasure #anti Blaine anderson #(just in case) #It is 1 am and I have to get up early tomorrow but i still sat up and wrote this for you guys #you're welcome (I hope) #please remain civil when discussing this #any hate will be blocked #I'm not here to get ridiculed for my opinions
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  • probablybadrpgideas
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Combat sheep.

    What? Yah. It’s a sheep mount, but the size of a small SUV. Perfect mount to combat the bear calvary .

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  • suzukiblu
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am entirely certain that no one else on this our beloved hellsite cares about the potential of this relationship and the hyper-specific way that I am picturing it happening but me but DAMN would I have loved to see Iroh and Jet have a conversation in ATLA canon. Like, yes please? Pretty please?

    They both grew up as charismatic leaders in war in such different circumstances and both lost all of that, and they both got brutally fucked over by Ba Sing Se, and they both have terrible, terrible grief in them over the loss of people who can't be replaced, and they're both manipulative liars, and I just . . . I just want some kind of interaction where Iroh is blithely making Jet drink some unnecessarily fancy tea and Jet is baffled by the accompanying manners and frivolous little tea sweets and the conversation is super weird and stilted because he has no idea how to handle an adult whose ass he isn't kicking. Iroh also won't stop talking in pithy little sayings, so that's not helping either.

    But they bond, kind of, and then at some point Jet says some shit like, "yeah but war crimes are okay when the other side DESERVES it, right?" and Iroh's just like, "well, apparently I'm adopting another nephew, apparently that's happening today; welcome to the family, Jet, you're going to hate it here. also now we are going to talk about ethics and morality for the next ten hours, have some more tea and get settled."

    #atla jet#iroh#atla #avatar: the last airbender #meta ecetera
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  • the-faultofdaedalus
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    oh no why i am actually into making a snow white musical but from the stepmother’s pov

    #it’s more meta bullshit about fate and the agony of being a character in a prewritten story but like #the vibes. the VIBES
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  • miazeklos
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks#Cersei Lannister#got#meta#kind of #I have a lot of thoughts on the way she handles her emotions in the show #especially re: Jаime #and I also have many thoughts on her mindset during the last two seasons #also I'm like 90% sure I had this happen in a fic somewhere but can't remember which one exactly
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  • book-dragon-not-worm
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    when people i've never seen before follow me it's like.....hello bestie, what horrors and embarrassments of mine have you seen to want to follow me?

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  • meiloorun-notthefruit
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    during the summer i was briefly really into the game Little Nightmares and then i got a new hyperfixation via Scooby Doo and of course both interests collided so i have some very brief thoughts about that so scooby gang in a little nightmares setting!

    - All 4 of them are young children imprisoned on the Maw. All four of them want to leave. No one else around them bothers trying so they band together. In game, each of them would have their own unique ability to assist them;

    Shaggy has the farthest jumping distance and a double jump. He’s the one being chased the most (he chooses to and is fed extra for his courage) because he’s the only one who can make the getaway after the distraction. Speed: *****

    Daphne has the greatest strength/can drag/push heavier objects. She’s the most consistent at getting a successful hit at the Janitor anytime he corners them, be it she threw a piece of furniture or she actually got close enough to punch him. (She is the second most reliable distraction-causer.) Speed: ****.5

    Velma can read the signs and letters scattered around the Maw (hello lore, you are defeated by a gang of toddlers* who just so happen to have one less illiterate member than the average group) and can squeeze into tighter/smaller spaces. She is also the lightest, meaning if Shaggy or Fred can’t reach something, she is usually tossed up to it. As a result, she has a very strong grip. Speed: ***

    Fred has a sneak advantage/is stealthier than the rest and has the best climbing ability of anyone in the gang. He is also the one who takes the most hits due to his protective streak - standing in front to shield them from danger with his own tiny body - (in game he would have the most HP/health but this would be balanced out with him being the slowest, speed wise).

    Speed: **.5 - ***.5

    Scooby: is actually an entity born on the Maw but was rejected/abused due to his lack of bloodlust so he is abandoned and doomed to wonder the Maw; he finds four very tiny children and is instantly loyal to them (it helps that Shaggy fed him part of his meal, in a moment of almost reckless disregard for his wellbeing.) The gang would meet him halfway through the game. Speed: ******

    [*note that the gang are not toddlers - im not that cruel lmaoo no they’re probably like 9-10 years old (only slightly better).]

    #little nightmares#scooby gang#scooby meta #i guess?? #i imagine they meet scooby after a particularly harrowing escape and fred is injured and they're scavenging for supplies #legit i am chewing over the way speed is calculated for the gang cause shaggy was on the track team and did gymanastics #so he obv. has the best speed and stamina. i nuked fred cause he's got the most health but he's also the one taking the hits #meant for others - there's a lot of climbing so he's got a fast climbing speed than anyone else to make up for his pace #also i imagine he is injured a lot to explain his slowness - if this were a game the more u sacrifice fred as a shield #the less faster he runs. so it's up to the player how much he is beat up in that sense. of course if the player finds healing and apply #it to fred more than his shielding lasts longer #**in canon shaggy is on the team - here is a little kid trying to stay alive #another explanation for a slower fred is i imagine he is the one carrying velma on his back because velma is the youngest and tires easily #fred is the protector and loves his friends dammit T^T #fred jones#shaggy rogers#daphne blake#velma dinkley#scoobert doo #scooby gang and the maw AU
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  • suzukiblu
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • lioness--hart
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Midnight Mass spoilers below.




    What I really really really love about the monologues in this show is how they're basically sightseeing stops on the roadmap to the final message(s) the show is trying to send. Each one is beautiful and meaningful on its own, but you don't really get the full impact of the trip until you're home and looking back over your photos.

    If you take every character's monologue and you look at the end of the show through that combined framework, you get answers to two questions: "Why do we exist?" and "Why does god exist?"

    One of the most poignant details in the show (which is full of them) is how many of the fledgling vampires, in the end, chose their humanity over "god's gift" and faced the sunrise with what Sheriff Hassan held so dear: dignity.

    Dignity, and a song in their hearts. A song about being close to god. Right after you hear Erin's monologue about god being the common dream of humanity.

    The answers to why god exists and why we exist are the same thing. Always have been. It's love; it's always love. Forever and until the end.

    #midnight mass #midnight mass spoilers #my meta #we were made to love. we are made of love #we are all broken and nuanced and complicated #we are all good and bad and noble and shitty and fucked up and absolutely beautiful #we all do bad things for good reasons and we hurt people we love. we save lives we never know. #just because we do bad things does not make us bad. and just because we are righteous does not mean we are good or worthy #as an aside: i listened to Erin's final monologue and honestly started CACKLING bc it's damn near straight out of a bill hicks bit #don't get me wrong i love bill hicks to death and back #but it's just funny to think of Flanagan looking at bill hicks and going #'ah yes. you will be in my sad vampire love story as a cupid-lipped schoolteacher' #ANYWAYYYYY on my rewatch of this show i'm going to collect all the monologues and do a THOROUGH analysis of them #bc i do really want to draw the roadmap i was talking about #this show is Layers Deep and I want to wiggle under them all to the juicy lil center
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  • hometownrockstar
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i hope splatoon 3 is like splat1 wrt specials, because watching splat1 gameplay always makes me think man, there arent really "bad" weapon kits in this game... like there probably are bad ones that i just dont know off the top of my head bc i didnt play splat1 but i mean, like all the specials are op and adaptable for different weapon types that it USUALLY works, but like in splat2 they were so afraid of them being too op that they nerfed them but also made them bad in like, stingray and armor are unfixably broken and annoying, bubble is VERY specific in that you NEED a weapon with a bomb to use it effectively within the meta so having it on smth like cherry nozzlenose ruins the weapon, splashdown exists, they overcompensated tentamissles and made them meta solely by making weapons with it have only 170-190 ink to get it thus making it super spammy... and then the other half of weapons just have the most garbage kits imaginable that are ONLY redeemed when they get a kensa variant (sloshing machine gal and clash with stingray??? really???)

    #basically all weapons need 4 kit variants or at LEAST 3 #they need to get rid of point sensor ink mine and toxic mist HOPEFULLY by combining them in some way #and they need to make better specials that arent too afraid to be op and are still fun like splat1 #while balancing the patching updates better like in mid-era splat2 to make the meta more diverse than splat1 #squidposting
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  • f-aernn
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kirbtober day 25- Dream Friend

    have something for my two favorite dream friends! love them

    #fernart#kirby #dark meta knight #bandana waddle dee #bandana dee #expect some more kirby stuff from now! #it's been a while since i've last draw anything related to kirby #but i am back with my bullshit
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