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  • Play your level 20 character from the last campaign, but they have amnesia, and don’t remember any of it or any of their abilities.

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  • M E T A M O R F O S E

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  • found family, vox machina edition: all our families are dead or evil or evil and dead but hey you guys are cool and i guess we’re heroes now…?

    found family, mighty nein edition: what the fuck is a “concept” of “self”. sounds fake tbh? but people for sure don’t like me and i like you guys, so let’s do everything together, including and honestly mostly limited to dumbfuck illegal shenanigans

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  • i think it’s important to acknowledge that adora and her lack of self-awareness and scarcity of emotional intelligence and inability to communicate contributed to the breakdown of her relationships with catra and glimmer and that it’s something she’s going to have to come to terms with. at the same time, i also think it’s a huge disservice to suggest responsibility is equally shared and that adora has just as much to make up for.

    in both cases, adora was the one to put in most of the effort to reach across the divide and try to repair things. while she often did it imperfectly and in a way that only added to the tension, an honest attempt was made from her end. more importantly, adora didn’t lash out and do anything to spite or willfully disregard the feelings of her friends, whereas glimmer and particularly catra crossed lines in their response to and treatment of adora. they said and did things to her that were really not okay. 

    all three of them are acting and reacting the way they are because of trauma, and it’s caused them to make mistakes we can understand and empathize with, and maybe the instinct is to want everyone to be equally wrong or equally right because of it. but i think we can recognize that even when it’s complicated, sometimes there isn’t proportional responsibility for things going south in a relationship, and one person can cause more damage and have more to apologize for, and that’s where glimmer and especially catra are at right now, but we still love them and aren’t unfairly maligning them or ignoring adora’s flaws by understanding that. anyway, there’s my galaxy brain take for the day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    #i love all my fucked up girls #and i will happily bankroll both their individual therapy and their couples therapy #meta
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  • Impossible

    Song to listen to: Impossible by Exit Eden. Meta/Drabble under the cut. WARNING! Mentions of death and murder! This got deep and painful at one point to write, this is a punch in the feelings!

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    #drabble babble#meta#{the hierophant}/hideki/#{the empess}/Helios/#{the tower}/Honerva-Haggar/ #tw: mentions of murder #tw: mentions of death #this was dark #but i like how it turned out
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  • THIS IS ANOTHER REALLY EFFECTIVE MOMENT IN THIS COMIC and why I really love Aphra as a character, because she has legitimate pain and grievances, but they do not justify her actions.  In some ways, she doesn’t try to justify things, she’ll say she’s sorry, but she knows she’s an awful person, that she doesn’t expect to sleep over it at night, but in other ways, she still keeps pleading to people to help her or uses her pain as a justification to do whatever she wants.

    Her story about being “good” doesn’t mean anything if you’re not “strong” isn’t entirely wrong, because strong can do whatever it wants to you, too, if you’re not strong enough to fight back.  And Tahn says that Padme Amidala was good and strong, but we also know that she wasn’t.  She was human.  She was ready to throw everything away, everything Anakin had done, to run off and raise their baby together.  She was ready to ignore the murder of the Jedi younglings and the crashing of the Republic just as she ignored the murder of the Tusken children years ago.  She tried to do good, she was good, she was strong in many ways, but she wasn’t strong enough to live in a galaxy that had burned her out.

    That doesn’t mean she was any less good, but Aphra’s point is that it’s meaningless if you’re not strong enough to keep getting up and keep forcing your way through the galaxy.  And the awful truth is that Aphra’s not entirely wrong.  Oh, she’s not right, either, she’s ignoring that being good matters and that it inspires others, it creates hope for other people to carry on those torches, and that’s a theme at the heart of Star Wars.

    But she’s not wrong that pretending the rest of the galaxy doesn’t exist isn’t going to save you, either.  You’ll still die and still leave people behind, people with pain who then turn to awful things and those things are on them, Aphra’s actions are on her, just as Vader’s suffering over Padme’s death doesn’t mean his actions aren’t still on him, but there’s room for sympathy and understanding and hurt for Aphra, too.

    This is why I say she’s a gray character and why that’s not really such a great thing.  She does good and bad, she’s joyful and hateful, she helps and hurts, and ultimately it’s no real way to live.  50% horribleness will always outweigh 50% goodness.  AND SHE IS SUCH A VALUABLE CHARACTER TO ME FOR THAT.

    #padme amidala #chelli lona aphra #comics#meta #reading comics: darth vader vol 1
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  • Affects Of Emotional Abuse, and Internalizing Abuse

    I’ve said it a few times that the emotional and verbal abuse had a very negative psychological affect on Dabi/Touya, and caused him to internalize it and abuse himself. Now I’m realizing it’s much more than i thought, he’s internalized the abuse so much its affected every aspect of his character, interactions with others, and his self esteem and sense of worth.

    A lot of people talk about the affects of physical abuse, and its very clear physical abuse will damage a person on many levels physically and psychologically but sometimes emotional abuse is overlooked, considered “not as bad” because it does not leave physical marks, but abuse is abuse, neither is worse than the other.

    *trigger warning, I’ll be discussing child abuse and domestic violence, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, self harm and eating disorders, neglect, other triggering topics*

    Emotional abuse:

    Emotional abuse can happen on its own without other forms of abuse present, but normally emotional and verbal abuse go hand and hand with other forms of abuse and is usually a precursor to physical and sexual abuse within child abuse, domestic violence, and abusive relationships. It’s how the abuser wears down the victim emotionally, controls them, makes them feel dependant, and lowers their self esteem.

    Emotional abuse can be defined by, but not limited to, insulting, belitting, gaslighting, blaming, harassing, and embarassing or humiliating the victim. The abuser will often tell their victims they’re stupid, useless, ugly, and will look for flaws and weak spots to point out and attack. If they know the victim is concerned about their weight for example, they’ll call them too heavy or too thin. If they know their victim is emotional or senstive, they’ll call them weak or a cry baby. They find things that already are sore spots and pour salt in the wound.

    They’ll often tell the victim they’re good for nothing, unlovable, unwanted by anyone but them, or that they deserve the abuse. This is why a lot of people in abusive marriages don’t leave, and children in abusive homes grow up to fall into abusive relationships. Because the abuser will wear them down to think no one else will love them and that they deserve to be treated poorly because a, b, and c.

    Studies show emotional abuse can cause the same trauma responses as physical abuse, such as ptsd, flashbacks, and triggers. Victims of emotional abuse are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and addiction.

    The affects of emotional abuse are as damaging as other forms of abuse.

    The Todoroki family:

    Abuse is very prominent in the Todoroki family, all forms of child abuse and domestic violence are implied or explicitly shown; physical abuse of rei, touya, and shouto, implications of forced pregnancy, rape and forced marriage with rei, implications of sexual abuse of touya, neglect of Fuyumi and Natsuo, and emotional abuse and control of all of the family members. Often times when bringing up the abuse people talk about the physical abuse of the abusive “training” of Shouto and Touya, and Endeavor hitting Rei, but overlook the neglect and emotional abuse all of the family and how the emotional abuse affected them.

    Fuyumi avoids conflict and puts too much pressure on herself from the emotional abuse.

    Natsuo has problems with his anger likely due to the emotional abuse.

    Shouto suffers from social awkwardness which may be social anxiety and holds himself to high and unrealistic expectations due the emotional abuse.

    The emotional abuse in part made Rei mentally unstable.

    And with Touya, he’s internalized the emotional abuse and applies it to himself and others.

    Internalizing abuse, the cycle of abuse, and self harm:

    In Dabi we see the affects of the emotional abuse the clearest, likely because he had no form of support after leaving the Todoroki house and never got closure for the things that were done and said to him, and he basically internalized his Father’s abusive behaviors and now applies it to his own life. It affects every aspect of his life once we look at it.

    It affects his worldview:

    We see Dabi is rather jaded and has a cynical and twisted view of the world and society. He seems to believe the world is flawed, needs to be purged and cleansed, which is why he follows Stain’s beliefs. His view of mankind is similar. He says everyone is “trash with no goals” and “aren’t useful.” He believes the majority of people are fake, calling heroes false heroes only there for fame, and taunts and mocks them as if theyre claimed goals and morals are lies. He’s also paranoid, untrusting, and keeps people at a distance. This is all probably due to being taught to believe this, that people do not have worth unless they meet certain standards, that the world and society is flawed and worthless, and due to all of the abuse he can’t trust people not to hurt or betray him.

    It affects his interactions with others, and relationships with others, and view of other people:

    He can be rather rude and at times cruel to others, he’s violent and aggressive a lot of the times in conflicts, and withdrawn and rude in personal relationships.

    When fighting heroes, he mocks them and taunts them on their goals and dreams, likely because his own goals and dreams were mocked. The petty criminals in the alley he calls trash and burns them because they “aren’t needed” by the league, likely because his Father didn’t think he was needed and insulted and abused him because of it. Fighting Geten he taunts him as well, but once personal marks are hit and conflict starts he becomes homicidal. His relationship with Hawks is very heated, where he normally mocks him, intimidates him, and provokes him.

    In more personal relationships like with the league he isn’t as cruel but hes very opinionated and rude. He calls Shigaraki gross, refers to Toga as Crazy and Spinner as Lizard, he also points out to compress that he “didn’t do anything” In the fight with mla, and acts bothered if they talk. He doesn’t seem to be trying to be rude or attack and hurt feelings, he says all this casually, like its normal to insult people you’re around. This is likely due to verbal abuse so often used in the home and insults directed at him so much he thought it was normal in a way, and mimicks it in his own life and relationships.

    It affects his view of himself:

    He’s pretty down on himself, refers to himself as weak a couple times, even insulting himself in front of others. He doesn’t express his emotions, doesn’t let himself open up, and avoids being an actual part of the group likely because of his problems trusting and fear of being hurt or betrayed but also because he may feel like opening up and trusting is a weakness, expressing emotions is weakness, and he’s s burden to them. Especially if he thinks of himself as useless and worthless, he may think the league will throw him aside after some time, that if he’s no longer useful to them they won’t want him anymore. He may not feel like he deserves to be there, might not feel wanted or accepted by them, which is why hes distant from them and isolates from the rest of the league.

    Then there’s the self harm and self abuse:

    We know now that Dabi’s scars are caused by overusing his quirk. He’s not dumb and he knows this too, yet he keeps using his quirk, and overuses it to where he burns himself, giving himself new scars on his stomach and chest. He burned off the nerve endings on the already scarred areas of his body, but the healthy areas he can still feel if he burns himself, and that must be agony but he does it anyway. Also at times we see him favoring his arms or holding them as if they hurt if he overuses his quirk and starts smoking from between the seams of his patchwork around his wrists. He likely can feel that and it probably hurts. The fact he’s doing this knowing hes hurting himself and risking killing himself definitely makes what hes doing self harm.

    It’s theorized he has an eating disorder of some kind by how unhealthy thin he is and how we dont see him food but see him refuse food.

    Which brings up another point i dont think anyone’s pointed out, he might be restricting food as a form of self punishment. The sushi party after the fight with mla, everyone noted that he refuses to eat because he “hates fish.” I personally think he’s lying, and he’s actually refusing because he doeant want to eat. They all were starving and had no food for who knows how long, even if he hated fish i think he’d eat if he was starving. This points more towards him having an eating disorder, and also that he might be punishing himself because he “failed” In the battle between him and Geten. He didn’t eat because he didn’t think he deserves the food.

    Restricting food and anorexia isn’t always about weight, a lot of times its about control and used as a form of self punishment and self harm. People with ED will starve themselves as punishment for things theyve done food related and not food related, to make themselves feel stronger, and to make them feel a false sense of control in their lives. This all applys to Dabi.

    Then he also pushes his own limits in fights;

    His clone that fought Aizawa had been kneed in the face, pinned to the ground, had both arms and his leg broken, yet he got back up and appeared to be trying to continue fighting even though he said it himself he was at the limit of how much damage his body can take. If hr hadn’t fallen apart, it seemed he was ready to keep trying to fight and pushing himself until he couldn’t anymore. Twice said the clones personality matches the original to where they think they are the original, so even though this is a clone, we can assume from this Dabi would have done the same thing and he has done the same thing.

    His fight with Geten he couldn’t really do much damage to Geten because of Getens ice powers, he was damaging himself more by using his fire but kept doing it, kept pushing himself harder and harder. When Geten said fuck this shit im out and dipped off to go get bitch slapped by giga, Dabi had pushed himself so severely in that fight he was smoking, covered in ash, and looked as though he’d pass out at any minute but insisted he wasn’t done fighting.

    When he attacked endeavor he used an unnessarcy amount of fire and also pushed his body to the point his stitches tore open and he burned himself on his chest and stomach. He only left the fight because it was about to be a three on one assault and rumi was full health and he likely would have gotten beaten and arrested.

    Multiple times he uses his quirk his skin smokes, the edges of his patchwork bleed and look irrated, and he looks exhausted afterwards. He’s certainly pushing himself past his limits, and i think he knows his own limits but keeps doing it.

    If he was trained by Enji he was definitely forced to push his own limits until he hurt himself, and probably emotionally abused through all of it, called weak if he wanted to stop, useless if he couldn’t go any further, etc so he does this to himself now, abuses himself like his Father abused him, then insults and punishes himself afterwards if he doesn’t think he did good enough.

    Victims of abuse, especially emotional abuse, have a way of insulting and abusing themselves because they feel like they deserve it, and believe what was told to them. A lot of victims of emotional abuse with abuse drugs and alcohol, self harm, and insult themselves with the same words they were abused with. It’s a terrible cycle and a awful realistic show of brainwashing and telling someone something so much that they believe it. That’s the psychological affect emotional abuse can have on a person, and those wounds don’t heal like physical wounds can, the victim will pick at them and reopen them over and over. It’s a terrible thing.

    In conclusion, the affects of the abuse, especially the emotional abuse, in the Todoroki family has stayed with all the children, grown into their bones, and its clearly affected Dabi in a lot of ways.

    I think this should be a reminder to watch your words to your own loved ones, and watch the words of others to you. Emotional abuse is not only a red flag to abusive relationships, but its extremely psychologically damaging. Once those words come out you can’t ever fully take them back. No one should be insulted, told they’re worthless or ugly or unlovable. Please learn the warning signs

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  • this might be one of the arcs whose pacing is so much better when read all at once than page by page as it comes out, because i am so ready to be done with “we’re accomplishing something!” “no you’re not!! surprise outside contender comes to help the bad guys!!” “yeah well surprise GOOD GUYS deus ex machina!” “surprise BAD GUYS deus ex machina!!!!” etc etc etc every page or two. i couldn’t get invested worth shit, it felt like reading an accordion.

    so being me, the one thing i registered re: brain agatha uppercutting brain lu in her smug little chin is:

    apparently agatha was trying really hard not to flirt or notice men because brain lu thrives on that shit.


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  • Names of the relevant characters from The Grey Song

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  • image


    ,,, what if that dispenser is metaphorically richie and that “hit” from eddie had moved something inside and the coin represents something??????? @andymuschetti explain this

    (gif cr. @tozier-richie)

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    In ANGR #7, Robbie’s life is looking up, he’s been street-racing at night for cash, he’s getting his bills paid off…he’s got an extra boost of confidence because a sociopath is sharing his brain and stifling his inhibitions…and he’s still crushing English class. Look at this ass-pull below.


    No doubt about it, Robbie’s a smart cookie. Perfectly valid answer. But, um. Wow.

    Ok Hamlet is famously difficult to analyze, and here’s Robbie’s reading:

    “That’s easy lol, Hamlet’s behaviors were useful to him and therefore intentional. Next?”

    This is a bit radical, given that many of us struggle to tell our loved ones that we love them, to pay bills on time when we have the money, to eat right when we have the money and the desire to do so, and to exercise when we earnestly aspire to get fit. Robbie assumes that humans do what they plan to.

    The flip side of Robbie’s assumption is that people’s actions correspond to their real motivations–which has been considered for millennia to be the best way to evaluate motive and character. Actions are louder than words, and also louder than the lies we tell ourselves about our true priorities. Basically, Robbie espouses a theory of radical personal responsibility.

    This is very black-and-white and Ghost Rider-ish. Responsibility means culpability, which means the Ghost Rider is going to burn your soul (if possible) or beat the shit out of you (if it doesn’t have that Penance Stare thing) and you damn well deserve it, sinner.

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  • So as far as careful planning goes, I do think nie huaisang tried to be careful and smart about his approach. But half the problem was that it wasn’t as if he could do a test run. Huaisang was a) a first timer at playing the long game and b) not in any position to risk tipping off the paranoid entity that was jin guangyao. The whole plan was already one big risk held together with hope and tape, he couldn’t let his defenses slip just to work out some kinks on top of that. So No Test Runs. The plan we were seeing was the rough draft. ALL editing was done on the spot. ANY plot holes were filled as they popped up. Entire chunks of the plan were probably being tossed and/or written up on the crunch as things kept happening. Huaisang said “no beta, we die like men” and meant it

    #nie huaisang#nhs#mdzs#mdzs meta#meta #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #gdc #founder of diabloism #the untamed
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    Okay, maybe that’s just me, but I reread this coming in one sitting again and it just smacked right into me how incredibly spot on this comic is about the main issue and what it’s doing to Anakin.  The story is that there’s a war that’s been raging for centuries on a planet that has torn it apart, the Open and the Closed all want each other dead, no one even really knows who started it or why they’re fighting, only that nothing matters more than winning this war just for the sake of winning the war.  There’s a Scavenger who is dropping kites in from the sky, pieces of salvaged art and culture, so that it might spark a memory of how they used to be more than this, but ultimately the Scavenger wants to furiously kill all the older members (and maybe even the Jedi sent to help them because he didn’t side with her and kill all the older Closed and Open) and “start over” with the younger ones, who say, wtf, no, whatever else is going on, this is our fight too.  These are our people!

    Interspersed with this is a story about Palpatine strong-arming the Jedi into letting him spend an afternoon with Anakin to thank him for his help with Naboo, to help mentor him while Anakin’s rage is having difficulty getting it under control.  Palpatine takes him to the Underworld, where Senators are gambling away and Palpatine spins a story about how they’re corrupt, if we could just make them slip up a little more, we could go after them, because the system is hampering us.  Anakin nudges the dice (which is what Palpatine wanted him to do), then the Senator loses his game, Palpatine takes Anakin back and says, oh, if only I could do more.  The Jedi can’t just wipe him out, even knowing he’s corrupt, and my hands are tied, too.  Oh, if only there was some other path outside of the system.  By the way, have you ever considered leaving the Jedi and coming to work for me?

    Anakin is considering leaving the Jedi, he fully intends to and has made those intentions to Obi-Wan known, who says he’ll respect it, if that’s what Anakin truly wants, but he believes Anakin is better off with them.  In the end, Obi-Wan saves the day through calling in the Jedi, by saying there was a source of Tibanna gas on the planet, who cares if that’s actually true, the point was that he wasn’t on his own, that he was working to use and make better the system that he was working with, because they’d have died if they were on their own.  Being part of something bigger is what saved them, what allowed them to give this planet any kind of chance at all.

    THAT IS EXACTLY AT THE HEART OF EVERYTHING THAT’S GOING ON WITH ANAKIN AND THE JEDI.  Everything in this issue is designed to be an echo of what Anakin is going through, right down to how he thinks the Open vs the Closed are like the Jedi fighting the Sith, which is what Palpatine will also tell him one day in the future, that they’re both “evil” from a different point of view, that both want power, and it completely sidesteps that the Jedi and the Sith are not mirror images of each other (no matter how much marketing makes it seem that way sometimes), that the Jedi do not want to win a war just for the sake of winning a war, and it’s not about fighting the Sith because they’re Sith, but because they go around murdering people and oppressing entire planets, that you can’t say one side is “just as bad” as the other when one side is going around murdering entire peoples and planets on purpose, you can’t say it about the Rebellion or the Resistance or the Republic, because there are legitimate reasons to fight and real people being fought to protect.  But it’s sure going to be a handy excuse for Anakin, who is going to strip context out of everything, when Palpatine is dangling the possibility of saving Padme in front of him, that Anakin doesn’t necessarily want to think that way, but if there’s wiggle room to justify what he really wants (saving Padme), then he’ll jump on it.

    But at the heart of this moment, the question is:  Do you remain as part of the system that is deeply flawed because it’s the only way you can see to make any kind of actual betterment for people?  Or do you leave the system all together, doing whatever you want, where you can act more directly against things that are wrong, but you have no weight behind you other than your own?

    Palpatine is planting the seeds in Anakin for the latter, that going outside of the system seems like an appealing idea for someone who feels he’s not doing enough, that the Jedi won’t just go in and clean up the mess.  And Palpatine makes it seem appealing because he’s deliberately side-stepping the consequences that would happen if the Jedi did that, that we see incredibly clearly in books like Master and Apprentice or Queen’s Shadow that these methods would not work.  Padme goes around the Senate in TPM and pays for it for years, in her inability to actually get anything real done.  Qui-Gon is only able to help the people on Pijal because he’s part of the Republic, if he’d left it, the slaves would have been absolutely fucked and Czerka would have gotten away with it.  He understands that, if they just take out one Hutt, in a few months, a new one will take their place and everything will be back to where they started.

    Obi-Wan’s point is that the only chance they have–deeply flawed and imperfect as it is (he says it directly when Anakin says “this entire world is just gone because that’s the system?”, “I don’t like it either.  But, yes.  The system is… not perfect.”  “Then the system should change.”  “Perhaps someday it will, Anakin.” THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR THE RESOLUTION OF THE STORY.)–matches up with exactly what Obi-Wan has always believed, that you work from within the system to change it, to make it better, because that’s the only thing that actually seems to work beyond just a few months at most.

    And it’s precisely what happens:


    The Jedi could go storming onto that planet and separate everyone, but as soon as they’re gone, the fighting will resume.  They’re only 10,000 in a galaxy of quadrillions and they have other people who need their help, too.  The only way to get anywhere is to be part of the Republic, to have that weight behind them, to be allowed to negotiate in the first place (if you’re not part of the Republic, then whatever treaty you negotiate doesn’t mean anything because no one’s going to honor it, the Republic isn’t going to honor something they never agreed to, never gave anyone the authority to offer on their behalf, NOR SHOULD THEY, otherwise Cad Bane can just go in and make a fucking awful treaty and have that be honored, too), to use the system as best you can to make changes for the better, which ultimately Anakin agrees with, hence deciding to stay with the Jedi.

    But the seeds have still been planted and they’re definitely going to grow.  Anakin’s desire to just go where he wants and do what he wants is going to be constantly at war with his desire to stay with the Jedi (with Obi-Wan) and his understanding that Obi-Wan has a point–as powerful as Anakin is, he’s not an entire system of government, that being part of something else makes him stronger, allows him a reach and an authority he would not have on his own.  It’s not until he thinks he’s strong enough to be that entire government (and he’s deep in the grips of the dark side and his own fear at what he’s done to save Padme’s life) that he’s willing to truly step away from the Jedi.  It’s not until Palpatine has engineered an entire war to completely overwhelm the Jedi’s attempts to change things (and there’s a very strong recurring theme in canon about how the Jedi keep trying to nudge things towards the better, keep trying to appeal for better decisions, and are consistently turned down–hell, that happens in this comic, when Mace tries to say no to Palpatine, who then strongarms him into being forced to agree) so that they’re too busy putting out tire fires and being in triage mode to actually make enough change anymore, especially when they have so little real authority themselves, as compared to the Senate and the Chancellor, that Anakin will be willing to step away.

    What Palpatine does here is masterful, he lets Anakin think that doing something illegal and outside the system (ie, a small taste of just doing whatever it is you want to do, when you want someone taken out) will lead to clearing away some of the corruption in the system, instead of addressing the far more complicated questions of how easy that kind of power is to abuse and why it’s actually a really awful idea to go down that road, even if you think you’re doing it with good intentions.  The system should change, pretty much every single person is onboard with that.  (Except Palpatine and the other corrupt Senators who benefit from it.)  That’s not the argument.  The argument is about how that should change–radical action or steady work from within and what each of those entails and when you’re stepping over a line that you’ll pay for (which isn’t about yourself, but about the good you were doing, the people you can help, if you’re allowed to help them) and how Palpatine just threw a giant ball of mud into the pond that is Anakin’s understanding of all of this, because he needs those waters muddy to turn Anakin towards him.  To take all those good intentions and all that power Anakin has and continue to use it for his own ends, rather than Anakin actually truly helping anyone on a long-term basis.



    I went into this thinking, okay, I’m going to scream about Obi-Wan being amazing and Anakin’s star-struck face any time Obi-Wan does something and yell “I FEEL YOU, ANAKIN” and how Obi-Wan was planning to leave the Jedi Order with Anakin if that’s what he decided and just have fun.

    Instead, I got a comic that just fucking nailed everything about one of the central conflicts between Anakin and the Jedi in a way that wasn’t really even that apparent until I actually started thinking about it (and have been yelling about it a lot recently, as my understanding of the GFFA evolves) and how there’s legitimate frustration and grievances there, but Palpatine strips out context and twists everything around to get his own desired result and it seems perfectly reasonable until you stop to think about it and how he played Anakin perfectly.  That it showcases how there aren’t any easy answers to this, only people trying to do their best within deeply flawed circumstances.


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  • Establish dominance by showing up to the first session of your new campaign with a guide to planning a good campaign and silently handing it to the GM.

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  • Dear you, I know you did your best – and you still are – but at some point, you have to learn when to stop. Not because you can’t do it anymore but because there’s no more sense in doing it. Sometimes, some people aren’t really what we think they are and you know what’s worse? They end up to be the same kind of people we despise.

    But in spite of that, know that it’s okay. It’s one way of teaching yourself when and to whom you should channel your energy and best efforts. It’ll be tough and quite a lot to handle but once you get the hang of it – not to mention, when you actually get to meet someone who’s worth it all – you’ll realize that whatever life has put in your path, it’ll be the same things that’ll pave your way towards a better and brighter future.

    So just go ahead, have fun, laugh and cry your heart out, make mistakes but please learn from them and never make the same mistake twice. Most importantly, at the end of the day, make sure that the person you’re going to be tomorrow is someone whom your present self will be proud of today.

    #things i think i know #things i learned today #damn#meta
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