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  • So a few months ago, I got bullied off of Reddit by a user named u/grandequesso. Prior to her appearance, I liked posting my thoughts and opinions about True Blood on Reddit (as I currently do on Tumblr). I had never heard about this person prior to them contacting me, nor did I interact with them before they started harassing me. 

    Anyways, out of curiosity, I go onto Reddit today after having been absent for a long time just to see what’s going on and if I want to sign back on again. I go to u/grandequesso’s profile, and I find this comment:

    The Karen’s of social media who boycott seasons are just stupid. Let the producers do their job. You have a choice not to watch a show. Move on. It’s like a bunch of bullies harassing until they get their way… get a life.

    u/grandequesso Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2020

    I don’t know whether or not I should be angry about this, or burst out laughing. This is truly hypocritical coming from her. Some people really don’t have any self-awareness I guess. 🤦‍♂️

    To give some context about my issues with u/grandequesso, I was a Reddit user on the True Blood subreddit for about a year. I enjoyed posting on there, and it was a pleasant community for a while with plenty of nice fans to interact with. Aside from one nasty encounter with a right-winged troll who also had a history of harassing people for their “SJW opinions,” I never had any problems with the subreddit or the people on there. That ended up changing around the time Coronavirus hit and Reddit got flooded with a bunch of trolls and assholes. One of those people who came to the True Blood subreddit in the wake of coronavirus was u/grandequesso.

    For reasons I still don’t understand, I got left these extremely nasty comments by u/grandequesso because she did not like my takes on the show, and proceeded to mock me for them. A lot of these comments were not only mean-spirited and intentionally nasty, but they were hurtful. I don’t really know what her problem was with me, but she decided to make it personal, and I became her punching-bag for several months prior to quitting Reddit.

    For instance, back in April of 2020, I did a (now deleted) post about Jason Stackhouse’s gang-rape from season 4. This was a scene that left me deeply angry when I saw it because of how mean-spirited it was, and because there were internet reviewers who implied (or outright stated) that it was karma for Jason being a womanizer. In my post, I linked to a video of Alan Ball and David Petrarca talking about Jason’s gang-rape, and I also brought up comments that several other internet reviews had said about Jason’s rape being his karma/comeuppance. The reason I did this is because I thought the show promoted a harmful message about rape = karma, and I wanted to have a conversation about the kind of messages we intentionally or unintentionally take away from TV shows. It was also to have a discussion about the way male rape is portrayed in our media. Since Reddit is a discussion board, I figured that was an appropriate place to talk about this. When I posted my opinion, most of the users who commented were thoughtful about their responses (and were okay with having this discussion). However, I get this response from her (which has since been removed by the moderators):

    EYEROLL ! It’s a show… Calm down. This is why being a SJW today is such a joke because people heads are so inflated to think they need to dissect every aspect of everything and grandstand on every platform.

    u/grandequesso Posted on Wednesday April 22, 2020

    So I guess me having a respectful discussion about something I find problematic on True Blood is being an SJW? And me wanting to talk about that is “grandstanding on every platform?”


    Originally posted by fromthemotionpicture

    This was pretty much par the course for how u/grandequesso behaved: She was of the opinion that people should just shut up and blindly enjoy the show and not read too deeply into it. Unless, of course, she had a specific problem with the show, in which case it was okay for her to be critical about it. Again, I shouldn’t have to explain how dickish and hypocritical that makes her.

    A few weeks later, a discussion comes up about the infamous Bill/Lorena scene in season 3 where Bill gets on top of Lorena and twists her head. I posted the opinion that this was a rape scene because of comments that Stephen Moyer (the actor who played Bill Compton) made at Paleyfest 2011 where he claimed that Bill’s intent in that moment was to “turn anger into rape.” I also pointed out that Lorena had a history of being abused by her maker (Istvan) to the point that she probably conflates rape and sex as the same thing and doesn’t really believe that consent matters in regards to sex (as shown in the flashbacks where she and Bill tortured and raped their victims). I was in a respectful discussion with another Reddit user about this, and u/grandequesso interjected into that conversation to leave this comment about me with that user:

    Don’t bother this person is obsessed like it’s a real scenario… totally went over their head. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    u/grandequesso Posted on Tuesday June 2, 2020

     I simply put this out as my opinion on the scene and why I thought it was rape, and she’s already telling other people not to interact with me simply because she didn’t like my take on Bill being a rapist. So not only was she being vicious about this, she was also trying to isolate me from other like most bullies do to their victims. 

    A few weeks later, on a post about Macklyn Warlow, I make a joke about Jason and Warlow having “steaming chemistry” because of the homoerotic dream Jason has about Warlow in season 6. I meant it as a harmless joke based on the way the scene was set up (with Jason and Warlow in the bathroom with steam around them). I get this hateful reply from her in response to that comment:

    Must you make every true blood comment gay somehow? Lol. The men weren’t gay. Get over it. 😆 talk about projection.. sheesh!

    u/grandequesso Posted on Friday June 26, 2020

    I should point out that I identify as homosexual (which was something she was aware of), and I had taken note in the past about how True Blood did parallels between vampires and the LGBT+ Civil Rights movement. I also should point out that I personally thought Jason could be secretly bisexual based on the number of homoerotic dreams he has on the show, However, that was just my personal theory and opinion. I did not ever state this as fact. There was no reason for this person to leave that comment other than to be homophobic, and to once again belittle me because she could.

    In each of these instances, I merely expressed my opinions about True Blood. I did not force these opinions on anyone else. I did not harass people for disagreeing with me. Even with people who didn’t agree with my takes, I tried to be as respectful and considerate as I could when discussing the show with them. So I do not understand what I did to warrant this kind of hateful behavior from her. I guess she believed that it was okay to be an asshole to me because she thought my takes were garbage.

    Her bullying got bad enough that it contributed to my ongoing anxiety and depression (which I have been struggling with for years), and I ended up deactivating my account on Reddit because I was no longer in a good headspace to post there. I also no longer felt welcome on the True Blood subreddit because of her behavior. 

    A month later, I did sign back on to report her to the True Blood Moderators for bullying and harassment. I even pulled up these comments (which are still on her profile) to show that she had a pattern when it came to bullying others. To their credit, the True Blood Moderators took my claims seriously, and u/grandequesso got banned from the True Blood subreddit. She has not posted on there since last August.

    In hindsight, I realize I should have done this in the first place, but I mistakenly believed that I had thick enough skin to withstand her bullying. That is a mistake I will never make again.

    I should also point out that u/grandequesso is a Donald Trump supporter (which makes it ironic that she’s accusing people of bullying others on social media when she’s supporting a man who has a history of doing the same thing) and has attacked other Reddit users in the past for leaving comments that she deems as SJW-ish or she flat out doesn’t like. For example, this, for instance, was posted on r/90daysfinanceduncensored in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement:

    SJW post!! 🙄 We get it.. thank you for another wise post. 🙏🏽

    u/grandequesso Posted on Sunday August 30, 2020

    And this was a similar comment she posted to someone whose take she didn’t like:

    You’re perfect. I’d love to know more about your life, so we could pick it apart. It would be fun. 😉

    u/grandequesso Posted on Thursday June 18, 2020

    u/grandequesso is one of those people who seems to think that “freedom of speech” mean “freedom to be an asshole to whomever you want.” She has bullied people on Reddit in the past because they had opinions she didn’t like, and she has never once demonstrated any remorse for doing so. She claims to be in favor of Freedom of Speech, and yet she intentionally harasses others for expressing their Freedom of Speech. 

    To put this bluntly, I don’t think she has any moral high ground to complain about Karens on social media harassing others when she has engaged in the exact same behavior herself. 

    The internet is full of hateful bigoted people, and she is one of them.

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  • Do people intentionally misspell others names when they’re attacking them because they think it’s clever? Whether it’s fictional characters (Kylo Ron, Tony Stank, etc) or celebrities (Chris Rat).

    Like, I get the idea is that you don’t respect that person enough to spell their name correctly, but the problem is it comes off as childish, immature, and kinda pathetic. Everytime I see someone doing this on Tumblr or Twitter, it reminds me of the school-yard bullies I used to encounter in elementary school.

    I’m not particularly impressed if you can’t come up with an insult better than that.

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  • Anyone remember in 2016 when Hillary Clinton’s emails were such a scandalous affair? Everyone was talking about it. You had bumper stickers that said “Hillary for Prison.” And Donald Trump was telling everyone how she “bleached her emails” and that he was going to lock “Crooked Hillary” in prison?

    Now it’s 2020, and hardly anyone talks about it. Can anyone tell me what exactly this amounted to?

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  • Jason being a protective big brother to Sookie is my kind of aesthetic.

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  • Anyone ever notice that when a celebrity comes under fire for things they’ve said or done in the past, everyone is suddenly like “Oh, this person’s work was never good to begin with” or “Oh, they were a mediocre actor” or “Oh, they were a lousy singer/director/internet reviewer/author/whatever.”

    I always see this trend, and I can never tell if people are just jumping on a bandwagon and are bashing someone because it’s the new popular “woke” thing to do, or if they always held those kind of opinions about that particular individual.

    Either way, I’m of the opinion that public opinion gets swayed easily, and that some people really delight in seeing high-profile indivduals fall from grace.

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  • Friendly reminder that being condescending doesn’t automatically make you right. It just makes you an asshole. It also makes me less interested in hearing your opinion (assuming you actually cared about having a conversation in the first place).

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  • Jason and Sookie cleaning Gran’s house and talking about the existence of werewolves, bigfoot, and Santa Clause is a mood.


    Originally posted by daniels-gillies

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  • Every time I see someone on Tumblr attacking others for liking problematic characters, or saying shit like “I don’t understand how anyone can like this character” or “you’re a terrible person for liking this character in spite of their bad choices,” my first instinct is to hit the block button and never talk to that person again.

    I don’t like being guilt-tripped for liking a problematic favorite. And I am so done being showered with bile, condescension, and contempt because I like a character that isn’t popular or is deeply flawed.

    Fuck off with that self-righteous attitude! I don’t need it. If you hate the character, then fine, that’s your opinion. But don’t be an asshole to other people about it.

    #mf opinions#problematic favorites #i am not criticizing the right for people to hate a character #but don't be an asshole to others about it #it's disrespectful
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  • Friendly Reminder:

    Gaslighting someone in a relationship is not sexy.

    Putting someone in danger so you can look like a hero to them is not sexy.

    Drugging someone with an aphrodisiac without completely informing them about all the physiological and psychological effects is not sexy.

    Manipulating and wearing someone down so they fall in love with you is not sexy.

    Lying your ass off about your motivations is not sexy.

    Being a RAPIST is not sexy.

    Torturing people is not sexy.

    Sadistically taunting people when they are at your mercy is not sexy.

    Constantly making excuses for your shitty behavior is not sexy.

    Trying to kill people to cover up your past sins is not sexy.

    Manipulating 👏 and 👏 abusing 👏 someone 👏 is 👏 not 👏 sexy!

    And yes, I am referring to Bill Compton when I say this:

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  • Question: Is it really that big of an inconvenience for people to tag their hate as anti? It’s not that hard, and it’s out of courtesy to the people who may like the character you hate, as well as so you don’t stumble across bile being directed at the character you like.

    I don’t see why this is so hard for people to do. Don’t be an asshole about it. Sheesh! 🙄

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  • Does anyone ever wonder if the people who bullied you in high school ever regret doing so? Do they even remember, or have they forgotten? Are they tormented with guilt and wish they could make it up to you, or do they just not give a shit? 

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  • Having depression is the worst feeling in the world. Especially when it filters out all the good memories and leaves you with the bad ones.

    I think one of the most harmful things I ever got taught as a kid is that no matter what I did, it would never be good enough. If I screwed up or acted silly, I deserved to be bullied for it. I had to be perfect. I had to get good grades in school or I was worthless. I was never allowed to have a bad race in cross country because it meant I didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t deserve to have friends. I should always try to please people, and if they got angry with me for whatever reason, then it was always my fault and I deserved their contempt. I never got a break for anything I did wrong, and people loved reminding me of my mistakes and bad (but not malicious) choices. I was always in danger of having my words and actions misrepresented or taken out-of-context. If I wasn’t always aware of people’s problems on a 24/7 basis (even when I didn’t have all the information), then I was selfish. We couldn’t spend money on anything for me because we were poor (except my parents had no problem spending hundreds of dollars on stuff they wanted whereas I had to scrape by). My parents always placed value on their stuff, yet things that were important to me (cross country photos and journals, for instance) got thrown away during the divorce because my parents hated each other and wanted to stick it to one another.

    I am ¼ of the way through my life, and it’s only after I have finished school and am on my own that I realize how much this has damaged me.

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  • Sometimes, there are moments I look back at my past, and I cringe at some of the things I said and did. Whether or not it was being an asshole in one instance, or acting silly to the point people got irate with me, or being careless about something…………..I’m sure I’m not the only person on the planet who’s made mistakes and bad choices, but there are some things I look back on with regret, even though it’s been years and no one really remembers (or cares) about stuff that still eats at me.

    It feels like depression filters out all the good memories and leaves you with the bad ones. What sucks is your mind makes it worse than it probably was. You feel like shit, and you don’t know how to forgive yourself for bad mistakes. You’re fixated on them whereas everyone else has moved on. You feel like that’s the kind of person you are, and you can’t move past that. 

    It’s the feeling that no matter what you do to improve or be better, it will never be good enough. You remember all the times you screwed up or did stuff wrong rather than the times you succeeded. You remember all the times you were inconsiderate or mean rather than the times you were kind and selfless. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

    #mf opinions#depression #i've been fixated on mistakes i've made in the past #and i feel like my mind makes it worse than it was #there are days i feel worthless and like i deserve people's contempt #or i feel like people can't stand me and it's my fault #i know it isn't rational #but i've been stuck with this mindset for a long time #it's eats away at me
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  • Anyone got good tips about recalling and remembering memories from 10 years ago? Or recalling memories you haven’t thought about in a long time? Is there any kind of food or drink or technique that you can use that will enhance your memories and help you recall stuff?

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  • Even before the mess that was the last 2 seasons of Game of Thrones, I never liked Jon Snow as a character. I didn’t hate him, but out of the vast majority of characters that appeared on the show, he was one of the LEAST interesting protagonists I have ever seen on a TV show. Like, everytime he came onscreen, I was bored and wanted the show to go back to other characters like Daenerys, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Stannis, Theon, Jamie, Cersei, etc.

    It’s hard to narrow down why I didn’t take to his character, but I do have my reasons: Part of it is because his personality felt wooden and stiff. Part of it is because the ONLY interesting thing about Jon was the mystery of his mother (and even that wasn’t enough to make his character compelling). Part of it was because his “honor before reason” approach came off as grating instead of enduring. Part of it had to do with him getting plot armor that kept him alive over other, better characters. And a big chunk of it had to with him being a carbon copy of every single generic white male, chosen one, fantasy protagonist that’s ever existed in media. The only difference is that Jon didn’t offer anything new as a character to the genre.

    So the writing for Jon’s character falling apart in seasons 7-8 wasn’t a shock to me. I kind of expected it based on how his character was structured in the first place.

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  • image

    Day 30: Favorite Ben and Klaus moment?

    The fight both of them have on the road in season 2. It was both hilarious and the kind of fight I’d expect between two family members, lol!


    Originally posted by horrorseance

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    Day 29: Favorite Diego and Klaus Moment?

    Klaus saving Diego in season 1, even though Diego told him to wait in the car.


    Originally posted by jesimahcah

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