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    Hello Dr.Reid 😜📞

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    Spencer: JJ texted me saying "your adorable" so I texted her back saying "no, YOU'RE adorable."

    Rossi: and?

    Spencer: and now we've been on six dates. All I did was point out a typo but I like her so I'm not complaining

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    POV: You are out on a date with Spencer, and you realize he looks like the guy in the film, so you take a picture of him next to the movie poster.

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    Ahshsjsks H E I S H O T

    || Main tags: @thewinchesterandreidwhore @deadpoetfaith ||

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    i took the SAT today and i’m so mentally drained… i don’t even know how it went i’m just so 😐 could go for a hug from him rn

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    more gube socks

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    Matthew is literally the sweetest and most precious soul. 🥺💕

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    Waking Up In Vegas

    spencer reid x reader

    request: prompts 87 (boop), 88 (that's such a bad idea- lets do it), 89 (Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool), 96 (I'm not crying, you are.) by anon

    word count: 1.7k

    warnings: Mentions of drug addiction, heavy drinking and blackout, that's it.

    author's note: I've had this in my inbox for months, and I'm so sorry I didn't finish it sooner. Also, what do you want to see from my blog, it seems like I only post once a week for my fics and that's a no go from me.


    The light was too loud- that's a wonderful thing to think when you remember nothing of the night before. You groaned and sat up, seeing that you were in a large bed with white covers. You scratched your head and looked around, noticing that the bedboard behind you was a large pink heart.

    Looking down you realize that you're wearing a sequined red bikini top and a skirt scarf combo with booty shorts underneath. Drunk you does not have good fashion sense.

    Before you can notice anything else, you start to feel puke crawling up your throat and you immediately run and vomit all your guts up.

    You rinse your mouth out and notice that the blanket mound you left has shifted, and you become wary and pick up a heavy brass candlestick.

    And then the lump rolls over, and it's your goddamn coworker.


    He startles and wakes up, staring at you and then glancing down at himself- huh, there was something wrong about that picture, but you couldn't figure out what it was just yet.

    "y/n? What are you doing in my hotel room?" He pauses, looks around, then mutters under his breath "this isn't my hotel room."

    He looks up at you "Since when are you married?"

    "I'm not," You look down at your hand, noticing a giant red ruby adorning your ring finger "I am."

    You look down at his hand and notice that he is too, "And so are you."

    You and Spencer look around your room, both badly masking paranoia and panic. Both of your eyes stop when you notice a picture frame in the corner- a wedding certificate.

    "Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool. This is fine, no big deal, just a marriage certificate," You move over and pick it up "with both of our names on it."

    "Okay, this is okay, this is fine," Spencer says, sitting back down on the bed stunned.

    "So, we're married, which is a thing that happened, last night, that you definitely remember." You say, sitting down next to your newly revealed husband.

    "I don't remember."

    "How do you not remember? You have super memory powers!"

    "This is an excellent first fight to have as a married couple, of course, you blame me." He says, standing up and shrugging.

    You meet his stance "Of course I blame you! You're the smart one!"

    "Oh, well Agent, I wasn't aware that you had an IQ of 25!" He pauses "25 is the number associated by Henry H. Goodard to be an idiot, it's actually-"

    "I know!" You exclaim, seething with half-hearted rage.

    "You know, your the one who got an addict drunk!"

    "Your vice isn't alcohol! If I drugged you I'd be a monster! You ordered that first bloody mary all by yourself, and those shots we did were totally consensual!!!"

    He looked up at you "you remember that?"

    You think, and notice memories that you didn't know were there, "um, yeah, bits and pieces."

    From the expression he makes, he looks to be remembered more too. You and your new husband sit down and let it all hit you.


    "4 tequila shots please." You wave down the bartender.

    You're already buzzed, but you and Spencer were just getting warmed up. Morgan and Garcia left hours ago to go to a fancy restaurant, Rossi was planted firmly at the poker table, Hotch was nowhere to be seen, JJ had gone home to be with Henry, and Emily was at a "sin to win" night at some casino that you already knew too much about just by hearing the name.

    So that leaves you and Spencer at the bar in the only casino in town he wasn't banned from.

    At first, you were concerned about him drinking, but once he reassured that alcohol isn't his way of self-medicating, you were okay. Besides, if you saw any red flags, you would throw his ass in rehab faster than you can say 'gin'.

    So, you were 5 drinks in and having the time of your lives, showing off battle scars and laughing. God, his eyes were pretty.

    "Your eyes are so pretty!" You giggled "like soooooo pretty, woooooooow."

    He laughed and looked back at you "your skin is pretty, like in a non-serial killer way, it's really pretty."

    "Thank you, just don't kill me for it."

    "I just called no murder!" He whined "besides, how am I sure you won't kill me and scoop my eyes out?"

    "Because that's gross." You said, rolling your eyes.

    "And stealing your skin isn't?"

    "You can' have my skin!" You say, mock running away.

    He laughs, and looks directly into your eyes, and smiles, wow, he was pretty. Morgan was right.

    "Hey, do you wanna get out of here?" Spencer asks you.

    "Yeah, let's get ice cream!" You grab his hand, and it feels natural through your foggy brain.

    After stumbling through the ice cream parlor, full of people who were trying to pretend like they weren't. Spencer got butter pecan, and you got sherbert and chocolate.

    You stumbled out of the store, giggling to yourself and Spencer.

    God, you loved him. So you told him.

    "I love you." He stopped in his tracks, and you almost tripped on a bicycle rack.

    "Really?" He whispers.

    All of the giggles are gone.

    "I love you."

    The ice cream is long forgotten, his on the ground, and half of yours on your clothes and half next to his on the ground. All that's left is your faces inching closer to each other.

    When your lips meet it feels like firecrackers going off inside your head.

    His mouth is soft, gently contrasting with your soft lips. His tongue sneaks into your mouth, your smile around his.

    "Let's get married." He pulls apart from you, out of breath.

    You stay silent for a moment, before looking up and directly into his chocolate brown eyes "That is such a bad idea-"

    He diverts his eyes and scratches the back of his skull "Um, yeah, that's okay, let's-"

    "Let's do it."

    He looks back at you, and you grab his body and kiss him.


    Sometimes people can be happy, you realize as an elderly woman ties a sash around your waist.

    You have to be honest, you never thought this was gonna be how you were gonna get married. Hell, you weren't sure if you were gonna get married at all. But certainly not like this. Certainly not at 1 am to your coworker 7 drinks in at a cheap roadside attraction.

    Definitely not like this.

    But something about this weirdness felt like the only way anything ever would've made any sense.

    There was something about the outfit you were wearing that was perfect, a bright red bra covered in sequins underneath a top with buttons and poofy sleeves that showed off a lot of your chest, a wrap-around cheap white silk skirt with jeans shorts underneath. And of course purple open-toed boots. Perfect.

    Marrying Spencer Reid is like a fever dream. A perfect man with perfect hair and perfect eyes. So of course you were giggling like crazy while they put the cheap crown with pink tulle serving as a veil on your head.

    Your witnesses were an elderly couple, of course, you wanted to have your best friends there, but knowing them they'd try to talk you out, and believe me, there was no way you wanted out of it.

    "Now's time dear," the woman exclaims, gently patting you on the shoulder and leading you out of the fitting room and towards the chapel.

    The owner of the business hooks his arm around yours and leads you into the chapel, church bells from an iPod attached to a speaker ringing out into the air.

    Spencer turns around the air visibly leaves his lungs when you make eye contact. The chapel you two had chosen in this drunken haze was costume-themed, and he was wearing an ancient Rome costume that fit the time where his favorite philosopher, so even though no one else noticed, you could tell he was dressed as Gaius.

    His hair had been attempted to slick back, but little curls were popping up all over the place instead. He was wringing his hands tightly and bouncing his knee, god you couldn't wait to marry him.

    The elderly man who had led you to the alter places you next to Spencer, you couldn't focus on anything but your soon-to-be-husband.

    Spencer takes his hands and gently pulls your veil up from around your face, and a tear trickles out of his eyes as he sees you. You smile and notice his nerves, try to calm the love of your life down "boop", you gently tap his nose and he smiles in comfort.

    The officiant drones on and on about love but you can't hear him, all you can focus on is his love-filled eyes.

    "Do you take Spencer Reid to be your husband?"

    Your eyes snap out of their daze and you say with the most certainty than you have ever said anything: "I do."

    "And do you take (y/n) (y/l/n) to be your life partner for as long as you may live?"

    "I do," And you feel more wanted than you ever have in your life, he wants you, Spencer wants you.


    You and Spencer sit on your bed in stunned silence, neither believing that last night had really happened. You look over at your apparent husband and notice tears streaming down his face.

    "You're crying." You say, your voice coming out as a chocked whisper.

    "I'm not crying, you are." You look down and notice that your shirt is soaked in tears.

    "Oh." You take a deep breath and look into his eyes. "So, what do you want to do?"

    "Get an annulment?" He doesn't look completely happy about his answer and stares into your eyes for reassurance.

    You take a deep breath and stare off into the distance, out into a world that would be so much better if you were married to Spencer Reid. "I don't want that."

    You look back at him to meet his eyes, "Me neither."

    "I love you, a lot, and I want to be married to you." Spencer smiles, and you feel wanted and safe and loved.

    Instead of saying it back, he kissed you with a passion that was way more descriptive than simple words. Spencer is your husband and you love him, he loves you, and you are finally wanted.


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    can someone tell me to stop starting fics ...? i have enough.

    #ro' talks #I'll have to change how my masterlist is because the amount of mgg/spencer fics i have coming #mgg gif #there are 9-10 mgg/spencer fics coming #spencer reid gif
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    08.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Falling, fallen chapter 1

    Pairings: Spencer Reid x OFC

    Story summary: Spencer randomly meets Leah at the library and their first encounter was supposed to be just that; a random one-time occurance. When an unsub lands Spencer in the very same hospital she works at, she feels obligated to take care of him. But what happens when his team notices her everlooming presence and theorises that perhaps she could be the unsub they’re looking for?

    Chapter summary: The guy Leah had met at the library just an hour ago suddenly gets wheeled into the ER where she works. 

    Warnings: Mention of blood, but not a lot.

    Wordcount: 6,6 k


    Leah hadn’t even been on call for half an hour when a stretcher was rolled in through the doors of the ER, someone shouting “Male, early thirties! Gunshotwound to the lower abdomen.” That was about all she was able to concentrate on. The ER was a mess of chaos, every available doctor and nurse running between patients. People were running into each other, medicalequipments crashing onto the floor every now and then, some patients screaming out in pain… Leah could feel the beginning of a migraine sneaking up on her. She almost never worked in the ER, usually sticking to Post Op. or the ICU, but there had been a masscollision on the highway that night so it was kind of like an all hands on deck situation. 

    Leah was currently working on picking out broken glass from the arm of an elderly woman. It wasn’t a terrible wound, but judging by the way it was bleeding she’d probably need stitches. Still, Leah had no idea why she was there. Her injuries weren’t lifethreatning and the ER was overcrowded with other patients who actually needed their attention more than this woman. She’d be just fine if she had gone to an urgent care, but Leah wasn’t about to argue.

     “Leah, I’m gonna need you with me in traumaroom 2.” Dr. Ruiz called over the noise and it gathered her attention. She caught his glance across the room and saw that he was following the stretcher which had just been brought in by the ambulance. Leah quickly mumbled her apologies to the woman, pulled off her gloves and started to navigate through the sea of chaos. She eventually pushed the doors of traumaroom 2 open, rubbing her hands dry from the sanitizer she’d covered them with. 

    “What’s his status?” Leah asked once she entered, quickly making her way over to the man laying across the stretcher. She knew why Dr. Ruiz had called her in here. The patient was a gunshotvictim, which usually meant a lot of blood. Typically, in cases like this, there were two doctors to check the injuries and make medicaldecisions. Gunshotwounds were always messy and it was hard to know what to expect, so two doctors in the room was always ideal, just in case the patient were to crash or there was a lifethreatning injury. But currently all doctors seemed to be otherwise occupied, so Leah understood why Dr. Ruiz had called her in. Blood and gore never bothered her, it actually made her calmer. The more pressure she had on her shoulders, the calmer and more collected she stayed. She was on the traumateam for a reason, although be it as a nurse, so she had seen a thing or two in her past. 

    “Oh my God, Spencer!” She exclaimed, surprised to discover the identity of the man sprawled out in front of her. She stood there frozen in place for a moment, wondering what had happened. She had left him at the library not even an hour previously and now he was here, blood pooling slowly from the open wound in his abdomen. 

    The surprise only shocked her for a split second before she shook herself out of her thoughts. Stroking a hand over his forehead, she matted his mop of curls out his face. Using a thumb to force one of his eyelids open, she grabbed a small flashlight from the pocket of her scrubs. 

    “Spencer, can you hear me?” She asked him, shining the light into his eyes a few times, watching for any sort of unusual reaction of his pupils. She did the same with the other eye. “Spencer?” She asked once more. He was out cold, but his pupils responded as expected so that made her a little more at ease. 

    “You know him?” Dr. Ruiz asked over his shoulder, roaming through the cabinets to find all the equipments he’d need to fully check the injuries. 

    “Well, kinda,” Leah answered, not knowing what else to say in that moment. There was no use to lie about the fact that she’d met him an hour earlier, but she didn’t exactly know him. 

    “Are you gonna be okay with this or do you need to step out?” Dr. Ruiz asked her, finally returning to stand at Spencer’s other side. 

    “I’m good,” Leah told him, probably a little too fast to sound convincing. But it was true, she was nothing if not professional. 

    “Okay,” Dr. Ruiz nodded. “Ready to move him?” He asked and it was Leah’s turn to nod. She pushed the stretcher closer to the bed in the room as Dr. Ruiz got out of the way. Locking the breaks of the stretcher so it wouldn’t budge, she grabbed a tight hold of the sheet underneath Spencer as the doctor did the same on the other side. They locked eyes and counted. One, two, three. In a split second they had Spencer lifted onto the bed with such ease it looked like they had done it a hundred times before. Which they actually probably had. Dr. Ruiz was one of the doctors Leah worked closest with, since he was typically stationed at Post Op. When they were both on call, Leah was nomally the person Dr. Ruiz would call for if he needed help. They were kind of a dream team; a force to be reckoned with whenever they worked together. 

    As the doctor started to cut Spencer’s shirt open, Leah wheeled the stretcher out into the hall to give them space. Locking the door behind her again, she quickly took a look at his medicalfile which another nurse had just delivered in her hand. 

    “This is gonna hurt. Let’s push for 10mg Oxycodone,” Dr. Ruiz told her once she returned to Spencer’s side. 

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Cave morphine,” Leah told him as she started slicing Spencer’s shirt open from his sleeve up to his shoulder. 

    “Addiction or allergy?” The dortor asked. 

    “Addiction. Dilaudid,” Leah informed him, having just read it in his file. She had already snapped gloves onto her hands and was working on getting the IV-kit ready. “Tramadol would be a safer option, right?” Tramadol was usually the kind of drugs they’d give to patients after minor surgeries or injuries to manage the pain. It was hardly as effective as Oxy-preparations, but it  was usually still enough to take the edge off. They hardly ever used it before they were able to assess the pain level of the patients, but it still seemed to be the least addictive morphinecontaining drug they had at hand. And given Spencer’s injuries some sort of morphine was needed despite what his medicalfile said. He needed something for the pain and NSAIDs weren’t going to cut it in that moment. They could handle whatever addiction-problem he had later; when he wasn’t in a potential life-threatening situation.

    Dr. Ruiz nodded his head acutely, ordering her to administer 50mg. Leah worked quickly, finding a usable vein in Spencer’s hand and poking the cannula into it. Taping it down onto his hand, she hooked a bag of ring acetate to the pole by the bed and connected the tube to the IV. She noticed Spencer twitching a little at that and she moved to stand over his head. 

    “Spencer, are you awake?” She asked, once again matting his hair back. She noted, even through the gloves she was wearing, that he was warm and sweaty. “I’m gonna give you something for the pain, okay? It’s Tramadol, so I hope that’s okay,” she informed him, even though she highly doubted that he was coherent enough to register her words. She did as she’d said she’d do, pushing a needle Dr. Ruiz had readied for her into the IV-tube and slowly administered the drug. While the painkillers worked its way through his system, she leaned over to help Dr. Ruiz. She put pressure on the wound on his abdomen while the doctor probed around with an ultrasound, trying to look for anything that could indicate whether Spencer had an internal bleeding. 

    It didn’t even take a minute before Spencer calmed down, his twitching stopping completely and his breathing evening out. She was glad for that, not wanting him to be more uncomfortable than necessary. 

    “You paged me?” A woman's voice startled Leah and she turned to the door which was now wide open. She was another doctor, but Leah couldn’t really recall her name. Not that she really cared either. 

    “Yes!” Dr. Ruiz said, tightening the bandage they had just wrapped around Spencer’s wound. It was still bleeding, but the wrappings should be able to hold for the transport to the OR. “GSW to the lower abdomen. Patient is non responding, but stable. No sign of internal bleeding, but I’m sure he needs surgery to remove that bullet,” Dr. Ruiz informed the other woman who nodded along. She moved further into the room and cast a quick look at Spencer, checking the vitals, pupil responses, making sure the oxygenprosentage of his mask was correct before she once again nodded. 

    “I agree. He’s stable enough to be moved? Then we should wheel him down to Pre Op.,” she concluded. 

    “I’ll go with him,” Leah found herself speaking before she could even register those thoughts. 

    “No, no, no, Leah,” Dr. Ruiz said, laying a clean hand on her shoulder. “I need you here in the ER. I’ll go with him and I’ll keep you updated. Don’t worry, he’s going to be fine.” His words reassured her a little. It’s not like Spencer was a friend or anything, but she knew him enough to put a name to the face and that brought this whole case a little closer to home. But she let him go, knowing she was needed more in the ER. 

    She kept her hands busy for the next two hours before Dr. Ruiz finally returned, hovering just behind her as she was working on trying to determine if she should send the teenager in front of her up to radiology or not. 

    “He’s in surgery now,” Dr. Ruiz informed her, not giving a care to the boy Leah was inspecting. He cried out in pain when she moved his foot at an odd angle. 

    “I think he needs to take a trip over to radiology. Do you mind signing the papers?” Leah asked the doctor, not wanting to talk about Spencer right now, especially not in front of another patient. She let Dr. Ruiz take over the patient, but she hovered around until they had sent the boy on his way. She cleaned up after herself and took a glance around the ER. It was getting quiet now. The rush of patients had died down now and she spotted several doctors and nurses just hanging around, chatting and taking a well deserved minibreak. 

    “Come on,” Dr. Ruiz said, putting a gentle hand on Leah’s shoulder. “Let’s grab a quick coffee and then you can head up to the ICU.” Leah had never felt more relieved by the idea of a cup of the shitty coffee the hospital had to offer. She really needed coffee now. 

    Leah had always liked Dr. Ruiz. She considered him a friend, at least a workfriend. It’s not just that they worked well together, but he was always very considerate; always being there if she needed a shoulder to cry on at the end of a hard day, pushing her to take a break because she always refused to, bringing her powerbars if there was a busy day and they didn’t have time for a real meal. He was nice and she liked how she could always lean on him. 

    “I don’t actually know him,” Leah finally spoke up once they had both filled up their cups with the cheap stuff the vendingmachines wanted to pass as coffee. Dr. Ruiz didn’t say anything, just gave a gesture of his hand for her to continue. He leaned back against the wall of the corridor and Leah mirrored him. “We just met earlier today, actually. I forgot my librarycard at the library and he found it, handed it back. We just had a small conversation, nothing big. But then I got called in for the accident, so I had to leave. I mean, I’d seen him just an hour ago and then they wheeled him in,” she explained, not really knowing what to feel. 

    “And what? You blame yourself or something?” He asked, clearly reading her mind. 

    “No, not really,” she told him, which was an obvious lie. “I guess it just shocked me. I don’t know. I mean, maybe it could have been me. I don’t even know what happened to him, but I keep thinking that it could have been me. Or maybe if I had stayed a little longer then this wouldn’t have happened at all.” She hadn’t heard anything about what had actually happened. Maybe it had been a robbery gone wrong, or maybe there had been a shootout and he was in the middle of the crossfire. She didn’t suspect the last one since they hadn’t received any other gunshotwound-patients, but the possibilities were still endless. All she knew was that he was brought in with a bullet in his abdomen and that he would hopefully pull through. 

    “You know, you should really stop thinking like that. It’s not healthy,” Dr. Ruiz told her and it was exactly what she needed to hear. No bullshit excuse about how it wasn’t her fault or that there wouldn’t have been anything she could’ve done. Just a plain and simple command to stop overthinking. It made a small smile play on her lips. 

    “Yeah, well… How can I not?” She asked him, glancing up. He gave her a sad smile, knowing it was hard to let those thoughts go. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his body. Leah sighed, leaning her head back into his shoulder while taking a sip of her coffee. He didn’t say anything else and neither did she. They just stayed there in silence for another few moments before he started leading her down the corridor. They said their goodbyes in front of the ICU, Dr. Ruiz promised he’d keep her updated on Spencer’s surgery. 

    Leah prepared for a long night. Nightshifts were usually crap because it was so quiet and she was the kind of person who needed things to do. If she didn’t, she usually got all fidgety and restless, which was also why she never liked reading. She couldn’t sit still for longer periods of time. The more things she had to do, the better she felt once she got home at the end of the day. She had also prepared for a doubleshift, knowing the morning would be busy with doctorvisits, family coming to see their loved ones, breakfast coming around and helping certain patients go to the bathroom and get cleaned up. Yeah, she looked forward to the morning, but for right now she dreaded the long night ahead. 

    Dr. Ruiz came up a little after two in the morning to let her know that Spencer was out of surgery and was recovering nicely. He’d been lucky, the bullet not hitting any major organs, but it had nicked his bladder so they were afraid of how his bladdercontrol would be. They wanted to keep him catheterized for a few days just to make sure everything was working properly. Apparently, he was also risking the development of internal bleeding and infections. Leah knew that, there was always a risk of that when it came to injuries like Spencer’s, but it rarely ever happened, not unless the bullet had nicked something or the surgery went wrong. But there was still a chance, so they always informed each other of it. She still knew that chances were slim so she wasn’t overly concerned about it. She was mostly happy he was going to be fine. 

    Spencer was rolled into his own room at the ICU around 3:30 A.M. and Leah made it her personal business to check up on him. She finished the rest of her round rather quickly after that. Once she finished up the most important tasks she grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and some food from the cafeteria. For the next hour she hid out in Spencer’s room, figuring she’d deserved a nice, long break since she was going to pull a doubleshift. It was a quiet night anyway so she didn’t even feel remotely bad about it. 

    He woke up a little before six in the morning, groaning softly from the bed beside her. Leah glanced over at him, giving him a moment to orient himself. She knew that her position was highly unprofessional; sitting a chair beside him with her feet propped up on his bed next to his. But she didn’t care. Her feet were aching and she loved being able to relieve the pressure for a little while. So, she played it cool, deciding it would be worse to drop her legs down in embarrassment. 

    “Well, hey there, Stranger!” Leah decided to greet him with the biggest smile she could master. Spencer seemed to be more alert now and he had glanced everywhere imaginable; the door, her feet, the heartmonotor, the IV-bag, the ceiling. Still, his eyes wavered between her feet and her face. 

    “You’re wearing mismatched socks,” he finally said. Leah couldn’t help but chuckle at that. That was probably the strangest thing anyone had ever said to her after coming out of surgery. 

    “You know, we ruled out braintrauma pretty early on, but maybe we should still call neuro?” She teased. She could see a blush creep up his cheeks, taininting them in under half a second. His eyes roamed around again, finally locking in on the clock hanging above the door. 

    “No, that won’t be necessary,” he told her bluntly and Leah felt like he probably wasn’t in jokingmood. “Where are my things? I need to call my boss,” he said trying to move up into a sitting position. Leah decided to just watch him struggle for a moment, finding it highly amusing even though she was still a little worried about him. He was probably still woozy from the anesthesia so sitting up appeared to be a struggle. Finally, Leah dropped her feet from his bed when he groaned out in pain. She walked over to him, putting both her hands on his shoulder and pushing him firmly back. 

    “Don’t pull your stitches,” she told him. She took a seat in the chair again, grabbing the remote to bed and began to raise his back. He groaned out again when he was almost sitting, so she lowered the back a few notches again. “Don’t be a baby now,” she teased, but her voice was probably a little harsh. She couldn’t help it. She’d had a long day and she had been really worried about him. 

    “I’m not a baby,” he whispered and Leah could see a pout on his lips. It only made her smirk. 

    “You sure about that?” She asked, leaning over to snatch his file from the holder at the end of the bed. “You know what they say, right? About doctors being the worst patients?” She raised an eyebrow at him to give him the indication that she knew he was a doctor. It was in his file after all. 

    “I’m not that kind of doctor,” he informed her and Leah just chuckled.

    “Yeah, I figured that much out. I’ve been around enough real doctors, so trust me when I say you’re definitely not the type,” she laughed. “No offense, of course,” she decided to add as an afterthought. 

    “None taken,” he replied, a little slurred. Leah looked over at him. “Can I call my boss now?” He asked and Leah sighed. 

    “Spencer, look… they’re already here, your friends I mean-” He cut her off before she even had the chance to say anything else. 

    “They’re not my friends. They’re my team.” His words surprised her. She hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to them yet, but she’d heard that they had all been really worried and constantly asked for updates on his condition. They seemed genuinely worried about his wellbeing. 

    “And they can’t be your friends because they’re ‘your team’?” She asked, cocking an eyebrow at him. 

    “Are you friends with your coworkers?” Spencer asked back, and it should’ve been a witty comeback, but he actually sounded interested in knowing. 

    “Can’t say that I am,” she said after pondering the thought for a second or so. “Touché, by the way. But my point is, just take a minute to wake up a little bit. I’ll go get them later so you can see them, okay? Just please… take a breather, alright? And I want the doctor to take a look at you first as well. Do you even remember what happened? You just woke up from surgery after getting shot. Let that sink in before I call them in.” 

    “I’m fine,” Spencer insisted, but Leah just shot him a stern look. She stared him down for what felt like too long before he finally caved, leaning a little further back in his seat with a sigh. 

    “Good,” Leah smiled. She took a moment to really study him for the first time. He was actually really handsome, with these greenish eyes which got more honeybrown towards the middle and shaggy brown hair which she suspected was always unkept. His nose was straight and his lips slightly plump, skin clean. He actually looked like a specimen. The only negative thing she could point out were the dark circles under his eyes and she felt her heartstring tug a little, wondering what nightmares kept him up at night. The nasal cannula going into his nostrils made him look even sicker than he probably was, but it was still a sight for poor eyes. 

    “So, you’re… a nurse?” He asked after a few more moments of silence. Leah couldn’t help the bashful smile that stretched across her lips. 

    “Well, isn’t that kind of obvious?” She laughed, adoring how cute he was when he got all awkward. She took a sip of her coffee and decided it was time to call for the doctor, so she reached over Spencer's head to press the green button on the wall. Spencer was giving her a strange look and she had no idea what that meant. “What?” She asked him, cocking an eyebrow. His intense stare was kind of making her uneasy, but there was no way she was going to show him that. 

    “I just didn’t take you for the nursing-type,” he mumbled. “No offense,” he quickly added, just as she had done previously. But he looked almost terrified about it, as if he was actually afraid he’d insulted her. Leah could only laugh. 

    “Don’t worry about it,” she assured him. “I wouldn’t exactly picture myself as the type either, but here we are. I’m damn good at my job, though.” As if on cue the door to the room opened and Sophie, a young girl who happened to be Leah’s intern, stepped through the door. She decided to have a little fun with that. “Ah! Dr. Reid, meet my intern. Sophie, this is Dr. Reid. You’re in charge of him when I’m not here. Got it?” Spencer gave her an uncertain glance and Sophie had a look of pure horror on her face. She locked eyes with Leah, the ‘Oh dear God, he’s a doctor’ kind of look written over her face. Sophie was a sweet girl, but kind of slouch, and Leah had a tendency to play small little tricks to get her to work just a little harder. Knowing that the patient was a doctor (she didn’t need to know he wasn’t a medical doctor) would definitely nudge her to go the extra mile. 

    “You, um, you called?” Sophie asked a little uncertainly and Leah found herself pleased when she noted the not so subtle way she leaned over to take a pump of the handsanatizer hanging on the wall by the door. It had been one of the many things Leah had added to her list of improving areas; always sanitize your hands before entering and leaving a patient’s room. 

    “Yeah,” Leah tried to hide her grin. “Who’s on call right now?” She asked, knowing she could just as well walk out the door and find out herself, but she loved torturing her interns just a little bit. She never crossed the line, but she always pushed them around just enough that they’d remember who was in charge. She loved it, a little innocent fun. 

    “Uhm, well… There’s you, obviously… and, uh, me and-” Sophie started and Leah resisted the urge to roll her eyes. 

    “Sophie, calm down. It’s fine. I mean doctors, who’s on call?” Leah smiled up at Sophie, trying to reassure her that she’d only been joking. Well, at least half-joking. That was another one of Sophie’s flaws; she was too uncertain of herself and could hardly handle a joke. 

    “Oh, um. I’m not sure,” Sophie mumbled, but didn’t make any move to find out. Leah just stared at her until she lifted her eyes to glance back. 

    “So?” Leah asked and Sophie looked even more confused at that. “Are you gonna find out for me?” That seemed to startle her because she almost jumped. 

    “Oh, right! Yes, I’ll be right back.” She was out the door so fast Leah couldn’t help but laugh. She shook her head to herself and stood up from the chair, leaning closer to the heartmonitor and noting down Spencer’s vitals on his chart. 

    “That was mean,” Spencer mumbled. Leah looked at him for a second, pausing her hand which was still writing. 

    “It’s a bit of innocent fun. I’m their boss and you see that pager behind you,” she pointed her pen at the wall behind his head. She didn’t even wait for him to try to turn around to look at it before she continued. “It makes me their God,” she finished with a smug smile and gave him a wink. Spencer narrowed his eyes at her. 

    “She’s your intern. You’re supposed to teach her, not scare her half to death.” He sounded almost angry, despite the uncertainty in his voice. Wow, this guy really couldn’t take a joke. Leah sighed. 

    “Look, it’s a bit of innocent fun. We have a good relationship and we always have a little debriefing at the end of the day. She’d tell me if I was being too harsh on her,” she said. She finished the chart and put it down in the holder by the end of the bed. She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed a little. “You probably think I’m too rough on her or whatever, and sure, I probably am. But here’s the thing, and I probably shouldn’t even tell you this, but she’s insecure. She needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet. She’s probably gonna lash out on me one of these days and I’m gonna be so proud of her the day she does. She’s a snowflake and she really needs to learn how to stand up for herself.” She decided it was best to just be honest with him. In all honesty she shouldn’t care what Spencer thought of her, but she did. She didn’t want him to think that she was some heartless bitch. She loved being a mentor and loved looking out for her interns. Sophie, despite all her flaws, was her favourite. Leah could see her potential, if she just worked past her insecurities she’d be a damn fine nurse one day. 

    “So, you’re… bullying her to make her, what, stand up for herself?” Spencer asked, surprise lacing his voice, but he didn’t sound angry anymore. That was a good thing, she guessed. 

    “I’m not bullying her. Just pushing her buttons a little. Call it reversed psychology or whatever. It always works.” Leah grabbed her zipup hoodie which she had draped over the chair and stuck her arms through. She shook the hood in place so it wasn’t one giant ball in the back of her neck. Spencer gave her a small smile and she wondered what he was thinking. She didn’t want to stay long enough to figure out though. “Okay, well… I’ll go see about that doctor. I’ll go get your friends in a while, so hang out and try to, I don’t know, relax I guess? Call if you need anything,” she told him, placing a gentle hand on his arm just because she could. Grabbing her coffeecup under her armpit she took a few pumps of handsanatizer on the way out. She made her way to the nursesation just as Sophie came practically running down the hall. 

    “Jameson’s on call right now,” She said, almost sounding out of breath. Leah wondered if she had been running all over the Goddamned hospital to figure that out. 

    “Okay, did you tell him to take a look at 104?” She asked and Sophie’s eyes went wide. Leah realized quickly what that meant. “No, no! Sophie, it’s okay. Seriously. I’ll go find him. Don’t worry about it,” Leah gave her a reassuring smile, reaching out to squeeze both her shoulders. “Did you finish your schedule yet?” She asked, knowing her interns had some kind of schedule, like a plan, they were supposed to follow.

    “Uhm, well, I still have to take out the trash in 109 and I have some other small things I haven’t done yet, but-”

    “Don’t worry about that,” Leah cut her off with a dismissive wave of her hand. She threw away her now empty papercup and hung her hoodie over the chair by the computer. “I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry. Take a break or something, get some air, whatever.” Sophie seemed a little reluctant to the idea, but nodded her head acutely. 

    “Would you, uhm, like me to bring you back some more coffee? Black right?” Sophie asked and Leah couldn’t help but grin at her. 

    “Yes, please. Take your time, though.” With that Sophie took her leave and Leah went to find Dr. Jameson to let him know that Spencer was awake and needed a quick check. She then went back to the nursingstation to check what was next on her to-do list. She finished her round rather quickly, even with Sophie’s small list of things she’d neglected to do, or hadn’t gotten around to do or for whatever other reason just hadn’t done yet. It was just minor things, so she didn’t mind. Sophie seemed to have been doing alright with everything else. 

    When she once again returned to the nursingstation there was a steaming papercup with her name on it, decorated with a simple smileyface. Leah smiled at that. She sat down by the computer and started documenting the most important details of the nightswatch so the morningshift would know what had gone down. Just as she was about to finish up, Sophie approached her, fidgeting a little. 

    “Thanks for the coffee, Sophie,” Leah told her, hoping that would ease her nervousness a little. 

    “Oh, no problem!” Sophie smiled. “Uhm, Jameson took a look at the good doctor in 104 and-” Leah had to cut her off with a chuckle. 

    “That’s what we’re calling him now?” 

    “Well… he hasn’t yelled at me yet for screwing up and he’s actually been kind of polite, so… I guess?” She sounded so uncertain again. 

    “Well, what did you screw up?” Leah wasn’t mad. Everyone made mistakes, even her, and she just needed to know if it was a major blowup she had to document or if it was a small thing that could hardly be called a mistake. 

    “Oh, nothing I think? I’m just really afraid of messing up,” Sophie told her, rather nonchalantly and Leah felt a little proud of her for not freaking out.  

    “Okay, good. Look, Sophie… You don’t have to be afraid of messing up. Everyone messes up and I won’t get mad or anything, alright? You know I’m only teasing you, right? I don’t mean anything by it.” Leah always felt good about having these heart to heart talks with Sophie. 

    “Yeah, I know. It’s just, uhm, I’m kinda awkward, I guess.” Leah laughed at that and Sophie gave a soft chuckle as well. Good thing for her that Spencer seemed twice as awkward as her. Maybe that would help boost her confidence. 

    “Anyway, sorry I cut you off. What were you gonna say about the good doctor?” Leah really liked that nickname, it seemed to be suiting him. 

    “Oh, yeah! Uhm, Jameson said that everything seemed to be alright, but wants to keep him here under observation at least until tomorrow just to make sure. And he’s still on antibiotics four times a day and we can amp up his painkillers, but he doesn’t want any morphine.” That last part didn’t surprise her whatsoever. “And he decided to switch off the oxygen for now, but to keep it on standby just in case his saturation decreases.” That wasn’t a surprise either. Most patients receive oxygen after surgery because the anesthesia could make them sluggish and their breathing labored. Once it wears off they’d be taken off oxygen as well. 

    “Okay, that’s good,” Leah said, nodding along. “Anything else?” 

    “Oh, yeah. He, uhm, wants to see his coworkers now and I told him he could only see two at a time, because that’s still the rule, right? He wanted to see Hotch and J.J. first. I guess you could get them?” Leah nodded her head and gave Sophie a pat on the back before returning to finish up her reports. It was around 6:45 A.M. when she headed out to the waiting area with her coffeecup in hand, recently refilled after she’d downed the one Sophie had brought her.

    “Do I have a Hotch and J.J. for Spencer Reid?” Leah asked, scanning the waitingarea. She somehow knew the people she was looking for before they rose from their seats to come greet her. The whole group of, wow, six people practically came running for her. 

    “Is he okay?” One of the women, dressed in a very colorful dress and an excessive amount of accessories asked, almost screaming out. She must have been very worried. Leah noted the flowers in her hand and grimaced at the thought of having to tell her later that flowers weren’t allowed in the ICU.

    “He’s fine. He’s fully awake now,” Leah tried to reassure her. “He’s given me permission to share the specifics of his condition, so I can do that now, or you can wait for the doctorsvisit later today to get some more details. He’s just been checked out by a doctor now, though, and everything seems to be alright. He’ll probably stay in the ICU until tomorrow at least before we consider moving him.” She gave them the rest of what she knew and they seemed pleased that he was doing okay. So was Leah. Bulletwounds to the abdomen were typically gnarly cases, but Spencer had been really lucky. 

    “Can we see him now?” The darkhaired woman asked, sounding just as worried as the other one had been just a minute ago. 

    “Sure, but he’s in the ICU and we only allow two visitors at a time. We’ve asked and he wanted to see Hotch and J.J. first,” Leah told them, still having no idea who the respective ones were. 

    “What, so I don’t get to see him?” The dark skinned man asked. He sounded angry, annoyed and frustrated, but Leah didn’t find him intimidating whatsoever, even despite the fact that he towered over her. 

    “As I said, only two at a time. But he can have visitors all day for all I care, so you can take turns to see him, I don’t care how you do it. But only two at a time.” She tried to sound stern, but she also had sympathy for them. They’d been worried sick all night and they probably wanted to storm his room and hug him.

    “Come on! That’s a bunch of bullshit!” The man yelled, obviously getting a little agitated. Leah wanted to step forward forward, put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down or something, but before she got the chance the tall man in the suit, yes a Goddamned suit, stepped forward. 

    “Morgan,” He raised his hand in a stopmotion which immediately calmed the man down. “We’ll be quick. You’ll get to see him.” That seemed to do the trick because he sighed in defeat and stepped back. 

    “Alright then, follow me!” Leah said and turned on her heel, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. She had other things to do, not really, but she could at least pretend she did. Standing in the waitingroom and arguing with friends and family of patients was not something she wanted to spend her whole day doing. 

    “Wait, Sir. Can you bring him these for me?” Leah noticed that it was Flowerwoman who had spoken. 

    “Actually, Ma’am… flowers are not allowed in the ICU either. I’m really sorry. If we move him to another unit tomorrow, you can bring him whatever you want, but as of right now I’m gonna have to say no,” she said, turning her body to give the woman an apologetic look. 

    “Oh.” She sounded utterly wrecked as she uttered the simple word and it made Leah a little sad. These people cared so deeply for Spencer. How could he possibly claim they weren’t his friends?

    She brought J.J,, a young woman a little taller than herself, and Hotch, the man who had calmed down the black man earlier, through the doors of the ICU. She quickly located Spencer’s room and knocked on the door a few times before entering. He seemed pleasantly surprised to see his colleagues following right behind her. 

    “Oh, Spence!” J.J. exclaimed, rushing over to his bed. Leah rubbed some sanitizer on her hands as she watched her bend down to give him a gentle hug. She grabbed his chart from the end of his bed again and noted down his vitals as the three of them exchanged their greetings, also reading through what the doctor had written earlier. 

    “Dr. Jameson was in here earlier. He explained that we’ve taken you off oxygen, right?” She hated to break up their happy reunion, but she had to give him some information before she bid her farewell. They all turned to look at her as she disposed of the chart again. “You understand that if you experience any shortness of breath, any dizzyness, anything at all you have to call, right?” She asked, looking directly at Spencer. 

    “Well, I’m a doctor, so, of course I understand.” His response brought a smile onto her lips. 

    “Well, you’re not that kind of doctor,” Leah laughed, throwing his previous words back at his face. “Do you need anything before I leave?” She asked and Spencer shook his head. “Well, if you do, don’t hesitate to call,” she told him seriously while pointing at the caller behind his head. She turned to leave when Spencer spoke up again. 

    “Does, uhm, does that mean I’ll be your God?” Leah was stunned a little, not fully understanding what he meant, but then she remembered how she’d previously joked about being a God to her interns. Wow, her brain was working slowly. She needed more coffee. 

    “Hey! Don’t push it now.” She tried to be stern, but her lips tugged upwards on their own accord. She then bid her goodbyes, shutting the door on the way out.

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    i'll have so much to tell you about.

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    perhaps my favourite episode of all time

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    spencer reid really gets prettier every episode pls

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    Chapter 8: starry nights

    TW: alcohol, cursing probably, just Spencer being adorable, lil bit of angst and fluff!


    You were sitting in front of the museum on a bench, tapping your fingernails on the coffee cup you were holding. Being late is something you absolutely despised, so consequently you were always early to every meeting you had.

    Spencer had proposed to meet at the museum at 10:30, and yet here you were at 10:13, only stressing you out more for this date you had.

    You got out your phone, trying to not look pathetic to other people who were visiting the museum. It probably looked as if you were stood up by your date, miserably trying to not look like a helpless puppy.

    Two feet clad in mismatched socks stopped in front of you, as you were staring closely at the phone screen, just opening and closing random apps.

    “Spencer!” Your head shot up, the smile Spencer had on his face warmed your heart.

    “Hi,” he croaked and blushed a little as he scraped his throat, “sorry, have you been waiting long?”

    “Oh gosh, no!”, you stood up and gathered your stuff, “i’m just always very, very early when I’m meeting someone.”

    His laugh rang in your ears, as you pushed a lock of hair out of your face.

    He checked the watch on his wrist, the clock hanging on the inside rather than the outside, “I mean, you’re even worse than I am, it’s 10:19.”

    You shoved his bicep lightly, shaking your head but laughing either way, how couldn't you with this person in front of you?

    “I’m so glad you’re not one of those people that still has to put on their shoes when they’re supposed to be there already,” you stared at his outfit, the white collar peaking out under a grey sweater, fancy dress pants and smart shoes.

    “You look really handsome, by the way,” the blush on his face got even deeper and he bent his head a little.

    “I- uh, you look beautiful as well- breathtaking even,” his eyes connected to yours, and you felt yourself getting flustered as well.

    You bit your lip and nodded towards the museum, “let’s go?”

    Side by side you walked over towards the museum, his eyes every so often flitting towards your face and taking in your features.

    Spencer payed for both of the tickets, waving away your concerns as he offered to take your coat, so the person in the cloakroom could put it way.

    You walked through the first few rooms in silence, shoulders lightly touching and your hands occasionally brushing against each other. In front of most paintings, Spencer gave you some information about the painter and what they had envisioned the painting to be. You replied with your own observations, this one feels more like they wanted to express what loneliness feels like or I honestly can’t see anything in this one, giggles included.

    Over the course of hushed whispers and shoulders touching, your fingers had found each other and you were lightly holding hands.

    You were standing in front of a self-portrait of Van Gogh and Spencer squeezed your hand.

    You looked up at his face, “what?”

    “I once dressed up as Van Gogh, Penelope actually helped me with prosthetic make-up, so it looked like I had one ear!”

    “Oh, you are hardcore on Halloween then?” You tried to imagine Spencer as Van Gogh, ginger beard and all.

    “I absolutely adore halloween, easily my favourite day of the year,” he gushed as you kept walking, entering the immersive experience, the reason why you wanted to come to the museum.

    The whole room was bathing in different lights, projecting all of Van Gogh’s masterpieces on the walls and floors and ceilings.

    The painting washed over your features, millions of colours painted over your face as Spencer took a mental picture of how absolutely gorgeous you looked right now.

    The blue lines accentuated his high cheekbones, and you could not look away from his face, his brown eyes zoned in on yours.

    The colours changed and transformed as Van Gogh’s Starry Night moved as well, imitating the night sky above you and shifting on both your faces, Spencer’s pink lips glistening as he almost whimpered at the sight of you.

    The breath was knocked out of your chest as he took a step closer and pressed his hand against your jaw, softly moving your face up.

    Your faces were inches apart now and your heart was ramming in your chest, palms getting slightly sweaty as well.

    His eyes flitted towards your lips, “can I-, may I kiss you?” He rasped, trying not to sound too desperate.

    Lightly nodding, you closed the gap, too eager to wait another second before his lips would touch yours.

    Soft lips clashed against each other as you moved a hand up towards his bicep, trying your best to hold on so you wouldn’t lose yourself in the moment.

    Both his hands were now gripping your face and when he pulled away to get some air, a thousand flowers were projected on your face, blue and white and a little hint of pink, all spread over your features. Your lips were swollen and melted perfectly with the flowers that were moving, as if the wind was softly blowing petals over the both of you.

    The grip ons his bicep loosened as you tried to catch your breath, going in for a peck on his lips now.

    A small whimper left his lips as you pulled away for the second time, and laughter bubbled out from you at his reaction.

    “Wow,” he breathed as his thumb tried to rub away at some of the lipstick that had smudged under your lips.

    You pressed a kiss against his palm and then pulled him into a hug.

    And there you were, two people standing in the middle of a picture perfect painting, the colours blending all around you, but you still stood out as the love radiated off of you.

    “Yeah, this was like a whole experience,” you mused against his neck, inhaling his cologne and his scent and his everything.

    If this wasn’t the date of a lifetime, you wouldn’t know what was.

    * * *

    “Si, I swear, it was like we were in a painting and then we kissed, it's as if Van Gogh painted the perfect picture!” You exclaimed as you moved your hands over the piece of clay on the turntable, miserably failing to suppress the grin on your face.

    You and Sian had a monthly pottery class, where you’d get together to make some vases or mugs or something else and sip some wine while your creations were baking in the oven. Sian was trying to make a clay pot for one of her plants, but it was kinda lopsided and had some ragged edges.

    You were trying something different. You had drawn out a little design beforehand, showing it to the teacher who gave you instructions on how to actually make it.

    “Okay, fair enough. So you’re dating this guy then?” She frowned, looking at her creation and spinning it around again, her jaw set in a hard line.

    “Uh, what is the definition of dating for you? If it means going on a few dates and kissing, then yes,” you slowly iterated, trying to gauge her reaction, “I’m actually meeting him again in two days.”

    Sian made a humming sound but didn’t actually say something else, and her silence kind of worried you even though you were jittery to tell her more about the date.

    You stopped your turntable and looked over at her. Her hands were forming the clay in an almost aggressive manor, her shoulders squared and lips set to a thin line.

    “Si, is everything okay? Did something happen between you and Imani?” Her posture stilled and the turntable came to a stop.

    She turned around to fully look you in the eyes now, her face looked as if she got caught cheating on a test or something.

    “Uhm, yeah, something like that,” she muttered, “can we talk about it over some wine? I’ll need wine.”

    You turned back to your creation and restarted the turn table, trying to form the shape as best as you could.

    “Yeah sure, I’m here to listen Si.”

    You both continued to work in silence, concentrating on the pieces you were crafting. Molding the clay into any shape you wanted was pure relaxation. The clay bending to your will felt almost like a metaphor for your life. The chatter and wine afterwards was an added bonus for you.

    You had finished the mug, added a handle and now they were baking in the oven. The teacher had decided you’d also glaze everything during this class, and gave some instructions on how to do it. You had decided you’d talk to Sian after the second round of baking, giving her some extra time to mull over what she was gonna say.

    After painting the orange glaze over the mug, it was ready to be baked for a second time. You went over to the bar to grab two wine classes, fill them with rose and hand the fuller one over to Sian.

    “So, wine, check,” you held up your glass a small smile present on your face “and I’m ready as well. What’s up babe?”

    Her lips rolled between her teeth before she took a big gulp from her glass.

    “So, yes, I did fight with Imani, but it’s not really a relationship problem, as much as it is a me problem, I guess?”

    “How is it a you problem exactly?” You sipped from your wine and crossed your legs, hoping to get some more clarity.

    “Well, you see I did something Imani does not exactly approve of,” her lips were puckered now as she zoned in on the glass in your hand.

    “Sian, you’re beating around the bush, what did you do? Sign your money away to a pyramid scheme or something?”

    “God, fuck no, uhm alright. Here we go.”

    Her wine glass was almost empty as she uttered the next words and your heart probably skipped a beat, or two.

    “I sent in a sample of your DNA to the matchmaking website a long while ago and you probably have a match waiting for you somewhere and…”

    The high pitched tone in your ears got louder as your vision unfocussed slightly. Sian shot forward to grab your upper arm, concern laced through her eyes.

    “Gosh, don’t pass out? You’re getting a bit pale here for a second.”

    You felt a bit shell shocked, but Sian continued talking, trying to make her point.

    “You see, I never thought you would start dating someone, I just wanted to help a little bit.”

    The words felt like harsh slaps in your face, never ending and every new one harder than the last.

    “You’ve been single for so long and I really wanted you to find your soulmate, you deserve to be happy. Imani obviously wasn’t on board with my methods, but she also understood the power of the match-“

    You held up your hand, signaling that she should stop talking and her mouth shut instantly. You shook off the hand she had on you as you felt yourself growing hot.

    “The fuck, Sian. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

    The words felt like venom in your mouth, but the rage inside you felt even worse.

    “You had no right. None. This is a literal criminal offense even.”

    The words just kept coming, firing straight at your best friend who was almost cowering behind her glass of wine.

    “What? You thought you’d play god for a day? You’re playing with people’s lives here, Sian. What were you even thinking?” You stood up and downed the glass of wine, the glass almost breaking because of the pure strength you used slamming it down on the table.

    The teacher had pulled out the clay creations and they were just about done cooling off. You took big strides to get your mug, Sian scrambling behind you to catch up, her glass of wine forgotten on the table.

    “No wait, I can explain-“

    “No, I literally don’t want to hear another thing. I actually have something nice going on with Spencer. What am I going to do now? Break his heart? Or should I break my match’s heart now? Or hey, I’ll break both their hearts. That’s probably the best option. Thank Sian, for deciding what should happen in my life” you snarled as you held the mug tightly in your hands, your knuckles turning white.

    Sian took a sharp breath as you stood in front of her, you leaned in a bit and said the next words in a hushed manner, trying to avoid making a scene. The way your eyes narrowed and how your voice went an octave deeper made it sound more like a threat.

    “Fuck you, honestly. Don’t you dare try to call me.”

    Your shoulder roughly bumped into hers on your way out, as you tried to contain the tears that were threatening to spill any second now.

    Next chapter

    * * *

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