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  • creepsandcryptids
    03.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    We’re back in business!!

    Wow talk about a hiatus. Sorry for disappearing like that on the very few that still remain. A lot of shit went down last year and it being my senior year of high school, it was hella stressful. To make a very longwinded story short, my destructive ass got institutionalized and was officially diagnosed with MDD but they got be back on medication and I’m okay now!

    With that out of the way, I’m back online and I’m bringing new characters!! You can ask the Marble Hornets crew as well as Toby, Jack, and Lyra! I figured why not include some creepypastas for nostalgia’s sake. A few others like Jeff or Smile.EXE might make an appearance as well!! Be on the lookout!

    #ask slenderverse#ask creepypasta #ask eyeless jack #ask ticci toby #ask jeff the killer #creepypasta#marble hornets#eyeless jack#ticci toby#mh masky #hoodie marble hornets
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  • romans-109
    03.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    i enter the Shame Pit

    #taylor i miss u sm please come be my guide again i am in desperate need of assistance #mh
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  • romans-109
    03.08.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    i think maybe im crashing again

    #or maybe i just need to sleep #feeling like. blegh #mh
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  • freaky-fableous
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    TW: coke joke

    Idk what it is with these franchises and having amazing music, I wish Mattel would just release OSTs already 

    #Mattel#Monster High #Ever After High #mh#eah#meme #also sorry for being so inactive #i have a bad habit of making a new account somewhere and like leaving it alone for too long #really need to break that habit
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  • sleepytoycollection
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    for real tho I have contemplated making dolls of my fav ghost ladies from LM I just know it’d be very annoying to have to paint so many doll bodies for all the fantasy skin tones 

    #I know I could use mh dolls but consider: #I don't want to
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  • plague-by-oz
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    For an upcoming AU fic on Ao3!

    Refs for the characters!

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  • sexykwan
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    no why did this happened i thought i was taking the medicine to prevent that djzhzjz

    #fanz.txt #mh idk the word in english #but my tooth hurts again also there a lightnings (not correlated)
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  • eyeless-garden-gnome
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #art#ben drowned#brian thomas #creepypasta ask blog #eyeless jack #jane the killer #jeff the killer #laughing jack#marble hornets#mh hoody#sally williams #ask me shit #slenderman#anon ask #nina the killer #ticcy toby
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  • goatwright
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Streamed working on an animation for my design class recently!

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  • thegracelessfaceless
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Whump Prompt #2-- Brian Thomas/ Hoody

    26. That cough sounds pretty bad

    16. "There was so much blood

    17. I'm not leaving you behind.

    I started this as a warmup and it kinda took on a life of its own 😅. So I'm posting because there seems to be a need for Brian in the fandom right now. I hope you enjoy! Prompts provided by @whumpster-dumpster

    👤Down by the River👤 Brian Thomas/Hoody

    I came to my senses in unfamiliar woods. They didn't look like the oak forest that boarders my home, instead thin, gray barked trees stretched up like knobbly arms from the ground. Even the air felt different here. Thick, but colder than it should be in these summer months. Strange. There wasn't any sound either, except for the trickling of a distant stream. I headed towards that sound, hoping to be able to follow the stream out of here. I was starting to get cold, and looked down to see that I was in the black sweats and tank top I'd gone to bed in the night before.

    The further I moved into the woods, the more unsettled I felt, but the twisted vines and briars on the ground seemed to magically get out of my way, like they were trying to avoid tripping me. I side stepped an ankle breaker of a hole and noticed what looked like burnt tapes at the bottom of it. I moved on, still listening for water and adjusting my path.

    As I passed a tree that was a little thicker than the others, maybe two that had grown together like conjoined twins, I spotted a male figure in a yellow hoodie and blue jeans. He had his back turned to me, hood up. Caught between deciding whether to back away, or approach him, I accidentally stepped on a stick and the sound of it rang out like a lightning strike in the thick silence.

    The hooded man turned around fast, hand moving to the small of his back before freezing and letting his hand fall back to his side. He made no move towards me, just watched me quietly. He was around 5'9" or 5'10", and slightly muscled. He had brown hair, a wispy mustache and the beginnings of a beard. His hazel eyes studied me, as if he were trying to figure out where I came from.

    "You shouldn't be here" he said quietly, a serious expression on his face. Not a stern one, I could tell by the set of his face that he'd rather smile than frown.

    "But here I am" I said, spreading my arms out to my sides slightly before putting them down.

    The hooded man smiled then, and it was radiant. He had a little gap between his front teeth, "Yeah, here you are," he chuckled, "What's your name?"

    I raised an eyebrow at him, "You first."

    That smile returned and he shook his head as he looked down for a second, "Brian."

    "Nice to meet you, Brian, my name is Reader."

    He nodded his head politely at me. Silence stretched between us as we watched the water flow through the stream.

    "What brings you to my woods?" He asked.

    "Your woods... I don't see a sign that proclaims 'Brian's Woods'" I teased.

    "Well, not exactly mine... But more mine than yours. This isn't exactly a safe place."

    I rubbed my arms against the chill air and muttered, "I noticed."

    Brian noticed my arm rubbing and asked, "Are you cold?"

    I nodded and he went down to his knees, digging through a bag that I hadn't noticed sat at his feet beside him. He pulled out a green long sleeved shirt and offered it to me. I took it and pulled it over my head. The clean smell of campfires, cedar, and Ivory soap rolled over me as I pulled it down.

    "Better?" He asked.

    "Yeah, a ton," I replied.

    "Then, come on, let's get you out of here" he replied, offering me a black gloved hand.

    I hesitated a second, since coming to this stream, and getting warmer, the woods didn't seem so bad now. Peaceful almost. "I think I want to stay here for just a little longer. It feels better here than it did back there" I told him, pointing my thumb over my shoulder.

    Brian smiled again and said, "Alright, but let's at least walk next to the stream. It's not good to stay in once place for too long here."

    I followed him after he hefted his bag over one shoulder. We walked in companionable silence for a while.

    "So do you live around here, or something?" I asked and Brian slowed his pace to look at me over his shoulder, "You could say that."

    "Man of few words, huh?"

    Brian shrugged and coughed into his elbow. The coughing fit lasted for at least a couple of minutes and then subsided. Brian got into his bag and pulled out a bottle of pills. He shook one out in his hand and swallowed it dry before putting the bottle back. The white pill that he took looked familiar. Like one of my medications for depression. I took two pills for that. One main antidepressant and one that is supposed to help the other work more efficiently. Brian's pills looked like those.

    The coughing came and went for Brian, sounding a little worse every time. At one point, he had to lean down, hands on his knees, to get through one. I moved forward and placed a hand on his middle back, trying to be comforting.

    "That cough sounds pretty bad, Brian" I said, worry lacing my voice. We may not have said much to each other, but I felt comfortable around Brian. Safe in a place that had scared me while I was alone. I was grateful to have ran into him and didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

    Brian went down onto his hands and knees, coughing violently now. I scrambled to kneel in the leaves next to him, grabbing the top of his left hand, "Brian? Brian, are you okay?"

    I let out a short strangled sound that was cut off by coughs of my own. I looked down at Brian, who was still hacking up copious amounts of blood. I looked back toward ls the tall man and he was a little closer.

    It was a stupid question because as soon as that last word left my mouth, bright red blood came flying from Brian's mouth with a hack. Then a static sound started filling my head. So. Loud. I started scanning my surroundings, trying to find the source. Maybe fifty feet away, an abnormally tall, thin man with long arms and legs, and in a suit with a red tie stood watching us from the trees.

    Trying to stifle my coughing, I pulled Brian to his feet and we took off hand in hand, stumbling over vines and brambles that were seemingly moving for me earlier. Now, they were trying to stop us. Brian was slowly recovering and he took the lead, pulling me behind him. The vegetation stopped fighting us, and the static was fading.

    We came to a stop when the static fully stopped and collapsed on the ground, breathing hard and trying not to cough again. A black cloth had fallen from his hoodie pocket but I didn't pay it much mind. Brian had just been coughing up blood. It was probably a handkerchief. I crawled over to him and leaned down next to his face, bending my head over his, "Are you okay? There was so much blood!"

    Brian opened his eyes and nodded, hand curling over the black cloth and pulling it back into his hoodie pocket. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I think it's-

    Static exploded in my head again and the tall pale man was a few yards in front of us. Brian was coughing again and so was I. I tried to drag Brian to his feet again, and he held back coughs enough to scream, "RUN!"

    I shook my head, "I'm not leaving you behind!" I tried to pull him up again and he almost made it, then grabbed at his back and grimaced in pain as he rolled onto his side. I looked in the direction of the tall man again and he was still standing a few yards away. My lip curled in disgust at this... This thing that had ruined my peaceful time, made both Brian and me cough our lungs out, and didn't seem to be backing down.

    I got to my feet, staggering a little under the weight of the air around me. Step by shaky step, I approached it. I fell in front of it at its feet. I could feel its confusion in the air, probably wondering why I wasn't running away. The static had gotten louder and I could feel pressure in my head like it was about to burst.

    "Give in, Child" it whispered in a thousand voices mixed together in my head.

    I raised my head defiantly and glared at it, "Fuck. You. And get out of my HEAD!" I imagined delivering those words with a hard slap and the tall man stumbled back a little. Even though it had no face, I could see its surprise. Another coughing fit took me and while I was coughing, the static went away. I saw blood fly from my mouth, just like it had from Brian's.

    The fit subsided and I heard noises that told me Brian was crawling my way. I sat back on my heels, wiping at my mouth with the back of my hand. Brian crawled up next to me and dropped a gun to the ground, holding his back.

    "What happened?" I asked.

    "It's a long story" he laughed, wryly.

    "I mean to your back."

    "Fell on the gun. Agitated an old injury. But I'll be fine. Are you okay?"

    I nodded numbly.

    "I've only seen one other person stand up to the Operator like that."


    "That's who you just saw. How did you get him to leave us alone?"

    "I kinda just, slapped at him. With my mind."

    Brian looked thoughtful, "I think you need to come with me."

    I snapped my head towards him, "Are you crazy? I've only just met you today, and-"

    "And I'm the only one who can give you answers."

    He was right... And that peaceful feeling had returned. He picked up his gun, tucked it into the waistband of his jeans at his back, and led me over to a archway that formed a perfect circle around the sun, cradling it in the lower bow. Brian pulled me through it and suddenly we were in the wood line behind my house.

    "Gather everything you can in two bags, and meet me back here in fifteen minutes. He could come back."

    I ran inside and did just that, grabbing clothes, socks, a pair of combat boots, a knife, and my sleeping bag, and met Brian right where I'd left him. He pulled me back into the woods and through the archway. But we didn't end up in the same woods we were in before. We were coming out of another archway next to a road that led up to... A hospital? Not just any hospital, an abandoned one. I was suddenly glad for the knife I had slid into the boots that I had put on to cover my bare feet. No wonder I'd been so cold. Who knows how long I had been in the woods. It had been early afternoon when we left my house. Now, just a few minutes later, twilight was approaching.

    I followed Brian into the hospital and finally to a room where he had set up a bed roll. I was glad I had grabbed my sleeping bag. I put my bags down and Brian handed me a bottle of water.

    Brian sat on his bedroll and patted next to him for me to join him.

    "Alright, Brian, I came with you. Now I want answers."

    "Where should I start?"

    (To be continued...)

    Went a little crazy with gifs this time, but the ones for Brian/Hoody were just so good! Also, I've been in a bit of a funk with Sally Face lately, so I'm taking August to focus on other fandoms (creepypasta and maybe a AU), and I really like prompt posts, so if you see one you want me to do, tag me, and I'll check it out. Upon, reflection, I've decided to write for most creeps excepting Clockwork/Natalie (her back story is just too triggering for me) and Sally Williams for the same reasons, but if I don't know your creep of preference, I'll go check them out and get back to you on whether I think I can write them. I'll do platonic, romantic and rival prompts.

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  • ask-the-brianthomas
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Having a hell of a time back in Alabama. If only we’d all gone to church 😔🤙

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  • dmumkokobop
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    SHINee for GQ Korea Oct. 2016 - In the Name of SHINee #4

    👤 Minho, Taemin

    ⭏ full size pictures

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  • sirgallopad
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    rainbow high dolls feel like more of a commitment than ever after high, monster high, and barbies, but less than o.m.g.s

    #dollposting #romeo.txt #rh#eah#mh #o.m.g. #barbie #hate my tagging system sometimes.
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  • belfryprepz
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I cannot even say how excited I am to see more people in the Monster High Fandom adding image ids! Even if it's just a few people or you're only reblogging a few posts it makes a difference and it means a lot so thank you!

    #also pls don't be afraid to reach out to me for help if you need help iding something #and here's a specific tip for monster high: if you need help describing an outfit or a particular doll style sites like the mh wiki or #doll collection sites often have lists of the doll lines with detailed descriptions of the outfits and features if you need them! #i have them bookmarked on google and reference them often lol #mh#monster high#belfryprepz
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  • khaoticallywritinghcs
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #mh tim wright #tim wright headcanons #brian mh hcs #brian thomas x reader #mh brian#brian thomas #hoody marble hornets #masky headcanon #masky x reader #hoodie marble hornets #hoodie x reader #hoodie hcs #habit emh headcanon #habit everymanhybrid#habit emh #ticci toby x y/n #ticci toby x you #ticci toby #ticci toby headcanons #ticci toby x reader #ticci toby hcs #creepypasta #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta headcanon#creepypasta headcanons#creepypasta hcs#habit hcs#sfw #marble hornets x reader #masky marble hornets
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  • pooka-dragon
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #pooka derps at games #mh rise #crimson glow valstrax #rakna kadaki #he gave me a fucking heart attack #I happened to noticed the Ambush when I looked at the corner of my screen #i screamed when he crashed and spooked my dog #valstrax is worse than Bazelgeuse
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  • thegracelessfaceless
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I've decided, in light of the rut I've been in for Sally Face, to take a month off from writing for it. I know a lot of you came here because of my Sal, Larry, and Travis posts, but I'm hoping you'll stick around and like what I write. I'm making another post soon, and talk more about it at the end of it but, I'll put it here too.

    I really like prompt posts, so if you see a cool one you want me to do, tag me in it! Then I'll open requests for it and you can tell me the character and anything else you want included.

    Unfortunately, I won't be writing for Clockwork/Natalie, or Sally Williams, but for two different (and similar reasons). Clockwork was very triggering for me with its sexual themes and sexual abuse elements. And Sally has her own triggering back story, plus she's still physically a child. I've not been a child for quite a while now, I wouldn't be able to do her justice.

    I'm currently taking requests for Whump Prompts and Fluff Alphabet. With fluff alphabet, I'll do a max of two characters per ask, and three letters.

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  • dragonsmooch
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    This was probably made obvious by older posts about MHS1 but, if anyone wonders what monsters I would have as MY companions, these two are always at the top of the list:

    Tigrex and Brachydios my beloveds...!

    #dragon being dragon #hence why i gave them to my mhs char lmao
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