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  • mochipuff
    14.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Snowmen doodles for Chapter 56 of 'Can We Keep Him' (Izuku did his best 🙃)

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  • armameery
    14.04.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Listening to Troublemaker by Only Mars and my mind immediately tied it to DabiHawks....I don't know what to do with this

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  • dabaoi
    14.04.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    This is my Dabi fanart I’ve made so far-- (The left pic was my first attempt and I messed up his ears hehe...)
    Dabi (c) the MHA series.
    Please don’t repost or claim as your own-- Reblogs are fine!
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  • goldenbby7
    14.04.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Hitoshi Shinsou Boyfriend Headcannons

    •Gender Neutral

    •TW:drugs mentioned

    •Okay so Shinsou is very laid back and go with the flow...which I think is a result of him smoking weed (Don’t come at me😂)

    •He’s already chill but when he’s high? He’s chill AND FLIRTY

    •I’m talking like, hand on your thigh, non-stop compliments, pulling you to sit on his lap. You name it, he’s trying it

    •As we all know he’s trying his absolute hardest to get into the hero courses, so sometimes your hugs and some kind words is all he needs:)

    •1000% will adopt a cat with you

    •He likes to call you names like Love, Cutie, Punk, and Baby

    •Call him Handsome and he might die

    •He obviously has trouble sleeping, so invite him to come lay in your dorm with you. Laying on your chest lulls him to sleep in minutes

    •His favorite part of the day is getting to cuddle with you:))))

    •His favorite dates are taking you to a cafe or park to just walk around and talk


    •As mentioned in my other post, he loves midnight drives

    •Sneaks out and walks to the 24 hour convenience store with you at least once a week

    •He leaves random gifts outside your dorm. For instance, a flower, a snack, a piece of jewelry, etc.


    •He will come and basically lay on top of you when you are lounging in your dorm

    •He doesn’t seem like it, but he is definitely one of the funniest people you know.

    •Casually digs his fingers into your sides to make you squeal😐

    •Overall a pretty amazing boyfriend

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  • majikmelanin
    14.04.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    when i first started my hero academia i just KNEW Iida’s hero name was gonna be “Emergency Exit”.

    a live look at my face when it wasn’t:

    #my hero academia #mha#mha iida#iida tenya#ingenium #boku no hero academia
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  • lizandbo
    14.04.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Bnha x chubby reader pt 2


    - Loves the fuckin belly, just absolutely loves it 

    - the softness on the tum tum is so much like...heaven?

    - he just loves loves loves loves your stomach 

    - i think he would like being the big spoon often, when he does he always puts those hands on your belly, each and every single time

    - he loves those thighs but not as much about the stomach 

    - please dont be ashamed about any part of  your body, if shinso says and i say, YOUR BEAUTIFULLY AND VIOLENTLY GORGEOUS, that means its fuckinf true

    - i almost put Gordon Ramsay XD

    - anywho

    -if anyone talks shit bout you, they will receive a death glare from your sleepy boyfie 

    - its even worse cuz he got those bug eyed McGee eyeballs + eyebags-4fucnlife

    - so y’all got the real package right here

    - i really think he’s for more thicker girls 

    - but of course he loves you either way but he just....

    - loves thicker peeps, I’m sorry but i dont make the rules here 

    - shinso is alllllll lovey doves for you

    - always 

    - also loves to just kneed on them boobs too, big or small, doesnt matter


    - Oh my, you can’t tell me this fucker doesnt love you with all his fucking heart 

    - but holy shit the arms tho

    - you cant go wrong with a pair of arms, to hold you with, let alone fucking three pairs of arms 

    - fuckin burrito hugs over here, gimme that shit 

    - he will.  And I do mean WILL kiss all over you even tho he a bit shy w/ affection since i bet he hadn’t got a lot of it during his childhood

    - he would kiss with five mouths(including the original one)

    - got a problem with the stretch marks on yo skin?kissed

    - hell loose his shit if anyone tried to bully or pick on you, he has his body composed and stuff but not mentally, oh hell...not at all

    - he’s just silently trying to plot that guy’s murder 

    - he’s not plotting it...but he did imagine it 

    - he’s so angered by people hating on you for who you are on the outside

    - if people liek family or someone os close to you, criticizes your beautiful skin of yours, hell say all the things why they are wrong and why they are selfish fools by thinking that 

    - he also has that same thing tho, being insecure bout your looks 


    -  Loves baking for/with you 

    - you don’t have a fucking clue about how much he loves you 

    - there’s not a single moment that he doesnt love your body as much as your whole soul

    - and having you by his side is always a moment of happiness:)

    - but back to the baking

    - you and him- and i know this is always being said but.... he loves baking with you and snuggling when your trying bake the actual baking dessert 

    - if thAt makes sense

    - he loves kissing every single insecurity you have (if you have any and if you dont, keep loving your body because you need to rock that fucking body of yours you important piece of confetti)

    - when you giggle front his action he will so fucking blush you cant even see him without blushing while giving you affection each and every single time 

    - loves to snuggle into you tho

    - he really does

    - he loves to squish those cheeks!

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  • drawianastudios
    14.04.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    MHA Wonderland AU ✨✨

    will be adding more characters to this as I come up with them, hence the leftover space, but so far I’ve got Eri as Alice, Izuku as the White Rabbit, and Hitoshi as the Cheshire Cat

    am I already using this as fuel for Shindeku content?


    I am.

    #mha #my hero academia #bnha #boku no hero academia #izuku midoriya#deku#hitoshi shinsou#midoriya izuku#shinsou hitoshi #mha wonderland au #shindeku #shinsou x deku #shinsou x midoriya #wip#my art
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  • https-random-xxx
    14.04.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    dear myself,

    bakugou has bigger boobs than you, so suck it.
                                                                                 sincerely, myself.
    #bakuboobs #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugou katsuki#mha #my hero academia #bnha
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  • shigiblr
    14.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Just kinda dawned on me how terrifying Mic could be.

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  • uwu-bxtch
    14.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    I have like 20 assignments and 5 drafts BUT

    I really cannot get the headcanon that momo and ochaco do not like each other out of my head. like- the differences between them they're bound to bump heads

    I get it, they're training to be heroes but THEYRE HIGH SCHOOLERS. there has to be some type of petty drama pls its killing me I also headcanon that kami and ochaco dont like each other but that's a different story.

    pls I can imagine a little "hm" and eye roll that comes from ochaco whenever momo says something

    #im not sure if this has been said yet #im just sick of bkdk and their childhood drama #its not even drama anymore tho #anyways #imma get back to doing work #shut up dee #bnha#mha
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  • shigiblr
    14.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Anyone else remember that fuckin scoff he let out before he screamed at them??

    #present mic#hizashi yamada#bnha#mha #ny hero academia #boku no hero academia #mygifs#lugifs
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  • https-random-xxx
    14.04.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    bakugou with a black beanie.

    #this is what we need #give me this #beanie#bakugou katsuki #bnha bakugo katsuki #mha #my hero academia
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  • zombie-kun
    14.04.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    20-something heroes

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  • z-iridest
    14.04.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Love Wins: An Ejirou Kirishima x fem! reader

    (A comfort fic for a friend in need.... I hope this helps you feel at least a bit better... Ily 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤)

    Warnings: Slight Angst (attack of the insecurity demons), language, Plus Ultra Fluff

    It was just one of those days....

    One of those days where nothing you ever did felt good enough... One of those days where the demons of insecurity wouldn't shut the hell up about every flaw you saw in yourself, every little thing about yourself that you hated... And every shitty day always starts with a shitty morning....

    For whatever reason, your alarm clock had reset out of nowhere, so when you had woken up that morning, it was 10 minutes before school started. You had jumped out of bed like your worst fear was about to end your whole life by you just being in those covers and got dressed as fast as you could, running the brush impatiently through your hair... Which only made things worse due to the pain caused by stubborn knots. Thankfully, it had happened while you were living in the dorms, so you managed to make it into your seat with near seconds to spare.... But, Iida still lectured you later for being almost late and running in the halls. You just kept your mouth shut, knowing arguing with Iida would just make things worse.... The day from there was.... Rocky at best, but your mind shoving down the negativity starting to surface. Everything would be okay... It was still early, after all, pleanty of time for things to get better...

    At least... That's what you thought..... By the time it was your turn in the line to get something from the cafeteria, they were out of your f/f, which wouldn't have upset you most days, but after waking up late, the bad grade on last week's homework and Mineta getting handsy with you while you were at your locker, it was just dragging you down even more.

    Of all the people to get paired up with, Aizawa just had to choose Bakugo. No surprise, you got your ass handed to you, all with Bakugo yelling at you in his trademark "tough love" bullcrap he always pulled. "Come the fuck on, Y/N, quit giving me weak attacks! Actually try hard for once, you useless dumbass! Stop being worthless and give me all you've got!" Any other day and you wouldn't take it personally. That kind of talk was just him trying to motivate you to do better in his own way.... But.... This was not one of those days... Today, it only pissed you off. As soon as he made one false move, you hit him... Hard. He hit the ground harder than he ever had before. He'd gotten the wind knocked out of him for a split second and looked up at you in shock as you glared down at him.

    "How's that for worthless?" You snarled before storming off, done with the bullshit. You knew everybody was watching you leave, your eyes leaking with angry tears as you headed for the locker rooms. You knew that stunt probably gotten everyone worried, if Kirishima had been there, it definitely would have worried him....


    Just when you thought today couldn't get any worse, you remembered that your boyfriend wasn't even at school that day. He was at his work study with Fat Gum. Your lip trembled as you changed out of your uniform and ran for your dorm room. Your sunshine in dark days like this wasn't here to warm you up... Your rock wasn't here to help you through today like he always was....

    As soon as you slammed your door shut behind you, you broke down, sobbing hard as you slid to the floor, your back against the solid surface of the door. You needed your Kiri, and he wasn't here... But, the second you were alone, the demons really attacked you, as if the events of today had been just one of them at a time. But now.... Now, that you were alone, all of your doubts came crashing down on you like an ambush from the worst villains.

    You're worthless...

    You can't do anything right...

    You can't even look pretty even if you did try...

    You're not cut out to even be a mediocre hero...

    Ejirou deserves better than you...

    It was a few hours after the outburst during combat training that Kirishima arrived back at the dorms. He had a bright grin on his face as he looked for you, his beautiful, sweet girl, but... His smile fell when he couldn't find you. He saw Bakugo approaching him... And he had a black eye. "What the hell? What happened to you?" Kirishima asked.

    "Your girlfriend happened... Something's up with her, I'd check on her sooner than later. I'd do it myself, but she's pissed at me." Bakugo answered Kirishima bluntly. Kirishima automatically took off for your room, knowing the way by heart. I'm comin', baby, I'm comin'. He thought. He had a bad suspicion about why you had gone so hard on Bakugo, and knowing you, he was 99% sure that his suspicion was right... Much to his own horror, his hunch had been right. You were asleep next to your bed on the floor, tear stains on your face. There was a look of misery on your face, even as you slept, and it made his heart sink low into his gut at the sight... His baby, his Queen, his Goddess... He didn't have to even wake you up to ask you what was wrong. He could tell that you'd had a bad day, and from the looks of things, him being away had made things a hell of a lot worse. He walked over to you, gently putting his arms under you and lifting you up bridal style. You startled awake, about ready to punch whoever was holding you when you heard it.

    "Whoa, whoa, baby, it's me. Calm down." Kirishima's voice reached your ears and your head snapped up, relief finally flooding your face as you saw the face of your boyfriend looking back at you.

    "You're home..." You started, but your happiness at being held in his arms vanished as you remembered what happened that day and started crying all over again. Kirishima hugged you, letting you cry it out as he sat down on your bed with you in his lap. Thank God tomorrow was a weekend and a day he had off from his work study... You started venting about your day through your tears, and he tensed in anger when you mentioned Mineta, but he shook it from his head. Once you were calm and happy again, he'd confront Mineta... That grape headed pervert's punishment could wait... Or maybe he'd just stick to telling Aizawa and letting him take care of Mineta, either way, the perv was in no way, shape or form gonna get off easy if he had something to say about it. He stiffened when your rant turned into tearing yourself down, and he was pretty damn quick to stop you.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, baby, listen to me. I know today was a shitty day, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you out all day but you know what? I'm here now, we're gonna cuddle the night away while watching your favorite movie, and tomorrow, you and I are gonna go out and have fun so you can get your mind off things."

    "Wait, but what about your work study?" You asked him just as he opened his mouth to say more. He grinned down at you.

    "I have the day off from it tomorrow." Kirishima told you, making your eyes widen. "But right now, let's shut down those demons in your head together, yeah?" He asked before grinning. "I can't let my baby be sad while I cuddle her." He gave you a bear hug and nuzzled into where your neck met your shoulder, reveling in the sound of your giggles. He loved that sound so much... He then gently cupped your cheeks, pulling your head down to kiss the top of it. "I love your (insert hair texture and thickness), h/c hair." He pressed a kiss to your forehead before pressing a kiss right under each eye. "I love these beautiful, mesmerizing e/c eyes." He pressed a kiss to your nose, making you scrunch it as you giggled. "I love the way your cute nose scrunches when I kiss it." He kissed both your cheeks before smiling at you, his bright grin making you smile back. "And most of all, I love, love, love when those beautiful lips are turned up into the most goregous smile I've ever known." He pressed a sweet and tender kiss against your lips, having to resist grinning when you kissed back. When the two of you pulled away, he grinned down at you. "Well... Almost as much as I love how perfect those same lips fit with mine whenever we kiss." He wiggled his eyebrows, making you giggle at his antics. As you giggled, he brought your interlaced hands to his lips, kissing the back of each of yours before showing you. "See, my goddess? We fit perfectly, just like two pieces of a puzzle. You're the love and light of my life, and there's no one I'd rather be with than you, baby. Not a single person or thing could ever change that." He told you. You smiled through tears. After the bull you'd gone through that day, this... This is exactly what you needed.

    In just a few minutes, the two of you were cuddled under the blankets, Kirishima's arms around you, holding you close as the two of you watched the movie together. Your eyes were closed as a sigh of content left your lips, Kirishima kissing your temple. He whispered sweet words into your ear, words that slayed the demons that had been dragging you down in their ambush hours before. If the demons in your head were villains, Kirishima was your chivalrous, brave hero. He had never failed to rescue you from the despair of the demons' attacks, never failed to be your flashlight in the dark times. And you knew that when the times came, you'd do the same for your Kiri in his time of need...

    After all... Even in the darkest times, love always wins.

    (Like I said before, @bisexualmattholtstan, hope this Plus Ultra fluff helped you feel at least a little better ^^)

    #Ejriou Kirishima x reader #female reader#mha#comfort #plus ultra fluff
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  • jaded-ghoster
    14.04.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    I hate endeavor with every fiber of my being but the interaction between him and Midoriya during work studies, where he listened to the rambles and gave a good response without any hesitation, was the best possible reaction in my opinion. People didn’t like Midoriya’s analysis before UA, and in UA they still call it creepy, and that’s why there’s a ton of fics where Aizawa or Nezu discovers his notebooks and is shocked and everything. I’m pretty sure my own fic is like that too idk. And I love those but that’s not the point. What makes the Endeavor interaction so good is that he isn’t shocked by it, he doesn’t make a big deal about how he didn’t expect this from Midoriya of all people, his mind doesn’t immediately go to how dangerous it would be if he was a villain, he just gave Midoriya what he needed: A response with an equal amount of thought and depth. And I’m not saying those other reactions aren’t cool, because they are and they’re also fun as hell to read, but it’s nice seeing a different kind of casual response once in a while. It was also good because Horikoshi showed a different, more professional side to the heroes. And it introduced the idea that there are other heroes like Midoriya out there who also value analysis and not just physical strength.

    Okay goodnight

    #bnha#mha#jaded ramblings #because that’s basically what this is #endeavor#enji todoroki#midoriya izuku
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  • saiyanstars
    14.04.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Commission for @rhazberriquartz 🐥🌸

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  • background-mha
    14.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago
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  • babyyweebbitch
    14.04.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Hi 🙋🏾‍♀️ I have. I no idea what to write so could you suggest some stuff for me to write?

    It can be from any fandom and any character. I just need to write something because I haven’t got any idea what to write anymore 😐

    #mha#aot#writer #I’m bored please hlp #suggest me some things to write #request
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  • pwuppiespwaci
    14.04.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    I’m sorry I just wuv her so much💖

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  • venus-d00med
    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


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