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    06.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Thigh lover

    this month is just pointless

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    06.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    best friends!

    (requests for snapshots are open!)

    (tried to stick twice n’ there, didn’t work :()

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  • why-not-be
    06.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago


    -Hawks would be SO protective you, regardless of he was actually present or not.

    -Being the Number 2 Hero is a big responsibility, so It would be extremely rare to see him in the flesh. That being said, be prepared to be lonely but never truly alone.

    -There's gonna be cameras EVERYWHERE. (Yes, even in the bathroom. Hawks can't trust you to not do something dangerous when he's not there.)

    -He's also going to secure the house with alarms and any sort of anti-escape measures he can. Hell, he might just get you a shock collar! (But only if you try to escape. Don't let it escalate to that point.)

    -When he IS home, prepared to be smothered with attention, whether you want it or not. He is not going to leave you alone (Maybe the only time is when you need to use the bathroom, but once you're done, it's right back to being crushed in his arms.)

    -If you misbehave, he'll start punishing you. First it'll start small but somewhat forgiving. (Ex: He will lock you in your room. You have a mini fridge and a bathroom, so don't worry about that.) But if you keep it up, he'll lock you up in a dark and cold basement without any food or water until you behave. He doesn't want to, but he knows it's the only way you'll whip into shape.

    -Now I'm not very into the whole "feather necklace" thing? BUT. Let's say you have been VERY good for him. He'll treat you for your good behavior by taking you out! However, he'll make you wear/carry one of his feathers. Any attempts to get rid of the feather results in any freedom you had being taken away for a VERY long time.

    -He’ll also punish you by threatening your life. Let’s say you piss him off. Like REALLY piss him off. He won’t say anything. Instead, he’ll pick you up and take you outside. He’ll scoop you up in his arms and fly high above the buildings into the night sky. Before you can ask what he’s doing, he’ll drop you, letting you fall to what you assume is your death. Eventually, you’ll feel something tug you back upwards. It’ll be suffocating but anything beats hitting the ground. When you reach him again, he’ll give you a look, one that makes you REGRET doing anything wrong. If you apologize and maybe promise to make it up to him, he’ll put you down safely. If not, he’ll repeat this until you’ve learned your lesson.

    Idk how to write good things, so please forgive me.

    Also please let me know if I missed any TWs!

    If you would maybe wanna see more, please let me know!

    #anime#bnha #boku no hero academia #manga#mha #my hero academia #hawks#keigo takami#yandere dabi #yandere x you #yandere mha #yandere boku no hero academia #yandere bnha #yandere x reader #yandere my hero academia #yandere keigo takami #yandere hawks#tw heights#heights tw#tw stalking#stalking tw#cameras tw#tw cameras#tw watching#watching tw #toxic relationship tw #tw toxic relationship #tw falling#falling tw
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  • why-not-be
    05.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago


    -Regardless of your affiliation (Hero/Villain/Vigilante/Civilian/ETC), he would be absolutely horrendous to you.

    -If you were a Hero, he would be an absolute thorn in your side. Creating such horrendous scenes of chaos to garner your attention. Usually he'd leave the crime scene entirely before you arrived, but in some cases, he would stalk you from afar while you investigate. In even rarer cases, he would confront you. He would have a hostage held by their throat, his flames burning their skin as he looks at you, helpless and unable to act unless you wanted the poor soul to be burnt to a crisp. He'd taunt you and just degrade you, mocking everything you've worked so hard for. He'd roll his eyes at your heroic front and scoff at any sort of attempt to calm the victim. Eventually he's throw the hostage to the side and disappear into the smoke and the flames, promising you that he'd see you again.

    -If you were a Villain (and for the sake of time, you worked with the LOV), he would bully you relentlessly. Nitpicking at everything you do. He'd break down your self esteem and confidence until eventually, you're a fragile little lamb. He would also be very territorial of you around the other league members. If any of them as so much LOOK in your direction, you bet they're gonna get burned. He's the ONLY one who can talk to you and see how scared and broken you become overtime. If you two are out on missions, he'll pull you into alleyways and pin you against the wall, whispering vile things into your ears (dirty or just mean things, it's all fair game to him.) If he's feeling especially awful, he'll mark you up. He'll litter your skin with bite marks, bruises, or even burn marks if he's feeling up to it. When you eventually return to the base, he'll act like nothing happened while having a tight grip on your shoulders. He'll tell the league that you were weak against some small fry hero just to embarrass you. Even if the league does catch on, they're not gonna say anything about it.

    -If you're a vigilante or a Civilian he'll stalk you in someway. At first, it starts out as a sort of order from Shigaraki that he blew off, but eventually, you manage to peak his interest. He'll watch you after he recognizes your from some description or a photo. He'll look into every aspect of your life until he begins to grow more and more obsessed. At first he'll just brush it off and try to ignore you, but eventually, he begins to crave you. His usual distance stalking method will eventually become more invasive until one day, he's had enough. He'll stalk you more openly. Even if you or other people notice, he won't stop. He'll even break into your house one day. He won't ever talk to you unless you get yourself into some real trouble. Regardless if you're a vigilante or a Civilian, If you get cornered by some dumb thugs, you bet Dabi's gonna find out and he's gonna be pissed. They'll be burnt to ash in a blink of an eye. Before you could even think about thanking your "hero", his hand will be covering your moth and his icy gaze will pierce your soul.

    "Why don’t you show me how thankful you are, hm?~"

    Idk how to write good things, so please forgive me.

    Also please let me know if I missed any TWs!

    If you would maybe wanna see more, please let me know!

    #anime#bnha #boku no hero academia #manga#mha #my hero academia #doodle#art#dabi #yandere x reader #yandere bnha #yandere boku no hero academia #yandere mha #yandere x you #yandere dabi #tw toxic relationship #toxic relationship tw #suggestive tw#tw suggestive#burning tw#tw burning#tw threats#threats tw#stalking tw#tw stalking
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  • hoe4kiribaku
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Lost & Found

    A/N: Some shit has gone down at my house and I may be getting kicked out so I just wanted some love from the LOV cause, why the fuck not? (Part one of maybe more if you guys like it)
    TW: Swearing, mentions of homelessness, mentions of violence, may be some graphic scenes (probably not cause im not that good of a writer but I’m just putting the warning there)
    Characters Mentioned: Toga Himiko, Jin Bubaigawara, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi
    Word Count: 2,243

    Of course it was one of those cliche nights, dark and gloomy. Then to top things off it started raining, great. Your clothes were now soaked and the bag that had the rest of your belongings probably got drenched as well, you didn’t know if it was, your brain being to occupied with other thoughts to even worry about your belongings.

    You sat on the ground, leaned up against a building in an alleyway, looking up into the sky that was being blocked by the many wires and poles the spread across the thin opening and wondering what the hell you were doing with your life. What was the point? All this time you were trying to be the good guy, always helping people and hiding your own problems as to not worry people. All the while your mental health was deteriorating every second that goes by. It got to the point where you would lash out at people, without even realising your doing it, till it’s to late.

    You never had a great education because your parents couldn’t afford it, but you had skills. You were smart and very creative, you just never could figure out a way to use them and please everyone at the same time. You finally snapped, snapped at your father and mother, so they kicked you out, told you they were fed up with the shit you pull and said you either leave, or you go to the mental hospital, your choice.

    Maybe you could use the help, but at this point you didn’t want a doctors help. You needed a friend, a family. People who can bring you out of this dark hole your in. Your scared, and you wanted people who could be your light in the darkness.

    And like a goddess was watching over you you felt a light hand being placed on your knee, then in your line of sight as you were looking up, an umbrella covered your face, protecting you from the harsh rain that fell on your face. Your gaze moved to the figure in front of you, well, more like two. A shorter girl with blonde space buns and a school uniform on, and a taller man, head to toe in in a black leather costume with white accents through it. The man was holding the umbrella while the girl had her hand on your knee. 

    “Who are you?” You slowly asked, not even bothered to be scared by the presence of two strangers.

    “I’m Toga! This is Jin! Ah, are you okay?” The girl asked you and you smiled briefly, trying to fake it, yet you broke. Your smiled faulted and you looked back down at the ground, your tears mixing in the the remaining rain drops in your face, and while these two people were complete strangers, you couldn’t help but get the feeling of familiarity.

    “Toga. Toga! She’s crying! Do we hug her? No, just leave her, she will be fine.” The man known as jin spoke up, continuing to argue with himself on what to do with you or not.

    “Listen to the latter. I’ll be fine. Sorry to interrupt your days.” You told the pair with a slight giggle at the start. You picked your bag up and started to walk away from the pair when you felt your bag being pulled back. You turned to see Toga with a smile on her face.

    “You don’t have anywhere to go? Do you?” She asked and you were taken back by the sudden question, you sorta looked down, it only just really hitting you now.

    “I don’t have anywhere to go.” You whispered to yourself as your free hand flew to your mouth and tears streaming down your face. Your hand let go of the bag that Toga had a hold of and you let yourself drop to your knees. “Holy fuck, I don’t have a home.” You said as you looked up to Toga, barely being able to see her properly due to the tears in your eyes.

    “You can come back with us? No she can’t! Shigaraki will be mad!” Jin yelled at himself once again, you still couldn’t help yourself but smile a little bit, which didn’t go unnoticed by Toga.

    “I couldn’t, If this Shigaraki person will be mad then I don’t want to intru-”

    “What’s your quirk?” Toga interrupted you with the sudden question, which once again, like before, took you back.


    “What’s your quirk?”

    “Um I don-”

    “C’mon what’s your quirk? What is it? C’mon! Tell us! What’s your q-”

    “Restoration?” You blurted out at her intrusive questions and under all that pressure, you didn’t know what else to do.

    “What does that do?” For the first time in the conversation, both of Jin’s sides could agree on the question.

    “I can restore anything back to their the state they once were in. Though I need to be thinking of a certain time and date for it to work.” You spoke quietly, the clouds finally clearing a bit as the heavy rainfall died down.

    “Even people?” Toga asked, tilting her head to the side.

    “Yes, even people, that’s why I’ll be fine on my own, I can restore myself back to the state I was once in, to a state before I was hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or injured or whatever!” Your voice started to raise, getting slightly annoyed with all the questions and just wanting to be left alone.

    “Shigaraki will like you.” Toga spoke softly as she started to skip past you with your bag waving around in her hand. Jin walked up to you with the umbrella and offered his hand to you. He didn’t say anything, nor could you see his face, but you felt a heartwarming feeling coming from him, and your curiosity got the best of you. Why not go with them? Where else would you go anyway.

    So you went with them, and it didn’t really dawn on you who they were until you got to the hideout, an old abandoned bar that they’ve done up on the inside. The reason why they were so familiar to you finally hit you like a pile of rocks. You had seen the whole group of people in front of you plastered all over the news.

    You currently stood in the League of Villains hide-out, why were you here? A second ago you were lost in life, sitting in the alleyway, trying to figure out your new home. Only to be led here.

    “What have you bought back this time Himiko?” A young, but matured mans voice rings through your ears as the man himself comes from a door which you assumed led out the back.

    “This is... actually we never got her name.” Toga spoke, dropping her head after she realised neither her or Jin asked for the girls name. “Ah?” She slowly spoke out as she turned towards you with a questioning look on her face.

    “Oh right! I’m (Y/N)! Ah, nice to meet you?” You questioned yourself as you bowed, confused on whether or not to treat Shiga-fucking-raki as an authority figure or not.

    “Your not a villain.” He more or less stated it, rather then question it.

    “That I am not.” You said rather confidently, slowly coming back to your senses.

    “Then why are you here?”

    “Do you want the long story or the shortened version?” You asked him raising a brow, once again, getting pissed off with all the questions.

    “Shortened would be lovely, thank you.” He said with a snarky tone which just got you even more pissed off.

    “I got kicked out. I was in the alleyway contemplating life. These two came out of nowhere asking me questions and shit. Now I’m here.” You replied with an annoyed tone and a bored expression covering your face. If you weren’t welcome here, you would rather him tell you now then drag this out any longer. If he was going to send you on your merry way he better hurry up because you need to figure something else out.

    “So, Toga, Twice, you found a wet, stray dog and bought them back here? Correct?” Shigaraki turned away from you and look at the other pair who brought you into this mess in the first place.

    “A useful stray dog actually! No she’s useless, all she can do is heal!” Jin started to yell at himself and it wasn’t until then you realised that you were the stray dog in this conversation.

    “Hey!” You yelled out but you pouty face, soon turned into you of guard as Shigaraki’s intimidating glance hit you. Yes he was wearing the hand over his face, but his mere presence alone sends shivers up your spine. 

    “You’re a healer?” His tone grew low and almost disgusting as he slowly approached you.

    “I guess you could call me that?” You said, even questioning your own quirk at this point.

    “What’s your quirk? What does it do?” He asked and you groaned, not wanted to explain your quirk a second time.

    “I can restore anything back to their the state they once were in. Though I need to be thinking of a certain time and date for it to work, and if I have to explain that to anyone again, I’m going to be pissed.” You said with a bored and tired tone, indicating how uninterested you were in your quirk.

    “Try it on me.” Another voice rung through the empty bar, when you turned you saw a tall man with burnt skin patches all over his arms and face, and spiky black hair with piercing, bright blue eyes, peeking through the hair that fell in his face.

    “Try it on you? Ever heard of manners?” You snapped back, not realising what you said until it was to late.

    “Tough talk for someone who is only a healer.” He spoke with an intimidating glare as he stalked his way towards you.

    “Why don’t you come closer and we’ll see who’s tougher.” At this point your mouth was speaking its own language. Yes you knew how to fight, but he was right, your quirk wasn’t anything flashy.

    “Too late.” Your heard a whisper from behind you and a flat palm being felt on your lower right arm.

    “Shigaraki!” Toga and Jin yelled out, while the other man yelled the same thing, just more pissed off than the other two.

    “Oh sweet pea, you’re gonna have to do more than that.” You say as you placed your left hand on the place that the dust started to form. The dust that your arm is turning into was suddenly brought back to the place it first started spreading before completely disappearing. Everyone’s eyes grew in shock, which confused you deeply. “What?” You questioned while looking around the bar.

    “No one has been able to stop Shigaraki quirk without chopping the limb off. Not even healers.” Jin spoke softly and he sounded like he was out of breathe. Which he was, everyone was.

    “You’re staying.” You heard Shigaraki speak in a low, calmer voice then it was before, if that was even possible.

    “What?” You spoke, confused by his sudden change of heart.

    “You’re not useless, your just someone who people were blind to. You’re staying, unless you don’t want to be a villain?” He sort of questioned you motives while bending down so you were eye level with the hand that sat on his face.

    Who were you kidding? You dream of becoming a hero deteriorated a long time ago. Even though your quirk can heal people, you could also be a devastating tool, used for world annihilation. If you really tried you could become powerful enough to completely erase the world, restore it back it it’s ‘original’ state. All that would be left is a few atoms.

    So were deemed a threat by society pretty quickly, but your heart of gold tried to beat the rumors and weary glares by helping anyone with your quirk, anywhere you can, but to no avail. The rumore and glare never stopped, you eventually stayed at home at all times, where your parents would then start seeing you as a threat and a burden on their shoulders.

    Anything you do doesn’t please anyone, but these people, the villains of this story. They looked at you with amazement and shock, not weariness and fear. It bought a warm feeling to your heart. Besides, if they wanted you to be the villain, why not give them what they want? And to think, you wouldn’t be here if two VILLAINS weren’t kind enough to stop and check on you. These villains have done more for you in the last 10 minutes of knowing you than the last (Y/A) years of your life. 

    “So? Are you staying?” You felt your arm being tugged, you looked to your side and saw Toga looking into your eyes with a bright shine in the golden orbs that dawned her.

    You looked around the room once more, looking at the four people you have already met and the rest of the league that you will hopefully meet in the future. You thought about how it would be more fun to be a villain anyway, no rules, no authority, just you and the league, doing whatever the fuck you want.

    “Fuck it, it’s not like I have anywhere else to go.”

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  • bonez-drabblez
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Lazy Sunday

    Dabi x gn! Reader - fluffier than a big ol’ puppy dog

    It was another lazy Sunday evening at your apartment. There was some animated show on the tv, filling in the void of silence. You and Dabi were getting rather cozy on the couch, your head on his lap, trying your hardest not to fall asleep. There was just something so relaxing about the heat that radiated around him, and the way the heat perfectly hit that sore spot on your neck? Absolutely amazing.

    He must’ve taken notice of your drooping eyes, as much as you tried to fight it. The feeling of roughened fingers trailed up your jawline, eventually brushing some excess hair behind your ear. You let out a hum of satisfaction, letting him know he could continue. He gently ran his fingers through your hair, doing is best not getting them caught in knots or tangles. His staples gently brushed against the top of your ear, the sensation sending a small chill down your spine.

    He dragged his fingertips back down your jaw, down your shoulder and arm, stopping on your hip where he was drumming his fingers in a rhythmic pattern. You heard Dabi let out a yawn if his own.

    “Hey, doll?” He rasped out.

    You hummed in response.

    “Why don’t we call it in early tonight? We can do all the snuggling you want,” he proposed.

    You let out a yawn and a stretch, snuggling more into his toasty lap. There was suddenly an aural void where the tv once was. Dabi tapped your hip, encouraging you to sit up. Somewhat reluctantly, you sat up, moving to Dabi’s lap, straddling him, resting your head in the crook of his neck.

    A chuckle rumbled from this throat. “You sure are sleepy today, aren’t you, doll?” He teased, hands trailing down your back.

    You couldn’t help but smile, “It helps when I have the best cuddler by my side”.

    He smiled at the remark, disagreeing to himself, but whatever helped you sleep at night. His hands rested themselves on your ass, thumbs gently caressing you. You blushed a little at the small action. Dabi’s endless blue eyes and little smirk painted on his face telling you he was satisfied with himself.

    “Alright then, off to bed,” he said, lifting you and himself off the couch.

    He gently placed you on the bed first before stripping himself down to where he was comfortable and joining you. You wiggled yourself over to him, instantly curling up on his chest like clockwork. It’s the position most often used when you were in bed together. Before getting too comfortable, you gave him a goodnight kiss.

    “Night, Dabs,” you said, resting your head.

    “Night, doll. Sweet dreams about me”.

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    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    toga, twice, shigaraki, and dabi: *smoking weed*

    compress: "these kids and their pot"

    also compress: *does a line of coke*

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  • kentoshousewife
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    - new nsfw blog

    about me: kai, she/her, 19

    animes i’ll write concepts of: bnha and jjk

    content i won’t write: cannibalism, scat, necrophilia

    minors do not interact !!!!

    feel free to ask for concepts, requests are open <3

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  • viciousordelicious
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #dabi#mha dabi#todoroki touya#touya todoroki #my hero academia #league of villains #paranormal liberation front #watercolor
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  • ketchup-gas
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Kurogiri: everyone synchronize your watches.

    Toga: I dont know how :(

    Dabi: I dont own a watch -_-

    Mustard: time is a construct =|

    #mustard#kurogiri#himiko toga#dabi#touya todoroki#bnha mustard #my son with a gun #bnha#mha#mha mustard #my hero academia #boku no hero #league of villains #mustard mha#incorrect lov #incorrect lov quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect mha quotes
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  • i-am-bnha-trash
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Toga: Goodnight moon,

    Toga: Goodnight tree,

    Toga: Goodnight ghosts only I can see.

    Dabi: whAT THE HE-

    #boku no hero academia #mha#bnha #my hero academia #incorrect quotes #incorrect boku no hero academia quotes #incorrect my hero academia quotes #incorrect bnha quotes #source: ??? #toga himiko#dabi#lov #league of villains
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  • melmodoodles
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    colored in instagram artist @ncgdoesart’s line art as a continuation of a renaissance collab that she hosted! i really love the highlights i added!

    #fanart#manga#dabi#touya todoroki#mha #my hero academia #bnha #boku no hero academia #digital art#ipadart#renaissance#art #artists on tumblr
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  • dummyinc
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    dabi doesn’t know the difference between effect n affect and neither do i so that legally means we are dating

    #why are you booing me im right #and maybe a lil bit self projecting #only a lil bit #dabi#touya todoroki#mha hc
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  • mhadirtyhcs
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Random Smut HCs:

    Kiri thinks you sound so hot when you come on his tongue, you could flick his dick and he'd shoot a load.

    Keigo's wings tense up just before he comes, and gripping them while he does forces the most embarrassing noises out of him.

    Dabi sometimes does math in his head while you lazily bob your head on his cock. He wants you to believe he's only tolerating the slow pace.

    #dabi smut hcs #keigo smut#kiri smut #mha smut hcs #bnha smut hcs
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  • hotwings0203
    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Decided to do a part 2 (due courtesy of @an-ambivalent and @definitetrashlord for motivating me to even continue this series HEHE💖)

    Pt. 1

    Tw: manipulation, dubcon, language

    It isn’t the cum that slides down your legs continuously, nor the black and blue marks that so obviously covers the expanse of your neck at all times, no.

    It’s the constant surveillance you’re under, it’s the lack of conversation you get from your comrades, it’s the way you mold and shift for however he wants you to be that solidifies his hold on you.

    The attack from three weeks ago feels like yesterday, the way he held your head up by your hair after he was done ruining you and crooned in your ear that you were his now, and you’d be suicidal if you continued to lash out on his godsent decision plays like a broken record in your head.

    You can’t look him in the eyes now, only meekly staring at his feet when he orders you to stand in front of him. Sometimes he’ll circle you and invade in your personal space, standing behind you and leaning in close behind your ear, simply inhaling you and saying nothing. Other times when no one’s around he’ll lounge back on the couch with a beer in his hand, spreading his knees wide while he lazily orders you to dance for him, slowly stripping away your self esteem and clothes simultaneously.

    He doesn’t seem to outwardly mind the silence that seeps from you anymore, now that he has your body and attention focused solely on him.

    Even Tomura has stopped talking to you just for fun. He’ll try and make a snipe at you, fruitlessly expecting your once-usual comebacks, but all you can do is blearily smile at him.

    It makes everyone uneasy how quickly you’ve been reduced to nothing.

    You couldn’t leave even if you tried to. Your medical skills were too valuable to be rejected, and Dabi’s scrutinizing tabs on you wouldn’t allow for even a foot stepped outside if not for Shigaraki’s missions.

    Even your meals are meager at best, mainly consisting of copious amounts of alcohol and shitty ambiguous burnt food that pops up on the counters randomly.

    You feel dirty, like a disease-infested rat. No amount is showering from the dingy stalls, no amount of cheap soap bars wittled down on your body erases the feeling of being used.

    Dabi has never been in more love than he has now.

    He hopes you like the food he makes, secretly placing it on the bar counter seconds before you sit down. Sure, the food might be a little burnt, but it’s still your favorite right?

    It doesn’t matter how expensive the shower products are, he thinks they smell nice and that they’d smell even better on you. Shigaraki can fuck off, he’s not spending too much revenue on his girl, it’s the bare minimum he can do to show you how much he appreciates you playing by his rules...even if he can never say it out loud.

    And his favorite part at the end of every day is putting his surely-misplaced words of affection into action, where he can scream with his body against yours how long he’s wanted you for, how thankful he is to any deity that exists that you’ve been placed in his care.

    Dabi might be in love, but he’s not stupid though.

    He sees the way your body becomes more and more deteriorated, notices the small change of you hesitation to answer him, the way you can never truly look at him, how you retreat to his room more and more(your room has just become a guest room now after he burned all your belongings, rendering you completely dependent on him to supply you with scratchy clothes and feminine products, no matter how embarrassing it is for you). It’s so frustrating to him- you’re not actually doing anything wrong, but you’re not doing it right either. How long does he have to keep threatening you for? Why can’t you just be happy with him? At least pretend like he’s not the villain for once.

    He just feels so passionately for you, a word he never thought would be used in his vocabulary. It all bottles up, and sometimes he feels like he isn’t expressing his feelings of love, jealousy at you not giving him enough attention at times, concern over your quiet demeanor, and wanting of you enough.

    You’ve never been more broken than you are now.

    If it wasn’t bad enough that you bend at his every beck and call, he expects you to understand his body language and cravings without him even saying anything, which is more so often than not. He just stares at you for so, so long. You originally tried to get up and leave after he dragged you over to the couch and plopped you down, but immediately stilled after smoke began curling from his wrists.

    “What do you want?”


    You look at him incredulously, but his lids are lowered at you as he smokes a blunt. And so you exhale in annoyance and run a hand through your hair, closing your eyes to avoid looking into his unnerving glacial eyes.

    It’s too bad you don’t see the big red hearts in them that break when you turn away from him.

    You’re just so pretty, how can you expect him not to stare?

    He tries to get you to do weird things too when you guys are alone and he’s not plowing you into the mattress.

    Once on a cool winter night a majority of the League was out hunting for recruits. Dabi, you, and Spinner had done your quotas already-or,rather, Dabi had yanked you by your wrist alongside him through the dark alleyways, growling at you to “Keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking. If I see you looking at any one of these trash kindlings I’ll burn the whole alley up and force you to watch”.

    And so while the rest of the party was out, Spinner had mumbled something about needing to take a piss with a pointed glare from Dabi and you were left alone again with your...boyfriend?

    He sits down on the crumbling leather and gives you a once over, not saying anything.

    You fidget in place, thinking he was going to make you give him another slutty show.

    Moments pass, and he snaps, “Well?”

    “W-well what?”

    “Are you just gonna stand there like some braindead bitch? Sit down.” He leers at you.

    You drop into the loveseat at the other end, looking down at your lap. You can’t see his expression, but he scoffs in disbelief.

    “Are you actually slow? Get the fuck over here, it’s cold as shit.”

    And so you scooch over to him regrettably, knees touching with his as you squirm.

    He leans forward and turns to face you, reaching out a hand to brush a strand of hair behind your ear. He notices you trembling and squeezing your eyes shut, so he stops midway.

    He sits back again and as soon as you feel his presence retreat you let out our breath.

    It hurts his heart to hear it.

    You solely turn to face him when he doesn’t say anything, and he points to one of the grimy blankets strewn over the side of the tv. He grunts, and you catch his drift.

    You get up to retrieve it, and hear his gravelly voice. “Get the remote too.”

    When both items are brought back, Dabi snatches the blanket from you and drapes it over himself contentedly.

    What am I, an errand girl?

    He tosses the remote at you to your surprise, and you look at him with raised eyebrows.

    He props his cheek against a fist and stares briefly at the tv.

    You take your chances and press the on button on the remote.

    The ancient monitor comes to life, and it takes a few minutes of scrolling through the channels and glancing at Dabi’s face to decide the appropriate one to watch. You settle on some old slasher finally after seeing the scowl on his face lessen at the sight of a rusted blade chopping through some guy’s shoulders.

    It’s weird to be sitting there with your bully-turned-beau, watching a horror flick as if your relationship with him was normal. You’re surprised he hasn’t jumped your bones yet, it’s what he always wants to do these days as if you’re planning on leaving and it’s his last dying wish to fuck you.

    But he does nothing except for sit there, gazing at the screen with unblinking eyes, bouncing his knee.

    He wants you near him.

    What, does he have to spell it out for you? Why do you think he even sat you next to him with a blanket and a shitty movie?

    Dabi expected you to snuggle up to him the moment you say back down. It’s rather insulting that you haven’t so far, if he’s being honest. Why would a fire user like him need a blanket to keep warm? That was for you.

    And the horror movie? The only reason he allowed you to put it on is because he wanted you to jump, scream, flinch-hell, do something so he can put an arm around you and tease you for being scared!

    But you just sit there. Stock-still, like a deer caught in headlights. Hands in your lap, back straight up, it bothers him that you’re not relaxing around him.

    “Aren’t you cold?” You jump at the break in silence.

    Indeed it is cold, the chilly winter draft seeping through the crumbling foundations of the old bar. But you’d resist, not wanting to know where he was going with this.

    “Uh, no, I’m good thanks.”

    He looks at you like you’re crazy. “You’re literally shaking cold, doll. Come here.”

    You turn to him beseechingly, very much not wanting to prolong this. “Dabi...”

    You’re met with an icy glare.

    And so you begrudgingly scoot closer to him, barely a few inches away. Gingerly picking up the corner of the blanket, you place it over your lap in a faux effort to warm yourself.

    Dabi rolls his eyes when he sees this, and pulls you by your arms to fall against his chest.

    You gasp lightly at how warm his torso is, and can’t help the shiver that passes over you.

    Unable to stop yourself from chasing the warmth amidst the cold night, you huddle closer to him, pressing your palms against his chest to feel more of his heat.

    He looks down at your head and gives the slightest twitch of his lips.

    His heart swells, and he hopes you don’t hear how embarrassingly loud it’s pounding against your hands.

    You slowly start melting in his hold, shifting your leg up adjoining his to seek out more heat, and it makes his cock twitch slightly. He likes you like this: pliant, easy, comfortable. He just wishes you’d talk more, and with less of that apprehension and fear in your eyes

    Some minutes pass, the slasher fic having been ended and changing to a rom-com. Dabi doesn’t remember the last time he saw one of those. It must have been back when he was Touya, back when his mom would bake his favorite cookies and him and Fuyumi-chan and Natsu would chase each other around-

    You stir in his arms, mumbling a bit from dozing off. Dabi gazes at you, wondering when the day would be when you bake him his favorite meals, when he gets to chase you around and make you giggle instead of chasing you like prey and making you scream.

    He rubs up and down you arms soothingly with hot palms as you murmur and begin to wake up. You sit up from his chest and rub your eyes, yawning widely all the while.

    It’s only when you focus on him smirking down at you that you jump back as if you’ve been electrocuted.

    His smile drops at that.

    You scowl at his proximity, mentally face-palming at how you could’ve been lulled to sleep so easily by this dickhead. It wasn’t even that cold, how could you have warmed up so easily to him?

    A blast of icy air seemingly coming from nowhere settled over your bones and you shivered violently, rubbing your arms that were warm a minute ago.

    Okay, maybe it was a bit cold. But you’d be damned if you willingly became vulnerable for him any more than you had to.

    “Is someone tired?” He teased, his white teeth gleaming with his sickening grin.

    “Whatever, I’m going to bed,” you mutter and avert your eyes, getting up to go upstairs.

    “Good idea, I think I’ll come too.” You don’t need to turn around to hear the smug laughter in his voice, knowing full well that he was making fun of you.

    You grumble and stalk upstairs with him right at your heels. At one point he lifts his gaze just to see your cute ass sashaying side-to-side with every step you took up.

    He can’t help himself when he reaches a hand out and squeezes the flesh there, causing you to yelp and shoot up the stairs even faster.

    Dabi shakes his head and snickers to himself, beelining after you to his quarters.

    It’s a medium size-room, not meant for two people but that doesn’t stop him from cramming you in here every night.

    You’re already glowering at his sheets, yanking them back and getting ready to dive in when a sudden thought strikes him.

    “Have you eaten yet?” He leans against the door, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

    “Yes.” Comes your muddled answer from beneath the comforter.

    You did not, in fact, eat anything for almost a day and a half. You couldn’t do it, your stomach was constantly in knots from his presence.

    “Don’t lie to me,” his nostrils flare and he glares at you.

    “I said I ate already.”

    “Yeah? When exactly? ‘Cause if I remember right, i haven’t seen you leave my sight for almost 36 hours now, and none of that time includes when you ate.”

    You stay silent, fuming underneath the covers. Why the hell was he so concerned about you? It pisses you off that he’s putting up a fake act of caring about you, just so that he feels less guilty about raping you.

    He sighs and shifts to open the door. “Stop being such a bratty little shit. You were doing so well earlier, so keep it that way unless you wanna piss me off.”

    Dabi turns the knob and takes a step out of the room. “I’ll ask you one last time before I choose myself- what do you wanna eat?”

    “Eat shit.”

    It’s so faint and muffled, but he hears it. His eyes widen marginally, his jaw clenches and the brass knob under his inflamed palm starts to steam and bubble.

    “What the fuck did you just say to me?”

    “I said eat shit!” You throw the covers off and glare at him full on. “Stop pretending like you actually like me, or that you care about me. You’re a crazy fucking rapist, you’re not my father for gods’ sake, so stop trying to be this fake good person!”

    The only sound around the room is your soft panting and the squeaking of bubbling metal. Then, it stop.

    He steps forward, and speaks softly. “You want me to be the villain so bad?”

    Another step forward, and you instinctively retract your legs from the edge of the bed.

    “Fine. We’ll play your little game. You’re not leaving this room until I say so, or eating until I give you permission, since that’s what you wanted anyways. Wanna act like a stone cold bitch? Be my guest.”

    His posture immediately relaxes, and his smug smile returns as he crosses the room to flip onto the bed.

    You look at him in disbelief. “Are you kidding me?”

    He turns over and scrolls through his phone.

    There’s no way he’s serious. Is he actually planning on keeping you in this room? You’re already limited to the base as it is with him breathing down your back, no way in hell you’d tolerate even more confinement.

    Just to check his bluff, you slowly slip off the bed and pad towards the door, one eye over your shoulder to check that he hadn’t turned around. But the second your hand outreaches for the disfigured blob of cooling metal on the door, a massive wave of blue flames lash out mere inches from your hand and between the knob.

    You scream and clutch your hand, leaping backwards.

    “What the fuck, Dabi?!”

    He says nothing, but continues to smirk at his phone.

    You take a deep breath and are about to try to open it again his his raspy voice calls out, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. My nursing skills aren’t as good as yours. And even if you do manage to sever your hand and try again, if you leave then I’ll personally make sure Shigaraki withdraws all your missions here on out.”

    You pause at that, cursing under your breath. As much as you knew he’d never admit it to your face, your leader needed Dabi for long distance combat. He was the second most powerful member in the group, so his word was scripture after Shigaraki’s himself. He would do anything Dabi would say if it meant keeping him in the League. You, however, were expendable at the end of the day.

    Sighing, you trudge your way back to the rickety bed, grumbling under your breath. He says nothing, simply continuing to scroll through his phone as if he didn’t blast hellfire at you seconds before.

    Sleep did not come easily. Even after Dabi put his phone away, he didn’t press up against you like he usually did at night. The empty space behind you was growing colder and harder to ignore.

    You tossed and turned for a couple minutes, contemplating what to do. Apparently he was serious when he said he wouldn’t let you leave the room until he said so. So when was he gonna give you the all-clear?

    Your stomach rumbled loudly, and you winced clutching it. Damn it. If only you had taken up his offer instead of throwing a tantrum.

    Finally, after an excruciating 10 minutes more of deafening silence save for your weeping stomach, you cave in.



    “Dabi, you awake?” You prop yourself up on an elbow and peek over his shoulder. His eyes are closed, but his chest is moving too fast for a slumber.

    “Look, I’m...I’m sorry I didn’t listen, okay? I should’ve eaten when you told me to.”

    Nothing again.

    “Hey.” You lightly shake his shoulder, but no response comes from him.

    You sigh in frustration, tapping your fingers on the pillowcase. Suddenly, an idea comes to you, but it makes your stomach recoil in disgust and quiet down its grumbling. Desperation is a bitch.

    “Can I make it up to you...?”

    And finally, he turns around to face you, one cheek propped against his palm, a lazy grin complimenting his salacious gaze.

    “Well, why didn’t you just say so earlier doll?”

    You grimace in disgust, mixed emotions at your plan working.

    “So what exactly did you have in mind, hmm?” He pouts condescendingly down at you, and you grit your teeth before letting him in on it.

    “Um, well..I thought maybe I could...um, y’know, like..I wanna, um...” Oh god. This was more embarrassing than you thought. How are you supposed to ask your captor if you can suck his dick? Usually he just took you fighting tooth and nail, you never fully submitted like this before.

    And he knows it too, based on the way his eyes gleam in the silver moonlight and shadows of lust cross his face while looking at your wide eyes and bitten bottom lip, your fidgeting fingers showing nothing but needing pure guidance.

    But this isn’t supposed to be easy, he doesn’t want you to feel comfortable, he wants you to feel bad and make it up to him.

    To give you a little push, however, he gives toga slight hint as he sits up and leans back against the rickety bedrest, folding his arms behind his head.

    “So, what’s it gonna be sweetheart? ‘Gonna stare at me like that all night or are you gonna tell me how you’re gonna make this up to me?”

    You look up at him, conflicted for a moment before solidifying your resolve. You shyly reach out a hand and touch the outside of his thigh, slowly rubbing and moving it closer up to the tent in his pelvis.

    Oh, this is precious.

    “What?” He sneers. “You’ve gotta be kidding me. You were pushing me away earlier, but now you wanna suck my dick? Make up your mind, babe.”

    You wince and continue, not backing down from his mean comment. You knew he wanted this, he expected this from you. That’s why even though he’s spitting venom from his lips, his hips are bucking up into your hand as you stroke over his member.

    Your fingers move nimbly up and down, around and under his thighs and dick, with him softly cursing in the background as he grows harder and harder.

    “Stop being a tease and get to sucking. It’s what you were made for, anyways,” Dabi’s low voice comes out from in between little moans.

    Your hand shakes a little bit as you fumble with the drawstrings on his pj’s, and he snickers at your inexperience. When you finally free his length, it bounces out like its on fucking hydraulics, precum beading up at the tip, his shaft coated with an intimidation Jacob’s Ladder.

    He watches you lick your lips and he groans under his breath. You’re nervous and scared, but he’s wondering whose heart is beating faster right now. The hand which you use to hesitantly start pumping him is so much softer than his own, and even though he’s gotten fairly accustomed to your body and the feel of it, the sensations multiply tenfold when you do it willingly for him.

    Dabi has half a mind to shove your head down onto his shaft when he feels like you’re stalling with your hands, however good they feel. He wants to see you sloppy with saliva dribbling down your chin like a baby.

    But he waits. As excruciatingly painful as it is, he wants to see what you’re like when you do things at your own pace, and at your own...comfort? If you can even call it that.

    Finally, finally after caving in from his silent flower you get the idea to put it in your mouth.

    Your face contorts in disgust as you slowly lower your head and latch your lips onto the slippery bulb, hollowing your cheeks out and sucking hard at the tip.

    Dabi hisses and juts his hips up into your mouth, furiously chewing at his burnt lower lip as he holds back a pornographic moan. He knows you’d be startled and embarrassed by it, so he refrains...for now.

    That doesn’t mean he’s not gonna tell you what to do, though.

    “Yeah, just like that. Suck it like an ice-pop. No, don’t use your teeth idiot. And fondle my balls while you’re at it, too.”

    Instructions pour into your ears, one after another as you fumble around trying to satiate his needs. You’re clumsy, which makes it even messier and hotter for him. Various fluids coat your hand and the lower half of your face as you work on him, doing exactly what he says. Sucking and kitten-licking the tip, even going so far as to dip your tongue into the crevice of his tiny hole and rapidly lick up the massive amounts of pre bubbling up after doing so, spiraling your tongue down the piercings and on his shaft until you circle around his balls. Your spit helps as lube to slick up his dick as you pump your hand while nursing on his plush balls.

    Dabi, of course, has a hand woven through your hair and randomly jerks down on your head when you hit a good spot. You can tell he’s trying his best to hold back from his way his body and arms shake in self restraint, so you know it’s time to finish things up before his control snaps.

    You start stroking him even faster, squeezing a little harder when you move up on his tip and massaging his balls. The soft schlick schlick sounds echo throughout the quiet room, the rustling of his sheets as his legs move to their own accord mute the thudding of both your hearts.

    You can tell his orgasm is about to come from the way his cheeks puff up and his chest heaves. Pulling away is futile, as the second he sees recognition in your eyes he finally does what he’s been wanting to do, and slams your head all the way down his length.

    He starts actually face-fucking you now, all 7 1/2 inches tightly cramming in your throat. You retch and cry out around his dick, trying to pull your head back but he’s not having it; he pounds the back of your canal and you swear you’ll wake up with a bruised esophagus in the morning.

    “Fuck, fuckfuckfuck yes doll, fuck, just a little more, you’re doing so good, my little cumdump huh? You love me, yeah? Of course you do, of course you love your daddy, you’re never gonna leave me you’re gonna stay right here under me like the good little girl you are-“

    Filth pours from his mouth as white ropes leave his cock, your already-filled throat flooding with his seed and leaking out of your strained mouth.

    You squeeze your eyes shut as he waits for a moment or two, calming his breath down by taking deep inhales in place of his rapid panting. His breath deepens after a minute or two, but he still has an iron grip on the back of your head sealed so tight that the cum is trapped on the inside of your stretched lips.

    “Mmmfh!” You cry out and beat at his knee. He finally looks down at focuses on you, squinting and laughing at your predicament.

    “Aww what’s wrong, don’t wanna gargle my kids? Would you rather have them someplace else?” He shakes your head back and forth on his softening cock and more seed spills out over your mouth and around his groin.

    You painfully pull your head up, and Dabi revels in how you look.

    Teary-eyed, your hair a mess, cum and spit coating your mouth like a fucking whore.

    You’ve never looked more beautiful to him than you have at that moment.

    “Come on, clean me up,” he gestures to the mess on his body, and you grimace.

    “Do I have to? I just did what you wanted me to-“

    “I thought you were trying to make it up to me?” He raises an eyebrow and looks you up and down.

    You sigh and try to do it quickly, ingesting the vile contents and avoiding his cruel grin.

    After what seemed like a lifetime, you finish him off and flop down in bed, catching your breath.

    “So, was that good enough? Can I go outside now?”

    “It’s the middle of the night, where the hell would you go right now?” He fluffs up his pillow and pulls his pants back up, getting ready to actually sleep this time.

    “Well, I mean yeah, but...you know what I mean, in the morning you’ll let me go out, right?”

    He rolls over to face you, and you can’t decipher what emotion crosses his face as his position blocks out the moonlight. From his body rolled over, the light reflecting off the side of his head would almost make it seem like he had white hair.

    “Who said anything about letting you go out?”

    You gape at him for a moment, then chuckle nervously. “Come on, don’t freak me out like that. You said that if I made it up to you-“

    “I said make it up to me, as in apologize for your bitchy attitude. I didn’t say anything about you leaving. You’re gonna have to do more than a shitty blowjob if you wanna leave this room.”


    “What? I’m just complying with what you wanted. You didn’t wanna go with me, right? So, I’m playing by your rules.” He says simply, shrugging as if it’s no big deal.

    Tears brim up in your eyes. “You’re an asshole.”

    “Exactly. Which is why you’re not leaving until I say so.”

    You turn over and scoot away from him, ignoring his scoff. But you suppose you couldn’t be too mad, after all.

    You don’t know what you were expecting from a villain anyways.

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  • todorkihoe
    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    What Their Hands Look Like

    charcters: bakugou, dabi

    genre: idk fluff???

    warnings: none, not proofread though

    a/n: i wanted to do this for just dabi but the post ended up being too short so i added bakugou 🙄 plus he was supposed to be in the original post here// also this is a weird ass combo of characters

    his hands are big and veiny

    i mean we’ve seen it in his hero costume those gloves are huge

    but anyways his hands are always very warm and sometimes super sweaty too

    the veins on the back of his hands also extend all the way up his forearm. he will send pictures of his arms and hands if you ask

    he’s got a few scars here and there but they’re not that noticeable

    though his palms are rough and calloused from his quirk. he was originally a little worried about holding your hand because he didn’t want to accidentally blow it up

    but you don’t mind his sweaty hands so he doesn’t either

    (just pretend that those picture have his scars lol)

    anyways dabi’s hands are huge—like huge. long and thick fingers

    probably big enough to cover your entire face and it doesn’t help that he’s really cocky about it

    he knows you like his hands and he’s not shy about teasing you for it

    bye he definitely wears black nail polish sometimes. it also covers up the dirt under his nails

    but his hands are super rough as we’ve seen and he doesn’t try to take care of them at all. maybe you can coax him into putting some type of cream on

    he’s not too fond of holding your hand (also the staples) so he usually opts to link his fingers with yours

    taglist (click here for application) 

    @somberess @shinsousliya @morelikebaku-no @kouilla @neoxprout @iheartfictionalboys @clumsy-writing-rdb @lovers-liability @haiuxx @shadowinthedarkknight @wthvanilla @promisedlakess  @american-sataness @livvthecreator 

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  • arleneeene
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    I was listening to the album Toxicity and motherfucking Dabi would listen to System of the Down on 24/7 and have you listen to it as well!

    #dabi fanart#dabi smut #dabi x y/n #dabi headcanons #dabi x reader #dabi is touya #touya x y/n #touya todoroki #mha x reader #league of villians x reader #league of villains
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  • ronwestbreeze
    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    how they would save you

    ft. midoriya, bakugo, and dabi

    black!fem reader

    warnings: cursing

    okay so this idea just came to me and i wanted to try it out. hope y’all like :)

    izuku midoriya

    he knows you are completely capable of taking care of yourself

    that doesn’t mean he won’t keep and eye on you during a battle

    sometimes he can’t help but worry, he’s very protective : (

    but somehow y’all ended up in the sky fighting the villain that was trying to get away. you were kicking ass as usual but the villain ended up catching you off guard

    that’s when you began to fall. you didn’t know how it happened. you just blinked for a second and suddenly you see izuku falling after you and reaching for your body

    i think we all know he would impulsively go after you. the villain is an afterthought at this point

    once he reaches you, he’d hug your body close to him and switch you around that way his back would be facing the ground while holding you tightly against him.

    he’d whisper reassuringly in your ear, “i’ve got you” so many times as if he was afraid of breaking a promise

    then you guys would get to the ground and land safely thanks to some of the other pro heroes who saw you two coming. after that he would shout for someone to come check you out for any bad injuries and never leave your side

    he would try not to show how afraid he was but you’d know and squeeze his hand, letting him know that you were okay

    katsuki bakugo

    now i think he would want someone who can take care of themselves and not be dependent on him all the time obviously

    but when he sees that your safety is in danger and you don’t notice, he’ll definitely be pissed

    not at you yes maybe you, he’d just be a little freaked out at how close your life almost ended there

    like one time you two were battling against a group of villains. you two definitely had it in the bag ngl. the two of you were a power couple and team so bakugo wasn’t too worried at first

    but then one of the villains was going a little too berserk so bakugo definitely had to be a little more careful. you were busy fighting to notice much but bakugo knew you’d have to move soon


    wrong. one of the villain’s beams hit a building and some debris was coming your way. seeing that you were far too distracted, bakugo used his explosions as rockets and basically crashed into you, throwing you two far enough away from the wreckage

    you two were lying on the ground, exhausted and catching your breath.

    and through his tired breaths bakugo would say “next time move you fucking idiot”



    let’s get one thing straight here. dabi ain’t got time to help nobody. cuz he’s already distracted or because of the “better them than me” mentality

    but he’ll make an exception for you. he wouldn’t be too obvious about it of course.

    might play it off as like “you’re too valuable for this cause to lose” or something along those lines

    this would happen while you guys are on a mission. something went wrong and now it’s all chaos. everything’s on fire and it’s time to get the hell out of there.

    you and mr. compress were one of the last ones to leave after taking out some cops and heroes.

    the two of you thought you were pretty safe

    once again wrong

    you didn’t notice anything until dabi raised his hand towards you which caused you and mr. compress to immediately duck out of the way.

    you hear a scream and turn to find a hero being scorched and realized that they had been right behind you and ready to take you out

    once the corpse was on the ground, the three of you were running away from the scene with dabi hissing at you

    “next time i leave for dead, you hear me?!”

    he says threateningly while gripping your arm to follow him closely

    #bnha x reader #mha x reader #bnha headcanons #bnha x poc!reader #bakugo katsuki #katsuki bakugo x reader #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou x poc!reader #bakugou x black reader #katsuki bakugou headcanons #mha x black reader #bnha x black!reader #mha x poc!reader #izuku midoriya x reader #midoriya x black!reader #midoriya headcanons #midoriya x black reader #dabi x reader #dabi x black!reader #dabi headcanons
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    My pet

    Genre: romance, smut, normal AU with no quirks, university!reader x professor! Dabi,

    Summary: Maybe skipping his class wasn’t such a bad idea. After all, the detention could wait for some other time, not like you weren’t getting sick of it anyway.

    Words: 6.8k

    Warnings: 18+, praise kink, bit of fingering in public place, semi public sex, unprotected sex, creampie.

    Taking a deep breath you tried to calm yourself down a little. From all the papers, you had to lose the one from Professors Aizawa’s classes, which was pretty important. And the fact that he had a pretty big dislike of you didn’t help either, since you were sure that he will nag about it a whole moth or give you little to no time to write it again.

    Rolling your eyes, you collected all the papers on the floor, putting them in one box, accepted the fact that your paper is nowhere to be found. With a big sigh you stood up and poured the hot coffee in your cup to go, before you took your bag from the floor and left your apartment.

    You weren’t in the mood for Uni today, but at least you had only few classes, which meant you won’t spend much time there.

    You checked your phone one last time, before you locked the door and hurried downstairs to catch your bus. Using the app, you always checked when will the bus arrive, giving yourself 5 minutes to catch it. This time you went out a bit earlier, since Aizawa’s class was the first one. After all you didn’t have the paper done, you couldn’t afford yourself more shit with being late.

    ,,Fuck’’ you hissed when you saw the bus already on the bus stop. You were about to run, but once you noticed all the people squished in it, you couldn’t force yourself to do it. After all, you were never sporty, every time you had to run to catch the bus, he would simply speed off and leave you half dead on the bus stop. Yeah, you had a condition of a dead horse.

    ,,I’ll be a bit late’’

    you texted your best friend Mina as you sat on the small waiting bench. The next bus will arrive in 8 Minutes, which was enough time for you to smoke one. Upset about everything, you smoked your cigarette almost aggressively, puffing on it like it was your last one.

    You don’t run. There is always a possibility that you will die if you run. So, it’s better if you come a bit late, then not at all. You thought to yourself.

    Some people don’t come to the classes at all and no one gives a shit, yet you are worried about some stupid paper and being late.

    When the bus arrived, you turned the cigarette off and got inside, finding a yourself an empty seat as you hopped into it. Momo texted you that Aizawa is not even there and that maybe there’s a chance you’ll arrive before him.

    Of course there’s no chance you’ll be able to do it, since the bus driver took his time driving. You were sure they had something against you. When you are trying to catch a bus, they suddenly turn into Formula 1 drivers as they speed off, but when you are inside of the bus, they follow every possible rule and drive so slow.

    The moment you arrived, you started to walk fast, every second step you took, you tried to force yourself to run. You tried to push yourself between the students that had their best time in the fucking hallway of the Uni. Most of them giving you a weird looks as you started to run for the first time, upstairs.

    Opening the door of the huge class, you stood there confused. The man standing there wasn’t Aizawa, so you looked around to check if the classroom was the correct one. It was. Scanning the room, you saw Momo in the last row giggling at you. Giving the man one last look, you made your way to your best friend.

    ,, You didn’t check your messages, did you?’’ She whispered quietly, as you hopped between her and Mina. Shaking your head you took out your notebook and placed it on the table, while Momo explained to you what’s going on.

    So, Aizawa had some problems which forced him to be absent for the next 6 months, making his assistant Touya Todoroki take over his classes.

    The three of you chit chatted quietly, as your new so called Professor was calling out your names to mark the list. Like a high school, you thought to your self as you put your hand up when your last name was called. Professor Aizawa never did that, one look was enough for him to notice who is absent and who’s not.

    Everyone knew Touya Todoroki. He was around your age, and that made students a little bit more comfortable around him. You heard that he finished Uni one or two years ago, being one of the top students. Being that smart, and Aizawa’s one of favorites, they gave him the chance to work there as his assistant.

    In your opinion, joking around with the students wasn’t really smart of him, since there’s always a possibility that they won’t take him seriously later on. But hey, maybe you were wrong.

    Once the introduction was done, and he said enough about himself and all the plans Aizawa had for the next 6 months, he said that he’ll call your names out in alphabetical order, for you to give him your paper and sign the list he prepared for it.

    You felt a bit uneasy when you realized that till now, all of them had their work finished and the possibility that you’re the only one that didn’t have it made your stomach twist.

    When your name was called out, you thought about some lies you could tell him, none of them good enough.

    ,,I’ve lost it’’ you breathed out as you clapped your hands and slowly nodded your head. He gave you the ‘’are you serious’’ look as you stood there embarrassed a bit.

    ,,Is that even possible ?’’ he asked as he raised his brow at you, eying you out while you played with your fingers nervously.

    ,, Obviously, it is’’ you said, crossing your arms on your chest. What kind of question is that even? People come here and lie about their test being eaten by their pets, yet your honest and sad excuse was suspicious to him.

    ,, When is the next date ?’’ you added, hoping he’ll give you enough time to write it again.

    ,,Tomorrow’’ he said, not even looking at you.

    ,, WHAT ?’’ a scream escaped your lips, loud enough for everyone in the class to hear and look at you. Is this dude insane ? Even tho Aizawa didn’t like you, he would still give you maybe a week to finish it.

    ,,Take it or leave it’’ he said, with a small smile formed on his lips, like he didn’t just tell you to do something impossible. Rolling your eyes shamelessly, you turned around and made your way toward your seat, where Momo and Mina waited excitedly to ask you what happened and so on.

    The moment your last class finished, you had to cancel all of your plans, making your way home immediately after it. That day, you couldn’t even afford yourself to make a lunch or dinner, since every second and minute counted. The only food for you was coffee and cigarettes that day.

    The good thing was, that you remembered lots of things you already wrote, but sadly, the paper wasn’t really small, forcing you to write and write without taking even a small break.

    You hoped that you’ll finish it till 11PM, since your first class started early in the morning, at 7 AM. Sadly your big hope sank like Titanic when you checked what time it was when you almost finished your paper.

    It was fucking 3:37 AM.

    That disgusting motherfucker, you thoguht to yourself, as you imagined how great it would feel if you had the possibility to break his fucking tattooed neck.

    The moment you heard the alarm, you wished you were dead. If someone placed a gun on your forehead at that moment, you would probably beg him to shoot you. Taking more time then usual, you found yourself being late again. This time you didn’t give a single shit about it. You didn’t give a shit about looking like half dead bird, with your hair tied up in way too messy bun and dark circles under your eyes.

    Stomping into the classroom, you didn’t bother to look or greet anyone, forcing yourself to sit in the first row, since more students remembered that they actually go to Uni and suddenly decided that today is the best day to show up. Mina and Momo didn’t sit close to each other or to you either, since the class was unusually much fuller.

    Grabbing your phone out of your pocked, once it started to vibrate, you saw that Mina and Momo were writing shit in your little group chat.

    ,, Are we having this piece of shit all day?’’

    you texted, ignoring the topic they were writing about.

    ,, Yeah, we’ll have one and half hour break in between, and then him again. I don’t mind it tho. Dude’s handsome as fuck’’

    Mina replied, making you roll your eyes.

    ,, Handsome as fuck my ass. Bro looks like random junkie from the main train station’’

    you tapped furiously sending the message, scrolling down your Instagram feed, not even bothering to look at him, when he called your name out when he checked the absence list.

    ,,No phone in my class’’ he said loud enough, when he noticed it. Ignoring his statement, you just continued to use your phone. It’s not his problem if you are using your phone, it’s not his fucking problem if you decide not to follow his class and fail it at the end. Sure, if you were interrupting the class, then it would make some sense. But since you didn’t interrupt him or anyone, it shouldn’t bother him at all.

    In one moment, you had your phone in your hands, the next one it was snatched from your hands. Looking up, you saw him standing in front of the desk you sat in, with your phone in his hands, scanning the room if anyone else was using it too. Both Mina and Momo hid their phones fast, when they realized what just happened.

    He stood there quietly as he did something on your phone. The only thing you could see was his thumb scrolling something on your phone up. Whatever it was, he had no fucking right to do it and it made your blood boil.

    ,, There is something called privacy, you sick fuck’’ you hissed loudly. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or the fact that you had less then one day to finish your paper, but you couldn’t stop yourself from insulting him. The moment you spat those words, you felt his eyes on yours. You noticed a small smirk formed on his lips as he turned your phone off.

    ,, You just got yourself in detention Miss.’’ He said, as he placed his phone on his desk ignoring your complains.

    At that point you weren’t sure if he got all the dislike on you from Aizawa, or if you had that kind of personality that made people easily dislike you. Sure, maybe you overacted and embarrassed yourself in front of the whole class, but in your defense, he didn’t have the right to do it. None of the students were children. All of you had the right to decide on your own if you will pay attention to the class or not.

    When the first class was done, Mina and Momo came to you immediately, eyes wide in shock as they talked about what just happened. The two of them waited for you beside the door, as you took your finished paper and made your way toward his desk.

    He pushed your phone from the end of the desk toward your direction, as he told your friends that there’s no need to wait for you. Confused, they left immediately, not wanting to pull themselves into troubler or give you more of it.

    ,, Sit down’’ he said, as you stood there confused as well, gripping tightly onto your paper. Being a bit lost, you didn’t follow him immediately, standing there totally lost.

    ,, Sit the fuck down’’ he repeated, this time a little louder. You sat there, eyes wide open in shock. Sure, he started off as someone that looked like all of your classes would be fun with him, but with todays actions, and the small amount of time he gave you, definitely changed the view of him to the rest of the students. To you even more, since his sudden behavior wasn’t really pleasing.

    ,, Paper’’ he simply said, as he tapped with his hand on his desk. You gave it to him immediately, not sure if you are allowed to leave or not, also unsure if you can take your phone or not anymore.

    ,,Good, now go clean the desks or whatever’’ he said as he took your paper, scanning it a little bit.

    ,, You gotta be kidding me’’ you laughed. This dude has some serious issues, you thought to yourself. ,, We ain’t in fucking high school’’ you hissed. You were about to grab your phone, but his hand stopped you, as he grabbed your wrist with his left hand.

    Without saying another word, he just shook his head towards the direction where the small bucket was. Usually prepared for the Cleaning lady that does her job once the class is over.

    You wanted to make even more drama, and curse him out instead of apologizing for interrupting his class, but at that moment you didn’t have the balls for it. First of all, because you were pretty sure he was in contact with Prof. Aizawa all the time, and second, it was already clear enough that he dislikes you more then Aizawa does.

    You took a deep breath, as you prepared the water. Hoping he will let you go soon, since everyone else is already on the break and if you were being honest, you were getting pretty hungry.

    The whole time, he just ignored you as he was correcting your paper. He already corrected the paper the rest of the class turned in, so he wanted you to have your note too. Aizawa told him about you, never paying attention to the class and appearing just to avoid the shit you could get for missing the classes. He heard enough about all of you, and he wanted to make sure none of you will misunderstand him just because of his young age. Starting of with you, and giving one good example to everyone else. Sure, it wasn’t very nice of him to give you less then one day to finish your paper, but only you were the one without it, and he didn’t want to wait too long for it and make you lose the little focus you had on the rest of the class. He was pretty sure you would mostly focus on the paper you had to write, ignoring the other stuff he prepared.

    You took your time cleaning the desks, humming some song that was in your head last few days. When you finished your task, you made your way toward his desk. Sitting down to the desk in front of his own, you wanted to ask him if you may leave or take your phone, but somehow it felt too weird to do it.

    ,, Spit it out’’ he said, his eyes focused on the paper you gave him. Of course he noticed the little uncomfortable glances you gave him, and the way you played with your fingers. Something about it gave him the feeling of power, in some weird twisted way.

    ,, Can I go ?’’ you asked fast.

    ,,No’’ he replied as fast as you asked, like he was prepared for you to ask him that, making you whine loudly. You were pretty sure if it was Prof. Aizawa instead of him, you wouldn’t even dare to react that way.

    ,, Text your friends to bring you something to eat. You ain’t having the break today’’ he said, still correcting the paper. With a huge sigh you took your phone and turned it on. Messages popping up one after other. Mina and Momo cursing him out, sharing their location with you and simply being worried a bit. You told them about the break thing and asked them to bring you some snack, as you complained how he’s actually torturing you.

    His coughing took your attention, making you place your phone on the table as you watched him stretch his arms out, as he placed your paper in front of you. Your eyes widened when you saw a huge D and 52% written on your paper. Some students would just be happy they passed, but not you. The worst grade you ever got in last two years was C, and yet you almost failed this fucking paper, only few percent’s saving your ass.

    ,, The beginning was alright. You missed lots of points. In the middle, some stuff you wrote didn’t make sense at all.’’ He sighed as he rubbed his right eye a bit before he continued telling you what you fucked up.

    ,, The end was terrible, from all the facts you wrote, to your grammar. It was painful to read ’’ He added, as he played with the pen in his hands.

    ,, Not sure what you expected from me when you gave me less then 24 hours to finish this shit.’’ You spat, anger taking over you again. At this point you found yourself missing Aizawa, and first time you felt unsure if you will be able to pass this class.

    ,,Is this detention done now? Can I leave now ?’’ you asked, wanting this shit finally to be over, ignoring his words from before that you won’t have a break today. At your surprise he just laughed you out, pissing you off even more if it was possible at all.

    ,, This ain’t your detention sweetie’’ he laughed, as he took his phone out of his pocket. Telling you how you will have to stay every day after classes for 1 to 2 hours to help him prepare his stuff for next classes. For the next four weeks.

    You weren’t sure if he was joking around or not. You knew that some students had to do it, for example, Mina had to do it for a whole week, since she pissed off your Professor Shigaraki, always being late to his classes last year.

    The next day, you ignored what he told you, as you made your way toward the exit when the class was done, only to be stopped as he called your last name out. That was enough for you to understand that he wasn’t joking around, and that the next four weeks you will have to give up 1 to 2 hours of your precious time.

    At the beginning all you had to do was print the papers he prepared for the classes, and grab some stuff he needed while he was writing something down, or correction some shit. You found yourself regretting the decision to go to that fucking uni. Usually professors don’t give a damn if a student pays attention to the class, if he passes or fail. They are here to teach, not discipline and if you feel like failing, that’s your issue. Well, not in this case. You felt like they enjoyed torturing y’all just for their own satisfaction.

    Later on he would command you in the middle of the class to grab something out the office, since you already spent few hours in it, knowing where his stuff is. You also got yourself a new nickname in class, which was ‘’Todoroki’s pet’’.

    ,, Chill out, you only have 3 more weeks’’ Mina said as she took a bite of her sandwich, saying how she knows how you feel.

    ,, Bitch, no one called you Shigaraki’s pet. This is embarrassing’’ you whined, taking a sip of your coffee. The two of you decided to ditch the rest of the classes, since it was his one anyway. She wasn’t in the mood to listen to anyone’s shit today, since she had one sleepless night, and you weren’t in mood to stay 2 extra hours.

    Both of you spent some time in the café, gossiping some people form your class and making plans for tonight. Since it was Friday, both of you wanted to enjoy your time a bit, instead of spending the night home being lazy as fuck. Mina told you that Keigo invited the three of you to his little house party that he made every now and then. Every time his parents would go somewhere because of work, he would throw a party that made him so famous among other students.

    He knew you, Mina and Momo from the high school and he always got along with all three of you. Sometimes even tagging along with the three of you to grab a coffee, nagging about his affairs and so on.

    Mina didn’t go home, since you invited her to come over to your place. Both of you getting a good ass nap before you got ready for the party. She wore some of your fancy clothes and you wore a simple white shirt, and your pastel purple strap dress over it, that hugged your curves perfectly. The two of you did your make up before you wore your black Martens boots and made your way to the party.

    Momo was already waiting at the party for you, drinking her beer with Keigo. She placed her drink on the counter when she saw the two of you get in. There were already some people you knew, but you knew that in the matter of time the house will be full as fuck.

    ,, You two sick fucks, why did you leave me all alone today’’ she laughed out as she took one sip of her beer.

    ,, No one’s in the mood to talk about that fucktard and his annoying ass classes here.’’ You said loudly, as you made a drink for yourself, mixing Malibu with some cherry juice as Keigo asked the three of you what happened.

    ,, Professor fucking Todoroki is torturing the shit out of me.’’ You said as you placed a cigarette between your lips. ,, I never thought I’ll say this, but I really miss Aizawa’’ you said in one breath making your friends laugh at your sudden confession.

    ,, Ah, I heard about your new nickname tho’’ Keigo said with a huge grin on his face, making you roll your eyes. ,, What is it again?’’ he asked, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

    You were about to tell him to shut the fuck up and drop this topic already, but a arm placed around your shoulders threw you out of the tact.

    ,, They call her My pet’’ a familiar voice said, making you almost choke on your drink. Momo’s eyes were looking at you in shock, and Mina tried to make herself unnoticed, since she skipped his classes with you today.

    ,, Bro, I heard that you are giving her some hard time. What did you do to my girl?’’ Keigo laughed loudly, as he greeted his ‘’friend’’. You sat there frozen, totally forgetting that you have a cigarette in your hand, that was now half way done. You weren’t sure how much he heard.

    ,, Nothing she didn’t deserve.’’ Your prof. answered, laughing together with Keigo. You forget that he was around your age, and that it shouldn’t be such a big deal to see him at party’s like this. After all, everyone enjoyed his company. You, Mina and Momo exchanged one look that told more then any word could. All of you grabbing your drink, before leaving the two of them in the kitchen.

    ,,What the fuck is he doing here ?’’ you spat out, not giving a shit if he will hear you or not.

    ,, I have no idea. This was so embarrassing’’ Mina said, laughing loudly as she drowned her drink down, grabbing another one immediately.

    ,, Why ?’’ Momo asked confused, making you ask yourself how much she drank already.

    ,,Girl, the fuck are you even asking ?’’ Mina asked her still giggling around. ,, Usually people get smarter in Uni, what happened with you? ‘’ she added wrapping her arm around Momo’s shoulders.

    ,, Downgrade’’ you said, making your friends laugh, as Momo hit your arm lightly.

    Keigo was playing the music, his phone connected to the large loudspeakers. At the beginning you hated his taste of music, but later on you simply got used to it and at some point you started liking the songs he would play.

    The three of you were fooling around, chitchatting with some people you knew from Uni. Once you heard that Anxiety from Blackbear started playing, you made your way toward the kitchen where Keigo was. The moment he saw you he started making some silly dance moves, as you immediately started to hop around and copy his moves. The first time he showed you this song, you literally hated it so much, only later on to learn every word as it became the song of you two.

    He started singing as you prepared another drink for yourself, waving your left arm in the air like Keigo did, following the beat of the song. At that point, you didn’t give a fuck about the presence of your Prof, since it looked like he didn’t really want to bother you either.

    ,, Having fun?’’ Keigo asked, as he placed his glass in front of your lips, forcing you to drink every drop of his drink.

    ,, Disgusting’’ you hissed, making a face. He laughed at your silly face and reaction as he pat your head. Taking a sip of your sweet drink, trying to cover up the Whisky he just gave you.

    ,, Touya, your detention ain’t shit. She still doesn’t have any manners’’ Keigo joked, as he shook his head a little.

    ,, I’m working on it’’ He answered, a small smirk appearing on his lips.

    ,, Oh shut the fuck up, both of you’’ you blurted, trying not to give them much reaction, since you were pretty sure they were just provoking you at this point. The two of them only laughed at your reaction, finding it cute.

    Hopping of the long chair, you pulled your dress down, and made your way to find your friends. The house was full at this point. Greeting every third person, you tried to find either Mina or Momo, only to give up at the end.

    Not wanting to go back in the kitchen, you made your way upstairs where the guest room was. Keigo and Todoroki noticed you going upstairs as Keigo tired to call your name out, only to end up being ignored since you didn’t hear shit.

    You hopped onto the bed, your feet still on the floor, since you were too lazy to take off your boots. You placed the small ashtray on the bed, and lit your cigarette as you watched the people in the small hallway dance around and have fun.

    Taking your phone out of the small pocket of your dress, you sent a message to the group chat, asking your friends where they are and telling them that you are in the guest room. Dropping your phone to the side, you enjoyed your cigarette, and the muffed sounds of the music. Looking at the ceiling, you waited for your friends to reply or come finally, since you wanted to drink and have some more fun.

    The moment you heard the door close, your body twitched up.

    ,, What do you want now ? ‘’ you hissed when you saw Todoroki making his way to sit next to you. Instead of answering you, he just sat beside you, taking the small box of cigarettes and lighting one with your lighter.

    You did the same thing, trying to cover the fact that you indeed felt a little bit uncomfortable. You laid down again, ignoring his presence as you puffed on your cigarette. You could feel his stare on you, as you tried to pull your dress down a little, scared it showed more then is should.

    He laid down next to you, placing the ashtray to the side. In that moment you wished you were drunk, since the whole situation was freaking you out a little.

    ,, Chill out doll, we ain’t at Uni.’’ He said, placing his hands under his head, answering your question only now.

    He looked a bit different then usual. Wearing simple black shirt with jeans, and Nike airforce. It looked good, but it kinda felt weird since the only outfit you saw him in was the formal one, in the uni.

    You tried to move to the side a little, since he was a bit too close. Placing the ashtray on the nightstand, you took it as excuse to move a bit form him. Sure, he was handsome as fuck, sure you wouldn’t mind him that close, laying down beside you, if he wasn’t your fucking professor for the next six fucking months.

    He noticed you wiggling to the side. How could he not notice that, as your dress got a bit up without you even realizing it, giving him view of more skin. He’s not stupid, he knew he made you uncomfortable, but he liked it. He liked the way when some of your friends called you by your new nickname. He loved the fact that he marked you his, without trying at all.

    The moment you stood up, realizing that your dress is showing more then you intended to, grabbing the edges of it and pulling it down while whispering small apologies, his dick twitched inside of his pants. He placed one more cigarette between his lips, as he grabbed your wrist, forcing you to sit on his lap and not giving a single fuck if you could feel his erection.

    ,, What’s wrong doll?’’ he asked once you gasped in surprise. He loved how you didn’t dare to complain or even say anything. But was there even something to say? Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t find yourself to form a normal sentence anymore.

    ,, You heard what Keigo said. ‘’ he whispered, as he inhaled the smoke of his cigarette. ,, That my detention ain’t shit’’ he added, his finger on your jaw now, making you look at him.

    ,,What should I do’’ he wondered out loud, turned on only by the confused look on your place. You weren’t sure if he already noticed, but all he did at that moment turned you on. His grip around your jaw got stronger, forcing you to open your mouth lightly, as his lips got closer to yours only to exhale the smoke in your mouth.

    ,, You know, I have to punish my pet for being absent today’’ he said, his face only inches away from your own. ,, Sure, I thought you were sick at first. But look at you, healthy as fuck’’ he said, his other hand squeezing your ass tightly as he pulled you closer to his body. The position you were in was embarrassing for you, and you were pretty sure if someone walked in, you would be labeled as Todoroki’s pet forever.

    He placed you onto the bed, slowly standing up to turn off his cigarette. You weren’t even sure what was happening anymore. You just sat there on the bed, as he locked the door before he made his way back to you. Standing in front of you, looking down on you, he couldn’t hide the smirk that appeared on his face.

    Pushing you back lightly, your upper body fell onto the mattress giving him a perfect view of you, before he hovered over your body. He wanted to fuck your brains out, he wanted to hear you scream his name all over again as he fucked you into the mattress, but he had to risk it all with a question. Since you were giving him mixed signals, he had to be sure you wanted this as much as he did.

    ,, You sure about this ?’’ he breathed out, hoping you won’t turn into a fucking brat again and storm out of the room, or make any other unnecessary scene.

    ,,Yes’’ you managed to nod your head. Sure, the risk for you was huge, but what could even happen anymore ? You were already labeled as his pet, because of the stupid detention.

    ,, Good. Fucking. Girl’’ he said pointing every word out, as he placed soft kisses all over your neck, leaving sloppy purple marks shamelessly. Your breathing got a bit heavier hearing these three words coming out of his mouth.

    He didn’t have time for foreplay, first of all, because he wanted to be inside of you, second, because the risk of people noticing was too big. Sure, he was around your age, but at the end he would probably lose his job.

    ,, Someone’s calling you’’ he said, still abusing your neck. Ignoring the phone and his words, you just enjoyed the feeling of his lips on your neck, wanting more.

    ,,Pick it up doll’’ commending, he pulled your panties to the side, as he touched your clit, groaning loudly when he felt how wet you already are. The thought of fucking you while you were talking to your friends got in his mind, and he couldn’t ignore it at all.

    ,, Yes?’’ you asked, sounding whiny more then you should, while he played with your pussy.

    ,, Bitch, the door is locked’’ you heard Mina on the other line, eyes wide in shock. You tried to pull yourself up, but his hand stopped you as he pushed you back into the mattress.

    ,, I’m.. I’m not.. ahh shit ‘’ You almost moaned when the sudden feeling of pleasure and pain took over you, as he entered you without a warning. Throwing your head back, you tried to talk, you tried to think of something, anything, to tell to your friend.

    Touya closed his eyes, enjoying how your walls felt around his dick. Your pussy felt like it was made just for him. And it felt even better once he heard you fight the moan, while you tried to talk to your friend.

    ,, Keep being good for me’’ he groaned quietly, as his hips started to move at rapidly speed.

    ,,Are you with someone?’’ Mina screamed, as you closed your eyes, feeling every inch of his dick moving in and out of your core. All you wanted to do was throw the fucking phone away, and enjoy what he was giving you.

    ,, Y-yeah, friend’’ you said, trying to hold the moans, as he fucked you hard. Mina hang up after she told you that they will wait for you in the kitchen with Keigo. The moment the call ended, you threw your phone on the bed, placing your hands on his shoulders, finding some comfort in it. You were sure that people could hear the bed slamming onto the walls, maybe even your moans that he muffed with his hand.

    ,, You feel so good, doll’’ he groaned, every move he made was getting stronger and faster, turning you into a whiny mess under him. You placed your lips on his neck, sucking and biting on it as you tried to keep your moans low. You felt a bit proud of the marks you left on his neck. If you were marked his, then that was the last thing you could do to mark him too. Even if it was a bit.

    ,, Touya, please’’ you cried when he slowed down. Snuggling your face into his neck, you took a deep breath trying to calm yourself down from the pleasure he was giving you. The slow moves were too painful for you, they made you feel every inch of his dick moving inside.

    He moaned loudly when he heard his name slip out of your mouth. He wanted to hear more of it, he wanted to hear you beg for him while you say his name all over again.

    ,, You look so good when you want it’’ he said, tugging your hair back into the mattress, giving himself more access of your neck that was already marked by him, but of course that wasn’t enough.

    ,, Be my good girl and beg for it’’ he said, not moving at all. He wanted to destroy you, but at that moment he simply had to hear you beg for him.

    ,,Please Touya, I’ll be good. Please’’ you begged again, and that was more then enough for him.

    ,, That’s my good girl’’ he whispered, kissing your lips as he started to move his hips again. He was pounding into you like there was no tomorrow, enjoying the way you were whimpering under him as you wrapped your legs around him, trying to get him closer to you.

    ,,So close’’ you mumbled somehow, squeezing your eyes shut when you felt his fingers rub against your clit. Only few rubs were enough for you to catch your high, biting onto his shoulder as you came all over his dick.

    ,, Such a good girl’’ Touya said as his speed increased, shortly after it, he comes deep inside you, groaning into your neck, as your fingers found their way to his hair. You closed your eyes, feeling his seemen filling your pussy up. He continued to fuck you as he was riding out his orgasm, slowly fucking his cum back into your core.

    The two of you took some time to catch your breaths. His dick still buried deep inside you. The moment he pulled it out, you whined loudly at the feeling of emptiness. Placing one more kiss on your lips, Touya pulled your panties down, cleaning the cum that was leaking out of you with them.

    ,, You gotta be kidding me’’ you gasped when you realized what he did, only getting a smirk as a response.

    Once he was sure that you were clean now, he pushed your panties deep inside of his pocket, giving himself a little present that would remind him of you, before he commanded you to unlock your phone, so he could save his number in it. Immediately calling his own number, making it easier to get your own.

    ,, Don’t ever think of skipping my class again for the next six months” he hissed, as he grabbed your jaw, forcing you into kiss. All you could do was nod in agreement, promising that you’ll attend his classes.

    He gave you one more kiss, before he left. Telling you to wait a bit, before you follow him, to make it less suspicious. Laying down on bad, all fucked out, you smoked one cigarette as you sent a message to Mina and Momo, telling them that you’ll be there in few minutes, and asking them to make you a drink.

    Once the cigarette was done, you found yourself going downstairs, noticing that Touya was already with Keigo, talking about something. The moment you stepped into the kitchen, Mina and Momo started laughing loudly.

    ,,Oh, I see what’s going on’’ Mina gasped figuring out what just happened. She wasn’t dumb. Maybe others didn’t realized, but your overly marked neck, and the few hickeys around his neck made your friends understand what happened. Not like Keigo didn’t already know, he was the first one to support his friend and make him follow you into the guest room.

    The next days, you found yourself waiting excitedly for your detention. Enjoying the time you were spending with him. Enjoying the risky sex the two of you had in the class room, in his office or in the toilet of the University.

    Touya didn’t test your limits anymore, he knew that you were ready to do anything for him, he knew that he had you under his spell. But as much as he had you, you had him. He found himself spoiling the shit out of you, driving you home, coming to your apartment almost every evening and buying you little presents you never asked for.

    You loved how he couldn’t keep his hands off you, not even in front of the class, ready to risk it all for you. Ordering you to work on some of his papers, while everyone else was chit-chatting or simply playing on their phones when the lesion was done. He wanted to let them all go, so he could fuck you there on the desk, but since it was too early, he just told them to do whatsoever, as you sat beside him, focused on your work.

    The small gasp that came out of your mouth, once you felt his hand on your tight, squeezing it tightly, turned him on even more. You don’t wear skirt when you are having classes everyday, he had to grab that chance he had served in front of him.

    ,, Not here’’ you whispered, trying to look like nothing’s happening at all.

    ,,Yes here’’ he answered quietly, as he acted it out like he was explaining something to you, slipping one finger into your core.

    The way he pumped his finger in and out of you, acting like he ain’t doing shit was driving you crazy. Also the fact that anyone that payed a little bit more attention to you, could probably realize what was going on, didn’t help either. The adrenaline was rushing in your blood, as you squeezed your tights together, trying to tell him that he’s hitting the right spot.

    That day he finger fucked you in front of everyone, making sure no one noticed. Even tho no one gave two shits about the two of you, every person in their own worlds, you felt like all eyes were on you. You felt like everyone knew what was going on, as your head hang low, hair covering your face enough for you to squeeze your eyes shut as you came all over his fingers.

    Once you found yourself breathing normally, you took your phone, opening the message that Mina sent you.

    ,, Girl, you can’t be serious’’

    The two of you made eye contact, laughing loudly. Well, someone in fact noticed, thankfully no one dangerous.

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