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  • persianminaj
    18.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    OMG!! Take-it-off 😍🔥💙💜🖤

    It’s official art. Event: The first enemy < Villan > Union General Assembly "held on 11/21 (Sun)!


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  • ttoya
    18.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago
    My Villain Academia Special Event Key Visual
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  • trashformha
    18.09.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    anime vs manga

    #mha#bnha#dabi#mva #my villain academia #lov #league of villains #manga looks cuter tbh
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  • apologeticnihilist
    18.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Dabihawks my beloved

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  • trashformha
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    key visual for the my villain academia special event on november 21th

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  • dabislittlemouse
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago



    And out of EVERYONE ofc he had to keep his hand on his tie , he is a fucking tease

    I know his face looks weird but I don’t care, all I can imagine is unbuttoning his shirt and his belt and.. 😩😩

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  • iveonlyeverseenliketwoanimes
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hello Daddy..... I mean Dabi....

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  • hawkss-whore
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (pic credit: yutuan)

    Toxic Dabi (Angst, TW)

    !TW!: Mention of him raising his hand at you

    You and Dabi had gotten into a fight. The same old arguments. How he didn’t appreciate you and how he was rarely home. Dabi had stormed off and left you there in your apartment by yourself. You were in your bedroom waiting for him, it was already past 2am. You suddenly heard him turn the doorknob. You stood up as you heard him clumsily walking in the kitchen. You stood at the doorway of your bedroom.

    Dabi: Why are you looking at me like that?

    y/n: What do you mean WHY? Touya look at the fucking time! For gods sake you’re drunk right now…

    You pause. You suddenly become aware of the lipstick stains on his neck.

    y/n: Hah wow you really are fucking incredible. I cannot believe you *scoffs*

    You turn around and start to close the door, not wanting to deal or even see Dabi. He quickly grabs your hand and pulls you out into the living room. You look at him with anger.

    y/n: Let go of me Touya!

    Dabi: What! Why are you being so distant?

    y/n: WHY? Seriously are you fucking stupid?? You were gone all day, you didn’t once care to check in on me and you come back at this late an hour drunk and with fucking lipstick stains over you how the fuck do you want me to be??

    Dabi: Baby, they mean nothing. I was just drunk, I wasn’t thinking straight, I swear I didn’t even notice they were kissing my neck!

    y/n: Really?? Cause what I see right now *you rub his lip* is that you obviously knew they did and even seemed like you enjoyed it, seeing as you kissed them back

    Dabi: N-no I can expl-

    y/n: Touya I want absolutely no explanation from you, I am so fucking tired of this

    Dabi: Doll, no no no don’t say that

    y/n: Touya! For fucks sake you spend more money on alcohol and prostitutes than you do me! When have you bothered to simply buy me flowers?!

    Dabi: Baby but I hav-

    y/n: ONCE, you have bought me flowers ONCE! And it was on our first date. If I had known that was the only time I’d ever receive flowers from you I would not have accepted them

    Dabi gives no response

    y/n: You treat me like absolute shit, you act like I’m nobody to you. When did it all go wrong huh? We were so in love Touya, god we couldn’t go a day without saying how much we loved each other. We spent every waking moment together. *you screamed* When the fuck did you stop loving me Touya?!?

    Dabi raised his hand at you. You could see his palm beginning to turn blue. He was planning on activating his quirk. You put your hands up to block your face. You squinted, waiting for his flames to hit you. When you saw he lowered his hand you looked at him completely lost.

    y/n: Wow… you really are no better than your fucking dad. For saying you despise him so much and the way he treated your mother you’re just like him Touya.

    Dabi looked at you with a blank expression. You know how much that must have hurt him to hear, to hear that he was no better than Endeavor. The one person he absolutely hated.

    y/n: You know what, I’m done dealing with this. I’m going to Keigo’s

    Dabi: *laughs* Right and what you gonna go fuck him? I know you two have a thing for each other, is this your way of fucking him without considering it cheating??

    You give no response. Instead you quietly pack your bags as Dabi stands in the living room looking at you.

    Dabi: Answer me y/n!!

    y/n: Maybe I fucking am, but one thing I know for sure is he would treat me way better than you ever could Dabi

    That was the first time you had called him Dabi. He was speechless.

    y/n: From now on, whatever I do is none of your business. Never fucking contact me again Dabi or I swear I’ll fucking kill you

    You walked out your guy’s apartment, slamming the door behind you. You were at your limit, your adrenaline was super high from the yelling. You wanted to forget about Dabi’s existence, forget you and him were ever a thing. Finally after so many years you were tired of his bullshit.







    If you wanna feel more pain, I recommend listening to Burnt Out by Leanna Firestone. It’s a song she wrote based on Dabi and leaving him for the way he treated you.

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  • sugarkittycat04
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • myherofanfictionacademy
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Everything Comes Back Down Eventually

    A/N: I think this type of a plot really fits Hawks, Aizawa, and Dabi.

    Being able to work with pro heroes was something that everyone aspired to be able to do. Just a few months ago when I started working with some pros and even UA, I was excited. It’s crazy that in a short amount of time things can take a drastic turn. It makes everyone question what’s right and what’s wrong.

    There really isn’t a certain right or wrong, since it’s all based on the perspective of the majority of society. When the corruption of some of the top heroes was brought to the public's eye it changed views drastically. Especially when Dabi revealed that he was Todoroki Touya, and how Endeavor treated his family. Villains are bad, that's for sure in society’s eyes, but what about the person who created the villain? Are they just as bad, or worse?


    I wasn’t sure what to think when everything fell apart. I always looked at different perspectives, but finding out that Aizawa had been helping Dabi, and Hawks, to reveal the corruption of hero society, was a surprise. After hearing Touya’s story, and having his younger brother as a student made Aizawa want to do so.

    It was strange going from being partners to having to question him. “It was something that needed to be done.” He told me. “The main hero agencies have been hiding things, but I never knew how bad it was. It wasn’t until Hawks and Dabi had explained everything that I decided to help. I teach my students how to be good heroes, so what kind of a teacher, ...no hero would I be if I would have just let things be.”

    “Honestly, I can’t say I blame you.” I told him. “But, you’re now a target that’s going to be hunted down.” “I already planned for that to happen.” He responded. “They can come after me all they want, but I won’t go down without a fight.” I already knew from the start that Aizawa would have a plan.

    “Are you going to be working with Dabi and Hawks then?” I asked. “We made up an agreement when we started working together that we would fight together.” Aizawa responded. Another detective entered the room and began going over some legal things with Aizawa. “Do you need a lawyer?” The detective asked. “Nope.” Aizawa told him.

    The detective left soon after. “Why not get a lawyer?” I asked him. “I’m not going to be needing one.” Aizawa stated. “Are you planning to escape?” I started whispering. “I don’t know, are you going to let me…..partner?” He whispered out ‘partner.’

    There are many things I expected my life to consist of. Becoming the best detective in the world, buying a house, and traveling around the world are just a few from my list. What wasn’t on it was helping a suspect escape, going on the run with them to who knows where, obviously getting fired from being a detective, and sleeping with one eye open. Life truly is ever-changing .


    Working with Hawks was something else. He was a very energetic person despite his crazy work schedule, which gave him hardly any days off. I knew about him going undercover into the League of Villains as I was involved in the meeting, but I wasn’t expecting things to turn around like they did.

    Apparently Dabi had told Hawks all about what Endeavor had done, trying to antagonize him. Dabi didn’t expect hawks to react so angrily about it, then completely breakdown. They came to a bit of an understanding with each other after that. It wasn’t until a while later when Dabi came up with a plan to get his revenge, and, overwhelmed with betrayal, Hawks agreed to help. He even went to Aizawa for assistance.

    I didn’t know much of anything as I was shut out from the interviews. The agency questioning him deemed that I was too close to him ‘emotionally’ to question him. I did manage to convince one of the interviewers to let me talk to him for just a little bit while everyone went on break.

    “Didn’t expect to get to see you kid.” hawks said as I entered the room. “They’re making this a lot more complicated than it is. We really didn’t do anything wrong.” “Like they care.” I told him. “I’ve overheard them talking. They relied on all of the fame of the pro heroes that you exposed, so they want to get rid of you.” He let out a hefty sigh and put his head in his hands.

    “The worst mistake in my life was trusting them and their ‘perfect’ society.” It was silent after that. I had no idea what to say to comfort him since I’m not in the hot seat right now. “What if I help you?” i suggested. “No, don’t ruin your life because of me.” He responded. “I don’t really want to be a part of this life if it’s this messed up.”

    All hell broke loose soon after. A promising lead detective and pro hero on the run, constantly defying the society that wants them to disappear. It wasn’t what I had planned for myself, but I knew that the journey would be worth it. We would create a better society for the future. One to be proud of.


    There were all types of villains that I caught working with the heroes, but the hardest ones to catch were those in the League of Villains. Sometimes, I found it hard not to sympathize with villains, especially since my quirk will show me things that they’re guilty of, which isn’t always their fault. Some have a pretty good reason to be a villain, but it’s the extremes that they go to that make them bad.

    Dabi was a villain that definitely made me question some things. He became a villain because of what Endeavor put him through. It seemed like a lot of hate was put against Endeavor, and people had offered their sympathy to Dabi. The agency fired back by putting more and more of Dabi's crimes out to the public.

    “Dabi, I’m assuming you don’t want to be called by your real name?” I asked him. “I’d prefer not to be.” He answered. “The agency is being quite harsh on you right now, but, if you want, I could make an arrangement to see your siblings.” “I don’t want them to see me right now.” I let the other detective in the room read off all of the crimes we had on Dabi.

    “Why go to such extremes to get revenge?” I asked. “At first, I wasn’t really thinking about anything.” He responded. “I was just driven by anger. I joined with the League of Villains who all wanted some sort of revenge of their own. It brought me some comfort to not be alone. My father took my control away and I’ve been trying to get it back.”

    Dabi was at least an honest villain. I never even needed to use my quirk to find out about any of his crimes. I had a feeling that he was going to escape the agency by night, which is exactly what happened. The rest of the League came to help him out. I didn’t bother to even try to stop them. I understood why they did everything, I just hoped that they would choose a better route to head down.

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  • blueflamedemon
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    How Dabi would act in the safety of his room with you { SFW Edition }

    Once he was comfortable enough, he would always want to be touching you, just to make sure you were still there.

    Until then, he might seem distant and cold.

    But he checks every few minutes to ensure you’re still there.

    He keeps his shirt on because he thinks seeing his scars will gross you out.

    He rests his head in your lap whilst you watch Netflix on your phone and he listens to music on his.

    He isn’t much of a tv show kinda person.

    But he thinks it’s cute to watch the faces you make when watching some of your favorites / comfort shows.

    When you get a notification on your phone, jealousy surges through him, but he won’t say anything for the first couple of dings.

    However, he’ll say something smart if you get too many at once.

    “You sure are a popular one.” Or:

    “Who do I have to burn to stop that?” Or:

    “Really? Couldn’t even wait until I was out of the room, Princess?”

    Being the little spoon isn’t something he does often at all, just on those nights when he’s having trouble sleeping.

    Speaking of sleeping, he’ll probably nap in the middle of the day while you’re doing other things; cleaning, researching, watching TikTok, etc.

    Dabi is very grumpy if you wake him up.

    He’ll warn you not to do it again and turn on his side, back towards you.

    If you happen to wake him up again, he’s either pulling you beside him so you’ll shut the fuck up and let him sleep, or he’s groggily getting himself out of bed and leaving for his next little mission.

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  • pizza-and-figs
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dabi who stares at you wondering if he should ask you for a kiss or if you'll get the hint and give it yourself

    Dabi who stares harder but you're unaware and just continue what you're doing

    Dabi who finally gets up and goes nearer to you and continues staring

    You who asks him what he wants because he's been like this for quite a while

    Dabi who says you have something on your face and reaches his hand to your face to "get it"

    Dabi who cups your cheek and gives you a quick smooch before saying there was nothing on it the whole time with a sly smile

    Reblogs are very appreciated

    #dabi x you #dabi comfort#dabi fic#dabi fanfic#dabi fluff #dabi x reader #dabi x y/n #dabi x gn reader #dabi#dabi headcanons#dabi hcs #bnha x you #bnha x reader #mha #mha x y/n #mha x you #mha x reader #dabi imagine#dabi scenarios#mha dabi#bnha dabi#dabi bnha#dabi mha
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  • dilftoru
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    minors & ageless blogs,, do not fucking interact!

    WARNING: this kintober masterlist includes various forms of dark content. do not interact if that’s something that bothers you. trigger warnings will be listed under each individual piece as it is posted.

    NOTE: all characters are of timeskip age.

    CONTAINS: haikyuu, jujutsu kaisen, my hero academia, tokyo revengers, genshin impact.

    OCTOBER 01 - double penetration & cucking with sawamura daichi and koshi sugawara


    OCTOBER 04 - age gap & dubcon with toji fushiguro


    OCTOBER 08 - size kink & gagging with katsuki bakugo


    OCTOBER 12 - exhibitionism & voyeurism with keisuke baji


    OCTOBER 16 - face sitting & mommy kink with kaeya alberich


    OCTOBER 20 - stepcest & humiliation with kento nanami


    OCTOBER 24 - breeding & daddy kink with eijiro kirishima


    OCTOBER 28 - brat taming & sadism with hajime iwaizumi


    OCTOBER 31 - aphrodisiacs & noncon with dabi


    all content belongs to @dilftoru do not copy, translate, modify, or recommend my works - this includes tiktok, ao3, and wattpad

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  • callmehriver
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “I’m Toya…” This didn’t actually turn out as bad as I thought it would damn Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/CallMehRiver/shop?asc=u&ref=account-nav-dropdown

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  • inkk-spills
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    These scars lay witness for all the atrocities I've committed on myself.


    (IG : @by.inkk)

    [I do not own the above pictures]

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  • wolfybugswriting
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    BNHA Wip!

    A bit of a Dabihawks x reader wip;

    You slowly grinned, half turning to face Dabi. "So, about that new dancer..."

    . . .

    The two of you waited patiently in your private room, watching for the arrival of a certain blond. You'd both seen him before, in the main room, and had taken an interest almost immediately. If he was interested, you both agreed to offer him a higher pay, for more than just a dance

    The man was attractive from the moment you laid your eyes on him; strong physique, pretty ruffled hair, and not to mention his gorgeous crimson red wings. You were curious if his voice would match his looks.

    Hearing the door open, you and Dabi turned your attention to who came in.

    "I hope I'm not late," he spoke casually, though he knew very well whose room he just entered.

    "Just in time, pretty bird." Dabi licked his lips, looking over the other man. You could almost hear his breath hitch, though he kept up his lazy grin. For all his confidence, he seemed so... small. Like you could hold him in your hands, not quite how you did things with your boyfriend.

    "Please, sit." You gestured to the cushioned stool that had been brought in, not far in front of you. "You're Keigo, otherwise known as Hawks, correct?"

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  • gucci-titties
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    yeah his skin may be burnt to a crisp and held together with staples but dabi could still get it

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  • gumichii
    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago


    I've been re reading the manga and I still can't get over with the scene where little Shouto's trying to defend his mom from Endeavor.

    I'm crying :(

    Sept. 18/21

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  • mcnotok
    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • g0lden-diety
    17.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I need headcannons to write, any suggestions, requests???

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