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  • hiyamatsu
    21.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Katsuki tells Deku to go kill himself, the next day he feels weirdly guilty and wants to apologize in his own way (insult Deku into oblivion how stupid it would be to jump) only for Deku to come in bloody and bruised. Too bad no one but Katsuki sees him.

    #bnha#mha#izuku midoriya#deku#bakugou katsuki #deku jumps off a roof #bakugou faces consequences #ghost deku? #maybe #i have ideas
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  • hyrulianmenace
    21.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago


    art by me!

    (you’re welcome to reblog!)

    #manifesting bakudeku hug #it’s coming #I can feel it in my bones #izuku midoriya#bnha spoilers #my hero academia #bnha#deku#kacchan#mha#bakudeku#katsuki bakugo #boku no hero academia #bnha fanart#bnha manga
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  • maybeonceortwice
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (Warning: slight mention of blood)

    Headcanon that ever since getting ofa, Midoriya’s picked up a habit of flicking his fingers at random, dude doesn’t even realize until it’s too late. He could be writing in his notebook and end up flinging the pencil (or on some occasions flicking the pages), which leads to a walk of shame to pick it up, or when he wants someone’s attention, he’ll flick their arm or something.

    So kind of like a tic in a way.

    Moving forward, he and Todoroki are talking one day about quirk improvements and how the latter can regulate both quirks at the same time without exhausting himself.

    He ends up saying something degrading about himself, how he may end up being stuck at the level he is at currently, but then winces when Midoriya, in a subconsious haze, gives a quick ‘thwak’ to the other’s forehead as if saying “stop that”—which ultimately ends up with a string of multiple apologies and furious bowing spewed out a few seconds after because while Midoriya may have flicked people before, it was never directly on their face, not to mention how hard he had done it, too.

    Poor thing seemed damn near close to having an aneurism.

    Todoroki is thoroughly confused at this point and now with blood trickling down his face, has to reassure his panicked friend that it was okay and that it didn’t really hurt (when in reality, it did, and now he may have a new mark left because damn he had strong fingers).

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  • psychomurderz
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have a crazy new hypothesis, and someone is ready to strangle me over it. And it's not the DFO.

    In fact, Izuku is not Afo's son, but Afo himself! His clone.

    For reference, a nucleus (which contains DNA) is removed from a single fertilized cell (zygote). Then a nucleus is extracted from an adult cell of the same species and implanted into a nucleus-less zygote. This is how a clone is created.

    A possible reason for cloning oneself: Afo lives a very long time, his body is presumably first generation. His native body can no longer handle the later and stronger quirks, so a younger and more adapted body is needed. So a cloning project is created, which is spiced up with a game of eugenics - what if he can synthesize a new version of AFO naturally. And when the clone grows up, reaches a certain age, it is possible to move into a new vessel.

    And for greater identification, Afo calls his clone by his own name - for identification, which will help further adaptation.

    Yes, in this crazy idea, Afo's real name is Izuku.

    1. Izuku's name is written like this 出久. The first kanji 出 on its own as a name can read -Izu-, which is consonant with “Izu” 伊豆 - the geographical historical name of the province that now corresponds to Shizuoka prefecture - where Izuku was born and lives.

    2. Much has already been said about the second kanji 久. But let's keep in mind, one of the readings of this character -ku- is consonant with the reading of the kanji 九 -Nine-. And it is ironic enough that the one who gave rise to the One-for-All quirk will also be its last holder.

    3. Precisely because Izuku is Yoichi's brother's name, Afo's name, Yoichi does not call the Nine by name, even if it is a clone that grew up different from the original: it has a different personality and worldview.

    4. Sentimentality does terrible things to world villains. And at some point, Afo began to see the little self not as a future vessel, but as a separate and new individual who had a chance to live in the new one in safety.

    5. But the only thing missing for greater authenticity is a little brother. This is why Afo so desperately wants to take the OFA to get his brother's DNA out of the quirk factor to create his clone. (Inko, honey, sorry, but in this version you act as an incubator.) And then the brothers' story, given a new chance, could have been completely different and even happy.

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #midoriya izuku #all for one #afo#deku#midoriya hisashi#bnha hypothesis #Inko i am so sorry #not dfo#craaazy
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  • izukus-bby
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    joe goldberg gives me obsessive deku vibes and i am here for it

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  • ultimatemoralcompasss
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Cottagecore Izuku Midoriya Icons

    anon asked: Hello!!! Can I request some icons of Deku with a cottagecore aesthetic?

    Credits: transparents 1 2, background from pinterest, other elements from pngitem

    Credit is appreciated, but not required!

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  • tiredartist3000
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    All Might: Watch me whip, young Midoriya!

    Midoriya: All Might--

    All Might: Now watch me nae nae!


    All Might: I SAID WATCH ME

    #HAHAHA WHY DID I THINK OF THIS #deku#incorrect quotes #mha incorrect quotes #bnha#all might#izuku#Midoriya#mha quotes
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  • moiyume
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #bnha imagine#izuku midoriya#soft yandere#yandere izuku #boku no academia #izuku midoriya x reader #yandere x reader #yandere my hero academia #yandere mha#yandere deku #izuku x reader #izuku headcanons#yandere headcanons
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  • kackzsuki
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Midoriya: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

    Hatsume: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you?

    Midoriya: Yes!


    Shinsou: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.

    #ughhh i love monoma hatsume shinsou and midoriya friendship dynamic #<3333333#midoriya izuku#mha deku#deku#hatsume mei#monoma neito #mha phantom thief #phantom thief#shinsou hitoshi#hitoshi shinsou #incorrect bnha quotes #bnha incorrect quotes #mha incorrect quotes #incorrect mha quotes #incorrect bnha#incorrect mha#incorrect quotes#kackzsuki's shitposts
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  • catorcoffee
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Working on sumthin

    #Nomu!Deku #Mha
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  • deathnote66606
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    This is so freaking cute lol. Also, no ship hating, this is a safe place for all ships and no one's ship is invalid unless it's illegal. Please and thank you be kind and no ship wars in the comments. 🧡💚 😌🖐

    P. S. Not my Tik Too account!!! Also not my art!!! Idk who's it is but it's not mine!!

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  • veenxys
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    「What falling in love with BNHA Boys would be like」

    ⤷ Bakugou

    falling in love with him feels like coming to bed after a long day, finally finding stillness and serenity in a big, bustling city. it’s the feeling you get when there’s a rainstorm outside and you’re just safe and warm in bed. it’s the little twirl your heart does when he’s holding you close through the night, not caring what it all means, just knowing that there will always be a home to come back to.

    ⤷ Deku

    falling in love with him is like looking at the same stars every night, and falling in love all over again; it's looking at him and getting lost in the glare of his eyes and wishing that moment would never pass. it's getting lost in the immensity of stars that is his universe, but finding yourself in the glow of moonlight, where he will always be there to hold you.

    ⤷ Kirishima

    falling in love with him feels like something akin to the comfortable silence between best-friends. there's no sudden moment of realization; the feeling creeps over you instinctively and steadily as you lie next to each other on bed, doing nothing but so blissfully content: just a smile here, a fleeting touch there, accompanied by a bad joke that you can't help but laugh at and he turns to face you, smiling like you gave him the world.

    ⤷ Todoroki

    falling in love with him feels like springtime, not waiting upon the perfect frost-free day and coming forth at the first chance for the warmth of the sun, the smell of flowers, and the butterflies in stomach. falling in love with him feels like the freedom of the first few hours when the last school bell of the day rings, walking home, hand in hand. it feels freeing and easy.

    ⤷ Denki

    falling in love with him feels like baking your favorite dessert. it’s all lively and mayhaps a little messy. there is sweetness in the air and love is in the nurturing way you carefully knead the dough and watching it rise in the oven. falling in love with him is comfort and laughter. it makes your body light and heart sing with joy.

    ⤷ Tamaki

    falling in love with him feels like watching the sunrise over the horizons. it’s the knowing that the sun will inevitably come up but still feeling excited for it. and when it does happen, there’s a rush of calmness that you can’t explain but you relish in it. right beside you, he flickers to life under the morning sun; you share a soft, knowing smile and he edges just a little so that your arms and knees are touching, just barely brushing, really, but somehow it permeates your skin.

    ⤷ Shinsou

    falling in love with him feels like that little plant that he gave you as a gift. it grows so slowly that you don’t pay much attention to it at first, but oh it grows. it grows with every shared smile and laughter, it grows with every silly 3 a.m text that says “maybe i’m batman” and followed by a reply that says “you idiot. go to sleep.” it grows with nights spent together, watching the shadows you make with your hands. and suddenly one day, you’re looking at him and thinking, where were you all this time?

    ⤷ Hawks

    falling in love with him feels like the fireworks on new year’s eve. it’s colorful, bright, and booming, but neither sudden nor surprising. everyone is anticipating it, including you both. it’s like there’s a countdown going on all around you. you look back on the day he came into your life nearly a year ago and your feelings piling up little by little since then: a goofy grin of his this, an electrifying touch of his that. and suddenly, one, your eyes meet. and the world erupts into color and sound, and he leans in.

    ⤷ Dabi

    falling in love with him literally feels like falling off something; the adrenaline of the reckless fall is present but so is the complete reassurance and confidence that he’ll catch you before you hit the ground. it’s throwing all caution to the wind while saying screw it, diving head first, eyes shut tight, you’re in a frenzy of delight, still wild with excitement even when you land right into his arms.

    ⤷ Shigaraki

    falling in love with him is like having an ocean inside you; sometimes calm and peaceful, with a light breeze that makes you feel welcomed and safe, no matter what. other times it is agitated and abrupt, which makes your body shiver and a wave of adrenaline runs through your veins. but, falling in love with him is to know that you are at high waves, but also to know that he is and always will be your safe haven.

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ tags! @saturnmich, @tomurastrashpanda, @afairywithacrown, @kaizokuluv, @urdemonboyfie, @uravichii, @yfneccentric, @justheretoaskandread, @owl232, @uxavity , @toodeepintofandoms, @bubble-bootie <3

    -ˏˋ taglist + masterlist + kofi! ˎˊ-

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  • anomymous-writers
    20.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The MHA 1a classes see you fall asleep doing zoom.

    wc; ??


    warning; None! This is cute fluff!


    playlist ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDskhhkyuwc&t=2033s

                                     > < gn x all of mha 1a classes > <

                     . . . please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon . . .

    ‘‘Okay! Is everybody here?’‘ The dark leafy boy said. His eyes sparkled in hopes as he’d smiled, turning on his camera to face his other classes mates.

    ‘‘Now! that we're all here we can finally study’‘ Izuku couldn’t help but smile. Eventually his friends mates could face to faces. Once that whole corona thing goes away.

    He could meet them again..

    As Y/N grabbed her iPhone with a (insert cover here) phone, turning on random study playlist on her music app of chose they continue reading.

    ‘‘Okay! Is everybody here?’‘ The dark leafy boy said. His eyes sparkled in hopes as he’d smiled, turning on his camera to face his other classes mates.

    ‘‘Now! that we're all here we can finally study’‘ Izuku couldn’t help but smile. Eventually his friends mates could face to faces. Once that whole corona thing goes away.

    He could meet them again..

    As Y/N grabbed her iPhone with a (insert cover here) phone, turning on random study playlist on her music app of chose they continue reading.


    Izuku camera was on there. He was kneeling down his neck facing the papers as his bamboo crutches were sat down next to his easier, another pencil that was broken in half (probably from the stress) and his other stuff the computer couldn’t see.

    ‘‘Hey Deku?’‘


    ‘‘When will this be over..’‘ you’d said your eye bag faces the laptop, Deku just slowly put down his next?

    ‘‘I don’t really know, Y/N’‘

    ‘‘It’s Just.. Just..’‘ the music slowed down inside your mind as you’d fade into emptiness of sleep. Your idle cup slipped a bit of liquid as your hand fell off Y/N faces, landing straight into the screen.

    ‘‘Y/N! Y/N!’‘ Deku screamed, catching mostly all of his sleepy friends off, as Deku dialing the number of Y/N like a rabbit.


    ‘‘What the hell is all this chaos!’‘ "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite" Roared in an offended tone of being away from his studies. His sent up was a simply one.

    all he had was a 5-energy drink from the stores sitting a light wood tabled with a pink comfy leather seat at the coffee shop.

    ‘‘Calm down.. they just passed out because they were tired..‘ ‘Icy Thot’ ignored what was going on, still paying attention to his work, trying not to face the camera.

    ‘‘WELL I’M NOT GONNA LET SOME SLACKER, OR MY WIFE/HUSBAND PASS OUT! WHAT IF THERE NOT OKAY?’‘ His voice heated into the mic, showing some weird cross of worry and envy.

    ‘‘I know you’re worried for Y/N.. But screaming won’t make it better’‘ ‘The-Smart_one’ Peaked up,

    ‘‘It’s easy for you to say! When you’re not the one passed out’‘ he’d just angrily sat in his seat, a sign as he’d looked at Y/N cam again.


    A few minutes passed by before anybody said a thing, before Todoroki slowly whispered to Y/N.

    ‘‘Are you still awake?’‘ he’d whispered. His camera was turned off, so I didn’t know what his setup looked like. You were already drooling on the homework.

    ‘’Please.. Answer..’’

    ‘’I kinda miss you a lot’’ you could feel the pleasant in his approach. Even in your dream, you could still feel his icy hands wrapped around your body.

    ‘’Bakugou kinda freaked out over you, and Deku trying to call you but he can’t find his phone.. If you are awake somehow.. leave me a message.’’

    ‘’I love you..’’


    Ochako Uruaka eyes watched as you stilled dozed peacefully. Her desk, a cute pink with a pencil case, sat on it. Her brown, chaotic-haired was mostly on the camera, only barely noticing the desk from her.

    her eyes were closed, only keeping her head up by kicking her neck back to standing upright.

    As she’d turned back her work, all she could wonder was you.. she’d blushed, staring like she’d just seen the cherry blossom fall out of the trees..

    ‘‘Uruaka?’’ Deku muttered into his mic. She’d slowly awoke from her day-dreaming, scrambling for a book to cover half her faces.

    ‘‘Midoriya! Just! Go back to your work!’‘

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  • angel-tears1007
    20.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #manga #black and white #b/w#manga aesthetic#bnha #boku no hero academia #Mha #My hero academia #Deku#Izuku midoriya
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  • welovethecloudboytoomuch
    20.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Headcanon: Makoto and Koichi both had to read ‘The Meta Liberation War’ for their sociology classes.

    #also- deku has read Makoto’s book #the field of hero sociology would actually be so interesting #and like- it pertains to everything that’s happening in the the main manga rn #HAVE KOICHI SHOW UP HES LITERALLY THE PERFECT PERSON TO EXPLAIN THIS SHIT #mha#bnha#mha vigilantes#bnha vigilantes#the crawler#koichi haimawari#makoto tsukauchi#welovecloud
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  • bkdkfandom
    20.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Just those two historians next to each other as always.

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