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    02.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I made this 4 weeks ago

    -the fallen angel-

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    02.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Daily Speedwrite Pairings: Day 17

    “You? Confident? Funny...” BakuDeku

    “I don’t know. I guess I’m just tying to look confident.”

    “You? Confident? Funny.” Bakugo stated with a snort.

    “Oh come on, Kacchan! Will you please just help me?” Izuku groaned, pulling miscellaneous clothing items from his drawers.

    “What do I know about fashion, Deku? Has your quirk completely fried your brain or are you just a fucking idiot?” The explosive blonde studied the ceiling, searching for shapes among the spackling splotches.

    “Everyone else is busy!” Izuku whined, throwing his hands up in defeat, “Trust me, I’d’ve asked Aoyama if he wasn’t ankles deep in tonight’s homework.”

    “And you aren’t ankles deep in tonight’s homework?”

    “No, I finished in class.”

    Bakugo broke into mocking chuckles, “Of course you did, nerd.”

    “W-well! I wanted to make sure I had time to choose an outfit for my date!” The greenette grew extremely flustered.

    “You’re insufferable, Deku.” Bakugo hissed. He sighed, propped himself on his elbows and rested his head on his chin, “Try your navy AC/DC shirt and black jeans.”

    Izuku nodded and hastily pulled his shirt up to take it off, “You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me.”

    “What did you do now? Break that with your quirk too?”

    “ ‘S not funny!” Izuku whined as he wiggled helplessly, “I’m stuck in this stupid thing!”

    Bakugo bursted out into deep laughter, mentally capturing the image of the boy he loved to hate absolutely helpless, “Hold on, the number one hero will come to your rescue.”

    “Please be careful, it’s really stuck around my he-ehehead.” Deku squealed as two hands came in contact with his waist.

    “Damnit, Nerd. Forgot that everything tickles you, weak bastard.” The atomic blonde grinned evilly, letting his fingers dance along his rival’s sides.

    “Ahahaham nahahahat weheheheak!” The boy fought to keep his composure, and his ground.

    “Oh yeah? I bet if I just dug in a little harder...” Bakugo’s grin turned into a menacing, toothy smile, as he used to hands to squeeze Izuku’s sides.

    “NAHAHAHAOHOHO! KAHAHAHAHCCHAHAHAHAN!” Izuku wiggled and writhed in his tee-shirt prison.

    “At your service.” Bakugo cooed evilly, “Though I can’t really talk right now, I had to take a break to torture my nerd,”


    “Mean? Nah. You wanna know what’s mean?” The atomic blonde chimed as he moved to poke and prod at his victim’s ribs.

    “Hehehehey! Nohohohohoho!”

    “What? Not ticklish there? Fine, time to die.”

    “Kahahahacchahahahan pleheheheheasehehe! Gehehehet mehehehehe ohohohout!” The greenette tried to pull the shirt away, but found himself weakened by a sudden shift in tickle spots.

    “NOHOHOHO! KAHAHAHAHACCHAHAHAN!” Izuku squealed as he felt fingers target under his arms, the tuft of hair serving no protection.

    “Yes Kacchan.” The latter cooed, “Yes Kacchan! Please tickle me for being a big nerd! Show me how weak I am!”


    “Evil? Nah... you’re just... overly sensitive.” Bakugo knew this was his victim’s last stand, so he sucked in a breath and blew a big fat raspberry by Izuku’s belly button.

    The boy’s laughter jumped an octave as desperate pleas leaked from his lips, “EHEHEHENOHOHOuGH! PLEHEHEHEHEASE!”

    “Alright alright.” Bakugo lifted his torturous raspberries and skittered gently under the boy’s arms, to get Izuku down from the high. “You okay dork?”


    The atomic blonde let out a fond puff of air and yanked the tee shirt free from the landing boy’s head. He then chucked him the navy shirt and black jeans he mentioned.

    After Izuku had changed, Bakugo helped him accessorize: a gold chain and sunglasses.

    “Well? How do I look?”

    “Heh. Bitchin’. “

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    02.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Horikoshi Paralleling Deku to Shigaraki and Dabi’s backstories is not okay

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    02.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    The AU where Katsuki loses an R.P.S. match with his squad and has to open a mysterious box placed on an altar in an abandoned Shrine. Consequences ensure

    Or the BKDK BioPunk AU for short.

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  • escapenightmare
    02.08.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    no thoughts just. . . .

    holding izuku while he talks to you about every thing ; your arms wrapped around his waist, him leaning his head on your shoulder with his arms innocently fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt, cheeks slightly flushed at the close proximity between you two. small giggles and stifled laughter erupting at the obvious jokes and puns he tries to make. when you catch your breath and pull him closer with a sigh, his heart starts beating faster and he knows he's whipped for you.

    tamaki not being good at pda but when he feels confident (—or when he's feeling anxious in a huge crowd or when it seems as if someone's eyes are on him), brushing his fingers against yours, hoping you'd get the hint and hold his hand. and when you do, he looks towards you with a timid and small smile, squeezing your hand and struggling not to go red at your loving grin.

    eijiro who just.. knows when you're feeling sad. you could be sad over a book or a movie or literally anything and he'd show up at your door with snacks, dvds and his undivided attention without you even telling him how you feel. he doesn't force you to talk about it or anything, but he does let you know that he's there for you and you can talk to him whenever.

    katsuki making you coffee, tea or whatever you drink in the morning as soon as he wakes up and lounging around the kitchen until you wake up and get out of bed. if you sleep in, he'd wake you up later on by gently shaking your shoulders and calling your name. he pretends he's annoyed by the fact that you slept for so long that your drink became ice cold but he can't pretend to be mad at you so he just heats it up and hands it to you.

    denki who shamelessly flirts with you (before and) after you start dating— using the most corniest, cheesy and cliché pick up lines and compliments but starts blushing the moment you flirt back. when you see his red cheeks and how he keeps averting his gaze from you, chuckling lightly, you pat his cheek and leave him standing there, sputtering and trying to make his legs move so that he could catch up to you.

    mina who writes you sticky notes when she's bored and leaves them all over your room for you to find. she writes basically everything on her mind and has no shame as to what it is, the notes range from ‘i love you, you cutie’ to ‘do you remember that one time where bakugou almost killed us? oh wait, he does this everyday my bad

    going to one random café with hanta and trying everything on the menu just because you had nothing better to do. when you go home that night, you both felt so weird you just wanted to go sleep. right after he wakes up the next day, he has the worst headache ever and becomes sick for a week. he jokes around about it later saying he was “having a hang over from food” and how he's thankful that you reminded him to take his medicine.

    shoto being hilariously blunt when you first start dating, he brings up the funniest stuff ever and he doesn't even think it's funny. he didn't really understand jokes either, so when he tells you about that one time bakugou called him a weird nickname, he's so confused as to why you're literally rolling on the floor laughing.

    #ashlyn_pdf.! #bnha x reader #bnha fluff#bnha drabble#bnha headcanons #mha x reader #mha fluff#mha drabble#mha headcanons #izuku midoriya x reader #deku x reader #midoriya x reader #izuku fluff #izuku x reader #shoto todoroki x reader #todoroki x reader #shoto x reader #shoto fluff #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou fluff #denki kaminari x reader #denki x reader #kaminari x reader #denki fluff #eijiro kirishima x reader #kirishima x reader #eijiro x reader #kirishima fluff #hanta sero x reader
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  • bakugousbussy
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    Got you!

    TodoBaku w/ Lee! Bakugou & Ler! Todoroki


    Second fic! Hopefully I can get out at least 2 a week. Sorry my page is just BNHA based but I’m so obsessed! All of their personalities are just so perfect for tickle fics! Idk if my comments are disabled or something so can someone comment on this so I know it’s working LOL. But please enjoy and lmk if you have any requests or thoughts!

    Summary: Bakugou, being the superior he is, never backs down from a challenge. So when Todoroki provokes him, Bakugou has to show him who’s boss. But what Bakugou doesn’t expect is for Todoroki to cheat!


    It was a Saturday afternoon and the dorms were filled with laughter and screaming. Class 1A was finally getting used to the dorm system.

    “Let’s all play a game of freeze tag!” Someone suggested.

    Mina’s eyes filled with joy, “That’s a great idea! Freeze tag!! It’s like training but fun!” And the class agreed it sounded like a whole lot of fun. “Bakugou? Are you going to play?” She asked the explosive blonde who was sitting on the couch, scrolling on his phone.

    “And why would I ever do something so annoying?” He replied, with not a single hint of friendliness in his voice.

    “Why Bakugou? You scared of losing?” Todoroki said calmly, a smile tugging at his lips. Todoroki always thought of Bakugou as a friend. And he always wants to push him to be his best, but whenever Todoroki got the opportunity to playfully annoy the blonde, he would. That’s what friends do, right?

    Bakugou turned his head to Todoroki, oh he was angry. “I’m not scared of losing! I don’t lose!” He yelled at the half and half hero.

    And that was enough to convince Bakugou to join the class in a game of freeze tag.

    Everyone went outside, some to play, and some to just watch. They were lucky to have a beautiful and open grass area right behind their dorms. Usually you would see a bunch of them training, sparring, or even doing yoga in the field, but not today. Today, they were just high schoolers being high schoolers.

    Iida took the initiative into dividing the class into two groups—the heroes, who would be the freezers, and the villians, who would have to run away from the heroes and not get frozen.

    The hero team consisted of Uraraka, Midoriya, Todoroki, Mina, Iida, and Sero.

    The villian team consisted of Bakugou, Kaminari, Kirishima, Tokoyami, Momo, Hagakure, and Tsu.

    “Hey, why do they have more people than us?” Mina asked, already looking defeated.

    “For training purposes.” Is all Iida replied with. “Sero can you make boundaries on the floor with your tape?”

    Sero nodded and marked a big rectangle on the floor, the grass area now looking like a football field.

    “Here’s the rules. There will be a time limit of 15 minutes. Quirks allowed, but once someone is injured, the game stops. Stay in bounds, if you go out of bounds, you will be eliminated from the game. The villains can unfreeze their team members. So the heroes win if all the villains are frozen.” Iida stated and everyone nodded in agreement of the rules. They all got on their respective sides of the field.

    “Ready? Go!” Jiro said, watching in amusement on the sidelines, setting a timer for 15 minutes. “Who do you guys think is gonna win?” She asked the group sitting next to her.

    “Villians! They have Bakugou and Kirishima!” Said Ojiro.

    “No way! Heroes because the have Todoroki and Midoriya.” Shoji replied.

    On the field, everyone was going hard. Sero shot his tape, aiming for Bakugou. Sero’s strategy being if he could take out the strongest player first, his team could win. He launched his tape but Bakugou dodged.

    “Ha ha gotta try harder if you want to get me tape face!” Bakugou teased.

    Sero launched another tape attack, almost catching Bakugou but Kirishima pushed Bakugou out of the way just in time, saving Bakugou but getting himself trapped in the process. Simp.

    Sero pulled Kirishima over to him and tagged him. Kirishima was frozen.

    Momo started to make various obstacles to aid her team from avoiding the heroes. She made a couple small walls here and there, she was so focused she didn’t hear Iida running up to her. “Tag!” He yelled victoriously. Momo was frozen.

    Iida’s next victim would be Tokoyami. He sped over to Tokoyami, and the two fought. Well, more like Iida swinging his arms to tag Tokoyami, and Tokoyami moving around to dodge Iida’s attacks. If someone walked over and didn’t know the context, the two would just look like they were awkwardly dancing. Iida was so in his zone he didn’t notice that both of them were slowly moving closer to the boundaries. Iida, with one quick and strong motion, finally tagged Tokoyami, and they both toppled over out of bounds. They both were out.

    Kaminari, using the wall Momo built, was trying to secretly hide. Hopefully everyone forgot about me, he thought. He made his way ever so slowly to Momo, trying to unfreeze her, but what he didn’t know is that Uraraka was on the other side of the wall he was hiding behind. She grabbed him, tagged him, and sent him up into the air. Kaminari was frozen.

    “Damn it! You losers are getting out way too quickly!” Bakugou yelled from the air, as he was using his explosions to hop around and avoid attacks.

    Todoroki used his ice to freeze the floor, trapping Hagakure and Tsu. Tsu, not accustomed to cold temperature, felt slightly disabled. Her body thinking it was winter time, and slowly falling over. Todoroki wasted no time and tagged both of them. He picked up Tsu, and brought her over to the spectator group. Shoji, who met Todoroki at the line, took Tsu to warm her up. Tsu’s out. (Todoroki is a gentleman yenno;)

    All that was left was Bakugou. And when Bakugou realized his team was out, his eyes widened ever so slightly. Oh he was in trouble.

    Bakugou had to come up with a plan, that didn’t involve unfreezing his team, he wanted to win on his own. And he quickly thought of a strategy which just might work.

    He launched himself to Sero, and Sero reacted by launching tape back at Bakugou. Uraraka saw this as an opportunity to sneak attack Bakugou from the back. She used her quirk to send herself in the air. But Bakugou was one step ahead. He knew how Sero would react, and he knew Uraraka was behind him. So he quickly dodged the tape, and the tape hit Uraraka instead.

    She landed on the floor with a thump, bound together with Sero’s tape.

    And Bakugou repeated the process. He caught Mina, and Midoriya with Sero’s tape. That nerd could easily break the tape with One For All, but he is too scared of me, Bakugou thought, as he saw Midoriya struggling with the tape.

    Bakugou set off little tiny explosions, not enough to hurt anyone, just enough to have Sero unaware of his surroundings. With the smoke from Bakugou’s explosions covering the boundaries, he sneaks up and shoves Sero out of bounds. Sero’s out.

    All that’s left is the half and half bastard, Bakugou thought.

    He quickly dodges some ice Todoroki throws at him, sending himself into the air using his explosions. Todoroki follows him into the air, using his quirk to make a huge ice wall. Todoroki then made a little platform in the air out of ice.

    Bakugou landed on Todoroki’s platform and started to fight off Todoroki. Bakugou was not going to get caught. He couldn’t. Not by this guy anyway.

    “7 minutes left!” Jiro calls from down below.

    Bakugou, too busy focusing on Jiro’s words, didn’t see Todoroki rushing towards him. The next 30 seconds, was filled with Todoroki shooting ice at Bakugou, and Bakugou exploding and dodging the attacks.

    Bakugou’s explosions were getting much smaller and not as effective. Damn it, it’s the cold, he thought. Todoroki let out one last big ice wall, and finally trapped Bakugou. “Got you!” Todoroki said.

    Bakugou’s arms stretched out to his side, forming a T-shape with his body. Ice surrounded his hands, and his ankles. Bakugou was caught.

    “Damn it! If you used your fire side instead, this wouldn’t have happened!” Bakugou spat out.

    Todoroki just laughed. “Now now Bakugou, no need to be a sore loser.” Todoroki said as he slowly walked up to Bakugou. There it was again, a chance to playfully annoy Bakugou.

    “Just tag me already, get it over with!” Bakugou said, struggling at his restraints, trying to set off little explosions, but the damn ice was like a buffer to his quirk.

    “Why so angry, Bakugou?” Todoroki asked, with an annoying playfulness laced in his voice. Todoroki reached to tag Bakugou’s stomach, and Bakugou replied with a squeak, holding back a laugh.

    “What was that?” Todoroki asked, with now an even more annoying teasing tone.

    “N-nothing, you won, now let me go!” Bakugou said, his voice sounding shaky.

    “Bakugo,” Todoroki sang. “Are you perhaps….ticklish?” Todoroki looked at Bakugou, and he saw Bakugou’s eyes widen with fear, that was enough of an answer for Todoroki.

    “N-no I’m n-not so don’t even think abo-AH!” Bakugou was cut off by another poke to his side.

    “Lying? Didn’t expect the Bakugou Katsuki to be a liar.” Todoroki smirked as he rested both his hand on Bakugous sides.

    “Nohohoho dohohohon’t!” Bakugou laughed out, Todoroki wasn’t even tickling him yet, but the blonde couldn’t stop himself.

    “Don’t what?” Todoroki asked innocently.

    “Tihihickle mehehe!” Bakugou blushed as the words came out of his mouth.

    “Tickle you? Okay! If that’s what you want!” Todoroki smiled as he finally dug his fingers into Bakugous sides.

    “Ahahaha nohohhot whahahahat i meheheant!” Bakugou laughed out. “Stohohop ihihihit icyhahahaha!”

    Todoroki moved his hands to Bakugous armpits, resulting into a bigger laugh from Bakugou. “AHahaHaa NoHohohoho! Thihihihis is cheheheheeheating!”

    Bakugou’s laugh was the cutest thing Todoroki had ever heard. It was so pure, so sweet. It’s like it was Todoroki’s new favorite noise. He never wanted it to end.

    “Why don’t you ever laugh Bakugou? Always so serious and angry.” Todoroki said, continuing the tickle attack on Bakugou’s sensitive armpits.

    “Shuhuhuhut uhuhuhuhup!” Was all Bakugou could say through his laughs. “Stohohohop ihihit Tohohodoroki!”

    Todoroki moved his hands to the bottom of the blondes ribs, causing Bakugou to thrash back and forth. “AHAHahah HAHAH STOHOHop!”

    “Bad spot huh?” Todoroki teased. “Is Bakugou too ticklish? Tickle tickle tickle Bakugou!” The teasing made Bakugou’s face red hot. He blushed even harder. The tickling he could take (barely) but the teasing too? That was his downfall.

    Todoroki started making his way up Bakugou’s ribs. “AhahahHAHAAHAHA NOHOHOHOHO!” Bakugou practically screamed. Then Todoroki started kneading a spot on his upper ribs that was just below his armpits and Bakugou lost it.

    “STAHAHAHHA NOHOHOHOHO NOHOHOHOT THAHAHAHAT SPHOHOHOT!” Bakugou cried, a mirthful tear escaping his eyes.

    “Ohoho found your death spot!” Todoroki couldn’t help but giggle at the hysteric blonde. Todoroki kept on that spot which resulted in loud pleas from Bakugou.

    Bakugou couldn’t take it. It was too much. He thought about tapping out, but pushed that thought away as soon as it came. He had to get out of here. And Todoroki wouldn’t leave that spot alone!

    Todoroki looked at the blonde’s face. He was sweating, eyes clamped shut, laughing his head off. Todoroki took the time to study Bakugou’s face. He’s never seen him smile genuinely, so Todoroki made it a goal to see Bakugou like this again. Todoroki was brought out of his thoughts by a loud scream coming from Bakugou.


    His first name? This made Todoroki realize that Bakugou did see him as a friend, even though Bakugou would never admit it.

    “PLEHEHEHEASE NOHOHOHO! STAHAHAHAP!” Bakugou hated hearing himself beg.

    Todoroki slowed his fingers at the sound of Bakugou saying please. His fingers finally came to a stop, and Bakugou drank the air, exhausted from the tickling.

    “Yohohou suhuhuck.” Bakugou said, residual giggles intertwined in his words, a smile still plastered on his face.

    Todoroki just smiled back.

    “Times up!” Jiro yelled from down below.

    Todoroki quickly melted the ice restraining Bakugou, and they both went down, rejoining the rest of the class.

    “What happened up there? We couldn’t see or hear anything!” Mina asked, curiousness in her voice. “Did we win? What happened?”

    Bakugou let out a small sigh and started to say “Yeah you guy w-” But was cut off by Todoroki.

    “Lost. We lost, Bakugou wouldn’t let me tag him, I’m sorry guys.” Todoroki said.

    Bakugou gave a surprised look to Todoroki, and Todoroki nodded and gave Bakugou a small grin back.

    “Aww man! I was so sure Todoroki would catch Bakugou!” Sero said.

    “Shut up tape face! I got you didn’t I?” Bakugou’s scowl came back as he yelled at Sero, and then his team for getting caught so quickly.

    Everyone just laughed at the scene.

    That was the start of Todoroki and Bakugou’s friendship. But what Todoroki didn’t know is that Bakugou was already starting to plan his revenge. And what Bakugou didn’t know is that Todoroki was planning on doing it again.

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    Matunaw Deku.

    I was thinking about these cuties and the one that keeps popping in my head is Midoriya gawking at THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS ✨

    #incert bakugou's 'uraraka?' #i decided to protect these two with my life #izuocha#mha#bnha#midoriya izuku#uraraka ochaco#deku#uravity #midoriya x uraraka #deku x uraraka #buko no hero academia #my hero academia #ship#digital art#my art#fanart#painting#is painful
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    I'm writing a new au for deku gonna cosplay him once I finish making the other wigs & can do his

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    #mha spoilers#bnha spoilers#asks#anon #but yeah i like how this is going #deku does need to have his head chilled for a bit #and forcibly bringing him back probably is going to end up with him running away again #but it *is* risky
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    MHA characters react to you getting a piercing

    Characters: Dabi, Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya, Ejiro Kirishima, Ochako Uraraka (yes, the students of 1-A are aged up to 18 and are third years)

    Summary: That's just it. They react to you getting a belly button piercing.

    AN: Lmao hope you enjoy fam (you know who you are)


    • I think we all know he would love it.

    • I personally adore the idea that Dabi knows how to do piercings and tattoos, so when you mentioned wanting to get a piercing he offered to do it for you.

    • But it was just one of those things that you talked about every now and then but it just didn't get done.

    • UNTIL.

    • One day you were in disguise and had gone grocery shopping for the League, and on your way home you saw a tattoo parlor that also advertised piercings.

    • And you thought, "Well why the hell not?" And went inside.

    • You came out not even an hour later with a bandage covering a piercing underneath your shirt.

    • You didn't mention it to anybody, wanting to wait for it to heal before you surprised them with it.

    • Which obviously wouldn't work, since you and Dabi were together. So, yeah.

    • When he found out you may or may not have been having a very *cough* fiery (pun intended) makeout session. His hands slipped under your shirt and he felt the bandage.

    • So naturally he lifted up your shirt and was like, "Okay, wtf did you do to hurt your belly button?"

    • You didn't even say anything, you just took the bandage off and he nearly combusted. On the inside though.

    • It was black with a blue jewel and he just. He just couldn't even. So he started kissing you again and I mean kissing you kissing you.

    • Whenever your training he can't help but stare at it, he just loves it so much.

    • Yeah, you can bet your ass that he loves it.

    Katsuki Bakugou:

    • He honestly didn't even believe Mina when she said that you had gotten one because he knows your pain tolerance is a damn dumpster fire.

    • He once saw you shed a tear from hitting your hip on the counter. The first time he witnessed you getting a foot cramp he thought you were dying.

    • He heard you yelling bloody murder in the living room area and sped in there so fast he put Iida to shame. But then he saw you hunched over holding your foot.

    • "What the fuck is wrong with you!?" "My foot is cramping up!" "Jesus Christ, I thought you were being stabbed or some shit!"

    • So yeah. He knows your pain tolerance is shit.

    • But all that put aside, he walked to the living room where you playing video games with Kaminari.

    • He plops down next to you on the couch, and you payed him no mind, too focused on the game.

    • He rolls his eyes before reaching for the hem of your shirt. You noticed him then.

    • "I swear, if you mess me up-" "Chill the hell out, would you?" You just rolled your eyes, opting to let your boyfriend do whatever.

    • So he pulled your shirt up to expose your stomach, and he, to put it frankly, inwardly blue screened. It was silver with a black gem, and for whatever reason it was very, very attractive.

    • He quietly whispered, "What the fuck."

    • You glanced at him, asking him what he said. "Nothing." He had grumbled, fleeing the room when he felt his face start to burn up.

    • He may or may not have pulled you into his dorm room at the first chance he got.

    Izuku Midoriya:

    • This dude. This dude, man.

    • He never really mentioned it because there was no need, but he is a sucker for piercings and tattoos. He loves them.

    • So one day he was training, right? And he was taking a break and drinking some water.

    • He was watching you punch and kick a punching bag, eyes transfixed on you as you went at it.

    • And then you stopped and pulled your shirt up to wipe the sweat from your face, and he choked on his water. You heard him coughing and walked over, concern etched onto your features. "Are you okay?" You asked your boyfriend.

    • He nodded while you pat his back, and when he was able to breathe without going into a coughing fit he lifted your shirt up.

    • "When did you get that?" You looked down at the piercing, almost as if you had forgotten it was even there. It almost looked like the metal had been blued, a bit of polished turquoise pulling it together.

    • You almost sounded nervous when you looked back at him. "Do you like it?"

    • He stared at you for a second, your chest still heaving a little bit from your exercise and a bead or two of sweat rolling your neck. Shit.

    • He answered you by pulling you in for a kiss. Who knows, maybe he would get one as well.

    Ejiro Kirishima:

    • When I tell you this beef cake would be so supportive.

    • When you first brought it up he was so encouraging! "That sounds awesome, super manly!"

    • And he would go with you not just to hold your hand in case it hurt, but he would also get one to match yours. Because he's awesome like that.

    • And he would be so excited! When you went and it was time to pick which ones you wanted he kept on pointing out the ones he liked as if he were a kid on Christmas day.

    • And after you got them he would show his off every chance he got, proudly saying that you and him went and got them together.

    Ochako Uraraka: (A.K.A my self indulgence rearing it's head lmao)

    • Oh my God. My sweet kirby.

    • Like Izuku, she is a total sucker for piercings and tattoos.

    • The day she found out was actually the day you first made out, lmao.

    • It had just finished healing once and for all, and you were excited to finally get into a hot tub after nearly a year.

    • When you walked over you saw her already there and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and smiled when she saw you, motioning for you to hop in with her before you even asked.

    • However, she completely forgot that no, you would not be taking your towel with you. You discarded it next to her's, and she felt her face burn like the sun itself.

    • At first she was distracted by how amazing you looked just overall, but then her eyes honed in on it.

    • Oh. My. God. You had a piercing and she didn't know about it!? How!? She was your girlfriend!

    • She couldn't help but be disappointed when it disappeared under the bubbling water, jumping when you waved your hand in front of her face.

    • "Earth to Ochako?"

    • She had no idea what sort of demon or spirit possessed her, but the next thing she knew her lips were on yours and she was not pulling back any time soon.

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    Rewatching season 4 and that scene with Eri and Deku and candied apples just... 💕💕💕 And Deku’s little “surprise!” is so cute 🥺

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    Freaky Friday

    NSFW, Minors DNI


    Pairing: Bakugou x reader, Izuku x reader

    Word count: 5.6k

    Warnings: daddy kink, impact play, degradation, oral, breeding kink, dubcon (considering the deception)

    A/n: This got away from me, lengthwise. Also, didn't know what to do about OFA, so I made a creative decision, jsyk. Enjoy!

    A thick veil of smoke enveloped the top two heroes, enough to allow the villain that they were pursuing to slip out of their line of sight. A mysterious light flashed into the haze, branching out like lightning to surround them.

    "Kacchan?" Midoriya held his, well, not exactly his hands, out in front of him when enough of the smoke had cleared.

    They looked familiar, but at the same time, completely foreign. He didn't quite recognize his voice either.

    "What?" Bakugou spat and immediately tensed. Why the fuck did he sound like that?

    He snapped his head toward Deku, only to find that he wasn't looking at Deku at all. He was looking at himself.

    "What the fuck?" he seethed and shook his head. They didn't have time for whatever bullshit this was. They had a job to do. "We'll figure this shit out later. Pull your head outta your ass and let's go get that son-of-a-bitch first."

    "Right," Midoriya nodded, clenching his fist as he broke into a sprint.

    He didn’t have to run far. Thankfully, by the time they’d caught sight of the criminal, their respective sidekicks had already restrained him.

    "This a new one," a police officer chuckled, reading a report off of a tablet as his fellow officers loaded the defeated villain into the back of a patrol car. "He apparently has a body-switching quirk. Good thing was hit with it, because there's not much known about it."

    "Ha, uh, what?" The blonde hero scratched the back of his neck, looking visibly nervous, while the green-haired pro rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his chest.

    "Thanks for all the useful information, real fuckin' helpful." The normally bubbly expression of the freckled-face Deku was MIA, instead replaced by an unamused scowl as he clapped his hand on Dynamight's shoulder, digging his fingers in tight enough to make the man wince as he led him away from the scene.

    "Kacchan!" He spoke in a hushed whisper, jerking his shoulder out of his grip. "What are we going to do? Shouldn't we tell someone about this?"

    “For what? So they can tell us to go to the hospital where they can’t do jack shit about it?” He cocked an eyebrow, obviously annoyed at the suggestion. “You heard that idiot, they don’t know anything about this damn quirk. It’s been a long fuckin’ week and I’m not about to waste my time off being poked and prodded for no goddamn reason. I’m going home.”

    He spun on his heel, extending his palms to blast himself away as a habit, before realizing that he couldn’t. His quirk was tied to his body; a body he didn’t have control of at the moment. An exasperated groan left his lips as he lifted his palm to his forehead.

    “Right.” He took a wide stance, bending his knees as if to take off in a sprint, trying to activate One for All, but he couldn’t do that either.

    “Kacchan, I, uh—,” Deku held up a hand, sending forward a tendril of black whip from the body that he currently occupied, looking down as if it would help him avoid the rage boiling up within Bakugou.

    It came out as a nonsensical growl. An aggressive muttering of a string of curse words and unsavory phrases.

    Silently, Midoriya thought to himself that a temporarily quirkless Kacchan was maybe a divine dose of karma, but he didn’t dare let that thought slip out.

    “Can’t fuckin’ believe this. Fuckin’ bullshit dumbass quir—“ Bakugou began stomping off, but Midoriya was quick to follow.

    “Wait! If I go home like this, Y/n’s gonna worry.”

    He stopped and heaved a heavy sigh, “So?” His tone sounded indignant, but if he was being honest with himself, he hadn’t yet considered how you would react to the situation.

    “I mean, maybe you should—I don’t know. Maybe you should just..pretend to be me? This might wear off by morning for all we know, right? She worries enough as is, I don’t want to give her more reason to.”

    Bakugou spun around to look straight into his own face, something that made him uneasy enough to begin with and was only made worse by the pathetic expression painted on it.

    "Fine," his jaw was set tight as he jabbed at Deku's borrowed chest, "But if you're gonna pretend to be me, don't make me look like such a pussy, got it? I'll run home and play house with your wife for you."

    As the words left his lips, an idea blossomed in his brain. One that he, admittedly, shouldn't have jumped to so quickly, but he couldn't help himself. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

    “You wouldn’t..do anything though, right? With her, I mean,” Midoriya asked, as if he could read the filthy thoughts flying through Bakugou's mind. "She, uh, she can be a bit," he paused, searching for the right word. "Insatiable, at times. But you'll tell her no if she tries to, you know. Won't you?"

    "You think that telling me that she's insatiable in bed is a good deterrent?" He scoffed, "I'd say you're dumber than you look, but at the moment, you look as smart as I've ever seen you."

    "Kacchan, I'm serious."

    "All right," he flashed his palms in a reluctantly placating manner, "I won't fuck your wife. Scout's honor, okay?"

    "Thank you," he sighed with relief.

    "No promises if she offers me head though," he smirked as he pulled out his phone to call a car.


    On the car ride home, more potential scenarios crossed his mind. Ones that were far less suggestive, but still felt just as forbidden.

    You’d greet him when he got home, the same way he’d seen you greet Deku for so many years. The realization had his palms sweating and his stomach tightening with nerves that he hadn’t felt since college, since before Deku had scooped you up and made you his.

    Knowing you were spoken for hadn't done anything to quell his feelings for you though. He could control himself, obviously. He knew that you were happy enough with Deku, though personally, he always thought that you could be happier with him. He'd never get between your marriage though. Despite their never-ending sense of rivalry, he could respect the sanctity of that.

    If there was one silver lining to this inconvenient incident, at least he could pretend for one day that you were his. Even if he had to wear Deku's damn face to do it.

    He fished an unfamiliar set of keys from his pocket, taking a deep breath before he swung the door open.

    "Babe?" he heard your melodic voice before he saw you.

    He could tell it was coming from down the hall, so he called out, following the source of the sound.

    "Yeah, I'm home," he replied, slipping off his boots before carrying on down the long hallway, taking notice of the cracked door at the end.

    "How was your day? I hope you're not too tired," you cooed, and Bakugou could just imagine the cute little pout your lips must be pursed into.

    "Too tired for what, baby?" He came up to the door, pushing it open as he laid his eyes on the most glorious sight that he'd ever seen.

    You were sitting on the plush bench at the foot of the bed, one leg crossed over the other. A lacy, black set of lingerie clinging to your frame as your gazed up at him with a smile that nearly knocked him right off of his feet.

    All bets were off now.

    "Whoa," he swallowed, drinking in your ethereal appearance.

    "You're not too tired to help me take this off, are you?" You caught your lip between your teeth, standing and strolling straight up to tug on the fabric of his hero costume, guiding his lips towards yours until they crashed into one another.

    His hands moved on their own accord, gravitating towards the supple flesh of your ass. Both hands giving it a firm squeeze as he pulled your hips against his, allowing you to feel the tent that he'd already pitched in his pants.

    You tugged harder at his costume, whimpering with need as you walked backwards towards the bed.

    “Need you so bad,” you mewled as spun the both of you around, pushing him gently until his legs hit the bench. “Can I suck your cock, pretty please? Wanna make you feel so good tonight, Daddy.”

    “Oh, fuck,” his eyebrows knit together as he groaned and started working himself out of the material, never taking his eyes off your sweet, submissive face. “Such a good girl, aren’t you?”

    “Just for you, Daddy,” the innocent smile that graced your features as you dropped to your knees in front of him sent a throbbing pulse straight to his cock.

    He couldn’t remember the last time that he’d even been this hard. The way that you were looking up at him, your hands helping him peel away the layers that separated his cock from your warm, wet mouth, had him nearly feral before you’d even properly touched him.

    “May I, Daddy? Please?” You batted your lashes, hovering your mouth just in front of his erect length, so that he could feel your warm breath fanning over it, sending an almost painful shiver up his spine.

    “Fuck yes,” he breathed, pushing his hands into your hair as he kicked the costume off to the side.

    You braced your hands on his thighs, taking the tip into your mouth to swirl your tongue around it, tasting the bit of precum that had beaded there.

    He was briefly disappointed that he couldn’t see your lips wrapped around his actual cock, but proud to know that given the size of what Deku was working with, you might actually have trouble taking it if he were in the right body.

    You wrapped one hand around his cock, while your lips slowly sank down his length. He inhaled sharply, all of his senses fading away as he focused on just how fucking good you were making him feel. He shut his eyes while his fingers tensed in your roots as he repressed the urge to shove his cock straight into your throat and fuck your cute little mouth until you were choking on his cum.

    His jaw hung open as he groaned louder, studying your movements with intention as he responded to the way you were taking him in and out. Tongue swirling, cheeks hollowing as your hand gripped the base of his cock, your fingers curling underneath to massage his balls. Eyes locked with his, eagerly watching the pleasure flood his expression with each bob of your head, as if it fueled you to make him feel this good.

    You looked as submissive and breedable as ever and it was driving him absolutely insane. He wanted to ruin you; he needed to. If this was going to be his only opportunity, he'd run with it and he wouldn't look back.

    "Gonna let Daddy do what he wants with you tonight?" He brought a hand to your breast, palming into through the elegant lace that restrained it, coaxing your nipples to harden at his touch before he tugged at it.

    "Yes, Daddy," you moaned needily as you came up for air, your chin glistening with spit as your hand continued to pump his length. "I'll do anything for you."

    “Mmc’mere then, baby,” he seized your hand, bringing you to your feet, only to sit down on the bench and pull you between his parted legs. “Wanna play with that pretty little pussy of yours,” he slipped a hand between your thighs, rubbing circles against your folds.

    You steadied yourself on his shoulders, your knees already shaking as he hooked your panties to the side and began teasing your clit.

    “So fuckin’ wet, ready to take this cock already, aren’t cha’?” He smirked, snaking an arm around your hips, lifting you just enough to settle you on his lap, your heat hovering just above his swollen head as your knees pressed into the plush fabric.

    “Yes, Daddy,” you mewled, moaning in his ear as your hips bucked impatiently, “Please, give it to me, Daddy,” the whine that followed your words escalated into a cry as he gripped your hips, sinking you down onto his length.

    A strangled growl left his throat as he guided your motions, watching your pussy drip around his cock as you bounced up and down with practiced ease. His lips found your breasts, attaching to one and swiping his tongue around your sensitive nipple as he closed his eyes.

    Your soft tits in his face, the beautiful sound of your moans echoing around the bedroom, the velvety feel of your walls squeezing his cock. It was all so intense. He didn’t want this to be over too quickly, but you were moving so quickly, relentlessly chasing your release, so he helped you get there, rubbing circles on your clit while his teeth gently tugged at your nipples, speaking sinful words to coax you over the precipice.

    “You gonna cream on my cock, princess? Gonna show me what a good little whore you are?” He noticed the surprise on your face as the words left his lips.

    Deku probably didn’t use those types of names in the bedroom, he supposed, but you didn’t seem to hate it. The way you clenched tighter around his cock made him think you probably fucking liked it, because of course you did. Now he wanted to know what else you liked.

    He leaned back, shuffling his hips forward so you lost your leverage and he was the one completely in control, “Is that what you are, baby? Daddy’s good little slut?”

    “Yes, Daddy!” You cried, grasping for something to cling onto and settling for taking your nails down his chest.

    His hands gripped your ass as he thrusted upwards into you, picking up the pace as he gave a sharp smack to one cheek, “Want you to fuckin’ scream when you cum all over this dick. Tell everybody who the fuck is making you feel so goddamn good. Understand me?”

    “Yes, oh fuck, yes!” Your voice broke as your vision whited out, ears buzzing as waves of intense pleasure washed over you. “‘Zuku!”

    A pang hit his chest as he remembered himself. How he wasn’t himself right now. But the sting only lasted for a moment before it was overtaken by the euphoria that your spasming walls sent him into.

    He grunted, his hips stuttering, “Shit, baby,” he muttered as he continued to fuck up into you, guiding you both through your release as you laid against his chest, his arms enveloping you.

    You laid there for a beat afterwards, silently recovering your senses until you stirred on top of him to dismount and crawl into the bed, reaching out a hand and making a little grabbing motion, beckoning him to join you.

    It was almost enough to give him whiplash, how fast you could go from sinfully seductive to adorably innocent. Who was he to refuse you?

    He turned and crawled on all fours into the bed, marveling at your form as he climbed over you, caging you in as your fingertips trailed up his arms. The soft expression on your face inspiring butterflies to flutter about in the pit of his stomach.

    How did this make him so nervous compared to what the two of you had just done? Why is this what got to him?

    “I love you,” you spoke sweetly, kind eyes peering up at him as your hands came to rest behind his neck.

    Fuck. He should’ve seen this coming, but it’d never really been part of any of his after sex routines. He was almost afraid, but he couldn’t admit that to himself.

    Nor could he admit that he actually meant it when he whispered back, “I love you too.”

    “What got into you tonight? I mean I know it’s been a while and I’ve been pretty pent up, but I didn’t realize you had that in you.” You pulled him in, kissing him gently as he laid down beside you, folding an arm over your waist, while he propped himself up on the other.

    Been a while? How long? How did that damn nerd not fuck you every single day? How did he ever leave you alone?

    “I, uh,” he shrugged, studying your face, trying to focus on the conversation instead of just how beautiful you looked this close up. “I’m not sure. Did you like it, though? I mean, are you all right? I didn’t spank you too hard or get too mean, did I?”

    “No, no,” you smiled, putting an arm behind his head to play idly with the soft green curls on his scalp. “I really liked it, actually. Maybe we could try more of that sometime? I think I could handle more than what you did tonight.”

    “I’m sure you could,” he voiced his thoughts out loud, chuckling quietly as a soft smirk lingered on his lips. “We can do whatever you wanna do, princess. Anything for you.”

    “Princess, hmm? I think you’ve been spending too much time with Bakugou.” You giggle and for a second, he’s afraid he’s been found out.

    “Oh, ha, yeah. Maybe I have. Sorry,” he pauses. What the fuck does he call you?? It’s some dumb shit, isn’t it? Ah, that’s right. “Puppy.” The word leaving his tongue is nearly enough to make him cringe.

    “Princess is fine too,” you shrug, “I kinda like it.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind,” he studies your face, watching your eyes as they fixate on the tuft of hair that you keep toying with. It’s relaxing. The subtle, soothing shivers your actions send down his spine as the rhythm of your quiet breathing is the only sound left in the room.

    He wishes he could lay here forever, but he doesn’t know when his time with you will be up. So he seizes another opportunity.

    “Have I ever told you about the crush Ba--ah, Kacchan, had on you?”

    Your eyes pull back to his, narrowing in intrigue, “No? He had a crush on me?”

    “Yeah, all through college, I think.”

    “No,” you shook your head, “I had no idea. I thought he hated me right up until we got married, actually.”

    You laughed, but it broke his heart a little. Hated you? How could he?

    “Why?” He reminded himself to watch his tone. That came off a little too defensive, but if you noticed, you didn’t comment.

    “He was a bit of a jerk? Granted, that was more after we started dating, I guess. In hindsight, that would make sense. He’s never been one to handle his emotions well, huh?”

    Another blow to the chest. He didn’t ever mean to treat you poorly at all. He was pissed that Deku had gotten to you before he found the nerve to, but he hadn’t meant to take that out on you.

    “No,” he looked down, grinning lop-sidedly. “He hasn't.”

    “You know, I actually had a crush on him too, as dumb as it sounds,” he snaps his eyes up to your face and you clarify, “Before we got together, of course.”

    “Oh,” he nods, “Right. Yeah, no, it’s--I mean, we’re married. It’s fine, babe. You really had a crush on him though?”

    “Yeah and I couldn’t tell you why,” you laugh. “Maybe it was my rebellious phase. I’m sure if I had brought him home, my mother would have lost her damn mind.”

    “She probably would have,” he chuckled half-heartedly, swallowing the swords that he wanted to spew to find the words that Deku would use instead. “Well, I’m pretty happy with how things worked out.”

    “Me too,” you grin, reaching a hand up to hold his jaw in your hand as you sit up, laying him on his back, so that you can hover over him. “Thank you for tonight. I know things have been a little distant between us, but I’m glad that you’re trying. I appreciate it, Izuku.”

    Fuck. The sense of guilt that he’d been holding off was creeping back in. This was the dumbest fucking thing he’d ever done. It had to be. What could he do now? You were going to find out eventually, weren’t you? Surely, you’d mention this to Deku tomorrow. All of it.

    He was thinking with his dick when he walked in, but now he was afraid of hurting you. Not just by revealing how he’d obviously betrayed your trust. Now that he thought about it, this was--definitely not okay? Fuck. Fuck, he’d fucked up. Because on top of that, now you think you’ve had some sort of breakthrough with your husband, who wouldn’t know what the fuck you were talking about whenever he got back into his own body?

    He didn’t know what to do. He was panicking. He was blanking. He wasn’t thinking when he said, “I-I’m not Izuku.”

    “What?” Your face went stark white as you scrambled away from him. He reached out to you, instinctively, wanting to soothe the hurt that he knew he’d helped cause. “Who the fuck are y--Bakugou?”

    Gathering the sheets around you, you curled up on the far side of the bed, shrinking away from him as he puts his hands up.

    “Yes,” he admitted. “I’m--I don’t even know what to fuckin’ say. I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

    “What the fuck happened? Where’s my husband?” Tears were welling in your eyes as you held your hand out, activating your quirk to levitate a stack of heavy books from the bedside table.

    “Hey, hey, hey! Look, I’d never hurt you and Deku’s fine!” He held his hands higher, “This was his dumb fuckin’ idea.”

    You lowered the books, clutching both hands around the sheets as you looked at him skeptically, “What was his idea? What in the fuck happened?”

    “We got hit by a body-switching quirk,” he sighs, lowering his hands. “They don’t know anything about it. Couldn’t tell us when it would wear off. His dumb ass insisted that I should just come here and pretend to be him, so that you wouldn’t worry. And my dumb ass took advantage of the situation. I was thinking with my dick and I know that’s no excuse, but I didn’t mean to--fuck, please, don’t cry, princess,” he looks at you regretfully, watching tears stream over your cheeks as you furiously wipe them away.

    “You’re gonna think I’m a fucking idiot, but it’s not you I’m upset with,” you scoff. “What you did was fucked up.” You narrow your eyes briefly in his direction, “But I’m more upset that I think he used this as an excuse to avoid me.”

    “What?” He asked incredulously. “Why the fuck would he want to avoid you? You guys always look so fuckin’ perfect together. Like you’re living on Cloud Nine all the damn time.”

    You laugh, but it’s void of joy and full of bitterness, “Yeah, he’s a real good actor. Guess I am too.” You shake your head, looking away as you try to dry your eyes. “I love him. Fuck, do I love him. But lately, he hasn’t touched me. Hasn’t talked to me the way he used to. He still treats me fine and I’m sure it’s just because he’s so busy now that he’s finally just made it to Number One, but,” you shrug, “It hurts, you know? He used to act like that all the time. He’d dote on me hand and foot. I never asked him to or expected him to; he just did it. But now, it’s like it’s only for the cameras.”

    A new wave of sobs wracks through you as you curl your knees into your chest, wrapping your arms around them as your bury your face, speaking through muffled cries, “I told myself that it might be like this when he got the news that he’d made it and that I should just give him so some space and time to adjust, maybe it’s just me being selfish, but I-I just feel like,” you sniffle, looking back up and to Bakugou, disguised as your husband. “Sometimes, I feel like he doesn’t want me anymore. He’s never said so and I like to think that he’s trying, but after feeling set aside for so many months, I just can’t help but wonder.”

    His heart was bleeding now. Having been ripped open by your display of emotion. He still didn’t know what to say, but he could try. He had to, for you.

    “He loves you,” he reaches out a hand tentatively, rubbing your arm gently when you don’t pull away and you lean into him. “He does. He just,” he pauses, thinking of the right words. “He gets too caught up sometimes. He’s done it before and he doesn’t mean to. His tunnel vision gets the best of him. I know everyone thinks the bastard’s flawless, but obviously you and I know better. He’s finally achieved this big dream of his and he’s lost focus on what really matters, but he’ll find it again.”

    You nod, wiping away more tears with the sheets balled up in your hands as he continues, smiling apologetically, “This isn’t your fault. You shouldn’t feel guilty for expecting your husband to act like your fucking husband. Listen, if you want, I’ll knock some fuckin’ sense into him for ya, because he’s missing out right now.” He smiles as you let out a quiet laugh that actually has some sincerity to it. “You aren’t meant to be an afterthought. You’re not just a priority when it’s convenient enough for him. Tell that asshole to treat you like his wife before your someone else’s.”

    “You make it sound so easy,” you swipe the last of your tears off your cheek, holding your knees to your chest as you look at him.

    “It’s never easy telling someone how you feel. I know, ” he forces a smile. “But you gotta do it, for your own sake at least.”

    “Surprisingly sage words coming from you,” you muse, staring into the white sheets pooled around your legs.

    “Everyone has their moments,” he exhales, shifting himself over to the edge of the bed. “I also had a pretty low one tonight, so I’m gonna go.”

    “Wait,” you call, shuffling over to him as you try to keep the sheet pulled over you.

    He glances over his shoulder at you.

    “Could you, uh, stay?” You ask sheepishly. “Again, I don’t exactly wanna condone what you did, but also, I could argue that you were just doing what Izuku asked you to. And I—don’t judge me for sounding so pathetic, but I wasn’t exaggerating about how touch-starved I am, so if you wouldn’t mind, maybe we co—,”

    “I’ll stay,” he nods, looking down into your eyes. “You never need to give me a reason, princess.”

    “Thank you,” you blush, looking down as you sit against the headboard. “Could you grab me a t-shirt and some panties? They’re both in those top two drawers over there.

    You gesture toward the set of drawers along the wall and he nods and he stands, collecting the garments and tossing them onto the bed before turning around.

    “Thank you,” you say again, climbing out of bed to quickly pull the clothing on. “You’re good. His, uh, his boxers are in the top of that one.”

    You tilt your head toward another set of drawers, set beside the first and retrieves a pair to slip into before climbing back into the bed, sitting beside you, entirely unsure of how to proceed.

    “So, uh,” you break the uncomfortable silence, “you had a crush on me?”

    He shakes his head, scoffing at his own stupidity, “Have,” he admits. “I still have a little crush on you, I guess.”

    “I thought as much,” you nod, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything, so I understand if you wanna go.”

    “I’m not fuckin’ leavin’ you tonight.” He states matter-of-factly. “I said I’d stay. You don’t need to spare my feelings, Princess. I’m fine, really.”

    “Are you sure?” You scoot closer to him and he wraps his arm around you, pulling you into his chest told fold his other arm over you.

    “I’m sure,” he confirms. “I’m just doin’ what Deku asked me to, right?”

    He smirks and you laugh, relaxing into his embrace, “Yeah, I guess so.”

    “You know, he actually told me pretty specifically not to sleep with you. Even if you tried.” He glanced down at you, “Said you were ‘insatiable’ sometimes.”

    “Insatiable?” You scoff indignantly, “The last time we fucked was literally after the Billboards. Pardon me for asking for the dick a little aggressively.”

    “Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? That was 4 months ago.” He looked indignant for you.

    “I know, I’ve counted.” You roll your eyes. “Probably just said so, because he knew I would try. You know how many sets of lingerie and stupid little outfits and toys I’ve bought trying to entice him? I sit on that stupid fuckin’ bench at least three times a week trying to get his attention.”

    He pinched the bridge of his nose, his face contorted in frustration, “You fuckin’ what? Does he—does that asshole really not realize how lucky he is?”

    “Well, it feels nice to hear you say that, at least.”

    He holds you a little tighter, tracing idle shapes into your arm as he sinks you both further into the bed, so that you’re laying beside one another. You bring your thigh up to rest on top of his as your hand lays in his chest.

    “It’s gonna work out,” he murmurs into your hair. “Even if I have to physically remove his head from his ass.”

    “At this point, I might like to see that,” you giggle, nuzzling yourself into the crook of his head as he tucks you under his chin with a half smile.

    A few moments of silence pass by before he finds the nerve to ask, “So you had a crush on me?”

    You press your lips together, mindlessly tapping your fingertips on his chest, “I plead the fifth,” you whisper.

    “I’ll remember that,” he chuckles, placing a soft kiss to your temple that makes your ears burn.

    “So you, uhm, you don’t know when you’ll switch back? Like, if it’ll happen overnight or?”

    “No,” he shakes his head, “Dumbasses at the scene said they didn’t have a clue how it worked. I guess no one’s seen anything like it before, so your guess is as good as mine. Why? Ya gonna miss me in the mornin’ if I’m gone?”

    “I’m once again exercising my right to silence,” you laugh quietly.

    “Well, I’ll sack up and say it,” he exhales a single chuckle, “I’ll miss you, princess.”

    You felt guilty. This was obviously teetering on the line of inappropriate, but at the same time, it just felt so nice to be actively wanted by somebody. To be able to banter and curl up with someone at night who didn’t seem to want to let you go.

    You didn’t want to think about it. The guilt or the whirlwind that had just torn through your evening. You just wanted to feel wanted as you drifted off to sleep.

    “Goodnight, Katsuki,” you slipped your arm completely over his torso, pressing a single kiss to his collarbone.

    He felt his heart stir at the use of his first name. You hadn’t ever used it to refer to him before, but he didn’t dare let himself read any further into that.

    “Goodnight, Y/n.”


    The next morning, he woke up to the sound of his own alarm clock and bolted upright, immediately looking beside him to find that he was the only one tucked into the black sheets that adorned his bed.

    “Fuck,” he groaned, rubbing his face. “Alexa, shut the fuck up.”

    The alarm ceased, but another sound poked at the thin veil of his early-morning patience. He felt around beneath the sheets to find his phone, seeing endless notifications of text messages, all from Deku.

    It was inevitable, he’d figured that much already, but one message in particular caught his eye.

    Deku: Have you seen Y/n this morning?

    Now he was concerned. He furiously skimmed through the other messages.

    Deku: She wasn’t home when I got up.

    Deku: No note or anything. She was here last night right?

    Deku: Kacchan answer your phone

    Deku: I’m worried about her.

    Deku: What the hell did you do? You didn’t sleep with her, did you?

    Deku: Look, please don’t tell anyone, but we’ve been having a couple of issues lately. I don’t think she would leave without telling me though, even if she were upset.

    A knock at the door tore his attention away. If that was Deku, honestly, he might not be able to refrain from punching him straight in the face. He bounded to the door, muttering about how fucking stupid this whole situation had gotten, before opening the door and being stunned into silence at your appearance.

    You smiled seductively, looking him over as he stood in the doorframe, clad only in a pair of sweats that hung dangerously low on his hips, and untied the front of the wrap dress that you wore, flashing him the orange lingerie that was concealed underneath.

    “Did you miss me?”

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    my favorite dynamic is whatever shouto and izuku got going on

    #their friendship it’s just so *mwah* #they’re besties 4 life #4 lifers#midoriya izuku#deku#izuku midoriya#todoroki shouto#shoto todoroki#mha#bnha#tododeku
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