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    04.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    ;v; but how doe?

    #League of babysitters #how the frick #number 1 #this story is just a smol bean being cute #mha fanfiction
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    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Adding Aoyama to the list of mha men I’ll write for btw

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    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #boku no hero academia #bnha #my hero academia #mha#bnha fanfiction#bnha fanfic#bnha fic#mha fanfiction#mha fanfic#mha fic#my writing#aizawa shouta #I hope you enjoy your present Quess!! <3
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    04.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    NIYAYA is postponed until tomorrow, im working out some issues and also just wanna take the extra time to make one of the most important chapters perfect;. i hope this is okay! 

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    04.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Y’all,what ships do you like from mha? (Not counting BakuDeku because you certainly do if you see this post, or not, idk)

    Here’s my list that absolutely no one asked for:

    1. BakuDeku

    2. Kiribaku

    3. Bakukami

    4. Shinbaku

    5. Todobaku

    6. Tododeku

    7. Todobakudeku


    9. Seroroki

    10. Izuocha

    11. Tsuyu x Ochaco

    12. Mina x Ochaco

    13. Kirikami

    14. Snikami

    15. Dabi x Hawks

    16. Dabi x Shigaraki

    This is not a favorite or least favorite post, but bakudeku being up there is because most of my search history is bakudeku and because it was the first ship I ever shipped and I certainly love and live for it!

    #bnha ships#bnha#bnha characters#mha#ships#everywhere #this is not a favorite and least favorite post #it’s just ships #I read at least a fanfiction of every single one of them #depends on the day #but BakuDeku being nr 1 explains itself #bakudeku#bkdk#tododeku#izuocha#Kiribaku#todobaku #i still want that coke
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    04.12.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #ask response#bnha 336#fumikage tokoyami#aoyama yuuga#bnha fanfic#fanfiction#bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #tokoyami fumikage #heroes in the dark #bnha manga spoilers
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  • mangoofthesea
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago


    “No!” Natsuo shouts. “Why does he get away with how he treated us? How he treated you and me? Why does he get to have the sendoff of a fucking hero when all he ever did was make our lives hell! I was fucking nothing to him for years! Then he gets to number one after all the bullshit he put our family through and that’s what gives him a crisis of conscience?” He leans forwards with the force of emotion coiled hard and tight in his chest that he can feel like a weight tugging him down. Or maybe like a noose around his neck strangling him. His eyes burn either way

    “Natsu-” Fuyumi says, trying to calm him, but he doesn’t want to be calm. He’s fucking sick of being calm. Of putting on the pretty mourning face for the tv cameras, acting like the reason he’s cut up about Endeavour’s death is because he had such fucking fond feelings for the old bastard.

    “No, Fuyumi. I’m fucking done. Why was it him getting his fucking obsessive lifelong goal that made him see us as more than his broken fucking projects? His rejects,” he spits the word, a laugh coming out as corrosive as acid and just as burning on his throat. “It wasn’t him recognising we were fucking people, that his kids were more than hero experiments!” No,” he straightens, spine feeling rigid and painful as he forces himself to hold his frame strong as he wants to break into pieces. He can feel the hars, almost manic smile on his face that feels pulled and lacking any actual joy. “No, it was the rest of the world saying ‘you’re our fucking hero now’! Why the fuck didn’t we matter enough for that, huh?!”

    He’s shouting, voice loud and unbearably similar to his father in a way that makes him want to spit. He hates that he’s shouting at her, that he’s further connecting himself and his bastard of a father. He hates that this conversation got out of hand so quickly. But he’s so tired. Tired of being forced to pretend like their family isn’t a clusterfuck of a tire fire, hiding the rising smoke behind pretty press and the illusion of a happy family. Even with a dead kid, a mom in the mental hospital, two kids no one ever saw and a final one with a permanent painful scar across his face - all of that and no one ever fucking asking if Endeavour was anything less than the fucking perfect image he arranged for the public, arranged to improve his hero ranking, like that wasn’t the poisened root of everything that had been wrong in their family.

    His face is wet with tears that he isn’t even sure when started falling.

    Natsuo is grateful he never got further than the entryway, because nothing gets in his way as turns on his heel and slams out of the house - that no longer belongs to his father but supposedly to them - and into the frigid night air, relishing the way it diverts his focus away from the growling swarm of emotions clogging his throat and crushing his chest.

    The mighty Endeavour is dead. What are the offspring of the hollow civilian mask of Todoroki Enji supposed to do now, he wonders.

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  • hawt-delusions
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
    An Imagine
    Bakugo x Y/N

    Y/N: Bakugo let’s go out tomorrow night :)

    Kirishima: Easy Bakugo, you’ll only make them cry if you react angrily ( ❛︣ ͜ʖ ❛︣ )

    Bakugo: *Sighs* ( ≖  ͟ʖ ≖ )

    Bakugo: Alright Y/N. What did you have in mind?

    Y/N: Let’s go to the movies! I already bought the tickets! ( ◡︡ ᴗ ◡︠ )

    Bakugo: HUH? You bought the tickets before asking me?!

    Y/N: Yeah! I had to or else they would have been sold out ¯\_( ^ ᴗ ^ )_/¯

    Bakugo: Why you-! You didn’t need to do that! I’ll pay for my own damn ticket next time!

    Y/N: *le gasp* Bakugo! Are you already asking me out on a future date?! ( ͡ᵔ ᴗ ͡ᵔ)

    Gifs created by me
    Requests open :>
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  • nights-legacy
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Don't Hate It. - Shiggy

    Main Masterlist MHA Masterlist

    First time trying to hold their hand. Does it go right or wrong?

    +Neither you nor Shigaraki were the type to hold hands. For some of the same reasons and some different. For one of Shiggy's, well obviously his quirk and for you, you were not the type to be all touchy feely in cutesy stuff. Neither of you were really the affectionate types. That is until a day comes that You need a little physical touch.

    The day couldn't go by and end fast enough. Nothing was going right, I was nearly caught by some heroes, and to top it off, it started to storm. As soon as I walked in the door, I threw my soaked coat in some random direction. I shook my hair out, ignoring the displeased yell towards me.

    "Ugh!" I threw myself into a booth completely annoyed with the world. My fingers aggressively rapped against the table top. I had been on edge all day, from the moment I woke up.

    "Well some one's in a bad mood." A deep voice said from across the bar. I glanced toward the bar and saw the black hair male next to our leader. It surprised me to see him out of his room and away from his video games.

    "Not now Dabi." I growled under my breath. A drink was placed in front of me and I saw the black purple Wisps out of the corner of my eye. I took a long drink before leaning back into my seat.

    "Awe, is someone also a bit touchy? Oh, everyone! Look out!" He laughed. I rubbed my eyes before burying my face in my hands. I just felt like I really needed a hug, a loving touch, or something.

    "Dadi just leave them alone." Kurogiri said.

    "What? I'm not doing anything." He grumbled. I rolled my eyes and just took another drink. I heard an argument between multiple people ensue. I was left alone for a little while but I could feel eyes on me. Frustration was quickly growing in me. I looked up and around the room. Across the bar, there was a recruit that had been around for a few weeks with his eyes glued on me.

    "Great. Him." I groaned and looked away. It was not even a minute and he was standing next to the table. "Can I help you with something?"

    "Nooo... but I think I could help. Get those frustrations out I mean." He gave me a big smile which I'm sure he meant to be sexy but failed miserably.

    "Really?" I asked sarcastically, unimpressed. He nodded, ignoring my sarcasm. He leant down so his face was close with mine.

    "Really, really." He smirked. He reached to touch me. "I have so many ideas."

    "Haha. Careful there, recruit." I warned, pushing his hand away. His touch was revolting. The frustration was about to snap.

    "Oh come on, sweetie. Just come with me and..." He reached out again. I snapped. I shoved him back and shot out of my seat. He stumbled and I grabbed his neck tight. Black webbed out on his skin.

    "Walk for a mile and then walk into traffic you pathetic nitwit." I growled. I shoved him away and he walked out the door. I sighed. That was the first time my quirk worked right allday. I finally noticed the room was silent. "Anyone else?" Gazes immediately moved away from me. Tears fought their way to the surface. I felt like I was going to fall apart, that there is nothing to hold me together.

    "Y/N." A presence came up behind me.

    "What!" I turned to see Shiggy next to me. His eyes went from me to the door. "I don't want to hear it! Can't you all just leave me alone for one goddamn minute!" I yelled, throwing my hands up and stomping off. I walked to an unused back hall and leant against a wall. There was a big window in front of me, showing me the storm outside.

    "Y/N.." I jumped and yelled out. The tears finally broke though.

    "What Tomura!?" I yelled. "I know I messed up so what could it be you are here for?" I slammed back into and slid down the wall. "Because it only seems that people come to me when they want something, want to tease on me, or make me their punching bag! So what possibly could you be here for! Huh?"


    "What?" I looked up and saw he was sitting next to me on my left. He reached up and pried my hand from my hair. I gasped because I didn't ever know I was doing it, the ache setting in. His next action shocked me more. He took my right hand in his left and began to rub circles. "Shigaraki?"

    "Just take it." He slowly wrapped his right arm around my shoulders. I set my head on his shoulder cautiously. When he didn't react beyond pulling me in more, I let my full weight on him. I noticed he had on his two finger gloves and a small smile came to my face.

    I gripped his hand and placed my other hand over his and traced random shapes. Underneath, I was soaking in all the soft attention and touches. Shiggy normally hated to wear the gloves so he never really did this soft stuff. Sure we've done some more spicy touching but never this.

    "Thank you." I whispered. "I know you hate wearing the gloves."

    "I don't hate wearing them. I just had no reason too." His raspy voice said softly into my ear. He moved his arm off my shoulder and brought it forward to set his other hand with the others. "Now I do."

    "Huh?" I lifted my head to look at him.

    "I am not a very... touchy person but with you I want to be. I just didn't know how to ask you." He said. "With anyone else, I'm not interested. But with you, I want to have everything.So I don't hate it."

    "I feel the same." I admitted after a minute of silence. "I had to admit it to myself as well. I haven't been close enough to anyone in such a long time that I didn't know what to do."

    "So we are meant for each other." He laughed and so did I.

    "You know, if you hadn't sent that shit head on his way, I would have dusted him." I laughed hard, leaning into him more.

    "I am just happy my quirk worked. It's been acting up all day." I held up my free hand. Black swirled on my fingertips. Tomura let go of my one hand and placed his finger tips against mine, all five. He tapped them before gently lacing his fingers with mine.

    "Things happen and I will be... Will be here for you the best I can." He said. "I know I am far from a great man but..."

    "If I wanted a great man, I would not be here." I said a matter of factly. He laughed. "The dark, brooding, crazy type that has a side obsession of video games myself. They're more fun."

    "Damn. That specific, huh?" He asked.

    "Actually, now that you mention it, I like them to have light blueish hair with a hand problem."

    "Watch it." He warned with no threat behind it. "You know, now that I've gotter a taste of this I won't go back."

    "Same." I tightened my grip on his hand."I hate to admit it but I need a little physical touch every now and then."

    "I couldn't agree more." He whispered. I nearly fell asleep when a loud clash of thunder and lightning spooked us both. "Ugh! Can we, maybe move somewhere more comfortable than the floor?"

    "Oh, fine you big baby." I got up and looked down at him expectedly. He got up and took my hand. I yawned as I've walked through the halls, hand in hand.

    Tag list: @spicy-therapist-mom @dxnaii-rxse @princ3rae @iris-shihabi

    #imagine#imagines #my hero academia #mha x reader #mha imagines #my hero academia imagines #mha #boku no hero academia #bnha imagines#bnha#mha shigaraki#shigaraki imagine #shigaraki x reader #shigaraki tomura#shigaraki fluff#bnha shigaraki #my hero academia x reader #my hero x reader #mha fluff#mha fanfiction#mha shiggy#shiggy#x reader#shigaraki headcanons#mha headcanons#bnha headcanons #bnha x reader
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    04.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    poor katsu stuck

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    04.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    MHA/BHNA Oneshot:

    No More Nevers

    Deku x fem!Reader (requested? Kinda)

    Contents: smut, fluff, minor language

    Summary: You’re an exchange student living with the Midoriya’s for a year. One night, the night before you return home, you both decide to act on your feelings. (Deku and you are both 18).

    It had been too many nights away from home. Too many nights regretting the path you’d chosen in life. Too many midnight dances in the kitchen to cheer you up. Too many maybes, too many almosts, too many nevers. It was your last night in Japan before you flew back home, and you had already gone out to dinner with the Midoriya’s and your newly-made friends. Meeting them just made you remember that one crucial decision, back in your last year of middle school, the decision. You considered applying to a hero school, you had a few good ones in your country. But something deep inside you told you that you wouldn’t cut it. It wasn’t for you, not your speed. And for a long, long time, you believed it.

    Your family was big into heroes, it was just something your family normalized. In fact, you even had a few heroes in your family. They always interested you, and there was always a part of you that was enraged you didn’t even apply. When a chance opened up to get a tour of some of the top hero schools around the world, your heart skipped at the through. Please, don’t be everything I’ve ever dreamed. You were one of the first people to jump at the opportunity, and when you saw UA listed, you felt called to it. It had been in the news so much around the world that it certainly stood out. That was the school, that was where you’d spend a year studying, researching, and regretting. It took some convincing of your parents, a lot of convincing. But once they “met” the family you’d be staying with, they were sold.

    The Midoriya’s were on the list of families that were more than happy to house exchange students. You first exchanged email addresses with the son Izuku, then phone numbers. It took a few weeks before you were both ready to FaceTime and talk, but you got there. Your parents met Izuku’s mother and they seemed to click almost immediately. Izuku was always overly concerned that you wouldn’t find their situation suitable, but you were fine with it. Plus, he mentioned he’d get extra credit for housing an exchange student and writing a paper on the experience. You were more than happy to help out.

    Now, you’d been there for a year, the best year of your life. Izuku helped you choose which colleges to apply for back home, he even looked over your admittance essays. It was a year of fun. He was always so paranoid your trip wasn’t satisfactory, but it was more than that. You met some of his school friends, shadowed a few of his classes, and explored the city. While Izuku typically stayed in the UA dorms, he moved back home to stay with you.

    Now here you were, in his kitchen with a small mug of hot chocolate. It was a little past midnight and your flight was in seven hours. You couldn’t sleep even though you were quite tired. So you just leaned over the counter stirring your hot chocolate, listening to the rhythmic clink of the spoon hitting the mug’s rim.

    “We have some marshmallows if you want,” Came a faint voice from down the hall. That voice, it woke you from your trance and made you smile.

    “I know. I’m good with this, though.” You responded looking up from you mug.

    Izuku had extreme bed head, like he had just woken up. He didn’t have those drowsy, squinting eyes though. He had been laying awake on his phone again.

    “Oh, okay…” He looked around a little bit, forcing you to look back at your mug. “So, you’re going home tomorrow, huh...”

    “Yep. Seems like it’s only been a few weeks hasn’t it?”

    “Yeah, more like one week.” Izuku yawned and you took this time to look back up. He was in his pajamas and ruffling his hair. That mess of green hair that all your friends back home said looked stupid. You always found it charming, how untamable it was and how soft. Looking at it now, it reminded you of that one night you were both up late gaming. It was just some harmless Mario Kart, nothing intense. But he sat before you on the floor, letting you rest your legs over his shoulders. You took that opportunity to rest your head on his, and you immediately fell in love with his hair. Maybe he’d let you run your fingers through it one last time.

    “You should be sleeping,” he said making his way to the fridge. “You gotta get ready to go in a couple hours.”

    “Can’t sleep. And what about you? You should be sleeping too, don’t you have class tomorrow?”

    “Mr. Aizawa gave me a free day. Since I’m taking you to the airport and all.” He grabbed a water bottle and made his way around the counter to be across from you. He mimicked your stance and leaned forwards onto the countertop. “…You sure you’re okay?”

    Were you okay? Not really. You might’ve accidentally caught feelings for a boy you know you’d be eventually leaving. Every time you hung out, just the two of you, you were tempted to make your move. But you weren’t the type to engage in long distance relationships, they were known to never work out. And that was if he felt the same.

    “I’m fine, just kinda stressed about leaving. I’ve had a lot of fun here- and I love your mom.” You smiled, taking a sip of your hot chocolate.

    “Oh god,” he put his hand behind his neck, slowly moving it towards his hair. “Everyone says that.”

    “‘Cause she’s so damn sweet.” You cup your mug with your hands so tightly that you begin to lose feeling in them. “And so is her son.”

    His face became beet red at that comment. Was that your plan? Who knows. You might’ve loved the way the redness started in his cheeks and spread to his neck. The way the redness showcased his freckles. God his damn freckles, why’d he have to have freckles? First his perfect hair then his adorable freckles.

    “Yeah well…you’re sweet too. NOT in a weird way or anything it’s just- you’re nice- and you’re cool- and-“ His panic reddened his face even more and his eyes widened. Damn his eyes too, so wide and curious, always ready to discover.

    “Thanks. You’re cool too, don’t worry.” You winked, or you tried to. It just felt natural in the moment.

    He smiled, his cute little half smile that formed into a full one. Finally, it’s was the damn smile too. Everything about him made you happy, too happy. And you hoped, maybe just a little, that you made him happy too.

    There were a few good minutes of awkward silence. Neither of you made eye contact or spoke, you just sipped your respective drinks. You debated saying something, anything about how you felt. The words were right there in your mouth, on your tongue, being held back by your lips.

    “Hey, Izu-“

    “Crap I forgot to do the dishes.” Izuku stepped over to the sink. There weren’t many dishes as there were only three people and they had went out for dinner. “Here, I’ll take your mug if you’re finished.” He outstretched his hand. You could see all the scars that decorated his hand, each finger, and up his arm. You wanted to trace over them, kiss every one. But you handed him your now empty mug.

    Izuku turned on the faucet and started hunting for the dish soap. He was dropping everything, his nervousness filled the whole room. You could see the redness creeping back up his neck and into his ears.

    “Hey, Izuku?” You said without control. You were in it now, no going back.

    “Yeah?” He spoke without facing you. Probably embarrassed of his redness.

    There was another silence. You decided to act, you would leave in a few hours anyway, regardless if he shut you down. The risk was minimal. You stepped up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist. Your cheek found a nice place to rest between his shoulder blades as you closed your eyes.

    “Thank you, for everything. I had an amazing time here.” You then perked up and placed a light kiss on the back of his neck. Suddenly, Izuku dropped whatever he was holding into the sink. I scared him, I freaked him out. Dammit dammit he thinks I’m weird. Apologize, say you misunderstood things. Make it your fault. You backed up.

    “I’m sorry, that was wrong of me.” You twiddled your fingers in shame. “I’ll just head upstairs. Still have some last minute packing to do.” He was beginning to turn and face you, but you couldn’t handle that. You quickly turned to head upstairs, you’d apologize again in the morning.

    Just as you were about to flee the kitchen, you felt something stick to the back of your shirt. Your shirt was being pulled back and it was taking you with it. You spun around as to try and keep your balance. But before you could fall, you found yourself secured in Izuku’s arms.

    “Was that… blackwhip?” You chuckled breathlessly.

    “Yeah. I was kinda short for words so.” There was his smile once again. His freckled cheeks, his green eyes, his curly hair.

    Please don’t fuck this up.

    You both laughed together for a while, his hands comfortable around your waist. Your arms comfortable on his shoulders. It looked as though you would dance together, but there was no music playing. The laughs died down and the two of you made eye contact. He wasn’t saying anything, just smiling, letting you know everything was alright. Your hands cupped his neck, thumbs brushing against his cheeks. It was that motion that made him finally kiss you.

    His eyes were shut tight, his brow furrowed, he was trying so hard. You closed your eyes as to kiss him back. It was a few short kisses and a few long ones too. The entire moment was overly sweet and perfect. Your fingers found his hair which you began to play with. It was as soft as you remembered, and so were his lips. He smelled of shampoo from his shower earlier, and your mixed breathes smelled of hot chocolate.

    When you finally broke apart, there was eye contact once again. There was a long pause of just gazing into each other’s eyes. You could read him so well, and you were not mistaken by the seriousness in his eyes. You returned the look, the look that had every intention of going further. After a mutual understanding, you kissed again.

    This time more passionately, you were much closer now. You arms wrapped around his neck as he backed you up against the counter. Your back began to arch over the countertop before he sat you on top of it. It was one quick motion, entirely calculated. You found yourself leaning back once again, as he was much closer now. You kept a gentle hold on his neck to stable yourself as he placed one hand on the small of your back. His other hand was pressed against the counter, bracing himself from falling onto you.

    Your kiss broke only once to remove his shirt, which you did with ease. His shirts were always light and loose, so it didn’t make a sound as it hit the floor. You were slightly concerned about removing your own shirt as you didn’t have a bra on. Would that freak him out? You were proven wrong as your shirt was lifted over your head, Izuku’s fingers brushing lightly against your sides. He had expected it, assumed. He could tell after being pressed against you, and it didn’t throw him off at all. What happened to the Izuku who was terrified of girls you’d heard so much about? Guess he grew up.

    Without hesitation, Izuku found one of your sensitive spots. He placed his lips right where your ear met your jaw, and you let out an unexpected moan. One hand remained in his hair as the other traces circles up and down his back. Shit, it was more defined than you thought. He kissed underneath your jaw to the front of your neck. He kissed down your neck as his hands found your hips once again. He pulled you closer yet. You found yourself balancing on the counter’s edge, held up solely by Izuku’s grip on your hips and your legs around his torso.

    Slowly, as he kissed your collarbone, you felt his fingers slip into the waistband of your pajama pants. He knew what he was doing, he always knew what he was doing. You’d wondered if he’d thought about this before, if he’d planned each move out. He was quite the strategist after all. His fingers then tugged at the waistband of your panties, and that took you by surprise.

    “Wait, wait Izuku.” You could barely speak, but it felt nice to meet his eyes again. Full of concern, like he’d done something wrong. “Do you have a condom?”

    “Not on me, no.” His voice was raspy too.

    “Do you have one at all?”

    “…No.” You could feel his hands slipping away from you, you were losing him.

    “Then just..” You put your hands over his, holding them in place, “You’re gonna have to pull out.”

    “That’s risky isn’t it?”

    “I trust you. Just, it’s my first time so… you know…” You looked away, your heart slamming.

    Izuku gave you a quick kiss on the lips before smiling brightly at you.

    “It’s my first time too.” You had had a feeling it was, but just hearing it comforted you greatly. Even though he was a genius, you’d be figuring this out together.

    That was all you needed to reach out and kiss him once again. He retuned it, moaning into your mouth. If he was ready, you were ready, and you trusted him completely.

    It took a few minutes for the both of you to figure it out. If you were honest, it was way more painful than you anticipated. You tried to stifle your whimpers and tears for Izuku’s sake; you knew he’d panic if he thought he was hurting you. Even though this was your first time, you knew this was the most gentle a man could ever be. He was practically holding you above the counter, keeping you close. One of his hands was in the center of your back, protecting you. The other hand cupped your ass, pleasuring you.

    It was sweatier than you’d imagined it’d be. Considering how cold the kitchen was, you were surprised you were as hot as you were.

    Izuku had his head resting on your shoulder. His breath was quick, catching in his throat. He placed occasional kisses on your shoulder and neck, pulling you closer still. You gasped and threw your head back at this, knowing you had all of him inside you. You dug your nails into his back, breathing right into his ear.

    “Are you okay?” He’d asked for the fifth time now. “Is this okay? I heard you’re supposed to ask that when you-“



    “Please stop talking.” You focused on your impending orgasm. You weren’t sure if you’d have one your first time or not, but Izuku somehow knew what he was doing. He became a little distracted at one point, not touching you as much, but he was making sure you enjoyed it too. You found yourself grinding harder, bucking your hips faster. He seemed to let you do what you pleased, moaning even louder as you tugged at his hair. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer and you knew you had to take it up a notch.

    Tugging his hair tighter, he threw his head back with a gasp. You took this opportunity to kiss, lick, and nip at his neck. You bucked faster and faster as he managed to hold you still.

    “Stop thinking for a bit,” You said between breaths. “Relax. Just enjoy it.” You were suddenly in charge as your hands explored his body. You traced over a few of his scars, making him flinch or giving him goosebumps. You found yourself getting closer and closer until-

    “Y-y/n, I’m coming.”

    “A few- few more seconds. I’m so close.” You moved faster and harder, trying so hard to reach it.

    But Izuku was too afraid, he kissed you and pulled out. It was at that very moment that you climaxed. Just as he left you, you reached your high. You didn’t think it possible, but he brushed your clit as he pulled out giving you the final push you needed. You let out a loud moan of release, your face a mess. Strands of hair stuck to your face and neck with sweat.

    When you began to calm down and opened your eyes, you smiled. Izuku stood before you with his balled up shirt in his hands, covering his crotch.

    “Izuku, I don’t care if I see it.” You adjusted your position on the counter.

    “It’s not that… I sort of, um, came into it.” His face became even redder than before. “I just didn’t wanna get it on the floor so I figured this was-“

    “It’s fine,” You laughed, reaching for him. “It’s smart. But let’s leave this out of your paper, yeah?”

    Izuku laughed, letting you cup your hands around his neck as he pressed his forehead against yours.

    It was the perfect way to say goodbye.

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    Here’s my oc for my todoroki x oc/reader (second-year) fic, Love Like You (not out yet). For snippets of my novel, please, follow and check my blog. <3

    Context: Azula is another one of my ocs, ignore her name—for now 👀

    Reblogs are appreciated.


    #mha oc #mha x y/n #mha shoto#mha todoroki #mha shinso hitoshi #bnha fanart#mha fanart #my hero academia #mha #boku no hero academia #bnha #mha season 5 #mha fic #mha fanfic recs #mha fanfiction#mha shouto#shouto todoroki #shouto x y/n #shouto x reader #shouto x oc #shinsou best boy #shinsou hitoshi#mha hitoshi#hitoshi shinsou#bnha aizawa#dadzawa #bnha fanfic recs #bnha fanfiction#bnha au#mha au
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  • chaoticorganizedmess
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    Bakugo takes you home after meeting at a hotel bar.

    Bakugo x F. Reader

    Warning: Smut Ahead💋👇🏻 [18+]

    Bakugo pulled up to the vallet, swiftly exiting his car and handing the attendant his keys. "Don't scratch it, dumbass.", he gruffly commanded before turning and taking in the grandeur of the ritzy hotel before him. Giving out a sigh he strode up the front steps and through the doors that were held open for him. Once inside the lobby he took in his surroundings. Always airing on the side of caution. Always in Hero mode.

    This place was perfect to blend in. Even though he was in a black dress shirt and black slacks as opposed to his Hero costume it wasn't hard to figure out he was Dynamite himself. This hotel was the priciest in the city, accommodating the rich and famous: tourists, celebrities and sports stars alike. Bakugo made his way through another set of doors to the bar area. High end and stocked with top shelf booze. It really wasn't his scene, but it would do for the night. If this played out alright, maybe he would come back again.

    He stepped over to the bar and ordered himself a whiskey. He would never admit it but even though this was far from the first time doing this he still felt a pang of nervousness for some odd reason. Once his drink was placed before him he was quick to bring it to his lips. Clutching the short glass in his palm his eyes glanced around the bar but didn't wander far before he caught sight of his prize. You.

    You were sitting at the opposite end of the bar. A tight black mini dress clung to your figure. With your hair in an updo the thin straps exposed plenty of your shoulders and chest; your cleavage generously on display. Bakugo was certainly grateful for that. Your black stilettos accentuated your legs that were crossed at the knee. You looked elegant, sitting there casually sipping on what looked to be a martini in your hand. Vermillion eyes watched intently as your plump lips fit along the edge as you took in the liquid. Bakugo waved the bartender over to order you another of whatever the hell you decided on drinking tonight.

    You had just glanced at your phone when a second drink appeared on the bar next to the one you were currently nursing. Before you could let the bartender know you were fine for now he spoke up first. "From the gentleman over there." He gestured to the tall figure standing at the other end. You couldn't hold back the smile that appeared on your face. His glare bore into your soul but his lips were turned up into a smirk. He was surely a sight to behold. With messy ash blonde hair styled with an undercut, muscles barely held back in his dress shirt, and sharp features adorning his handsome face this guy was an Adonis sculpted by the gods themselves. He looked more like a work of art than a regular man.

    Picking up the new drink you lifted it and nodded to him in silent thanks before placing it back down. He gave a nod in return before downing the rest of the liquid in his own glass and placing it on the bar. He said something to the bartender before turning on his heel and heading your way. You felt a surge of excitement lclimb up your spine, lighting up your body with electricity. Taking the last sip of your original drink you then took in a deep breath through your nose in an attempt to calm yourself. A moment later he was standing beside your stool, leaning onto the bar with his forearms. 

    The bartender placed a new glass in front of him and Bakugo took in a quick sip before turning his head to you. Your eyes met and you were almost at a loss for words. He definitely got you flustered to say the least. "So. Thanks for this.", you commented with a flirty smile as you drank from his gifted beverage. His gaze held yours before glancing down at your lips as he poked his tongue out to lick along his own. "Don't mention it, Princess." 


    You liked that one.

    Bakugo couldn't lose his smug smile if he wanted to. He knew he already had you on the hook. He just had to reel you in. It would be a lie if he said that despite how easy he was figuring tonight would be that he didn't like it. Quite the opposite actually. Another reason he loved doing this. "Do I know you from somewhere?" You arched an eyebrow quizzically at him. Bakugo let out a short chuckle. "Well, you may have heard of me before." He took a drink, his eyes never leaving yours as he watched you over the rim of his glass. "They call me Dynamite.", he continued after he lowered his whiskey from his lips.

    Your lips parted in a 'O' form at his revelation. "Ahh, I see." You continued to smile warmly at him. "Well, it's nice to meet you Dynamite." Your arm stretched to extend his way as you offered up your hand for an official greeting. He took it tenderly into his much larger one and gave it a gentle shake. Isn't there a saying about guys with big hands? "It's definitely nice to meet someone as gorgeous as you…" He trailed off into a pause for you to insert your name. You gave a quiet giggle before answering. "How about we stick with Princess." Bakugo grew a lopsided smile. 'No names, huh? Not even a fake one. That's new.', he thought to himself. 

    "Alright, Princess..", he purred leaning closer to you, "what brings you here tonight?" You could feel warmth begin to pool in your lower half. You shrugged your shoulders. "Just tryna let loose and have some fun." You made sure to lean closer to him. Your faces just inches apart. "How about you, Dynamite?", you purred back at him. Bakugo felt his cock twitch inside his slacks. He loved you saying his Hero name, especially like that. He inhaled deeply through his nose before licking his lips again. He could smell the mint on your breath and the sweet perfume you wore. Red eyes trailed the details of your face down to your lips.

    "I'm looking for some fun, too." His voice, as rough as it already was, had dropped an octave. You leaned back to sip on your drink once more. Although he didn't move from his position his eyes roamed your form. You could practically feel them move down your body, your legs, back up to your cleavage. You knew what he was insinuating, of course, but you were curious which one of you would be the first to offer up the suggestion. Bakugo could be stubborn after all. Taking another sip you straightened your back to stretch a bit as you placed your drink back down. In doing so your chest stuck out further and Bakugo stared shamelessly.

    He felt his resolve faltering quicker than he anticipated. He wanted to play the game longer. To string you along a bit but you looked too delectable to wait. "What d'ya say you come back to my place and have some fun with me?" He lifted his eyebrows as he questioned but kept smirking at you. What a cocky bastard. Suddenly he slowly lowered his head as he tilted it closer to your ear. He made a point to brush the tip of his nose along the side of your neck as he brought his lips to the shell of your ear. "How 'bout it, Princess?"

    You shuttered at the warmth of his breath and how it tickled your skin in the most enjoyable way. Going home with him was a definite. There was no question the night would end up that way if everything went alright. You wanted it. You wanted him. However, you had intended to play a little harder to get. With your legs still crossed you clenched your thighs in an attempt to get some friction down there as nonchalantly as possible. Unfortunately he noticed. Of course he did.

    He loved it too.

    He loved what he did to you. His smirk only grew as he placed a tender peck of his lips on the spot below your ear. "Bet you're eager, aren't 'cha? Can't wait to have some..fun..with me." You let out the quietest mewl you could. "Yes.", you replied breathlessly. Bakugo laughed and pulled back to look you in the eyes. "Hah? What d'ya want, Sweetheart?" His eyes were more lidded now as the excitement over his blooming lust for you began to get the better of him. You cleared your throat as you tried to regain some of your own composure. "I want you, Dynamite." 

    Bakugo leaned forward once more. This time placing a chaste kiss on your cheek. "You got me, Princess.", he commented against your soft skin. Afterward he straightened up, pulling his wallet from his pants pocket. You finished off your drink as he threw a bunch of notes onto the bar. Plenty of money to cover the bill for you two as well as a generous tip. For being such a trendy, upscale place Bakugo thought it wasn't so bad after all. May not have been his scene, but maybe he'd come back here to play again. 

    He replaced his wallet back into his pants and grabbed your hand in his. "Let's get to it then.", was all he said as he started pulling you behind him, only giving you a moment to grab your clutch purse and keep his pace. Bakugo quickly led you outside the front of the hotel. As you waited for the vallet to bring his car Katsuki stood right behind you, hands grasping your hips. His thumbs were running circles over your dress. He stepped up to stand flush against your back and you could feel his growing hardness begin to poke into your ass. It was then you felt his lips on the shell of your ear again. "I can't wait to get you outta this dress." He gave your earlobe the slightest nibble before continuing. "Hope you're ready Princess, 'm gonna fuckin' ruin you t'night."

    You shivered and let out a groan at his words. This elicited a low growl from him that you could feel vibrate in his chest as he stood pushed up against your back. Before you could give a response the vallet attendant pulled up. Bakugo gave your hips a squeeze before stepping around you to grab his keys back. You took a deep breath in and out so that you could keep some semblance of normalcy. Noticing him stepping to the passenger side you watched as he opened the door before turning to you expectantly. You flashed him a smile as you walked over and slid down into the seat. "Thanks.", you giggled, "Such a gentleman." Bakugo tutted and gave a gruff "Yeah. 'Course I am." However you saw the line of his mouth curled into a smile.

    He climbed into the driver side, throwing his wallet and phone in the center console, and the two of you were off. You both sat in a comfortable silence for a short time. As you watched the passing scenery from your window you felt his warm palm take hold of your upper thigh. He gave a soft squeeze before slowly starting to run his hand up in between your legs. He chuckled as he felt your barely there thong and his smile grew when he heard the gasp you let out as he ran a knuckle over your hardly covered folds. "Take these off." You looked over to him with a smile and an eyebrow arched. "Now?", you questioned teasingly. He simply glanced in your direction, looking unamused, before directing his attention back to the road. "Did I stutter, Princess?"

    You simply giggled and lifted your ass off the seat to pull the strings at your hips down along your legs and allowed them to pool on the floor at your ankles. Bakugo wasted no time to placing his hand right back to it's intended destination. You bit your lip when you heard him scoff, knowing exactly what he was going to comment on. "Already so wet f'me and I just started touchin' ya. You are a real slut ain' cha." You mewled at his words and ministrations as he rubbed up and down along your sex. It was obvious by the large bulge in his pants that he was just as eager as you. You palmed at his erection and were gifted a salacious groan emanating from his throat. Throwing your head back you let out a pornographic moan yourself as he slid one of his thick fingers to curl deep into your core. "You're fuckin' tight.", you heard him comment under his heavy breathing.

    Before you knew it you were rocking against his fingers as he slid a second inside to join the other. "Look at you." Bakugo didn't even look over as he spoke, working his fingers in and out of you nonstop. "Ridin' my fingers like such a slut." You clenched around his fingers at his comment and he chuckled under his breath. Suddenly you felt empty as he pulled away from your cunt and you let out a whine in response. You looked to him, making a face to silently ask for an answer as to why. "We're here, dumbass.", was his only response. You turned to look out your window and sure enough you were no longer driving. He had pulled up in front of his place.

    As he put the car in park and shut off the engine you reached down to pull up your panties but froze when you heard him quick to interrupt you. "Don't you dare.", he commanded as he held out his hand, palm flat and extended your way. "Give 'em here." You complied as you pulled them from around you feet and lifted them to hover over his palm. He quickly snatched them before rubbing the small patch of silk in-between his fingers. "Maybe you can get 'em back if you behave." You rubbed your thighs together as you felt your pussy throb in anticipation.

    You could hear Bakugo laugh darkly as he got out of his seat. Watching him intently as he made his way around to your side you smirked at him as he opened the car door for you and held his hand out to help you. Pulling you along behind him again the two of you made it to the front door in a matter of moments. He unlocked the door, ushering you inside by guiding you with his hand at the small of your back. Once you were both in he pushed the door shut and wasted no time in pushing you up against the thick wood. Sturdy hands held onto your waist as he held you still, his mouth instantly on yours in a searing kiss.

    You wrapped your arms around his neck, running one hand up along his smooth undercut to take a handful of his spiky hair at the top in your grip. You heard, and felt, him hum in approval as your tongues swirled around together. When your lips finally parted he brought his up along your jaw to your ear, peppering your skin with kisses. Reaching your neck he ran his tongue and teeth along, nipping and suckling, to leave noticeable splotches of varying red and purple hues behind. "Such a slut.", he snarled against you. "Bet you were all ready to be such a fuckin' whore. To jump on the first cock that came up to ya." 

    Both of you were panting now, breaths lost to the moment between you. His hands found purchase on your breasts as he groped and fondled you over your dress. You rolled your hips against the immense tent that was pitched in his pants. His lewd words only serving to get you wetter. You were practically dripping down your own legs. You knew he sounded harsh with what he said but his words had no real intent to wound. There was no use denying it. You loved his degrading comments directed your way.

    Bakugo tenderly bit at your collarbone as he dipped one hand back under your dress. "Fuckin' soaked." Two fingers now inching deep inside you made you grind against his hand like you had done before. Your hands gripped the rippling muscles of his upper arms. Any attempt to keep yourself stable. "Gonna ruin you like a filthy slut deserves. You're lucky I brought a dirty fuckin' whore like you home." When Katsuki heard your breath hitch at his words he paused instantly. "Color?" As he questioned he kept his gaze locked with yours intently. You realized quickly what the reason for his brief hesitation was. You at least assumed he must've thought his words were too severe. That alone brought added warmth to your loins as well as your heart. "Green.",  you replied both happily and rather breathlessly. No sooner had you answered him he was already back to lavishing your neck with his lips and tongue. Your skin across your clavicle was now branded with red and purple blotches also. After a few moments he pulled back to admire his work with a wide smile. 

    Feeling him tug the bottom of your dress you immediately lifted your arms above you to aid with it's removal. Katsuki threw it off to the side and you went to remove your heels before he caught your wrist gently. "Nah. Leave 'em on." You two shared a smile before he took in the sight of your strapless bra. The sheer black lace material made it easy to see your pebbled nipples underneath. He took one in each hand over the fabric and tweaked them with his fingers, pinching and pulling them with the slightest roughness to his touch.

    Reaching around he simply pulled at the back of the bra causing the hooks to snap with force. You let out a laugh when he whispered 'Shut up.' into your ear before nipping at the fleshy lobe. Seemingly able to read your mind. You were aware the lingerie could be replaced; before you could make a comment about tearing it off he had spoken up. He leaned back to give you a soft glare as if to say 'don't bother'. His carmine orbs roamed over every inch of your form. Taking his lower lip between his teeth he let out a low hiss. "Fuckin' perfect."

    Katsuki gripped at your thighs and lifted you up as he turned and marched towards the staircase. Arms and legs wrapped around him in an instant. "Good girl." You felt weightless in his grasp with Bakugo holding you up effortlessly. "You're so gorgeous.", he muttered in between needy kisses. His tongue leaving no corner of your mouth unexplored. Stepping into the bedroom he unceremoniously flopped you onto the large bed on your ass as you let out a slew of giggles. As soon as you gained your balance you inched closer to the edge on your knees and began undoing his belt. Katsuki chuckled darkly at your actions. "Such a slut. So eager for my cock, yeah?"

    The lust clouding your mind made it hard to find the words so you simply nodded excitedly. His smile grew wider as he stood there and allowed you to continue on. Pushing his pants and boxer-briefs down his thighs to drop to the floor you watched as his cock sprang out and slapped against his lower abdomen. It was mouth-watering: long, girthy and slightly curved in the best way. You gave him a taste of his own medicine when you gripped each side of his dress shirt and ripped it open to expose his sculpted chest and the rest of his chisled abs.

    He raised his eyebrows but any words he wanted to direct at your actions were lost when he felt you carefully take his manhood in your hand. You gave him a few languid strokes before leaning down to lower your mouth closer. You licked the precum that had smeared around the head before running your tongue along the underside. "Gah..fuck!", he cried out as you took him in fully and proceeded to deep throat him a few times. Katsuki slid the rest of his shirt off his shoulders. He gripped the hair at the back of your head but didn't force you down. Instead he simply followed with your movements. Having him come undone with your mouth alone had your cunt throbbing in need. You wanted more. 

    Tilting your head back you removed his pulsing erection before spitting on it. The sight before your eyes as your gaze moved to look up at him was sinful, to say the least. His brows were furrowed and lips were parted slightly. There was the slightest bit of sweat already beginning to glistening across the top of his forehead. He carted his free hand through his own hair as you worked on him. "Jesus, fuck." He felt his release getting closer, quicker than he wanted. "On your back, Princess." You gave one last long suck and let him go with a loud 'pop' before complying with his demand.

    Katsuki took a step closer to the bed and climbed up onto his knees between your legs. You had been stretching out, eyes closed and arms above you on the bed when you suddenly jolted at the surprise of feeling his flat tongue run along your slit. As you looked to him he straightened up with the smug smile back on his face. "Just wanted a taste, Princess." He was stroking himself with a slow flick of his wrist. "You taste fuckin' sweet for such a slut." 

    You let out a gasp when you felt his tip move through your folds, collecting your juices. Katsuki was still jerking himself as he stilled at your opening. You rolled your hips slightly, an attempt to get him inside faster. "Don' even gotta ask if you're ready for my cock. So fuckin' needy." He was right. You whimpered in your eagerness to feel him inside you. "P-please." Whispered pleas poured from your mouth. "P-p-please?" He chortled before mocking you. "Please what, Princess? Hah? You really want this cock, yeah?" All you could do in the muddled haze your mind was at this point was nod.

    Without warning Katsuki inched his way inside your sopping cunt. Your gummy walls stretched to accommodate his size as he went. Enough of your own fluids were present to make access easy for him. You lifted your hips a bit to help push him in and before you knew it he was sheathed to the hilt. "Fuck. So fuckin' tight." There was no pause to allow any molding to his size. Katsuki began thrusting at a punishing pace.

    He had you a screaming, writhing mess below him as he folded his form down to hover over you. Both arms were stationed at each side of you as he held himself up before leaning down to engulf your lips in another sensual kiss. His tongue pushed into your mouth to dance with the wet muscle inside yours. You let out an even louder moan when you felt a particularly hard thrust. "Damn you feel so good around my cock."

    Katsuki somehow increased his pace, angling himself so that he was able to jackhammer into your hot core. "Fuck yes! Fuck me into this fuckin' mattress!", you cried out in between your pleasured screams. He let out a long groan at your command, continuing to grunt and pant as he did just that. He felt your velvety walls begin to clench and tremor around him as your first orgasm slammed into you. "F-fuck! I'm cumming!! Oh y-yes!" Katsuki was mesmerized by the sight beneath him. Seeing you fall apart below was his favorite thing to watch. "That's right, Princess. Fuckin' A."

    He rocked into you a few more times, helping you through the aftershocks of what you would later inform him was one of your biggest orgasms to date. Katsuki never let up, however. He slowed his thrusts but certainly never stopped. Once he felt you had come down enough from you high he leaned up to straighten his posture as he remained on his knees with his cock inside you.

    Sliding one hand down your leg, he grabbed ahold of your ankle and placed it on his shoulder. With your leg extended over his chest he straddled your other and increased the speed of his thrusts again. He was so deep in this position he kissed your cervix with every hit. "Feel so full!" Katsuki couldn't pry his eyes away from the view he had of his dick disappearing and reappearing from your pussy. Your folds sucking him in. His balls smacking against your ass. Your release coated him generously and the sight nearly made him falter. "So fuckin' good.", he said just under his breath. 

    Now that you already came you felt the coil inside begin to pull tight faster now. Katsuki could feel the telltale sign of your impending orgasm and brought his thumb to rub circles over your clit. "Gonna come again? Hah?" You managed to get out a weak 'yes' as you clutched the bedsheets in your fists with white knuckles. Your back arched off the bed as you felt yourself careening off that familiar edge into the void once more. "Go on and cum again. You deserve it. Takin' me so well." 

    That was all you needed for that invisible band inside you to snap and you let out the loudest scream since you two entered the bedroom. "That's right. Such a good girl.", you heard him say as his hips began to stutter against you. His breathing was erratic and you felt his cock pulse within your walls. "Yes! Fill me up. Fill my pussy, Dynamite." Hearing your orders was all he needed and he was more than happy to obey.

    Ropes of his creamy seed shot into you as a grunt bellowed from his throat. Moments later he was slowing to a stop before he carefully dropped your leg down and leaned back over you to languidly kiss against your lips. "Fuck that was so good.", he commented against your mouth and you smiled before kissing him more. You ran your hands over his bare chest before you both gasped as he pulled out of you. Katsuki sat back on his legs and watched as your combined fluids dribbled out of your abused hole. He sucked a breath in through his teeth at the view before relaxing down on the mattress as he lay next to you.

    While you attempted to regulate your breathing Katsuki brought your attention from your post sex haze back to him when he spoke up. "You ok, [Name]?" He turned to wrap one of his strong arms around your midsection to pull you closer to him. With a nod and a smile you kept your eyes closed as you answered. "Course I am, 'Suki. I had fun." Bakugo smiled as he peppered your face with kisses, loving the giggles he pulled out of you. "Good. I did too, Teddybear.", he replied between pecks.

    As he leaned down to pull the covers up over you both, you leaned over as you reached to the endtable at your side of the bed. You grabbed the platinum silver ring that had been sitting there. The large diamond still glistened even in the dimly lit bedroom as you slid it onto your left hand ring finger. You didn't like not having it on, you rarely removed it ever since Katsuki had proposed a few months back. However when you two played your little game and you were "in character" you made the exception. You turned to lay your head down on his chest as he wrapped his arm around you.

    "How long were you waitin'?" He had begun tracing random shapes along your upper arm, just barely grazing your skin with his soft touch. "Not long..", you replied with a yawn, "..maybe a half an hour. If that." You heard him click his tongue. "Sorry Babe. Dumbasses gave me last minute paperwork, then raced here to get ready for ya." You gave him a warm smile as you tilted your face to glance up at him. "That's okay, Katsuki. Don' worry 'bout it. You still made it." You couldn't help but look him over in adoration. 

    Bakugo let his lips twist into a small scowl. "Tch. Yeah, but I'm a lil' jealous all those extras got to leer at ya for a whole half hour more than me." He placed a kiss down onto your forehead. "You looked hot, Teddybear. You always do." You giggled and snuggled into his chest more. "Same goes for you, 'Suki." This time Bakugo barked out a laugh with a wide smile to accompany it. "You don't gotta tell me, Babe."

    The two of you laughed together before settling down and allowing exhaustion to overtake you more. You leaned up and planted a kiss on your fiancé's jaw before yawning once again. "Goodnight Katsuki." Bakugo held you tight in his arms as he took in a deep breath before shutting his own eyes. "Goodnight [Name]."

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    🌨″𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐢𝐬

    day three w/dabi

    christmas was supposed to be a jolly, fun time for everybody. LED christmas lights illuminated the windows of families around Musutafu. You decided to spend the holidays with your boyfriend, dabi, but when you walk into his room you saw it was barren. no christmas lights, no tinsel or wreaths, just dull gray walls, his bed and tv.

    dabi hated this time of year, truly you didn’t know why. he never was open about it, he was barely open about anything but you wanted to know why he hated the holiday so much.

    “hey, dolly” he greeted you, extending his arm out so he could feel you in his arms. you fall into his touch, as he lifts you slowly onto the bed.

    “hey dabi”, you frown looking around his room. his lips connecting onto your neck. he noticed how you fell silent not really engaging into his touch. dabi pulled away, rubbing up and down your back examining your face. “what’s wrong baby, is something wrong?”, his face looked concerned, his hands still on your back.

    you sighed, “why don’t you ever decorate for the holidays dabi, why do you hate this time of year so much?”. dabi rolled his eyes falling back onto his bed, back leaning against the headboard.

    “baby you’ve asked this question before and i give you the same answer every time, i don’t like it”, he crossed his arms, obviously irritated.

    you crawled over to him, “but i know there’s an answer dabi, please i’ll stop asking after this”. dabi peered up at you with his squinted eyes. “please?”

    he sighed, “fine..”, he repositioned himself on the bed. “when i was younger christmas was hell, my dad didn’t even want me or my other siblings, we were basically just failed experiments to be left around the house”. his hands began to ball up the bedsheets.

    “christmas or any other holiday was the same as the others, my mom would try to give us a nice time. delicious dinner, decorated tree, but it never lasted. we tried to celebrate together...”, he paused. he gripped onto the sheets more, making his knuckles turn white. “he ruined everything, my brother, my own mother, my youth-”. hot tears rolled down his face, you grabbed a hold of his hand, enclosing it in yours.

    “i just wish.. i don’t know... it was different”, he sniffled, leaning his head back onto the headboard. he tightly shut his eyes squeezing the last remaining drops of tears.

    you went to rub his cheeks, with one of your sweater paws. the soft fabric of your sweater caught hold of his face holding it for a while. the both of you sat there in silence, he didn’t look up at you once.

    dabi inhaled deeply before making eye contact with you. his eyes were red but you didn’t want to comment on it. “dabi.. i’m sorry”, you said wiping the runaway tears on his scarred cheeks.

    he was silent for a while. “it’s fine”, he finally answered. dabi slowly moved your hands away from his face, leaning back again on the headboard, arms crossed.

    “i just wanted to let you know i got you something”, you said, getting up from the bed to walk over to your belongings. dabi’s eyes slightly opened with intrigue.

    you bring back a small box and a can of pretzels. “i know you like salty things so...”. dabi picked up the can of pretzels taking a bite out of one before taking up the box.

    “what’s with the box?”, he asked examining it. “open it dummy”, you giggled. dabi rolled his eyes before lifting up the top lid of the box.

    it was a silver heart locket. dabi raised his eyebrow in confusion. he opened the locket and found a picture of you and him in your first date and a funny picture of him in the snow. you tried to figure out what emotions were on his face, until you saw a little smirk on his lips.

    “thank you,” his eyes still on the locket, his hands fiddling with the chain. his turquoise eyes met yours, his hands pulling at the hem of your sweater, telling you to get closer to him.

    you smiled at him coming to rest your head in the crook of his neck. his hands went around your waist as he turned his head to look at you.

    “i love you dabi”, you run your hands up his neck.

    “love you too”.

    #🤍love.flavoni #my hero academia dabi #my hero academia drabble #my hero academia #my hero academia fanfiction #boku no hero drabble #boku no hero academia #boku no hero imagines #dabi fluff #dabi x y/n #dabi x you #dabi imagine#dabi drabble#mha dabi#dabi mha#bnha dabi#dabi bnha#dabi touya#dabi fanfic #fluff fluff fluff #dabi #⛄️♾.12 days of december
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    You’re a Mean One, Bakugou-san

    by KiriBakuHappiness


    KiriBaku, IzuOcha, KamiJirou, TodoMomo


    It wasn’t like Bakugou Katsuki fucking hated Christmas or something.

    He just hated how damn cold it got outside. He hated how much the bitter season affected his quirk and noticeably slowed his reaction time. He hated how brainwashed everyone seemed to be by all of the sparkling lights and fluffy white snow. He hated how loved it was despite its pretentious, holier-than-thou glory when everyone already knew that it was arguably the most overrated tradition out of almost all of its festive competitors.

    Katsuki didn’t hate Christmas. He just liked to dislike things, and the winter holidays were somewhere at the top of his figurative, ever-growing list; steadily climbing higher and higher with each passing year.

    – OR –

    Enjoy 21 days of feel-good holiday stories with your favorite trash goblin as he rediscovers the joy of Christmas and what it means to have a heart full of love!


    Chapter Three is now Available!

    Chapter Three: There Must Be Something in the Air


    It’s finally here, I’m so excited! I hope you enjoy the ride, the story, and the playlist! I will update one character chapter every day for the next 21 days, with a special Epilogue on the night of Christmas Eve. 🎄❤️🧡

    Note: Some chapters are shorter/longer than others. The chapter length doesn’t have any reflection on my view of the character whose chapter it is. Think of it like a play! Each chapter serves a purpose, and between chapters is a change of set and costume! Some scenes just happen to be longer than others.

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    on kisses under mistletoes | day 3 [toshinori yagi/all might]

    notes ; day 3!!! JLKJAKDJ this is cute but kinda hard HAHAHASKADHKJ day 3 prompt is christmas playlist ! im sorry for the late upload !!!

    words ; 214 words

    pairing ; toshinori yagi/all might x gender neutral! reader

    taglist in the reblogs! join my general taglist here! if you want to join for this event only, send an ask/reply here!

    on kisses under mistletoes masterlist

    if anyone told you that you would someday be with the former number one hero, laughing in your living room as the song, "all i want for christmas is you" by mariah carey is blasting through the speakers, you would have laughed at them and told them it was impossible.

    but then again, you are in your living room, dancing with the former number one hero as he swayed you to the ever-lively tune of all i want for christmas for you. his hands were gentle as he held your waist, a small smile on his face.

    he never imagined finding someone like you, especially after his retirement as the number one hero. he still couldn't believe he has someone waiting for him at home, the thought of you being there for him evoking a small flutter in his, otherwise absent, stomach.

    "toshi," you said, waving your hand in front of him. "you there, love?"

    he chuckled, setting a sweet kiss on your forehead then a chaste one on your lips. "i am, i was just thinking about what we could do for the new year."

    you simply grinned, "maybe we could do something new." he agreed, pulling you closer as mariah ended her singing, the notes of, "baby it's cold outside" starting next.

    © mirakeul ; do not modify or reupload anywhere else but reblogs are greatly appreciated!

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    i’m so unbelievably mad and sad and frustrated what the fuck bro, i just found the BEST IZUKU FIC EVER(!!!!!) and it’s not complete nor has any updates since 2017, im going to rage, this is my villain origin story, author of know what i've made by the marks on my hands PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU

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