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    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    there can only be one.

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    twitter | instagram

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    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • fr-ogii
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    keigo takami (hawks)

    x gn!reader; poc friendly


    general/individual ::

    ⇢ hates the taste of scrambled eggs. sunny side up, eggs benedict, omelette and every other type of egg is fine. i guess there’s just something about scrambled eggs

    ⇢ probably because you make it by beating his family members up and setting them on fire.

    ⇢ his wings shiver when he’s cold

    ⇢ has anxiety tics that mainly involve twitching. the one he experienced the most often is his neck jerking.

    ⇢ i don’t keep up with bnha much anymore so idk if we met the mother but i’m headcanoning she’s like izuku’s mom. a complete sweetheart that bakes him cookies everytime he comes to visit her. nvm lol

    ⇢ he sweats really easily. doesn’t stink though, so don’t worry too much.

    ⇢ dresses like obama. as in, obama is his actual style icon. he has a whole pinterest board dedicated to his favorite outfits that he copies from all the time. if you ever plan on calling him a style icon, make sure you credit obama for being the blueprint.

    platonic ::

    ⇢ you asked if he lays eggs one time and he laughed in your face. still never answered the question though? kinda sus tbh

    ⇢ automatically treats everyone like a friend so it took you a while to realize he did actually see you as a friend and he wasn’t acting like that because that’s how he acts to everyone else

    ⇢ gets on his knees and begs for you to braid his hair. i know practically all my hcs involve someone getting their hair braided but i know most real people would love to get their hair braided too.

    ⇢ the first time you met was probably when you thought he was lost and asked him if he needed help looking for his parent(s). he’ll never let it go that you thought he was a child.

    ⇢ got you a pet bird so you think of him when he’s away. now he gets jealous cause “you give too much attention to that bird”

    romantic ::

    ⇢ he will spoil you so much

    ⇢ unfortunately, he won’t be able to spend much time with you when he’s a pro hero. if you didn’t already hate the commission, you do after seeing how exhausted they make your lover from overworking him.

    ⇢ carries you everywhere he can. warning: your legs may become weak from lack of walking.

    ⇢ buys you baby clothes all the time. doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, your children are already too big for baby clothes, you can’t have babies or you don’t want to have babies. he doesn’t mean it in relation to babies at all, actually. he just thinks they’re really cute and likes giving you cute things.

    ⇢ one time family was visiting and they found the stash of the stuff keigo had given you. it took a while to convince them that you weren’t pregnant/adopting.

    ⇢ comes up with new bird-related pet names for you what feels like every two seconds

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  • incorrect-icebunny-quotes
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Keigo: Are you two, like, dating now?

    Rumi: Yeah!

    Fuyumi: Yes, we are

    Keigo: Why?

    Rumi: I happen to find Fuyumi very appealing

    Keigo: Oh, I understand that. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong in their head

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  • novasdarling
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pet Names

    TW: Sexual acts, Kidnapping mentioned

    Hawks likes to explore with pet names. Starts with the typical ones like “Baby/Babe/Babygirl/Babyboy. Love. Sweetie.” Eventually tries others to see your reactions like “Princess/Prince. My Goddess/God. Beloved. Dearest.” As soon as he hears a new pet name he tries it out to see your reaction. He loves the ones that make you flustered and blush. So cute.

    Will call you them both in and out of the bedroom. Though he saves the ones that make you blush the most for in the bedroom. “Let me show you how much I worship you my Goddess/God.”

    He uses these names especially when he praises you. “That’s it Princess/Prince, you’re taking me so well. You’re so tight. Fuck.” “Take it, take it all Baby. Take all of my cum.” Especially after you’ve two finished, he loves to praise you. Telling you how good you’ve done, how good you were for letting him use your body. “Oh, sweetie. You were so good. Letting me have you any way I wanted.”

    He especially loves it when you get flustered when he uses the names. Oh, it's so cute how your cheeks go red. How you get all shy and try to hide your face.

    Hawks isn't a fan of using your regular name. Unless he's upset. If you disobey him or running away. His sweet little pet names are gone. His whole tone changes. Those sweet little names are gone and so is the sweet Keigo you knew.

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  • sugarkittycat04
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

      thank you for the idea<3 


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  • sparkles-and-trash
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    (small) Requests open!

    I really miss making my lil’ content, so I figured this was a good way to start again! 

    Things you can request: 

    I do NOT do character x reader/yn/oc at this point!


    little list of headcanons 

    small au concepts w/aesthetics 

    teeny tiny drabbles 

    just talking about ships/characters/au’s/etc 

    arts (shoulder/chest up only bc time) 

    simple “how I imagine the characters in *au/age/etc*” portraits 

    characters in simple halloween costumes 

    horror related characters for halloween portraits/icons  

    Fandoms you can request for: 

    Bob’s Burgers 


    Miraculous Ladybug 


    South Park 

    Gravity Falls 

    The Sims (esp sims 2 shit, love me the drama of the pre existing sims and neighborhoods) 

    Friendly reminder that, with me being chronically ill and all, and that these are requests, and therefore I’m not always gonna be able, or obligated, to do every one of these, either because of time, skill, or comfort level! 

    The general rule of thumb is that if I reply to your ask, and not tel you that I can’t do it, it’s added to my WIP list, and I’ll work tru my asks at the best pace I can! 

    my inbox is open, and anons are welcome, as always <3 

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  • mal-adaptive-daydreamer
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #💤 ask shelly #hawks#mha#bnha#hawks fluff#mha fluff #100 follower event #follower event #shelly’s smoothie shop
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  • zest-whiplash
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    now that the big bang fic is ahead of schedule im gonna see if I can finish the Jacket in time for nycc 🥲

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  • tiredhawks
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Conservative news does a whole entire segment berating Hawks for publicly joking about wanting to collude with a dangerous villain and he only responds with a "I can fix him" on Twitter with no context and youth across the planet just collectively lose their minds.

    An hour later he tweets "wait who the fuck said I was joking"

    #keigo takami#dabihawks#hawks#dabi#mha hawks#hawksdabi#tiktok au #his publicist wants to be mad #but honestly his popularity rating is not going down #the angry people and the new fans are canceling out #but now he's also getting known worldwide #even tho other countries dont matter for the rankings #his fanbase is still growing
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  • occasionalhumor
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Just a lil Sub!Hawks drabble for a friend who made a spicy pic 👀

    [cw: deep stretches, NSFW, masterbation, anal fingering, cum facial, mommy kink, sub Hawks]

    Art by RatedKiki - Age Verified Twitter Profile

    768 Words/3 min read

    Hawks has been on medical leave for a bit after a mission caused a pretty serious back strain. He’s been off duty while his muscles heal and cause more serious and long term damage. 

    The doctors told him to stretch for a few hours everyday, like yoga, as well as visit a masseuse and Hawks takes it very seriously. He was informed to avoid rough or strenuous activities for him...which meant no sex.

    It'd been a month since he was put on leave and you two haven't done much besides making out and touching, but nothing that really satisfied either of you. It was frustrating but you did it for him and his career.

    The new found intimacy of rubbing his muscles with Biofreeze and a massage gun really added to your desire to explore his body more. Plus, it was a cute way to give and take, what you did for him, he did for you. 

    His hands were always soft and felt /so good/ pinching your muscles as he rubbed them across your back. He’d plant kisses over areas that received response from the muscle unwinding. You did the same to him, planting kisses before the Biofreeze on his strained muscle.

    Another couple weeks rolls around and he goes to his appointments as usual, while you are at work. The doctors assess his strain and clear him for more activities, like hiking, light training, etc, but he /must/ continue stretches.

    Hawks goes home after his tissue massage and prepares a space to do his stretches. He warms up with some deep breaths and general stretches before going through the list of yoga poses given to him by his doctor to help stretch his back. 

    He spreads his legs and sets his chest deep into a forward fold, resting his hands on the ground. He walks his hands back, bringing his shoulders to knees and he melts into the ground as his back cracks with a release. 

    He sighs and flattens his palms back, deepening his shoulders between his legs. Hawks relaxes and imagines what he's going to do tonight, knowing he's cleared for more physical work...the doctors don't need to know it's pounding you into the ground.

    His cock heats up in his sweats as he imagines you face down into the floor, begging for him to cum. The whines you give as he slides so slowly into you, like honey.

    He opens his eyes to view his shoulders touching the ground with a view of his undeniable bulge. Hawks reaches up, rubbing himself through his sweats before sliding his cock from the fabric.

    He continued to imagine all the ways he dicked you down before his injury as he stroked himself passively. He ran his thumb over his head, earning an excited moan and he began pumping faster around his shaft. He presses his upper back to the floor as his legs splay backward in a deep fold.

    He could almost /hear/ the sounds you made for him so clearly until he milked himself on his face and chest, moaning gutturally. He was too preoccupied in his fantasy, wings beating against the wood floor that he missed you coming home.

    You stood in the doorway, watching him stroke himself moaning for you.

    "So pretty..." you praise, as he tilts his head back, blushed with embarrassment and covered in cum.

    You walk towards him, gently caressing his balls with one hand, the other touching the rim of his ass, "Will you stay like that for me?"

    A high pitched moan escaped his lips as you leisurely dropped spit in a stream from your lips onto his tight hole and slid a finger in. Curving it and exploring the warmth of his ass. His chest heaved with excitement as he gripped himself again, rubbing his thumb over the excess cum.

    "Months without being fucked made you tight baby." You coo, "Guess we'll have to stretch you out for mommy huh?"

    His body shivered at the term and his feathers scratched over the wood flooring. They curled and thumped onto the ground as you toyed with his ass. Quickly maneuvering a single finger in his tight hole.

    You drop another blob of spit onto his pucker and down your finger helping you to glide another in. You scissor your fingers as he writhed under you in pleasure. Giving subby moans as he stroked himself faster.

    "Gonna be a good boy and let me help you with those stretches?" You kiss his ass cheek and watch as he wipes cum from his blushed cheek and nodding eagerly.

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  • i-cant-sing
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • aizawasbrattyprincess
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    l o v i n g  t h e  o u t l a w

    f!reader x dabi (mha)

    tw: slight angst + mentions of abuse + nsfw 18+ MINORS DNI

    word count: 3.8k

    a/n: Because @seromeru​ pointed out I had a motorcycle kink (not surprising), and so here it is, a motorcycle club (MC) AU with bad boy Dabi (contains spoilers about Dabi’s real identity)!

    // See end notes for Biker Lingo //

    Also available on my AO3: here

    buy me a ko-fi?


    The League, also known as the LOV MC, was the most notorious motorcycle club (they refused to be called an outlaw gang) feared by many. In recent months, the LOV had attracted the eyes of many other MCs, and not to mention the law, who kept track of their every movement and were just waiting for them to slip up so that they could arrest them for their crimes. None of the club members, however, was worried about the target on their backs. After All For One stepped down due to old age, Shigaraki emerged as the new President. Many doubted the young and inexperienced head of the table, but Shigaraki had proven himself worthy of the title, time after time. Within weeks, the LOV had crushed one of the top gangs, the Shie Hassaikai, with a complete victory. They steadily expanded into larger territories, gaining more reputation and members in the process. It was the start of the new era, and the LOV was an unstoppable, reckoning force that no one dared to mess with.

    Seated around the table for church, Dabi, the Vice President, raised the concern of the local police force increasing their daily patrols, especially in the lower districts of Tokyo. Spinner argued that Dabi's inside source wasn't reliable or trustworthy since there was a high possibility he was working as a double agent. Dabi propped his legs onto the table, casually lighting a cigarette in between his lips before reminding Spinner to watch his mouth. The cold glare of his cerulean blue eyes made shivers run down Spinner's spine. The younger member quickly apologised for disrespecting Dabi before keeping his head down for the remainder of church.

    "Like I was saying, Keigo told me that his team would be monitoring the area more closely. Someone must've fucking talked. Otherwise, they wouldn't know that we would be meeting the Meta Liberation Army at the boneyard," Dabi continued, venom dripping from his words.

    "Now, there's no need to start pointing fingers, or else we wouldn't get anywhere," Kurogiri piped in, hoping to calm everyone down when he felt the tension in the air rise. "We will proceed as planned with the fundraising fair in the afternoon, right, Dabi?"

    Dabi exhaled a large cloud of smoke in Spinner's direction, who remained silent and afraid to say anything else. "Of course. My Old Lady spent a lot of time and effort organising everything. We're not abandoning the fair just because more assholes are poking their noses into our business. We'll attend the fair then go ahead with the meeting. Is everything settled on your end?"

    "Sure," Mr Compress nodded. "We're set to meet the MLA."

    "We're still going with the patch over? I don't trust any of them," Twice grumbled, folding his arms across his chest as he shook his head in disagreement.

    Shigaraki, who had been quiet since the beginning of church, finally spoke up. "Neither do I, but this patch over needs to happen, and we've already voted in favour of it. Everyone be on your guard and show up for the fair on time. Church dismissed."

    With that, everyone promptly stood up and exited the room, leaving the President and Vice President alone. Dabi put out his cigarette in the almost full ashtray before lazily wearing his cut over his weathered black jacket. 

    "The Chief of Police will be at the town's fair, you know. You're okay with that?"

    Dabi laughed bitterly. "Who the fuck cares? He's only the 'Number Two Hero' in town no matter how hard he tries. He won't be a bother. Now, I better get going before my Old Lady complains. I promised I'd help her."

    Dabi clapped Shigaraki on the back then left the room. Tapping on his phone, he sent a quick text before getting on his Harley. As he drove out of the clubhouse, you were already at the park, helping set up the remaining booths. You smiled as you received his message, reading that he would be coming over in ten minutes with a black heart emoji at the end of his sentence. You replied to Dabi to ride safe and that you were excited to see him. It felt like you two haven't met up in ages, with him always busy with his club activities. Being his Old Lady, you weren't clueless as to what those 'activities' were. You didn't pry, and you knew better than to get involved since it was for your own safety. As long as Dabi wasn't arrested or injured, that was fine with you. You continued your duties until a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, pressing you close to his chest. You giggled as you looked up at your boyfriend, giving him a long kiss while tiptoeing. Dabi hummed in satisfaction.

    "Everything all right here, babe? No trouble from anyone?"

    "The way I see it, the only trouble here is you," you teased.

    A wolfish grin appeared on his face as he picked you up, making you squeal. He brought you to the back of the park, secluded from the prying eyes of anyone else. "Oh, so I'm trouble, huh? Then I'm sure you won't mind all the troubles I'm going to give you right now."

    Dabi passionately kissed you all over, so intense that you felt like you could get lost in his kisses. Before you realised, you found your fingers tangling in his hair, pulling him closer to you. The familiar taste of nicotine enveloped your tongue as Dabi tilted his head and dove further into the kiss. A whimper escaped your lips as his hand reached the inside of your shirt, grabbing and squeezing your breasts playfully. You forced yourself to break off the kiss, gasping for air as you did so. There was a disappointed sigh from Dabi, but all you could hear was your ragged breathing.

    "Dabi- we can't- not now," you told him, knowing that you had to stop before things got too carried away.

    "Missed you, babe. I missed you so fucking much," Dabi groaned, reluctantly moving away from you, but his hands refused to leave your hips. "You sure we can't just fuck while everyone else does their shit? Please?"

    "No, Dabi," you said firmly, purposely avoiding his pleading eyes. "You know how important this fair is to me. We've been working for months to raise funds for the children's cancer foundation."

    "I know, I know, but damn, I was hoping you'd change your mind. Fine, I'll help you out as promised."

    "Thank you," you smiled, placing one last kiss on his cheek. "We should get back. The fair's going to start soon, and there's much to do."

    He let you lead him back to the main area, despite him giving a thousand and one excuses. You didn't mind him one bit as you placed task after task into his hands. Despite his constant complaining, he was efficient and ended up finishing his part earlier than expected. You commended him for his hard work and made up to him with another kiss, which only made him craved for more. You told him not to be impatient, though you were mostly saying that to yourself. Soon, the rest of the LOV arrived at the park, eagerly greeting and complimenting you. The fair then began with the mayor's opening speech before everyone dispersed to visit the different booths. With the LOV's help, you had an easier time attending to customers and increasing the sales at your booth. You hadn't realised that an hour had flown by, meaning Dabi and the others had to leave.

    "I hate to go, but I'll be right back, okay, babe? If anything happens at all-"

    "Text you immediately. I got it, Dabi. You be careful now."

    "That's my good girl," Dabi praised, kissing you farewell.

    Dabi gave an over-the-top wink before wearing his sunglasses, the silly attempt making you chuckle. You watched the LOV get on their Harleys, the colours on their backs becoming smaller as they drove into the distance. You had wanted to let Dabi know you felt uneasy, but you didn't want him to worry about you for no reason. You knew how much he had on his plate, and you certainly didn't need him to be more stressed than he already was. You pushed aside your negative thoughts, focusing on handling your booth instead. 

    When Keigo came running to you minutes later, all panicked and golden hair in disarray, you knew your worst nightmares had come true. Keigo pulled you aside, rushing his words as he informed you that the LOV was in grave danger. He had tried to delay Enji for as long as he could, but the older man ignored him. Despite his best efforts, the chief was dead set on capturing both the LOV and MLA. That was when it hit you — Enji wasn't present at the fair. Dabi was walking right into a trap, and you had to warn him quick. 

    "They'll need to use the route on 601 out of Tokyo and avoid all highways. We have roadblocks set up everywhere," Keigo added while you texted Dabi.

    Keigo's radio beeped continuously. You heard voices at the other end of the line, barking orders to rush and surround the place. Keigo apologised profusely, having to leave you before anyone found his sudden disappearance suspicious. You managed to thank him before he took off. You couldn't help but pace around, cursing under your breath when your text remained unread. Shit, were you too late? You knew it was risky, and you'd most likely get yourself in serious trouble, but you needed to do something. You went back to your booth and let your partner know that you were going to take a quick break. You didn't wait for him to reply as you dashed out onto the main road, hurriedly flagging a cab.

    Throughout the entire ride, you kept looking out of the windows then back to your phone, all while urging the driver to go faster. Dabi still hadn't read your text, and you were growing anxious by the second. The driver then dropped you off a little further from your destination, unable to get close with all the roadblocks set up in place. Keigo was right; the police were armed to the teeth, crawling everywhere within 5 miles of the boneyard. The cab driver was concerned, confirming if you wanted to get off at such a dangerous location, but you curtly told him to mind his own business. 

    "Okay... Now what?" you muttered to yourself as you got out of the cab.

    Scanning your surroundings, you found out there was no way to get close to the boneyard without being spotted. You needed to create a distraction, something that was loud and flashy so that they could make their getaway with haste. You only had one chance, and there was no room for error. To say you weren't scared was a big lie. Your mind was in a chaotic mess, and you were shaking to the bone. Still, you braced yourself because you knew you were the only one who could save them. You took out the knife Dabi gave you to protect yourself in times of emergencies before sneaking towards one of the police cars.

    Meanwhile, Dabi was gritting his teeth, barely keeping his cool as he glowered through his sunglasses. He was just seconds away from punching an MLA member after he blatantly disrespected Shigaraki, if not for Kurogiri stopping him. The MLA had done nothing but twist their words and dishonouring their end of the deal. Everyone was on edge by then, hands subconsciously reaching for their guns in the back of their pants. Shigaraki could only bite his tongue and devise another plan before the situation escalated into a territory war, something which neither side could afford to cope with the losses. 

    All of a sudden, an explosion was heard in the vicinity, causing momentary panic. The MLA turned tail upon hearing the police sirens, with one member mockingly sticking his tongue out before fleeing with the others. Sensing that something was not quite right, Dabi pulled out his phone and saw your message.

    "Goddamn it, this was a fucking set-up!" Dabi yelled. "FALL BACK! EVERYONE GO!"

    Reaching their Harleys, Dabi was shocked to see you there urging them to get on. He put two and two together, guessing you were responsible for the timely diversion. But there was no time for questions. You got onto the back of Dabi's Harley and hugged his waist. Shigaraki and Spinner left first, leading the rest towards the route on 601 after Dabi instructed them. Terrified pedestrians jumped out of the way as Harleys raced down the road, not daring to slow down even for a second with multiple police cars hot on their trail. They ran several stop signs, hoping to lose the persistent pursuers but to no avail. Bullets pierced the air, narrowly missing Twice's shoulder. Twice screamed in panic, cursing the police for suddenly opening fire. Knowing that they would get caught, or worse die, if they stayed together, Shigaraki made a hand signal, prompting the LOV to split up. 

    "Hold on tight!" you heard him shout over the wind.

    Dabi revved up his Harley before turning a sharp corner at the next junction. A single car followed you right behind, one that belonged to the Chief of Police. Dabi clicked his tongue, expertly manoeuvring his way through tight spaces in between vehicles. However, Enji seemed to follow you no matter where you went, and Dabi was way beyond the speed limit. 

    Using the speaker, Enji commanded for all to hear, "Todoroki Touya, pull over this instant."

    You felt Dabi tensed up. You knew he hated people calling him by his real name, especially by his own father, who could barely be called a role model. Enji had done nothing but abused and neglected his children, obsessed with chasing his own selfish ambitions for fame and power. You had seen how scared little Shoto was, tugging at Fuyumi's skirt and refusing to go to school even after his older brothers persuaded him with his favourite sweets. The young boy had lost faith in adults because of a traumatic incident involving his father and boiling hot water. If it weren't for you and Aizawa, his preschool teachers who patiently encouraged him, he would've never wanted to place his trust in anyone else ever again. There was no way Dabi, or his other siblings for that matter, would ever listen to a thing Enji said.

    Soon, you approached a four-way intersection. The flashing yellow light was signalling drivers to come to a stop, but Dabi leaned forward, accelerating once more. You knew Dabi was crazy, but you didn't realise he was suicidal. The sight of a semi coming straight towards you made you go pale, your heart beating fast as if it was going to jump out of your chest. At the last second, Dabi narrowly dodged the larger vehicle, separating you from Enji. The car skidded to an abrupt stop to avoid crashing as Enji slammed on the brakes, the fresh tire marks stamped onto the road from spinning wheels. Dabi turned back to his old man, slowing down his Harley as he waited for the semi to pass. Enji was left fuming, making Dabi smirk in victory. As a further insult, Dabi flipped his middle finger and stuck his tongue out before speeding away.

    Still, you hadn't let go of the breath you had been holding in despite Enji and the rest of the police being long gone. You just knew Dabi was pissed off at everyone, including you and especially you. He hadn't spoken a word to you, even as you reached one of their safehouses at the outskirts of town. After hiding the Harley behind the overgrown shrubs, you silently followed Dabi into the small apartment by an abandoned bowling alley. Dabi threw his sunglasses and keys onto the coffee table then slammed the door behind you.

    "What the fuck were you thinking! Were you trying to get yourself fucking killed?!"

    You've heard Dabi yell countless times but never directly at you. He didn't give you a chance to reply, repeatedly cursing and scolding you for your stupidity.

    "Well, I guess I didn't want you to die!" you screamed back in tears.

    Dabi pursed his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair, knowing he was wrong to blame you. He tentatively touched your shoulders before pulling you into a tight hug. You sobbed into his chest, equally reprimanding him for being reckless and just as foolish as you were. He simply nodded and listened to you as you went on for the next five minutes, accepting whatever insults you threw at him.

    "You calmed down yet, babe?" Dabi asked after you had quietened down, wiping away your tears with his thumbs.


    Dabi exhaled a deep sigh. "I'm sorry, babe. I really am. I didn't mean to hurt you. Fuck, you're only looking out for me, and I'm being ungrateful. It's all my fault. I put you in danger in the first place. I'm so sorry."

    Dabi wasn't the type to openly apologise, choosing to make up to you through actions instead, so you were surprised when he did it for the first time. You finally looked up at him, seeing nothing but remorse on his face.

    You reached up to touch him, tracing the old scars on the side of his face. "You're doing it again. You're blaming yourself for everything."

    "But I-"

    "Dabi, my actions are not your responsibility. I came despite your warnings, and I'll do it again because I love you. I won't let anything happen to you."

    Dabi leaned into your touch, his cheek now damp with silent tears. "You're too good to me. I don't deserve you."

    "Nonsense," you mumbled, kissing him softly. "You deserve everything in this world and so much more. You're perfect to me."

    You felt the tinge of sweetness on his lips as he kissed you back, slowly and sensually as opposed to his usual fierceness. A low growl rumbled in the back of his throat as you wrapped your arms around his neck, gently biting his bottom lip. His hands strayed to your hips, lifting you with ease then carrying you to the bedroom. Dabi laid you on the bed, careful not to crush you under his weight as he leaned as close as he could to you. He eventually started kissing harder, searching for your tongue with his in desperation. Dabi pulled back, only slightly, just enough to tell you how much he loved you in a husky whisper before his lips were on yours again. You whined, not caring how swollen both your lips were as you fumbled with his belt buckle. He chuckled softly, taking off his cut, jacket and shirt in one swift move. He stopped you from removing his pants, helping you get out of your clothes instead. You melted into him completely, your heart swelling with love as he worshipped your naked body with every kiss. Dabi then devoured your wet cunt, his hot tongue flicking your clit while two fingers pumped in and out of you at a steady pace. You came all over his fingers, your delicious moans stirring the primal desire inside of him. Dabi wasted no time in taking out his hard cock, lining himself up at your entrance before sliding inside you. You hooked your legs around his hips, begging him to move faster and make you lose control. With each thrust, both of you were sent over the edge as immeasurable pleasure took over your senses. At some point, Dabi's pants and boxers were off, thrown at separate corners of the room. Your orgasms hit hard, and your entire body quaked as he emptied into you for the fifth or sixth time; you weren't sure. You hadn't been keeping count. He slowly pulled out after two more thrusts, plopping next to you on the bed, his chest heaving as his body began to relax.

    "Fuck, it's been too long, huh?" Dabi asked once he had regained control of his breathing.

    "Too long," you repeated.

    Dabi pulled you close to him, his arms wrapping around your body despite how sweaty you both were. You fluttered your eyes closed, listening to his steady heartbeat as he rubbed circles on your back. Dabi was too tired and comfortable to reach out for a cigarette in the pocket of his jacket.

    "I'm still wondering what happened. What the hell was that explosion back there?"

    You shifted in his arms, looking up at him with a proud smile on your face. "I slashed the fuel tank of one of the police cars. I used a lighter and set it on fire, but it exploded when the flames consumed the oil barrel next to it."

    Dabi roared with laughter. "Oh my God, my Old Lady's an arsonist too! I'm starting to think I'm a bad influence on people."

    "But you are," you agreed, laughing together with him. "After all, you did corrupt this sweet and innocent preschool teacher into a rebel."

    "Baby, you're such a bad liar. You know you’ve always been a bad girl," Dabi drawled, unable to resist the urge to kiss you again.

    A comfortable silence ensued. You stared blankly in between the small gap of the window and the curtain, finally noticing that the sky was dark. The fair was long over, and you hoped Aizawa didn't have much trouble with the rest of the event. You felt slightly guilty for leaving him halfway, but you knew he was more than capable of handling things on his own. You decided to buy him his favourite coffee as a form of apology, hoping he wouldn't lecture you as much. You suddenly thought back to the rest of the LOV members, praying that they made it out safe too.

    As if sensing your worries, Dabi said, "We'll lie low until tomorrow night then regroup with the rest at the clubhouse. I'm sure they're all fine, but... I'm not going to lie to you. Things are only going to get nastier from now on. I'm thankful you helped us, but I need you to promise me you won't do it again. I- I can’t afford to lose you."

    "I’m not going anywhere Dabi," you reassured him. "Then can you promise me something too? That you'll look out for yourself and try to stay safe?"

    "For you, I will," he answered immediately.

    You nodded. "Okay, I promise too."

    "Thank you," Dabi smiled, resting his forehead against yours. "No matter what happens, I'll be the one to protect you. I love you, babe, and I'll never stop loving you."

    "I love you too, Dabi," you replied softly, snuggling closer to him as both of you drifted into a dreamless slumber.


    Biker Lingo:

    Colours — distinguishable emblems/ patches associated with an MC

    Church — weekly or monthly mandatory club meeting 

    Cut — a sleeveless denim jacket with an MC’s patch sown; a standard uniform worn over clothes

    Old Lady — a club member’s wife or steady girlfriend

    Patch over — when a club becomes part of another club, and the members take the new colours and patch over their old ones


    #princess writes #dabi x reader #mha x reader #dabi smut#dabi spoilers#mha spoilers #my hero academia #todoroki touya #todoroki touya x reader #touya todoroki #touya todoroki x reader #my hero academia smut #my hero academia spoilers #my hero academia x reader #dabi#hawks#endeavor#aizawa shouta#mha angst#mha au#biker au #my hero academia imagines #my hero academia headcanons #league of villains #lov#mha lov #requests are open #my hero academia alternate universe #alternate universe
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    I love them and they are best friends

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  • ramenaddicted
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Just desserts WIP (Keigo x Reader cheating angst)

    Some angst that I'm writing. @deleteddewewted

    Content Warning: Cheating, angst, cursing, and implied drug use.

    Again this is a WIP so it's still in the process, so the next time you see it it might be structured differently.

    Love is an unyielding force, depending on the person. Some people love hard, others have what I call an inkling of love. Meaning the love is there, just not enough to make them stay or leave. Or some have no love at all; they fake their emotions just to gain a means to an end. So how do I classify the person who threw away three years of a perfectly good relationship?

    Here we both stand in our (his) apartment; his eyes are downcast on the floor. He's silently begging for the floor to open up and devour him whole. My body moves on autopilot as I walk away from him, feet leading me to his den of sin. Our bedroom was once a source of comfort for us, now I'm hastily reminded of him fucking another woman on the sheets I painstakingly picked out, a nice burgundy color for fall.

    As I hastily pack the essentials: clothes, toiletries, and a few comfort items, all harshly packed away in my purple suitcase. I feel the warmth of his body enveloping me; hands circled my waist, pulling me against his heaving chest. Why is he crying? Isn't this what he wanted?

    He wanted an open relationship, he wanted other people, he wanted sex on his terms. None of which includes me, so I'm leaving.

    "Please don't go," he begs. Funny for years I had been trying to get him to open up to me and now all because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants he wants to have a breakthrough.

    I forcibly pushed him off of me, I refused to feed into his crocodile tears.

    "I'll be back sometime next week for the rest of my stuff," I reply venomously.

    He screams for me to wait, but I'm already at the door. Fist clenched tight around the doorknob. I take a long breath before turning back to him. He's so beautiful, a cheating bastard, but a beautiful teary-eyed bastard.

    "I refuse to be a fool for you anymore."

    I refused to listen to his cries and pleas as I opened my gate to freedom and closed it behind me; trapping him in his den of sin or now his gilded cage of guilt.


    The first three days were the hardest; when I first left the apartment I wandered aimlessly until I got hungry and hunkered down in a café. It was like God was playing a cruel joke; there were couples everywhere, being cute and loving. It makes me sick, so in between drinking my too-sweet macchiato I called Junko, my dear friend, to let me stay at her place through this whole ordeal. I didn't have to wait very long before a familiar face was decorated with comical makeup (clown core is what she calls it.) Bustled through my section of the café.

    "I know I'm supposed to cry with you, but this all-nighter setting spray."

    I fucking died at her response, classic Junko; a fashionista to the end.

    After leaving the café we went to a nearby convenience store and loaded up with everything: junk food, alcohol, and eye drops...for when we smoke "cigarettes" on the roof of her apartment building. During the walk, my phone kept vibrating in my pocket; I kept receiving calls from Keigo and ...Miruko? I was very tempted to throw my suitcase case and phone over the bridge, just a big fuck you to the birdman with Hella mommy issues.

    A blood-curdling scream ripped itself from Junko's throat, startling the fuck out of me.

    "From experience, if you don't scream or cry, your thoughts and emotions will cloud your mind." She said with a jovial look etched into her clownish-looking features. "I rather scream than do something stupid, like throwing a 40,000¥ phone into a river."

    She's right. So for a good half an hour; I screamed into the indigo/orange mixture that was the sky over Mustafu.

    "Fuck you Keigo!!!"

    My back welcomed the plush bedding of Junko's guest bedroom when I fell backward on it. Back lounging on the softest and not cum stained sheets; did I allow my eyes to close. I didn't allow my mind to dawdle on birdman and all his shortcomings, instead, I thought about-

    "You wanna smoke a bowl?" Junko inquired while standing in the doorway.

    "You might wanna pack that bowl nice and tight." I meditated while staring at the colorless ceiling. My night ended with me and Junko smoking a bowl on the roof of her apartment building staring at the ever-changing hues of the sky,...yeah I'll be alright.


    I don't remember much of day one at Junko's, day two I spent most of the day hiding away and thinking. My relationship with Keigo had red flags from the beginning. His crude personality manifested when the two of us would have fought and in the end; when he got knocked down a peg, would lead him to hide or fly into the night.

    Funny, he can insult me, but when I raise my voice I'm being unreasonable.

    With my collection of parental issues; I swallowed my pride and apologized. Every single time I would come crawling to that mother fucker his eyes glowed darkly with amusement. Another red flag was the gifts; Keigo expressed early on that he was a gift-giver, and it never sat right with me. One day a Givenchy dress showed up on my doorstep; Keigo was adamant that I wear it to a charity function. The next gift was a necklace he quietly placed around my neck while I was distracted. Lastly and the most shocking, a forced threesome. We had talked about fantasies and whatnot; I jokingly mentioned that I wanted to have a (hypothetical) threesome with him and another Pro hero, you know as a joke.

    " Keigo, what is this?"

    "A gift for patching me up last week."

    "Such a loving girlfriend, Yasmin.” Miruko passionately murmured. Her desire-filled crimson eyes bore holes into my frame. Yes Miruko is a beautiful and intimidating woman, but

    I couldn’t stop the chill that ran through my body as I watched Pro Hero Miruko saunter over to my direction, all dressed in expensive-looking lingerie. The necklace that Keigo gifted me before, fitting comfortably around her neck. Tucking a strand of stray hair behind my ear, her lips were on my left earlobe; hot, wet, and hungry. I felt Keigo’s bare chest against my back as his tongue seriously licked my right earlobe.

    My thoughts are a mess; my pulse is racing faster than a speeding bullet, my body is racked with tremors, and my throat is dry. Why would he do this? Am I not enough for him? Does he want someone else?

    We got as far as kissing, Miruko could taste my uneasiness through her passionate ones while Keigo watched from his place on a chair in the bedroom.

    #bnha x reader #bnha x you #hawks x y/n #hawks x reader #keigo takami #mha keigo takami #mha keigo x reader #mha angst #mha cheating angst #mha cheating#hawks cheating#hawks angst
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    Yuriko + Dance sent by @nightwingshero

    Yuriko laughed as she watched the little girl giggle as she drew. The red crayon moved quickly as Megumi colored in the wings. Megumi had a look of pure concentration with a sparkle in her eyes that Yuriko only ever saw whenever her niece was thinking of Hawks. She swore that one day the little girl would be crushed the next time Keigo got a girlfriend. Although that day had yet to happen.
    “That’s okay,” Megumi once said, smiling as she brought the drawing of an elephant to life. The grey crayon drawing floated off the page and ran around the then blonde girl. “He’ll come right back to me when she leaves.”
    Yuriko was definitely shocked to hear that from her niece that day. What four - almost five - year old says that?
    The woman hummed, smiling as Megumi switched out her red crayon for a green one. “What are you drawing, Megumi?” she asked, leaning closer.
    “Keigo and me dancing!” she announced proudly, holding up the unfinished drawing. There was a wide smile on her face as she held up the picture. “Look! Aren’t we cute, Yuriko?”
    Yuriko laughed and ran a hand over her niece’s hair. “You’re very cute, Megumi. I’m sure Hawks would love that.”
    “Love what?”
    The two girls turned their heads to see Hawks walking in from Yuriko’s balcony. He sported a bright grin as he looked at them. He tucked his wings against his body as he approached the two, a couple loose feathers floating through the air.
    Megumi gasped, jumping to her feet and running to the hero. “Hawks!”
    “Hey, Chickadee!” Hawks greeted, sweeping the little girl up and spinning her around. He laughed as Megumi giggled, her arms spread out as if she was flying. “How’s my number one fan?”
    “I’m great!” she said as Hawks gently set her down. “Yuriko and I are drawing. Want to see what I made?”
     “Of course!”
    Megumi grabbed the hero’s gloved hand, practically pulling him down to her level as she lead the way back over to her aunt. She quickly snatched up her drawing and held it up to the young man. Her eyes peaked over the edge, shining brightly as she waited for his reaction.
    Placing a hand on his chin, Hawks studied the drawing. On it was him, floating in the air holding Megumi. Their hands held together in a dance. A sunset was colored in the back through pink and orange clouds.
    His eyes shifted to glance at Megumi who still had the expectant shine in her eyes.
    “Well, Megumi,” he said, lowering his hand. He chuckled to himself when he saw the little girl lower the drawing showing the fallen look on her face. The blond gave her a bright smile. “I think it looks incredible. You’re a modern day Kitagawa Utamaro.” He grinned, glancing from one girl to the next. This time his face fell.
    “What?” Yuriko asked, making a face of pure confusion.
    “Kitagawa Utamaro?” Hawks said slowly. His wings lowered a bit as he still didn’t get the reaction he wanted. “He’s a famous artist from about the 1770s to the 1790s?”
    Still nothing.
    Yuriko blinked. “Wow you’re actually a lot smarter than I thought, Hawks.” She laughed when he glared at her. “I’m kidding. But come on, I didn’t even know who that was. You think a five year old will? How did you even know that anyway?”
    Hawks shrugged, raising his hands. “Some days patrols get boring when nothing happens. I sometimes read, learn something new.”
    Megumi giggled as Yuriko smirked at the winged man. The little girl jumped up and down before waving her hand over the drawing. “Hawks, look!”
    In seconds the Megumi and Hawks drawings lifted off the paper little by little before they floated into the air in front of the three. The Hawks drawing led little drawing Megumi through the air, around and around in a simple dance. A look of joy on both their faces.
    “That’s a great idea, Chickadee!” Hawks exclaimed.
    Megumi was swept up in a blur of red and found herself in the hero’s arms. She giggled, her cheeks turning red as Hawks held her the same way the drawing Hawks held the other Megumi. The two floated in the air as Hawks spun them around in the same dance as the drawings. Giggles and laughter filled the air as they stayed that way for a while. The two pairs floated around, spinning around each other in a gentle whirl.
    Yuriko couldn’t help but smile, watching as her best friend and niece danced. Hawks was always sweet with Megumi, and this time was no different. It warmed her heart to know that her best friend always made time to make others smile.
    Hawks’ golden eyes landed on his friend, meeting her magenta ones. A grin spread across his face as he swooped down, gently placing Megumi down and quickly grabbed her hand in his. He pulled her up from the ground and held her to him.
    “Your turn, Songbird!” he proudly stated, a bright smile on his face as he began to turn them around. He smiled at her, watching Yuriko’s face turn red. A feather floated up next to the woman’s face and Hawks laughed. “You match my feathers.”
    “Shut up, Bird Brain,” Yuriko said, turning her head to the side to avoid his gaze as her face got hotter.
    The hero smiled fondly, continuing their slow dance as they floated in the air. His hold on her waist tightened a little more, making her look back up at him.
    “You know,” Yuriko started, “you’re only this good at dancing because your feet aren’t touching the ground.”
    Hawks laughed, throwing his head back. “You and I both have seen me dance on my feet. I spend most of my time in the air. I’m not exactly the most coordinated on the ground.”
    “I know, you face planted when I tried to teach you a dance.”
    Megumi giggled, watching as the two floated back down to the ground. “He did? Can you teach him another dance, Yuriko? Like the one that you tried to teach Ito, but he was being a butt face and wouldn’t learn.”
    “He is a butt face isn’t he?” Hawks whispered as he leaned down to the little girl’s level. He grinned when he earned a shrill laugh.
    “Hawks!” Yuriko snapped, glaring down at her friend. “Don’t say that stuff to Megumi.”
    “But he is!” Megumi huffed, crossing her arms as she pouted. “He wouldn’t even play with me when I saw him last. He was on his phone the entire time.”
    “That’s because he was working, sweetie,” Yuriko explained, watching as the drawings of Megumi and Hawks floated back down to their piece of paper.
    “Me and Shinso don’t like him,” the little girl said, her face set in a scowl as she sat down. She grabbed a purple crayon and a new piece of paper and began drawing. “Shinso also thinks he’s a butt face.”

    My tag list: @biscottibitch @swiftly-heart @loopally @starsandstormyseas @nightwingshero @oathofoaks @childish-kiwi @demidemongoddess @ocfairygodmother @witchofinterest @umfleur @s3rendip1tous

    If you would like to be added to or removed from the tag list let me know and I will fix it :)

    #birds of a feather #oc: yuriko umeda #keigo and yuriko #keigo takami x oc #keigo takami#hawks #hawks x oc #my hero academia #mha #boku no hero academia #bnha #my hero academia oc #my hero academia fanfic #mha oc#mha fanci #boku no hero academia fanfic #boku no hero academia oc #bnha oc#bnha fanfic#my story#my oc#my writing#fanfiction#fanfic#oc#original character#original characters
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    I have been practicing some shading techniques with two of my favourite characters~ Hawks and Dabi~ Fire doesn’t work all that well against crystals but Dabi is a stubborn man! 

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    Hello! My name is Simon, and I'd like to get into writing some stuff for you guys!!!! Feel free to look at my rules and request something!!!! I'd love any interaction!! :))

    I'll write for:

    —JoJo's Bizzare Adventures (pt 1-6) —Hunter X Hunter —Assasination classroom (4 episodes until I finish, I am too scared to watch them!!) —My hero academia (anime only!!) —Saiki K —Mob Psycho —Cowboy bebop (I'm on episode 20) —Haikyuu (anime only!!) —Cells at work

    #JoJo's Bizzare Adventures x reader #haikyuu x reader #mha x reader #assassination classroom x reader #mob psycho x reader #saiki k x reader #cowboy bebop x reader #cells at work x reader #kaidou x reader #Reigen x reader #dio x reader #tendou x reader #bakugou x reader #kurapika x reader #Leorio x reader #hawks x reader #dabi x reader #ururaka x reader #tsuyu x reader
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    Far too easy to tease

    #hawks#bnha#keigo takami#mha#hawks bnha#self insert#self ship #dont mind me im being hella smchoompy #i missed him so much!!! #missed drawing him.... #kirart
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