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  • sang3woo
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    you either get this dabi

    or the other

    there’s no in between

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  • lykazumi
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    -bakugou : please tell me some words of encouragement so i dont murder this fucking pikatchu right now.

    -kirishima : there is no kazumi in jail.

    -bakugou : *nods* thank you.

    #bakugou#bakugo#incorrect quotes#incorrect bnha#incorrect mha #incorrect bnha quotes #bnha incorrect quotes #incorrect mha quotes #mha incorrect quotes #katsuki bakugou #bakugou x reader #bakugo x reader #mha bakugou#bakugo fluff#bakugo imagine #bakugou x kazumi #bakugou x oc #bakugou katsuki x reader #bakugo x you #kirishima ejirou#mha kirishima#eijirou kirishima#kirishima#denki kaminari#kaminari denki#kaminari#bhna#mha#bnha crack#bnha text
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  • moonbeamwritings
    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    It’s late, and you’re sure you can’t study any longer. You’d been at it for hours, the bright afternoon sun slowly making way for a dark, cold evening all while you sat in what you’re sure is the most uncomfortable chair in the world, staring blankly at the notes on your laptop. Your eyes burn a little when you blink, and you bring a hand up in an attempt to rub the stinging feeling from them.

    Behind you, Sero and Mina are goofing off, different memes and videos punctuating their giggles and conversations. With any hopes of concentrating out the window, your gaze travels over to Denki only to find him frowning, a furrow forming between his brows. Deciding that you’re both in need of a break, or at the very least a smile, you then land on the ring circling the middle finger of his right hand.

    “Don’t mind if I do…” you say, slowly sliding the ring off of Denki’s finger and chuckling to yourself as you slip it onto one of your own. It’s too big, but you’re too pleased with yourself to care.

    “You do?” He repeats with a teasing, goofy smile. “Are we getting married?”

    He waggles his eyebrows a bit, and you can’t help but laugh. “Is that all it takes?”

    “What can I say? I’m a simple guy.” He tucks his hands behind his head and leans back in his chair, notes now forgotten. Mission accomplished.

    You turn your head this way and that, watching as the thin silver band glimmers beneath the light overhead. You pose with it a few more times before you tap a thoughtful finger against your chin, a jest tumbling from your lips. “Are you thinking a summer wedding?”

    “Mmm,” Denki blinks, nice and slow, his eyes flickering between yours and your lips. “I was thinking the spring. What do you say?”

    The smile he offers you is nothing but charming, a beaming, beautiful thing that has butterflies swarming in your stomach and your heart skipping a beat. You’re sure he’s never looked like that before - that content, that handsome. Did chest always feel this tight around him? Had he always been this adorable? Your thoughts spiral and suddenly his ring is a little too comfortable on your finger, your skin feels a little too warm. “I think I’d like that.”

    Before Denki can open his mouth to respond, the two idiots behind you have already started their dramatics, a chorus of fake gagging noises and groans of embarrassment filling the air.

    “You two are gross!”

    “Don’t you think you missed a step?”

    “Or five?”

    Denki’s pen is flying through the air in moments, a frustrated sigh leaving his lips. “Oh shut up, you two.”

    After a couple of curses and rolling eyes, the room settles again, and Denki offers you a sheepish smile before he’s turning his attention back to his books. Your eyes linger on his face for a minute longer before they return to your computer, a crush starting to settle in the front of your mind.

    #this is so dumb and so short #denki x reader #denki x you #denki imagine #mha x reader #bnha x reader #denki kaminari x reader #denki kaminari imagine
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  • headkandies
    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hound dog x reader x Vlad king

    Listen, I love reading poly ships (erasermic being my favorite for reader to be apart of) and imma write what I wanna write!

    First off, these two are just scary dog privileges personified! Two BEEG BEEFY boys, and you between them. Regardless of how big and beefy you are, these two next to you make you look harmless. But if you’re like me and just super tiny, it’s great!

    Until they don’t notice your behind them because they got super long legs, and SLOW DOWN IM SHORT! They end up carrying you if you can’t keep up for any reason. It’s embarrassing, but man you get tired trying to keep up, so it’s not too bad I guess. They also carry ALL of your stuff, from your bags, to purse, it’s in their arms for “safe keeping”. I mean, who would try to pickpocket two big pro heros?!? No one!

    They’re honestly, SUPER protective, a little overprotective honestly. Comes with being a hero. They want to know you’re safe, at all times! They will text religiously, and if you don’t warn them that you’re phone is dying, or you’re gonna be busy, they PANIC. They’re calling all hero’s, they’re putting a red alert, missing civilian notice out for you, they’re LEAVING IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS to search for you!

    And when they find you, Ryo is so scared he’s angry. It’s a little scary, but his fear manifests as anger sometimes, so he’s growling and snarling at you before he wraps his big arms around you and refuses to put you down for a bit. Seikijiro cries, like, relief cries! He is hugging you as well,you’re in a beefy sandwich, while one growls and one cries. It’s a mess. Make sure you warn them if something comes up, cause they’re so scared.

    Okay, enough stress, they love going to bars. They are those two guys who go bar hopping every chance they get. You are usually designated sober person, so…good luck. They are both very loving drunks, hanging off each other and you, and other patrons sometimes. Just saying how much they appreciate you and all you do. They are usually two fairly guarded guys, so them drunk they’re spewing the most deep inner feelings they have. They will thank you for making them lunch that one time, and helping them clean the apartment they/you all share, how they know dating a hero is hard and they notice how much you do for them. It gets a little overwhelming, but is honestly really sweet knowing they see every little thing you do.

    Hope you’re okay with dogs though, cause Seikijiro’s dog (Princess Snuffles) is also apart of your relationship. She will be a bridesmaid at your wedding, you don’t have the option! Ryo has a lizard too, named Scales, who sits on his shoulder when he works. She is possessive of him too, if you try to kiss him while she is on his shoulder, she will bite you. Ryo always apologizes and scolds her, but she don’t care. They would LOVE to get a cat too some day. An adult,they couldn’t handle the craziness of a kitten with how they live right now, but a nice mellow lap cat to cuddle with Snuffles,and them would be nice.

    Their love language is quality time, but like…it doesn’t have to be “quality”, just sitting in the same room together doing paperwork is good date night to them. Please tell them working next to each other doesn’t count as a date night! Ryo’s favorite date activity is hiking, or a nice walk at dusk, the cool night air ruffling your hair, and his hands warm around your own. Seikjiro’s favorite date activity is baking, he actually enjoys the shopping for ingredients before coming home to bake too, but he enjoys the baking the most. He loves a nice warm kitchen with his two loves, whether you know what you’re doing or not, he wants to make something with you both. Even if it ends up burned, had dog hair in it, is too floury,too watery, ect. Doesn’t have to be edible, just that you made it together!

    If you ever want to make them into giant puddles of mush though, bring the, food. ESPECIALLY at UA! Having you walk in with take out or something you made yourself, doesn’t matter what, you brought them food!?! They’re bragging to everyone, and each other how awesome you are, and how good the food you brought them is. They always say it’s the best thing they ever had. Hell, you could be mad at them and purposely ruined the food, and they would still eat it and be greatful.

    Fights rarely happen, only over each others safety. Usually they talk it out, blow off some steam alone, ect. But when one of you does something unsafe, the other two are PISSED! Hound Dog enters a building on fire to check for anyone himself instead of another hero already there? Vlad King throws himself in front of a bullet for another hero? You do something stupid and self sacrificing? Big fight. They understand the job they both have, they understand that they have to allow the other to do dangerous things, but that doesn’t mean they like it! The night usually ends in a giant cuddle pile to make sure you all know they other two are still there and alive.

    #bnha headcanons #bnha x reader #bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #bnha imagines #mha x reader #hound dog x reader #hound dog#ryo inui#vlad king #vlad king x reader #kan sekijirou#fluff#some angst#poly#hound king #that’s what I like to call their ship
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  • tinyroki
    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The chaos of these 3 🤣 It’s everything 💥 🔥💪

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  • saintdeku
    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago
    AHHHH okay so me and my friend were talking about the mha characters and how they would be like in the mornings as adult pro hero's so I thought I would write this and maybe turn it into a series? With others ? Idk let me know if you want to see other characters.
    Genre : pure fluff
    Other : gender neutral reader
    Also if you would like reblogs would be so helpful


    You groaned softly hearing the alarm going off from both yours and Izuku’s. You didn’t need to look out the window to know that it was still to early in the morning, the sun struggling to come out during the harsh cold winter morning. But at last you knew the hero beside you wasn’t gonna budge anytime soon, so you had to make a sacrifice, pushing the warm duvet of off your body and feeling the cold prick your skin made you cringe. Quickly turning off both alarms you turned to your green headed boyfriend smiling at his cuteness it was a shame that you couldn’t take in this moment longer. His green hair displayed all over the pillows, his breathing calm and relax, the way he would scrunch his nose every now and than it was a sight to see and you were lucky that you saw the upcoming high ranking hero like this. Slowly letting your fingers push back some of his wavy hair you began to wake him up “ hey wake up baby" Izuku shook his head “ 5 more minutes" you sighed “ no way Izuku come on we got to be early at the agency “ you shook his body a little bit roughly to stir him awake, it worked as he finally opened his emerald eyes looking at you with a pout “ your mean" he spoke with his morning voice that was deep and raspy, you only scoffed playfully as you began to get out of bed to begin your morning routine “ you better be up and ready by the time breakfast is done “ you remarked  getting dressed after doing your routine in the bathroom. You could hear the boy mumble some incoherent words out that you didn’t get but you were used to it as this point.

    Walking down the hallway to the living room and into the kitchen you began your work. You and izuku lived in a studio apartment in Japan it wasn’t big but it was perfect  enough for two people you two both came in a agreement that this was temporary until his agency would be fully done. Hearing familiar footsteps you looked up at the boy who was half naked, only his sweatpants on and a bare chest you rolled your eyes as he smiled sheepishly “ I told you to get ready” you said focusing on your scrambled eggs. You could feel his presence close to you as he pulled you into his chest from the back and wrapping his hands around your waist as he laid his chin on your shoulder kissing your neck over and over again. You giggled trying to shake him off “ stop it! Your gonna make me burn our breakfast” he only chuckled as he kissed you once more and nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck. You smiled at the action heart spreading out with warmth. Out on the field he was serious and loved his job sometimes even during patrols he would by little kids balloons but all hellhounds if a villain is in his sight. Sometimes it was so easy to tell the difference with pro hero Deku and izuku but at times they were so much alike. “ can we please stay in today" you shook your head setting the pan on low as you turned to face him wrapping your hands around his neck “we could....if you want to wait for your agency to open in one year again" Izuku groaned, for the past 2 years now he had been building his agency or as he liked to call it “MyHeroAgency" for the past 2 years it’s all you two have been working on in your 20s. After internship at  Endeavour’s agency for good few years he gave him the green light to open one for himself.

    Izuku smiled softly at you not taking his eyes away from you “what?” you asked as he shook his head “ I can’t wait for you to officially become my sidekick” you grinned widely as you tiptoe to his height and kissed him softly, with him smiling into this kiss you couldn’t help smile.

    #bnha scenarios#izuku headcanons #izuku x reader #izuku x y/n #bnha imagines #midoryia x reader #midoriya headcanons #mha x reader #izuku midoria x reader
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  • stresspizza
    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ochako is your best friend, and you know she likes midoriya :( but so do you

    - she tells you first, and you knew before she even told you, you can see it so obviously in her

    - she tries to get closer to deku, and you can only watch. You love your friendship with her more than you like deku

    - at some point, she tells you she's ready to confess and asks you to come with her for support

    - your heart breaks, you can't, you can't

    - "how bout I'll be around the corner? It'll be so awkward with me third wheeling lol" fuck

    - she agrees so cheerfully

    - they meet behind the school, and ochako is so nervous it's making her float off

    - "ochako-chan, it's okay. You're fine, go get him" you pull her down to the ground and weigh her there as she calms down

    - she nods with her red face, and runs to waiting deku

    - "I'm sorry, uraraka-san..."

    - "Ne, I understand. I just wanted you to know. I admire you alot!"

    - "I appreciate your feelings," he sighs" you're so brave for confessing, Uraraka-san, I could never" deku was trying to add comedic relief to this awkward situation

    - "you have someone you like too, deku-kun?"

    - "nn, they're wonderful. Though they've been avoiding me the past few weeks. I wonder if I did something wrong"

    - that's when ochako realized, he liked you. She noticed you've been giving them space to get closer, making excuses to 'study' or 'train'

    - you even got to the point where you pretended to not hear deku calling your name a few times

    - "deku-kun, please take care of them, okay? I'm sure they'll explain things to you when the time comes" ochako reassures him so kindly

    - deku nods, and proceeds to bow to ochaco, "thank you, again"

    -she tries to fight the tears in her eyes, "deku-kun!" she slaps his back, making him stumble forward "this won't change our friendship! Now go find them and ask them how they feel!"

    - he looks back and gives her an affirmative nod, and starts running

    - oh God! You're only right there! Should you run? Stay? Pretend you're just passing by????

    - deku turns the corner and bumps into you, "y/n -san - sorry - I didn't know you were there. Actually I was looking for you - "

    - he sees your eyes already glossed over with tears ready to spill, and his heart told him to do the only thing he can do

    - he pulls you into a hug

    -his toned arms tighten around you, and you almost forget to breath

    - "I don't know what's going on y/n, but please know I Will always be here for you"

    #izuku midoriya#bnha midoriya #midoriya izuku x reader #midoriya x reader #izuku midoriya x reader #mha midoriya #deku x reader #deku imagine#deku headcanons#deku #mha x reader #mha fluff#mha#bnha #bnha ochaco uraraka #bnha ochako#urakara ochako#ochako fluff #boku no hero academia #my hero academia
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  • little-fairy-forest
    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    To all my irish followers you'll understand–

    Can we all just imagine pro! Bakugou doing something similar to the late late toy show?? Like imagine his grump ass pretending to be interested in the kids toys and making sure he doesn't curse?!

    But like his patience is being tested each time a kid doesn't listen whilst he's trying to show the toy off??

    But like how cute would it be 🥺💗

    #bnha#bnha imagines#mha headcanons #little fairy forest #mha fluff #mha x y/n #bakugou katuski x reader #bnha headcanons#bakugou fluff#bakugou katsuki#bakugo katsuki #katsuki bakugo imagine #katsuki bakugō#bnha bakugou #katsuki bakugou x you #bnha bakugo katsuki
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  • little-fairy-forest
    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • shutupextras
    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Hello! Recently, I have been low on ideas! <3 I would love for some requests :)

    My favorite character to write for is Bakugou, so here's my lil guide to requesting a bakugo story/headcanon/short! WHAT I WILL NOT WRITE:


    yandere, tsundere, omega, etc (i have no clue what any of this means)



    - literally anything that's not stated above.

    PLEASE SEND IN SOME REQUESTS! <3 Thank you guys!

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  • kissingchoso
    26.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐁𝐚𝐝 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐀 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐞 | 𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐮𝐫𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐢

    𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: Shigaraki x GN!Reader
    𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: Tomura hates you. Despite accepting you into the league he hates how much you give yourself up for him. Maybe a test of your devotion is all that he needs. Maybe afterwards he can decide what he wants to do with you. 
    𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+ content, non consensual (no verbal consent was given), fuc on, attempted handjob, oral (m. recieving), power imbalance, reader adores Shigaraki, pet name “lamb” use, naive reader, lovesick!reader, shitty (old) writing 
    𝐀/𝐍: I was going through my documents and discovered this sitting there. I’m not sure if I ever posted this on my last blog or not, but here it is! Seeing the light of day. <3 TUMBLR THE GIRL IS GIVING THE GUY A KISS ON HIS ABS NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS PLS

    God, did he want to get rid of you the first day you joined. It would’ve taken him a slight flick of the wrist and hardly a blink before you’d cease to exist in his life but your potential was higher than what he could have imagined.

    On the streets, your fighting skills are up to par with a hero, fighting with a certain suave he hasn’t seen in any other individuals who come to follow him. Yet, with all amazing things, comes one flaw. With Achilles, it was his heel that proved to be his greatest downfall in the end. Yours was your kindness.

    Shigaraki has a very limited respect for those who are nice. He doesn’t expect the world to hold the door open for him when walking into a building and he doesn’t want it to. That makes him complacent, susceptible to falling prey to a world that feeds off of the weak to make the strong conquer. This as well as the fact that he doesn’t remember the last time someone did a genuine act of kindness that did not pertain to his role as leader. 

    However, the second you join the League against his better judgement mind you, you’re doing things in the completely different manner he taught himself. Suddenly you’re going out of your way to make sure these missions run smoothly and Shigaraki hardly has to raise a finger, sticking your neck out to find food for the rest of the League, even taking a bit of your past domestic skills from your old life for the benefit of your team. 

    As sweet as these actions were, it disgusted him.

    It didn’t help that you paraded around with such a revealing outfit. Short skirt, tank top which hardly covered the expanse of your chest and a little cardigan that hardly even acted like a coverup. Why the fuck were you such a sweet little thing? 

    Normal, nice guys would drop anything and more for girls like you, but not Shigaraki Tomura. Shigaraki by no means was a normal guy, nor was he nice. Instead, his devious brain was cooking up a scheme he thought would satisfy the burning desire that was nestled deep within his guts.

    The evening was semi-normal. Dabi took Compress and Spinner out on a scouting mission, using the quietness of the evening to go about the meeting, Twice and Toga were watching an entire ‘Back To The Future’ marathon back at base, huddled onto the tiny couch that had well outlived its life. Kurogiri had abandoned his duty behind the counter of the bar to get some more rest, which left you and Shigaraki alone to fend for yourselves. He was seated hunched over at the counter, blindly twirling his glass of vodka in between his fingers while you were tucked away in a booth, occupying your time with making a castle from a deck of cards.

    It’s not like you were doing anything to bother him, just your presence was sending the man into a fury in his head. He suddenly slammed his glass down on the table, the sound causing you to jolt in your seat and make the mostly built structure topple over. When you looked up to see what was wrong, he was already looking at you, red and beady eyes staring at you with an intensity you’ve yet to see before. 

    “Is something the matter, boss?” you asked with that oh so kind voice, looking up at him with expecting eyes. 

    He only sighed before finally speaking up, voice gruffer than usual. “Come here.”

    Like clockwork, you followed along with his directions, sliding out of your seat so you can see what he needs. “What’s up?”

    ‘What’s up?’ he scoffs in his mind. Everyone who follows him responds to him in a different manner, sometimes it’s through disrespect (like Dabi), eagerness (Toga), and a certain cool that he doesn’t seem to find in another (Compress), but when it comes to you, he can see a certain willingness in your eyes that he’s never seen in anyone else. He hopes your willingness to comply will make this easier for the both of you.

    “You like me right?” The question is sharp and direct. He’s in slight awe once he sees your eyes widen, suddenly becoming flustered by the sudden inquiry. The way you had your mouth opening and closing made you look like a fish out of water, suddenly choking on what little air you had in your lungs. “I-I mean, as my boss, of course! I did choose to follow you, the Tomu-”

    “No, I think you misinterpreted what I’m telling you here. Do you or do you not like me? Simple question,” stern eyes look at you, demanding for you to answer him in a certain manner unless you find yourself in a deeper pit with him. 

    Your silence is more than enough for him. With this in mind, he decides to kick things up a notch, suddenly swiveling him in the barseat so that his body is at full attention to you. You hoped he did not see the way your eyes scanned his form under his tattered clothes- despite having sewn it back to one piece a mere week ago. 

    He did.

    “Get on your knees,” he demanded. Your complacency never fails to amaze him, even if he’s putting you in such a compromising position. 

    You fell to your knees, shoulders suddenly caught between the spaces of his spread legs. Curious eyes found their way to the growing peak coming from between his legs but the staring didn’t last long until you felt a hand roughly grip your chin, tilting your head upwards so that you were eye to eye with the one man you’d give your life to.

    “For as long as you stay here, you’re indebted to me and me alone. Can’t go back to whatever botched life you had before this,” his choice of words confused you for the moment being. Clearly stating the rules long after the contract has been signed is something that is not normal to most, but you still played along. It was as if you were transported back to the first day you came to the League, yet this time you are having to undergo a completely different series of steps that led to your initiation. 

    This time… it was personal. Which made you special.

    Your eyes grew at least another size wider until you’re sitting up straighter on your knees, hands coming to place themselves on his somewhat muscular thighs to hold yourself up. “Of course, Mr. Tomura! I will follow you until the day you don’t deem me worthy anymore. I’ll do anything for you.” Had it not been for his extreme levels of patience, he would have cum right then and there. Fuck, does he plan to ruin you.

    “Anything, huh?” You nod quickly, damn near giving yourself whiplash with that intensity. “Prove it by taking care of what you caused.” Both of you looked down at his obvious bulge pulsing underneath the restricting fabric of his jeans. That made you wonder…

    With only the slightest bit of hesitation, you glanced up at him to be sure this wasn’t some sick prank before you were met with a seriousness that squashed any doubt you had in your mind. You took care of his pants as well as his boxers, sliding them all the way down to his ankles with a bit of his help. You didn’t know what you were expecting at first, maybe something skinny with a bit of average length and girth that would do more than enough to satisfy you. Yet, this was the literal opposite… Tomura was huge, ranging from a length of at least eight inches with a girth that your hand could barely wrap around once you touched it, as well as a tuft of blue-ish pubic hair landing at his base. It even hung down at your own weight before you took matters into your own hands, literally.

    You weren’t sure what to do. You’ve seen Dabi make a crude gesture where his hand forms an ‘O’ shape and he jerks it in the air back and forth where his pelvis should be and Twice was “nice” enough to tell you that is what a man does to get himself off. If that was the case, then surely Mr. Tomura would like it too! 

    You did your best, really! The vision was there. You’d think you’d be able to give him a cute handjob with what little practice you have. This was nothing like close combat but you tried. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for your boss. “Fuck, do you not know how to make a man cum?” He growled, a gloved hand suddenly fisting your hair so you were forced to look up directly at him.

    Tears welled in your eyes, shaking your head in a lame attempt to satiate his anger. He only told you to open your mouth only to rest his tip on your awaiting tongue. “It’s called porn. Try watching it sometime,” it was the only words you could hear before he was dragging his dick along the surface of your tongue and cheeks. “You are gonna make me cum, right little lamb? And you’re going to make sure that I’m satisfied by the end right?”

    “Yeth, pleathe boss!” Your answer was more than a green light for him. The only warning he gave you was to breathe through your nose before he was pushing your head far enough down his dick before he heard you gag a little. 

    Your head bobbed back once he let go, drool sputtering out of your mouth as you took shaky breaths but the moment was stolen until Tomura was pulling you back in. Your throat felt fucking amazing, he even let out a little whimper of his own satisfaction. “F-Fuck,” he groaned from above you, pale blue hair falling over his eyes. 

    When you dared to look up, Tomura looked like he was enjoying himself! Your boss looked happy for once! And you were the sole cause of it! Now you were sure you’d give it your all. Experimentally, you were starting to suck, allowing your tongue to rub along his shaft and your mouth to hollow it to create room for him to fuck into the space. You could feel a certain wetness on your tongue and by the time you registered the salty taste, you were sure it was just Mr. Tomura showing his gratitude to you. 

    You leaned further into him, one arm thrown over his hip while another hand started to rub along his base to satisfy the parts of him he couldn’t reach. The worry of any of your other peers seeing you in such a compromising position faded instantly from your mind as you were doubled over your boss’s lap like a deranged animal.

    Tomura suddenly stood up, almost bucking you off of him completley but you caught on to the sturdiness of your thighs as he started to fuck your throat with no remorse. His noises were so fucking pretty, you wished you could record all the vulnerable sounds he was making; choked moans, stuttering gasps, all of it. All you could do from your position is stare at him with lovesick eyes to egg him on.

    His hips suddenly became sporadic and short, eventually pulling away from you completely. The next second your face is covered with a sticky white substance that you’ve never felt before. You didn’t get any time to think about it due to the fact that it was still coming out! You only accepted it because it was from Mr. Tomura! A special gift from him to you! 

    By the time he was done, he let go of you finally, sitting back with a heavy sigh to watch his cum slide down your face slowly. You didn’t even realize the uncomfortableness that came from between your legs until now, but you dare not say this in front of Mr. Tomura, not after getting the right to see him in such a dazed state such as this one.

    “D-Did I do a good job?” Your throat burned like hell and felt like it was at the end of its use, but you still persevered. Your insecurity is what fueled his actions tonight, the need for a little lamb like yourself to be protected and loved by the herder. He’s sure to never forget this feeling.

    “Not too bad for a rookie,” was the last thing he told you before he stood up, shrugging back on his boxers and jeans. It was all the compliment you received from the man before he stepped away from the obvious scene he’s caused and heading out to the night.

    Little did Tomura know that this was more than enough reason for you to keep following him until the bitter end.

    © This work was created by: @kissingchoso. Do not share, repost, or recommend on any other platform without consent from the author.

    #cw// throat fucking #cw// power imbalance #cw// dubcon#cw// cnc#shigaraki smut#shigaraki imagine#shigaraki scenario#shigaraki tomura #shigaraki tomura smut #mha smut#mha shigaraki#oooweeee #i forgot i had this too #it's probably going to be the last thing i post before my megumi piece #but ofc no comment el oh el
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  • lilsparkyswife
    26.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    1A + 2 1B’s during fight night | BNHA

    sparky speaks: SHOUT OUT TO @myhoodacademia @semichi @reihara @denkisdurag I TOLD THEM MY IDEA AND WE KEPT COMING UP WITH LINES FUNNIER THAN THE LAST. its kinda long but worth the read i swear !

    warnings: some cussing + (SAFE) links for denki’s !

    fight night: a night where whoever has the best arguments and comebacks, win.

    3, 2, 1. FIGHT!!!


    first of all, whoever put him up here knows damn well they set him up. and he knows it too and takes the smarter route by saying NOTHING.

    cuz next thing you know he’s having flashbacks and staring at his fist

    he got notes on EVERYONE & THEY WEAKNESS but they need to be insulting.

    mina or todoroki have to text him what to say but he never executes them right because you can tell he’s reading word from word 💀

    "NO midoriya u gotta be more loud" “t-that’s um, that’s why you uh, wait todoroki you put a typo.. i don’t understand 😕”

    he might have one good comeback and everybody (even the person he’s going against) cheers for him


    to sum it up: he’s just yelling. he’s a walking ‘HEAPHONE WARNING’ hazard

    this man does not gaf about what comes out his mouth he will say some of the wildest shit to win 😭


    imagine ishowspeed but as bakugou.

    you say the wrong thing and he’s spitting (literally) in the mic who know’s what because it’s inaudible. 

    one day, yall were on a call and he was... being himself and his mom had ENUFF. you know what she did??

    his momma beat his ass on the call.

    “DENKI YOU CAN’T EVEN- huh. hold on guys. ma i told you to knocK- aye, HEY“ “I TOLD,” SMACK “YOU TO STOP,” SMACK “ALL THAT NOISE.” SMACK.

    now he’s careful with what he says before they bring up that moment again. NOTHING will top that day.

    “aye baku tell your mom i said hello” “stfu.” “not too loud before i get the belt myself!”


    he has about 24 tabs of different sound effects and four of those are fart sounds effects and they’re all different. - example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    “IF YOU DON’T GET YO- *dolphin noises*“

    he’s just glad to be there <3



    she’s quick with the comebacks mhm mhm

    she’s mad passive aggressive because she knows it’ll get you riled up.

    it’s over if you mess up. if you take too long to answer? you’re done. hesitate? you’re done. it’s an automatic loss but good try 😕

    if mina’s on your side, you’re literally blessed because she carries 🙏🏽



    he was messing around with the settings and all of a sudden he’s inverted and doesn’t know how to fix it and it throws him off.

    if he wasn’t afraid to call a cop a mutt TO HIS FACE?? you better hope he accidentally turns on an interactive filter because i know he can go in if he wanted.


    he’s such an easy target, poor iida 😭

    that one person you start getting on when you start running out of jokes

    “Y’all look at this boy struggling. He can’t even see the screen without his glasses can he?“ “actually, i can 🤨☝🏻”

    takes everything literally


    - these can apply to both tbh.


    “Damnnnn, you’re just gonna let him say that about your mom? That’s crazy.“

    has one-liners and only needs to say one line before he’s on to the next.

    screen records ALL of the fights 

    purposely leaves the mic ON so people can hear them laughing


    also an instigator


    always got something going on in the back. dogs barking, loud ass TV, or him eating. you’ll hear the food wrappers as if he was doing ASMR like damn ‘eat eat eat, ugly ahh’


    and ANOTHER instigator but he’s really just here to laugh

    helps fill in the silence when it gets awkward or too quiet

    sero’s laidback so when you’re at 100, he’s <50 but what he says makeups for it

    not afraid to be straight up and blunt


    okayyy she was saying what she had to say, it was cute until mid way, she cut out.

    “O-o---kay can yo--- hear me---?”

    yall know that fake static sound on tiktok? when she fumbles, whenever she’s in desperate NEED, she pulls out the audio and plays it and people moved on until she was caught

    she ran out of ideas, clicked play but accidentally scrolled and played an ad

    *static noises* “Grammarly. This sentence is grammatically correct-”

    the second most embarrassing moment after bakugou 🥈


    how did he even get in. who let him in.

    long story short, it’s always dead SILENT after he claims he “eats 1-A up”

    no baby, you aint even set the table ,, 😕

    POWERFUL DUOS: mina & sero, bakugou & shinsou, denki & kirishima, and todoroki & bakugou


    tagging… @wolfkid22 @melaninatedyaoyorozu @alayahbun @myhoodacademia @katsuflossy @yourlocalmilf69 @solar3lunar @katsuphobic @mypimpademia @dilfhwa @reihara @bakugousmymassa @tanzaniiite @spike-this-ass @blackweebtrash @aelatus @kloudyisdepressed @shotobunv @belsumu-moved @suichisaharawife @r-raiinah @kisminari @dukina @renthology (bold means i cant tag you)

    © 2021 lilsparkyswife. All rights reserved and please do not repost, modify or claim as yours or use for ASMR purposes. Please give credits if you use my works as inspiration. Reblogs and comments are appreciated!

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  • yandere-erasermic
    26.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Happy thanksgiving, my dear listeners! Eat as much as you like, we’ve made a feast just for you. Anything you’d like to request? ~ Mic

    Bear with him, he adores this American holiday. Still, I hope you enjoy yourself, kitten. ~ Aizawa

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  • woaaahbrutal
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I don't know if anyone still follows this account. I know it's been dead for years but... I think I'm in a place to start writing again. I don't think I'll do anymore undertale imagines... Would anyone be interested in BNHA???

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  • succubirevenge
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Pt 2

    If Iida were to catch you with a dildo...

    He would lay you over the thick, muscular plane of his thighs and spank you. Of course you would have to keep the dildo inside of you. Since you like it so much, he would hate to have to make you part from it.

    His hits would come in rapid succession. Iida isn't kind, he made sure you knew what you were signing up for in the first place and now he shows no mercy.

    He is seemly careless with his hits. Sometimes he will give you a brief reprieve and hit a piece of your thigh that is relatively untouched. Other times he will hone in on the crease of your thigh. The thin delicate piece of skin that joins to your labia will bare the brunt of his calloused palm. the worse is when his hits manages to skin your clit. The hits that aim for the sensitive bundle make you squeal and jerk your pelvis away from his wrath. Iida easily holds you down with one arm around your waist watching as you struggle to clench around the dildo you had fucked you cunt sloppy on.

    If you were to beg, to plead for mercy. If you offered anything just for a break, he might stop. His fingers might rub softly on the hot aching skin. Hands slowly drawing towards your wet aching cunt before long fingers curl around the dildo and pushing it deeper into you. He would aim for its substantial length to grind against your g spot with each thrust and with each withdraw the base would push against your clit.

    If his hand were to get tired, sore from writing reports and working to pay for your lavish lifestyle, he might spank you with the dildo. The silicone is much lighter and seems to have less power but its elasticity makes it curl around your curves more. Each hit to your thigh is no longer so simple and instead your can feel the head of the dildo trace the sharp pain over your labia.

    And if during any of his punishment you were to drop the dildo...

    If you were to be taken over by an orgasm that had you trembling, your voice wailing and pussy quivering, enough to dislodge the black dildo. Or maybe if Iida were to accidentally let his fingers nudge the base of the dildo out during his flurry of hits.

    You would have to start from the beginning. Its only fair really to show how serious you are about your apology...

    #no beta we die like men #sorry #this is probably trash #the gods took over me #after the last drabble #mha imagines#mha smut#mha #mha x y/n #boku no hero academia #boku no hero #tenya iida imagine #iida x reader #bnha iida #cw: impact play #why is iida suddenly attractive #bnha smut#class 1a #didnt mention but this is meant to be a sugar daddyau thing
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  • succubirevenge
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Iida would only let you fuck yourself on a dildo replica of his dick. Eveything else is subpar in his eyes, so why would you use it? Only the best for his pussy.

    #bnha imagines #bnha x reader #iida x y/n #iida x reader #tenya iida smut #tenya iida imagine #quickthoughts#nsft text#mha#mha smut
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  • babblingfish
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I cannot read fanfics where the s/o is distant/reserved or acts super cool towards the character. Because I'm the complete opposite lmao

    I would not be able to hold back.

    If Keigo stood in front of me and would act like his usual charming self, I'd work so hard to make him flustered in return. I will shower him in the sincerest compliments he's ever heard and I won't leave until I see a blush on his face.

    Or if Dabi tries to tell me that he's an ugly monster or some bs. No, you're extremely handsome and I will tell you that until you believe me. >:(

    #guess my ohshc kin lmao #srsly tho my fictional crushes better hide if they don't want my undivided attention #anyway as my blog name states; i'm but a simple simp #keigo x reader #dabi x reader #my hero academia #mha x reader #headcanon#imagine
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  • escapenightmare
    26.11.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #— ash hits 2k! #bnha x reader #mha x reader #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou x you #bakugou x y/n #katsuki bakugou x you #katsuki bakugo x reader #mha fluff#bnha fluff #mha x you #mha x y/n #bnha x you #bnha x y/n #bakugou x gender neutral reader #bakugo x reader #bakugo x y/n #bakugou imagine#bakugou drabble#bakugou fluff #bakugo katsuki x reader #— branded by ash.
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  • ivoryratdoggerythethird
    26.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    yes i am a dabi stan. yes i would sell him to satan for half a chip. we exist.

    #feel free to imagine hawks or shiggy saying this as well #or fuyumi #blue flame bastard #dabi#todoroki touya#bnha#mha #the toga show #boku no hero academia
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