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  • smol-hibiscus
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Horror au jimin fanart Uwu @art-is-drawing​

    !blood and gore undercut!

    #I already showed them this but I need to post at prime time #bnha oc comeback #bnha#bnha oc#mha oc#mha#jimin kim#jimin #knha horror au #horror#halloween#monster #haru will be next ehehe #i should do horror kabane first but the sketch unnerves me
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  • thespicypumpkin8
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Day 2 of sprinkling little bits and pieces of my Bakugou x OC fanfic around Tumblr until I can announce my exciting news 😭😭😭

    24 chapters and counting 🖤

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  • cheshiresartblog
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    OC October - Day 18 - Sayua Shirakumo

    So...I do indeed have an oc that's Oboro's prohero mother.

    Her hero name is Thunder Storm and her quirk is Storm Cloud.

    Cute thing I kept in mind was wanting Oboro to have based his hero costume off of her's a bit.

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  • greyciees
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    don’t know why i chose now to finish this but = Tarot Mao

    #its halloween ish???? #i wanted the paint #bnha oc comeback #bnha oc#mha oc#mao amai #mao amai // blow pop #tarot#my art#digital art
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  • jimmyretroteen1
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I thought it would be good to show my oc and the poster about the multiverse as part of his story. This is the result on how it turned out..

    #foryou#fyp#foryoupage#mha#bnha#bnha oc#mha oc #mha oc art #bnha oc art #my hero academia #my hero academia oc #my hero academy #anime#anime community#my art#art#fanart#fan art#kusuo saiki#saiki k #mob psycho 100 #mob psycho mob #akira anime #kill la kill #akira manga#art poster#hiro masuta#mulitverse #my oc stuff #original character
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  • imfiguringitoutlovely
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    submit ideas for quirks you'd like to have!! id like to do more platonic!class 1a or even platonic!lov , etc. with x reader with [insert] quirk!

    NO STEALING QUIRKS FROM OTHERS. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO WRITE FOR A QUIRK MADE BY ANOTHER PERSON IN DETAIL, you NEED to ask that person and show proof of permission. i understand there's really no "new og quirks" but don't 100% just copy paste, please.

    this is the general format:

    (quirk name)
    (quirk explanation, including drawbacks/limits)
    (relation to canon if any)
    (x lov, 1a, teachers, etc.)
    (etc. info/requests)

    so for example! (and a sneak peek into next piece)

    boiling point
    upon touch, reader can bring any metalic element to it's boiling point. reader has to wear gloves, etc. etc.
    no familial relation to canon
    x platonic!class 1a
    no etc. info

    remember, only allusions to nsfw, no explicit writing, and only w canon adult characters. no oc inserts or self inserts, only x reader and no she/her.

    #bnha quirks #xmale!readerblog #x gender neutral reader #nonbinary #x nonbinary reader #denki kaminari #my hero academia #sero hanta #mha x male reader #boku no hero academia #x male reader #bnha bakugou#bnha midoriya#bnha #mha x reader #mha quirks#mha kirishima#bnha deku#bnha oc
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  • boopeey
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Trying out different artstyle

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  • welcometothemusicandthemisery
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Actually it’s an au where I’ve stolen all the world building and lore but replaced the main cast and plot with my own

    #me in general but specifically me with my mha ocs rn #thinking about dropping the names and having people choose which ones I should draw first
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  • skarke
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    aerie: chapter 14

    chapter masterlist

       I stare directly ahead at my opponent. I shoulda known it'd come down to this.

       Glitch-girl smiles and waves from across the ring.

       She's only smiling 'cause she has no idea the fury I'm about to unleash on her. I've been waiting for this moment ever since she humiliated me during battle training. I'm gonna make her regret every taunt she's ever made at me, every time she's said she's stronger, every time she's ever tried to get under my skin or in my head. I'm gonna murder this girl right here, with everyone watching, and I'm gonna enjoy every second of it.

       "Start!" screams Present Mic.

       I spin around almost immediately. I know she'll attack from behind, it's what she always does. But when I raise my hands to attack, she's not there.

       What the hell? I thought for sure-

       Suddenly, my feet are swept out from under me and I land right on my ass.

       What?! How did she get me?! Attacking from behind at the beginning is what she always does! She must have known I was going to predict her moves. God, she's so annoying!

       I rise to my knees as I turn around and blast, but again, she's nowhere to be seen.

       Literally how?! She was just here!

       As I jump to my feet, I catch a glimpse of green light in my righthand peripheral vision.

       Perfect, now I can get a hit in. I know where she's gonna land, so there's no way she can avoid this.

       I release a powerful explosion at the light. And to my absolute annoyance, she never fucking appears.

       Are you kidding me?! She faked me out?! I didn't even know she could do that!

       Next thing I know, I receive a blow to my left side which I can only assume was from a kick, but who knows, I couldn't fucking see her. I stumble a bit. She hit me hard, right in the ribs, and it hurts like a bitch. I stabilize my stance, and decide to just wait, looking all around me. She can't hide forever.

       Her light flickers around everywhere. I see flashes of what could possibly be her body appear and disappear in fractions of seconds in random places.

       As annoying as this is, I know she can't keep it up for long. If teleporting groups takes her energy, I'm sure glitching hundreds of times at high speeds is gonna wear her out eventually. I stand my ground and wait.

       Then, all of the sudden, the bright green light is all I see. As I try to process what's going on, the next thing I see is her shin heading straight for my face.

       Shit! She must have glitched in the air!

       There's no time to defend or attack, she lands a kick right across my face. I try so hard to stay standing, but there's so much force in the hit that I lose balance and land on the ground on my hands and knees.

       Fuck! How does she keep landing hits?! How can she stay out of sight?! How does she keep getting me to the ground?! How is she so much better than me?! I hate this stupid bitch! Wherever she is, I'm gonna kill her!

       "Sorry, Kitty-kat." I hear her say sweetly from behind. "I told you I'd have to take you down."

       Before I can even turn my head to look behind me, I feel her arm wrap around my neck and squeeze.

       Ha! Does this idiot seriously think she can choke me out? She's lost her damn mind! She might think she's all that with her little moves, but when it comes to body strength, I have the upper hand by a long shot.

       I reach my arms behind me and grab on to her waist. She might be as tall as me, but I know her small frame can't be very heavy. I lift her off the ground and throw her over my head with ease, and she lands hard on her back on the ground in front of me.

       Haha! Take that you little bitch!

       This is the first time I've set eyes on her since this thing started, and I need to make it count. I blast her as fast as I can, but not surprisingly, it isn't fast enough. She glitches across the ring.

       Damn! I've got to make her come closer again.

       "What are you scared of, Glitch-bitch?!" I taunt. "Come fight me!"

       "Hey!" She glitches right in front of me. "Don't call me that!"

       I try to blast her, but I fail once again.

       She starts to glitch all around me like she did with Hand-face, landing single hits on my face and body every time she glitches, but nothing detrimental, and nothing that can take me down. Just little hits, just enough to cause me to boil with rage. I don't even try to blast her, I'm saving my sweat for the opportune moment. And when it comes, I'm gonna make her regret the day she was born.

       "What's wrong, Kitty-kat?" She laughs as she buzzes around. "I thought you were gonna kill me," she says in one ear, "I was excited," she whispers in the other.

       My teeth clench and my eyes widen. My chest burns with rage. You want me to kill you, Glitch-bitch?! Well get ready to die!

       All I see is red as I unleash the most powerful blast I've ever created. I spin around so there's a blanket of explosions covering the entire ring.

       Whatcha gonna do now motherfucker?!

       I see that idiot panic and glitch above the blast, and when it disperses, she falls to the ground about 5 feet in front of me.

       Gotcha! I aim my palms at her.

       She sits up and holds up her hand. "Wait!"

       No fucking way, you're not getting me to hesitate this time! The only option you're gonna have is to glitch out of bounds. Game over, idiot.

       "Die!" I yell as I blast her with everything I have left.

    But for some reason, she doesn't glitch away. Her body just flies across the ring like a rag doll. She tumbles a bit before landing all the way out of bounds on the other side of the ring.

       The stadium falls silent.

       What the hell?! She didn't try to dodge at all! Fuck, I just hit her with full power at point blank range!

       She lays on her side facing away, completely lifeless. I sprint up to her as fast as I can. When I reach her, I can see that her body is covered in burns. I turn her on her back, and there's blood streaming down from her hairline all over her face.

       Oh my god, I killed her!

       I lift her shoulders and shake. "Hey," I say softly. She doesn't move. I bring my ear to her mouth, but I hear nothing.

       Oh my god, she really is dead!

       I shake her again. "Kai!" I scream.

       No, no, no, no! I didn't actually want her to die! I can't win like this!

       I put two fingers on her neck to check her pulse, and I feel a faint heartbeat. I let out a sigh of relief and shake her again. "Hey, wake up! Don't actually die, idiot!" I yell, but she doesn't move.

       My stomach hurts. She looks dead. Earlier it looked like she was asleep, but now she looks dead.

       Next thing I know, there's medics everywhere. "Get back!" one says, and I get out of the way. As they load her on to the stretcher, I notice her thumb is completely bent backwards on her left hand.

       I guess that's why she said to wait. God, I'm such an idiot!

       They rush her off the field and I'm left there alone, panting.

       "And Miyasaki is brutally injured, after Bakugo ignores her cry to end the match! How foul!" screams Present Mic over the intercom.

       I look down at my hands.

       What the hell did I just do?

    #bakugo x oc #bakugou x oc #bakugo x reader #bakugo katsuki#bakugo #bakugo enemies to lovers #bakugo katsuki x oc #bnha#mha#bakugou#bakugo fanfic#bakugou fanfic#bakugokatsuki
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  • another-mha-oc-blog
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Okay so, while I can't draw I can still describe what Zana and Anaz's super suits.

    It's mostly like, long pants and a long sleeve shirt, and there's a lot of pockets on the pants. The whole suit is designed to grow, shrink, and change in density as they do. The pockets are used to carry materials, people to safety, or other heros conveniently. Zana has always been of the opinion that there are never enough pockets.

    For the winter, a brown jacket is added, with even more pockets both inside and outside of it.

    Anaz's suit is exactly the same as her mother's, with the only difference being that she added a large number 2 to the back and front of the shirt, and to the back of the jacket.

    The jacket doesn't go all the way down to their hips, it goes about down to their lowest rib.

    Whenever Zana or Anaz are doing hero work, they keep their hair in a braid that is then curled into a bun, and Anaz developed a move that has her undo the bun and whip the braid around to do damage, which works well in her denser form and her larger form, especially because it's so long.

    #bnha oc#mha oc #bhna teacher oc #class 1A oc
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  • oopsallnonsense
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ||Birthday Boy|| Shigaraki Tomura x OC

    OC: Keiji Takeda

    Trope: Childhood friends to lovers

    Warnings: none

    Length: ~2100 words

    “What are you two laughing at?” Tomura finally snapped after minutes passed of Keiji and Himiko giggling at each other over their phones, clearly having a conversation they didn’t want to include anyone else in.

    Keiji quickly tried to look innocent, shoving his phone in his jacket pocket. “Hehe. Nnnnnothing~…”

    “It’s a secret!” Toga grinned, her hands balled into excited fists by her face.

    It was days before Tomura’s birthday. While he usually didn’t do much for his birthday, or maybe because he didn’t, Keiji had decided this would be the perfect day to ask Tomura to marry him. He’d let Himiko in on his plan so he could have extra hands in planning a surprise party. He figured she’d be the most enthusiastic participant, and enthusiastic she was! She had the genius idea to make the event themed, the pair eventually deciding on Mario Kart when Keiji had found a Princess Peach crown online.

    “Oh, this is too perfect… I’ve been teasing him about the whole Future King thing, you know? Finally getting his ass a crown.”

    “That’s so cute!” Himiko was practically in Keiji’s lap to look at his phone. “Think he’ll be mad it’s Princess Peach though?” Keiji considered that for a second, but after mulling it over, he decided it was absolutely worth it, if for nothing else than the joke.

    April 4th arrived with Tomura stirring awake on Keiji’s chest, his arms encircled around him. It wasn’t how they’d fallen asleep, but Keiji had woken up first and carefully had pulled his boyfriend in for cuddles. Instinctively, he nuzzled closer, his whole body pressing against him. Anyone else would have called him clingy, but Tomura adored how affectionate Keiji was with him, and how affectionate Keiji allowed him to be. No one else knew just how touch-starved he’d been most of his life and being held like this was always a healing experience.

    “Morning Toma…” Keiji murmured against his hair, kissing the top of his head right after. “Happy birthday.” Shigaraki groaned quietly as he remembered that today was indeed his birthday. He buried his face in Keiji’s chest, not wanting to move from their spot on the mattress any time soon. Kurogiri had always made more of a deal about his birthday as a child than All For One had, but Tomura had been a lonely child. Keiji’s strict home life and Tomura’s training often kept them apart, especially during their teen years. It was as if the universe had conspired to keep them apart the closer they got, until they were finally reunited in adulthood. Keiji fiddled with the loose curls that formed in the back of his hair, now that the white locks had grown out a little longer. “Did you sleep ok?” He asked, raking gentle fingernails over his scalp. Tomura let out a soft sound he wouldn’t have made around anyone else. “S’fine,” he said, voice muffled against Keiji’s skin. Slipping a hand under his shirt, Keiji rubbed slow circles between his shoulder blades.

    Keiji was absolutely smitten. From the time they were kids, he’d admired Tomura. At least once a week, he thought about when he first asked him to teach him how to be a boy when he realized that he was transgender. He hadn’t been any older than nine, confused and scared about what would happen if he told his family. He was the only person who knew for almost a decade. The shirt he was currently wearing had at one time been Tomura’s, in fact, and he’d given it to him so Keiji would have at least one real article of “boys clothes.”

    Moving his hand from the top of Tomura’s shirt, Keiji let both hands rub up and down his sides under the baggy fabric. He smiled, teasing him with dragging his nails against his skin, slowly, pressing just enough to sting, which elicited a hissing gasp. “I’ve got some fun plans for you today…” Keiji said, his tone laced with a playful coo.

    “Oh? And what are they?” Tomura asked, tilting his head to look up at him.

    “That would be telling,” Keiji snickered, moving one hand lower to squeeze his hip. “They can wait though, I don’t wanna get up anytime soon.” Shigaraki grunted in agreement, pressing a kiss to his sternum. “Me either. Even if you wanted to get up, I’m not moving anyway.” He said, his tone might have made him sound like he was joking, but he was in fact just petulant enough to keep his arms locked around his lover, with his full body weight on top of him so he wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The couple laid together in comfortable quiet for some time. Tomura listened to his heartbeat in his chest as fingers ran through his hair again. It was in these quiet, intimate moments that he was almost overwhelmed with affection, even gratitude.

    Keiji had always been so kind to him. When they first met, Tomura had assumed there must be something wrong with his eyes, because he hadn’t acted as if he could see the plaques around his eyes, or the scars on his face and neck. He didn’t look at him differently, with either disgust or even pity. He was quick to befriend him, and even defend him when other children made fun of him. Being friends with Keiji was like having a guard dog, he was gentle and affectionate with him, but ready to defend him viciously at the drop of a hat. He was fiercely loyal, which proved just as useful as it was endearing once Tomura invited him to join the league. While they had grown into something of a family unit now, Keiji was the only one who was there for him, not for his own agenda.

    “I’d follow you to Hell and back,” he’d said with a wink. Tomura hadn’t noticed how his gaze had lingered then. He hadn’t realized their pining had been mutual for years. He wasn’t entirely sure the exact moment he fell in love with him, but he decided that it was when he’d thrown an unopened soda can at the head of someone who’d made fun of him. When it made contact, the target had dropped like a sack of rocks and the can ruptured, adding sticky insult to injury. It would be a decade after that that they’d share their first kiss, both intoxicated and riding the high of seeing each other in person for the first time in years, tangled in the back of Keiji’s beloved old rust bucket of a car.

    Tomura was pulled back to the present with a series of kisses, the first to the top of his head, then his forehead, then under his eye, then the bridge of his nose. He buried his face in Keiji’s chest as if to hide from the affection.

    “Oh no, where’d you go?” Keiji said with feigned concern. He nudged his face against his head. “Hey… look at me…” and when he did, Keiji kissed him. His mouth was soft in contrast and the kiss was as gentle as he was. Shifting to hold himself up on one arm, Tomura kissed him back eagerly. Keiji’s hands trailed over his body, one coming to rest on his lower back, the other cupping his cheek. He moved his lips slowly, almost lazily, like he wasn’t trying to get anything else out of the kiss, and just enjoyed giving him affection. The thought of being so loved made Tomura feel soft, a vulnerability he wouldn’t have permitted under any circumstance other than Keiji.

    When they finally decided to get out of bed, Keiji seemed suspiciously excited for Tomura to get to the common room. Keiji was thankful he wasn’t asked any questions, he was far too eager and would have spoiled the surprise just minutes before the grand scheme unfolded. Behind the door, Toga had to muffle a giggle, waiting to throw open the door once she heard Tomura and Keiji in front of it. As soon as their voices and footsteps indicated they were right outside, she yanked them open.

    “Happy birthday Tomura!!!” The blonde threw her arms around his neck, damn near squeezing the life out of him. Off-queue, the rest of the league echoed the greeting with varying enthusiasm. A party hat laid smoldering at Dabi’s feet after Twice had tried to put it on his head.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Tomura whipped around to look at Keiji, awkwardly patting Toga’s back, seconds away from telling her it was time for her to let go of him. Keiji gave a cheesy grin before pecking a kiss to his cheek. “Oh, it gets better,” he beamed, skirting around them and retrieving the Princess Peach crown. It was on a headband so it wouldn’t fall off at the first unbalanced move.

    “Ta-da~! For the birthday boy!” He beamed, jazz hands wiggling on either side of him. Tomura made a face that was clearly an attempt at a frown, but the way the corners of his mouth twitched gave him away that he was actually just trying to not smile.

    “Oh, what the shit-? Really? Really?” Tomura tried to pout about the goofy hat, but he couldn’t seem to make himself do it. It was all too sweet, too thoughtful. He’d never had a proper birthday party before, not since he was very, very little at least, so he barely remembered it. However, the surprises weren’t quite over for the day. Sometime later, while Spinner had Tomura’s attention, Keiji knelt behind him, a small black box wrapped in his fist. Shuichi gasped quietly, then made a face, tapping Shigaraki’s shoulder rapidly and pointing behind him enthusiastically. “Look, look, look-“

    Tomura turned around, eyes falling on Keiji on one knee, looking up at him with more affection, adoration, real love, than he could have prepared for. He felt something in his chest ache. “Kei, what-?” He couldn’t finish his thought. Somewhere in the room, Toga was squealing, but that was muffled quickly as someone put a hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t ruin the moment.

    “Hi baby…” Keiji said, presenting a black titanium ring set with red stones, a shy smile on his lips, his voice quiet, practically mouthing the words rather than speaking. He’d spent days practicing what he was going to say. He’d scripted a whole speech to declare just how much Tomura meant to him, but all the confidence and bravado he’d built up for the romantic moment had somehow melted away. For a moment, he was worried it would be too public, and maybe he should have done this with more privacy, but it was too late now.

    “Toma- I- um…” he felt his cheeks get warm, his heart fluttering against his sternum.

    “I…. I love you so much, and I don’t want to spend any part of my life without you. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I want to marry you. Please? Will you marry me?”

    Tomura wasn’t usually one for grand public displays of affection, but this was an exception. He was so happy he couldn’t speak. Pulling Keiji to his feet deceptively quickly, he drew him into another kiss, ignoring the ring for now. Keiji wrapped his arms around his neck, almost popping a foot off the ground out of pure enthusiasm. They held onto each other so tightly Keiji’s ribs felt like they could bruise at any second. When their lips finally parted, they didn’t move away from each other. Keiji rested his forehead against his lover’s. “So… can I take that as a yes?” He asked sheepishly, a nervous smile tugging at his lips.

    “That’s the stupidest question you’ve ever asked,” Tomura teased, burying his face in his neck. “Of course it’s a yes,” he murmured, squeezing his arms around him impossibly tighter as if he let go, Keiji would disappear.

    Behind Tomura was a soft sniffle. Keiji had a clear view over his shoulder. He wasn’t sure if Kurogiri was actually capable of crying, but his misty expression was somewhere between affection and pride. Keiji ran a hand through Tomura’s hair, scritching the back of his head. He turned to kiss his temple. When he finally straightened up, Keiji took his artist’s glove off of his left hand and slid the ring on his finger. Carefully, he pressed a reverent kiss to his knuckles before putting the glove back on. “I love you, Toma,” Keiji said, holding his hand over his heart. Tomura pulled him into another hug. “I love you, too…”

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  • loosesodamarble
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Whumptober Prompt 7: Secrets

    Character: Kyouhei Kotone
    Word count: ~800
    Content warning: anxiety, mention of depression


    Kyouhei flopped forward on his desk and groaned. In his periphery, he saw Terumi bounce up to his desk then crouch down so they were eye-to-eye.

    “Someone’s looking tired,” she commented in her bell-like voice. “Breakfast not wake you?” Terumi poked Kyouhei’s shoulder. “Hey, Kyou-chan, you’re not working yourself too hard, are you?”

    Yes, I am. I’m having trouble balancing my studying. Kyouhei raised his head, just enough so it wasn’t hidden in his arms. My body is sore from training. He smiled at Terumi. I’ve been overusing my voice. “Thank you for worrying, Teru-chan.” Having to wrangle in this class is so hard, even with Shikkou taking charge. “But I’m doing just fine.”

    Terumi’s grin widened, her pearly whites showing. “Well if you ever need a recharge, just let me know!”

    Kyouhei kept smiling. It made his face hurt. Silently, he nodded to Terumi. He had to save his voice for more important things.

    “Oookay!” Terumi jumped up to her feet and winked at Kyouhei. “Let’s do our best!” She practically skipped back to her own desk. Despite himself, Kyouhei sighed at the sight of her energy.

    It’s better this way. Kyouhei stretched himself out and took on the role of the perfect student. I can’t let anyone down. Especially not Teru-chan.


    Later in the school day, Hero training was focused on combat. Kyouhei got paired with Okami by Aizawa.

    Kyouhei shuffled backwards to avoid a punch aimed at his gut, almost tripping when his feet collided. He watched the ground while rebalancing himself. He looked up just in time to block a kick to the head with his forearm.

    “Ack!” Kyouhei winced and grabbed the part of his arm that was struck. It wouldn’t help, in fact, the clutching made the pain a little worse.

    “You okay, man?” Okami asked, his shoulders drawn up and brows knit together. “You’re usually better on your feet. Do you need me to…?”

    It wasn’t that Kyouhei was weak. But his eyes had trouble focusing. And his limbs lagged when he moved.

    “Nah, you’re just much better with physical strength than me,” Kyouhei assured, giving a nod of his head. “You going easy on me would be unfair. Give me a challenge okay?”

    Okami raised a brow. “That’s not really… Oh never mind.”

    That day, Kyouhei didn’t manage to land a single hit on Okami. After changing out of the gym uniform, he snuck away from the class to walk, or rather limp, to the nurse’s office.

    It didn’t hurt. It’s just that bruises weren’t attractive.


    The glare of the screen was beginning to hurt. Still, Kyouhei couldn’t look away.

    It was endless. The number of comments on the thread.

    [Missing Kyouhei hours…]

    [Why’d he have to quit]

    [I’m wondering why he went to U.A. Like? Huh?!]


    [Come baaaaaaaack!]

    [Still pisses me off. Him fighting? Seriously?]

    [Probably just a publicity stunt. Like “haha gonna be a Hero now lol nope.”]

    [I never thought he’d be an attention whore.]

    [He’s a singer they all become whores eventually.]


    [He’s an actor too. Doubly true]

    And it kept devolving from there. Some people defended him but others still complained.

    Kotone-san? You’re looking pale. It was a familiar voice in his mind rather than his ears.

    Kyouhei hastily locked his phone and shoved it in his pocket before turning to face Haruka.

    “Must’ve been the light from the screen. You know I like it bright.”

    Haruka frowned. Her eyes looked watery, not simply from their color. If there’s something you need to talk about—

    “Ayume-kun, it’s okay,” Kyouhei insisted with a smile. “You shouldn’t worry over something you don’t need to. I have it under control.” Please. You have enough of your own burdens.

    Haruka fiddled with her fingers. Her expression tensed. I don’t know what but whatever it is, I do hope you’re taking care of yourself. She bowed her head. I’ll see you back at the dorms. With that, she walked away.

    Kyouhei groaned and rubbed his temples. Of course Haruka would be one to pick up on it. He was sure she’d understand. But he was also sure that her too big heart might crumble under the weight of his troubles if he shared them.


    Kyouhei clicked between the same tabs over and over.

    [Symptoms of depression.]

    [Antidepressants without prescription?]

    [Therapists near me.]

    [Bad to self-diagnose?]

    He stared at them for a bit longer before deleting every tab. Then, he erased his search history.

    Everything was okay. He just needed sleep. He would eat better. He’d study and train harder. It’d get better if he really pushed himself.

    As long as he never told anyone, no one would worry. And if no one worried, it would go away sooner. And if it went away sooner, it would be like it never even happened.

    It would stay Kyouhei’s secret. His alone.

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  • wanderinginsomnia
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago


    This time i's my MHA OC Takeo in an Alice In Wonderland themed costume. The only thing that annoys me about this is the shading on the outfit lmao.

    #mha oc #mha oc art #bnha oc#my art #stuff i've done #spooky art
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  • kwaiibb
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Tickle-Tober!! (Part 3/10)

    Prompt: Revenge!!

    I told you both to be careful, now you feel the wrath!!

    From left to right:

    Hatsu Kasai (male)

    Raiku Toba (male)

    Daichi Amuro (Genderfluid)

    Character References on IG: KwaiiPootato

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    Prom Rin scribble 💕

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    aerie: chapter 13

    chapter masterlist

      "Hey, Kitty-kat!" Glitch-girl comes running up the steps towards me. She seems to be in a chipper mood. She did just kick the bellybutton guy's ass pretty bad. "Mind if I sit here?" she asks with a smile.

       I had strategically placed myself far away from everyone else so I can watch the one-on-one battles in peace. My first instinct is to say 'absolutely not, go fuck yourself'. But then I remember what Kirishima said... and I sigh. I've been too hard on her lately. Letting sit here won't kill me. "I don't care," I mutter. "Just don't be annoying."

       "C'monnn," she says as she plops down in the seat between me and the aisle. "My life's mission is to annoy you!"

       "Wh-" I frantically look over my shoulders, then back at her. "Did Kirishima say something to you?!"

       She raises and eyebrow. "Uhhhh, what?"

       "Um, nothing." I gulp. "So...uh... I see you're feeling better," I say, changing the subject.

       "Yup. Ready for my fight with the bird." She punches her palm. "With the light from my glitching, I'll tear that guy to shreds. I'm not even worried about it."

       "Yeah," I chuckle. "You took down that bellybutton guy no problem. It's like it wasn't even fair, he had no idea what hit him."

       She sighs. "That fight was disappointing. Tokoyami will be way more fun..." She glances at me mischievously. "Uraraka seemed to give you a run for your money," she says with a playful nudge to my arm.

       "Yeah, that fight didn't seem fair either. She really thought she did something there at the end, it was kinda sad. My fight with Kirishima oughta be good, though."

       "Ah, yes. It'll make me sad to see my two buddies trying to kill each other, but it will be pretty entertaining."

       There she goes calling me her buddy. Is that, like, sarcasm? Or does she really consider me her friend? After what Kirishima said, it's seeming more and more like the latter. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I've never even gotten close to considering her a friend, just a nuisance.

       She smiles. "Y'know, if we both win our next fight, it'll be you and me, like old times."

       I scoff. "Yeah, only difference is I'm gonna kill you this time."

       She shakes her head and clicks her tongue. "As much as I'm rooting for you, if it comes to that, you're going down."

       I narrow my eyes. Let's see if she can handle a little messing with. "Really? Whatcha gonna do? Send me into a void for eternity?"

       "Ouch, Kitty-kat!" She giggles. "But you know I could never do that to you, you're too cute!" she says with a sweet smile.

       Alright, this is where I get confused. If she really means it when she calls me her friend, does she mean it when she calls me that? Or is she just messing with me? And if she does mean it, does she mean I'm cute like a baby, or that I'm actually good-looking? Nah, there's no way, I'm overthinking it. Ugh, girls are so confusing. Especially this one.

       I roll my eyes. "Am I gonna look cute when I blow you to bits?"

       She leans in closer to me. "That's when you look the cutest," she says softly.

       I feel my face get hot. Holy shit, is she being for real? I could take it as a joke, but the way she's looking at me, I don't think it is. But c'mon, there's no shot she actually thinks I'm attractive. Glitch-girl is like, the prettiest girl ever. I'm sure her standards are higher than that. Still, her words make me feel all weird inside. I feel my palms begin to sweat.

       "Woah, Kitty-kat," she chuckles, "Did I strike a nerve or something? I've never seen you get embarrassed before. What's gotten into you?"

       So she was joking, right? That's what that means? Fuck, this is exactly what I was trying to avoid! I'm second guessing myself, I've completely let my guard down. I'm letting her have some kind of power over me, this is exactly what she wants! She has that shitty-haired idiot completely fooled, she's totally evil! I need to get the hell out of here!

       I stand up. "Get out of my way," I say through clenched teeth.

       Her smile disappears. "Woah, what'd I say?"

       "Get out of my way, Glitch-bitch!" The words escape my mouth before I even think about it, and they come out loud.

       Everyone in the row in front of us turns around to look at us. Glitch-girl is just sitting there with an embarrassed look on her face. She silently moves her legs so I can get by.

       I rush down the steps.

       How could I have been so stupid?! That girl thinks she's better than me, so she's trying to take me down by messing with my head! She doesn't actually wanna be my friend, she doesn't really like me. She thinks that just because a pretty girl says I'm cute that I'm gonna melt in her hand and do whatever she wants. She can go fuck herself. Her little tricks aren't gonna work on me. She might have Kirishima fooled into thinking that she's all innocent, but I know her true motives. She thinks I'm the biggest threat, so she's trying to wear me down from the inside! That's what it is.

       I make my way to the bathroom and turn on the sink.

      Don't let her get to you, Bakugo.

       I splash water in my face.

       She's just the same old, annoying little Glitch-girl, being her annoying self.

       I stare at myself in the mirror.

       You need to focus. It's time to win this thing.

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    butch lesbian sister for Amai- where amai stole her entire personality

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    The only thing to say is that I’m happy with how she came out overall and the character doesn’t belong to me. 

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