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  • etherealepiphany
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just love  <3  I wish Shigaraki just urgh. Just want to mwuah mwuah him you know. He is just arrgh Shigaraki is the loml <3

    CURRENTLY PLAYING…. ↪                            

           A Shigaraki playlist 2:09 ─────●── 3:25                    ↺ |◁ || ▷| ♡

    Tomura  “ i’ll dust the world for you ” Shigaraki

    Tomura “ I want the world to be a better place for us ” Shigaraki

    Tomura “ play this game with me *frustrated mumbling* please ”  Shigaraki

    Tomura “ I'm sorry we can’t go out but I got this for you ” Shigaraki

    Tomura “ Who tries so hard to do better be better for you ” Shigaraki 

    Tomura “ who hides feelings to protect you”  Shigaraki

    Tomura “ how could you love a monster like me?” Shigaraki

    Tomura “ secretly visits dog shelters in his free time” Shigaraki

    Tomura “Cyber-Grunge/punk Eboy Kingcore techwear Vapourwave aesthetic” Shigaraki

    Tomura “ By my side is where you belong with me ” Shigaraki


    Tenko “ Do you want to go to the arcade with me?” Shimura

    Tenko “ You think im pretty?” Shimura

    Tenko “ Who blushes when you hold his hand” Shimura

    Tenko “ who writes Tenko + Y/N in heart in his note books” Shimura

    Tenko “ Who buys you trinkets that remind you of him” Shimura

    Tenko “ Who volunteers on weekends at shelters” Shimura

    Tenko “ Nervous adorable kind sweet” Shimura

    Tenko “this song reminded me of you that turns into a whole playlist”  Shimura

    Tenko “This last boss defeat was for you! Did you see me beat it?” Shimura

    Tenko “ Cottagecore softboy gamer princecore indie aesthetic” Shimura

    Or Both Tenko and tomura

    “ who never forgets an important date relating to you”

    “ who never forgets to tell you how beautiful you are ” 

    “ who listen to your daily struggles as a black woman”

    “ who love to smell your hair products”

    “who wants to know about your history your life just everything”

    “who want to put a ring on your finger soon”

    “who craves your physical touch and affirmation”

    “Indoor dates with some chaotic out door dates”

    “who wants to run away with you and start somewhere fresh”

    “who has a collection of plushies, anime/game merchandise and a manga/manwha/manhua in his room”

    “ Who love you”

    #kami writes#shigaraki tomura#tenko shimura #mha x reader #mha x black reader #mha drabbles#mha imagines #bnha x reader #bnha x black!reader #bnha imagines#bnha drabble #shigaraki x black! reader #shigaraki x reader #shigaraki imagine#mha tenko#shigaraki fluff#anime #tenko shimura x reader #tenko shimura x black!reader #x black!reader
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  • btssasori
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me and Shiggy 💗🤍

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  • frankiesteinzzz
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    brain worms got me bad 🥴🥴🥴

    #shigaraki#mha#bnha #woo first new art on the tumblr ! #excited to color this one boys #art
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  • ja0-s-blank-canvas-fic
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Part 2 - Chapter 36 - Controversy

    Blank Canvas Part 2

    AO3 - here

    Fanfiction.net - here

    And we're back! This is chapter is heavy on the world building and there are several pov changes going on. Civilians, Heroes, and Villains, oh my! :) Time to see how all of them react to this shocking turn of events. With a little domestic fluff near the end to somewhat lighten the mood.

    I've decided to fix the -nette/-net thing when it comes to genders in this. Got part way through editing part 1 for that and other things. To save myself work in the future, I'm going to start using them now in this part. :) So if you notice that change, that's why.

    Warning for mention of suicide in the paragraph starting with [While in prison...]. It's in the second sentence but that's it.

    Linktree to all the things!

    End notes for the chapter are under the line.

    Hoo boy, this chapter was a pain to edit. There are so many factors at play but I think I found a balance to all the deferring sides? I want to thank everyone who commented last chapter. I had most of the societal and character views down, but you gave me more to think about and add. :) Such as the Hero Commission's meddling and the start of the MLA showing up. Specific shout outs to dannythebookworm, Rijus_Hope, thePanopticon_isJust_azkaban, and Veriea for bringing up points I hadn't thought about! Those factors really made sense and though I haven't replied to your comments yet they still helped! :D

    For the MLA pov, apologies if it seems weird or OOC. I'm not as familiar with that arc or the characters involved. Though the second half of season five very much helped me get a better feel for their characters. So I hope that turned out alright. ^____^ Goes to prove that not everyone is attracted to the trouble magnet in a good way. ;)

    Soooooo, about the Fun Facts. Honestly, I've got nothing for this chapter. XD I like them to be connected to the chapter in some way and I can't think of any. I did say I have a finite amount of them. I still have more but none that make sense with this chapter. So this will be the first without since chapter 3 of part 1 other than double updates. Sorry about that, but it doesn't really take away anything from the story! The fun facts are meant as just little extra nuggets of knowledge. From now on, I'll include fun facts when it makes sense to the chapter but it won't necessarily be every one. Thanks for understanding! ^___^

    That's all for now! Next update Izuku and Aizawa have a little chat. About what you may ask? You'll find out next Tuesday! ^_____^ I know, yet another cliffhanger to tantalize you. ;) Hee hee! Let your imaginations run wild and let me know of typos or weirdness! Tah!

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  • etherealepiphany
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Where is the fluff for Shigaraki??? I’ve had enough of the angst life is tough as it is give me something funny or overly sweet that make my gums hurt i dont know. Something funny???

    What happened to hello? how are you? and some cringy joke

    So i present today crack written by yours truly

    me attempting to make you laugh or chuckle a little giggle even 

    CURRENTLY PLAYING….  ↪                            

                 Take a bow 2:09 ─────●── 3:25                     ↺ |◁ || ▷| ♡

    Narrator: It was a good day. At least that’s what Shigaraki thought till a blood curdling scream resonated through the thin shitty walls Shigaraki didn't get what he paid for but that is beside the point. Now like any good leader he didn’t go check what the noise was he sent someone else aka Kurogiri who is always subjected to some sort of torture without a pay even being given don’t worry I head the minimum wage is being lifted in the England so at least the poor are somewhat winning a noble sacrifice. Now the lilac will o wisp begrudgingly places down the glass to the counter and warps all suspecting perpetrators into the room.

    (stage directions ) Enter the bar room thing : Y/N Dabi Mr Compress Spinner Toga Twice

    Silence then came the screams of disgust fear and everything in-between.

    Shigaraki: Stop Stop l’ll dust all of you SHUT UP


    What happened Y/n?

    Toga & Twice in sync : Ha Simp 

    Y/N: yeah you wouldn’t dust us 

    Shigaraki : Answer the question or i’ll start dusting each and everyone of you

    Y/N: there was a crime!

    Mr Compress: A crime against nation

    Spinner: it was truly shocking act 

    Shigaraki: Yes thats what we do as villains’ are you all stupid?

    Kurogiri: now now hear them out

    Dabi : It wasn’t even that serious

    Collective gasp from Y/N Compress Spinner Toga and Twice 

    Y/N : wasn’t that SeRioUs? Um Dabi takes a bite of a baguette from one side and the other end of it

    Shigaraki and kurogiri : So

    Toga: but it gets worse

    Twice: Better! No Worse! Terrible!

    Y/N : Dabi tell them. Tell them what you did right in front of me say it!

    Dabi: okay 🙄 I took a bite of it in the middle too 

    Kurogiri drops the glass and Tomura just stares * Law and order sound effect*

    Shigaraki : what the fuck

    Y/N : i know right! and he sees nothing wrong with it

    Spinner: it was horrible

    Mr Compress: A crime against humanity at this point

    Y/N: Right and in Black history month too

    Toga: He didn’t even apologise for his behaviour

    Twice: His wrong doings!

    Y/N : He has to go! He’s crazy and not the casual i want to over throw the government but just plain crazy

    Toga & Twice: the death chair!

    Spinner and Compress: Has to go

    Dabi: you guys are being dramatic everybod-

    Y/N : Every who??? Not me!  Lets not normalise this behaviour 

    Kurogiri : He has to go im afraid

    Shigaraki: I knew this crazy mother f-

    Kurogiri: Language

    Shiagarki: Crazy bastard was weird

    Dabi: says the one with wrinkled skin plus its not that deep

    Y/N: Aren’t stables literally keeping you together... anyway like Rihanna said 

    And don't tell me you're sorry 'cause you're not Baby , when I know you're only sorry you got caught

    Toga & Twice with Y/N : 

    But you put on quite a show (Ooh, oh) Really had me going But now it's time to go (Ooh, oh) Curtain's finally closing That was quite a show (Ooh, oh) Very entertaining But it's over now (But it's over now) Go on and take a bow

    Narrator: In the end he stayed because they need him but since then Dabi has been shamed into never committing such a heinous crime again. Tomura is still a cute lazy bastard who keeps asking for the walls to be repaired . Kurogiri hasn’t seen his paycheck. Toga and Twice are robbing a bank while Spinner is playing LOL and Y/N has just doing what they do best which is Y/Ning at life.

    That’s it folks come back next______ for the next episode of The Real Villains of Yokohama 

    And its a wrap

    Fun fact

    A friend actually eats like that i felt hate crimed/j 

    it was horrible let me tell you

    anyway love shigaraki <3 he so cute 

    #kami writes #shigaraki x black! reader #shigaraki tomura #shigaraki tomura crack #this was ment to be funny #so laugh #bnha x black!reader #bnha x reader #mha x black reader #mha x reader #mha#bnha#bnha imagines#mha drabbles #was this waffle #100% #but is it also cannon #rihanna#anime #x black reader
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  • sanjigrl
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    pairing: gamer!shiggy x gn!reader

    synopsis: he wakes you up by accident

    genre: fluff

    note: my favorite baby <3

    Shigaraki slam his fist on his desk, waking you up from the nap you ere taking after not sleeping a lot the night before. You heard him smashing his keyboard, swearing, probably at the person he was playing with. You turn around, looking at him, the light of the screen helping you seeing him, he was scratching his neck, the gloves hiding two of his finger so he couldn't decay the mouse or controler.

    You decide to get up, slowly walking to his chair, putting your hand son his shoulder, massaging them lightly, he slightly turn his head, enough to be able to see you, he stop writing on his keboard "Sorry baby" he say "It's okay" you answer, kising his neck where he previously was scratching. He turn his chair, now facing you, opening his arms so you could place yourself on him, putting your legs at his side, your chest against his and your face in his neck, leaving little kiss everywhere in his neck.

    It still amaze him how easily and fast you could calm him down, him the boss of the most wanted villains in Japan, the dangerous man that killed lot of people and will keept doing it if needed. He was melting as soon as your hands were touching hi or that your lips lingered on his skin, and he hope it'll stay like that for eternity.

    #mha shigaraki#shigaraki imagine #shigaraki x reader #shigaraki tomura #my hero academia shigaraki #mha villain#mha imagine #mha x reader #my hero academia x reader #my hero academia imagine #bnha imagine#bnha headcanon #bnha x reader
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  • incaseyouart
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Shigaraki vs Deku~

    (I'm way back into BNHA and holy moly things are getting intense!!)

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  • justanotherfangirlwup
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Your innocent eyes lost their shine that day... The day you lost yourself.


    Posting a color drawing for the first time here,[I feel a little nervous hehe... ^^] Whatever, I also have a small comics in process that I hope to finish these days. My job consumes me but my love for Tomura is stronger ಥ_ಥ

    #shigaraki tomura#tomura shiragaki#tenko shimura#bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #shigaraki fanart#mha fanart#bnha fanart#lov #league of villians #league of villains #shigaraki#tomura#my draws #*cries in my little kid* #I'm sad TT
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  • sasuke-wants-tea
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I'm still very much a believer of the AFO gave Tenko/Tomura the decay quirk because it's impossible to be a coincidence and it always sounded like Tenko was targeted specifically and I don't believe the hands Tomura had on him were from his actual family members either.

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  • justanotherfangirlwup
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Y/N: Good morning~

    Tomura: What?

    Y/N: Good morning~

    Tomura: did you really just not call me baby?

    Y/N: I'm sorry I forgot, good morning baby~

    Tomura, pouting: you forgot?! Well I guess I'll forget to love you today

    Y/N: ...

    Y/N, tearing up: but I just woke up... ಥ_ಥ

    #He is a needy boy :( #shigaraki x y/n #shigaraki x reader #shigaraki x you #tomura x reader #tomura shiragaki#shigaraki tomura#tomura#bnha shigaraki#shigaraki#tenko shimura#lov #league of villains #incorrect mha quotes
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  • lumilasi
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Shigarakiweek day.2: Hocus Pocus/Recipe

    This day’s prompts were difficult, none of them really inspired me much for some reason, so I took a more literal approach with Tomura’s shirt and the chat.

    I know this isn’t that spooky-vibed, but I accidentally did a thing with some effects layers, and I really loved the colorful vaporwave-like feel so I stuck with it. Maybe tomorrow’s prompt will go back to spooky town, hopefully anyway lmao


    #lumi's art scribbles #shigarakiweek#shigaraki tomura#mha tomura#tomura shigaraki#bnha tomura#Shigaraki#bnha shigaraki #league of villains #bnha league of villains #bnha lov #I just gotta throw rainbow at this boy anytime I can huh
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  • shigarakis-dominatrix
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Kinda had some shigaraki x pro hero(?) ideas so why not

    Shigaraki already stays up late thinking about anything and everything. From what the league should do next, to the very few, distant memories he could barely remember at all.

    Those old pictures master had given him along with the hands though, he found himself looking at them more every night.

    He had no idea who anyone was, no idea what was going on, and no idea where they even were. The only thing master had told him was that he would understand one day. That he’d finally figure out who was in that picture with a little boy that looked strangely identical to him, though the hair color was different.

    They all seemed so familiar, yet so strange. He wanted to know who they were, he wanted to know why that one little boy looked so familiar, he wanted to know everything. All that master had told him though was that when he figured it out, those hands he wore would make much more sense.

    One face seemed familiar though. Yours.

    How could be ignore you? The biggest pain in his ass, aside from All Might of course. The same hero that had ruined his plans countless times, rendering all of his planning and his preparation useless.

    He’s tried so many times to just decay you. He’s gotten so close to you, so close to ending you and his biggest problem. One touch and you would’ve been gone. One touch and you would’ve crumbled at his feet, eliminating one of the most irritating people he’s ever dealt with.

    Yet he could never bring himself to do it.

    Maybe it was guilt, or how you stood so close to that little boy. How you held onto his arm like he was your whole world in the picture that seemed to just confuse him more. You seemed so familiar. So strange but comforting, just as the hands were to him. The only difference was that he didn’t know what you were to him (except a pain in the ass).

    Every time he got close, close enough that he could just reach out and kill you, he just couldn’t. Hell, it almost hurt him seeing you quivering like that. You tried to act brave, but every time, he could see right past those ‘determined’ eyes.

    It hurt seeing you so scared, and he didn’t know why.

    He’s killed dozens of people and never felt anything. He’s terrorized and ruined hundreds of civilians, tearing them away from their families. They didn’t do anything wrong to him, so why were you so hard to kill?

    It never really sat right with him. The idea of you crumbling at his feet should’ve been appealing, almost like heaven, but there was always that guilt that lingered in him, the feeling that he might’ve made a mistake.

    You’ve haunted his thoughts for as long as he can remember, since you were put in magazines as UA’s top student, to the day you became a Pro Hero. Those interviews with you catching his eye. The fresh wounds on your arms angering him.

    He shouldn’t be that angry. He shouldn’t care that much. And yet, every scratch only served to piss him off more, no matter how small they were. He grew tired of seeing you all beaten up, and he didn’t know why.

    So instead of waiting to figure out who you were and why you meant so much, he just watched you, memorizing whatever ‘normal’ part of your schedule you had, for the most part at least, carving every little detail into his memory.

    The next time he had you alone, instead of decaying you like master would’ve liked him too, he gave you an option. You could either die alone, or you could spare yourself and follow him. He wouldn’t hurt you, it was nothing but an empty threat, but you didn’t need to know that.

    He tended to the cuts you obtained trying to flee, cleaning off the dried blood on your limbs, careful not to make it worse, one of his fingers bandaged and held away just as an extra precaution.

    He’d give you his clothes instead of the hero costume you wore. Maybe they weren’t the best, but it had to be better than a torn, stained costume.

    The first night with him is rough. Not just for you, but for him too. He doesn’t know what to do. You look so sad huddled on his bed. He told you he’d kill you if you tried to leave, but all that did was scare you even more.

    When he’s had enough of your quiet sobs, he’ll go over to you, sitting right in front of you, not quite sure what to do himself. He’ll whisper whatever he thinks would take your mind off of everything, whatever might give you the same sense of familiarity he feels with you, but his attempts never work.

    He doesn’t know you the way he wished he did. Not anymore at least. He wants to comfort you, he wants to tell you that he’ll take care of you, but you don’t want him to get close to you. It hurts when you push him away.

    When he’s finally somewhat ready to try to sleep, he crawls over to you, huddled on his side of the bed. Normally he’d be pissed, but if it’s just for one night, he can deal with it.

    He’ll lay down next to you, staring at you, committing every little detail of you to his memory, like he’ll never see you again.

    It’s comforting having you so close, almost in the same sense the hands are, but you’re different. You’re warm and alive, unlike the lifeless remains of people he used to know.

    When you’re asleep, he’ll finally reach out to you, his finger still bandaged, just in case. He’ll move closer, stopping every time in case you wake up, until he can feel your breath against him. He’ll wrap his arms around you, just testing out the feeling of it. Eventually it turns into nuzzling his face into you, his arms pressing you tightly against his chest. You’re so warm. It’s so different than what he’s used to.

    And once hero society has forgotten about you, he’ll take you around the city, but only with him around. He always lets you pick since you’ve been around the city more than him. He doesn’t like being around so many people, but if it lets him see that same smile he loved so long ago, it’s worth it.

    He always holds you close after a long mission, just to feel the warmth of your skin against his, and oftentimes, he’ll fall asleep like that.

    He feels safe for the first time in a long time, like nothing will ever go wrong with you around, and he’s determined to keep you around. He’ll do whatever you want, he’ll do whatever it takes, just don’t leave.

    @vxmpirewife @simultaneously-sick-and-calm @tomurastrashpanda @hellokittysyringes @nao-cchi

    Tumblr won’t let me add the link for my tag list form, so just go to my masterlist if you wanna be tagged in something <3

    #tomura shigaraki#bnha shigaraki#shigaraki tomura#shimura tenko#shigaraki#tenko shimura #shigaraki x reader #tomura shigaraki x reader #bnha x you #shimura tenko x reader #tenko shimura x reader #shigaraki fluff #shigaraki tomura x reader #mha shigaraki #tomura shigaraki x you #shigaraki x y/n #yandere shigaraki#yandere tomura
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  • dieliila
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • sugarbutterfly432
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    BNHA Headcanon

    After Tomura regained his repressed memories, he immediately forgives Hana for placing the blame on him since he knows that she was just as much as a victim in that house as him.

    However, he knows that Kotaro had confront him first, Tomura would done the same to his big sister. Which he's ashamed of, but he knows that children are simple.

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  • cereiza
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    the best dynamic is character a who’s scorned and hates everybody and everything and doesn’t trust anyone and character b who is a total sunshine and loves without judgement and shows character a that they deserve love just as much as anyone else and y’all cannot change my mind

    #this SCREAMS shigaraki #idk it just hits right in my brain #mha#anime#relationship#shigaraki tomura#vince blabs
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  • muzanswaifu
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Kinda wanna write some shigaraki smut too bc he used to really crusty but nows he's kinda like daddy and I'm in love with him and he's so hot now 😏

    Any ideas for a prompt, I got a few in mind but if u have an idea feel free to throw it at me at 100 mph

    #mha smut #my hero acadamy #my hero academia smut #boku no hero academia smut #boku no hero smut #shigaraki thirst#shigaraki smut
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  • sugarbutterfly432
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Nao's death...

    In the manga...

    In the anime...


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  • thehobbit97
    26.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Tomura’s darling has claws 😏

    #tomura shigaraki#yandere shigaraki#shigaraki fanart#shigaraki tomura #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #bnha#mha#original art#shigaraki #league of villains #lov#nsftumblr#shigaraki simp #shigaraki x y/n #shigaraki x reader
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  • writings-for-bean-chan
    26.10.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #tomura#shigaraki#shigaraki tomura#tomura shigaraki #shigaraki x reader #tomura x reader #tomura shigaraki x reader #shigaraki tomura x reader #BNHA#MHA#BNHA HCs#MHA HCs #BNHA x reader #MHA x reader #bnha x reader #mha x reader #boku no hero #my hero#hands#anime #anime x reader #manga #manga x reader #manga hcs#anime hcs
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  • no-fucks-left-in-inventory
    26.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Who wants the Shiggy angst bc my brain just got flooded with it

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