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    credit to @/ harperlyyn on tiktok

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    Shibari | Shinsou x Reader

    Warnings: 18+, shibari, oral (f rec), pussy slapping, suspension

    WC: 866


    “Will you help me train?” Shinsou had asked. At the time, it seemed like such an innocent question. You had always liked helping him train when you could. However, you seemed to miss the little smirk on his face after you had agreed.

    “Hitoshi! This is not training!” You squeal as his capture weapon wraps around your wrists.

    “I beg to differ. I said training, and I’m training with my capture weapon.”

    “This is not training! These,” You wave your tied together arms around. “Are not fighting rope patterns, Hitoshi!”

    “Did I say I was practicing fighting?”

    “You jerk! You planned this!”

    “Course I did, kitten. Thought we could have a little fun.” He smirks, tightening the fabric around your wrists. “Plus, let’s be honest here, you love it when I tie you up like this.”

    “Still could have said something, jerk.” Taking in a breath, you offer him a suggestive smile. “Alright, go on, do your thing.”

    Shinsou gives you another smirk and quickly moves to untie you before he starts undressing you, and disappears to grab a few more things before coming back over to you. Tilting your head up, he gives you a rough kiss before working on tying your wrists together again. Giving the rope a quick tug to make sure it’s secure but not too tight, he grabs his capture weapon again and looks over you, trying to decide what he wants to do. Without saying anything, he sets to work weaving intricate designs with the fabric. Before you know it, you’re suspended in the air, pieces of rope and his capture weapon weaved around you and holding you open for him.

    “There we go. Look at you, you’re so pretty, kitten.” He grins, walking around your suspended body, checking out each little knot as you attempt to wiggle around. He lays down a quick slap to your ass. “Stop moving around like that.”

    “Toshi! Come on, I had to stay still while you did this, play with me.”

    “Such a whiny little brat.”

    He moves in between your legs and runs two fingers up your slit, collecting the wetness that’s gathered there. Giving you a thoughtful look, he quickly moves his hand and gives your cunt a hard slap, laughing as you cry out and struggle. His hands move up to toys with your breast, fingers pulling and pinching at your nipples. Eventually he gives in to your whines of needing to be touched and kneels in front of you.

    Shinsou carefully thumbs over your clit a few times before flattening out his tongue and licking a long strip up your cunt. He repeats the action, letting the tip just barely slip in between your wet folds. Pulling back slightly, he gives your clit a soft kiss before wrapping his lips around it and sucking softly for a few moments.

    “Fuck, oh my god! Toshi! God, fuck untie me please, please, I wanna touch you.” You whine, wiggling around in your bindings.

    “I said, stop wiggling around like a little brat, dammit.” He growls as he slaps the side of your thigh.

    You whine loudly at him, but still do as told and stop moving around again. Once you finally stop moving around, he grabs your thighs in a tight grip and moves to trace over your clit with the tip of his tongue. Your head falls back as a long moan passes through your lips as he licks over you. He moans around your clit, sending little vibrations of pleasure throughout your body, before moving down to press his tongue into your slick hole. Licking into you, he allows his nose to bump and press against your sensitive clit as he moves.

    The room fills with the loud sound of Shinsou licking and slurping at your dripping cunt as if it was his last meal. He licks into you, slowly fucking his tongue in and out of your soaked cunt before moving back to focus on your clit. Once his lips wrap around it, he sinks two fingers into you and moves them quickly. Twisting his wrist slightly until he hits that spot within you that has you really screaming for him.

    “Close, oh god. I’m so close, Toshi!” You cry, back arching and toes curling from the pleasure. “Please, please, can I cum? Please, Hitoshi !”

    “Cum whenever you want to, kitten.” He purrs when he pops off of you, only to reattach himself seconds later.

    He speeds up his fingers, aiming them perfectly at the small spongy spot inside you as he sucks at your clit. Your walls suddenly clench tight around him as your orgasm takes over you at a rapid pace. Your toes curl tight as you squirt around his fingers, coating the bottom half of his face and his chest in your release. He pulls off your clit but keeps moving his fingers long enough to work you through your release. Pulling away, he stands up in front of you, allowing you to see his thoroughly soaked shirt before he tugs it over his head and pushes his pants down soon after.

    “I’m gonna need one more from you.” He grins and lines himself up.

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    ➳ My eclipse ⭒

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    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #fanfic summaries #Miraculous Ladybug AU #Denki Kaminari#Shoto Todoroki#Hitoshi Shinsou #Boku no Hero Academia #My Hero Academia #BNHA#MHA
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    Hmm as spooky little one, cgs dds and mds that enable the spooks

    Bakugou and he’s mad about it because he always says not this year and now their house looks like the nightmare before christmas and this is the third black cat stuffie he’s bought them this week

    Kirishima who sets up goosebumps marathons because it seems like a good compromise between him not wanting them too scared and them wanting scary movie nights

    Mina who’s been calling them her little familiar and has gone out her way to find cute matching costumes and might have a stash of candy in plastic cauldron waiting for little to discover it hidden somewhere. Just for fun.

    Shinsou was on board the minute he found out that they collect Halloween themed blankets and pillows and make a huge nest for naps and cuddles and it’s been a slippery slope into Halloweentown ever since.

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    ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ @kiypainter666

    ᴀ/ɴ - thank you sm for placing a special order :] feel free to order again !!

    Shinsou wasn't having a very good day, to say the least. Everything had been going wrong! He was stressed, he was tired, and on top of it all, he had just had a panic attack. Which made him feel even worse than before. Now, he was alone and he was feeling really little, which was a weird feeling because he's never slipped when sad. Bakugou had just been in his dorm, calming him down from the attack. He only left because he decided that Hitoshi needed to have some water. Shinsou felt his eyes sting as he began to cry for his papa. Just then, Bakugou came back into the little's dorm, just in time to see him crying. "Oh, what's wrong, bub?" He asked setting down the sippy cup. Only hiccups came from the boy before he threw himself into a hug, crying into his caregiver's chest. "I'm sorry that today has been icky on you, baby." Bakugou coos softly as he rubs circles into his little's back. Once Shinsou's crying stopped, Bakugou made a proposal. "Why don't we have a movie night, hm? We could watch all of your favorite movies and have snacks!" Shinsou stayed silent for a moment. "An' cuddle?" He asked softly, voice still a little shaky. "Of course, 'toshi"

    Once Bakugou was done making all the snacks (with little 'toshi's help of course) they cuddled up on the bed, and Bakugou turned on Shinsou's favorite movie. "Tank you, papa!! I loves you" Bakugou smiled at Shinsou, as he responded. "I love you too, little one." As he said that Shinsou snuggled even closer to his papa. Although, soon enough into the movie, Bakugou realized that Shinsou had fallen asleep. Once he got Shinsou all tucked in, Bakugou kissed him on the forehead, and let his baby get some rest.

    #mha agere #mha age regression #mha little blog #mha littlespace #my hero academia agere #boku no hero academia agere #bnha agere#agere blog#agere fanfiction#age regressor#anime agere#little shinsou#little hitoshi#cg bakugou#cg katsuki #age re blog
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    Bang The Doldrums (Kinktober Day 6)

    Food play || Rimming/Analingus || Deep throating

    Hitoshi x Fem Reader

    Themes/Warnings: Deep throating (m!recieving), consensual brainwashing, quirk misuse, mild drug use, subdrop, aftercare.

    All characters depicted are Mid 20s and Older. Minors do not interact.

    I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me the same way I think of you.

    And this is a love song in my own way; happily ever after below the waist.

    Best friends, ex-friends to the end, better off as lovers but not the other way around.

    Racing through the city, windows down, in the back of yellow checkered cars.


    Sometimes, the best part of Hitoshi’s day is when you slink out of your bedroom, freshly showered after returning from patrol, skin soft and moisturized in a crop top and pajama shorts, and make your way to plop onto the couch beside him as he smoked. To him, it seemed that all your best ideas came forward when the room was hazy with smoke and your eyelids were heavy, sinking into the plush couch in your shared apartment.

    However, as he tips his head towards the ceiling in his dimly lit bedroom, room hazy and silent save for soft music and the sounds of your mouth making a mess of his cock, he thinks this is the greatest idea you’ve ever had.

    “Hey Toshi…do you think you could brainwash someone’s gag reflex away?”

    One sentence.

    One sentence was all it took to flood his brain with imagery of you on your knees, enthusiastically pleasuring him, doe eyes round as dinnerplates with blown pupils and your hand underneath your skirt, topless breasts jiggling with the efforts of pleasing the both of you at once.

    The reality was far superior to the imaginary.

    He glanced down at you again when you finally hit your limit with a tiny gag that came out as a squeak, and he tipped your chin up with a pleasure heavy hand. He tapped your cheek in a silent signal to release him, earning a stubborn whine from you as you tried to take him deeper again. He ended up lifting you off of him, cooing at you as you pouted, lips swollen and slick with saliva and precum.

    “Aww, kitten…we can’t test your theory if you keep going.”

    You huffed, and he chuckled, “Patience. I need to make sure you still want to do this. When I put you under, I have complete control of you."

    He didn't miss the shudder that went down your spine.

    "There has only ever been one person who broke out of my control on his own free will, and he’s now the number one hero. Do you understand?”

    You nod dumbly and Hitoshi chuckles.

    It’s a good habit to have, really, not to verbally respond to his questions.

    He doesn’t chastise you for it, just gently reminds you to respond verbally and the minute you do, your mind is comfortably silent. His voice, honey sweet and soothing, gently sifts through the cotton-soft haze.

    Kitten? If you can hear me, tap my leg with your index finger twice.

    Two soft taps.

    You’re so good for me. Now, I need you to do something.

    You glance up at him, eyes bright and eager to please. He tapped his cock against your lips.

    Open, pretty baby.

    You comply, and Hitoshi puts one large hand on the back of your head to guide you back onto his cock, drool slicking up his shaft and dribbling down to the base and pooling in the nearly trimmed hairs there. Praises flow forward from his lips, enmeshing themselves in the batting padding your mind as he gradually guides his cock deeper and deeper into your mouth, going slowly until that unmistakable squeak and tension in your neck and shoulders make their appearances.

    Are you ready?

    His voice is deceptively stable, a stark contrast to his ruddied cheeks and slightly parted lips as he pants softly, fingers flexing and relaxing in your hair as he resists the urge to press himself forward before—

    You nod, and Hitoshi smiles.

    You’re wound pretty tight, princess. I need you to loosen up a bit, relax your throat for me.

    Tension melts from your body, not enough to leave you limp, but enough to leave you pliable. Hitoshi pushes your head down a bit more, waits, takes in a sharpened breath when you involuntarily whimper, raises his hips to gently buck up into your warm, wet mouth, amethyst eyes locked onto your lust blown, pleading ones. He can feel pinpricks of impatience on your end, you want him to move, want to be his good girl, his perfect little princess who takes him oh so well.

    Finally, your nose is pressed to the scruff at the base of his cock, tears streaming from your eyes. Your body wants to gag like it normally would, but Hitoshi’s hold over you is preventing the muscles from spasming around the intrusion. He mumbles something about fucking your face, and he doesn’t miss the excitement flash across your eyes. In a flurry of movement, he has you on your back, head lolling off the bed as he strokes himself before pushing himself back into your throat, one of your much smaller hands fondling his balls. He tries to keep movements gentle and contained, but when he looks down to see your face, fucked out and absolutely sloppy for him, the control snaps.

    You hear him speaking, but the cotton in your head has spread to your ears, everything around you closing in until nothing exists but Hitoshi’s cock and your carnal need to finish what you started. You feel his hand wrap around your throat, feel the increased pressure on the bulge in your throat, and suddenly your eyes are rolling back and you’re whimpering around his girth and coming completely undone without having been touched. Hitoshi watches your body tense, freeze, and then implode on itself, can see your cum soaking through your panties and dribbling down to puddle on your skirt, tears streaming from your eyes and into your hairline at the intensity.

    Time stops for a moment.

    Oh fuck.

    Hitoshi bottoms out, swears again, and then with an involuntary jerk, he dives headfirst over the edge, watching your throat work to swallow him down. Your vision is spotty and you feel the cotton slowly fading from your mind as he withdraws from you, leaving you to gasp for breath, jaw aching and throat sore.

    You sniffle, and he immediately swaps to aftercare mode, fussing over you as he pulls his clothing back to it’s rightful position in case he needs to leave to get you anything.

    “Why are we crying? Do you want snuggles while you sort it out?”

    You sniffle and reach up for him, and you’re immediately wrapped in big arms, cradled to his chest with your face buried in a soft, clean hoodie while he gently rocks you back and forth, humming in a deep baritone to soothe you. Your emotions gradually subside, and when the cat comes from hiding to walk around you and causes you to sneeze, a teary giggle bursts forth and his chuckle rumbles from his chest to yours.

    “Do we wanna talk about it, princess?” He thumbs your tears away, kisses your forehead, and continues to softly rock you.

    “It’s stupid.”

    “No, it’s not. Using my quirk on you can get pretty intense, even for something simple and non-sexual. Why do you think Katsuki doesn’t verbally answer me anymore?”

    You sniffle and laugh, “Promise not to laugh at me?”

    “I promise to apologize if it gives me the giggles like the time you got upset because you scared Nacho when you came.”

    The orange cat that had curled up to stay by your side cracked one golden eye open, hissed softly, and curled back up. You snorted, remembering that despite your allergy (and the stupid name you bestowed upon him), Nacho did like you more than Hitoshi, to the point where he only responds to Nacho and not his given name, Azrael (he didn’t care for Garfield, though, much to your disappointment).

    “I think I got all worked up because everything was super intense and I know I did good but when you came I didn’t get to taste you.”

    You watch Hitoshi’s face rotate through a wealth of emotions before settling on that face that he makes when you’re being adorably and involuntarily ridiculous.

    “Kitten," he coos, "You got all worked up over not getting your mi—”

    “I will leave this room right now, tears and all, and call Denki.”

    Hitoshi dragged you back down to the mattress, snuggling up beside you, “Not if I have anything to do with it. Here,” he hands you the remote, “pick a movie, we’re gonna decompress a little, and then I’m gonna reward my needy little kitten for being absolutely perfect.”

    You preen at the praise, “Mmmm…can I have my reward now?”

    “Let’s give your emotions some time to settle, hm?”

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    Cum Play

    Shinsou x Reader

    Summary: Shinsou just can’t help but love to see you so full of or covered in his cum.

    A/N: I just associate this kink with this man and don’t know why.

    Warnings: Gender neutral reader, oral Shinsou receiving, cum play/eating, dom Shinsou, sub reader, slight corruption kink, use of pet name “kitten”, I think that’s all! Let me know if I missed anything!

    Shinsou can’t contain himself anymore. Your doe like eyes are peered up at him while your tongue sticks out. He’s completely ruined by the sight. You’re just so ready for him.

    He pumps his cock just a couple more times with his hand. More isn’t needed. He lands his cock on your tongue and let’s himself go.

    He spills himself in your mouth.

    You take everything he gives you.

    “Don’t swallow,” he breathed out.

    You nod your head lightly and look up at him.

    The sight made him stay hard. He almost hated himself for thinking it was so sexy.

    Your eyes looked up at him so eagerly and innocently. You were just waiting for him to say the word. You were so compliant with him. In that moment anything he wanted you would have given it to him.

    “Keep your mouth open like that, yeah?” he spoke.

    His words were so soft and breathy. It drove you crazy. All you could do was nod in approval.

    “You look so pretty like that, baby,” he continued. “You’re so full. Do you wanna swallow it?”

    You nodded eagerly at him.

    He smirked down at you.

    Shinsou wished he could look at you like this forever.

    “Swallow it all for me,” he instructed.

    You closed your mouth quick as he took hold on your chin. You gulped everything he gave you down.

    “Show me,” he instructed.

    You opened your mouth back up and let your tongue roll out.

    “Good, kitten.”

    #shinsou smut #shinsou x reader #shinsou x you #shinsou x y/n #shinsou hitoshi smut #shinsou hitoshi x reader #shinsou hitoshi x you #shinsou hitoshi imagine #shinsou imagine#shinsou fanfiction#shinsou fic #hitoshi shinsou x reader #hitoshi shinsou x you #hitoshi shinsou smut #hitoshi x you #hitoshi x y/n #hitoshi x reader #mha writing#mha smut#mha fanfiction #bnha x gender neutral reader #bnha x you #bnha smut #bnha x gn!reader #mha imagines #mha x reader #mha x gn!reader #bnha writing#bnha fanfiction
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    Dragonborne: Chapter 22

    - The Other Side -

    Look at me, back on my bullshit, like a little bitch.

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    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Hitoshi: I want a remote that makes people shut up with the click of a button

    Izuku: you mean a gun?

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    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Neito: I have no such taste in men

    Hitoshi, looking at Izuku: I know, I’m too tall


    Neito: I have high standards

    Kendo, looking at Izuku: really?

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    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Part 2 - Chapter 36 - Controversy

    Blank Canvas Part 2

    AO3 - here

    Fanfiction.net - here

    And we're back! This is chapter is heavy on the world building and there are several pov changes going on. Civilians, Heroes, and Villains, oh my! :) Time to see how all of them react to this shocking turn of events. With a little domestic fluff near the end to somewhat lighten the mood.

    I've decided to fix the -nette/-net thing when it comes to genders in this. Got part way through editing part 1 for that and other things. To save myself work in the future, I'm going to start using them now in this part. :) So if you notice that change, that's why.

    Warning for mention of suicide in the paragraph starting with [While in prison...]. It's in the second sentence but that's it.

    Linktree to all the things!

    End notes for the chapter are under the line.

    Hoo boy, this chapter was a pain to edit. There are so many factors at play but I think I found a balance to all the deferring sides? I want to thank everyone who commented last chapter. I had most of the societal and character views down, but you gave me more to think about and add. :) Such as the Hero Commission's meddling and the start of the MLA showing up. Specific shout outs to dannythebookworm, Rijus_Hope, thePanopticon_isJust_azkaban, and Veriea for bringing up points I hadn't thought about! Those factors really made sense and though I haven't replied to your comments yet they still helped! :D

    For the MLA pov, apologies if it seems weird or OOC. I'm not as familiar with that arc or the characters involved. Though the second half of season five very much helped me get a better feel for their characters. So I hope that turned out alright. ^____^ Goes to prove that not everyone is attracted to the trouble magnet in a good way. ;)

    Soooooo, about the Fun Facts. Honestly, I've got nothing for this chapter. XD I like them to be connected to the chapter in some way and I can't think of any. I did say I have a finite amount of them. I still have more but none that make sense with this chapter. So this will be the first without since chapter 3 of part 1 other than double updates. Sorry about that, but it doesn't really take away anything from the story! The fun facts are meant as just little extra nuggets of knowledge. From now on, I'll include fun facts when it makes sense to the chapter but it won't necessarily be every one. Thanks for understanding! ^___^

    That's all for now! Next update Izuku and Aizawa have a little chat. About what you may ask? You'll find out next Tuesday! ^_____^ I know, yet another cliffhanger to tantalize you. ;) Hee hee! Let your imaginations run wild and let me know of typos or weirdness! Tah!

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    Incorrect Quote #20

    Bakugou *holding a carafe* : Coffee or tea ?

    Shinsou : Coffee.

    Bakugou : Wrong. It's tea.

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    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Powerloader: And, where were you two?

    Hatsume: Making babies!

    Shinso: *spits out water* Machines! She means machines!


    Hatsume: 😇

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    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Hitoshi: Izuku, your tie isn’t straight

    Izuku: yeah, well neither are you so,

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    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Monoma: Evil Shinsou-kun be like.

    Shinsou: I love Monoma ahh.

    #shinsou: happy? #monoma: very. #shinsou hitoshi#monoma neito#shinmono #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #incorrect boku no hero academia #incorrect boku no hero academia quotes #incorrect bnha #incorrect bnha quotes #bnha incorrect quotes #incorrect my hero academia #incorrect my hero academia quotes #incorrect mha #incorrect mha quotes #mha incorrect quotes #bnha shinsou#bnha monoma#mha shinsou#mha monoma
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    Overhaul is Shinso's older brother

    Overhaul has purple hair (in the light).

    Shinso has purple hair.

    Overhaul as Shinso's older brother, separated in foster care. Part of the reason why Overhaul desires to erase quirks so much is that he hates Hitoshi's voice brainwashing quirk. He's frightened by it, terrified to the bones. He's glad they got separated, but just in case they ever meet again...

    He is going to erase Hitoshi's quirk.


    Overhaul is such a control freak that he would most definitely hate a brainwashing quirk.

    But just imagine. An older brother cowering at the sight of their 5-year-older brother for fear that the younger brother will command him to give more piggyback rides.

    Well, that's also angsty too.

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    Give this boy a nap and a miu miu fit 👿 y’all already know Denki is hitting on him in the comments

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    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    draw inspired by my weird ass fucked up fic

    #observe. a corpse #kitty draws#shinsou hitoshi#bakugou katsuki#bnha#mha#tw corpse#tw blood#tw eyestrain#tw repetition #I swear it looks better irl #if you squint you can find my 'idk katsuki' indications on the red mass #anyways#fun times
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    More for the 'Suspected Traitor Midoriya'

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