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  • marshmallowloves
    17.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    DAY 7 - BOO!

    It was a bittersweet end. Sirela had finally managed to loosen up and enjoy herself in a crowded, exciting setting - in no small part thanks to her favorite alien's abilities - but it was over as quickly as it started. She knew she could visit anytime, of course, but a part of her felt so reluctant to leave. She made it to the front door of the beautiful moonlit mansion, and turned around to look inside it one more time.

    Orbulon had already made it to the bottom of the steps, but he sensed her distress and stopped to see if she had followed him. He doubled back and took a hold of her hand.

    "Sirela, do you not wish to see the fruits of our earlier labor?" He asked rather gently, trying to lighten her somber mood. Sirela shook her head, snapping out of her little trance.

    That's right, she thought. Queenie had said that a Boo possessing their Jack-o'-lantern was a symbol of good luck. Perhaps a blessing like that was the parting gift she needed tonight.

    The Lady nodded at her date with a tiny smile, and he returned with a beam. He tugged at her hand until she followed with a giggle, and they scurried out front to check on their project.

    They stopped when they saw that the gourd was still and silent as a winter's morning. Sirela's heart sank in her chest as the other partygoers' pumpkins floated and danced around, full of life.


    Orbulon frowned and looked up at his Lady. "Sirela..."

    There was a short silence between them, before he spoke up again. "I-It is merely an Earthling superstition, is it not? I am certain good things will still happen regardless!"

    Sirela turned her head slightly away. "S-Still... we put so much heart into it... I don't want it to be for nothing..."

    "I assure, it will be for everything!" He let go of her hand for a moment to step towards their gourd. "Come, let us bring it home! Pulverized Fasloxian gourds make a wonderful resting aid! I know you Earth-folk love your rapid eye movement." He reached his hands out to pick it up, but let out a sharp yell when an invisible force shoved him away.

    "Whoa, hey, gimme a minute!!" The two were shocked to find that a Boo had materialized in front of their gourd, looking relatively miffed.

    "Oough..." Orbulon straightened his shades after the impact nearly knocked them off, but he was otherwise okay.

    "I-I thought... I thought it was empty," Sirela said in disbelief.

    "Well, we WERE trying to get a hold of it, but this thing is so darn HEAVY!" the Boo complained. "What even IS this?! It's not a pumpkin, that's for sure!"

    Orbulon's face lit up in pride, excited to explain. "It is a Fasloxian--"

    "Yeah, yeah, Hazmat-ian door or whatever, I heard you the first time, buddy! I mean what is this thing MADE of? Steel?? Rocks???" The little mischief-maker was absolutely bewildered at this alien fruit.

    "Wait, wait, hold on--" Sirela tilted her head. "Did--Did you say 'we?'"

    Pretty much on cue, another little white spirit popped up next to the first one. "Yeah, he did say 'we!' Don't forget you're not the only one to call dibs!" it barked at its fellow apparition. "I mean, it smells a little funky, but that face is HILARIOUS! Think of all the dumb places we could put this!"

    "You mean think of all the GREAT places we could put this!" To Sirela's shock, yet a third Boo appeared behind the others! "Like, we could just stick this in the middle of the foyer. Or on the toilet!"

    "Look," said the first Boo. "That's all well and good, but until we can lift this darn thing, it's not going ANY place!"

    Sirela couldn't help but start to laugh - a giddy little laugh that made Orbulon's cheeks tinge a baby blue upon hearing. She grabbed his hands and spun him around without warning.

    "Orby, there's three of them!! Three!!" She could barely contain her excitement. "Ohh, wow! How much luck is that?!"

    The little alien couldn't help but grin wide. "Perhaps a lot! But the luck has already happened, has it not? We were able to enjoy this most exciting excursion together!"

    Sirela smiled sheepishly and a blush crept to her face in turn. "Hehe... that is pretty lucky, isn't it?" She started to laugh again and pulled the alien into a tight hug, which he happily reciprocated.

    "Yeesh," one of the Boos muttered, rolling its eyes while the other two attempted desparately to lift the alien gourd with Herculean strength. "Get a room."

    I had SO much fun doing this!! This week flew by, but every day I was so excited to see what everyone had to share! What a great party!

    Queenie, you are such a lovely individual and so full of creativity! Thank you for being so awesome and such a wonderful friend to everyone!! 💜👻❄️

    #this whole week was such a blast #tbh i was having a really garbage week before this #i'm really happy you set this up #it feels so good to be able to participate and have fun! #Queenie you're an angel and I'm giving you all of my hearts #take them i won't take no for an answer #💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜#MHP2021#Sirela#Orbulon#my art#my writing#Interstellar Infatuation
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  • nerdstreak
    17.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    @queenieboo22's MHP Day 7 - BOO!

    What a wonderful way to end it! The Threepio carving looks quite silly combined with a Boo's face, but it looks like we get some good luck for once, thank goodness!

    cheating a bit with this one, remind me to never draw so many f/os at once for a daily event again lololol

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  • eyazu
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Isn't she just the spookiest of clowns ?

    [ This is a drawing for the Mansion Harvest Party event hosted by queenieboo22 ! ]

    HAHA SO I GOT BURNT OUT ?? I finished up to day 6 early but god I didn't want to draw after that so I finished the sketch for day 7 and expected to just feel better to get it done in time bUT NOT REALLY ! So I ended up just doing Klee instead of the two full drawings I was planning... Here's the sketches though! I might finish the one with me and Albedo in the future and chances are I'll still do a lot more halloween art up until fall is over, assuming I even stop.

    BUT for now I think I'll take a lil break from drawing this group, my brain is itching for me to do some early 2010s-era fandom stuff

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  • helpfulbluebell
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    "Woahhh, Look at all The Boos and Pumpkins!"

    "Well I'll Be Damned, They Do Possess The Pumpkins"

    "This Looks Amazing!"

    "Ooh! Ooh! I see our Little Pumpkin! That one there!"

    "Guess That Means Were Going To Have some Good Luck Right?"

    "Mhmm! That's What Queenie Said!"

    "Yeah! Thank You for Asking me to Join You Here Blue!"

    "Yeah, I'm Glad You Forced Me to Come, I've Had a Blast Little Sis Even If I did Get Spooked Quite too many Times for My Liking"

    "Hehe Ya Don't Have to Thank Me You Two I wasn't The One who Made The Party In The First Place But I'm Glad You Two We're The Ones to Come with Me! Let's Come Again Next Year Maybe!"

    "Yeah!" "Yes Please!"

    (A Little Thing Underneath :) )

    Event By @queenieboo22

    Thank You Queenie! We Might Not Know Each Other really and I Did Join Your Event without Notice But I've had a Real Blast doing This! So I Thought I do a Small Doodle of Appreciation! Sorry if I did Anything Wrong On Your Design Queenie!

    #Tag: That's Cold Bro #Tag: Romantic Radish #platonic f/o#familial f/o#sibling f/o#blue'sartxx#Blue's Writingxx#MHP2021 #Hope You Like It Queenie! Really Big Thanks for Hosting This Event! #Maybe We Could Be Mutuals/Friends Even After The event has ended?-- Your Really Cool-- /gen #Sorry If This Comes Out of No Where! I just Have No Self Shipping Friends-- #But In Anycase! I Hope everyone Enjoys This Last Entry!!! Thank You everyone for Liking My Work!! :D You All Have done so So Great with >> #All Your Prompts!! Your All Fab! well done!! Happy Halloween!!
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  • hotelmist
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Haunting Party! Day 7: BOO!

    Event belongs to: @queenieboo22

    Fun, games and laughter carried on throughout the night but before long the party came to an end. "Oh my is it really over already? Such a shame," Coraline proclaimed with a small sigh but remained smiling as she floats over to the king and queen; politely bowing to them as she gives them her thanks. "Thank you so much for inviting all of us to your lovely party your majesties, we all had a lot of fun! And your ladyship must I say your Karaoke performance with the princesses was simply amazing!"

    "Coraline!" Kalika could be heard calling out quickly gaining the writers attention. Floating over the ex-theif looks down at her friend nodding her head towards the door where the others were waiting for them. "We best get going..the sun will most likely becoming soon. We best leave now or else none of us will be able to see clearly enough to find our way back." "O-Oh right!" Smiling almost sheepishly now she quickly turns back to the duo of royals and politely bows to them again. "S-So sorry but it appears we have to take our leave now. But it has been a pleasure to see you both again. Have a happy harvest season you two; and until we meet again we all bid you fairwell!" .....................................................................................................................

    With farewells given, their group recollected, and smiles adorned on all their faces the group of now six Last resort residents take leave from the mansion after saying goodbye to any newly made friends or reacquainted old ones. But before they could truely leave the mansion's grounds they still had one last thing to do. Gathering around their pumpkin, Coraline,Kalika,Tanya,and carlos all stare at their glowing pumpkin each wondering if it was glowing brighter than it did when they have arrived. While Emily and Johnny wonder the same thing about the swimmers own jack-o-lantern that was placed down close by. Looking at one another with raised brow; each of the fellas took hold of the lids of the two pumpkins swiftly removing them only:

    For a boo to pop out of each of the pumpkins! Surprised everyone steps back at the sudden appearance of the two ghost but laughed as they watched them grow shy before laughing themselves and fly around the group with blinding speed and back into the mansion they had all just left from.

    "Well, it appears we all have a some good luck coming out way this harvest season huh?" Tanya quipped with a chuckle. "It certainly appears to be that way!" Carlos was the next to laugh whilst placing the lid back onto the pumpkin. "H-Hehe, well I hope everyone has a great harvest season!" Emily hummed from Johnny's side. "N-Now let's head back to the hotel hm? I'm sure the others are wondering we're we've been and i-it's best not to leave them waiting right?"

    No one could argue with that statement, Gathering their things and giving the mansion one last look look behind them they finally take their leave; the forest guiding their ghostly party with ease; just as the queen had decreed. Each baring a smile, good luck for the harvest season, and memories of a party that they would not be able to forget anytime soon.

    (Had a lot of fun participating in this event! It was a lot of fun to see what the different prompts would be and really helped me with coming up with ideas for things to draw and stuff. Great event as always @queenieboo22 ! Thanks for letting me participate it was a lot of fun!)

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  • magicalselfshipping
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Harvest Party Day 7: BOO!


    (This one's a little long, so under a read-more it goes)

    The party was officially coming to an end. The double doors of the massive mansion creaked open and everyone who attended was exiting through them.

    The young woman dressed as a green magikoopa and the actual magikoopa wearing a bedsheet walked out, holding hands, surprisingly! ( Kamek usually gets insanely flustered at pda... )

    Both looked like they had really enjoyed the party. "I had a really great time tonight, Kamek!" She said, a little smile on her face. "I did as well. It's nice to get some time off from my duties at the castle..." He then looked a bit nervous, even hidden under the sheet. "I..I really enjoyed spending time with you, as well..." Eden could tell he was blushing slightly under the sheet. Now it was her turn to be flustered... "Oh! I uh... did t-too...!" She stuttered, her face slightly red. Kamek now had a little cheeky grin on his face, albeit still flushed himself... He loved that he could fluster her like she can him.

    He leaned down, still smirking, and pressed a little kiss on her hand, causing her to turn absolutely BEET RED... "K-KAMEK...!" She hid her face in her free hand.

    "Eeeheeheehee... Well then, shall we see if our pumpkin was possessed?" The cheeky little magikoopa asked.

    "O-oh! Yeah... I totally forgot about that..." Eden said, trying to regain her composure.

    The two walked past a couple of party goers, -notably Luigi dressed as a werewolf and a girl who looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon; Clem, a ghost dressed as a yurei and a person with cat ears and a mask; and several other ghosts - and made their way to the pumpkins.

    "L-LOOK! They're floating!" Eden excitedly spoke while pointing.

    "And ours is too!! Queenie said that means we'll have good luck!" She giddily said while waving her arms in excitement. She was as happy as a kid on Christmas. Kamek was too busy gazing at her adoringly... You could practically see the hearts in his eyes!

    She turned to look at him. "Do you see it Kamek?! Ours is floating!" She repeated.

    He snapped out of his daze. "O-oh! Yes, I see it. Wonderful news!" he answered with a smile.

    The two started toward Boo Woods yet again, preparing to make the long trek back to Bowser's Castle... Until Kamek stopped, crossing his arms. When Eden turned to ask him what was wrong, he answered, "I refuse to go through those woods again. You remember what happened last time." Eden looked sympathetic. "I know... we got lost and you couldn't fly on your broom... and you walked into a few spiderwebs... and tripped and fell in a puddle... and-" Kamek raised a finger, cutting her off.

    "The point is, I have a better way of getting back home..." He said while pulling his broomstick out of his robes.

    "Ohhhh." Eden gave a nod of understanding.

    The two both mounted the broom, taking flight above the woods, finally heading home.


    This wonderful event was created by @queenieboo22 ! Also with small cameos by @lex-n-weegie and @hakuchotheswanghost ! (Hope you don't mind... ^_^;)

    #mhp2021 #sorry this one is so LONG... #I had to make it a bit longer since this IS the last day after all! ^_^; #the magical genius #also a cameo by lex-n-weegee ! #I get nervous tagging people in my posts... ^_^; #also added hakuchotheswanghost's cameo in the story! #If you don't want to be in the story I can change it btw! #my stuff
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  • hakuchotheswanghost
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Harvest Party - Day 7: Boo!

    Hakucho, Clem, and Angelica look at their pumpkins who were possessed by one of the Boos and starts floating around, which is the best moment of their life..and afterlife that is.

    Hakucho: How lovely!

    Clem: *chuckles* Sure is...

    As the two looks at the pumpkin, Angelica stares at the floating pumpkin with a smile, but still worried for her boyfriend as she knows that the last day will be over...….until.....

    ???: Angelica! I have arrived, Angelica!

    She heard that familiar voice as she turns around and saw Joshua with a skeleton mask and costume as he runs towards her before stopping, catching his breath. He then stares at her and began to apologize.

    Joshua: I'm so very sorry for keeping you waiting. I was in the maze and then suddenly got lost in the woods. I tried to find my way to the mansion, but I stumble into the pit and was now trapped so I-

    As he explains to her why he didn't arrived sooner at the party, Angelica stares at him for a while before smiles as she quickly pecks him a kiss even if they had their masks on. She then held his hand with her two hands as she responds to him.

    Angelica: It doesn't matter. I'm just glad you arrived safety. I know you kept me waiting, but I still know that you still love me even if you got stuck on the pit. Overall, I'm just glad you're arrived just in time to see the pumpkins floating.

    Her sweet, kind words made Joshua blushes as he flustered, yet awed by her cute smiles while her pumpkin stares in a confusing way.

    Joshua: O-oh...I'm happy to hear that. Gosh, I love you. ^///^

    Angelica: I love you, even more, Joshua. ^///^

    The End.

    (Mansion Harvest Event: @queenieboo22) (Joshua: @storygaming2102 )

    #mhp2021#Lm3 oc#Lm3 ghostsona#Lm3 #Luigi's Mansion 3 #Lm3 Clem#Clem#Hakucho Kokoro#Angelica (Me)#Self-insert#Joshua (Himself) #BEST. HALLOWEEN PARTY. EVER!! #YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB ON IT #I'M SO VERY HAPPY!!! #>W< #I have so much fun with this prompts
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  • ava-ships
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Day 7: BOO!

    Looks like Joey and Jasper wanted to go home with Sasha and Yasuhiro!

    Event by @queenieboo22

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  • thadeeliv-si
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Harvest Party Day 7: BOO!

    “What a party!” Fergus exclaimed, holding a sack of hors d’ouevres.

    “It’s a shame to leave, though,” Destiny noted.  “I think I really hit it off with that pink human.”

    “Another one?”  Dylan chuckled.  “You’re going soft, Destiny.”

    Destiny grew flustered.  “N-no I’m not!”  She hopped on labrador!Thade’s back.  “Let’s go, Thade.”

    The Poodlewolf pumpkin floated by.  The four canids saluted.


    “Hurry up!” Natsuki said.  “If we don’t hurry home, Sayori’s gonna eat all the good candy!”

    “Speak for yourself,” Slendy!Thade said.  “I know she’s not touching the Warheads.”

    “Yeah, but the Three Musketeers…”

    “Oh, shit, you’re right!!”  Slendy!Thade made a mad dash to her world, with Natsuki struggling to keep up.


    Thade and Misery looked down at a smashed pumpkin.

    “Yeah, that checks out,” Misery said.


    Dia and Quill stumbled out of the mansion, holding on to each other and laughing.

    “She’s living in the past, so you won’t last without the proper care!” Quill sang.

    “With a royal farewell and an animate spell, you won’t have long to prepare!” Dia sang back.  The two nuzzled each other.

    “Now,” Quill said, “let’s find Ocellus.  Hope the ghosts didn’t give her too hard a--”

    The two found Ocellus engaged in a heated game of poker with a few ghosts.  Ocellus herself was also disguised as a ghost, but with a slightly distinct color.

    “...I don’t think we should interrupt,” Dia said.

    “Yeah,” Quill replied.  “Maybe we should...go back inside…”


    Stick!Thade entered the woods, struggling to carry Nepeta on her back.

    “Best.  Hallow33n dance.  Efur!” Nepeta shouted.

    “Good thing this was your first one, huh?” stick!Thade joked.  Nepeta gave her a playful scratch on the cheek.

    “Anyway,” stick!Thade continued, “I think I’ve socialized with enough grim grinning ghosts for one lifetime.”

    “Mew won’t have a choice after,” Nepeta said.

    “Ugh, don’t remind me.  Maybe we should get some porcelain dolls, so I can spend my afterlife in one of them.”


    Polly moaned, slumped down on the floor.

    “Yo, wake up!” Pearl called.  “The party’s over!  Time to get back to Inkopolis!”

    “Oog,” Polly said.  “Ate...too much…”

    “Come on.”  Pearl helped her up.  “You can sleep when we get home.”

    “Iiiiii’d like thhat....”  Polly dragged herself behind Pearl.  “N...never...againnnnnnn…”


    “You know,” WIllow said, “it feels like we didn’t really do anything all night.”

    “Speak for yourself,” Vira said.  “I’ve been dusting this mansion since we got here.  It’s almost like our host is afraid of vacuums or something.”

    #mhp2021 #good game y'all
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  • mjthegoob
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Day 7: BOO!


    (I really don't wanna show you this King boo and Queenie, so I'm sorry in advance.)

    Kruller: MJ!

    MJ: what?

    Chambrea: look behind you!

    MJ: what are you talking about-

    King boo: BOO!

    MJ screamed and dropped his punch on the floor.

    King boo: Ha ha ha ha ha!

    MJ:... Did you just made me spill my punch!?

    King boo: mhm, what are you going to do? Cry like a baby? He said while laughing very hard.


    King boo: AAAAHHHH! MJ tazed him away into a wall.

    MJ: you should never mess with me...


    Kruller and Chambrea:😲

    MJ: what?

    The end. (I guess)

    (I must say, I had a great time with you guys! Just hope we can do it again sometime, and don't get mad at me.)

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  • nerdstreak
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    @queenieboo22's MHP Day 6 - Killer Karaoke!

    It's such a fine and natural sight Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight!

    This song has been stuck in my head since watching this so hell yea we're singing it

    #mhp2021#hannah's scribbles#hannley#science mom #i'm your moon #silent and deadly #dynamic electronic lifeform #a bit late tonight bc aminal crossins but here it is nevertheless
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  • mewlover
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Sorry, Cleat got extreme stage fright and bailed instantly. So Day 6 is out...

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  • helpfulbluebell
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Day 6: Killer's Karaoke Prompt

    The Three Stood Amazed as They Watched As Queenie, Daisy and Peach Sing Hocus Pocus

    "Wahh! So Cool! Go Ms Queenie Daisy and Peach! Gooo!"

    "Heh! I knew They were Going to Sing! They are even really Good!"

    "Hey Hey Hey! Why don't You Sing afterwards Blue?"

    "Eh? Me?"

    "Yeah! I've Heard You Singing Before! You sound Brilliant! You should Give It a Go!"

    "I Think You should Give It a Go Little Sis, We Won't Force Ya Too But I Think you need to show everyone your Talent! Your really good at singing"

    "W-Well…. O-Okay! But Can You Two Come Up with Me?.. I'm a Bit Nervous"

    "Course! We'll be your Cheerers! You're gonna Do Great!"

    After Queenie and Co Got off of The Stage and They Let some others Sing first as to give Blue a Chance to Calm Their Nerves a Bit Before They All Stood On Top of The Stage. After Getting some Thumbs Up and Some Silent Cheers From Them Blue Took a Deep Breath and Yelled..

    "HIT IT!"

    Blue was Still Nervous as Hell to do this Infront of so many people and at the beginning of The Song They did make one or two Mistakes or Sounded Too Quiet But Once They Got In The Groove They Sung Their Heart Out with a Smile On Her Face!

    Gray and Yashiro Were Cheering Their Sister and Friend On Excitedly and Loudly as To Prove They were there for Her and That It was Gonna Be Okay.

    Once She Finished The song and Got Off The Stage The Duo Hugged The Smallest One There

    "Way a Go Blue! That was so Cool!! You Looked Like You were Having so Much Fun!"

    "Hell Yeah Kid! You were Awesome Up There! Well Done!!"

    "Awwhhh Thank You Guys..."

    Blue Made sure to Hug The Two Tightly Back before They all turned to Hear Others Sing and Cheer for Them

    Event By: @queenieboo22 :)

    #Tag: That's Cold Bro #Tag: Romantic Radish #platonic f/o#familial f/o#sibling f/o#Blue's Writingxx #Bit Short But I Just Speedran This After Coming Back from A Family Dinner for a Birthday :) So I Hope This is Alright! #MHP2021
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  • hotelmist
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Haunting Party Day 6: Killer Karaoke! Event Belongs to: @queenieboo22

    "Hola everyone I'm Carlos Romano here with my friends Coraline Quillton and Tanya cooper. For all of you who are villains out there we got a little surprise up our sleeves. HIT IT!"

    Needless to say Carlos love to perform, after all he was and still is an actor/singer at heart. Though when those words left his lips he, Coraline and Tanya were all a tad bit surprised to see their costumes transform each changing to represent a famous Disney villain and music to come from a set of orange phantom instruments instead of the karaoke machine. But a quick glance to the side and a wave from both Emily and Kalika who stood off on the side, each with a small bit of magic glowing around their hands; more so the former rather than latter. The 'villianess' trio all smile wide, to the others, iand without another hesitation sung their hearts out in style.

    (I had to do a Disney villain song medley for this I'm a sucker for them! Originally i was just going to do Carlos for the drawing but the my brain was like. "Nah be extra and draw more!" so I did! And I had a lot of fun with this)

    Song their singing: Villains Medley| Aladdin on Broadway Cast| Disney Sessions Link to video/song medley here:

    #mhp2021#lm3 #luigi's mansion ghostsona #coraline quillton#tanya cooper#carlos romano #i'm a sucker for disney villians I admit it! #i had fun with this prompt
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  • magicalselfshipping
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    🎃Mansion Harvest Party Day 6: Killer Karaoke 🎤 🎶🎃


    After Queenie and her group finished with their intro song and everyone else was taking turns on the stage, Eden and Kamek stayed off to the sidelines.

    They were pretty worn out from dancing earlier, and just wanted to watch the others perform.

    "Boy, Junior would LOVE this part of the events!" Said Eden as she took a slice of cake with cute little boos drawn in frosting on it from the party table.

    Kamek nodded. "Lord Bowser would as well..." He added, grabbing another cup of punch.

    "Hey! Maybe next time we can bring them along!" Eden said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

    The magikoopa smiled a bit. "Yes, I do believe they would love this sort of thing..."

    "Alright then! We should ask them the next time an event like this happens!"

    She was giddy just thinking about what kind of mayhem both Junior AND his father could cause at a party like this... But for now, it was time to rest and spend some quality time with Kamek.

    They walked over to take a seat and continue enjoying both the karaoke and each other's company.

    #mhp2021 #the magical genius #I actually might bring either Junior or bowser at the next event... or both! XD #but boy... kamek sure wouldn't be able to relax too well... having to keep an eye on BOTH of them! XD #sorry this isn't too good... I kinda ran out of ideas ^_^; #my stuff #☆~ship: 🌿balmony garden🌿~☆
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  • eyazu
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    No proper caption just witness

    [ This is a drawing for the Mansion Harvest Party event hosted by queenieboo22 ! ]

    #MHP2021 #sorry i ususally post these at midnight-ish before bed but #i fell asleep rlly early and slept in oops #so i'm posting this before running to a college class #tags: me/angelo #tags: group/alchemic family #art tag
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  • ava-ships
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Day 6: Killer Kareoke

    Either Joey and Jasper are huge 80’s fans or music is really that powerful enough to bring people together😊

    (Event by @queenieboo22)

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  • theeeveefan
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Day 6: killer karaoke

    I’m singing monster mash, my eevee, mismagius, and a gourgeist are liking my singing.

    Event by @queenieboo22

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  • thadeeliv-si
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Harvest Party Day 6: Killer Karaoke

    “Come on!” Pearl said.  “I can’t just go up there alone!”  The Inkling thought for a moment.  “Well, I could, and I would rock this party, but still!”

    The Inkling she had come to the party with, one Polly Polyp, brushed her tentacles over her face.  “I would love to,” she said, “but I appear to have gone blind.  Whoops.”

    “Quit playin’ around!” Pearl exclaimed, swiping Polly’s hair away from her eyes.

    “I just…”  Polly struggled to find the words.  “You’ve heard me sing, right?” “Yeah!” Pearl answered.  “And you’re nowhere near as bad as you think you are!”

    Polly blushed.  “You...I...the...music…”  She glanced up at the stage, where some sort of alien cat thing and what appeared to be a goat/bat hybrid were singing classic villain songs.

    “You got this!”  Pearl placed her hand on Polly’s.  “You’re Polly Polyp, aka MC Old School, aka The Living Doll of the Stage, aka MC Mashed Potatoes!”

    “Nobody calls me any of those things.”

    “I just did.”  Pearl smirked.

    “...you got me there.”  Polly smiled.  “All right, I’ll do one song.”

    As Pearl and Polly started on their fifth song, the alien cat thing and the goat/bat hybrid discussed their activities this past night.

    “I still can’t believe half the songs you picked, Willow,” the goat/bat said, shaking her head.

    “Hey,” the alien cat responded, “if you hit me with ‘Be Prepared’, I’m gonna retaliate with ‘My Lullaby’!  That’s just how this works, Vira!”

    Vira looked up at the stage.  “Those two have been really going at it,” she observed.  “I’d almost think they were professional singers.”

    “Who knew unintelligible squid noises could sound so good?” Willow said.  “Still, they’ve been up there long enough.  I say we volunteer someone new.”

    “I’ve been seeing a magical girl holding a little Cerberus,” Vira said.  “I say we go for them.”

    “It’s settled,” Willow answered.  “Just...try not to scare them?  Or steal their souls?”

    “I make no promises,” Vira said, pulling a mirror out of her dress.

    “...that has pockets?!”

    #mhp2021 #i just realized i've never talked about my splatoon s/i on this blog lol
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  • hakuchotheswanghost
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mansion Harvest Party - Day 6: Killer Karaoke

    After seeing Queenie and her 'sisters' opening performance, she was very impressed by their amazing entertainment, and decided to sing karaoke with a song she wanted to sing with Clem; However, as she was gonna do it, she and Clem noticed Angelica sitting on the table with a drink in her hand, looking bored. Hakucho and Clem decided to let her sing karaoke so she can have some fun for a little. They went up to her and told her to get on the stage and sing any karaoke song that she wanted to do.

    Angelica sighed and nods as she drinks one more time before getting on stage. She then grabs the microphone and chose the song called, "Chandelier" by Sia before began to sing when the music plays.

    As she was singing, Hakucho and Clem were relieved that she's having fun......or so they thought when Angelica sings those lyrics before this happens.


    Angelica screams while singing the song very loud as her eyes began to tear up a little like she really had impatience of waiting for him (her boyfriend) and wanted to let it all out to let him know that she misses him very much (which both Hakucho and Clem knows how she feels).

    As she sings with a screaming toned voice, all Hakucho and Clem could do is watch her with a blank face with no words to say or express this moment.

    (Based from the video with Poison Mushroom Cookie who sings Chandelier)

    (Mansion Harvest Party Event: @queenieboo22 )

    #mhp2021#Lm3 oc#Lm3 ghostsona#Lm3 #Luigi's Mansion 3 #Lm3 Clem#Clem#Hakucho Kokoro#Angelica (Me)#Self-insert #I wish my boyfriend was here #QvQ #But I still know he will be here #And I shall wait for him #Youtube
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