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    𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘀 𝗱𝗼 𝗡𝗢𝗧 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴!

    this will be a series of headcanons all loosely following the exploration of cycles & reflections of themes through re / biohazard 7 & village. i will often be linking back to others & / or photographs, links, etc. BUT! this will all be based on my on educated guesses as well as directly impact how i approach the character as i write him.


    the depiction of fatherhood throughout fiction has changed exponentially and often times in relation to the realities of our world. specifically, i speak of the western, anglo-saxon depictions ( other countries have differing experiences of course, but specifically for this blog and this character, those are mostly set respectfully aside ) and how the fictional father has changed over the centuries. 

    in the victorian era, the father was an oppressive figure. he loomed over his how as the spiritual backbone, rooting out weakness and temptation, keeping his family in order as well as securing his lineage by ensuring at least one son was born and that his daughters were wedded off to suitable partners that would keep the image of the family intact. while this was the overpowering norm, there was a gentler brush of fathers. 

    the early 1800s brought about the rise of jane austin’s work and in nearly all her books, the fathers were kind-hearted and gentlemanly, they were not drunkards or gamblers, they were quiet but strong and always tried to do right by their family. many were brought together with their spouses through arranged marriages but love and respect was shown and their wives seemed happy. this specific relationship seemed mostly to bloom with fathers and daughters, the girls in austin’s work always adored their fathers and their fathers in turn reciprocated that love and affection. this, most likely was due to the author being a woman and living that specific life, but her work did start to have an effect on how fathers were written-- at least until the turn of the century. 

    the industrial revolution stripped families of their fathers. before fathers worked the land around the homestead or perhaps worked in small shops in the city, often seeing their families as they went to school or attended social gatherings. once the industrial revolution came about, father were made to spend all their time toiling away in horrific conditions, often around dangerous equipment that at the worst of it was claimed to ‘ kill a man a day ‘ due to a complete lack of care for worker safety. incurring the trauma of watching their coworkers be mangled in machinery or suffering debilitating injuries themselves, changed how men acted in the home. they were gone from dawn to dusk and when they were home, they were not the same men they had been before. 

    while fathers kept the same role, they now where distant. there was no personal time to balance out their removed position from the family. fathers became a distinct separate entity rather than part of the family unit and more emphasis was placed on motherhood. the balance of power remained the same but the correlation between positive and negative influence became inverted over time. 

    in 7, jack is seen in both roles, as oppressor and protector. thought photographs in the house we see that he is a veteran and that alone can be derisive. the skills he learned as a soldier was to protect his home and country are also the same skills that allows him to hunt, trap and kill over thirty people in the three years after eveline is brought into their home. 

    later when held inside the mold mass, ethan and jack speak. he is fairly soft-spoken, apologetic in his mannerism and speech and tries to explain that he never wanted to hurt anyone, not ethan, mia or any of those killed or changed into the molded. 

    for unknown reasons, alan was never considered a father figure to eveline ( as far as i can tell. if he was, it was only before the ship got caught in the storm because while she refers to mia as ‘ mommy ‘ the whole time and later alan states to mia that he knows eveline trusts mia but never trusted him ) and in fact seems to be one of the first people she infects in her attack. alan is honestly surprised that mia was not attacked but she reminds alan that it is part of eveline’s imprinting protocol. 

    despite his resilience and skill, jack is not an acceptable father in eveline’s eyes, just as marguerite is never called ‘ mommy ‘. pre-infection she seems very maternal but just like jack, she is unfit in eveline’s eyes. as soon as ethan arrives, eveline decides he will be her father. in my canon, he is called to dulvey specifically for this reason. in my opinion, eveline found out through alan that mia and he were not really married and that mia had an actual husband out there somewhere. eveline wanted him to come to her because she had already decided he was her father but mia spent three years trying to keep eveline from finding him. three years of torture until mia finally broken down and sent the video to ethan as well as the video, warning him not to come. she knew what eveline was doing and tried to spare him the same fate, but he showed up anyway. 

    all through 7 ethan is fighting against being seen as eveline’s father and the concept of fatherhood overall. not once, even if it would have saved him a lot of trouble, does he agree to play along. he overhears jack ranting about being replaced by ethan, despite being the better father in his opinion, as well as marguerite hunting him down for refusing eveline’s gift and ethan could have taken the opportunity to play into it. he could have played house with eveline long enough to get answers from mia rather than following zoe’s instructions. he has no reason to trust that zoe is leading him towards any definitive answer but she is going against eveline and that is good enough for ethan. he refuses to give eveline what she wants, no matter the cost. 

    this, of course, is inverted completely in village. in the first section alone, we are given a completely different version of ethan. he is no longer struggling against fatherhood but has embraced it wholly. to the point of worrying that a six month old with no comprehension of words, could be upset by a fairytale. he is obviously an incredibly anxious father, promising not to let any of the ‘ montsers ‘ get rose ( a promise he immediately fails at but he’s got the spirit ) and he gets into a tiff with ‘ mia ‘ about it as well, which she shuts down rather than entertains, but beyond this, in the flashback after getting knocked unconscious in the car wreck, it is revealed that ethan has gone behind mia’s back to set up a doctor’s appointment for rose.

    on the surface, this could be misconstrued as mia being upset that ethan set this appointment up without asking her but in reality, it goes much deeper than that. for mia it is about safety. she is scared that drawing unnecessary attention to rose ( and ethan, as she turns the argument from rose onto ethan quickly before she leaves the room ) will expose her lies as well as her involvement. while we know she made some sort of immunity deal with the bsaa for protection, she probably did not divulge everything to them rather only what she needed to in order to protect herself and ethan from her former employers. 

    this is a very small, very early clue, however, about ethan’s relationship to rose. on a cognizant level, ethan is trying to be the best dad he can. he has a photograph of rose as his wallpaper on his laptop ( he really is just unbearably new age dad and he’s so happy to be obnoxious about it. if he was allowed a facebook he WOULD be posting pictures of rose every morning, just to show off ) and while exploring the house, he talks about how she is a miracle baby. in the concept art for village, there was an idea that mia would have been left in such a weakened state from both the experience of being in the baker house and the medical surgeries she went through to cut the mold out, that she would be in a wheelchair ( which is partially canon to my blog, i like the representation that brings to the series, to have such a strong character be disable as well as having the physical scars not magic away like many others )  the fact that she was able to carry a child to term is impressive enough but to have rose being, by all accounts, completely healthy? is a miracle ( and definitely a lie. there is a medical form ethan can read in the house from the bsaa saying that all their tests say rose was normal at birth but one thousand percent that is bullshit. they would have known at fifteen to twenty weeks that rose was not a normal child ).

    ethan loves his daughter but at the same time, he feels deep down in his gut that something isn’t right about her. at this point, he has no reason to think he is infected but he knows mia was. he knows mia went through a lot of medical operations and is on a heavy medication regimen. this is why he sets up an appointment on his own; not through the bsaa and not through mia. he wants an outside perspective on rose, a second or third or maybe twentieth opinion on the situation. 

    this doctor’s appointment was set up only a couples days before the raid on the winters’ home. the doctor notes in the call that the appointment is ‘ next thursday ‘ and it is to go over results, meaning he already took rose to the initial appointment for her actual tests. i want to say that mia was there ( mostly from a logistical standpoint. most of the time, unless a father has sole custody of their child, the mother is often required to be at appointments too. mothers are given far more importance in the medical healthy of their children and often times, even for life-saving procedures, a father’s choice alone is not enough. father’s rights are not equal to mother’s rights, unfortunately ) but it is possible that he took her alone, that mia may not have been healthy enough to travel to and from the appointment. this most likely was the last night mia was in the house before miranda took her place.

    all of this serves as a backdrop to the main event: the beneviento house and he thing in the basement. this is going to have to be broken into smaller sections to tackle each one individually.... and yes, we are going to talk about the fucking fetus. 

    #* ethan winters / / 𝙷𝙴𝙰𝙳𝙲𝙰𝙽𝙾𝙽 #this post was getting so long im sorry #i will get the actual fetus post up asap #once again this is a mia-hate free zone! #i don't want anyone reblogging it IN GENERAL but esp not to double down or use as evidence about how terrible mia is #she made mistakes but she did it for the right reasons #ethan is a serial killer for the same reasons so let's not split hairs #ANYWAY i could talk about fictional fatherhood for AGES #personally it has always been a niche area for me. i've always had a fascination with fictional fathers #& how they change depending on eras. genera. culture. who is writing them etc. #movies books games w/e i find fictional dads dummy interesting. don't look too deep into it ok
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    The oneshot where I make myself cry

    based off @nancydfan ‘s Everybody Lives AU

    Tonight was calm, everything was quiet save for the sounds of the wilderness surrounding them and their cottage home. The stars were twinkling bright in the clear navy blue sky as the wind gently flows by. 59 years of pure joy (and two nightmarish catastrophes) with some bumps along the way, but in the end it was so worth it. Even though they had their doubts, they ended up getting the happy ending they wanted. Her voice broke the silence between them. 

    "We had a good run, wouldn't you agree?"

    He turned to look at her and gave her a smile then nodded. "Yeah, we did." 

    Throughout their time together, their relationship began to get challenged, whether it be their arguments or horrific monsters that came from the Mold. In the end, they would not allow such things to separate the two of them. Now here they are, a family of 5 and the two nearing their final days together in this place they call home.

    "You know..."

    "Yes?" He asks. 

    "I never thought we would be here right now, I thought you would have moved on in the three years we've been apart back then." "What? And leave you for some other girl or guy? Of course not, I told you in the past, you are the only person I truly love in the end. No other person is gonna ever compare to you Mia." 

    "Even after everything... I dragged you into...?" Her tone changing at the end of her words.  He lets out a small sigh and shakes his head gently. “Honey, I told you back then, everything you did..... sure it changed our lives heavily, but in the end we finally got the peace we both so desired. Even after what happened, what you did... you chose to redeem yourself for the better. Unlike the cruel bastards who used the Mold for their desires and such.:” He stood up, and put out a scarred hand. Mia almost immediately placing hers on top of it. Ethan helped his wife up and the two walked out into the open, looking into each other’s eyes as the cool night breeze blows gently over them once more. “Do you really think so? Did I really redeem myself?” “After Louisiana? I definitely think you did.” He places her strands of hair behind her ear. Taking in the sight of her face. “Even after all these years, you’re still as beautiful as ever.” She smiles at his words, a small adorable laugh coming out even. “I could say the same about you Hon.” He blushes lightly at that, which gets another laugh out of Mia. The two get closer, practically hugging each other. Their faces inches away from touching. He then brings up the one thing, that has been plaguing his mind ever since they stayed out here. “Mia, are you really sure it’s time for you to go?” There was a slightly long silence between them, then Mia finally spoke. “If I’m being completely honest, I’m terrified of what’s gonna happen on the other side. But knowing I will see you again once you decide to come along, gives me a ton of reassurance.” “Will you be there waiting for me when I arrive?” “Of course, I’ll make sure to give you all the hugs and kisses once you show up.” He smiles at her, before kissing her for one last time. Feeling each other’s warmth as Mia begins to become slightly colder, the two pull away and Mia proceeds to nuzzle into Ethan’s neck, telling her final words to him. “Thank you for everything Ethan, I will always love you no matter what.” Once those words have been uttered, she lets out a final breath and stops moving. Her soul having passed on to the afterlife, leaving Ethan alone in the night. 

    “Thank you for everything as well Mia, I’ll never forget you.” ~~~~~~ A decade has passed since that day, Ethan was now 91 years old. Still holding on for his three now grown-up kids. He sat on the couch reading a book, listening to the old jazz music he and Mia listened and danced to ever so often in the past. Rose suddenly came into the room, sitting next to her father. It was clear as soon as she came in that something was bothering her.  “Hey Dad?” “Is something wrong Rosemary?” The other two kids came in, the same worried look on their faces. Ethan looked at them confusedly, concern starting to rise up inside him.  “Did something happen? What’s going on?” The three looked at each other, Rose sighed softly and looked at her dad with a sad smile on her face.  “Me and the others have been talking, and we’ve agreed that maybe it’s finally time you go see Mom again.”

    “What? B-but what about you thr-” Ben cuts in before he could say anything else. “Dad, you don’t need to worry about us anymore, we can already take care of ourselves. You don’t need to overexert yourself any longer.” Amira joins in as well, she almost sounded like she was about to sob in front of him. “Y-yeah... even if it will be weird... not seeing or hearing you or anymore. But...” She takes a moment to wipe the tears of her off eyes. “But you deserve to finally rest Dad, finally free to rest with no worries....”  Rose suddenly gave a hug to Ethan, Ben and Amira joining in. The three of them were already crying as they were hugging him.  “Dad... everything’s going to be okay, you can go to her now....” “We’ll make sure to protect each other no matter what.....” “You can rest now... it’s all right with us.” Tears started to fall down his face as well, he straightened himself up and hugged them right back. “You three... I couldn’t ask for better children, you’ve all brought so much joy into my life. I... I don’t know what I’m gonna do once I leave you all...” Rose tearfully spoke to him once more. “ You’ll have Mom there with you, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up and spend time together with her.” “Now go, go to her, we already told you... everything’s going to be okay.” They pulled away from each other and slowly little by little, he felt the cold grips of death slowly take him, before darkness clouded his vision all together, ~~~~~~ The sounds of birds and crickets filled his ears, he opened his eyes to the bright light that burned his eyes a bit. 

    “Huh...?” He slowly stood up and noticed he was back to his younger self, he was looked around and saw that he was in a field. He then suddenly someone call his name. Someone... familiar. He remembers that voice, the same one that once brought sorrow just from hearing it, and another time fear... the others a sense of serenity and joy. He hears it again, and starts running towards the source. Closer and closer it gets louder to his ears. Enough to motivate him to run faster. After a while, he finally sees her.  He stops in his tracks, and a smile grows on his face. She turns around and does the same, giggling a bit while she does so.  For the first time in a while, he hears her voice again. “You’re finally here.... It’s good to see you again Ethan.” He never felt more happy at that moment.

    #ethan winters#mia winters#mithan#oneshot#writing #pls go easy on me #i haven't written in a while
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    You bet your ass Ethan would be the loudest to yell "McDonald's! McDonald's! McDonald's!" 😂

    I like Mia but she's such a "we got food at home" type 😩

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    Ethan because he's an over powered himbo™ and Moreau because he just wanted to be a part of something fun with friends 🥺

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    y'all my meme appeared on a gaming article and is also in top Google searches

    #ethan winters#chris redfield#mia winters#original post#meme #help omg what #the meme's from december 2020 and the article is from may 2021 #resident evil memes #resident evil
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    Resident Evil Village HeadCanons

    Karl Heisenberg Headcanon 1

    Karl Heisenberg Headcanon 2

    #resident evil headcanons #resident evil village headcanons #karl heisenberg#lady dimitrescu#donna beneviento#mother miranda#chris redfield#mia winters#ethan winters#rosemary winters #elliot writes fanfics
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    Halo Of The Sun: Resident Evil Village Karl Heisenberg Story

    Story Description: Since the death of his daughter, His hometown was under attack by the darkness. All he needs to do is to follow the symbols and fight his demons.

    Disclaimer: This story was inspired by an old fandom I was in (Silent Hill) but things are different in the story. Please Don't Steal This Story Idea!

    Read Part One Here

    Wattpad Link!

    Chapter 2 Warnings: Character Death, Angst, Hidden Powers, splitting into two personalities.

    Date: September 20, 1963 Night Time

    Melody was next to her father, she seen the whole town looking at her. She was scared for sure, she didn’t know what was happening, it made her more scared when the others were whispering. Melody looked up at her father with a confused look until they stopped, she seen Miranda and looked at them both. Miranda held her hand out, but Melody didn’t go. Miranda wasn’t happy that she hugged her father tightly.

    That’s when Miranda grabbed Melody which caused her to squeak. Melody cried as she called for her father. Karl removed his cloak and seen Miranda dragging Melody to the church. Karl knew he made an mistake. He quickly left the hallway and went to the police station.

    Melody screamed for her father, Miranda tied Melody to a ladder and grabbed a torch of fire and chuckled at her. Melody was crying for her life. All she could hear was burn the witch. Miranda smiled as she walked around the ladder.

    “Tonight a sacrifice will be made. Samuel will protect us from The Order! Let this child burn. Let this witch burn!” Miranda yelled as she put the fire on the wooden fire.

    Melody cries very loudly as she continues to hear witch multiple times. The fire was at her legs, she tried to kick it away before it could reach to the rest of her body. Melody was burning, she kept screaming for her father every minute. Her crying stopped and everyone chuckled as they left, When Karl got to the church he and the police were to late. Karl fell down onto his knees and tears came down.

    For the 23 year old man that adopted her ever since her mother died. He couldn’t believe he agreed to Miranda’s decision. The police quickly got Melody down and quickly took her to the hospital and Karl was by her side. The nurses pushed Karl out of the room, but Karl wanted to be in the room but the nurses wouldn’t allow him. A light brown hair nurse who was named Mia trying to help Melody, but nothing was working.

    Her pulse would go up and down each minute. But it went back to normal. It made Mia sigh in relief, looking at Melody, Mia quickly stepped away from her and went out the room. Karl looked at Mia with a confused look until hearing something metal shattering coming towards Karl. Karl hides behind the wall and seen nothing, which was strange. The nurse gently shook him up, Karl opened his eyes and stood up.

    “You want to see her?” Mia asked with a soft tone.

    “Yeah. I just want to talk to her for a moment..”

    “Alright, don’t take long. We gotta do more tests on her okay.” Mia said.

    Karl nodded as he went in the room and see Melody in like a glass like coffin bed. He walked to her and looked through the little window. Sighing, he took out the book, he was about do something that’s gonna change her and the whole town. Reading the two pages to her, after reading he stood up and smiled. The nurses didn’t come back that night but it was the same night that Melody seen something which was an evil side of her, the real Melody couldn’t scream but she looked at the dark side of her, as the dark version left and came back to her.

    “Don’t say a word. Daddy wanted me to do this..” The dark version of Melody said.

    The regular one couldn’t say anything but nodded in pain. Taking a deep breathe, the dark version had turn the regular one into a newborn baby and quickly took her to the orphanage. Going back to the town, she looked at herself and smirked. She called herself Tohopka

    #elliot writes #resident evil village #karl heisenberg story #karl heisenberg#melody heisenberg#tohopka heisenberg #silent hill au #mother miranda #character death tw #religion tw#demon tw#mia winters #dark and angst
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     Restless (2011)

    The movies sucks, it’s a Harold and Maude rip off, but I love the wardrobe, very cosy. Mia Wasikowska is the best thing about it. The other guy should never be remembered EVER.

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    Bitches be like "I love re7!" and then pause before every moment of horror.

    It's me, I'm bitches. 😐

    #mia is growling on the staircase #🥺 #i have the door locked lol #🙈 #i don't wanna go #re7 #playing resident evil 7 rn #resident evil 7 biohazard #resident evil 7 #mia winters
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    Lil' Mia and Miranda thing since I dragged you guys down the rarepair hell with me~


    Lab equipment was really not meant to blend well within a lived-in home. And it didn't. The plush carpet on top of wooden floors giving way to the smooth lab flooring that squeaked under boots not appropriate for the setting created an odd contrast. Not that that was uncharacteristic for Miranda, any of her workspaces falling perfectly under the description of an organized mess, with particular emphasis on mess.

    With Rose sleeping peacefully in the room generously, suspiciously so, provided by Miranda, Mia decided to stretch her legs by walking around the manor, the baby monitor connected to her phone. The building was relatively big, albeit quite old, tucked in the woods somewhere between the Beneviento house and the factory, with a tunnel conveniently connecting it to the labs running under the town. It had close to no spatial organization, bedrooms and labs and storage rooms alternating by patterns known only by the so-called goddess, or most likely not even by her.

    Mia did not trust the woman. Not with the memories of the prison cell and the kidnapping of her daughter for experiments still fresh in her mind. But, the tiredness of motherhood and the odd loneliness that came with being the only two inhabitants of the house that were capable of coherent speech as of now, had her longing for some company.

    It was an easy task finding Miranda, the soft cries of Eva guiding her down a short hallway to a lab door left ajar. Inside, the woman was sat at a desk, a laptop with half written reports and notes in front of her, pushed out of the grasp of the fussing infant in her arms. Miranda was far too busy trying to calm her daughter down enough to fall asleep to notice Mia leaning on the doorframe, curiously observing the scene. Oddly human, in her failing attempt to get her child to stop crying, when at any given time she could get anyone to kneel before her and bend over backwards to her every whim. Yet a small infant was giving her so much trouble.

    "Need a hand?" Mia offered with a small chuckle. Should she even offer her help?

    "I am fine thank you." But a slightly louder wail from Eva came with perfect timing to disprove her words.

    Miranda's shoulders seemed to slump ever so slightly as her eyes closed slowly, the usual makeup replaced by dark circles, testimony to the long hours spent going through decades of research and reports while also caring for her newly reborn daughter. It was oddly bittersweet, to see a woman so dignified otherwise all but beg the small child to go to sleep so she could finish her work.

    Work, Mia concluded, that was rather essential for the whole place, and also her home for now, to continue existing the way it was. With a sigh she walked up to the desk and gently stoked Eva's short brunette hair. "Here, let me hold her. At least until you finish typing whatever it is you're doing," she said waving a hand in the direction of the forgotten computer, who's screen had turned black by now.

    There were a few long seconds of hesitation, but a weary glance at the mountain of files on the other side of the desk that she was yet to go through convinced Miranda to finally allow her daughter slip into Mia's arms. It took maybe five minutes of cooing and a one sided conversation made in silly voices to turn the cries into giggles, small hands trying to grasp at Mia's finger that was ticklishly caressing puffy cheeks. Exhausted from crying, Eva's eyes slowly fluttered shut and she was gingerly lowered into a crib set by the desk, one of the many scattered around the house.

    Miranda watched the scene unfold with uncharacteristic softness slipping by the icy mask of her steely eyes. Even goddesses can be caught by surprise it seemed, and whether it was due to the apparent skills that Mia had with calming Eva down or at how she was willing to help despite their precarious position was up to debate.

    "Shouldn't you be better at this," Mia asked, pulling one of the chairs closer to sit in. "I know it's been, what, two or three centuries or something but haven't you done this before?"

    Her question was obviously poking fun for the most part, but Miranda couldn't help the tired sigh that crawled its way from the depths of her now useless lungs.

    "No, actually. I haven't," she responded curtly as she grabbed one of the files and opened it in order to transcribe its contents in a digital file. "At least not on my own," she added upon remembering the numerous subjects she helped raise during her time working with The Connections.

    "Oh? Did you have a sweet loving husband once upon a time? Do tell me more," Mia said leaning her chin on her palms as if she were a teenager at a sleepover talking about crushes, although the memory of Ethan clawing its way to the forefront of her thoughts made her grimace slightly, until she pushed it back down in the depths of her mind.

    It was foolish perhaps, acting like that around a woman that could, and would with the right motivation, kill her in the blink of an eye. Truth be told though, Mia was bored out of her mind, so what better way to pass the time than push Miranda's buttons, especially when she seemed too tired to retaliate.

    The so-called goddess grimaced, at least ten different reasons to find the thought outrageous flashing through her mind and, settling on the most obvious one, looked at her, one eyebrow raised. "I was a nun."

    Mia leaned back in her chair, looking at the black head covering hanging from a hook behind the door, together with black robes. She had to wonder if they were the same ancient ones or if she replaced them every once in a while.

    "Yeah, I couldn't tell," she chuckled. "A nun turned goddess. How ironic don't you think."

    "Worshipping was never quite up my alley. And neither were men," she replied flatly, turning the pages in front of her and typing the relevant information in the file she had open on the screen.

    Mia's eyes widened slightly with an amused oh. "So was she raised by the convent then?"

    Was this information really to be given out? Mirada did not like talking about her past, or personal information in general. Gods did not need backstories, they simply were.

    She sighed. "No, no. Her parents died when she was four and with nobody else to look for her, she was brought to us." Miranda gave a small shrug, pausing to type up decades old results on lycans. "I was the newest there, so the nuns dumped her on me. I was so mad at first, but she's always been such a brilliant little girl, even back then. She would ask for a bedtime story and did not complain when I'd start reading from one of the medical books I stole from the merchant. There was just something about her that made her grow on me."

    With the paragraph done, she pushed her chair back, quietly so as to not have its legs scratch against the linoleum floor, and walked to another, smaller desk pushed against a wall. From there, she walked back to the crib where the small infant was sleeping peacefully, a small doll in hand. Doll that Mia recognized immediately, as an identical one was by her own daughter's sleeping form, back in their room. It was a small replica of Angie, plush and soft to the touch, unlike its real life wooden counterpart, the white dress made of delicate silk. Both toys had been made by Donna herself as gifts.

    "But as you can guess, she was well past a toddler when she was placed in my care," Miranda finished, leaving the doll just by her sleeping daughter's side.

    "So you suck with babies," Mia concluded with a grin. She would have laughed, but had enough clarity of mind to be quiet.

    Miranda simply gave her a tired glare before rolling her eyes. She went back to her desk and opened a new file to be transcribed, this one on the reservoir's structure.

    "I can care for them," she started, an odd almost imperceptible strain in her voice. "It just gets trickier when it's my own daughter and not an act."

    Mia nodded absent mindedly, eyes darting to Eva. To see a woman with such power and ruthlessness, who could level the whole town to the ground if she so pleased, show such raw genuine affection towards the child made some of the notions in her brain crumble to the ground. Miranda was still the same woman who, ironically enough, experimented on more children than she cared to count, but then again Mia was also a willing participant in said experiments so was she really that much better?

    She definitely was, Mia concluded, choosing to ignore a small pang at her heart when she watched all the ice in those gray eyes melt into tenderness while looking at her daughter. Instead, she started toying with one of the many pens scattered on the desk.

    "Since I'm staying here, I don't mind helping you out with her," Mia said quietly, keeping her eyes on the small giraffe doodle she was doing on a napkin.

    It wasn't for Miranda's sake really. She simply wanted the best for Eva, the child completely innocent unlike the atrocities committed by her mother throughout the last few centuries. Besides, it would be nice for Rose to have a friend not unlike herself, given the yet to be understood power both girls possessed.

    "There's no need-"

    "Consider it a thank you for letting us stay here, without a sniper pointing at my daughter's head at all times," Mia finished, a slither of ire slipping into her tone on the last words, the memory of a rookie agent panicking and pointing his gun to Rose for the unforgivable crime of being a hungry crying child seared behind her eyelids.

    Miranda sighed, an odd sense of relief washing over her. After centuries of trying to bring her back, you'd think the she would do anything to spend each and every second with Eva, not letting anyone else care for her in any capacity, but truth be told, the prospect of not facing motherhood completely alone, even if Mia was helping her solely out of some sense of obligation, did not sound half bad.

    "As you wish," she finally said, going back to the half written paragraph her mind drifted away from minutes earlier.

    #mother miranda x mia #mia winters#fanfic#my art
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  • victorydoll
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    It's been a while but the finale of Resident Evil: Village is up.

    Go enjoy. Lovlies

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  • mynameisjag
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Part of me knows that Mia and Ethan probably met some boring ass way like normal people.

    The other part is convinced that it was during a college party where Mia thought the guy she was doing a body shot off of was cute and giggly.

    #ethan winters#resident evil #resident evil village #mia winters #ethan x mia #shots shots shots #everybody #those two had to have been wild during their younger years #Rosemary: How did you and dad meet? #Mia: Intense flashback of doing shots before making out with the blonde she just found halfnaked #Mia: During college #nothing special
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  • dante-heller
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mia, during an interview: "Well Ethan said:"

    Ethan: "Look I like using my hands, okay?"

    Alcina: "And quite frankly, Mia and I took personal offense to that."

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  • coffee-bat
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago
    #don't ask why but. mia and donna would have a good dynamic imo <3 #ask #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #ethan winters#karl heisenberg#mia winters#wintersberg#mithanberg#miadonna #(think this is the ship name)
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  • highlifeboat
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Mia gently tapped her pen against the table, chin resting in her palm as she looked drearily at the sheet of paper in front of her. The world outside was eerily quiet for the middle of the night. Perhaps she had just gotten used to the sounds of creatures skulking around the trailer, or Marguerite’s incoherent mutterings, but something about the gentle noise of simple crickets gave her a feeling of anxiety. Then again, that feeling seemed to be a constant in the past few weeks. She glanced out the window to the large house that stood mere feet from her, lips pursing at the silhouette of one of the family members in the window, then turned her eyes back to the paper and let out a sigh.

    She wished she could remember more about the situation she was in. Zoe pressed her for information on Eveline, the “serum”, everything she was sure Mia knew about, but she just couldn’t seem to find the answers the woman wanted. Her memories were fuzzy and full of gaps between the time just before the ship ride and arriving at the Baker’s Farm, and what little she could remember from that time was ultimately useless to them. Mia sighed, tossing the pen down on the table.

    The sound of a whine caught her attention, and she turned her head to the other side of the trailer, and her frown deepened. Zoe tossed and turned in the bed tucked into the corner, letting out soft distressed noises. Nightmares were expected to come with everything she’d been through already, but that didn’t make the whimpers twist Mia’s heart any less. She stood from her seat, quietly making her way over and placing a hand on Zoe’s shoulder. Her body flinched at the touch but she seemed to stay asleep even as Mia sat on the edge of the bed and tried to calm her a little by gently rubbing her arm.

    Comfort had never been one of Mia’s strong suits when she really thought about it. The best she had to offer was a gentle touch and the quiet hum of a song, but it was hard to say if that helped at all. Zoe muttered something Mia couldn’t quite hear beyond the quiet cries for her parents, and a pang of guilt seemed to strike the older woman at that. She wished she could tell her everything was going to be fine. That she was going to survive this and once it was over her life would go back to normal and she would have her family back. Her mom, her dad, her brother, Mia wanted to tell her they would all be okay. Then the two could part ways for good, and they could forget about all of this. She’d never have to see or hear the Texan again if she didn’t want to.

    Mia wanted to tell her all of that. To keep any hope Zoe still had alive.

    But Mia didn’t even believe it herself.

    #a very short thing #i wanna do a long oneshot of just... mia and zoe during the baker iccident #anyway#drabbles#zoe baker#mia winters
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  • pinemangoart
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Here’s a bit of a weird post!!! First half is some RE8 stuff I never posted, aaaaand the other half (if any of you have been here long enough to remember, haha) are my ocs Jackie n Jules!

    #my art#doodle#fanart#sketch#digital art #resident evil village #karl heisenberg #resident evil 8 #lord heisenberg#re8#wintersberg #ethan winters x chris redfield #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #Ethan winters x Mia winters #wow nothin showed up for that last tag BDHSJKDD #mia winters#chris redfield#Ethan winters#my ocs#ocs#Jackie woods#jules #god hm. what. what else #oh#ship#redwinter#them
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  • whimsywispsblog
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    I think.

    Heisenberg would be in House Ravenclaw. But I also feel that he could be from Slytherin. He does seem sort of manipulative: What if, in a scenario where Ethan does agree to take Heisenberg's help and he later betrays him? It seems that way, with the amount hate and vengeance he holds in his heart.

    (BTW, I love Heisenberg, I don't hate him. This is just something I feel might have happened).

    Moreau could be in Hufflepuff. He seems like a sweet guy who would love to talk about rom coms and books, but his unwavering loyalty might put him in Gryffindor.

    Donna- this one's the most confusing. Like Moreau, at first glance, she does seem like a hufflepuff babe. But if you remember how she was able to use Ethan's fears against himself, cleverly placing her dolls in the right places: She might be a Ravenclaw- incredibly cunning (not the dark ambition of a Slytherin, but you know, leaning more towards clever.)

    Alcina definitely gives me Slytherin vibes, but at the same time, she could also be a gryffindor bec of her protective nature and her love for her daughters.

    Chris could be somewhere between a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor, tho leaning more towards a Gryffindor

    And our beloved Ethan is DEFINITELY a Gryffindor.

    Mia... i don't know, honestly. Hufflepuff? But she's not gentle and gullible (or bec we've only seen her when she's stressed out and on the verge of death)

    Alcina's daughters, all three of them, do seem like hufflepuff gals. I mean, maybe because of the little screentime that they got, I can't make a proper analysis. Put in a scenario where everything is quiet and normal in the Village, those three girls do seem like fun-loving, jumpy babies. Ugh, this is hard. What do you guys think? In which house should Bela, Daniella and Cassandra be sorted into?

    Anyway, this is just a little analysis from my end.

    Do let me know if you think any of them would be from a different House. I'd love to discuss! Oh and add in more characters too!!

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  • dalekofchaos
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    So as much as I love The Four Lords.....why was The Connections dropped in Village? You’d think the next best thing would be for Ethan and Mia to confront The Connections

    I mean Mia finally telling Ethan about her past with The Connections could’ve made for a good story and then seeing the two of them taking them on together? Like....that’s just good writing. Instead, you ignore The Connections and make Mia more sketchy than she needed to be, made it seemed like Chris turned evil and kill Ethan(but not really). Like I am all for playing as Rose in the next game. But Ethan and Mia working together to take on the Connections would’ve been a good story.

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