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    Michael Irby as Bishop Losa, Mayans MC

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    i drew

    c!ranboo and c!tubbo today-

    ah, the platonic husbands-

    c!ranboo has to stop his husband from being feral for a bit-

    also idk if you can tel but i gave mr tall man an eye of ender... neck tie... holder... thing... yeah. i dunno what it’s called.

    also, them and michael_beloved-

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    New  Avengers 15 (2006) by Brian Michael Bendis & Frank Cho

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    Morning everyone!

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    𝑑𝑖𝑠𝑐𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑡: 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦, 𝑤ℎ𝑎𝑡'𝑠 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑝𝑜𝑖𝑠𝑜𝑛?

    SUMMARY: While enjoying their joint birthday part, Zatanna and Sam are given some unwelcomed gifts that throw the evening entirely into chaos. As they stand at death’s door, Zach and Thorn are their only hope to survive this macabre disco.  TRIGGERS: Blood, Drugs, Drink Tampering, Poisoning, Death Mentions, Gore WRITTEN WITH: @ofcupidslove, @ofsamwinchester, @ofhellsbells, @yrahcaz-arataz, @ofpossemagnet, @ofguardian, @of-hexes, @ofdeathstouch, @ofwarriors, @ofgoldenangel,


    SAM: This club didn't exactly bring back great memories for Sam. The last time he was here, he'd felt like he'd been sneaking behind enemy lines, and although he'd worked through his addiction for the most part, he was pretty sure a lot of the demons working here still looked at him with resentment, rightly so. Not only that, but there'd been a whole breakout of ghosts last time too, and worse than that, Charlie had nearly died. He was getting better at dealing with it though, between being surrounded by demons and knowing Lucifer was nearby, he was doing okay. He was actually pretty happy coming in. He'd even dressed up and worn the tie that Dean had gotten him for his birthday and used the styling kit to make his beard look cleaner. As he walked in with Charlie, he smiled at her. "Between a ghost invasion and being sent back to the 1600s, this one's gotta be a normal party, right?" he asked her jokingly.

    CHARLIE: "Ehhhhh," she grimaced before smiling. She'd been to a couple parties hosted by Cupid and Bells. "That's all going to depend on how high Cupid gets by the end of the night. The higher she gets the more touchy feely people become." More than a few orgies started out that way. Maze was probably hoping for it, but Charlie at least hoped Cupid would hold off until the later hours of the night to get that wasted. "But from experience these things don't usually get deadly," she smiled. She was glad to see Sam relaxed for once after everything that happened. If Cupid and Bells had anything to say he'll be even more relaxed by the end of the night after a couple shots and a smoke or two.

    DEAN: He looked around and chuckled. The party was something even Gatsby would be jealous of. He gave a low whistle as he saw a fire dancer spinning a pair of flaming swords on a platform in the not too far off distance. "Well, we can sure trust Cupid and Belphegor to make this spicy," he laughed when Charlie replied that things usually got a little more touchy by the end of the night. "It's definitely the most extravagant party Sam's gotten for his birthday." Usually the parties were more like...a shot of tequila and a slice of pie in some shitty motel room. "I'd say this is a step up."

    ZATANNA: She was on her way to meet Michael down by the bar when she spotted Sam, Dean, and Charlie at the entrance. "Well, don't you all look dashing," she grinned at them as she adjusted Dean's tie. "The drinks are on the house so try not to get too wasted tonight," she advised. Normally, Zatanna was the entertainment for parties like this but Cupid gave her specific instructions to just sit back and enjoy for once. That was harder than Zatanna anticipated, but she was trying. "Speak of the devil...well, angel..." she could see Cupid making her way toward them. "There's our host for the night."

    CUPID: "There you guys are!" she grinned as she took turns hugging each and every one of them. She was a little buzzed already, but it was a nice buzz. One that kept love flowing through the room and made everyone want to dance and have a good time. It wasn't anything near the mania she'd caused back in the other timeline. She was trying to forget the other timeline just for tonight and she hoped the others would too. "Oh!" her eyes brightened and she leaned in conspiratorially. "So, get this...I got Raph and Chastity working to get Zach and Thorn alone tonight," she grinned gleefully. "It's gonna be great."

    BELPHEGOR: Belphegor was on a pretty nice high right now. They'd had more than a few edibles tonight, but they'd made two extra special treats for two of the birthday guests too. They followed Cupid along, so they could give them to them. They hugged everyone along with Cupid, careful not to ruin the cupcakes or drop them. "They're doing a pretty good job of it last time i saw too," Belphegor added in. "Last time I saw them, they were herding him like sheep." They looked down at the cupcakes in their hand and then held them out to Zatanna and Sam. "I made you cupcakes for your birthday!" they said brightly.

    SAM: "We should probably get out here before things get that far," he chuckled. He might've been getting better at being around some of these people, but he didn't want to end up in an orgy with them. Sam nodded at Dean proclamation. "It's probably the only real party I've had. I'm not sure we can even call what we did parties compared to this." It was actually really nice to have more than just him and his brother celebrating it. "I thought the whole point was to get as wasted as possible," he joked as Zatanna came up to them. Then like moths to a flame, the others joined. He happily gave Cupid and Belphegor a big hug before releasing them. He was grinning with Cupid as she explained the plan for tonight. She sounded like him when he was explaining a hunting case to Dean. "I'm sure they already want to be alone tonight anyways." He smirked, adding onto the joke. He looked down at the cupcakes that Belphegor offered him and Zatanna. "Oh, are those both for me?" he asked, knowing that one of them was supposed to be for Zatanna. He picked them both up and shoved them in his mouth before Zatanna could take one. He smiled over at her with a mouthful of cupcake. Mumbling incoherently through the food.

    CHARLIE: "Maze and Lucifer have been keen on making me join one of their after parties for a while now, but you're probably right," she laughed. They only did so because they knew it made Charlie blush to an uncontrollable degree when they hit on her. "Zatanna's right. If this is one of the few birthday parties you've had, we gotta make sure you remember it at the end of the night." She smiled when Cupid and Belphegor joined them. She hugged the two of them tightly, laughing as Cupid described her plan. "You guys got Raph in on this? Oh man," she laughed. "Zach doesn't stand a chance." Her smile only grew when Bells presented Zatanna and Sam with birthday cupcakes. That was nice of them, they generally didn't make that kind of effort for everyone. "Sam!" she laughed and elbowed him as he shoved the cupcakes in his mouth. That was a dangerous game with Belphegor's treats because they usually substituted sugar with cocaine. "I guess after a life time of sharing everything with your older brother, it's your turn to be stingy, huh?"

    DEAN: "Well, if it isn't the birthday baby," he grinned as Zatanna approached them. She wasn't the youngest celebrating today, that was Jack. But he liked messing with her anyway. "Hey, at least I remember to get the right dessert each year," he pointed out when Sam challenged that this was the only birthday party he had that was this extravagant. "There were years he got me cake instead of pie," he informed the crowd as if it was the biggest transgression one could commit. He smiled as Cupid and Belphegor joined them. They both seemed a little buzzed, but he wasn't judging. He planned to get just as wasted tonight. Sam might've wanted to remember things in the morning but Dean wasn't under the same obligation. "You guys are really gunning for Zach these days. You sure you wanna put that on Thorn?" Both of them were going through the ringer right now. Zach had the same energy as Eeyore at the moment. Maybe he needed an edible. He laughed and shook his head when Sam took both cupcakes for himself. "Sharing? Sam's only heard about it in theory. Guess this means he owes you a drink, Zee. It's only fair."

    GABE: He had been quite excited to hear about this party and everyone that was here so when he saw both Sam and Zatanna he thought he'd give them his good wishes before things really started to go off. He had seen already the little group that had form smiling softly as he came up behind Dean "Hello all, " He smiled giving a light wave before turning to Sam "I see you've already lost the battle with cake, huh birthday boy? I'm glad I can celebrate it with you all. how old even are you Sam? surely not a day over 30." He mused before moving to place a soft kiss on Zatanna's cheek "Happy birthday Sis, I got you a really cool present but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until after the party." He teased.

    ZATANNA: "Listen here, grandpa," she elbowed Dean playfully. "Keep talking and I'll turn every dessert here into cake," she challenged. It wouldn't be the first time she'd done that just to spite him. It was one of her favorite tricks. "Zach's here?" she questioned. She was a little surprised he decided to show up. It was a nice kind of surprised though. She was glad he made it out of his apartment. He was probably trying to stay away from people, but if Raphael, Chastity, and the others had anything to say that wasn't going to happen. They were already making sure he gravitated toward Thorn at every opportunity. "Aw, Bells, thank you," she smiled as they presented her and Sam with cupcakes. "That's very kind of you." She knew they didn't put in the effort for everyone so when they put it in for her and Sam she was grateful. Sam was quick to act though as he smashed all the cupcakes in his mouth. "First of all, rude," Zatanna laughed. "Oh, don't you worry. I'll get him back. I hope you brought your water guns tonight because..." she held up finger guns. "It's going down when you least expect it." It might not go down at all actually. She just wanted him to live in anticipation of a surprise water gun attack.

    She smiled as Gabriel appeared behind Dean. "Actually, Sam is like 105 and Dean's like 12," she teased as she hugged Gabe. "Thank you, Gabe. If we're not careful though Sam might steal that too."

    CUPID: She smiled at the playfulness of it all. She hadn't seen Sam, Charlie, Dean, and Zatanna this goofy in a while. It was why she decided to throw the party in the first place. They all needed something nice. She did too. It provided for a good distraction from everything else that was going on. "He absolutely doesn't stand a chance," she agreed with Charlie. "Chastity decorated the roof all pretty and Raph's helping her herd them up there. Zach technically gets what he wants. He gets to get away from the crowd for a little while," she smiled. It was the best technicality. "Maybe they can help each other get out of their heads for a while." Cupid might've been able to see that the feelings were there on both sides, but it was on the two of them to act on it. All she and the others could do was give them the opportunity. Her smile grew as Belphegor presented Sam and Zatanna with cupcakes. They'd were super pleased with the way the cupcakes turned out and Cupid was proud of them for the attempt. She could see Sam and Zatanna were too. She laughed as Sam stole the cupcakes away from Zatanna. "I guess when you're 7 feet tall you just have a large appetite," she defended. "There's enough food and drink here to satiate Gluttony. And since they're not here tonight, you all better eat, drink, and be merry or get married. Whichever comes first."

    BELPHEGOR: Everyone looked so happy right now, and it made Belphegor glad that they had done this. Belphegor didn't tend to put in an effort that much, but considering so many of their friends were involved, they'd helped Cupid with the party as much as possible. They smiled when Zatanna and Sam looked so happy at the cupcakes. They really had tried to make them work right, and the recipe for them just came straight out of their head like it was meant to be. ”I even used fresh ingredients from Cupid's garden to-” No! the void snapped, and Belphegor flinched, even though it was just in their own mind, but the Void quickly remembered who was around and tried to recover the situation, still holding as much anger in its voice. Now, what are you going to do?! Sam's got something, and she has nothing and is going to feel left out and resent you for it, especially when you could have stopped him. “I can make you another one,” they offered Zatanna, not sure why they needed to feel so guilty about this. Zatanna didn't look as upset as their mind thought she should be.

    SAM: “Then it should really be my turn to steal you away from that.” He grinned before planting a short kiss on her lips. “So definitely don't get as drunk as the first time I was drunk with you?” he joked. At least he wasn't drinking from being depressed tonight. "Hey, it's not my fault that the only places we had available to us sometimes were just gas stations that only had cake." Sometimes, he just hadn't been in his right mind either. It was easy to get distracted when hallucinations of Lucifer plagued him. "It's what he deserves," Sam joked, "and I'm pretty sure Thorn thinks it's amusing almost as much as we do." He gave a small wave to Gabriel when he approached them. His mouth was still full, but he was slowly chewing it down. He tried to not let is show on his face that it wasn't a particularly good cupcake, not wanting to hurt Belphegor's feeling. It was pretty bitter, and whatever was in it made his throat feel tingly. He finally managed to swallow, and he pounded his chest to help it go down more, coughing just a little before he came back with a grin. "I'm 38 now," he answered Gabriel. "Unless you count years spent in Hell, then it's probably a lot more than even what Zatanna said." He chuckled. "I'll start with the drinking then. Anyone else wanna head there with me?"

    CHARLIE: She smiled when he kissed her. Even now she felt butterflies in her stomach every time he did it. "You might be laid out for a week with a hangover if you try," she laughed. "And you..." she glanced over at Dean. "I'm just gonna lay it out here. You cannot, I repeat, cannot...try to outdrink the angels tonight. It's physically impossible. I don't even need to be your reaper to know you'll die if you try it so don't." She knew it was tempting to try to compete with Cupid and Bells but it took a lot to get those two hammered. They were already nice and buzzed from what Charlie could tell and who knows how much it took to get them to that point. She smiled when Bells started explaining how they'd made the cupcake but her smile faded slightly when she heard the void yelling at them. It was aggressive and she noticed Bells flinch too. It was feeding doubt into Bells now. "It's okay, Bells," she assured them. "Sam ate the cupcakes so now the gift giving burden's on him. She took Sam's hand. "I'm always with you," she smiled up at him before pulling him and anyone else who wanted to follow toward the bar.

    DEAN: "Grandpa? Every dessert?" he shook his head. "Kids these days are so cruel, but I'll let it slide since it's your birthday," he laughed. "Well, we've moved up from those days apparently. No more gas station cakes," he grinned proudly. He hadn't expected anything like this. The days of credit card scams were pretty far behind them. Zatanna bank rolled most of their antics under some kind of Justice League fund which was pretty fucking cool. Dean liked to think that made them bonafide superheroes technically. He chuckled when Charlie told him he couldn't drink the angels under the table. "Well, not with that attitude..." he winked, but he knew she was right. There was no way his liver could compete with Archangels. He would get blitzed tonight, but he didn't plan on dying. "If Sam's buying, then I'm for sure drinking," he nodded. That wasn't something he'd pass up. "Ma'am," he held out his arm playfully to Cupid. It was only fair the help escort the hostess of the Gatsby party down for some drinks.

    ZATANNA: She smiled when Dean said they'd moved up in the world. She'd seen the kind of lives they lived and she had to agree. At least under Justice League funding their endeavors were legal. Her grin widened as Charlie cautioned that Dean could not and should not try to outdrink the angels. "But there's no rule about trying to keep up with me," she countered. She'd win that game mostly because if she wanted to she could make her shots water and his shots vodka. He'd keep getting drunker and she'd be sober enough to win. She nodded as she listened to Bells explain how they made the cupcakes but then they cut themself off short. Zee reflexively looked over at Charlie for guidance. Based on the reapers words, she knew the void was filling Belphegor's head with something. "It's okay, Bells. Charlie's right. Sam must've gotten tired of sharing dreams with me so now he just refuses to share," she flipped the bird lovingly in Sam's direction. "Drinks will more than make up for it though," she nodded and began following the others down to the bar.

    CUPID: She nodded in the affirmative as Bells began to explain how much work they'd put into the cupcakes. The cupcakes turned out pretty aesthetically pleasing so they must've adhered to some sort of recipe. She scooted closer to them when they flinched and stopped themself in the middle of their explanation. She didn't know what the void was saying, but she knew it was talking. Charlie and Zatanna were quick to refute it which made Cupid smile. "Drinks sound nice," she nodded and went to loop her arm around Dean's. "If you get drunk enough tonight, maybe we can karaoke," she grinned. "I'm sure the Hex Girls won't mind a 4th or 5th wheel for--" her head shot up when she heard someone yell love is a lie across the club. She looked around for the culprit and then laughed when she noticed Chastity hiding behind Raphael. "Ah, so that's my siren song. We'll meet you guys down by the bar a little later. I need to get a full report on Operation Alone Time from my agents," she offered her hand to Bells as they made their way through the crowd toward Raphael and Chastity.

    GABE: Gabe smiled at the jokes going back in forth he was glad he was able to at least catch two of the birthday people. "You look great and since you've had your cake and zatannas too I'd say your due for a nice drink." He chuckled shaking his head " I'll tag along but I kind of wanted to talk to Jack, my little not nephew. Have you see him Dean?" He questioned following after the group until he could find some of the people he was looking for.

    BELPHEGOR: It was somehow always a surprise when Charlie managed to correct their thoughts as if she could hear them, but they also appreciated it, especially since Charlie wasn't the only one who was saying it this time. They nodded as everyone explained that it was on Sam to make up for Zatanna's loss, and they all seemed happy with that at least. They glanced up when they heard someone shouting about love, grimacing because they knew that would piss off Cupid, but it was just Chastity. Well, that was one way to call for her, though a dangerous one. They took Cupid's hand and followed her towards the love agents. [FOLLOW THE ADVENTURES OF THE LOVE AGENTS HERE]


    ZATANNA: She made her way down to the bar with the crowd. She could see Maze was already down there with Rachel. Zatanna gave Dean a look that said please don't cause problems. He was still pretty pissed about the contract situation but he also knew Maze was gonna be here tonight. Zatanna approached the bartender and smiled. "Can we have a few rounds for the table?" she asked. "For the birthday girl? Always," the bartender grinned and took down everyone's orders. "We'll be right back with these." He disappeared back behind the bar to mix their drinks.

    SAM: Sam smacked his lips as they approached the bar, still trying to get the taste of that cupcake out of his mouth. "You really didn't miss out with that cupcake Belphegor made," he assured Zatanna now that the archangel was out of earshot. "I'd give them an A for effort, but that was the most bitter cupcake I've ever had." He chuckled. "For your sake, I'm glad they didn't actually have more of them." He pulled a seat out for Charlie and then took one next to her for himself.

    RACHEL: Rae smiled softly she was glad the Maze seem to appreciate the gift as she listen to them talk about missions and such she couldn't help but chuckle. It was definitely hard to keep track of all the roles Belphegor and.Cupid played every now and then.. when the other lady approached she thought to introduce herself but she was quickly gone with Natasha. "Have fun" she waved bye to Natasha before taking her drink to sip it. She could se both Sam, Charlie and Zatanna approach smiling " if it isn't the other birthday players. Happy birthday Zee, and Sam what is your drink what's this talk of cake?"(edited)

    MAZE: "For everyone's sake, that's probably for the best if you can manage to keep them away." As capable as some people might've been, they didn't know what they were dealing with when handling Cupid and Belphegor. Missions that those agents they did were dangerous enough without them having to worry about setting Belphegor off. She smiled flirtatiously at Daisy as she arrived, ignoring the fact that she continued to call her by Lucifer's last name. She was starting to get used to that by now with this agent. "Only if you bring her back tonight," she teased. "The offer we made to you before still stands." She winked as they went off, turning her attention to the others as they arrived. "If Belphegor's making you treats, you might want to watch the floor before it starts moving under you," she warned. "Or at least tell me if you're getting topsy turvy, so I can film it."

    CHARLIE: "Belphegor made cupcakes for Zatanna and Sam," Charlie explained as she took a seat. It was more so to warn Maze that they might've made cupcakes for her too. "Sam ate both, so now he owes drinks," she laughed before turning her attention back to Sam. "You did a good job not showing it on your face though," she patted him on the shoulder. His face looked a little flush so she suspected she was right and Bells must've put an edible in the cupcakes at some point. She'd learned the hard way to pass up on snacks from Cupid and Belphegor unless they came pre-packaged. Charlie smiled as someone brought out their drinks. "Maybe you should sit this round out," she told Sam. "The edibles in that cupcake are about to hit you any minute now."

    DEAN: He knew Maze would be here because she was one of the birthday guests but he was hoping he wouldn't have to see her. He was still pretty pissed she held a contract over Zatanna and Zach, especially after everything Zatanna had done for...well, frankly every fucking person here (himself included). He sighed deeply when he saw the look Zee gave him, but he nodded anyway. He wasn't planning on causing trouble for her tonight. He laughed when Charlie mentioned that the cupcakes probably had an edible in them. "Well that's one way to celebrate a birthday. Maybe if he gets high enough Cupid can get him on stage instead of me."

    ZATANNA: "So you're saying we shouldn't get the recipe from them?" she laughed. She hadn't expected Bells to make that kind of effort for either of them so really it was the thought that counted. She was just happy to be included. "Thanks, Rachel," she grinned. "I'm happy to share the night with some good people." She could see Dean didn't feel the same way so she elbowed him playfully when he teased Sam. "I've seen Dean get drunk enough to sing but I don't think I've ever seen Sam get to that point. It would be a nice birthday present though. We can add it in with the footage of Agent Romanoff kicking John out of his stool and the reel of Bells tackling Michael to the ground." It was a nice collection of fun memories to add to. She thanked the staff as they brought in the drinks. "Oh, Sam's passing on his drink huh? Guess it's my turn to do this then." She grabbed Sam's shot before he could take it and knocked it back for herself. She grimaced at the strong taste before setting the shot glass down. "Fair is fair." He stole her cupcake, so it was only fair she take his drink.

    SAM: “I definitely wouldn't recommend it.” He nodded at Zatanna's question. It was already making him feel slightly queasy, but if Charlie and Maze were right about there being edibles in the cupcake, his body probably just wasn't used to the high. “I don't think I've had an edible since I was in college.” That was such a long time ago, but in a weird way, this felt like that. He was surrounded by friends, and they were all having a good time without some apocalypse going on in the background. Maybe it was just the edible, but for once in his life, he felt at ease. He wrapped an arm around Charlie, holding her close. “It was hard to show anything on my face when it was stuffed full of cupcakes,” he joked. “I can take one shot at least,” he insisted and reached for the glass before Zatanna snagged it for herself. “Alright,” he laughed. “I guess I deserved that, but I can promise you that you're not gonna be seeing me singing anything soon.” He waved down another bartender to bring him another drink, and he quickly shot it back. He choked on it a little, and it burned against the scratchiness of his throat. “Guess I can't handle my liquor tonight either. Charlie's right. I'll sit the rest of them out.”

    CHARLIE: "Seems fitting," she grinned. He was technically back in college again or at least toying with the idea so it was ironic this would be the first time since then that he'd taken an edible. She grabbed the pitcher of water that the bartender left and poured a glass for Sam. Some fluids of the non-alcoholic variety would do him some good. He seemed at ease though which was nice to see. Coming back from the other timeline he'd been on edge, but things were finally starting to settle down. She intertwined her fingers in his as he put his arm around her shoulder. She laughed when Zatanna stole Sam's shot. It was nice to see them both let loose a little. "Wait...you've gotten Dean drunk enough to sing? Honestly, if you get Thorn in on it, there's a good chance you could get Sam up on that stage tonight. I think she's looking for petty vengeance after he told Cupid about her and Zach," the reaper encouraged. It was evident though that that would have to wait until Cupid's operation was over which was fine because based on how difficult it was for Sam to knock back the other shot that he ordered, he needed a minute for the edibles to wear off.

    DEAN: "She got me that drunk once," he defended. "Once. And I'm pretty sure she cheated the drinking game we were playing." He figured out a little too late that she was replacing her vodka with water so that she would remain sober while he got drunker and drunker. And then before he knew it he was on stage singing to ABBA. He didn't remember any of it but he remembered the hangover afterward. He was pretty sure Zatanna had the whole thing immortalized on video, but she wouldn't confirm or deny his suspicions. He laughed when Zatanna stole Sam's shot from herself. She was right that fair was fair and in the grand scheme of things, she got the better end of the deal. At least the drinks were better crafted than the cupcakes Sam stole. "Oh, I'm more than happy to drag Thorn into this. She deserves petty vengeance." Cupid was a force to be reckoned with when it came to matters of the heart, but at least she seemed to have her sights focused in on Zach for the most part.

    ZATANNA: Based on the look on Sam's face, she was glad she hadn't taken a cupcake, but she did take another drink. Whatever liquor they were using was strong because she was already feeling some of its effects. She looked around the club for a moment to see if she could spot Michael, but the big guy was nowhere to be found yet. Maybe he got called in, she wondered. "Me? Cheat? That's slander. And to say it in the face of my attorney?" she gestured to Sam. "Bold." He was right though, she did cheat that time. But the thing is there was no evidence to prove his case so she could claim slander if she wanted to. "You have a great singing voice though so I'm sure Cupid would be happy to get either of you on stage tonight. And you're right. Thorn deserves a bit of petty vengeance. Getting Cupid and Chastity on her case is probably worse than having the paparazzi swarm her. I'm pretty sure all of Heaven is in on it now." Zee had asked Raph to keep an eye on the love operation to make sure Cupid and Chastity didn't take things too far, but the fact that the two of them were seeing something between Zach and Thorn was surprising. Zatanna was pretty sure Zach had never felt that sort of thing for anyone.

    SAM: He took a sip of the water after Charlie poured a glass for him. "Thank you," he told her and kissed her cheek. "Considering how much you drink, I'm surprised you're not immune to this stuff by now." Dean tended to drink a lot, not that Sam really judged him for it considering what their lives were like. You needed something to take the edge off sometimes. Dean had his alcohol, and Sam had Charlie. "I'm not sure she even realizes how many people are in on it now." He laughed, leaning against Charlie a little more, because it was easier than holding himself up. He felt like his vision was starting to blur, and he was positive that it was because of the cupcake he'd eaten. Karma sure was a bitch. "But if she can get me to sing on stage, let her try. It won't be pretty. Dean's the one with the voice." He took another sip of the water, but it did nothing for how he was feeling. He pulled himself away from Charlie. "I think I actually just need to get some fresh air or something. Whatever was in that cupcake, and all the noise is giving me a headache."

    CHARLIE: She nodded and smiled softly when he kissed her. "So we'll add magicians to the list of people you probably shouldn't try to outdrink," she laughed although she wished she could've seen the night Dean was talking about. "Honestly, I don't even know how deep it goes. I'm pretty sure Cupid got most of the virtues to ship it, and she's slowly collecting guardians on her side too." Cupid and Dean had similarly been on Sam and Charlie's case so Charlie was able to sympathize with Zach and Thorn. "She wouldn't be doing it if she didn't see something though." It was kind of nice to see them all gather for a wholesome cause. She just wasn't sure how ready Zach was to follow those feelings. From what the guardians told her, he seemed more cautious these days. Allowing yourself to love someone and be loved in return required throwing some caution into the wind. She looked up when Sam mentioned that he needed to get some fresh air. He'd been leaning on her in a way where she knew it was hitting him hard. She hoped it wasn't a magic mushroom that they stuck in the cupcake. They did say they got the ingredients from Cupid's garden. "Don't go too far. There's a 50/50 chance it's not an edible but a mushroom. Do you want me to come out there with you?" she asked.

    DEAN: "You did cheat!" The fact that she was looking a little woobly right now proved to him that she couldn't hold her liquor as well as she'd led him to believe. This meant that she must've cheated. "Man, that list is growing by the minute. How am I supposed to keep up? Next thing you know, I won't be allowed to try to outdrink Death," he joked. Now that was a sure fire way to die, but at least he'd die having fun. It was more than he could say for all the other ways he'd died. "And that's probably why it's best to avoid Cupid when you've got feelings for someone. Unless you're Mrs. Morningstar. I kinda like seeing Cupid get on her case." Dean always backed Cupid up during those moments. Her energy was fun as long as it wasn't directed at you. He raised an eyebrow when Sam said he needed to get some air. "So we got two birthday lightweights," he chuckled, but nodded in agreement with Charlie. Edibles were one thing but mushrooms with Sam's history of hallucinations were an entirely different thing. "Lessons were learned tonight. Always ask Belphegor what's in their cupcakes before you take 'em."

    ZATANNA: "Maybe so," she grinned at Dean's accusation. It felt like things were moving so slow. She didn't know why. She wasn't a light weight. She knew how to drink, but today just just wasn't holding it well. "But I'm inclined to agree with Charlie. It's probably best you stay in your lane and not try to outdrink beings that aren't human. That includes Captain America and Superman by the way," she threw in for good measure. "Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that Cupid saw something, I dunno if I'd believe it." Zach wasn't the fall in love type, he was the fall into someone's bed type. Sam told her that he and Thorn played a pretty convincing couple which was slightly surprising Zach had no idea what it meant or looked like to actually be in a relationship that spanned more than just the club and his bedroom. Thorn must've had to do a lot of teaching get him to a point of understanding. "Speaking of relationships though, I'm going to go find Michael. He's probably outside talking to some of the guardians." They were paranoid that someone might used the party as an excuse to do harm, namely again to Zatanna and her friends. That was the problem with inheriting Michael's enemies. Parties like this became an opportunity to create political upheaval. Zatanna weirdly found herself not too worried about it though. She felt a little weightless as she stood up from her seat. She stumbled a little but righted herself, giggling.

    "Shit...they must really be pouring with a heavy hand for the birthday guests." She slipped off her heels and took them in her hand. It was probably best to not walk with those on for the moment. "I'll be back in like ten minutes." With that she made her way out of the bar area. She was too prideful to show it in front of her friends, but the walk out took more effort than she would've liked. The room was out of focus and everything was spinning. As soon as she was out of their view, she started using the wall to guide her forward.

    SAM: “I think she might be putting more into it than she even did with us.” Cupid had just died during that time, so it wasn't really a surprise that she hadn't been as focused on it, but things hadn't exactly gotten better for her either. This at least provided a distraction from it all, and Charlie was right. If there was nothing there, Cupid wouldn't do all of this. It was entertaining and helpful. Plus, it was just nice to see it happen to someone else. He waved Dean's comment about them being lightweights off. “Knowing them, they might not even remember what they put in them.” It seemed like something that would slip their mind, especially since they hadn't warned him about these. “Nah. I'm good. I'm just gonna go up to the balcony. I won't be long.” He gave Charlie another parting kiss before leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Besides, one of us needs to stay here to make sure Dean doesn't start something with Maze or a drinking match with someone he can't beat.” He squeezed her hand before standing up on his own. “Be back in a bit.” Once his feet were actually having to support him on the floor, he realized just how dizzy he was, but he played it off okay. At least he thought so. He was actually swaying a lot, but he made it up the stairs and up to the balcony miraculously without falling.

    CHARLIE: "And I am thankful for that," she laughed. Had Cupid actually put this much effort into getting her and Sam together, she likely would've discovered Sam's addiction sooner. She was glad this gave Cupid something to focus on at least. She'd come back from the other universe more melancholy than before but she wouldn't talk to anyone about it. In the end this was at least distracting Cupid and hopefully providing Zach with the push he needed to get out of his head a little. "You're right. Odds are the only way they'll know what they put in the cupcakes is to taste test them," she agreed. Whatever it was, it was clearly strong. Sam was sweating and his eye seemed out of focus. She kissed him one more time, but because he was no longer her charge, she couldn't feel the reaper tingle radiating off of him. "Aye aye, Captain," she nodded when he told her to keep Dean out of trouble. "I'll keep him from dying tonight." She gave Dean the universal I'm watching you gesture as Sam and Zatanna made their way out of the bar. Odds were Zatanna would come back with Michael which meant Dean needed to be watched twice as much. "Come on, wallflower," she finished her drink and held out her hand to Dean. "You might not be able to outdrink Death, but you can dance with a reaper. Let's go see what's out there..." she smiled brightly and nodded toward the dance floor.

    DEAN: "I can't outdrink Captain America?" he frowned. "But that's like...the American Dream. You can't take that away from me!" Truthfully, he hadn't thought about trying to outdrink Captain America until she said something about it. And now that was his goal and mission for the night. He rolled his eyes at his brother when Sam said someone needed to stay here to ensure her would be on his best behavior. "Whatcha mean?" he shrugged as Charlie gave him the evil eye. "I'm an absolute boy scout," he gave her a cheesy grin. "So far, my death count in this universe is zero which is better than Sam's right now," he pointed out. He watched his brother and Zatanna teeter out of the bar area and shook his head. "They're wasted." He hoped they'd find their way back to the bar eventually. If not, he and Charlie would have to go on a fishing expedition to find them. He raised his eyebrow when Charlie extended a hand to him and offered a dance. He wasn't much of a dancing man, but it gave him the opportunity to scope out the club. "Alright, but I can't promise I won't step on your toes at least once," he chuckled as he took her hand and allowed her to guide him to the dance floor.


    SAM: He took a few steps out onto the balcony, but the air did little to ease his aching migraine or the nausea that had built up in his stomach. He used the wall to keep his balance as he moved forward, reaching the edge of the balcony where the railing was. He clutched onto it tightly, his legs shaking beneath him. Leaning over the railing, he vomited for a full minute, feeling like his organs might come out too. Whatever Belphegor had given him was sure doing more than making him a little high. He was sweating profusely, and his legs gave out from under him. He vomited onto the floor next to him as he sat against the railing. His heart was racing, and his vision was getting worse. Maybe he should've let Charlie come with him. He wasn't sure he could actually walk back to the bar at this point. He was ready to just pass out here.

    ZATANNA: She didn't get very far in her search for Michael. She was so tired and so dizzy. She'd been carrying her heels in her hand but she lost them somewhere in the club. It was effort just to walk at this point so she was holding onto the wall for support. People tried to talk to her, but their words sounded like they were under water most of the time. She thought a lot of them were saying Happy Birthday so she smiled and thanked them before moving on her way. Her vision kept blurring and she thought she saw Michael somewhere on the balcony. Her shoulders eased a little at the thought that maybe he'd just be able to take her home before she puked. She didn't feel safe in her body right now, but she made her way over to the balcony the best she could. "Mich--" the man came into focus and she realized it wasn't Michael. "Sam?" she was confused as she approached him. He didn't look good. She could see he'd been sick. "You okay?"

    SAM: His vision was too blurry to see very far in front of him, but he heard movement. That was good. Maybe whoever was coming up here could go get Charlie for him. She could just take him home, and they could let this wear off before he threw up in every open spot on the balcony. He was surprised to see Zatanna. She was supposed to be going to see Michael, and now, she was here, looking like she was glowing. "Zatanna?" he asked her with just as much confusion. "Are you an angel?" It didn't really make much sense, but the halo around her head gave Sam reasonable doubt. Maybe being around Michael so much was rubbing off on her. Maybe he was dying, and his reaper took on her image to make him more comfortable. Maybe they didn't feel right looking like Charlie because she was his girlfriend. "I think I'm dying?" Did she know? "There was-" He threw up again. Only this time there was blood. Or maybe there'd always been blood. It was hard to tell. "I think Belphegor's cupcakes weren't good."

    ZATANNA: She blinked hard to try to focus again, but he was so fuzzy and really fucking tall. It was hard to see his face for a moment. Especially under the dim lights on the balcony. "Am I an angel?" she laughed. "Last I check, no. If you ask me if I fell from heaven next you might fall off the balcony." He was swaying in a way that made her hold out her hand to steady him. Which wasn't as much help as she would've hoped for because she was barely steady on her feet herself. "If you go down, I'm gonna go down so lets just have a seat and wait for this to wear--" I think I'm dying. "Don't be dramatic. You're just--" and there it was. He was yacking on the side. It took her a moment to focus but she could see blood on the ground and around his mouth. She froze a little. "Oh fuck..." It made her feel queasy, but she tried to focus back on Sam. "Ees woleb eht ecafrus," she replied as she tapped her temples to spell herself so that she could see what was going on inside Sam's body. "Fuck..." she blinked hard as the spell took hold. It took her a moment to focus but she did eventually. She could see the veins and tendons in Sam's body now and she could see...decay. "Poison," she whispered. "Sam you need to sit down. I need to get this out of you."

    SAM: "You're . . . glowing," he told her, as if that explained everything. He glanced at the edge of the balcony, already feeling like he was going to fall off of it. He took her hand to steady himself, but it didn't do much for him. They mainly just swayed together. He wondered if Belphegor had gotten around to make her the same cupcakes. That wouldn't be good for either of them. His body shook as he continued to vomit. It was nearly impossible to stay upright. Did she say poison? That made sense. He felt like he was dying. The only thing he'd eaten recently was Belphegor's cupcake. He tried to grasp onto Zatanna's arm. "The Void," he told her. "It had to . . . have been . . . the Void." He was pretty sure he nodded as she told him to sit down, but as he tried to do so, he just tipped over, and he fell flat on his face. His body stated to seize violently as he choked up more vomit.

    ZATANNA: She glanced at her arms when he said that she was glowing. She couldn't see anything. It had to be the side effect of the poison. Herbology wasn't her strong suit and she was clearly not in the right state of mind to figure out exactly what poison was in his system, so she couldn't conjure up the antidote for it. She'd have to get it out of him and place it into something else. She wondered what was in her system. She'd only had one or two drinks, but it was clear someone had drugged her. She didn't have time to figure it out though as Sam collapsed onto the ground, nearly taking her down with him. "Sam!" she knelt down on the ground beside him. She needed to move fast but her reaction time was slowed down by whatever drug was in her system. "Fuck, okay..." she breathed in deeply. She could still see the poison in his veins. Have to get it out, have to get it out. She placed her hands on his chest. "Nosiop otni..." Poison into where? Into where? She panicked. She couldn't think clearly. The world around her was fading in and out. She was going to lose consciousness shortly herself. "Em," she finished. Poison into me.

    As soon as she finished the spell, she could see the poison draining out of Sam and traveling into her. It colored her veins as it moved up her arms and made its way through her system. She collapse beside him. Her top hat tumbled off her head. A moment later, she could see something bounce out of the discarded hat. It was white, fuzzy...Doc. The bunny often escaped the hat in search of his tiger friend, Houdini. Zatanna reached for the bunny. She had to pass the poison off to something, someone otherwise it would kill her. But Doc was out of her reach. She couldn't move, her breathing started to slow and the world started to fade around her more and more. She was dying. She glanced up at the sky and thought she could see the moon. It was beautiful tonight. She reached out her hand to touch it. "Pleh," she whispered. A spell shot from her fingertips up into the night sky like a firework. A moment later, a large sigil with the letter Z in the middle of it painted itself across the sky for the whole city to see. It was her last ditch effort and all the energy she had left in her. Slowly, the world around her faded and faded and faded. Full dark, no stars.

    ZACHARY [FOLLOW THE PRECURSOR HERE]: He raced with Thorn in tow to the balcony, barely skidding to a halt once he was out there. He took just a moment to take in the scene, trying to understand what was happening. There was throw up and blood on the ground next to Sam. He was unconscious next to it, and Zatanna was also on the ground unconscious. Doc was sitting nearby, but altogether, Zach didn't know what all of this meant. He crouched down next to Zatanna, putting a hand on her to shake her gently. "Zatanna?" he asked, his voice cracking with worry. "Zatanna, wake up. What's wrong? What happened?" There was no response. "I don't-" He wasn't the one who ever did these things. Zatanna was always the one to save his ass, not the other way around, and he was panicking, freezing into being unable to do anything. "I can't-" What if he made this worse? What if he made her worse? What if he killed her?

    THORN: "They're a little...abrasive sometimes," she answered. He was more than a little down on himself lately and she didn't want to tell him that his reputation along with his recent actions hadn't exactly garnered him any favors with her sisters. They weren't likely to be fond of the idea of Thorn hanging out with him, but they weren't the ones in need of help here. Besides, she liked hanging out with Zach. She didn't have to put on an exhausting show for him like she did with everyone else. She smiled to herself when he said he'd put out whatever fires she started. She wouldn't have believed Zach before but she did now.

    What he was telling her was a lot to process. Firstly, the devil had a girlfriend. Secondly, she'd gone missing along with the club. Given the fact that Zach was still alive, the girlfriend must've come back in one piece. But why would the devil then let someone host a party for Zatanna in his club? And why would Zatanna accept? It didn't add up. "Is there a way ou--" based on the look on Zach's face she knew that was a pointless question. He didn't want to get out of the contract. He felt he deserved it. So, she opted for another question. "What services is he asking for?" she asked. Maybe she could help him complete whatever task the devil needed and Zach would be free of the contract. Despite the circumstances, she couldn't help but laugh at Zach's reaction about Sam and Cupid. "Guess Sam is a man of his word. Don't worry though, they'll get tired of it eventually and move on." There were plenty of real couples in New York for them to focus on.

    The excitement of harnessing the flame quickly faded and was replaced by concern based on Zach's reaction to the sigil. Something was wrong. Very wrong. She held his hand and followed him forward, jumping back slightly as his spell slammed the door to the roof back open. It was the first magic she'd seen him use since they got back. She didn't have time to process that though as they moved swiftly through the club. The music bounced in sync to the rhythm of her panicked heart. She tried to keep steady. If she got too elevated she was worried she'd start a fire somewhere. There were so many people here tonight. She didn't want their blood on her hands.

    She was relieved when they got to the balcony but the relief was short lived as she took in the scene. "Shit!" She ran over to Sam as Zach made his way to Zatanna. Thorn checked for a pulse and was relieved to find he still had one. It was slow but steady. His breathing was also slowed, but it wasn't labored. Thorn did a quick check of his pupils and skin. There appeared to be a small rash on his neck. Thorn knew the signs. Her great aunt was an apothecary and her dad was a pharmacist. "Poison," she whispered to herself. They'd been poisoned. "Zach..." she looked up at him but he was spiraling. She couldn't blame him. This was his cousin. From what Zach told her, she'd practically raised him and she was dying.

    But she wasn't dead yet. There was still time to save her. Thorn quickly stood up and made her way over to him. "Zachary..." she called out to him. I can't. He was ruminating on the million and one ways this could go wrong, but he wasn't thinking about the ways he could make it right. He needed to slow down, he needed to think rationally. But they didn't have time for a pep talk right now. Zatanna had minutes, if not less. Thorn did the one thing she could think of. She pulled him away from the situation, cupped his face, and kissed him. Not long but long enough to slow him in his tracks and pull him out of his thoughts. She pulled away, her hands still cupping his face. "Poison. She's been poisoned," she replied emphatically as she caught her breath. "We need to get it out of her and we need to do it now."

    ZACH: He nodded. He'd met the other Hex Girls before, mainly when they'd been on their tours, but their behavior around him was something he was used to. He expected it. He might've been trying to change, but he didn't expect their attitude towards him to do so.

    He shook his head as she started to ask if there was a way out. There wasn't, and it wasn't really worth fighting for either, not just because he thought he deserved it, but because he just couldn't imagine that it would really change anything. "I don't know." He shrugged. "They just said I'd have to do something for them when they eventually asked." Probably the worst part of the deal was that it was just so open-ended. It could've been anything. He sighed. "Somehow I doubt that." He was pretty sure they'd keep at it until he did something about it.

    The rest of the conversation was quickly forgotten as Zach was faced with his cousin dying in front of him. He barely heard Thorn speaking nearby as he tried to feel for Zatanna's pulse. It was slow and weak, and his mind was racing with worst case scenarios. He felt even more panicked as Thorn pulled him away. He still tried to keep his eyes on Zatanna as if she might die if he took his eyes away, but his eyes snapped back at Thorn when she kissed him, stunning him just long enough to get him to focus on her instead of the situation around him. Poison? He looked back over at Zatanna, and he realized what had happened. Sam must've been poisoned, and she took it out of him to put it in herself. It had to be a life for a life. That's how magic worked. She must've been trying to get it somewhere else, but she ran out of time. "Okay. Okay." He pulled away from Thorn. "I can do this," he said, mainly just to reassure himself. He looked at the rabbit apologetically. "I'm sorry, Doc." He pulled the rabbit closer as he placed a hand on both him and Zatanna. "Nosiop otni tibbar." The poison pulled out of Zatanna and straight into the rabbit. Seconds later it died.

    He fell back on his ass now that the poison was out of her, but things weren't over for her yet. She and Sam might've both had the poison out of their system, but that didn't fix the damage that had been done to their bodies. They both needed medical attention. He remembered the card he still had on him. He pulled it out and placed it on the ground. "Llac leahpar sogruimed." A cloudy image pulled up from the card for Zach to speak directly to Raphael. "Raphael? I need your help." His voice cracked as he spoke. "Please, hurry."

    THORN: She didn't like that his contract was so open ended but there was nothing to be done about that for the moment. They would figure that out when the time came. Zach seemed to be more focused now. He was taking in the words that she was saying. He was formulating a plan. Thorn stepped back and let him work. She had an idea of what he needed to do. An eye for an eye, a life for a life. But it didn't make it any easier. She held herself as he grabbed the bunny in one hand and Zatanna with the other. A moment later, the rabbit was dead. The balance that magic called for was restored, but Sam and Zatanna weren't out of the woods yet. Zach's magic couldn't affect them personally and their bodies were fairly damaged from the poison. Thorn approached Zach as he fell back. She took his hand in hers, letting him know that she was still there as he contacted Raphael. She looked upward toward the sky, Zatanna's sigil was still there. "Come on, Raphael..." she whispered. "Come on..."

    MICHAEL: He'd been talking to one of the guardians at the entrance of the club. The conversation was light. Mostly about the operation that Cupid was running with Raphael, Belphegor, and Chastity. Sam knew exactly what he was doing when he told Cupid about that. Michael almost felt bad for Zachary, but given the hell he'd put Zatanna through with his last act a little bit of relentless prodding from Cupid was a pretty mild punishment. The Archangel excused himself for a moment and stepped out to find Zatanna. It was her birthday party after all and he had a gift waiting for her in one of the rooms. It was an engagement ring. He just needed her alone for a minute so he could ask her the question he'd been wanting to ask for a very long time. As soon as he stepped out of the club, something changed. He noticed the sigil in the sky immediately. It was one of Zatanna's. It was a beacon for help. She was in trouble. Michael whistled loudly to get the attention of the guardians. "Find her now!" And with that, he went searching.

    CHARLIE: She'd been dancing with Dean when she heard the whistle. Charlie spent enough time around the Guardians to know what that whistle meant. Someone was in trouble. "Dean..." she stopped abruptly and pulled him to the side. As soon as they got away from the crowd, she felt something cold behind her. She turned around and there was a reaper. Sam's new reaper. "Tessa? What's going on?"

    "It's Sam..." she reported back. "He's not in the veil but he had a close call."

    The panic in Charlie's eyes was evident. "Where?" she demanded. She should've seen it coming. He hadn't looked good when he left to get some air.

    "He's still on the balcony. You need to hurry," Tessa urged her. The poison was out of Sam but there was a lot of damage to his body. If it wasn't healed soon, he'd be re-entering the veil again. Charlie wasted no time as she grabbed Dean's hand and began dragging him toward the balcony.

    RAPHAEL: They landed with a heavy thud in front of Zach. He and Thorn looked shaken, but otherwise unharmed. The scene in front of them was dire but not yet deadly. Raph's eyes shifted to a color that wasn't altogether human as they looked at Zatanna and Sam. They were alive and breathing, but weak. Their organs were shutting down. Poison. It was no longer inside them, but it had been inside them long enough to do a decent amount of damage. Their eyes ventured to the bunny and it pretty much confirmed to Raphael that they were right about the poison. "Oleander," they ventured to guess, but they would need to run a toxicology report to confirm. Raphael knelt down between Sam and Zatanna, placing a hand on each of them. Their eyes glowed a bright golden color as they healed the damage done to the pairs bodies. "They'll be alright," they informed Zach. Even now Sam and Zatanna were slowly regaining consciousness. "Keep away from Sam though," they warned as they put themself in between all three of them and Sam. There was no telling which Sam would come back just yet. As far as Raph could tell, the barrier seemed to be holding, but they wouldn't know for sure how long that was going to last until they were able to go in and check on it. "Are you alright?" they asked Zach and Thorn. "What happened?"

    DEAN: He had to admit, he was having a good time. Charlie had gotten a few drinks in him and he was loosening up. He hadn't even heard the loud whistle until Charlie pulled him aside. He was quick to sober up the moment he looked at her face. A moment later, he felt a chill and then a voice. "Son of a bitch!" he practically jumped out of his skin as he turned around to face Tessa. She was their new reaper. "Old spice whistle, remember!" He whistled to remind them that they were supposed to whistle before just poofing out of the veil like that. All humor left his features when Tessa explained why she was here. "Oh fuck!" They couldn't even get a single night off of trouble. Dean grabbed Charlie's hand and followed her to the balcony, hoping they weren't too late to stop this.

    ZACH: He was glad for Thorn's hand when she took his. It grounded him compared to all of this, but worry still coursed through him. Zatanna and Sam still needed help, and it was more than he could help with. They needed Raphael to show up. He hadn't talked to Raphael since the archangel first gave him their card, and he hoped they wouldn't hold a grudge on how Zach had acted towards him back then. They might've had every right to, but Zach didn't think they were the type to hold a grudge like that. He hoped not anyways, but then Raphael appeared out of nowhere. Zach squeezed Thorn's hand tightly and used her hand to pull himself up to stand. He let out a sigh of relief as Raphael healed Sam and Zatanna and he pulled Thorn back along with him. Even while knowing that Zatanna would be okay, he still needed someone to hold onto, or at least he just couldn't let go yet. With his free hand he waved it in Sam's direction. "dnuob htiw dnuorg." The ground around Sam's arms and legs pushed up to retrain his legs. It was nothing an archangel like Raphael couldn't break through, but it would keep Sam from doing anything if he wasn't himself. He nodded at Raphael's question. He was shaken and a little traumatized. He felt like he might throw up, but he was physically fine. "We saw Zatanna's sigil, so we came to help. I don't know what happened before this, but when we got here they were both unconscious. Thorn realized they were poisoned, so I transferred the poison to Doc to get it out of Zatanna." He looked down sympathetically at the rabbit. "And then I called you. Thanks for coming."

    ZATANNA: She breathed in deeply as soon as Raphael healed her. Things were already starting to come back into focus but the confusion was very much there. Where was she? How did she get here? Was that...Zach? Her head hurt as memories started coming back in patches. She was on the balcony at Lux. The void had tried to poison Sam and-- "Sam!" she sat up a little too quickly and got dizzy but luckily she could see Sam beside her. He was restrained though and she was worried he might not have been himself. "Sam?" she called out, a little less sure of herself as she laid back down. As her head settled she was finally able to get a better look at her surroundings. She could see Zach, Thorn, and Raphael more clearly now. Zach looked so worried, she felt bad. Had he found her like this? "I'm okay," she assured him. She was a little cold and her body was trying to reach homeostasis after experiencing a shock to her system, but she was okay. She looked at Raphael, trying to will them to understand. "There were cupcakes and there was poison...something in my drink too, I think...They didn't mean to. It wasn't their fault."

    THORN: She took in a deep breath as Raphael landed in front of them. They carried a comforting sort of presence but their power was immense. She wasn't used to being around beings of this level of power and it frightened her. She scooted closer to Zachary just in case they needed to make a run for it at some point. He didn't seem as frightened as she was, on the contrary, he seemed relieved.

    Oleander? In this economy? They were spring flowers, sure. But this spring hadn't exactly been the warmest. There was a delay in plant blooming because of the continued frost. But they seemed certain and Thorn believed what they were saying. She didn't dare let go of Zach's hand as Raphael moved to heal Zatanna and Sam. It seemed to come with such ease to them. A moment later both Zatanna and Sam were breathing easy. Zach once again used his magic to restrain Sam on the off chance that it wasn't their Sam who came back. Thorn hoped it was her Sam and she hoped he remembered at least one of his code words because it didn't look like he was getting out of those restraints otherwise.

    Zatanna was the first to wake and she seemed to be slowly regaining herself and her awareness. Thorn squeezed Zach's hand reassuringly and took a step closer to Zatanna so that he could be nearer to his cousin. She was saying something about poison cupcakes and someone spiking her drink...but it wasn't their fault? It wasn't adding up. One event happening, maybe perhaps could be ruled an accident. But both? In a single night? Thorn was pulled out of her thoughts as the door to the balcony slammed open and in stepped Michael. He looked both pissed (which she assumed was just what his face defaulted to) and concerned. Reflexively, she took a step back from Zatanna and pulled Zach along with her as the Archangel approached.

    MICHAEL: It didn't take him long to track the source of Zatanna's sigil up to the balcony. When he got there, Raphael was already there. Michael was so focused on Zatanna at first that he didn't even notice Thorn and Zach. Both Zatanna and Sam were on the ground, blood and bile lay around them. Michael knelt down beside Zatanna. "Zee?" she was breathing and conscious, but her skin was cold and clammy. She was still in shock. Michael shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around her to keep her warm.

    He'd caught the tail end of her explanation and didn't need her to go over it again, Doc told him everything he needed to know. There was poison and what appeared to be rohypnol in the rabbit's system. They didn't mean to. It wasn't their fault. Michael didn't need clarification on who they were. One of the guardians had mentioned to him that Cupid was boasting proudly earlier about some cupcakes Belphegor made for Sam and Zatanna. She was right that Belphegor probably didn't mean to do it, but the void had. His emotions, mostly his rage, was bubbling beneath the surface.

    He held Zatanna close and kissed her forehead. "It's okay," he promised her. It wasn't. She was hurt again because of her involvement with his family. It was always his family. "We'll figure it out. You need to rest..." he looked up at Raph. "Raphael will get you home safe and I'll be there as soon as I can. I have some questions that need answers." Michael whistled loudly and three more guardians landed beside him. "The party's over." And the investigation was about to start.

    CHARLIE: Getting to the balcony was harder than she could've imagined. There were so many people in their way which made it all the more frustrating. She could see the guardians making their way toward the balcony too. Had someone told them about Sam? Gods, she felt so guilty. She was a reaper. She’d seen death time and again. Even though she hadn’t felt the reaper tingle, she should’ve seen the signs that he was in distress. She should’ve known. As she and Dean made their way up, she realized that the situation was more dire than she imagined. "Sam!" she ran over to him. He was restrained for the moment by mounds of dirt. She fought the urge tear the restraints off but she knew and understood their purpose. "Sam..." her voice cracked. He was alive, but was he her Sam? She looked up at Raphael for answers. What happened?

    RAPHAEL: They couldn't help the smile that crossed their lips when Zach cast a spell on Sam. Sam probably had that coming after siccing Cupid on Zorn. Raph was glad Cupid couldn't see the scene before them at least. It was pretty brutal. "You did the right thing, Zach," they assured him. Doc might've been gone but it was better than the alternative. "And you're very quick on your feet to recognize that it was poison, Thorn. You both saved their lives tonight." Raphael might've healed them, but Zach and Thorn bought them the time.

    Their attention turned to Zatanna as she bolted upward to check on Sam. "Hey...hey...gotta take it slow, okay?" they replied as they helped her ease back down. They listened as she described what happened. It wasn't their fault. Raph knew who she was talking about. Belphegor. They began putting the pieces together just as Michael entered the picture. Their brother was a ferocious storm. Raph rarely saw him this worked up, but then again this wasn't the first time Zatanna was in the line of fire because of all of them. It was becoming a pattern and Michael was ready to put an end to it.

    Raph opened their mouth to talk Michael down, but just then Charlie and Dean walked in. The two of them immediately made their way over to Sam to check in on him. Dean stubbornly started tugging on the roots to try to free Sam from the restraints, but he wasn't strong enough to break through. "He's okay," Raphael assured them. "But I will need to check on the integrity of the barrier when he gets back to his senses a little more. Sorry, Sam..." They apologized. "Have you been eating your apples? Cause they haven't really been keeping the doctor away lately. Maybe you should switch to Granny Smiths," they offered lightheartedly before turning their attention back to Charlie.

    "He had a cupcake of some kind that didn't really agree with him." It was clear Charlie understood, everyone in the room who knew about the void understood. "Zatanna tried to get the poison out of him," they ventured to guess, looking over at Zee for confirmation. "But..." Their eyes turned to look at Doc. "Doc has trace amounts of Rohypnol in his system," they informed Zatanna. "Which meant that you did too. That's why you lost consciousness. Zach and Thorn were the first to see the call for help. Zach got the poison out of Zatanna and into Doc before calling me here to heal them. The party's over," they agreed with Michael. "But I think you need to sit this one out. At least the suspect questioning anyway," they offered before he could protest. He could pull the tapes, question witnesses, go after whoever roofied Zatanna but he needed to stay away from Belphegor for the moment. He needed to let Raphael handling that one and it would have to wait until they got back after taking a look at Sam.

    DEAN: Panic overtook him the moment he saw Sam and Zatanna on the ground. "Sammy!" His first instinct was to help Sam out of the restraints even though he knew it was counterintuitive. He knew the purpose of those restraints. In the end, it didn't matter because he couldn't get them off. He listened to Raphael explain what happened. Poison cupcakes. The void's cupcakes. Roofies. Dean looked over at Zatanna. Michael was still holding her but she seemed to be okay. Michael, on the other hand, looked pissed. It was clear Raphael was trying to talk him down. "Zee?" Dean called out to her. He needed confirmation that she was safe. He needed to hear her voice. Zach and Thorn looked shaken too, but ultimately okay. Well, as okay as a person could be after seeing their family member nearly dye. Dean could relate. "Zach, you okay? Thorn?” They needed to get out of here before the investigation started. Dean didn’t know how it was going to go or how Belphegor would take the news. He hoped Michael would relent and let Raphael handle breaking it to them otherwise the void was going to make more than a one time appearance tonight. He wasn’t exactly ready to be involved in another Apocalypse.

    SAM: He sputtered a little after Raphael healed him. There was still some vomit that hadn't come all the way out, so he had to spit it off to the side, which wasn't easy when you were restrained. It took him a moment to remember what had happened, but once he did, it made sense why he needed these kinds of restraints. "I'm alive," he assured Zatanna. "You okay?" He felt exhausted and drained, but he'd be okay. He tried to take in his surroundings, and he first took in the sight of Zach and Thorn. He could guess that Zach had put the restraints on him, which was interesting given that he was pretty sure Zach hadn't been using his magic lately. He was also holding onto Thorn like she was his lifeline, and more than that, the lipstick that Thorn was wearing seemed to be spotted onto Zach's lips. Cupid would be hearing about this one . . . at least once he got the all clear from Raphael. He knew they'd have to check the barrier after this.

    He smiled a little as Charlie and Dean raced to his side. "Cupid can't be too disappointed in me because I didn't actually die this time, right?" he asked Charlie. It was both an inside joke and their code word for her to know that it was really him and not the other version of him that threatened to break into his mind at all times. "Dean, it's okay. Just leave 'em alone." He wiggled his hands in an attempt to try to slap Dean's hands away from the restraints. While he might've been himself now, there was no telling how his barrier was holding. For all he knew, it could break completely as soon as someone might've gotten the restraints off. It was better to wait until Raphael could check inside his head. He nodded at the archangel. "If I ate an apple, then you couldn't save my ass in these kinds of situations," he joked. He listened to their explanation about what had happened and did his best to nod at Zach and Thorn. "Thank guys." Maybe he should've gone easy on them and not tell Cupid about that lipstick on Zach's face. . . Nah.

    ZACH: He nodded silently as Raphael assured him that he did the right thing. It was nice to hear that he'd helped, but he felt like there was something off about this situation that he wasn't catching onto yet. He was relieved as Zatanna started to breathe again, but things weren't over yet, and he wasn't sure if she was actually okay yet. He moved along with Thorn towards Zatanna, trying to make sure nothing else went wrong, but her words just confused him. She knew who poisoned them, but it somehow wasn't the person's fault? Raphael had said Oleander was used, but that didn't just end up in a cupcake accidentally. Had the person who poisoned her also slipped something in her drink too? "Who-" Zach started to ask before Thorn pulled him out of the way as Michael charged into the room. He hadn't seen Michael interact with Zatanna like this before, and he felt awkward watching it.

    Sam fortunately was awake too, and his loved ones were coming to see him. As Raphael spoke to them and explained the situation, a look of understanding seemed to be exchanged between them. Zach looked at Thorn, as if to silently ask if she felt as confused as he did. Did she feel like there was something going on here under the surface too? "Yeah," Zach answered Dean, his voice hoarse and barely audible. "Who poisoned her? Why?" He asked, to just about anyone in the room. It seemed like they all seemed to know even without saying it.

    ZATANNA: She was slowly starting to get her bearings about her. "I'm okay," she answered both Sam, Dean, and Zach too. Her throat was a little scratchy and dry and her energy was next to zero but she was alive. She could feel Michael's rage vibrating off of him. Raphael was trying to talk him down. "Hey..." she whispered gently and took his hand in hers. She placed his hand over her heart, Hoping the steady rhythm of it would calm him down some. "I'm okay," she reassured him. Much like she knew there would be punishments for Zach when Maze went missing because of his fuck up, she knew there would be a punishment for Belphegor because of this. None of them wanted to punish Bells because they knew it wasn't their fault (to be fair she didn't think Lucifer actually wanted to punish her or Zach for Zach's fuck up either), but Belphegor would be expecting it. The whole thing would be scarier coming from Michael. It was better to let Raphael handle talking to Belphegor. "Please just let Raphael handle this one. I just need you home..." She knew he would have to loop in Maze and Lucifer first before coming home with her, but she really just wanted him to herself for the night. If he was busy handling Bells, not only would things escalate, but she likely wouldn't see him for a few days as he dealt with the fall out.

    She looked at Zach when he spoke. It was the first time since this all happened that she was really able to get a good look at him. Was that lipstick on his face? Same shade as the one on Thorn's lips. Maybe Cupid wasn't too far off in her assessment. Zatanna had never seen Zach in a serious relationship before but she'd also never expected he'd be the one to save her life either. "Firstly, thank you," she told her cousin. Under normal circumstances this kind of situation wouldn't have been easy for Zach but they hadn't been under normal circumstances since he got back from the other time line. Not only had he stopped using his magic; he'd asked her to take it away completely and she refused. She was glad she did because tonight he wielded it for good. Tonight he saved her ass for once. That was what made lying to him about this all the harder.

    "It was one of my new mentees," she lied. She was lying both to protect Belphegor and to protect Zach from getting further involved in this. "You haven't met them yet. They made cupcakes for me and Sam for our birthday. Sam's been helping them when I don't have time to. We were working on a potion that required the use of some not so savory plants. I think they might've mixed it in on accident when they were baking. There's a reason my dad said you shouldn't make potions in the same place you eat your food." She smiled over at Thorn whom she knew was trying to learn magic. "Danger cocktails, y'know?"

    THORN: She nodded when Raphael complimented her on her quickness because that was all she could do. She remembered where she felt this level of power before and it was Aamon. They weren't Aamon but the sensation of being close to someone of his power made her skin prickle. That feeling only got worse when Michael entered the picture. She took a couple deep breaths to try to steady herself, but the air around them felt electric. She felt like if she moved her hand away from Zach's it would spark and she would light the building on fire.

    She listened to Raphael explain what they could surmise from the situation, but she still somehow felt left out. It was like everyone in the room knew something she didn't. She glanced at Zach and could see he felt the same way. They were all holding something back. Dean's voice brought her back to the situation at hand. "I'm...yeah...I'm okay," she lied. She wasn't, but then again at least she wasn't the one who nearly died.

    She listened as Zatanna launched into an explanation about how one of her trainees must've accidentally dosed the cupcakes. A small mistake. One that would be plausible if it weren't for the fact that Thorn knew Zatanna was a trained professional. She wouldn't have any of the mages she was training anywhere near a kitchen with a poisonous plant. And then there was Michael's reaction. It didn't line up with the story. It was clear the culprit was someone with a deeper connection than just a trainee to both Michael and Zatanna. Lastly, there was the roofies. It was suspicious that on the same night someone tried to poison them (intentionally or unintentionally) someone also roofied them. There were so many things that weren't adding up. She had so many questions, but it wasn't her place to ask them. It was clear Zatanna was trying to protect someone, but why? "Danger cocktails," Thorn nodded, trying to manage a smile. "Is that the name of the spiked drink you got too?"

    MICHAEL: He was only half listening to Raphael explain to Dean and Charlie what happened. He was wrapped up in silently checking Zatanna's vitals while also keeping himself in check. It'd been a long time since he'd gotten this elevated. The last time was after Aamon indirectly threatened Zatanna's life through Tracy's murder. It was always his family at the center of it all. It was the tail end of the conversation that caught is attention.

    People generally didn't tell Michael what to do, but Raphael was the exception. They weren't afraid to put him in check when he needed to be checked. Michael knew they were right. He was too close to this and it was what the void wanted to begin with. It wanted Michael to come at Belphegor with aggression. It wanted Belphegor to be scared. His mind and temperament steadied as Zatanna took his hand and placed it close to her heart. His own heart settled to the beat of hers. "Okay," he relented. "Alright." He would still need to inform Lucifer of what happened, but he would allow Raphael to handle the questioning.

    Michael glanced up when Zach asked who poisoned Zatanna. It was really the first time since arriving onto the balcony that the Archangel became aware of Zach's presence. He recalled Raph saying it was Zach who pulled the poison out of Zatanna. That was surprising given that Zach wasn't using magic these days. Zatanna seemed equally surprised by the development, but she was quick to answer Zach's question. Despite having nearly died, she was fast thinking as she came up with a plausible explanation. For Zach's own sake, Michael hoped he wasn't about to question it because the Archangel would shut him down immediately. The last thing Zatanna needed right now was an interrogation of her own. She was doing what she could to protect Bells while protecting Zach at the same time too. She didn't want him caught up in this. For once, Michael just needed Zach to accept what Zatanna was telling him without fighting her on it.

    CHARLIE: Relief flooded over her when she heard Sam say their code word. It was him. It was still him. Cupid was going to have a lot of reasons to be upset tonight, but at least Sam's death wouldn't be one of them. "You know, every day doesn't need to be a take your boyfriend to work day," she joked as he swatted Dean. Charlie looked up at Raph to see if it was okay to get the restraints off of Sam. Even if the barrier was slightly shaken, there were two Archangels on the roof right now and several guardians around them. If the barrier fell in this moment, they would be able to stop Sam without much of a problem. The precaution of the restraints was no longer needed.

    Raph nodded which was all Charlie needed. She placed her hand on the mound of dirt that was holding Sam to the ground. Her eyes fogged over until they were completely white for a moment. The dirt and roots decayed around Sam, freeing him from the restraints. She helped him sit up before throwing her arms around him and nearly knocking them both back down. She held him tightly. "Gods, I'm sorry..." she knew that much like Zatanna Sam knew Belphegor hadn't meant to do this, but it didn't make it any easier to accept and it likely wouldn't be the first attempt on his or Zatanna's life the closer they got to figure out Belphegor's curse. Everyone would need to be cautious in the coming months, but especially Sam and Zatanna.

    RAPH: They manifested bottles of water for both Sam and Zatanna. Sam in particular lost a lot of fluids in the process and would likely need a saline drip in addition to the barrier check. For now, though, it was safe to remove the restraints. If the other Sam showed up, he would have a very unpleasant time given that Sam's physical body was under duress right now and there were two Archangels present on the roof. They were glad as Michael relented and allowed them to take lead in questioning Belphegor. It wasn't going to be a fun conversation, but it would at least feel less threatening coming from Raphael. They were far enough removed from the situation to be able to handle it. "I'll keep you updated in the process," they promised Michael.

    They looked up at Zatanna as she tried to explain away the situation to Zach and Thorn. Those two were the only ones who didn't know about the void. Raphael had been in their position before. Feeling lied to was a double edged sword. It was clear Zach and Thorn had a sense that something was off, but one look from Michael told them not to inquire any further about it.

    DEAN: He frowned when Sam swatted his hands away. "Is this really the time to explore your kinks?" he joked. Keeping the mood light in the face of trauma was a Winchester staple after all. He watched as Charlie got the green light from Raphael to remove the restraints. A moment later, she was practically melting the ground around Sam. "Oh, I see. The kink isn't the restraints. It's getting Charlie to get you out of the restraints," he teased.

    His attention turned to Zatanna as she explained the situation to Zach and Thorn. It was moments like this that made him wonder if maybe she and Dean were related because she was a pretty good liar. No one was about to question the narriative. Especially with that look on Michael's face. "Raphael, if you and Charlie can get Sam back to the bunker and check on his barrier...I can get Zee home." His eyes turned to look at Michael. "That gives you time to do what you gotta do," Mainly inform Lucifer and Maze of the situation. "And get back home to her tonight." Dean hoped Michael would be smart enough to use this situation to get Zatanna and Zach out of their contracts. If he wasn't gonna do it, then Dean would find Maze by the end of the night and get it done himself.

    His attention turned to Zach and Thorn who were both clearly not as okay as they were pretending to be. Thorn looked like she was a centimeter away from sparking a fire somewhere. These angels made her nervous. Dean couldn't blame her...they made him nervous too. "Zach..." he called the kid's attention to him. "You and Thorn should get out of here for the night." They didn't need to see the investigation and the MC was about to announce that everyone had to leave the club anyway so Thorn didn't need to perform again. "I'll let her sisters know she wasn't feeling good or something." That way Thorn didn't have to lie to them. Dean would do it for her.

    SAM: He chuckled at Charlie and Dean's jokes, grateful for them during all of this. He didn't like making it seem like his situation was all that bad because it wasn't really. He didn't even actually die this time. It was just a close call, a close call that meant he had to get his mind checked but still, not as bad as it could be. “I didn't think you'd be so interested in my kinks, Dean. Do you want me to list them out for you?” he threatened teasingly. He watched as Charlie got the go ahead to remove his restraints and immediately started breaking them apart. She was always breathtaking, but this was just another reminder of how amazing and capable she was. He really should have taken her up on her offer to go with him before and save them all this hassle.

    He sat up with her only to be nearly shoved back down when she hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her, and they just held each other for a long minute while conversations went on around them. “It's okay,” he reassured her. “It was just an accident. I'm sure it won't happen again,” by which he meant he'd be more careful about accepting what Belphegor offered him. He doubted Belphegor would be making anything for a while once they were told what they'd done. He felt a little guilty that his own carelessness would make them feel so down on themself, but he'd been proud of them for their effort in the moment. He could clearly see now that they'd only put the effort in because of the void.

    He accepted the water bottle from Raphael and thanked them for it before opening it and drinking it. He was glad to get the taste of vomit and blood out of his mouth. He looked over to the ongoing conversation between the others. He hoped Zach and Thorn would accept the narrative Zatanna gave them, even though it was obvious they didn't believe it. There was just too much going on tonight, and they all needed rest. “Don't worry. You can still hold hands at home.”

    ZACH: Zatanna was alive, but Zach didn't know if he believed that she was actually okay. Her life had been threatened in two ways tonight, and she barely looked disturbed by it. Thorn seemed more upset about all of this than she did. He could see the way all of this was putting her on edge, and he felt a little guilty dragging her into it with him, especially while knowing how she was struggling with her fire. Still, if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have known about the poison or been able to focus enough to save Zatanna, so he was grateful for her presence. He squeezed her hand gently, hoping to ground her enough to keep her fire from sparking up.

    What Zatanna was saying didn't really add up, and he could tell that Thorn was thinking the same thing. Under Zatanna's tutelage, this kind of thing wouldn't have happened, especially after the last incident with one of her mentees. She would surely be more careful with them after that. Even if Sam was helping them, she wouldn't have let any kind of training with potions happen near a kitchen. He didn't question her on it though, not now at least. There was too much going on. Zatanna and Sam still needed to rest after nearly dying, and more than that, Zach got the feeling she wouldn't be honest with him if he insisted on the truth. There had to be a reason to all of this that he wasn't seeing yet. He looked down quietly in disappointment, though his fingers tapped a signal on the back of Thorn's hand, signalling to her that they needed to continue this conversation once they weren't in the presence of others. "Yeah, okay," he answered Dean, scowling as Sam added in one last comment, but he didn't let go of Thorn's hand regardless. He assumed she still needed something to ground her around all of these archangels, so he just pulled her along with him back inside the club.

    He didn't mention anything about what they'd just witnessed yet. There were still plenty of guardians around that could hear them, he was sure. Instead, he just focused on leaving. "I know I said I'd help set up wards in your place, but it might be safer for you if you stay at my place tonight since it's already warded." After what they experienced tonight, her emotions would be heightened, and even just sleeping on the bus could be dangerous for her. "If that's alright with you, I mean."

    ZATANNA: She was relieved when Michael ease up beside her and then a moment later he relented, allowing Raphael to take the lead in the investigation. She mouthed a small thank you to Raph as she slowly sat up a little more. The effort made her dizzy and nauseous but she took the water bottle Raph offered her hoping it would clear some of the scratchiness in her throat. “Oh, god, if Sam starts going into his kinks I’m gonna lose the contents of my stomach again,” she joked. She was always supportive of Sam’s kinks. That’s why he got power dampening handcuffs for Christmas. You’re welcome, Sam.

    She smiled at Thorn’s comment about the drink. “Must’ve been. I wouldn’t recommend it.” Whoever roofied her was going to be dead by the end of the night. She wasn’t sure whether Zach or Thorn were buying the story that she was selling but neither of them moved to challenge it. She was relieved about that for the moment because she didn’t have the energy to argue with Zachary tonight. He looked like he didn’t have the energy to do so either. He was hanging onto Thorn for support just as much as she was holding onto him. She hadn’t seen Zach be attentive to anyone’s needs like that since...well, since her dad died. Sam was the first to point it out and to her surprise, Zach didn’t restrain him again like she expected he would. Zach wasn’t doing a lot of things she expected he’d do in a situation like this. “We’ll talk in the morning,” she promised him as she watched him leave with Thorn.

    “We must’ve struck a nerve with the void,” she began once the two of them were out of earshot. “But the silver lining to that is that whatever we’re doing is working. We’re getting too close to the answers for its comfort.” She used Michael’s shoulder to slowly prop herself up on her feet again. “We'll have to be more careful from now on." It wasn't going to be an easy balance. If they were too guarded around Belphegor, the void would convince Bells that everyone hated them because of this. But if Zatanna and the others didn't take precautions, they opened themselves up to another involuntary attack. There was nothing they could do about that tonight though. She turned to Michael, gently pulling him closer to her both because she needed the comfort and because she was struggling to stay steady on her feet. "I'll see you when you get home," she replied and kissed him softly. She allowed him to guide her over to Dean. They'd have to take the long way home tonight because she didn't have the energy to teleport, not that she thought Dean minded. He hated that form of transportation anyway. "Let me know if you find out anything more," she told Raph. And with that, she and Dean left the balcony.

    THORN: She knew Zatanna was a superhero but was she generally this nonchalant about nearly dying? Sam too? They seemed more worried about getting Michael to go easy on the culprit more than anything else. She felt Zach tapping her hand indicating that he needed to talk to her once they were out of earshot of all these people. She squeezed his hand in response to let him know she got the message. "Thank you, Dean," she replied when he offered to tell her sisters that she'd gone home sick. They'd check in on her in the morning, but at least she wouldn't have to answer any questions tonight. She didn't even know where to start with that. Rumors would no doubt start up soon enough about why the party was shutting down early. "Sam...always making me regret saving your life," she sighed and with her free hand she blew him a kiss that transitioned into a middle finger send off. Messing with Sam always made her feel braver than she really was.

    Her legs felt like jelly as she started walking out of the club with Zach. She couldn't tell if she was blushing or if she was just on the verge of starting a fire when he asked her if she wanted to stay the night. It was probably a bit of both. She knew it wasn't safe for her (or the people around her) if she want home unchecked. There was so much about the evening she hadn't processed yet and once she started processing it there was no telling how her magic would react. And then there was the part of her that could see Zach didn't want to be alone either. He nearly lost a family member tonight and it was clear that family member was lying about how the near death incident went down too. "Yeah," she squeezed his hand in response. "I think that's a good idea."

    MICHAEL: He nodded when Raphael promised to keep him informed every step of the way. Michael didn't like giving up control of this, but he knew they were right. He was too close to this and he couldn't be impartial in the matter. He was surprised Zach didn't argue back when Zatanna gave him her version of the events and he could tell she was surprised by it too. Lately, she'd been conflicted by the fact that Zach wasn't responding to things the way he usually did. Michael, on the other hand, was relieved. He watched Zach leave with his girlfriend (Wife? Cupid and Chastity insisted Zach was married) and motioned for one of the guardians to make sure they made it home safe. The guardian nodded and made himself scarce.

    He helped Zatanna off the ground and held her steady as she spoke. "It's probably best you two stay away from Belphegor for a few days." They were going to need some time to process the things Raphael was going to ask them about tonight. Cupid, too, wasn't going to take this very well. As with everything, she dealt with the brunt of it keeping Belphegor from tipping too far into their self-loathing and destructive side. It was an accident, but that didn't mean there wouldn't be any guilt associated with it.

    Michael returned Zatanna's kiss before guiding her back over to Dean. "I'll be home as soon as I can," he promised her. He watched the two of them leave before turning to the guardians. He ordered two of them to stay behind and the rest were asked to look for the individual that spiked Zatanna's drink. The guardians nodded and went to work. "Be careful," he called out to Raphael before motioning for the two guardians that stayed behind to follow him back out in the direction where he'd last seen Lucifer. They had much to talk about.

    CHARLIE: "I'm not sure Dean has the time. It's a decent sized list," she joked knowing full well it was going to make Dean wish he never made the joke. As it should. One ought to live by the philosophy of don't ask questions you aren't ready to hear the answers for. She felt an immense sort of relief in being able to hug him again. Realistically she would be able to visit Sam in whatever afterlife he went to, but that didn't mean she was okay with him dying. Especially not like this. Not when his death would be used to manipulate Bells into an even more vulnerable position. She wiped her face as she pulled away from Sam. "At this point, it's a toss up between you and Daisy regarding who ends up in the veil more."

    She smiled and elbowed Sam gently as he teased Zach and Thorn. She thought they way they were holding onto each other was sweet. It was definitely something Cupid would approve of and Sam would no doubt tell her in an attempt to make her feel better about the events that transpired tonight. She snorted a little when Thorn flipped Sam off. Fair. That was well deserved. It was clear whatever they'd gone through in the other timeline had helped all three of them get closer to each other even if Sam acted like he was annoyed by Zach most of the time. Charlie waved to the couple as they left.

    Zatanna was right that they were making the void nervous. Its plans to kill people were rarely this intentional. A part of Charlie knew it wouldn't be bothered by the fact that the assassination attempt failed because it could still use the attempt to bring Belphegor down emotionally. Even a failure wasn't a failure to the void. She got up off the ground and slowly helped Sam up to his feet as Dean, Zatanna, and Michael left. "It's probably best you take us out of here, Raph. I don't wanna take Sam into the veil. He seems like it there more than he likes Earth lately," she joked. "Besides, I think one trip to the veil in a night is enough."

    DEAN: "That's okay, I think I'm good," he passed on Sam's offer. "I've seen more than enough during the dream share." He was glad that was over at least, but the amount of things he simply couldn't unsee was unfathomable. Dreams were weird like that. He grinned as Thorn flipped Sam off before leaving with Zach. "Careful there. If she actually learns a thing or two from Zach, you might be in trouble," he laughed. She reminded him a bit of Rowena but maybe it was just the red hair and magic. The conversation turned a little more serious now that the two of them were gone. Zee was right that they'd struck a nerve with that thing, but how far was it willing to go to get the mission accomplished? What if next time the murder attempt wasn't so lowkey. He took Zatanna from Michael and was more than a little relieved they couldn't teleport out today. A nice drive home would help clear both their heads. "We'll see you guys later," he nodded as he and Zee walked out of the club and back toward the Impala.

    RAPH: They nodded to Zatanna when she thanked them. They were just as relieved as she was when Michael. "I'll make sure they know it's not their fault," Raph nodded. It was technically an accident, but Michael was right in the sense that even though it was an accident, Belphegor would feel guilty about it and maybe even a little fearful of the consequences. Accident or not, it broke parts of the treaty that was in place here. It put everyone in an uncomfortable position where consequences would be had. Those would be determined by Michael and Lucifer which is where Raphael was sure Michael was leaving to now. They smiled as Charlie razzed Sam about the situation. "I dunno. I'd say a dusty ancient death realm sounds like Sam's ideal vacation spot," they joked before placing a hand on both Charlie and Sam's shoulders and teleporting them back to the bunker for a quick barrier check. / END

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    fuck yeah mcchill one step closer to getting pokay into dsmp lore

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    My tag system is cowering in the face of Michael McChill and Michael_Beloved

    #oh god. oh fuck #well. i guess look up 'dsmp michael' on my blog for the baby piglin and 'mcchill' for the non-baby piglin #not tagging but ok to rb
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    i miss askantvenom

    #michaelmcchill #siknce i started the idea for this comic michael has literally stopped working as ant's cowriter/editor #which makes the plot uh #a little funky #but this has been in my head for like 3 years
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    Thinking about how Dream tends to add people right before big lore events. Aha oh no 😀

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    michael mcchill is the sweetest dude

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    yet another person added to the smp thats not captainsparklez 😣😔

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    'काश, मैच फिक्सिंग करते वक्त इतना दिमाग लगाया होता', सलमान बट्ट के जवाब के बाद वॉन ने किया करारा वार

    इंग्लैंड के पूर्व कप्तान माइकल वॉन और पाकिस्तान के सलामी बल्लेबाज़ सलमान बट्ट के बीच ज़ुबानी जंग खत्म होने का नाम नहीं ले रही है। विराट कोहली को लेकर तंज कसने वाले वॉन को सलमान बट्ट ने अपने जवाब से मुंह बंद करवा दिया था लेकिन अब वॉन ने कुछ ऐसा ट्वीट किया है जो शायद एक बार फिर से क्रिकेट जगत में विवाद को बढ़ा सकता है। Image Source: Google विराट कोहली और केन विलियमसन मामले पर बोलते हुए बट्ट ने…

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    Is google tryna play me right now?!?!? Anyone have any insight on this? Don’t play with my emotions!!

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    It’s still so funny to me that a major basis of so much of Michael Crichton’s work was how human meddling in things we don’t understand will doom us and then he wrote a book about how climate change is fake.

    #how did you come to this conclusion Mikey boy #michael crichton: scientific advancement without ethics and critical thought will damn the world #also michael crichton: climate change is bullshit
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