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    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Michael got the boy!

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    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Watch out for him this Halloween #JonesTheMovie

    (warning for horror themes)

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    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Isobel - Michael isn't answering his phone

    Alex - Let me try

    Maria - Isobel and I have both tried 6 times each. What makes you thi-

    Michael - Hello?

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    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    whenever you’re ready, can we surrender?

    Alex and Michael save each other and take on tomorrow, together. A season 3 finale, canon-divergent coda.

    T | @bydayornight | Michael Guerin/Alex Manes

    Why We Love It: Season three has come to an end with some ups and downs. Michael and Alex have finally stopped keeping score and are now communicating, listening and caring. It’s been quite the journey.

    For whatever reasons there were many gaps in between their scenes and the development of their beautiful relationship is in the hands of our imagination. The author gives us some moments of Alex and Michael saving each other in times of trouble, ready to die for their soulmate if needed be, as well as some great descriptions of Michael using his great powers to defend their love. Also, we get to have declarations! This piece gives us that. They are together. They are meant to be. Our life is complete.

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    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    “You got me staring like a fool” Malex MV (song: Staring by Tipling Rock)

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    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    🚨i’m sorry but this is absurd, malex have been given all of the original michael and maria’s connection down to the cosmic elements to their romance and not only that but the writers had all of season 3 to establish michael and maria possibly still having lingering feelings for eachother and there was NONE of that and after the last episodes of season 3 if they just flipped a switch and through everything they built for malex in the trash for the knock of version of a couple from the 90’s it’s would wildly stupid and quite frankly insulting like the showrunner has said malex is as important as echo throwing away the only main same sex romance would be a slap in the face🚨

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    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    it’s the same face after all these years. i’ll cry rn

    #yeah it’s better ;-; #roswell new mexico #malex#alex manes#michael guerin
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  • stayextrafrosty
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Probing Questions

    Summary: Michael discovers what seems to be a miniature pod as he’s extracting Dallas’ from the lake. It’s far too small to be another alien. At least, not a humanoid one… He asks Alex for help figuring it out and then it hatches. Canon divergent after 3x10.

    A/N: I was surprised at the lack of tentacles included in fic for this fandom. So I'm trying to change that.

    Warnings: Tentacle sex and referenced mpreg

    Read on AO3 / Masterlist


    It was fucking freezing. And that was coming from someone who was warmer than the average human. Michael tugged his jacket tighter around his shoulders and focused on the center of the lake. Isobel had told him that the pod would call to him. That it wouldn’t be difficult to find. But he had been telepathically dragging this lake for an hour.

    He cursed under his breath and let his eyes close again. A gust of wind threw his hair into more disarray that it already was. His mind suddenly hit a wall, though it felt more like a rock that was in his way than a wall. It was smooth and warm and powerful. That had to be Dallas’ Pod.

    “You son of a bitch. Why’d you have to hide for so long,” he mumbled. He lifted with his mind, willing it to pop out of the water so he could get out of here before someone noticed him.

    Pop was a bit of an understatement. The glowing light of the pod had barely breached the water before it was flying into his hands, warmth permeating off the surface. Except their pods weren’t supposed to fit into their hands. Their pods weren’t the size of a football.

    “What the hell?” He questioned, turning the pod over in his hands repeatedly. He squinted at it, trying to see who - or what - was inside.

    This wasn’t what he was looking for. He reached out with his mind again, not really focusing on anything due to his discovery. Then another pod floated to the surface. This one obviously meant for a full size alien. He wanted to be frustrated that it was so easy to find after an hour of searching but the discovery he had tucked under his arm was far more intriguing to him.

    Michael brought the small pod to his bunker. He knew that he should tell Max and Isobel but he wanted to run his own tests first. It felt like there was life swimming around in the plasma. Why else would it radiate such a warmth?

    And that warmth was taunting him. Twisting in his mind and down his spine, wrapping around to his stomach. He had to get whatever this thing was out of the pod.


    Not even silver allowed him to break the membrane. He tried forcing the bonds apart with his mind and only succeeding in sending himself flying backwards into the wall. He knew better. He was the one who had determined that they were unbreakable by force.

    Then he tried setting it on fire. He tried freezing it. He tried talking to it. Nothing.

    Michael groaned and the butterflies in his stomach were becoming insistent. What was calling to him like this? He knew it was important but couldn’t place why. It was a need that wrapped up every part of his body. A crawling under his skin.

    He really needed to tell someone about this. But Max, Isobel and Dallas already had enough on their plate. He needed someone he could trust. Someone just as curious as he was. Someone who wanted to know everything about him…

    Grabbing his phone from the table behind him, he opened his messages. Alex’s name at the top of the conversation still made his heart flutter. The last text was Michael promising to come by for dinner tonight. He tapped out another message.

    Hey, I know I promised dinner but I found something interesting.

    The reply was almost instant and Michael grinned.

    More interesting than food that goes cold before we can even eat it?

    He snorted and the heat that he had been successfully ignoring coiled into his groin. Alex had been teasing him more and more and Michael had forgotten just how flirty he could be after all these years. He adjusted himself in his jeans.

    Cute. But yes. I need your help. Come by the bunker?

    Be there soon.


    Michael was trying to electrocute the pod when Alex knocked on the lid of the bunker. He reached out with his mind and pushed it open. He waited until Alex was stepping onto the ground before pulling it shut.

    Sparks flew as soon as he touched the wires to the surface of the pod. He dropped the wires as he flinched from the electricity hitting his skin instead. He muttered a curse before looking up at the man that had joined him in the small space.

    “Michael… what is this?” Alex asked in awe as he shrugged his jacket off. He stepped forward slowly, eyebrows drawing together as he watched the glowing pod. Michael noticed the bag from the Crashdown in his hand.

    “That the dinner that might actually get eaten this time?” He walked around the table and took the bag gently from his hand, setting it on another table to the side. Alex reached out and ran his fingers over the pod. It pulsed under his touch.

    “Where did you find this?” Michael tried not to laugh at Alex’s fascination with the pod. So much that he wasn’t even answering Michael’s questions.

    “Can I at least get a kiss before we dive headfirst into alien shenanigans?” Alex turned to face him, a sweet smile on his lips. Michael leaned forward, placing a gentle hand on his jaw as he pressed their mouths together.

    He didn’t want to get carried away but that had always been a challenge when it came to Alex. Alex was the one who deepened the kiss first, touching his tongue to Michael’s lips briefly in a teasing motion. Michael slid his hand back into his hair, pulling on the strands before pressing him back into the counter.

    They sighed together as Alex’s hands landed on his hips, pulling him closer. Michael nipped at his lip, tugging it as he pulled away from him. He groaned as he let his head fall to Alex’s shoulder while his arms wrapped around his back in a hug.

    “As much as I want to continue, I really do need your help.” He felt Alex nod before giving him a gentle squeeze and pushing him back.

    “So tell me what you know so far,” he said, smiling.

    “Well I found it when I went to pull Dallas’s pod out of the lake. I was out there for an hour looking for it. And I think this thing is the reason why. It was somehow getting in the way of the other pod. As soon as I telepathically fished this one out, the other pod became traceable again.”

    “And you’ve never seen something like this before?”

    “No. But I can only hope that it will somehow help us in our fight against Jones.”

    “Well it has to be alive. Why else would it need a pod?” Alex asked, taking the glowing orb in his hands and pulling it closer to them. “Maybe it’s a baby?”

    “I may not know much about Alien biology but even that looks a bit too small to be a child.” Alex hummed as he turned the pod slowly, looking for some clue to what was inside.

    The warmth that seeped from the membrane seemed to be getting stronger. The crawling under Michael’s skin started again. It twisted around his abs before moving south. His cock twitched in his jeans and he had to step away from Alex. He was too much of a temptation.

    “Do you feel that?” Alex asked, voice lowering as his fingers continued to run over the pod.

    “Depends,” Michael said.

    “It’s like a warmth. It’s the same feeling I get when… when you touch me.” Alex turned his head toward Michael, an obvious blush on his cheeks. Michael swallowed and glanced back at the pod. It continued to ripple under his fingers.

    Michael reached out and rested his hand over Alex’s, slipping his fingers in between his. Their joined hands sank through the membrane. Alex gasped at the feeling and flinched when something long and smooth wrapped around their hands and wrists.

    They watched in amazement as a blue, almost black snakelike thing wrapped up Michael’s arm. It eventually stopped just above his elbow. They pulled their hands out of the pod slowly, worried they might hurt whatever this animal was.

    There was something that could be described as the body at the end. Round and significantly larger in girth than the tentacle that protruded from it. Michael held it in his hands, the warmth from the pod was now coming from this little thing.

    “Not to sound weirded out,” Alex started, voice shaking, “But what the fuck.”

    “I…” Michael didn’t even know what to say. The small blob seemed to be breathing but he couldn’t feel any of the signs of a heartbeat. It started to quiver as small bumps raised on the surface, glowing blue and pink.

    Alex reached out and touched the tentacle carefully. It shuddered at his touch, seeming to harden like a…

    It suddenly unwrapped itself from Michael’s arm, slithering up under his t-shirt arm and over his chest, down to his abs. Michael gasped and stumbled back to brace himself against the counter.

    “Michael!” Alex jumped forward immediately, grabbing his shirt and lifting up to see just whatthe organism was doing.

    Michael could only pant as he felt the tentacle slip down his jeans and underwear just to wrap around his cock, stroking him slowly but with intention. He looked down to see that there were now two tentacles coming from the body in the middle. The hard one clung to his skin, vibrating in… excitement? The other down his pants.

    “Hold on, I’ll get it off,” Alex said before reaching for the black mass. Before he had a chance to pull it off, it seemed to jump to wrap around his arm, pulling him in with a surprising amount of strength.

    Alex was almost pressed completely against Michael, his arms trapping Michael in a cage against the counter. The other tentacle wiggled its way into his jeans and Michael couldn’t help the way his cock jumped at the sound of Alex gasping. He could only assume it was doing the same to Alex as it had done to him.

    His jeans were uncomfortable and he could only think about relieving that pressure. Michael’s hands fumbled with his belt and button before yanking them open and shoving his jeans and underwear down to his thighs. He moaned as the creature worked him to full hardness.

    He watched Alex’s face as he tried to fight against his own pleasure. His breath tickled his face as his hands gripped the counter he was propped up against. Without thinking, Michael, grabbed Alex’s buttoned pants and pulled them open.

    “Michael… we have… to stop…” he panted out, trying and failing to stop his hips from thrusting forward.

    “Trust me,” was Michael’s only response. Alex met his eyes for a moment before nodding. Then he slumped forward against Michael who pushed his pants and underwear down like he did his own.

    The small alien between their hips stroked them at the same pace. Alex’s hips tried to thrust faster but the tentacle refused to give him that satisfaction. Michael grabbed his face and crushed their mouths together, tongue pushing past his lips. Alex groaned and pressed himself closer.

    He wasn’t sure how long they allowed the little thing to play with them, slowing the pace whenever either of them came close to coming. But then Alex was shoving Michael backward, reaching down to grab his thighs and lift them up, forcing him to lay back on the counter. The alien stayed connected to Michael, releasing Alex and instead focusing completely on him. The other tentacle slid between his legs and over his balls to his ass. The body kept itself stuck to his thigh.

    “That little thing really likes you, it seems,” Alex panted out as he yanked Michael’s shoes off then his pants. Michael could only groan in response as the appendage poking at his hole seemed to grow wet.

    The tentacle pushed slowly, just breaching the rim of his ass. Michael’s back arched as a warm fluid was shot inside him. His muscles relaxed almost instantly and the tentacle wiggled itself further inside him.

    He groaned and pushed himself up on his elbows to look at Alex who watched him with amazement and no small amount of lust. Michael grabbed his shirt and yanked him forward.

    “Get up here so I can at least fuck you senseless right along with me,” he nearly growled at him.

    Alex whined and pushed himself up on the counter, kneeling between Michael’s legs. He captured Michael’s mouth with wet kisses. Their teeth knocked together as Michael pulled him as close as possible. They moved backward almost subconsciously, knocking over various papers and equipment to make room for their bodies. The shattering of glass didn’t even register.

    The movement inside him only picked up in speed but still didn’t go deep enough for his liking. Michael tried rolling his hips for more but it was useless. The little alien had all the control. Alex’s hands dragged roughly over his torso and down to where the tentacle still stroked him, but with far less intent.

    Alex ran his finger over the black skin and it shuddered, vibrating around Michael. Michael yelled out as his hips bucked off the counter.

    Alex laughed then rolled off to the side, kicking his own shoes off before hurriedly trying to remove his prosthesis and pants. His mind was clouded as he watched Alex, the tentacle teasing and edging him. He pulled himself up enough to roll closer to Alex, tugging his sweater up his torso, forcing him to stop the removal of his pants so he could lift his arms.

    Michael kissed and moaned against Alex’s skin as he ran his lips up his spine. Eventually Michael heard a soft thud of clothing and something heavier hitting the floor. He was being shoved back by Alex who pulled at his t-shirt, lifting it over his head.

    Then Alex was sucking a bruise into his collarbone, scratching down his chest with blunt nails and pressing his own throbbing cock against the black tentacle still wrapped around him. It vibrated with Alex’s touch again and slowly uncoiled itself from Michael.

    Michael pushed Alex back and looked between them to see what the little black alien had planned for them next. The tentacle in his ass had stopped thrusting as it shifted, running over Alex’s thigh and between his legs.

    Alex moaned loudly as it moved back and forth between the crease of his ass. His legs shook and Michael pushed him back again, using his telekinesis to stabilize him until he sat on the counter. His legs spread open, resting on top of Michael’s. He watched Alex’s muscles tremble as the tentacle teased around his hole, just as it had done to Michael.

    Michael grabbed Alex’s leg and pulled him closer so he could reach his cock without needing to stretch as much. Alex threw his head back and moaned as the tentacle pushed into him. Michael watched as some clear fluid ran out from around his hole. His own cock jumped at the sight. He was so wrapped in up in the way Alex moved and arched to accommodate the tentacle he almost forgot about the one inside himself.

    But then it was shoving into him again, deeper and rougher than before, ripping a groan from his throat. He squeezed his hand around Alex’s cock as his own jumped and leaked pre-cum. He pried his eyes open to watch Alex who already stared back at him, lip trapped between his teeth. Michael moaned at the view. He ran his eyes down his chest as it rose and fell with his panting, sweat glistening under the lights. His abs flexed and hips bucked up into Michael’s hand.

    “Fuck,” he groaned out. He was going to come and the tentacle seemed to know this as it started thrusting and rubbing against his prostate. The arm that Michael used to support himself was shaking and he knew it wouldn’t hold much longer.

    He was squeezing himself around the appendage buried deep in his ass, practically begging it to let him cum.

    “Michael, come here,” Alex gasped out. His eyes shot down to where Alex’s legs only opened wider with every thrust from the black tentacle. “I want you on top of me,” he pleaded. He met his eyes again and nearly came right then. Alex was wrecked. High on sex and all he wanted was Michael. So Michael moved quickly, holding back his own orgasm. He pressed Alex down to his back and rubbed their cocks together. Michael kissed him roughly, rocking his hips in time with the thrusting tentacle inside both of them.

    Alex grabbed handfuls of his hair, pulling and guiding Michael to the angle he wanted. Michael moaned into his mouth as his hips stuttered in their rhythm. He teetered on the edge of his orgasm. The tentacle wiggling and throbbing inside him felt like it was stretching him open more with every new thrust.

    When Alex bit his lip, he fell apart. His body spasmed as the tentacle didn’t let up on its assault. White spurt and leaked form his cock, more than normal. It dripped down over Alex’s cock and hips. Michael’s arms shook as he tried to stop himself from collapsing on top of Alex who just wrapped his arms around him and continued rolling his hips up.

    “Alex…” he gasped out as the overstimulation kicked in. Another hot wave of liquid filled his ass as the tentacle slowed it’s pace. His dick started to reharden immediately and he let his head fall against Alex’s chest.

    Whatever this little alien was, it eliminated any sort of sexual exhaustion.

    Alex’s nails dug into the skin on his back as a loud moan pulled his attention to the man twisting and grinding below him. Michael placed kisses on his chest as he pressed his hips firmly against Alex.

    “Talk to me baby,” he encouraged, letting his breath tickle one of his nipples before sucking it into his mouth gently. Alex whined as his back arched into him.

    “It’s… so fucking hot. I’m… so close…” he managed to force out between sighs and moans.

    Suddenly the appendage in his ass yanked itself out roughly, slipping back between his legs and instead focusing all of its attention on Alex. Or rather, where their cocks rubbed together. It wrapped around them both, the fluid it filled Michael with coating the bumpy surface and spreading it over them, mixing with the cum. Michael groaned and bit down gently on Alex’s nipple. His nails dragged down Michael’s back in response, and Michael could feel the red lines forming on his skin.

    “I want… I need…” Alex stuttered out.

    “Anything you want baby. Anything.” His labored breathing seemed to freeze for a moment as he staved off his orgasm. Alex’s hands left his back and grabbed his face, pulling him up so there was only a few centimeters between their lips.

    “Ride me, cowboy,” he ordered, a smirk breaking out on his face. Michael moaned at the order but couldn’t stop the chuckle from the silly nickname. How was Alex so perfect for him?

    The tentacle unwound itself as if it knew what they were saying. It slid over Michael’s thigh as he shifted to straddle Alex’s hips. He pushed himself up, placing his hands on Alex’s chest for stability. Alex’s hands ran down his body to his hips and he gripped them, forcing Michael to grind against him. He cursed as warm fluid leaked from the tentacle over his hole again.


    The word slipped into his mind and he almost ignored it. It wasn’t a voice he recognized. In fact, it was hardly a voice at all, more like an implant of the word onto his very being. Like he was being labeled. Michael looked down at the blue-black alien that squirmed and wiggled between them.

    “Michael?” Alex questioned, pulling himself up. The tentacle continued its mission as it slowly pushed past Michael’s rim before pulling back out. A shudder ran down his spine from the sweet torture. He wanted to shove Alex back and sink down on him, milking his cock until he was dripping.

    “The alien… Spoke to me,” he said slowly. More symbols that looked like alien language seemed to flash across his mind. And he could understand them.

    “What did it say?” Alex asked slowly, trying to keep his hips still with the prodding of the alien at his own entrance. It seemed to be getting inpatient, pushing roughly at Michael’s prostate once before returning to its teasing. Michael’s hips jerked forward as he stifled a moan.

    “It said I was the ‘carrier,’” he said as he ran his hands over Alex’s shoulders. Alex’s eyebrows drew together. “As in the carrier for a child.”

    Michael wanted a kid or two at some point. He knew that. But it wasn’t something he had ever brought up with Alex.

    “How could you…” He trailed off. Michael could finish the thought for him.

    “Alien biology. Men can carry children… if they need to. It involves implanting an egg. Similar to surrogates here. And that little alien has the egg.” There was more that the alien had told him. But he didn’t want to overwhelm Alex right now. He pressed his hand to his chest to force him back on the counter. He sent his own thoughts back to the alien. They would wait.

    “Michael, we can’t bring a child into the world right now,” Alex said, worry written on his face. Michael just leaned down and kissed him.

    “We won’t. I told it to wait,” he said as he pulled away. He shifted so his hole lined up with Alex’s still hard cock. “Now I believe you demanded I ride you.”

    The tentacle at his entrance moved to fondle his balls as he rubbed himself along Alex’s length. The man below him moaned and let his eyes flutter closed. Michael wanted to take in the stunning view below him forever. Alex’s hands curled into fists before he grabbed for Michael’s forearms, gripping them and holding his hands to his chest.

    Another warm spurt of liquid leaked over Alex’s cock as Michael started to slid down him. All the prep from the tentacle made this easy. He sank down faster than he expected and he whimpered as Alex’s cock rubbed against his prostate. Michael felt the tentacle tracing his rim where Alex stretched him and he dug his nails into his chest as he tensed.

    “Fuck Michael, if you keep squeezing me like that, this won’t last nearly long enough,” he breathed out. He did his best to relax his muscles but the prodding at his hole became more and more insistent.

    Michael ground his hips against him, not wanting to lift himself and lose the feel of Alex stretching him. They both moaned in sync as he continued in a steady rolling of his hips. Alex’s cock throbbed inside of him as Michael worked him back up to the edge of orgasm.

    “Come on Michael, I know this isn’t enough for you,” Alex taunted below him. He glared half-heartedly down at him. He was right and the smirk that grew on his face showed that he knew that he was right.

    Michael slid one of his hands to his throat and began squeezing. Alex rolled his head back and gripped Michael’s forearm. Then Michael lifted himself almost fully off of his cock so just the tip was inside. The tentacle pushed at his rim again, the slick surface seeming to vibrate against him. He groaned and sank back down onto Alex. His fingers gripped Alex’s throat harder, pulling a low moan from him as his hips bucked up to meet Michael’s.

    He repeated the motion again, faster. Alex pulled at his skin, eyes half closed but focused completely on Michael. The tentacle shifted around his hole and Alex suddenly started gasping and grinding wildly. When Michael sank back down he realized why. The tentacle had wrapped itself around Alex’s cock, easily adding another inch to his girth.

    And Michael took it all in at once.

    The tentacle moved inside him, stroking Alex’s cock while fucking into his prostate. He squeezed himself around them and Alex let out a long moan. He grabbed his hips and yanked him down. There was no warning as his second orgasm rocked through him. Cum covered Alex’s stomach.

    His orgasm still moved through him when Alex lifted him up and roughly pulled him down again. Another weak spurt of cum dribbled out of his cock as he whined but still moved his hips anyway. The tentacle seemed to unwind itself from around Alex, instead moving opposite his thrusts.

    But it was the times when both Alex and the tentacle were buried inside him that he felt like he was on cloud nine. He wanted more. He wanted Alex and this little alien to ruin him. Michael’s legs shook as he kept lifting his hips and sinking back down. Alex moaned beneath him as he lost control of the rhythm of his hips.

    “I’m gunna cum,” he gasped out. The he ground his teeth together and growled, “Fuck me harder damnit!” Realizing he was talking to the alien tentacle, Michael grinned.

    “Who me?” He pulled himself off his knees and into a squat so he had more control over his motion. He braced himself against Alex’s chest and bounced. Alex’s cock rubbed against his prostate and the tentacle pushed further inside him. Alex’s eyes rolled back as his fingers trembled on his skin.

    “Fill me up, baby. Ruin me,” Michael ordered. He felt the pulsing of the tentacle inside him, warming his insides with it’s own fluid. He cursed and the lights in the bunker flickered. A beaker on another counter shattered.

    “Oh, fuck. Michael!” Alex jerked up as their hips came together in a final hard thrust. Alex held Michael in place while he grinded against his ass. Michael felt his cum spilling inside him, leaking out around his hole. The hole that was now lacking in tentacles.

    Michael clenched his ass as Alex slipped out of him, cum leaking and dripping. Michael fell back to his knees, panting as he grabbed Alex’s face and kissed him. He rubbed himself along Alex’s cock, loving the small whines Alex made whenever the tip slipped inside him again.

    He was still hard. Both of them were. Cum smeared between them as the tentacle wiggled back towards the pod. Michael watched it from the corner of his eye. It was done with them already?

    Keep warm… The symbols danced in his head.

    Michael refocused on Alex as he continued the rocking of his hips. He didn’t need the tentacle to please him.

    Alex’s fingers ran over his shoulders and up his neck until they tangled in his hair. His erratic breathing was slowing as he pulled Michael in for another openmouthed kiss. Tongues danced and tasted like they had just been starved of each other. Michael knew he would never have enough of Alex.

    “Did it fuck you hard enough or should I finish the job,” Michael asked him during a break in their kisses.

    “You’re the only one that ever fucks me to satisfaction.” He dragged his lips down Michael’s throat and bit gently. He moaned as he shifted from straddling Alex to kneeling between his legs.

    “Then I believe I owe you,” he breathed next to his ear. Alex shuddered as Michael pushed his legs open and back.

    “Don’t think I didn’t notice the shattering glass. Did two cocks filling you make you lose control?” He could picture the look on his face. He pushed himself up and sure enough, Alex had his lip tugged between his teeth and a smirk that made Michael’s cock jump. Michael scoffed and pressed the tip of his cock against Alex’s hole.

    “Maybe. But it was mostly just because of you.” Alex’s back arched as he moved his ass closer, letting the head easily move past his rim. “Should we see if you can make me do it again?”

    Alex pushed himself up and grabbed the curls at the back of Michael’s head, rolling his hips to take more of him. Michael’s eyes closed as he bit back his moan.

    “Whoever comes first gets double stuffed next time.” Michael didn’t hold back the low groan this time. He grinned at Alex.

    “So are we trying to not come first?” Michael asked. “Cause let me tell you, it’s not a punishment.” Alex flushed and crushed their lips together briefly. He pulled away and his lips brushed against Michael’s as he spoke.

    “Maybe but I don’t think you realize how hot it is to watch.”

    Michael jerked his hips forward, burying himself deep inside Alex. He yanked on his curls as he gasped, pulling their foreheads together. Michael pulled out slowly before shoving himself back in. Alex moaned, a chorus of ‘yes’ fumbling from his mouth.

    “I know how hot it is to watch you beg for it.”

    Michael pushed Alex back down to the counter as he leaned over him. He pulled almost completely out and then pushed back in but only enough to make Alex mewl and arch his back. Alex’s eyes pleaded for more but Michael wanted to hear it.

    “What’s that look for?” he taunted.

    “The only reason you’re not fucking me senseless is because you don’t want to show how much I drive you crazy,” he threw back. Even breathless, his cocky words made Michael’s cock throb. That mouth was going to be the end of both of them.

    “I oughta put you on your hands and knees,” Michael threatened.

    “What’s stopping you?”

    “The fact that I want to watch your face as you fall apart.” He thrust his hips forward roughly. Alex ran his hands though his own hair, pulling as he gasped. His ass squeezed around Michael as he thrust again. Michael mumbled a curse.

    He pulled Alex’s leg up to rest on his shoulder. He turned him partially on his side and lifted his hips just off the counter. He snapped his hips forward, fucking him the way he knew he wanted.

    Alex braced his hand flat on the flat surface and the other reached for his own cock. He could barely keep his eyes open as he got lost in the ecstasy of their skin slapping together. His moans spurred Michael on. He turned his head and bit into the skin on his leg and groaned. The lights flickered again.

    “Losing it already? Come on Michael, fuck me harder,” Alex said as he squeezed his ass again.

    Another glass shattered and Alex just smirked up at him. Michael’s nose switched as he tried not to smile back at him. He pushed his leg back so he was spread wide. The smirk didn’t stay on his face after that.

    “Don’t pretend I’m the only one who can’t get enough.” Alex’s mouth dropped open with another long moan.

    “You’re right…” he panted out. “You feel so fucking good and I’m already so close.”

    “Good boy,” Michael purred as he leaned down, burying himself deep inside him and grinding.

    “Michael,” he whined desperately, squeezing his own cock. Michael breathed out a laugh and grabbed his wrist, pulling it away from his cock.

    “That’s cheating,” Michael said, pinning his wrist to the counter. Alex tried and failed to match his thrusts because of the position he was in. But that was fine. Michael only wanted for him to feel everything.

    “I’m gunna—” His admission was cut off by another moan as Michael adjusted the angle of his hips. Alex wasn’t the only one on the edge. With the twitching and tensing of the muscles around Michael he was spiraling quick.

    Michael shifted Alex so he was back on his back. He took Alex’s other wrist and pinned them both next to his head on the counter. He covered Alex’s mouth with his own, swallowing moans and sighs as his hips stuttered in their pattern.

    Alex’s body shook beneath him, arching and grinding up to take his cock deeper. He broke the kiss and their harsh breath mixed. His moans and whines got louder and louder and Michael squeezed his wrists.

    “Cum for me baby. Cum so I can fill you up,” he panted against his lips.

    “God, fucking yes!” Alex strained against him as trembling lurched through him. Michael felt the warmth of his orgasm hit his skin and he let himself fall forward. He ground his hips into Alex, drawing out his orgasm as Michael found his own release.

    He buried his face in Alex’s neck as he yelled out and waves of pleasure washed through him. Alex rocked his own hips, milking his cock. Michael released his grip on his wrists and immediately Alex was wrapping his arms around his shoulders as their movements slowed.

    Alex traced mindless patterns on his back with one hand and the other pet his hair. Michael pressed soft kisses to his neck. Alex hummed in appreciation and kissed the side of his head.

    “So next time you get to watch me be ruined,” Alex said quietly. Michael snorted a laugh and lifted his head to look at him.

    “Nothing scares you away huh? Not even a tentacle alien made for sex.” Alex grinned and ran a finger down his face to his lips.

    “Hard to complain when the sex is epic. Though can I request that we do this someplace softer like the couch next time?” Michael let out a full laugh and pressed his head against his chest. He felt the chuckles coming from Alex too.

    “I promise. Maybe we’ll even make it to a real bed. But maybe I can figure out exactly what this thing is before then.”

    “I’m more than willing to help with any… tests.” Michael shook his head and looked back up to Alex wiggling his eyebrows.

    “What am I going to do with you?” he said, leaning forward and kissing Alex again.

    #malex fanfiction #roswell new mexico fic #malex fic #malex tentacle sex #michael guerin/alex manes #malex#michael guerin#alex manes
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  • letstalkabouttvshows
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but there's no way Michael took Alex's guitar without knowing it was Alex's.

    In my head, Michael had a crush on Alex all along and nobody can't tell me otherwise.

    " [...] with someone I’ve liked ... as much as I like you"

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  • salmonthestoryteller
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Liz & Michael

    I posted back at the end of season one about how alike Michael and Liz are and how their journeys follow a similar path:


    This is a continuation of that for seasons 2-3.

    Season 2 starts Michael and Liz once again in a similar place - broken up over Max’s death. And both, being scientists, do not share Isobel’s belief that Max can be saved. Until there’s scientific proof otherwise. Then Science Bros sets out to save him like the geniuses they are.

    I mentioned at the end of the last meta that Michael faced the journey in season 2 that Liz faced in season 1. With having to find a way to separate his love for Alex from his family’s connections to his mother’s death. Michael initially responds with anger towards Alex when he brings up further information about his mother. Not unlike Liz’s initial reaction to Max about the truth about Rosa’s death. And, just like Rosa’s death, there ends up being more to the story of Michael’s mother’s capture by Project Shepherd.

    After Max’s operation, his heart is fragile, and Liz worries over his condition - including lecturing him when he uses his powers.

    Michael is paired with Maria for the season. After the truth about how her powers could harm her mind are revealed, he faces similar concerns for her safety. But, unlike with Max and Liz, Maria rejects his fears for her and instead of coming closer together they are slowly pushed apart by this contention. Perhaps as an example of how they are not meant to be - unlike Echo and Malex.

    In 01x09 Liz tells Max how she doesn’t believe people are good, but she believes he is.

    In 02x11 Michael tells Jesse Manes how he thought his species was superior until he met Alex. How Alex still loves despite everything he’s been through.

    Michael and Liz may not believe in the good of others, or even themselves, but they do believe in it in the men they love.

    Michael spends season 2 in search of a normal life - hoping to find happiness in it, including his relationship with Maria. He eventually realizes he cannot run away from who he is and who he loves. After a conversation with Isobel about always being drawn back in, we watch Michael slowly return to his roots - including working on his spaceship design. Something he doesn’t do all season until that acceptance. And ends the season with his confession to Isobel that he wants to be with Alex again someday.

    This return to his roots continues into season 3. Michael has spent the last year reconnecting with the pod squad and continuing his research into alien science.

    Liz, however, ends season 2 exactly where Michael ended season 1. After the explosion of her lab - like the explosion of Caulfield for Michael - Liz is left hurt, angry, and ready to return to “normal” life. She spends the year in LA, attempting to forget the past. She is paired with Heath in the beginning of season 3, who like Maria for Michael, is the safe and uncomplicated option compared to her deep connection to Max and all that comes with loving him.

    Liz, like Michael, is eventually drawn in. Back to the roots she has in Roswell in her family (Arturo and Rosa), found family (Pod & Human Squad), and - of course - her love for Max. She eventually confesses that this is where she belongs. Where she wants to be.

    Michael also speaks aloud the recognition of these same facts for him, by telling Alex in a long time coming declaration, “I’m home.”

    Both Liz & Michael are set with a series of mysteries through the course of season 3. With Liz trying to separate first Maria and Jones, then Max and Jones. Meanwhile Michael is tasked first with the Radio from Kyle, and later with helping Alex with the Lockhart Machine. During the course of which they both also find themselves slowly getting back together with the men they’ve always loved, but in much better places emotionally and mentally to fight for those relationships. (I could make a snarky comment about how the heterosexual couple gets to overcome their issues in less than half the time of the homosexual couple is permitted to, but honestly, I just want our two couples to be allowed to continue in committed relationships the rest of he series. I don’t want to jinx us with the possibility of Echo breakup 4.0.)

    Meanwhile Heath, in another parallel between Heath/Liz and Michael/Marial, turns out to not only be far less uncomplicated than first thought, but connected to the aliens. In his case, through found family with Dallas rather than Maria’s direct family connection to Louise.

    Michael, after discovering Jones is his father, proceeds to go through several spirals over his own potential evil. Liz goes through a smaller version of that when she is tempted by Jones’s offer to her towards the end of season 3. I am curious, given the cliffhanger involving a teacher of Liz’s, if she will go through a much bigger spiral over her own potential evil next season. For now, however, they both end season 3 in the same place - having chosen Roswell as their home and in solid relationships with the love of their lives.

    I’ll have to see what parallels season 4 brings to our heroic scientific geniuses. Though, to be honest, I would kind of like to see them being the ones getting to spend a longer portion of the season in danger with Max and Alex getting together to plan and play heroes. We all know both of them would set the world on fire for Liz and Michael so I’d truly like to see a proper tribute to that before the series ends.

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  • prouvaireafterdark
    15.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #malex#michael guerin#alex manes#malex fic#malex smut #michael sanders au #thank god Sanders and these two idiots don't share a bedroom wall is all I'm gonna say
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  • ortechorosa
    15.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    roswell new mexico + guide to troubled birds

    #* #roswell new mexico #michael guerin#alex manes#max evans#isobel evans#rosa ortecho #i would be shocked if this hasn't been done before but. well. i am doing it again <3 #i have a lot more but i didn't want this post to be 3 miles long so i am pacing myself lol #also SORRY about the malex one i couldn't resist
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  • lovecolibri
    15.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    My desire to watch Vlamis kill it as Michael Guerin, bloody and laying on the bunker floor pleading for enough help to be able to get up and go save the love of his life from Jones, VS my desire to absolutely never again have to see m*ria in her Cruella Deville puppy coat putting her hands on him.

    #roswell nm #season 3 spoilers #michael guerin #anti maria delcua #roswell nm my behated #the season we could have had if her pointless ass had been written off the show over the hiatus #we could have had it all #and instead we got this #😒😒😒😒😒
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  • thesquidkid
    15.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Save me if I become // Pure evil behind the charade (part 6)

    This part is clearly under Dead dove do not eat! There is heavy angst and hurt and graphic description of death. So read at your own risk, you have been warned. (previous parts)

    Thanks to @unbearable22 for adding more angst!

    Enjoy! 😁

    I'll never be like you

    I'll never be like you

    I'm rising up and I'm ready to fight you

    Ready to fight you

    Michael stood up with difficulty, pain coursing through his leg where Sanders had shot him. He limped towards Jones, standing in front of Alex and Sanders, wanting to protect them from his evil father.

    He didn’t dare look Alex in the eyes, not ready to face what he would surely find there. Not ready to see the pain, the heartbreak, the fear, and the anger he caused. Not wanting to see Alex hate him.

    “No,” he said, for the second time, once he was sure he would be able to take the hits instead of Alex or Sanders.

    He carefully put Alex back on the ground, not wanting to use his powers to control other people, but fearing the other man would come rushing. He silently prayed, even though he didn’t know who he was praying to, that Alex would stay where he was. That he would be safe.

    His prayers must’ve been heard, as Alex stayed behind Michael for the entire time Jones was a threat.

    Jones turned around, slowly, a rictus on his face. He placed the sword on his shoulder, the dried blood clear on it. “I don’t want to do this the hard way,” he said, his grin indicating otherwise and took a few steps towards Michael, who didn’t move. “But you’re not leaving me any choice here, son.”

    And as he finished talking, Jones swung the sword diagonally, aiming for Michael’s left shoulder. Michael kept his eyes open, as he heard a gasp and the cock of a gun. He stared into his father’s eyes, knowing that Sanders’ wouldn’t have a clear shot, and wouldn’t risk Michael’s life, knowing that Alex felt powerless. Because at that moment, nothing could stop Jones. Alex didn’t have any weapons and was too far away to run towards Michael and try to disarm Jones.

    In that moment, Michael was prepared to die. He had hurt the people he loved, and didn’t deserve to be saved. But most of all he didn't deserve Alex. Alex. Michael focused on him, his smile, the sound of his laugh. He had always had trouble believing he deserved to be loved by anyone, let alone by Alex. Now Michael was sure that he was unworthy of love, of family.

    Time had slowed down, all of Michael’s senses were more acute, picking up every noise, every smell, every move. From the corner of the eye, he could see the purple sword breach his skin, the neurotic connections sending pain to his brain nearly instantly.

    He heard a scream that seemed to last forever, he wasn’t sure if it was his, or Alex’s. Probably both. It was the end, or at least it felt like it.

    He remembered cherished moments with Alex, when they enjoyed their time together, rekindling their relationship, moving towards something better, a future. He wondered if he would have done things differently if he knew he was going to die so soon. He hoped Alex knew that Michael loved him, because he hadn’t had a chance to say those simple three words in present tense yet.

    Max and Isobel flashed in front of his eyes, followed closely by Maria and Kyle, their figures blurry in front of him. It was only when he saw them, in the junkyard, that he realised that maybe time had slowed time a little too much. That the alien sword should have cut through him already, that he should be laying in a puddle of his blood, not standing on his own two legs.

    He looked down at his shoulder to see the sword still lodged, but not moving any deeper, despite Jones’ apparent effort. He was being stopped by an invisible force, a wall between the sword and Michael, protecting him.

    He heard Max shout something, before the sword flew out his shoulder and he fell to the ground, like it had been the only thing keeping him from collapsing. He tried to get back up, but every inch of his body was in pain, from the bullet wound on his leg, to the open cut on his shoulder, where he was currently emptying himself of his blood, to his head that was probably about to explode.

    He saw Alex in front of him, felt his arms around his body. Kyle was kneeling next to him, pressing something to the wound on his shoulder.

    And Michael closed his eyes, feeling at peace, breathing shallowly, until his chest stopped raising, until his heart stopped beating. Life had never been kind to Michael Guerin, and it left him when others still needed Michael in their lives.

    I hear the mourning

    I hear the cries

    Out of darkness into the light

    #part 6!! #the very bad day of michael guerin #im sorry besties #this is the end of evil!michael #also alex had a pretty shitty day too #malex and the very bad day #the new name for the fic #evil!michael fic #rnm fic#thesquidkid writes
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    15.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Malex - When alex was working on the Lockhart machine 👀

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  • michealguerin
    15.10.2021 - 23 hours ago
    At last!
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  • clere-fangirl
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The fact that I can’t stop watching this video

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  • bisexualalienss
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    If they ever let Michael wear an absurd button up, I think I would die

    #he’s bisexual come on #let the man live a little #michael guerin #I’m on the button up agenda always #and the hoodie agenda
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