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    tbh I really wanna shift ( again -) but I’m losing tons of motivation:( It’s just ... things are getting worse and a hug from Michael or anyone from Outpost 3 - really rn idc abt the person- would make things better .

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    Work is done for the day. Anyone interested in keeping me some company? 👀

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    lol I've been off and on sleeping all night and now I just can't sleep at all 😃 and then I try to write some fic to pass time and maybe get tired, THEN I GET TOO TIRED TO DO THAT, and I try to go back to sleep then it's a cycle. I just want to sleep wtf

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    Just a life update!

    First I wanna thank all the warm welcomes everyone is giving me! I really appreciate it and it does mean a lot. Things like that go a long way and it means more than you'll ever know. Unfortunately, things have been a little slow for me. My phone is all screwed to hell and the wifi connecter in my place is also screwed up. So just my luck huh? But that doesn't mean you guys have to stop so please, continue sending in requests. I'm currently using my laptop so your requests will keep me busy.

    Thank you once again to everyone! And I'll see you when I see you!

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    16.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    New chapter of Breaking Purity

    Chapter 58: “The red dress”

    Summary: Michael has a surprise for you to cheer you up. Things may not go as he planned, though. 

    Warnings: none

    A/N: If you enjoy this novel, consider buying me a kofi. 

    You can read the chapter here

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    16.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Hoax - Chapter one

    Michael Langdon x Mallory

    Summary: After finding Michael's body, Mallory realizes that saving Michael isn't going to be as easy as she had previously planned.
    Words: 5.9k+
    Warnings: death and lots of general mentions of it, blood, mentions of rituals, kinda self sacrifice?? in a way?, angst, lots of conflict and tension, uh Satan is in the first half of this chapter so- yeah LOL, slow burn, plot heavy, a lil character study, passing out
    A/N: first of all, im so sorry this took me so long to write lmao. Also I know the warnings seem rlly heavy but I tried to write it in the least intense way possible if that means anything lol. ALSOO this doesn't follow canon anymore at all and the details probably arent accurate in the slightest but idc lol. But enjoy!! <3

    Previous chapter

    The forest was deafeningly silent as Mallory blankly stared at his body. Emotion that she was sure she probably should be feeling was completely vacant - and so were the rest of her senses.

    She immediately took a step back - expecting Michael to crane his neck up and to push himself up off the dirt.. but he didn't move; and Mallory didn't dare too either. She watched him carefully, her eyes quickly flickering across his body - waiting and watching for any sudden movements. Her fingers twitched restlessly at the odd sense of emptiness she felt in the forest..

    The emptiness that ultimately Michael was the source of.

    Even earlier when Michael had effortlessly revived himself, she still felt something. It was faint and distant; but it was better than what she had felt from him now.. which was absolutely nothing. Nothing except for the occasional breeze which annoyingly kept returning her back to reality.


    Mallory felt foolish for being surprised when he remained eerily stagnant. She flinched a bit when she noticed his hair tousle a bit in the breeze but.. that's as much as Michael moved.

    Part of Mallory wanted to run. She knew what this most likely meant - how could Michael not be moving at all?? Even if he was passed out or just unconscious he surely would've awoken by now.. right? Even though she felt nothing but fear course through her veins at the mere thought of the implication she found herself in; she knew running wasnt an option. She was meant to be in this exact moment for a reason - whether that was to either help or kill Michael was something she was still trying to decide.. but right now it was looking as if nature had made its decision for her.

    Her arms folded over her chest as she approached Michael.. tears that were completely unwanted, that she tried to desperately not fall down her cheeks burned her eyes - nearly making her head ache with the effort. She felt pathetic for how much her body shook the closer she got to him. Her black, heeled boots only a inch away from the side of his arm, which lie limply in the dirt.. a bit too limply.

    Is he dead.. again?

    The thought entered her mind so quickly it repulsed her. There was no way.. right? But yet, it seemed like the most feasible option. She knew that in Michael's right mind; theres no way he would continue to stay this still around her. Even over what had just occurred moments ago, she knew there was no way Michael would just play dead like fucking roadkill.. but.. the longer time passed the more obvious it became that something was wrong; seriously wrong.

    Kneeling down was grossly repulsive due to the condition of his body, but the closer Mallory examined him - the more obvious it was that he was gone. However this time she didn't have to be scared of him coming back. It was clear that due to the condition of his body that this wasnt a temporary situation.. He was truly dead this time.

    She sat back on her heels (and tried her best to not think about her dirty her clothes were probably getting in the process). Her teeth lightly pierced her tongue; not enough to draw blood but just to cause enough pain to distract her as she brought a gloved hand over to his arm.. and just like she thought - he was ice cold.

    So it had been awhile since he- apparently died.. but the real question was how? And why? Why was Michael even out in the forest in the first place, and come to think out of it- where even was this forest?

    Far too many questions ran through her mind and it was beyond infuriating that she couldn't even begin to answer one.. but, she wasnt leaving until she got an answer. 

    Wincing again and nearly screaming with the effort that it took -  Mallory pushed Michael's body over until he was turned around and laying flat on his back. Her hands lingered, exhaustion making her brain run slow until she felt something wet stain her fingers.. blood.

    Drawing her hands back, she stared at them rather mindlessly. The extent of Michael's injuries didn't register right away, instead she was more mad at how the blood had completely ruined her expensive gloves. She briskly pulled them off, trying again to turn her focus back to solely Michael.

    She had to admit that his body looked better than it previously had but; it still wasnt exactly pretty to see in the slightest. The smell of bitter iron made her crinkle her nose in disgust and nearly made her gag but - she couldn't let disgust make her forget why she was here. Again.. she was here for a reason.

    Two main wounds lie on his forearms. Long, vertical cuts were indented against his otherwise unmarked skin. Marring a bright, crimson red color against.. nearly everything in sight. His black clothes were stained, his skin, his face, the dirt and surrounding leaves and now even Mallory's hands were marked with the antichrists blood.. It was completely disgusting but yet; she couldn't help but to feel a bit satisfied at the feelings that followed. Michael being dead was the covens ultimate goal after all and now.. he was finally fucking gone. Although calling him the antichrist didn't really seem accurate now and sure any of this didn't really make sense..

    What am I supposed to do now? Am I just supposed to know that he's dead and leave..?? 

    "No," she answered herself quietly.

    Mallory knew better than to just leave. The thought was naïve and idiotic but- it was an option. One that she had to keep in mind and gave her some sort of comfort that she still had a choice in all of this.. that this entire situation wasnt just something that randomly was placed upon her; that she still had a choice.. no matter how slim her options truly were.

    There was no way Mallory could leave though, especially with Michael's blood literally on her hands.. and where even was she? What if someone were to just walk by and see her next to a dead body? It was clear what she had to do but it wasnt going to be easy...

    She was going to have to bring him back.

    In Mallory's opinion; Michael himself wasnt worth the effort that it was going to take by any means - and at this point she didn't exactly know if she had what it took to bring him back.. but risking her life again, at this point, wouldn't really hurt.. right?


    Mallory tried to not let her thoughts get to the best of her as she moved on top of Michael, straddling his waist. She absolutely hated the proximity and really the fact she had to touch him at all but.. she figured that this was going to be the easiest way to accomplish what needed to be done.

    She put her hands down towards Michael's battered body, palms hovering a few inches right above where his heart would normally be beating.. and felt absolutely nothing.

    Her breath started to quicken at this observation and her hands started to shake; maybe she wasnt trying hard enough?

    Michael's soul had to be somewhere, there's no way it could be completely gone.. otherwise I wouldn't be here.

    Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes gently; she tried again.. this time focusing less on trying to feel the essence of his physical body and more so focusing on Michael's spirit.. and him as a person.

    Doing this was proving to be extremely difficult and exhausting because Mallory never really knew Michael. Even in the old timeline, the little interactions they did have weren't really of substance or anything genuine..

    That wasnt completely true, was it now?

    Mallory exhaled a breath of relief when the thought came to her. She vaguely remembered their interview at the outpost.. Trying desperately to paint the scene vivid in her mind; knowing damn well that every detail counted since it was really the only solid encounter they ever had. Of course that wasn't the only time she had interacted with him but.. rumors and secondhand interactions weren't going to be useful here in the slightest. She needed to work with something that was attainable; something that was true to Michael Langdon's character.

    The first thing that came to mind was how genuine he seemed when he interviewed her, back at Outpost Three. She remembered how he looked - how he acted. That kindness, no matter how brief or minuscule it was when he offered her a shot of salvation, was so evident that even now she could nearly fucking taste it.

    Mallory wasnt exactly certain whether it was intuition or her mind going into overdrive from pure exhaustion or trauma she had faced; but.. it was clear to her that without a doubt that for a moment, Michael had genuinely shown interest in her.. and even though that kindness had been completely revoked once her powers were revealed - things would be different this time.

    They had to be. They were going to be; so help me god.

    A small voice told her that it was beyond fucking stupid that she was about to fully stake her entire life on something so insignificant, like the possibly of Michael actually having empathy and being a good person but - there really was no choice.. and it wasn't like she exactly had anything (personally) to lose at this point either.

    Not anymore.

    Mallory wasnt scared when she realized how disconnected she started to feel from reality. In fact, trying to pinpoint exactly how she felt at all  seemed nearly impossible.. but she couldn't help but to naively hope this was a good sign she was getting close to bringing him back.


    Her eyes snapped open instantly.

    She tried her best to snap out of the mind numbing spell fatigue was trying it's best to put her under. Trying to see straight was a struggle as she tried to stand up and move as quickly as possible off of Michael, and see who the fuck happened to stumble across the two of them.

    "Who- how did you get here?" Mallory asked; wincing as she tried to stand up on terribly shaky legs.

    She completely ignored the fact that this person already seemed to be acquainted with her name.. but she also didn't really care. That was the least of her worries at the moment. She covered her eyes partially with the back of her hand. Wincing as she tried to look through the terribly bright and saturated forest to see who her and Michael were in company with..

    Only to find no one.

    "That's not important. What I want to know is what you think your doing here, Mallory."

    Her name was spoken again, this time the tone more sinister and cruel than the last. Mallory assumed the voice belonged to a male due to the low and deep nature which only piqued her curiosity further.

    Although, hearing a voice she couldn't seemingly find the source too also made her very worried for her own wellbeing; but even now when she felt like she was at risk for collapsing any moment - she knew better. The voice had to be real; it was far too distinct.. far too taunting and ridiculing for it to come from her own imagination.

    "I think it's pretty obvious what I was doing. Why'd you stop me?" Mallory pointed out defensively.

    She tried her best to keep her posture straight and remain unaffected when she heard a sudden dark, sick laugh.

    "Whatever your plan is with Michael, it's not going to work."

    "I'm not going to just leave him. I-I came here for a reason-" she stumbled on her words unwillingly; cursing herself silently for letting herself stumble on her words in front of...

    Whoever this even was.

    She had her suspicions but, she tried not to think about it too hard.. Right now the identity of whoever she was having a conversation with wasnt exactly relevant.

    "You're too late, princess. Hes gone." Mallory's brows furrowed at this, immediately opening her mouth to speak - the pet name making anger rush to her head. "It doesn't matter what silly, pathetic spell you try on him. It's not going to work.. Hes far too gone. Your late, Mallory."

    "Stop fucking saying my name-"

    "I think you should be careful with your words and check your language. Being rude isn't going to get you what you want."

    Mallory swallowed at the solemn realization that he was right. She had to check her attitude if she wanted to know what happened to Michael - because that seemed like her best shot (and maybe her only shot) of bringing him back at this point.

    "Okay, fine. I'm sorry. Can you atleast tell me what happened to him?"

    Her tone was more cool and calm this time; still holding a bit of edge to it but.. that was mostly unintentional. She couldn't help but to jump a bit when she heard another brief laugh.

    Why did his laugh have to be so fucking and creepy and unsettling?

    "Funny story - It was really a mistake on my end; things just got too busy and.. plus, Michael wasnt exactly great at his job.. so-"

    Mallory's focus went back to Michael's body. He continued to lie still in the dirt; still dead of course. However, it didn't take long for her to connect the dots of what happened or at least, partially of what happened - and now it didn't take a genius to figure out who she was talking too, either.

    "You abandoned him?" Mallory's voice trembled, feeling nauseous as the silence started to settle in. Feeling the full weight of her words start to hit her as she got no response.. time to dig deeper. "How could you just leave him when he needed you? Letting him bleed out.. alone.. was that your solution?"

    Her eyes stung by the end of her sentence; her body trembling and her cheeks embarrassingly wet with tears.. probably because even without an immediate response; she knew every single word she spoke was true. She felt utterly disgusting for even suggesting something so.. vile and cruel but judging by the scene; that had to be what happened. A dagger laying in the dirt not too far from Michael.. the pentagram that was previously drawn in the dirt (which was very distorted and gone, from her attempt of Vitalum Vitalis).. It was really the only logical explanation for anything that had happened.

    "Your smarter than what I gave you credit for. I'll give you that," she heard another chuckle that only made her feel more disdain. "But he wasnt worth bringing back. He failed. He was never worth the title or the powers he was given in the first place."

    "But his soul-" Mallory's voice continued to shake as she spoke.

    "Its gone. Obliterated. Just like he never existed."

    An emotion that poorly mimicked grief took over her after his words settled in.. Not quite sad but, not satisfied either in the slightest. She mainly just felt really fucking stupid for even humoring the thought that she could save Michael.

    "Why? Why do this, why not at the very least did you not just let him go to hell?"

    It felt simply redundant to ask a question she already knew the answer too but at this point she really had nothing else to say - except to just pathetically admit that even now she wasnt going to give up.. Not when she came this far.

    "Isn't it obvious? Letting him go to hell would be too easy - not for him, but for you. Bringing someone back from hell is probably a feat you could accomplish in your sleep."

    Mallory's head started to spin.. what?

    "..you know me?"

    "Of course I know you. How could I not?"

    Choosing to sit on the ground was more forced rather than a conscious choice. Exhaustion and pure dizziness forcing her down and threatening her to lose consciousness.

    What the fuck?

    Mallory's chest was shallowly moved. Her entire being barely moving.. numb with fear that she was being watched. Suddenly all too aware (or perhaps scared that she wasnt aware enough) of the situation she seemed to find herself in.

    Thoughts of paranoia swarmed her brain; was this her fault? Was Michael dead.. truly fucking dead because of her? Only because fucking Satan wanted Mallory to be his new plaything?

    Her nails dug into the soft skin of her palms - trying desperately to ground herself and not to succumb to nausea and the pure disgust she felt.. As much as she really didn't want to entertain his ideas; talking admittedly also helped combat the urge to vomit.

    "What do you want from me?"

    Every word that fell out of Mallory's mouth seemed inadequate and purely idiotic. Although, she was starting to come to the solemn realization that being smart wasnt exactly her forte anymore.

    She waited dumbly for an audible response; jumping when she felt a cold breeze shoot down her spine.. Almost as if something was breathing down her back. The urge to get up and run was stronger than ever but that wasnt an option.. Her body felt incredibly fucking heavy, even moving her legs seemed out of the question at this point.. fuck.

    Switching from sitting up to laying fully on her back wasnt a decision she even attempted to resist. Letting out a content sigh at the second of relief she got from laying down.. but it didn't last because she knew she was still being watched.

    "If my soul is what you want then take it; But I need to know that you'll bring him back."

    If she could feel anything other than pure exhaustion - she was sure she would be appalled at her own words.. but instead she felt nothing. Nothing except for a small sense of relief when her eyes closed that she could finally get a break from this living nightmare. It was only when her vision fully blossomed to black when she knew she got a proper response.. Even if it wasnt an audible one. Her offer had been accepted.


    Mallory woke up coughing; Her throat felt as if she had swallowed glass. Breathing proved to be horribly painful and way too fucking distracting, to the point where she couldn't even begin to imagine trying to fully orient herself to know where she was.

    Trying her best to ignore the pain and how uncomfortable she was; she tried to focus on her surroundings. Feeling rough dirt and soil against the parts of her skin that were exposed..

    Am I still in the forest? Wait.. where's-

    "Michael," she weakly choked out.

    He better still fucking be here, and he better be alive.

    Her heart started to beat a bit faster when she heard something rustle maybe a few feet away from her. She could hear the movement of clothes, limbs. If it wasnt Michael it had to be someone atleast; and knowing she wasnt alone anymore was sort of comforting.

    Sort of. Depending on who it was, of course.

    However; hearing the footsteps and movement start to get increasingly more distant is what finally pushed Mallory to make an active, proper, effort to sit up. She could feel a weak attempt of adrenaline start to course through her system at the thought of him leaving after all that she (probably) went through for him.. Maybe even hell itself, but she wasnt going to think about what happened while she was unconscious. At least not right now.

    "Please.. wait-" she softly croaked.

    With a few weak, pathetic coughs - Mallory sat up quickly. Wincing as she opened her eyes and tried to take in her surroundings. She audibly groaned at how gruesomely blinding the forest seemed to be. The sun was at its peak; blanketing the forest in a bright, golden glow.. something that Mallory was sure looked beautiful but now was only a mere annoying inconvenience. She was pleased to realize that she still appeared to be in the forest though; atleast something felt familiar and stayed consistent.

    "How do you know my name?" He asked, cautiously.

    Mallory first focused on Michael as her vision became clearer. Watching how truly bewildered and startled he looked staring back at her -  standing just a few feet away.

    "Its a long story.. one that I can tell you later, if you'd like," she said, offering a small smile.

    She tried her best to remain genuinely kind, and to be careful with her words. Terrified that saying the wrong thing would just cause him to flee; feeling incredibly lucky that he even decided to turn around and give her a chance at all.

    "Do you know me?"

    Mallory stared at him.. puzzled for a brief moment at the question. She wanted to say yes; lying was never something she wanted to resort too but judging by the look in his eyes and how he still managed to keep his distance from her - she knew had no choice.

    "No. I don't-"

    "Were you sent by my father?"

    Michaels words were rushed and spoken without a second thought.. as if he had been thinking about what to say for a while. It made her think about  how long he chose to sat next to her unconscious body.. Waiting for her to wake up.

    At least this Michael seems to have more humanity than he ever did in the Outpost.

    "I wasnt, no. I dont know your father or anything else about you. I'm sorry."

    Mallory flinched when she noticed how distraught Michael immediately was.. making her wish she would've said yes to his question instead. He ran a hand through his hair which was still mostly disheveled; it was starting to become obvious he was holding back anger.

    "No.. no, I dont believe you," Michael hissed.

    He was quickly growing hysterical; he was desperate - that, Mallory knew for sure. He quickly walked up to her and nearly slid onto his knees so that he was kneeling on the ground - on her level.

    Being uncomfortably close with Michael (especially now, considering he was actually alive) was incredibly unnerving - mostly because he was so fucking unpredictable.

    "Tell me. Who are you and why are you lying to me?" He continued.

    What was he even going on about?

    Michaels blue, cerulean eyes looked desperately into hers; on the verge of tears. His lips were trembling.. his misery suddenly so evident and painfully obvious - but Mallory didn't feel bad this time. Only frustrated that he was so damn fixated on his father and on nothing else.

    "I'm not lying to you, I dont know you. I only saw you and wanted to help-"

    Michael cut her words off with a loud, dry sob. He sank back into his heels - crouching down into the dirt and fully sobbing..

    Mallory first watched him cautiously, not sure what she should even do but her heart ached the further she heard him cry.. immediately she felt like she fucked up; perhaps this was when she was supposed to turn around and leave?


    She wouldn't. She couldn't just be another name on the seemingly infinite list of people who abandoned him.  She refused to let Michaels first impression of her be tainted with such selfish impulses as just leaving.

    Mallory put a hand (ignoring the fact that it was still caked in dried blood) on Michael's shoulder. After realizing how much he flinched and tried to draw away from her touch - she retracted her hand. Happy that it atleast managed to get his attention.

    "I'm sorry if I scared you but I really just want to help. Are you hurt?"

    "Dont touch me," Michael snapped.

    He sat up straight, but maneuvered himself so he was now sitting straight on the ground instead of on his heels.. also pushing himself a bit further away from Mallory this time. She swallowed in response, biting back the urge to just apologize again but.. she couldn't do that. Apologizing profusely obviously wasnt working.

    "I'm not going to just leave you here, Michael. I know that you dont know me but will you atleast just listen to me," her words came out quick and stern.

    They were far more harsh than she had originally intended, but it seemed to do the trick. Michael's gaze finally met hers. He looked almost childlike; the way in which he was sitting and hugging his knees. His general body angled away from her but still peering back at her hesitantly. Still remaining silent.

    "I was being serious when I said that I didn't know you; I really dont. I didn't even necessarily mean to find you.. that was an accident too," She let out a breath, trying to exhale the tension she felt in between them before continuing, "But when I saw you.. you weren't breathing and I'm sorry if you were expecting something else to happen or someone else but I wasnt going to leave you." Mallory's voice was horribly shaking now. Again.

    Her sentence fell flat on its own; tears threatening to break if she kept talking. 

    "So you dont know why you came here?" Michael confirmed, his voice still awfully dry.

    Mallory shook her head no shortly, still not having enough courage to say anything out loud.

    She nearly jumped when she saw Michael softly laugh; the idea that he could feel joy in this moment almost felt insulting but it was clear that the laugh wasnt exactly one that was genuine, but rather one of relief and hope. Suddenly with absolutely no warning he leaned forward toward Mallory; putting his hands which were incredibly calloused and dirty on her tear streaked cheeks. Her legs were now pressed flat to the ground as he straddled her legs. She tried to ground herself by placing her palms in the dirt behind her; her nails digging into the soil as she recoiled back as much as she could.

    People weren't really kidding when they said Michael was unpredictable..

    "I knew that you weren't a coincidence. That's why I didn't leave; you were sent by my father. I knew it, it worked!" He exclaimed.

    A crazed look lived in his eyes; making it almost impossible to make direct eye contact and to not get dizzy. She grimaced at his words; looking awkwardly to side - now itching to get out from under him. The feeling of him touching her was make her impossibly furious - but again; she wasnt sure exactly why. She just wanted out.

    That feeling was sickly reminiscence of her interview at the outpost; but.. this entire encounter seemed to be sickingly reminiscent of Outpost Three..

    Her hands gently grabbed his, using little force as possible to remove his hands from her face. She slid backwards before standing up - trying to not think about how fucking horrible she probably looked.. but blood rushed to her cheeks regardless. 

    "Knew what worked?"

    This time Mallory wasnt playing dumb.. sure, due to the pentagram and the dagger she noticed earlier (although.. now were strangely gone.. perhaps they weren't really there, at all?) wanted to make her think-

    No. No way.. There was no fucking way..

    "My attempt to contact my father; it worked. You're here! He sent you, I know he did," Michael said, a bit too cheerfully.

    He let out a dry laugh... and she couldn't help but to think cynically that at least someone was happy in this situation.

    Her stomach ached at the realization that even though Michael didn't fully understand the situation - he wasnt exactly wrong; in a very strange, confusing way. Not like she would ever admit that out loud, though.

    "Your father didn't send me; I dont know your father."

    "Why are you fucking lying to me."

    Michael quickly stood and paced up to Mallory.. who tried her best to remain her posture and not flinch as he got close again.. too close. It was clear he was trying to intimidate her; perhaps he thought 'scaring' the supposed truth out of her would work.. she wasnt really certain. Her jaw clenched as she angled her head up; making sure to look into his eyes and prove to him that she wasnt scared.

    "I'm not lying to you, but you need to believe me. I cant keep saying the same thing over and over-"

    "Then say something that actually makes sense! Tell me the truth," Michael's voice shook. Finally, his anger was waning.. defeat was starting to overtake his emotions instead. "If you're not going to tell me what I want to hear, then I dont want you here. I dont need your help."

    "I dont believe that. If you didn't need help then why did you wait for me to wake up?" Mallory's next words fell heavy on her tongue.. not quite wanting to go there but she had no other choice. Michael wasnt going to let her off easy. "I dont know you, but I know you could've easily left me out here to die, but you didn't. You waited, and you did that for a reason. You could've even killed me if you really wanted."

    "Fuck off."

    "You know its true. So no; I'm not leaving," she finished.

    Michael looked distraught more than ever, fidgeting and pacing within a few feet. Mallory knew that he could still leave; he could totally run away and she wouldn't be able to do anything about it - still far too weak to even think about running or really even walking for that matter.

    Mallory thought she was just hallucinating (or that his beloved father had came back to give more unsolicited advice) when she heard Michael barely make a audible remark. His filthy, dirt covered hand clasped loosely over his mouth.

    "What?" She asked.

    Michael's gaze, which was previously fixated to the ground, suddenly locked onto her. Ice blue eyes no longer filled with confusion, despair or even hope anymore. There was only white, hot rage. She was pissing him off.

    Mallory had to admit to herself that now she was a bit scared.. It wasnt particularly Michael himself, it was his apparent and sudden confidence that was suddenly showing itself out of nowhere. His spine straightened, his hands clasped together but still hung loosely as he slowly sauntered over to her. This Michael was hauntingly familiar..

    "Dont talk about things you dont understand."

    His voice was low, and wavered as he still slowly approached her. Mallory refused to back down.

    "Dont tell me what I can and cant talk about."

    Michael suddenly advanced forward again; Grabbing onto her shoulders. Mallory really didn't know what Michael was doing and at this point, that was practically irrelevant. All she knew is that she didn't want him touching her again. Under any costs. The flood of both anger and fear she felt the instance his skin touched hers completely overtook her senses. With a deep inhale, she felt Michael suddenly pull away from her, but it wasnt as if he stepped back. It was like something physically pulled him back... dragging him quickly across the dirt until he was atleast ten feet back within the span of a few seconds.

    Mallory watched in complete and utter horror. Her mouth fell open in shock as she watched Michael finally stop, and stir. Groaning, probably from the pain of being pulled back with such sudden force..

    Mallory knew damn well that it made no sense to previously want him dead so bad.. and now she was upset that he was hurt?? Feeling upset felt wrong; but staying stoic wasnt exactly the right move either. In this situation there was no winning; not when she had hurt him first.

    A tear quickly slid down her cheek - her throat clenched to prevent any more from slipping or to let herself fully sob. Only seconds passed before Michael turned to look up at her; who was still on the ground.. but the seconds that passed didn't feel real. It didn't feel plausible or sensible in the slightest that she could feel so many things in mere seconds. Disgust, fear, anger and pity.. all of which was mainly (and selfishly) directed at herself.

    She didn't know what to expect next.

    Even though she was the one in control, the one who had hurt him first, the one who had stupidly refused to give up on him - she felt like she was the prey with how Michael stared at her.

    Mallory fucking hated it.

    There was absolutely no doubt or second thoughts present in her mind as she quickly spun around; first clumsily trying not to trip over her own feet as she tried desperately to get away as fast as possible.. Terrified that Michael would get up and try to use his powers on her (..given if he still had any) or that something else that she couldn't even possibly begin to fathom would happen. Wanting solely to just get away from this fucking nightmare and failed mission..

    But that didn't happen.

    Mallory made it about five steps before her legs gave out underneath her.. falling painfully and pathetically on the ground; hissing as she felt her knee scrape.. hating that Michael was most likely still watching her.

    Her previous exhaustion had to be obvious enough for him to not even bother to stop her from running..

    Why am I so fucking stupid..

    "I knew it," he spoke. His words riddled with laughter. "I knew there was something special about you."

    Mallory bit her tongue gently to prevent herself from making a snarky comeback; not even thinking about how odd it was that Michael didn't even question her powers.. or appear afraid in the slightest. She looked up at him; trying to press herself up off the ground but barely mustering the strength to do so.. her arms shaking pitifully as she tried and, ultimately failed to bring herself up off the forest floor. Her stomach and legs flat on the ground.

    Michael kneeled and offered her a hand. Mallory took it - but only because there was no other option.

    "What happened to telling me to fuck off and leave you alone?" She asked, a small unwilling smile garnishing the end of her words.

    "Yeah well.. things are different now. You're different-"


    "I'll only stay with you under one condition. I'll do anything you want, I'll follow you anywhere. I dont care, but you need to promise me something."

    Mallory hesitated. Absolutely terrified of what was going to come out of his mouth next.


    "You need to teach me how you did that. What you did earlier.."

    Her brows furrowed at first, too confused at what he was insinuating to even let shock set in.

    "Michael.. you dont mean what your saying."

    She tried to laugh it off. Hoping naively that he didn't mean what he was saying.. that he wouldn't be so stupid to say what she knew what he was going to next.. because that would mean-

    "I do. I wouldnt be begging otherwise. Please."

    Mallory didnt know what to do; but she knew that this new fate was Michael was cursed with.. that she now had to deal with, was far worse than death. After all; who was Michael Langdon without his powers.. without being the fucking antichrist? And an even better question was who was Mallory without the coven, without Cordelia breathing down her back? The answer to either question was equally unclear and something she wasnt sure if she would ever truly know the answer too.. but it was worth a shot.

    Taglist: @michaellangdonstanaccount @langdonsexual @jimmason @blakescoven @dark-mei-rose @9layerdevilfoodcake @prophecy-is-inevitable @matildaofoz @beautyiswithinchaos @frenchlangdon @instincts-baby @melodylangdon @littledemondani @langdons-pinkyring @celestialrequiem @veryquietecho

    Let me know if you would like to be added or removed to the taglist :)

    #michael langdon x mallory #michael x mallory #millory#michael langdon#ahs fanfiction#my fic #kinda rlly nervous to post this but oh well lmao #i changed the plot like 5 times while writing and rewrote some of the scenes so thats partially why this took forever lol #also shit is supposed to be a bit unclear on purpose so- hopefully thats not off putting #will crosspost to ao3 shortly hehe
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  • paigejj
    16.05.2021 - 13 hours ago
    Seeing Michael for the first time since the apocalypse 

    It had been about 5 months since you got sent to outpost 3, the days were boring and long, you felt like there was no reason to be alive anymore. It had also been 5 months since you last saw your boyfriend Michael, it was torture, you missed him dearly and would do anything to be with him again. Your last memory with Michael was him telling you to go with some people to outpost 3.

    - 5 months earlier -

    You were sat on your couch just watching tv before you got a warning text on your phone, you started to panic wondering where Michael was. Before you could even react Michael comes through your door, he stares at you with soft eyes before saying “Y/N, please go with these people, they’ll take you to safety.” “But what about you Michael?” You said with panic in your voice.

    “Don’t worry about me, go. I love you, I'll see you soon.” He says before giving you a soft but passionate kiss.

    Before you could hug him you’re taken away to the place you later found out was called outpost 3.

    - Present time -

    You’re interrupted from your thoughts by the alarm going off indicating that someone was here. Everyone stared at each other with wide eyes, before anyone could react a handsome young man with long blonde hair walks in, he was dressed rather nicely for what had happened to the world. You stared at him for a bit before realising that was Michael, your boyfriend you hadn't seen in months. You let out a quick gasp which seemed to of caught his attention, he stared at you with a soft smile on his lips, you walked over to him rather fast before bringing him into a tight hug.

    “I missed you so much.” You said happily with tears falling down your soft cheeks.

    “I missed you just as much.” Michael replied back with.

    You both continued your hug, happy to be together again after so many months. You completely forgot that there were other people in the room before you heard someone speak up

    “And who is this?” Mr. Gallant said confused.


    #Michael langdon x reader #Michael langdon imagines #Michael langdon fanfics #ahs imagines #ahs x reader #ahs fanfics #american horror story imagines #american horror story x reader #american horror story fanfics #american horror story headcannons #ahs michael#michael langdon #michael langdon headcannon #cody fern imagines
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    16.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Michael: Who do you hate?

    Gallant: My nana...

    Michael: She makes you so mad, doesn't she?

    Gallant: God yes...


    Gallant: STOP READING MY MIND!!!

    #gallangdon #ahs mr gallant #mr gallant #michael langdon ahs #michael langdon #evan peters character #evan peters characters #evan peters#cody fern #cody fern characters #ahs apocalypse #american horror story #american horror story apocalypse #ahs season 8 #text#txt#txts#texts#incorrect quotes#incorrect ahs #ahs incorrect quotes #incorrect ahs quotes #incorrect texts#incorrect txts#incorrect text#incorrect txt#funny txt#funny text#funny txts#funny texts
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    He takes out his cell phone to dial and after two humming answers half asleep.

    Michael: what happened baby?

    Mallory: love... I need you.

    Michael: let me guess. - Andrew came to you.

    Mallory: yes baby. You know how much I hate you and that's why I need you, that you apapache me.

    Michael: you both hate it, well se, and get rid of it.

    Mallory: with ibuprofen.

    Michael appears in the room with his powers smiling

    Michael: no baby. For nine months in a row I disappeared him.

    That made Mallory red.

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  • blakescoven
    15.05.2021 - 17 hours ago


    #michael langdon#hehehehehehe #let's say it's a cody-michael mashup #had it in my drafts for ages #i am a wh*re #fanart
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    Here is a list of my upcoming fanfic

    (High And dangerous) dark!Jim x reader

    ( Princess In Danger) dark!Duncan x reader

    ( My Falling Angel) dark!Michael x reader

    ( You Belong To Me ) dark!Venable x reader x Michael

    ( Obsession ) dark!AndyDolan x reader

    ( I Own You Part 5) Dark!Michael x reader

    ( Mines ) dark!Venable x reader

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  • brooklinn13
    15.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I’m working on a dark!Jim fanfic called High and Dangerous and it’s a two part series.

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    uhhhhhh okay I’m finally linking the spotify playlists I made last year somehow inspired by the cody boys oop

    (I created them for self indulgence, ergo I chose songs that I personally like and, I believe, fit with the characters because of the lyrics and/or the tune or just the aesthetic in general!)





    #just leaving this here y’all can ignore me no worries lol!! #cant wait to make the andy dolan playlist ahhh #whenever I find other interesting songs I’ll make sure to add them! #spotify playlist#michael langdon#duncan shepherd#jim mason#xavier plympton #american horror story #cody fern#ahs apocalypse#ahs 1984#ahs #american horror story apocalypse #american horror story 1984 #michael langdon playlist #character playlist
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    14.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐄𝐑𝐒 𝐎𝐍 6/11/2021
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    14.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #the tribes of palos verdes #dark!jim #ahs#cody fern#ahs apocalypse#michael langdon#codyfern#duncan shepherd #duncan shepherd smut
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    #american horror story #ahs#cody fern#ahs apocalypse#michael langdon#xavier plympton#ahs 1984#ahs fandom #cody fern x reader #michael langdon x reader #michael langdon fluff #michael langdon fanfiction #submission
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    He’s so handsome, I’m crying. 🥺

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