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  • Cursed Crossover Ideas:

    My Immortal x Any Horror Genre Movie ft. Mad’s Skit: Bad Idea 827, Strawberry-Scented Sleeping Bags

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  • synopsis: you just fucked up big time and now Michael is going to punish you for it; but not quite in the way you were expecting.

    contains: AFAB reader, noncon, fear play, vaginal sex, clit bullying with a dollop of tiddy squeezing

    (part one!)

    Smoke on the Water | Part Two |Michael Myers x Reader | NSFW

    Terror seals your throat closed. The air will not come in and you are choking on nothing but fear.

    Michael leers viciously from beneath a curtain of wild curls. His rosy lips have pressed dangerously, decidedly shut. Any flicker of that familiar scowl, that veil of frigid detachment he wears even in your dreams, is gone, melted without a trace, and the malice revealed beneath the ice is as final as death.

    The Shape watches you, murder rolling off his dangerous body in thick, crackling waves, and you know that your life depends on what you are able to say in the next ten seconds.

    Your apology floods out sickly and bumbling.

    “Sorry. Please. Sorry. Accident. It was—accident. Please. Sorry; please.”

    The frantic words are interlaced with shallow sputtering as you hack out the water still sitting in your lungs. His blood on your tongue is wild and sharp. Hardly more than a taste. You must have barely scraped him.

    That realization doesn’t slow the desperate pleas dribbling from your lips.

    Through tears you watch Michael draw in a long breath. It fills out the rigid muscles in his chest and suddenly he is towering again, a dreadful mountain of heat and murderous strength. His glare remains utterly unchanging. 

    A sob consumes you, choking you on breathlessness and spit. Michael doesn’t need a reason to kill you; but if ever a reason existed, this is it.

    You clutch at his wrist, at the cruel hand still seized in your hair, and your fingers tremble. You beg him until your lips go numb and your words become not-words, just a weak, wet chattering.

    And Michael’s vicious scowl, fixed across his face, uncompromising, uncaring—

    —is utterly unaffected.

    Violent tremors wrack your body. You sob brokenly. That is it, then; what you just did has cost you your life. 

    You squeeze your eyes shut tight because you don’t want to see it coming. You don’t want to watch.

    His fingers close around your wrist. You are almost sick. He pries you off his arm with monstrous ease. You squeal and sob harder, barely struggling in his grip. Fright has locked your muscles.

    He drags you by your hair to your feet. You cry at him with a hopeless little chant of “please” and “no”, which goes unheard.

    A huge hand engulfs your quaking wrists and twists them with staggering force into the lowest part of your back, capturing you in a helpless way. The grotesque heat of Michael’s body seeps into your skin and threatens to consume you from the inside.

    You are still begging as he thrusts you belly-down over the edge of the jacuzzi, the hand in your hair pushing you down, down, until your cheek bites into the clammy wooden deck.

    You shiver half-in, half out of the water, thighs and hips flush against the vinyl lining of the tub, bare ass poking out in the chilly breeze above, and your crying turns hysterical.

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    What the hell did I find?!

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  • I wish there were more fics focusing on the sibling dynamic between Laurie and Michael. And yes, that sibling twist will always be canon to me— I just need some family fluff and angst in my life. 😭

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  • Did ‘True by Spandau ballet’ play when you guys saw your favorite slasher for the first time or was it just me?

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  • Twitter poll winner from today  👁👄👁 

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  • they cute

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  • - I feel like Michael naturally is a very loving and protective dad as a rule. The man just has naturally high levels of paternal instincts. 

    - The only exception to the above rule is if the kid wasn’t a result of consensual sex, because Michael isn’t the type to be able to forget being wronged. But we’re talking about the kind of dad Michael is by default, not the exception that is the malpractice-verse.

    - Michael sees a lot of himself in his child(ren). They are his, after all, so it makes sense. But for someone who was basically prevented from relating to anyone, this means a lot.

    - He wants to give them the childhood that he never had. He doesn’t want to treat them the way he was treated. He’ll play with his kid(s), teach them everything he knows, and make sure they know they’re more than pure evil.

    - Michael loves the feeling that he has a family to protect and provide for. It gives him a sense of purpose on days when he doesn’t feel the urge to kill.

    #michael myers#headcanons #these are for any timeline where michael has kids really #mine or yours or anyone's #fuck it could even work for your self-ship timeline if you so desire #but like this man knows his childhood fucked him up #he was neglected and emotionally/psycholoigcally abused #and he knows that it was fucked up #and he doesn't want to put his own kids through that
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    Now we’re all monster fuckers

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    (Michael protecting his baby~ 💖. Finishing the outline soon.)


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  • AU: Michael has a child with the Cult of Thorn

    - So it’s part 6, but Michael’s like “Fuck you guys, I’m NOT gonna r*pe my niece! If you want an heir or whatever, that’s not gonna work anyway, but that’s besides the point! I’m not gonna do that, especially not to a damn kid! You want me to have a kid? Fine. Now which one of you isn’t too chickenshit?”

    - Like everyone steps back except for one dumbass who’s kinda lost track of what’s going on. But like, tbh, the dude probably is also attracted to Michael because what group of Michael Myers fans doesn’t have at least one person who’s horny for Michael?

    - When the kid is finally born, Michael’s like “Actually, you can’t have it. I made it, it’s mine.”

    #michael myers#au: brambles#get it#because brambles/thorns #so that's the name of this au #and also the official fic when I get around to writing it
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  • Michael Headcanons - Pain

    - Michael has a very high pain tolerance. This one isn’t a headcanon as much as it’s actually canon.

    - He also has a pretty high pain threshold. Yes, those are different things.

    - When in excruciating pain, Michael still doesn’t make much of a sound. He doesn’t scream or yowl, he just hyperventilates.

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    Super late birthday present for a friend, featuring his two mains and my really shitty attempt at Entity claws.

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