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    28.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    #ned and MJ are besties post nwh <3 #ned leeds#michelle jones#angel answers #ask me things #ask me shit #writing#writing stuff
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  • coffeebookslovegt
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Desde que me mordió esa araña. Sólo he tenido una semana en la que mi vida se sintió normal... Y eso fue cuando tú te enteraste.

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  • driug
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Overwhelmed with emotion, Webb-Verse Peter nods. Having just relived the worst moment of his life when he lost Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But this time, he prevailed. (From Spider-Man: No Way Home Screenplay)
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  • almost-correct-quotes
    28.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Ned: How long are we going to let him do that? MJ, pinching the bridge of her nose: just... just give him another minute Peter: *still pushing on a door clearly labelled 'pull'*

    #no way home didn't happen they're all happy and friends /real #peter parker#michelle jones#ned leeds#mcu#marvel #source: ???
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  • spicysagittarius
    27.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Hi guys, I’ve written a new piece as an early V-day present to you all and will be uploading it sometime this weekend!!

    I’m getting married (what the actual fuck) in under two months now and I’m terrified!! So I decided to write about weddings, because the theme has clearly been very present in my life recently. 😅

    Preview of the oneshot under the cut!

    She’d never tell Peter this, but as she stands across from him and repeats her carefully transcribed sentences, she doesn’t feel an ounce of embarrassment. There’s nothing there but love and truth behind every word. And Peter is two seconds away from weeping, which is something she’s admittedly proud of. She’d aced it.

    His are just as sickeningly sweet as Michelle guessed they would be, but they make her eyes water and she’s blinking rapidly as she listens to Peter talks about wanting to kiss her in Paris when they were seventeen. He is hers and she is his and she’s content. She feels so whole.

    MJ barely registers Ned pronouncing them as husband and wife before Peter’s spinning her to his other side, dipping her, and kissing her passionately. Everyone disappears and it’s just them on a bridge in London, Peter wearing a different suit and the black dahlia necklace in her hand instead of around her neck like it is now. As he tips her upright again, he breaks the kiss and mutters, “We’ll be continuing that later, my incredible, beautiful wife.”

    Fuck, she has the biggest crush on him. He’s charming and sexy and hers and she can’t wait to get him alone.


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  • michellesbohh
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    The first press of their lips is testing- tentative.

    Standing there just inside the doorway of MJ’s bedroom, a little overwhelmed by the knowledge of what they both know is about to happen.
    Peter had come by straight after patrol and while he’d changed into the sweats and t-shirt he’d packed in his bag, MJ was still in the top and skirt she’d worn to school that day.
    It’s the first time since they got back from London that they’ve managed a moment where they are well and truly alone so there’s a subtle excitement, a buzz, in the air around them,
    MJ’s dad is at work and May- well, May knows exactly where Peter is actually. She’d teased him to tomato levels of red about it on his way out the door even, only managing a giggling “be safe, Peter!” in the way of parting words.
    For some reason he thinks her warning had little to do with him encountering potentially dangerous criminals.
    (He will not be asking for clarification.)
    Peter’s never made out with anyone before, only having shared a few light kisses with Liz that barely verged into anything serious. He remembers the time she’d lingered behind and nudged into his first french kiss after decathlon one day with the same confidence that had attracted him to her in the first place.
    Peter hasn’t ever asked, but he has a feeling it’s the same for MJ.
    He steps into her more when their lips part, wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her close. The only words between them are his whispered “is this okay?” and her quiet “yes.”
    And then they’re kissing for real. MJ tugs at his collar in a way that has Peter backing her up until her knees hit the side of her bed and she simply tumbles back onto it, taking him with her.
    Okay so they’re really doing this.Somewhere between their first kiss and now, MJ has found her confidence in the form of wanting to be absolutely smothered in everything Peter.
    Her hands are everywhere- in his hair, gripping at his waist, looping around his back to tug him closer. Her whole body feels alight at the feel of Peter on top of her and then he’s just…gone.
    “Why’d you leave?” She’s pouting. She knows it, but she doesn’t care. Not right now.
    Peter’s face is flushed and his shirt has ridden up from where their bodies had been moving together. He looks blissed out and terrified at the same time.
    “This is- this going okay, right?” He’s breathless and the way he licks his lips above her is definitely doing things for MJ.. “Like we’re okay? Right? We’re really doing-”
    “Hey..” she interrupts, reaching down to give his ass a playful squeeze just because she can and because she might’ve been thinking about it all through her last period chem lab. Maybe. 
    Peter is predictably scandalized further and it distracts him just enough for her to flip their positions until she can settle comfortably in the space between his legs. The effort is worth the dazed look in his eyes as he gazes up at her.
    You see, MJ’s not really in the mood to keep discussing and much more interested in the doing bit.
    She flexes the fingers she now has wrapped up in Peter’s hair, leaning down until she can brush their mouths together. It’s not quite a kiss, but she can feel Peter shudder against her at the attention so she does it again, this time catching his bottom lip between hers as she pulls back.
    “Maybe we just talk about it less?”
    #there had to have been some good days before nwh? #right??? #spideychelle#spideychelle fic#fanart#spideychelle fanart#bohart#peter parker#michelle jones-watson #i gave up on the hands and the background because i did
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  • spideymichelle
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    once again asking for 616fication of michelle jones watson

    #GIVE IT TO ME #michelle jones watson #spideychelle#michelle jones
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  • spideymichelle
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #asks#petermj#spideychelle#nwh spoilers #spider man: no way home #spiderman no way home spoilers #peter parker#michelle jones #michelle jones watson
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  • obsehrves
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

        michelle  ‘ i  don’t  have  any  friends ’  jones .

    #&  *  /  id  .  michelle  jones. #&  *  /  id  .  peter  parker. #& * / id . ned leeds. #&  *  /  dyn  .  mj  &  peter. #& * / dyn . mj & ned. #&  *  /  id  .  betty  brant. #personals DO NOT interact
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  • spideymichelle
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    oh how times have changed

    #peter parker#michelle jones#petermj#spideychelle #spiderman no way home #michelle jones watson #spiderman
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  • seek--rest
    27.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Desperate Measures

    Collab with @blondsak | submission for @marveltrumpshate | 5 Chapters

    Waking up in the medbay, groggy and weak but otherwise okay, Tony instantly realizes two things.

    First, that he should almost certainly be dead—yet he isn’t.

    And second, that Peter isn’t here—even though Tony knows there is nothing in the world that could have stopped him, not when Michelle had been hurt too.

    At least, nothing short of his own death… or something far too close for comfort to it.

    With growing dread Tony lifts his head to stare at Michelle who stares right back, her expression as grave as he’s ever seen it.

    “What did he do?”

    Read now on AO3

    #spideychelle#irondad #Peter x MJ #mj x Peter #Peter Parker#Tony stark#michelle jones #michelle jones watson
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  • nebulablakemurphy
    27.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Forget Me Not Pt. 4

    Summary: Y/N and MJ have been MIA for three days. Peter is desperate for answers.

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    “Hi, it’s MJ. Leave me a message, or don’t.” Beep.

    “Hey, MJ,” Peter sighs. “I don’t know what happened, I thought things were fine when you left now you won’t answer me. If you’re ignoring me can you at least let me know you’re ignoring me so I don’t worry? Call me back.”

    He hangs up. It’s been three days of radio silence from Y/N and MJ. Maybe they forgot about him again. Maybe the spell reset itself and-

    “Ahhh!” A startled scream from the streets below sends Peter to the window. Pushing it open and peeking his head out just in time to see a man zoom past him on a glider. It’s similar to the one Norman used as the Green Goblin.

    This isn’t Norman though, the man is larger. Cackling like a maniac as he circles the building below. The jewelry store’s door is blown wide, the alarm screeching loudly. A woman with a long silver ponytail and a black cat suit is stuffing her bag full of goods.

    A third party makes themselves known, creeping along the shadows with a dark suit not so different from his own. Something slightly sinister in their stance, but there is no tingle.


    Y/N is shoveling fist fulls of bracelets and loose gemstones into her bag. She knows she only has a few more minutes before the police show up to bust her.

    She runs as if on autopilot. She doesn’t actually want any of this. She steals it just to have.

    “Don’t scream.” A voice gurgles from behind Y/N.

    Naturally she doesn’t listen, the yelp of surprise is swallowed by the stranger’s hand when they press it over her mouth.

    “It’s me.”

    Me? Who the hell is me? Y/N struggles in their hold.

    “I’m stronger than you, there’s no point in fighting.” The creature purs. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

    Y/N feels the tension release from her shoulders.

    “You graduated from Midtown high school, about to start at M.I.T.”

    That sounds right.

    “Someone’s been messing with your head but you know me. Think hard.”

    Y/N covers the intruders wrist, skating her fingers up their arms. “Michelle?” She says into the palm of her hand.

    “MJ to you.” The words are soft despite the raspy, unrecognizable voice. Escaping from rows of jagged teeth.

    “What is this?” Y/N asks, turning to face her. Running her finger tips over the fabric of MJ’s suit. It feels like a second skin.

    “What is this?” She snaps the latex material against Y/N’s thigh.

    “Touché.” Y/N frowns, she looks ridiculous.

    “We gotta find Ned. We only have a couple more minutes before Peter shows up.”

    “Are we not telling Peter?”

    “I don’t know,” MJ shrugs. “If he’s so worried about us getting hurt that he was willing to never speak to either of us again, now’s probably not the best time.”

    She’s right, Y/N nods. “What if he recognizes us?”

    MJ looks down at her attire and then back to Y/N. “I think we’re good.”

    They step out onto the street, turning their heads in either direction to scout the terrain.

    The goblin guy is hanging out just above their heads.

    “What the hell is that?”

    “I think that’s Ned.” Y/N squints at him.

    MJ cocks her head to the side. “Sure.”

    “Hey!” A voice calls from down the pavement. “Stop right there.”

    “It’s him.” Peter.

    “Get Ned outta here,” MJ shoos Y/N in the opposite direction. “I’ll entertain Spider-Man.”

    Y/N nods, taking off toward Ned’s shadow. Waving her arms beneath him like she’s signaling for a rescue. “I need a ride.”

    From the board Ned spots her, swooping low and snatching her up like bird with a worm.

    “Thanks man.” Y/N says a bit breathlessly.

    “What do you want, kitty?” This is definitely not the Ned she’s know for years. He would never, ever call her that.

    “To get you out here.”

    “You’re no fun.” He decides, taking Y/N higher up.

    “I’m fun!” She protests, taking hold of his waist.

    “This is more fun.” He tosses her off.

    Y/N screams, hurtling toward the ground. If she’s a cat she must have nine lives, right?

    “Hang on!” A voice. His voice.

    Peter’s arms are around her then. Swinging the pair of them safely to the ground.

    “Thank you.”

    “Who are you?” He asks.

    “I’m…black cat.” Y/N says, hoping he won’t know she’s just made it up.

    “I saw you rob that jewelry store.”

    Y/N is distracted by sight of MJ slinking up a lamppost and jumping up to grab the edge of Ned’s glider. When he spots her there he begins waving it from side to side, in the hopes of dislodging her.

    “I shouldn’t of broken into that store, you really scared me straight.” Y/N is laying it on thick. “But if you could just help me make sure that my accomplice does not fall to her death and detain the real threat without hurting him, that’s all I ask of you.”

    “Is that all?” Peter asks sarcastically. He can’t tell if she’s lying or not, his tingle is broken.

    “For now.”


    After a while they were able to secure Ned long enough to make an escape. Dragging him back to their apartment and barricading him in his room.

    Y/N flops down on the couch. Peeling herself out of the skin tight suit and flicking off the tiny shred of a mask. Her hair returning to its original state as it flies across the room.

    She kicks it off, hoping never to find it again. Now standing in just her undergarments she feels Michelle’s eyes on her.

    The brunette swallows hard. Her suit is entirely gone, replaced by her jeans and tee shirt.

    “How did you change so fast?” Y/N wonders, feeling self conscious as MJ’s gaze lingers at the bruise on her hip.

    “Put your clothes on. I’ll get the first aid kit.”

    “I don’t need-“

    “Yeah,” MJ breathes closing the distance between them to run her finger along Y/N’s jaw just under the gash on her cheek, “you do.”

    Y/N draws back, hoping there’s no other signs of damage as she makes her way to the bedroom and settles in her favorite loungewear before returning to the sofa.

    “Step into my office,” MJ pats the couch cushion beside her. Their medical supplies on the coffee table in front of her.

    Y/N smiles, despite the protesting burn from her face. “What do you think Doc?”

    “You’ll live.” MJ shrugs, reaching for the peroxide.

    “Ahh,” Y/N hisses as Michelle disinfects the gash on her cheek.

    “Sorry, baby,” she frowns, blowing softly against the abused flesh. “Next time you should leave the advanced stunts to those of us with super human healing abilities.”

    “I’m all fairness, I didn’t know what my strengths and weaknesses were before Ned whisked me away and then tossed me from a ten story.”

    “Mmm,” MJ raises a brow. “I see your point.”

    There’s a thud from Ned’s room. He’s trying to bust down the door.

    “Pipe down in there!” MJ yells back. “Destruction of your own property isn’t covered by our renters insurance.”

    This continues for a few moments as she applies the butterfly bandages to Y/N’s face with care. MJ’s expression is dark, her eyes almost in a trace. She shakes her head to clear it.

    “You ok?” Y/N squeezes her knee.

    “I’m fine.” MJ forces a grin, “just worried about you.”

    “We’re gonna have to call Peter. See what he can do about Ned.”

    “Yeah,” MJ’s tongue darts across her lips to wet them. “Can I ask you something?”


    “When you put on the catsuit and your hair gets crazy, does it feel like there’s something inside you?”

    “In-inside me?” Is this a trick question.

    MJ rolls her brown eyes. “Do you hear someone else’s voice inside your head.”

    “No,” Y/N draws back slightly. “I mean everything was a little hazy but no voices.”

    MJ nods. “Good.”

    “Do you-“

    Just then the door to Ned’s room comes flying off the hinges. He’s barreling toward the front entrance.

    “What are you doing?” MJ demands, tossing her arms in the air.

    “I’ve got to get out of here.” Ned replies frantically.

    “Calm down.” Y/N attempts to soothe him.

    Ned darts like a bat out of hell and Y/N lunges at him in attempt to stop him. But he’s too strong, to determined.

    MJ runs to the kitchen, returning with a single item in hand. “Look Ned, I’m really sorry about this.” Thunk, the frying connects with the back of his head.

    “Michelle!” Y/N scolds, watching his unconscious body sink to the floor.

    “I had no choice.” She shrugs, leaning down to check his pulse. “Call Peter.”

    Y/N takes out her cell, thumbing through the call log to his contact information. It only rings once before he answers.

    “Y/N.” He sounds…different.

    “Hi Peter. I’m so sorry we’ve been MIA.” Y/N apologies immediately.

    “Are you ok?” Peter asks.

    “Yeah,” Y/N breathes, “I’m ok.”

    “Is MJ ok?”

    “She’s fine.” Y/N confirms, pushing aside her guilt about not being there for days after he just got them back. “If I text you the address can you come over?”

    “Yeah but-“

    “I’ll explain everything, I promise. Just bring your suit.”

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    27.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i once again i'm begging to jon watts and kevin feige for famous model michelle jones watson ... i have the plan i just need the platform please contact me

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