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  • no but this is so funny, cause mickeys like: you know where I live if you have a problem 🤨🕺, and then no one comes, and it probably felt a bit offensive to him, lol, and irritating, cause why is he not getting attention, so he comes back and steals the gun too, for a good measure. worked out pretty well in the end. what a loser I cant… he just wanted to annoy someone and pull at some pigtails, and instead got a whole a whole boyfriend that’s so tragic.

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  • As someone who does not have access to showtime or anything, does anyone have a link or livestream to watch the next episode of shameless (10x11)? Based on what I have seen and heard, this is one episode that I would like to watch live as oppose to scrolling through my timeline! greatly appreciated if anyone is able to help out! x

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  • I don’t think I should watch season 10 of Shameless based on what the Gallavich tag is telling me

    Wtf is going on??? I’m scared???

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  • seeing mickey for that sweet sweet ten seconds after like 2 seasons of nothing is better than crack

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  • in love w mickeys eyebrows

    what am i saying i’m in love w mickey’s whole face

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  • image

    Y'all, this looks like Mickey just told Ian to put down the fucking phone. And most of me feels like something really serious is going down in the second one (and I think that’s probably actually what’s happening). But also part of me can’t stop laughing at the fact that the progression between these photos kind of makes it look like Ian’s being a sarcastic ass.

    (Thank you @camxnoel-updates for the photos!)

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  • I’ve had an epiphany thanks to @deanie1987

    The 10x10 proposal parallels the 10x03 moment. Mickey doesn’t trust that Ian loves him enough to stay. Mickey shuts down and refuses to let Ian behind his walls. Ian is desperate to prove to Mickey that he loves him and wants to be with him. Ian’s a little unsure at first, but then he commits. Ian’s attempt to prove his love involves a pretty violent attack on someone who’s not really deserving of that violence. Both times, Ian proves his love by literally fighting for Mickey.

    In 10x03, this fight (which Mickey stops before it actually happens) is enough to prove to Mickey that Mickey loves him and wants to be with him. It’s enough for Mickey to let him go with the knowledge that they’ll come back to one another.

    In 10x10, the fight with Byron is enough to prove to Mickey how much Ian loves him and wants to be with him. This time, it’s enough for Mickey to accept Ian’s love and proposal.

    I think maybe this is why I found this proposal so powerful. Because it’s a callback to that moment in 10x03 when they came back together and they came to trust each other through the actions they both took.

    And I don’t know why this matters so much to me, really, but I just hadn’t made this connection before.

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  • image

    Original gifs by @mickeygifs

    Better by Khalid + Gallavich S1 -S3

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  • the main focus of this post is Mickey’s buttered toast.

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  • i came on tumblr ready to delete it cause im tired and then i found a gif of mickey so im staying

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  • image

    Don’t blame me for Falling, i was just a little boy…

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  • Oh god guys headcanon whatever you want techically but Mickey/Ian have both said they were gay so many times that bi Mickey/Ian is definitely OOC.

    Yeah we need bi representation but that ain’t it lol.

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  • svetlana is a badass babe and deserves more love

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  • Mickey looks so good in light wash jeans 🥺 clean cut bb boy

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  • Look I’ve definitely saw people on the internet that clearly just hate the female characters of Shameless


    That doesn’t mean everyone that dislikes any or all of the female characters is a women hater. There isn’t a single character on Shameless that hasn’t fucked up at least once and some people’s person lives make them more likely or less likely to forgive certain issues. For example, I absolutely love my girl Fiona. She’s been shown to be a great parental figure and stepped up for her parents her siblings whole lives. However she also let Liam get into cocaine (on accident, but still), immediately went and got into more drugs/rode out of the state with strangers all fucked up, multiple times allowed her own issues to overshadow the fact she was raising kids and therefore didn’t watch them super closely, had a breakdown where she became an alcoholic, is a convicted felon, left Liam without saying goodbye when she’s raised him his whole life, and etc. I could write a book on why I still find her loveable and a good character despite this but that’s not what this post is about. Some people aren’t going to see the good in her because of all of these reasonings. And that’s fine. It’s a show, it’s fine to dislike a character. Maybe they dealt with a guardian figure or sister that this hits to close to home with. Maybe they just dislike the actress. Maybe they don’t have a single reason to dislike Fiona but just do. As long as they’re not constantly shoving it in people’s faces that they dislike her (like being in the tags) then WHO CARES.

    My least favorites are probably Karen, Caleb, or s4- current Debbie. If someone is running a Stan account for them? Am I going to harass them or call them some form of apologists? No. I’m an adult, it’s fine. There’s worst characters on the show anyway, I just don’t like these. They can like who they want. If someone hates Mickey (my personal favorite) but isn’t being an ass about it? It’s fine, I’m sure they have their reasonings. He’s said racist/homophobic comments, ran drugs, hit people, escaped jail, etc. I could clearly write a book on why he did all of the above and I forgave him but that’s still not what this post is about.

    Just be a reasonable person on the internet. Stop accusing people of shit because their view doesn’t fit your view. You don’t know what the heck people deal with outside of these accounts and you could be the straw on the camel’s back for someone.

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  • I just wish we could see a happy Mandy reunited with a happy together Ian and Mickey

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  • Gallavich things I can’t stop thinking about from 10x10:

    • There’s something about the camera angle when Ian approaches in that first scene, asking Byron about the vespa. I know it’s just the back of Mickey’s head, but the way he goes from sitting to moving toward Ian, and still seems to have the high ground until he’s standing right in front of Ian because of the camera tracking really gets to me.
    • Ian with that “something happen to your little bike thingy” power move, though.
    • The way Mickey’s voice is a little softer with Ian somehow when he says “what the hell are you doing here?” Like he’s not playing it up quite as much as the last time they saw each other.
    • Ian, adorable puppy in love, showing up with one—one—single shirt to give to Mickey. Boy went from power move to desperate real fucking quick.
    • Mickey seeing right through him with that little scowl of disbelief. And then Ian hands him that one—one—single shirt. (I can’t get over this; it’s so fucking funny to me.)
    • Mickey saying “Anything you gotta say to me, you can say in front of the… love of my life, Byron” and fucking breaking. The fucking defenses came down here. He’s obviously not feeling it, but he manages to get through “love of my life,” with only a little stumble. But then he turns his eyes back to Ian, and he forces out Byron, but he blinks hard and his entire face falls and you can just see how much he’s struggling to say another man’s name in this context when he’s staring Ian—the actual love of his life—in the face.
    • And Ian sees right through him as he looks between Byron and Mickey, and real soft he says Mickey like he’s just begging Mickey to hear him out and come home.
    • Mickey, trying so hard to stick to his guns and hiding behind that cigarette as he gives Ian a little shrug. And he’s sending Ian away again, but you can just see him breaking down a little further.
    • And then Ian gives up for the moment, but Byron—poor Byron, who’s basically lost his home to this random hookup—asks Ian to come to the concert with them. And I don’t even care that he was talking shit. Boy’s all about self-preservation, and can we really blame him?
    • “Jesus Christ, read the fuckin’ room, Byron.” And holy shit, I’m still laughing—Noel’s delivery here killed me. Not to mention Byron playing innocent with that little shrug when we all know he’s masterminding this entire thing.
    • (And I know we’re all mad at Byron, but he took one for the team, and he’s the reason our boys are officially engaged, so let’s not give him too much shit.)
    • Mickey shifting uncomfortably as Byron talks Ian into joining them for the concert. Plus, his little annoyed nod and face twitch when Byron says it’s his favorite band.
    • The way Ian’s eyes keep shifting to Mickey as he’s talking about Imperial Mammoth. 
    • And holy shit, that gleeful fucking smile on Ian’s face because he knows Mickey is going to hate this concert, and Ian is loving it.
    • And Mickey just leaning there, annoyed and stewing and hiding behind his cigarette as he lets his eyes move to Ian for just a second because he knows Ian knows, and it fucking pisses him off, and I love it all.
    • Mickey immediately shutting Byron down when he mentions getting Ian a plus one. Because Mickey is not down for that.
    • That moment where Ian pauses, and you can just see him decide it’s his turn to step up the petty. So he just leans into it and pretends to need a plus one.
    • And y'all, the fact that Mickey falls for this just speaks volumes to me. Like he knows this is bullshit. Ian’s so fucking transparent in his sudden decision that he needs a plus one. It’s so fucking obvious he’s bullshitting here, and I’m positive Mickey knows it. But Mickey also knows he’s been pushing Ian and if Ian’s going to pretend to need a plus one, he’s going to find someone to drag along.
    • And as a result, Mickey’s cool exterior starts to crack at the very thought of Ian with some imaginary guy. Mickey is jealous as fuck—for literally no reason; they both know there’s no guy—and I love it.
    • Ian throwing the “when you know, you know, right?” back at Mickey right after this snarky recounting of Mickey’s own antics that Ian’s decided to embrace and use against Mickey.
    • Did I mention they’re petty assholes?
    • Ian and his bathroom selfies.
    • And side note—can Ian (and by extension Mickey) please take over as Liam’s main caregivers? Because the poor kid is just kind of floating around with no one paying him any attention (kind of like what Ian used to go through?), and Ian seems to be the only one who really notices and interacts with Liam. Basically, the “shouldn’t you be in school?” really got to me here.
    • Liam calling Ian out when he mentions grindr. “Aren’t you still in love with Mickey?”
    • Ian just being fully honest with Liam about his feelings for Mickey and how he fucked up.
    • The fact that Ian admits that he’s desperate and recognizes that his decision to lie about having a date was stupid.
    • Kev recognizing that something’s up with Ian because of the day drinking.
    • Kev’s little “oh, Mickey” when he thinks Ian’s waiting on Mickey. The way he says it is just so cute. Like he’s all happy for them. (And on a side note, can Shameless please show me Kev reacting to an engagement announcement or the wedding or something? I just know big ol’ teddy bear Kev would be so adorably happy for them. Mickey would probably be forced to endure a Kev hug, and I would fucking love it.)
    • Ian admitting to Kev that he and Mickey broke up and Kev commiserating a little with Ian. And I really wish Kev and Vee were more involved with the Gallaghers this season. I love these moments with them.
    • The fact that after this exchange happens, Ian seems to spend the rest of his pre-Cole time in the Alibi staring at that drink without touching it. And I think this was actually the moment of reflection that we all wanted to see. And yes, it was subtle and probably not enough (though I wasn’t really expecting to see this, to be honest—I would like a conversation about it, but I think that’s more appropriate for next episode, because there’s no way Ian’s going to talk about this with anyone but Mickey and the story progression didn’t leave a place for it this week). But I think it’s significant that Kev mentions Ian not being himself, and Ian immediately connects that to Mickey, right before he spends his time staring at a drink he ordered but apparently doesn’t want now and looking like he’s lost in thought as he waits for a date he also doesn’t want.
    • Ian taking a moment to consider the pros and cons of identifying himself to Cole. Before finally giving in because what the fuck else is he going to do?
    • Mickey standing behind Byron, completely uninterested and a little bit annoyed, drinking and waiting for Ian to show up.
    • The way Mickey’s eyes immediately find Ian when he walks in with Cole.
    • Ian’s super fake smile at Cole. Who, by the way, is completely ignoring Ian. Which, obviously, Ian doesn’t care, but I do. What the fuck?! Give that beautiful man the attention he deserves, damn.
    • Ian glancing around like maybe he’s looking for Mickey, but just a second later, we realize Ian knows exactly where Mickey is.
    • Mickey just outright staring at Ian and Cole. We all know he’s never been able to keep his eyes off Ian.
    • Ian’s fake smile falling away as soon as Cole walks away from him.
    • Mickey approaching from behind Ian, and giving that little smirk and eyebrow raise, because Mickey knows Ian, and he knows damn well Cole isn’t a threat.
    • Ian swinging around to Mickey with a smile, and fuck, they’re okay. This was the moment I knew these boys had dropped the games. And at first I wanted antics, but it was really so much better to see them both just instantly gravitate toward one another and drop the shit because they miss each other and enough is enough. These two both knew who they were going home with at this very moment, and it sure as hell was not their dates.
    • The way, through their whole exchange about Cole, Ian’s smile isn’t really fake anymore, but rather it’s that kind of judgy smirk you only share with a couple of people, where you don’t really need to say anything for the other person to just get it, you know? And Mickey’s eyebrows doing the exact same thing for Ian.
    • The sort of soft, calm way they’re talking to each other here—especially Mickey, who was fucking livid when Ian said he was bringing a date. Because again, they both know their respective dates are no threat, and they both know they’re about to be okay. Like, they haven’t officially reconciled yet, but they both know they’re about to, and they’re both just happy to be in the other’s presence, and comfortable (something they don’t have with their dates) and this whole exchange was just full of unspoken trust and understanding in a way that was just so them.
    • And then, of course, Mickey’s exaggerated raised eyebrows and amused smirk while Ian gave him that almost imperceptible head shake and that kind of I don’t know, man, look. This scene was just so full of unspoken communication that really speaks to the strength of their relationship, I think, because these are the moments where we see that these two men aren’t just lovers, they’re best friends, and they have been for a very long time.
    • Ian just blatantly ignoring Cole. The one time he was about to approach him, Ian literally blinks and thinks twice, and then just turns around. (And like, I would feel a little bad for Cole, but he obviously doesn’t really give a shit. He’s pretty clearly there for the drinking and probably the hookup later, but Cole’s ignoring Ian, too, so I don’t really feel too bad for him. Total side note, though, I actually liked Cole. He seemed like he just wanted to have some fun, and I loved that he’s apparently helping someone with a scam on that phone call. Like obviously, he’s not Ian’s type, but he seemed just a little southside, and like he could hold his own with these two assholes—if Mickey hadn’t cold-cocked him—and I kind of loved that.)
    • The way you can see Ian realize Byron’s talking about Mickey and stop in his tracks.
    • Every pissed off face Ian shifts through as he listens to Byron talk shit about Mickey. And especially the little nod as he purses his lips where you can just see him decide he’s about to beat the shit out of Byron.
    • The way Ian starts out all fake pleasant when he announces his presence, but you can just see the restrained anger in his eyes.
    • Byron recognizing that anger real fucking quick before Ian even starts to actually call him out and immediately gets all nervous at Ian’s faux calm. 
    • The way Ian’s voice stays calm the whole time he’s calling out Byron, but his anger is increasingly visible because it’s written all over his face.
    • Byron stammering through an attempted explanation and Ian giving him that fake tight smile that we can’t even actually see because he’s facing away from the camera, but holy shit, can you just feel it.
    • That patronizing hand on the shoulder that makes Byron physically tense up in fear.
    • Ian just casually collecting his crutches.
    • The faux calm at an all-time high as he says “Unfortunately for you, I’m not the kind of guy who lets someone talk shit about the man he loves.”
    • The man he loves. This really got to me. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s because he’s announcing it to Byron or if it’s because it parallels what he said to Lip at Mickey’s wedding to Svetlana or if it’s because Byron was talking about Ian so casually as Mickey’s ex and Ian taking Mickey off his hands in a way that kind of felt like it belittled what Ian and Mickey actually have. But whatever the reason, this line was so fucking powerful to me.
    • You know what, I remember what it was—it’s the return to Ian’s protective instinct. This moment pulled me right back to Ian’s first proposal, when he was trying to protect Mickey, and then his fear of going through with the marriage, also because he was trying to protect Mickey.
    • But this time, Ian’s protective instinct is exclusively about his love for Mickey.
    • And I’ve said this elsewhere, but I think this is where Ian had his epiphany. Because he loves Mickey so deeply, and even if Ian doesn’t believe he himself deserves Mickey’s love, Ian certainly knows that Mickey deserves love and protection, and no one else will love Mickey the way Ian does. Because they love each other and they make each other better.
    • On a lighter note, I’m still laughing at Ian asking Byron to hold his crutches and Byron actually taking them for him, just so Ian can punch him in the face.
    • And Ian, broken leg and all throwing himself to the ground, so he can continue beating on Byron in defense of the man he loves.
    • Mickey watching from the bar, and I know he has no idea why Ian’s beating on Byron—probably just thinks Ian’s jealous as fuck—but Mickey’s all about it. Because Mickey needed Ian to make the grand gesture, and here it is—Ian is literally fighting for Mickey. Action over words. Ian’s finally giving Mickey what he needs from him.
    • Cole. Poor, clueless Cole, who I don’t even think knows Mickey is Ian’s ex, talking to Mickey Milkovich—the one man who’s been in love with Ian and given everything for Ian since they were fucking children—about how hot and bothered he is over Ian taking down three dudes. And jealous!Mickey responding exactly as he always has. With violence (though more restrained than we’ve seen in the past, since he only cold-cocked Cole and didn’t kick him while he was down, so, you know—growth).
    • Speaking of jealous!Mickey, I’m quite fond of the callback to the 3x03 when Mickey beat the shit out of Ned/Lloyd with next to no provocation—back when he hid behind faux anger over Ned/Lloyd implying he was Ian’s boyfriend, even though it was obvious to literally everyone (including Ned/Lloyd) that Mickey had followed them there because he was jealous as fuck. And what better callback to make, but to a moment when Mickey was still hiding. To parallel the scene with Cole, wherein Mickey goes off because Cole’s talking about fucking Ian—the man Mickey now freely admits he loves—to a moment when Mickey was fucking terrified to even acknowledge he and Ian were so much as friends? It’s almost as good as the club kiss parallel. Because with both of these cases, it represents the ways that Mickey’s fears and priorities have changed, and that Mickey now feels comfortable and confident with himself and his relationship with Ian.
    • Mickey’s smug little nod as he takes a moment to stare down at Cole and appreciate his handiwork.
    • Mickey calling out to Ian and then just casually threading his way through the crowd with absolutely zero urgency, because let’s be real, he’s enjoying this.
    • Mickey moving to stand in front of Ian, but he’s a little unsure as he stares down at Ian, who’s stopped his attack upon Mickey’s arrival.
    • The way Ian just freezes when he looks up and sees Mickey, and the way Mickey kind of rocks on his feet under Ian’s gaze.
    • The way Ian stumbles just a little “I-I love you.” And there’s just the tiniest pause, and then he says “Mickey Milkovich.” Because I think this has taken Ian by surprise, too. He’s ready now, and he knows he wants to marry Mickey, but I don’t think for a moment this was planned. Ian just felt so deeply at that moment—the combination of his anger at Byron and his need to protect Mickey and the knowledge that he loves Mickey so fucking much that he’s willing to put everything on the line again in order to defend the man he loves. Because if he gets caught, he’s going back to jail for violating parole. But Ian doesn’t fucking care because all that matters to him is Mickey and protecting Mickey and being with Mickey and loving Mickey. Mickey is everything to Ian.
    • And this—when Ian says Mickey’s full name—is also the moment Mickey realizes Ian is proposing. And he’s taken by surprise. I think he knew they were about to reconcile, but I don’t think he expected to be gaining a fiance on this night.
    • So when Ian says his full name, and Mickey realizes Ian is proposing, Mickey does a little double take where he moves his eyes back to Ian, but it’s barely perceptible, and he looks a little uncomfortable—probably all the strange eyes on them—and he’s gonna make Ian work just a little more now that he’s realized, so he doesn’t fully let his guard down just yet, just watches Ian carefully.
    • And Ian. Sweet Ian is down on his knees, and he’s staring up at Mickey like Mickey is everything—and to Ian, he is—and Ian continues with more than anything. 
    • And Ian’s tone is quiet and a little nervous, and I just love everything about this moment. Because he pauses a little, and kind of takes a breath, and he’s so nervous that he’s stumbling a little over his words—and again, I think this moment took Ian by surprise, too, so he doesn’t have anything prepared or planned, he’s just laying out how he feels and what he wants, and it’s really such a beautifully pure and spontaneous moment.
    • So Ian continues, and he says “a-and if you’ll let me, I-I’d like to spend the rest of my life—” and as he says it, his breath hitches a little and his eyelids flutter, and he’s so nervous, but he means it, and there’s so much raw honesty in his words, and it’s just such a beautiful moment.
    • And then, Mickey cuts him off and tells him “Jesus Christ, save the fuckin’ speech, you pussy” completely straight faced and he pauses for a second, and you can just see that Ian’s a little bit scared Mickey’s going to reject him again.
    • But then Mickey says I’ll marry you, and there’s that beautiful smile and that happy little sort of chuckle behind the words, and you can see Ian’s relief as his eyes get a little teary and then his eyelids flutter as he blinks away his tears.
    • And Ian’s smile. The man is in absolute awe of Mickey Milkovich in this moment. He’s relieved and joyful and awed at the fact that the man he loves said yes. 
    • And then of course I’ll fucking marry you which is just an excellent parallel to of course we are (thank you @whaticameherefor for pointing this one out) because these are both such important defining moments for their relationship. And as Mickey says it—as he accepts Ian’s proposal—he moves toward Ian, and you can just feel the relief and the joy radiating off Mickey, too.
    • They’re just so fucking happy. (And so am I, fuck.)
    • And then Ian just fucking surges up to meet Mickey in a kiss, broken leg and all, and before Ian does, Mickey looks like he’s about to fucking fall to his knees and meet Ian right there on the ground if he has to.
    • But he doesn’t have to, because Ian’s right there, grabbing Mickey’s face in his desperation and dragging him in for a kiss that’s still so fucking soft and gentle.
    • And Mickey’s right there meeting him halfway, and Mickey’s just as gentle as they melt into each other. And that hand. The way Mickey reaches up so delicately to cradle Ian’s head in his hand.
    • Jesus, y'all, this kiss was beautiful.
    • Oh, and also, room full of people, eyes all on them, and Mickey doesn’t so much as flinch away from Ian’s affections, and isn’t that just the perfect representation of Mickey’s growth? Especially when paired with the obvious club kiss parallel?
    • The way they came stumbling through the Gallaghers’ door, so obviously happy and giggly. There was so much joy on their faces here.  Not to mention the fact that Ian is so happy he’s swinging his legs around on his damn crutches while Mickey just laughs at him and pokes fun.
    • And they are so happy. Their smiles are just beaming. They’re full of so much joy at being back together and being engaged and being home.
    • The way they both stop in their tracks and scrunch up their noses at once and Mickey kind of glances at Ian for a just a second before asking “what the fuck is that smell?”
    • And this isn’t exactly gallavich, but for some reason I love the fact that Liam is the one to answer Mickey. Give us more Mickey and Liam interaction, Shameless! 
    • Ian looking so lost, and even Mickey looking a little sad at Lip’s announcement as he drops his eyes and fidgets with his hands. 
    • And then, just a moment later, the way Mickey’s eyes move to Ian to take in Ian’s reaction. And as a contrast to their previous joy, this really hit me rather hard—because I think it says a lot that Mickey is so aware of what this means for Ian and the other Gallaghers and, hell, maybe he’s going to miss Lip a little himself.

    Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher are engaged to be married.

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  • YOU GUYS. We are getting wedding photos this weekend.


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