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    02.07.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #yeah imma definitely write more for vamp Natsuo💜 #vampire natsuo #natsuo x reader #natsuo thirst#miggi’s asks#monster s💜
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    10.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I’m in a boy mood, and have been binge reading @miggiisdumb ‘s and @hanji-is-life ‘s rescue ranch aus, so now!

    The bulls meeting a gay bull!

    Bull would probably talk to Denki first, and he DOESNT get Denki confused for a cow, so Denki is ALL about this new bull! Bull really likes denki, he’s smaller and less intimidating than the other bulls, and Denki seems to understand when bull gushes about the others muscles (though Denki thinks it’s just wanting the muscles, and not you know, liking the muscles owner)

    Kirishima wants to befriend new bull, but bull keeps getting super shy around him! Kirishima being the angel he is thinks bull is intimidated by him, so he tries to make himself smaller, which bull finds weird, and asks him to never squat down like that again, you look like your taking a shit. Denki says Kirishima can help bull gain some muscles, since he’s always talking about the other bulls muscles. It’s a blessing and a curse since Kirishima will hold bull close to show him how to do proper exercises, but he’s also a pretty tough coach always saying “just one more lap”, you said that three times already!

    Bakugo probably tries to intimidate the new Bull by peacocking, and thinks it’s working since Bull always looks away whenever he works out, but really it’s to cover Bull’s blushing cheeks. He also joins in on Kirishima’s and Bull’s workouts, and Bull always looses in any fights (not that he’s complaining much when he’s in a surprisingly soft choke hold, squished up to that beautiful pec!)

    Deku and Iida probably accidentally spill the beans by praising the three bulls for not treating new Bull any differently, and how they better be careful or the other cows might get jealous…. Bakugo’s eyes go wide, while Kirishima and Denki are like “jealous of what.”

    Bakugo goes storming off, and Kirishima Dan Denki follow asking “what did the farmers mean?” Bakugo kicks in Bull’s stall door and asks point blank, “you gay?” Obviously this is a very scary situation, and Bull stutters before Bakugo crowds him into the stall, “that why you always loose our fights, so I hold you down?”

    Bull’s ass is fucked nicely, and yes, the cows do in fact get jealous.



    #bnha headcanons#bnha smut #bnha x reader #bnha#mha headcanons#mha #boku no hero academia #katsuki bakugou x reader #bnha bakugo#bull bakugo#kirishima ejirou #kirishima x reader #bull Kirishima #denki kaminari x reader #mha denki#bull Denki #x male reader #bnha x male reader
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    02.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    since i've posted a lil bit on here... I'm going to make a MASTERLIST, and some APPEARANCE WORKSHOP!! Just gonna do a little housecleaning so my stuff is easier to find lol sooooo.

    HI, I'm DewdieBoo or Dew, sometimes Dewie. She/Her pronouns, and I'm at level 19 guys. My fav. color is Red, but I love all things Yellow/Pink/Baby Blue -or any pastels really-

    all my Fics, Headcannons, and Alternate Universe's that have Reader-Inserts will be solely AFAB/She/Her/Female and Plus-size. Generally Y/n will be Plus-Size, and Black/AA... That's all I know, and all I write. If requested I can try to do something other, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

    I Hope you all enjoy your stay here in Dewie's Fun House but I'll get to the links below. Just know, All my fic's will be cross posted on AO3, and I will leave my profile linked below. it's the same as my handle here though!

    ALSO! Anything newly added will be highlighted here in PINKKK. HAPPY READING!

    Dewdieboo on AO3


    Pro Hero Bakugou Sending Nudes Art (MHA)
    Pro Hero Bakugou Sending Nudes HC(MHA)
    NSFW Titty Man Shinso(MHA)
    The Bakugou's and their Chubby S/O's (MHA)
    Shinobi DNA (Naruto)
    Old Lady Neji Hyuuga (Naruto)
    Genin's 1st Mission (Naruto)
    Auntie Reader Toshinori,
    Albino Bakugou speculation (MHA)
    Cursed MHA headcanons


    Deku can see dead folk(MHA) pt. 2
    (MHA) Muppets Reader Insert Pt.1
    (MHA )Omega Reader trope talk, Bakugou Pack Pt. 1
    (MHA) Fusion Katshima art, My BakuZawa Ask to Miggi, My 1st Ask to Miggi,
    (MHA) Fountain Of Youth


    Down The Hatch, There She Goes (MHA Fantasy AU)
    Telling Izuku You're Pregnant (MHA)
    A Hypothesis(Poorly written🥴🥴)(MHA)
    (REALLY OLD) A Classic Meeting (Avengers)


    Song Association- Naruto Men pt 1
    just me going on about Present Mic dealing with bratty behavior
    #Dews Ted Talk #Dewie Talks Shit #Dewies AU Times #Dewdieboos bedtime stories #Dews Headcanons Times #Dewies Drabbles
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    09.04.2021 - 5 monts ago
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  • genderless-god-person
    01.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    You can call me Miguel or Miggy. He/She/They. I’m biracial and queer. I also write fic, and my handle on ao3 is berkeley_shiksa_feminista!

    My sideblogs:

    Riverdale: @whore-for-alice-smith

    Doafp: @kris-p-banana-bread

    HSMTMTS: @ejs-gay-little-shirt


    My sideblogs are up before the read more thing and they include Riverdale, Diary of a Future President, and HSMTMTS. Ones I don’t have sideblogs for include JatP, Gilmore Girls, Heartland, Supernatural, Merlin, Jane the Virgin, One Day at a Time, TATBILB, The Arcana, Fictif, Botw, and One Direction (not RPS), and I’m starting to get into Haikyuu!! I’ll add more as I see fit.

    DNI’s are as follows: Transphobes/TERFs, Transmeds, Queerphobes, MAP, NOMAP, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Trump Supporters, Anti-Immigration, Radfems, etc... May add more if I can remember, and feel that it’s necessary.

    No hate or discrimination in the ask box. I generally don’t post pictures of me or my family, so please don’t ask me to. I reserve the right to block or unfollow you, and I won’t begrudge you for doing the same.

    Also, as a warning, I swear like a sailor (emphatically and frequently) so if that’s not your vibe I am definitely not the hot-topic blog to follow.

    I try to remember to tw for homophobia, flashing, self harm, abuse, etc... Remind me to tag something if I didn’t, I have trouble with my memory so if I forgot to tag a trigger I swear, it’s just because I have the memory of a goldfish. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me to tag for something that’s a trigger to you, no matter how abnormal it may be. Unless I post about it a lot, I really don’t think I’d have occasion to say no!

    #bear talks #DNI’s trigger warnings fandoms etc #I didn’t want it to take up too much space #cause I’m a tight ass and if my blog isn’t just so I will go feral
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  • writings-of-a-fool
    13.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Cobra kai x Soft! Reader HCs

    Request: None!

    A/N: I wanted to write some preferences with a really soft, bubbly, and clingy reader who wants to take care of their S/O. I adore grumpy readers but I am the sappiest sap there ever was. So HERE YA GO!!! Also sorry for not working on requests. I have been not very good as of late and I’m very very behind on classes anyways! Hope you enjoy!

    Word count: 866 Words

    Miguel Diaz

    The cutest dynamic duo there ever was and will ever be

    Yall are just balls of sunshine 

    The Cobra’s act grossed out but you are their OTP

    You two are joined at the hip bringing joy to the world

    Yall NEVER fight

    Sure you guys get into little spats but nothing major


    Yall ain’t gonna be making out in public

     but hugs, kisses, holding hands, all the sweet things

    OKAY, whenever yall hold hands he does that thing where he swings them back and forth!

    Fixing his gi and giving him a good luck kiss before tournaments!

    Just cuz Miggy is a sweetheart doesn’t mean he won’t absolutely throw down for you

    If your ever getting teased Miguel is instantly beside you

    The whole “this guy bothering you babe?” act

    (which he’s actually?? Very good at??)

    Robby Keene

    This boy is so used to having to take care of himself and himself alone

    You??? Wanna be?? Around Him??? Take?? Care of him??? WHAT!!?!?!

    Robby is a touch starved little bastard and eats up every ounce of your affection

    He honestly expects it to stop and for you to pull away

    When you don't??

    Clingy Robby is now activated

    He loves your bubbly nature, its refreshing

    You instantly improve his mood

    He prefers PDA to be on the DL most of the time

    Wrapping an arm around you, walking hand in hand, forehead kisses

    Sometimes he teases you 


    Y’all totally baby each other

    Samantha LaRusso

    She actually super chill about it

    She doesn’t make a big deal out of it

    Her love language is slightly aggressive physical contact

    So if you give her a surprise hug be ready for it to change into a bear hug

    She can be grumpy and a hothead but your sweetness always helps her mellow out

    Might ask you to tone it down in front of her family

    Mainly cuz if Daniel sees it he will get all mushy with Amanda too

    Tory Nichols

    Definition of “What is this?” “Affection.” “Disgusting, keep going.”

    Tory has been the one doing the taking care of for so long that she doesn’t really know how to be taken care of

    No matter how far into your relationship you are she will always be surprised by your want to care for her

    She often teases you about being so soft and sweet but if anyone else does

    They better run

    She is soft for you too though!


    (hold on I’m crying that’s so sweet I need a minute)

    Sometimes she cries into your shoulder after you give her a surprise hug

    It’s been too long since someone hugged her so hard, enveloping her


    Hawk Moskowitz


    “Babe tone it down” cuz he’s trying to look cool

    But not even 5 minutes later he’s gazing at you longingly until you give him a smooch

    That goes away pretty soon tho

    He becomes as touchy as you


    Yall definitely get into affection fights in private

    You’ll kiss his cheek

    Then he’ll kiss your cheek and your forehead

    By the end, you are smothering each other in kisses and giggles


    He actually takes really good care of it and its SOOOO soft

    Netflix and chill

    But it’s just him snoozing on your lap as you play with his hair and watch your favourite show or movie

    Demitri Decenzo

    He starts off really shy and shocked about your affection

    But as time goes on he starts to get cocky because of it

    But he is pretty awkward about returning the affection

    The sassy one and the soft one dynamic AHH

    He really has no idea how to deal with all the affection but accepts it all the same

    He’s a lanky lad so he’s glad to wrap you up while chilling

    Watching tv

    Playing videogames

    Hanging out with the gang

    You’re always in his arms

    (you definitely feel held by him uwu sorry I had to)

    Awkward but none the less loves it


    Shawn Payne

    Yall he’s just as affectionate

    And he LOVES to make a show out of it

    Giving you loud smooches on the cheek

    Audible “oof’s” when you give him tight hugs


    He’s not afraid of PDA

    He’ll just bark a “what!?” if people start staring.

    But never yells at you

    You are tucked under his arm constantly

    You’re likely shorter than him so KISSING HIS BICEP OR SHOULDER!!!


    If you run up to him and hug him you best be ready to be picked up and spun!

    He loves carrying you around

    If you ever worry about being too heavy he just gives you a toothy grin

    “Don’t you worry about that baby, just enjoy the ride.”

    Also, come on...he’s BUILT

    I hc that he’s really good at cooking and baking so he pays back your love that way


    Posted 2/13/2021

    #cobra kai #cobra kai headcanon #cobra kai fanfic #cobra kai x reader #miguel diaz x reader #miguel diaz headcanons #robby keene x reader #robby keene headcanons #samantha larusso x reader #sam larusso x reader #sam larusso headcanons #samantha larusso headcanons #eli hawk moskowitz #hawk x reader #eli moskowitz x reader #eli moskowitz headcanon #tory nichols x reader #tory nichols headcanons #cobra kai demetri #demetri decenzo #cobra kai demetri x reader #cobra kai demetri headcanons #shawn payne #shawn payne x reader #shawn payne headcanons #shawn cobra kai #cobra kai shawn #matar writes#my writing#mats fics
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    06.10.2020 - 11 monts ago
    #johnny lawrence #johnny lawrence imagine #johnny lawrence x reader #cobra kai#daniel larusso#william zabka #daniel larusso imagine #the karate kid #daniel larusso x reader #ralph macchio #hawk x reader #Hawk imagine #eli moskowitz imagine #eli moskowitz x reader #eli moskowitz#miguel diaz #Miguel diaz x reader #Miguel diaz imagine #robby keene #Robby keene x reader #Robby keene imagine
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  • todaydreambelieversfic
    13.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Author Spotlight: Redheadgleek Day 4

    Author: @redheadgleek​

    What other Glee Fandom authors do you enjoy? Can you recommend some of your favorite fics?

    I read so much fanfic so it's really impossible for me to chose favorites and we have so many good writers still active in this fandom. I'm going to give you 5 classic fics that I return to over and over and 5 new fics that everybody should read. (I'm already feeling so much guilt over leaving out so many that I consider my favorites).

    The Classics:

    1) A Nation of Two by Zoneviled - It was one of the very first Klaine fics I ever read and it's still one that I return to. I love the insecurities and just how "high school" it feels and it's one of the "Blaine transfers to Mckinley" fic, but it twists it by doing it when they were still doing the pre-dating dance.

    2) Near Misses by flaming_muse. It's a classic, but I still remember how much it moved and gutted me when I read it. Also check out her episode reaction fics as they always had additional insights into the glee world.

    3) Scholars and Gentlemen by MaryFlanner is one of the best fics that I have ever read in fandom, hands down. The exploration of grief still guts me and the words are pure poetry.

    4) Do I read every Star Trek AU that this fandom produces? Yes. And do I love them all? Also yes, but this one especially because of how well it fits into canon too. All I Ask is a Tall Ship by AntarcticBird.

    She also wrote my hands down favorite story of Jesse being an annoying roommate in What Are the Odds. (I'm also a sucker for every Harry Potter AU and movie AUs and did I mention that I love AUs?)

    5) Villiageidiot's fic are some of my favorite humor fic in fandom. The bro code (and Blaine Anderson's guide to breaking it) always has me in stitches.  

    (And I'm always on the look out for a copy of one of my favorite series of all time, called the Most!Verse by miggy, which was a gen fic exploring Kurt and Rachel's friendship in New York and was written before Blaine was really a character. Sadly, it's been deleted, but I would give anything to read it again. So message me if you happen to have a copy of it.)

    Newer stuff:

    1) @klaineanummel​ writes some of the most intriguing AUs that I have ever read. I am drawn into every one of their stories. I highly rec Story of My Life which they wrote for Klaine Advent (I know!) and Eighteen Going on Extinct to get you started.

    2) @kuhlaine​ is a new writer in fandom and their stories are stellar AUs that are absolutely captivating in their world building. I recommend One More Day is Not Enough.

    3) You all are reading @darriness​'s A Fic A Day series, yes? Which is her second month of writing fic every day, on top of the year where she wrote fic every day, and the times when she wrote fic every day for Klaine Advent. Plus the stories are cute and sweet and just what every day needs.

    4) @byebyeblainey​ is another new writer. Her fic about a famous Kurt running into middle school teacher Blaine was delightful. Go read it: When Are You Going to Sing For Me.

    5) @gleekto​'s Even Better Than The Real Thing just completed and was a really delightful Famous!Blaine dating an unknown superfan!Kurt romp.

    Also, check out all of the excellent stories written for the Blaine Big Bang and Glee Potluck Big Bang. So many good stories that I'm still making my way through.

    Five WIPs that I'm currently reading:

    1) @spaceorphan18​'s Chasing Pavements (fake dating!) and The Spaces In Between (all about Kurt!).

    2) @slayediest​'s Anderson's Ghosts which is just the perfect combination of spooky Christmas AU.

    3) @kuhlaine​'s latest WIP  Summer Fling Don't Mean a Thing which is a perfect summer escape.

    4) @dizzywhiz When The Night is Over. A faking dating fic? Yes please.

    5) It's only updated once or so a year, but the wait is always worth it.That's How You Know by @afterthenovels is the perfect Enchanted AU. I love every bit of it - please read and leave a comment of encouragement.

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