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    The evolution of Eren Jaeger

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    #everyone else i love is safe #mikasa? only want the best for her #erwin? bertholdt? pieck? ymir? they're gucci #levi? i give him the world #ask!💌 #comrades🥑
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    Are people still making this mistake? 

    Dudes. AVATAR IS NOT AN ANIME. People still can’t get this right, holy crap. Not even a professional online comic resource. 

    How embarrassing that in 2021 people still don’t know the difference. 

    But I will say this. Azula is an infinitely superior villain to that bitch Eren Yeager. At least her motivations are consistent! 

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #i hate isayama #fuck isayama#hajime isayama #avatar the last airbender #azula avatar#eren yeager#fuck eren#armin arlert#Mikasa Ackerman#LEVI ACKERMAN
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    I’ve rewatched Attack on Titan like four times already just because I don’t keep up with it and can’t remember anything past the first season 💀

    I could probably quote season 1 from memory at this point

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    i find it so silly how some attack on titan characters are simultaneously most hated and most loved

    #aot #attack on titan #this fandom is a mess #mikasa#zeke jaeger#bertholdt#reiner#historia
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    #sasha blaus#jean kirschtein#mikasa ackerman #shingeki no kyojin #historia reiss #shingeki no kyoujin fanart #fem!jean #navidad
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    You know those Eren fics where mikasa and reader are lowkey fruity with each other and Erens on the side being jealous asf?

    Yeah, I love that shit.

    The bi panic is at its peak when it comes to them.

    And don’t get me started on eremika x reader smut😩

    #writers feed me more please #eren smut#eren fanfiction #eren x reader #eren x you #eren x y/n #eren jaeger#eren yeager#eren #eremika x reader #eremika#eren brainrot#mikasa smut#mikasa fanfiction #mikasa x reader #mikasa x you #mikasa x y/n #I’m ​fruity
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    ashes to fire–chapter five

    kinda late, but here’s the recent chapter we posted!

    chapter five: nameless flowers that have scattered in the night

    #eremika #eren x mikasa #eremika fic #atf chapter 5 #エレミカ
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    #hi baby baby! #how are you? #{mistress—stepmom mikasa❥} #{puppy.speaks♡}
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    Hey guys I am unable to post day 6 of 25 days of Christmas with AOT Characters today because I have a lot of work to do for today. study for Exams, Work on essays etc... Therefore, I'll post day 6 and 7 tomorrow. SORRY!

    #armin x you #eren smut #eren jeager x reader #attack on titan #aot final season #aot spoilers#isayamahajime #anime / manga #anime#zeke aot#marco aot#jean kirschstein#mikasa ackerman #levi attack on titan #levi smut#armin smut#zeke smut #aot x reader #female #shingeki no kyoujin manga #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #titan shifters#founding titan#colossal titan#armored titan#eldians#marleyans#ymir fritz#historia#sasha braus
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    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Title: Games // AO3

    Author: miikasaa

    Status: COMPLETED (one-shot)

    Summary: Restless after beginning their days as trainees, the 104th decide to relax a bit by playing strip poker. It goes about as well as anyone can imagine.

    Tags: Gen, Strip Poker, Strong hints of EreMika, trainee days

    Characters: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Ymir (Shingeki no Kyojin), Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, the rest of the 104th

    Thoughts: I miss the 104th. Whenever things become too much for me, this is one of my go-to. It reminds me of the simpler days.

    #104th trainee corps #aot fanfic recommendation #best snk fanfic recommendation #mikasa ackerman #snk fanfic recommendation #hints of eremika #simp jean kirstein #mikasa and annie rivalry #mikasa vs annie #shadis losing his hair #shadis smith #eren x mikasa #ymir being an agent of chaos #strip poker
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    Mikasa Ackerman 🤍🤍

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    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    I redrew/digitalized one of my old drawings of mikasa, from noy chapter 4, eren's pov 😁✨

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    The Leader

    Can fall

    The innocent

    Can be corrupted

    The strongest

    Can break

    And a smile

    Can fade

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    #and by more things I mean sex #what #if u don’t wear glasses imagine that u do okay #it’s good for screens #against screens? idk english is hard today #mikasa #mikasa x reader #mikasa ackerman x reader #Mikasa aot #attack on titan #snk #snk x reader
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    #Snk#snk manga#aot#aot manga #attack on titan #attack on titan manga #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin #shingeki no kyoujin manga #mikasa#Mikasa Ackerman#eren#eren yeager
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    Brave Heart: Chapter Twenty-Eight

    Attack on Titan

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: sexual themes, death, gore, mature themes, extreme violence, body horror, blood, weapons, major character death, age-gap relationship

    Clenching her jaw, Vera tried to stay quiet and still while Armin tended to the wound on her arm. The bullet had only grazed her, so the cut wasn't that deep, but it stung like hell and Armin, whose hands were trembling, was taking longer than normal to disinfect and bandage it.

    "You're crying again," Vera pointed out, her voice soft and concerned. "Are you sure you're all right?"

    Sitting back on his haunches, Armin let out a shaky exhale and wiped the tears that were streaming down his cheeks. "How was it so easy for you?" he asked. "Killing other people, I mean."

    "I don't know," Vera answered honestly. "I guess when I realized that those other people were willing to kill me without so much of a second of hesitation, I didn't think of them as people anymore . . . just another monster."

    Hands gripping at the fabric of his pants, Armin doubled over and his entire body began to shake as he cried some more. Heart shattering at the sight of sweet Armin in such mental anguish, Vera lunged forward and pulled him in for a hug. She wasn't exactly sure when it had happened—or if there had even been one single concrete moment that it had begun—but somewhere along the way she had grown to care for Armin deeply, like a younger brother almost. Vera never had siblings, but she imagined this is what it might be like.

    "Y-you're arm," Armin hiccuped. "I'm sorry. I haven't finished wrapping it."

    "It's fine. I can do the rest," Vera told him. "Or better yet, maybe Jean should do it. After all, I got shot saving his ass in the first place."

    Armin let out a muffled laugh in between sobs. "Are you sure?"

    "Yes." Vera hugged him tighter. "You saved my life today. You've done more than enough."

    Once Armin had managed to calm down a little and catch his breath, he joined the others who were seated on crates in the middle of the warehouse they had found shelter in for the night—the same warehouse that Armin and Jean had been taken to earlier that day after being kidnapped. Hanging back a little, Vera sat in the corner with a lantern offering little lighting as she used her left hand and mouth to sloppily wrap the wound on her right bicep.

    Across from her, she made eye contact with one of the men that had been behind Armin and Jean's kidnapping—one of the many men Mikasa, Connie, and Sasha had taken down. With his hands behind his back and a gag in his mouth, he couldn't do anything but glare back at her.

    "You're doing it wrong," a gruff voice said suddenly, and when Vera looked up, Levi was standing over her and observing her messy handiwork.

    "I'm trying my best," she mumbled out through the gauze that was stuffed between her teeth.

    Shaking his head disappointingly, Levi crouched down in front of Vera, pulled the gauze out of her hand and mouth, and proceeded to bandage her arm for her. As Levi worked, his dark bangs fell into his face and for a split second, an urge rushed through Vera to reach out and brush them out of his eyes. She didn't, of course, and quickly pushed the thought from her mind. He was still the same man who had smashed her head into a wooden bannister in front of a courtroom full of people, so she didn't put it past him to slice a finger off or something if she touched him without permission.

    Clearing her throat, Vera watched as he worked and wondered what was going through his head at that moment. Was he thinking about what had happened that day? Was he dwelling over the reappearance of Kenny, the mass murderer who had apparently raised him as a child? Was he beating himself up for losing Eren and Historia?

    "Sir," Vera spoke, but as soon as Levi lifted his head and his eyes met hers, she felt small beneath his gaze and changed her mind about asking any of her previous questions. "Your leg." She settled on inquiring about his injury instead. "Is your leg still okay?"

    "It's fine," he answered as he finished wrapping her arm. With that, he offered his hand to Vera and when she took it, he helped her stand up. When he did, however, he winced slightly. "Maybe it still hurts a bit," he admitted when he caught Vera staring at him. "What about you? How's the arm feel?"

    Moving her arm a little, Vera shrugged. "Maybe it still hurts a bit," she echoed his previous response. "But it's a lot better now, thank you."

    Turning on their heels, the duo walked toward where the others were sitting, and once everyone was gathered—aside from Sasha, who was outside keeping watch—Levi handed out a small piece of bread to everyone as their meal for the evening. It wasn't much, but it was all they had. Hardly anyone touched their food, however; too worried about the events of the day to eat.

    "What's wrong?" Levi asked as the six of them sat around a single dim lantern. "Did all this filth kill your appetite?" He gestured to the dingy, dusty warehouse they were in.

    "No." Armin shook his head before looking up. "Vera, there's something I don't understand."

    Picking at the bread in her hands, Vera sighed. "What?"

    "When I turned around to try to save you, that man already had his gun to your head. It's funny. How could I have shot before he did?"

    Vera thought for a moment before shrugging. "I don't know."

    "You shot first because he hesitated. Just like how Vera cut down that woman before she shot Jean. He hesitated too," Levi said. "It's simple."

    "I'm sorry, Vera," Jean apologized out of nowhere. "You wouldn't have had to save me if I had just done my job."

    Vera waved off his apology. "And Armin wouldn't have had to save me if I had done mine. We've never fought other people before; it's a whole new territory."

    "I know what it is," Armin interjected, his voice quiet. "The man I shot back there . . . I bet he was a really kind person. He must have had a lot more human empathy than I ever did. I pulled that trigger so easily . . . without a thought. I'm . . ."

    "A killer," Levi finished his sentence for him. "And now that your hands have been soaked in blood, the person you once were is gone for good."

    Mikasa gasped. "Why would you say that?"

    "And you shouldn't regret it for one second," Levi added. "Because if you had chosen to keep your hands clean, Vera would be a corpse on a cart right now. I'll tell you why you pulled the trigger. Because your comrade was about to die. Armin, everyone in our squad survived today because you got blood on your hands. Thank you."

    Vera nodded in agreement. "Thank you, Armin."

    "Captain Levi, I thought it was wrong for us to fight other humans, Sir" Jean spoke up. "I thought it was wrong that you ordered us to do it. I mean, we became soldiers to protect people, but now I see that I was in the wrong, Sir. Next time, I swear I'll shoot."

    "I never said anything about what was right or wrong." Levi was clearly using the opportunity as a teaching moment to make the rookies in his squad stronger. "My moral high ground is shot to hell. I have no idea who's in the right at this point."

    As Jean's face flooded with realization, Levi stood from his crate. "Now then, I think it's time we heard what our guest has to say." Levi glanced over at one of the men who was tied up. Walking over, he pulled down the cloth that had been tied around the man's mouth.

    "Mercy, please!" the man immediately began babbling. "I'm just an old man that used to move cargo. I didn't want to but-"

    "I've met this one before." Mikasa eyed the man as she stalked closer. "He seemed to be a prominent merchant."

    As soon as the man recognized Mikasa, he went silent.

    "Yeah, I know him," Levi said. "Dimo Reeves, right?"

    "This damn job was forced on us by the Military Police," Dimo confessed. "And now that we've completely botched it, they'll plunder the Reeves' company for everything it's worth. First, they'll kill me, then they'll set up accidents for all my employees. My dumb son too."

    Levi crossed his arms over his chest. "You just gonna lay down and take it? There's a reason Trost recovered from that Titan attack. It's largely because of jobs and money brought in by the Reeves' company. Tell me, if your company were to disappear, how many would survive the coming winter?"

    "So what? You want me to join you?" Dimo huffed.

    "We just need to know where Eren and Historia are," Levi told him. "If you're in contact with the MPs, I think I have a plan."

    Dimo thought about Levi's proposition for a moment. "And can you give me your word the people of Trost won't end up starving to death?"

    Dropping down to one knee, Levi shook his head. "I can't guarantee it. That said, I believe they'll have a better chance with us than without."

    With that, the plan was put into place and a message was delivered to Hange detailing everything. The following night, thanks to Reeves' contacts in the MPs, a team was sent out to a previously vetted meeting place away from the city where Levi and his squad were waiting for the crooked soldiers to arrive. When they did, they were ambushed.

    "Sorry, gents," Dimo deadpanned this his previous MP contacts. "That's how it is."

    Among the MPs sent out for the false meeting was the man who Hange had suspected of murdering Pastor Nick, and when she arrived with Moblit by her side, she made a bee-line directly to the cellar where Levi had tied him up.

    From the upper level of the building, Vera and the others could hear the soldier's screams as they bounced off of the stone walls; a direct result of the torture Levi and Hange were no doubt putting him through.

    Since the plan had been devised, set up, and put into action in under 24 hours, Vera was having a hard time keeping up and wrapping her mind around everything that was going on. And from what she could tell, she wasn't the only one.

    "Here we go again." Jean winced as another screamed echoed from the cellar.

    "The screams seem a lot louder than they were when the Captain did it," Sasha whispered.

    Vera fiddled with her hands beneath the table they were sitting at. "Hange's got it out for the man. She blames herself for Pastor Nick's death. For her, this is personal."

    "I know it's to save our friends but . . . it still makes me sick," Connie admitted.

    Staring into the flame of the candle sitting in the middle of the table, Armin drew in a deep, slow breath. "Let's face the facts. We're criminals now," he said. "Our last enemy wanted to eat us. We don't have an excuse like that for killing these people. It's just that their views are different. No, it's just that they're in another group. For that, we'll take their lives."

    "These people are worse than Titans." Vera decided, unsure if it was because she truly believed it or because it made her feel better about herself. "Titans kill because it's in their nature. People kill because they want to. It's different. It's . . . simple."

    Armin, who was clearly still struggling with the reality of his actions, folded his arms across the tabletop and slouched. "We're not good people," his voice cracked when he spoke. "Not anymore, at least."

    Looking up at Armin, Vera exhaled. "Would you rather I was dead?" she asked.

    Armin's eyes widened. "W-what?"

    "Would you rather I was dead if it meant you could have kept your hands clean?"

    "No." Armin shook his head frantically while everyone else watched the confrontation take place. "Of course, not!"

    "Then why?" Vera prodded some more. "Why did you save me, Armin?"

    "Because you're my friend! Because . . . because it would have been worse if you had died instead!"

    "Exactly." Vera settled once she had made her case. "Because it would have been worse. It's like the Captain said, things aren't simply right or wrong. The world isn't black or white. In this world, we have to choose between two options every day, and all we can hope is that we choose whichever one makes us feel less like shit than the other."

    The room fell silent after that, and from then on, no one so much as cleared their throat.

    Sometime past midnight, after Levi and Hange had eventually coaxed the truth out of Pastor Nick, they shared the information they had gathered. Apparently, the Reiss family was the true royal family, and once that truth had been brought to light, so did a whole slew of other things.

    "You mean the rightful heir to the throne is Historia?" Armin gasped.

    "That's correct." Hange nodded. "And based on that knowledge, we're assuming that she and Eren have been taken to Lord Reiss."

    Pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket, Moblit unrolled it and stuck it to the wall, displaying a hand-drawn photo of a man with a round face and thin mustache that Vera could only assume was Lord Reiss himself.

    "That's him." Levi pointed to the photo, confirming Vera's suspicions.

    As the minutes turned to hours, Hange and Levi continued to pry information out of the MPs and relay that information to the squad in turn. Sitting at the table, waiting for another bought of news to flood out of Hange's mouth, Vera took the time to think about the fact that Historia was the heir to the throne, and as she did, she remembered a time back at the cottage when Historia had shared what growing up for her had been like.

    Historia had grown up on a farm owned by the Reiss family with a mother who barely even acknowledged her and a father who met her for the first time five years ago before disowning her, changing her name to Krista Lenz, and sending her off to become a cadet.

    It was a terribly sad upbringing, and Vera felt so sorry for everything Historia had been through, along with everything she was currently going through.

    Vera thought that, if she had known this sooner, maybe she and Historia would have been closer.

    "You look lost in thought." Armin's voice startled Vera slightly. She had previously been sitting alone at the table while everyone else had gone to try and get some rest or stand watch, so his sudden presence had spooked her. "I'm sorry, I can go."

    "No, it's okay." Vera gestured to the seat beside herself as a wave of guilt washed over her; she felt bad for being so harsh on him earlier. "Have a seat."

    Shuffling over, Armin sat down next to Vera, his hands in his lap and his head hung. "I'm sorry," he whispered, just barely loud enough for her to hear. "I didn't mean to make it sound like I had wished I hadn't saved you."

    "No, I should be the one apologizing," Vera insisted. "I was too uptight about the whole thing. It's a difficult situation . . . there isn't one right way to think about it."

    Armin chuckled slightly. "You sounded exactly like Captain Levi."

    Vera cracked a smile. "Damnit, now I really am sorry."

    As Armin's laughter died down—a sound Vera couldn't remember the last time she had heard—he sighed. "I am glad I saved you," he said. "Really, I am."

    "I'm glad you saved me too," Vera agreed. "Thank you."

    Before either of the two could say another word, Hange and Levi marched out of the cellar, the former shouting about how everyone needed to gather up for the lastest collection of information.

    Once everyone was seated around the table, the candle in the middle still burning strong, Hange dropped the news on everyone—the news that confirmed the theory Eren had had about the conversation he and Vera had overheard between Ymir and Bertholdt.

    Armin's jaw dropped. "So they plan to eat Eren?"

    "Yeah," Hange confirmed. "Eren remembered a conversation between Ymir and Bertholdt—a conversation that you heard as well, right, Vera?"

    Vera nodded. "Yeah."

    "Based on this, we can speculate Ymir used to be a mindless Titan just like the others until she consumed someone," Hange continued. "Someone from Bertholdt and Reiner's group. We've never seen a Titan turn back into a human by eating one before, that said, Reiner's comrades aren't normal humans and there's a different set of rules for humans that can turn into Titans. My thought is this: if a Titan eats someone with that power, then it'll transform back into a human. What's more, they'll obtain whatever powers that human had. In the battle the other day, Reiner was throwing Titans at Eren as he tried to run away. He knew that Eren had the power to take command of feral Titans with his scream; if Eren's death would have meant that power was lost, he wouldn't have risked it. I think he hoped one of those Titans would eat Eren and take his power. My point is, if the government has a Titan of their own, they'll use it to eat Eren."

    Without needing to hear another word, Mikasa started for the door. Before she could leave, however, Levi stopped her. "Calm down," he ordered. "I know you want to get Eren back, but going on a rampage won't help with that. Anyway, we're heading for Rod Reiss' estate. Prepare to leave at once."


    As the squad stood up and left to gather their things, Vera felt a hand wrap around her wrist and quickly pull her in the other direction. One second, Vera was heading out with the others, and the next, she was in a small storage room with Levi and Hange.

    "Ummm." Vera's eyes flickered toward the door. "Am I in trouble or something?"

    "Quite the opposite," Hange stated before cutting to the chase. "Levi has made me aware of your predicament, what with your mother and Reiner and all that. As a result, I did some digging but was unable to find anything about a woman named Silvia Lepstein who lived in Shiganishina in the time period around when you were born."

    Vera cocked a brow, confused. "So my mother never existed is what you're telling me?"

    "Not exactly." Hange seemed to almost vibrate in place with how excited she was about this information. "While living in the slums, as you and your parents did, it is all too easy to go undocumented if a person really wishes to. So, the fact that there is no paper trail of your mother doesn't give us any concrete answers, but it does give us one important question, which is: why didn't your mother want to be a recorded citizen?"

    "I have no idea." Vera shrugged. "I don't remember her being caught up in any sketchy dealings, but then again, I was very young."

    "I'm unsure of the answer as well, but what we can rule out thanks to a little more digging is that it wasn't some personal choice your parents had made because both you and your father have a paper trail that is all too easy to follow," Hange said. "So this was a decision your mother made alone."

    Vera nodded along, understanding what Hange was telling her but unsure about what it was all leading up to.

    "Will you get on with it already?" Levi rolled his eyes.

    "Yes, yes, I'm getting to it!" Hange pushed her goggle-like glasses further up the bridge of her nose. "While I was researching you and your father, I did stumble upon one thing I found very interesting. I was able to get my hands on a record of your father's finances, and despite the fact that he worked tirelessly almost every single day of his life, there is a period right after when you claimed your mother died where there is simply no trail of where his money goes; it simply disappears."

    Nervously, Vera shifted her weight. "Yeah, I always thought that was odd too . . . he worked all the time and yet we were still dirt poor. It didn't make any sense to me, but I never asked him about it."

    "I thought it was odd too, so I kept searching for something. And just like I had hypothesized, I uncovered where all your father's money was really going. Almost every last bit of his paychecks went toward a very prominent trading company from around that time. I even confirmed his name in one of the logbooks the government confiscated when the trading company was shut down a few years ago."

    Vera sighed, somehow even more confused than before. "Trading company?"

    "Or so they claimed." Hange smirked. "This trading company was actually a front for a business that dealt in much more . . . let's say, under the table dealings."

    "Like what?"

    "Well, in your father's case, protection."

    "Protection?" Vera asked. Suddenly, the curtains remaining closed in the house at all times and having to barricade the door at nights when she was younger made sense . . . and at the same time, it made no sense at all. "My father was using all his money to pay shady people to protect himself?"

    Hange waved her finger in Vera's face. "No, not himself. You."

    Vera scoffed. "Protect me from what?"

    "That's exactly what I was wondering," Hange said. "And although I can't be sure, based on the timeline of events, it isn't a stretch to assume it was someone close to you. Hear me out, if your mother is trying to bring you back to wherever she is now, what's to say she wasn't trying to do it when you were younger as well?"

    Vera felt her blood run cold. "You . . . you're saying my father worked himself to death to protect me from my own mother?"

    "And when he couldn't keep up with payments, he accumulated debt. Debt that later fell to you after he died!" Hange exclaimed, too caught up in the brilliance of her deduction to take note of the seriousness of the topic at hand. Eventually, though, she realized the look of uncertainty and sadness on Vera's face and dialled back her enthusiasm. "Yes, well, I understand this must be hard to hear, but I thought you'd want to know."

    Vera drew in a long, unsteady breath. "So you're telling me that all this time I assumed my dad was throwing our money away on gambling or something and accumulating debt selfishly when he was really trying to protect me . . . from my own mother?"

    "That's what it seems like, yes," Levi answered. "It seems you've been wanted for quite a while."

    Hange nodded. "While I was digging, your name cropped up on a few lists for some underground gangs that deal with human trafficking and the likes. Whether it's your mother or not, someone has been trying very hard to find you for a very long time."

    "Seems that your life of laying low and joining the cadets as soon as you could inadvertently kept you safe," Levi said. "That, and a lot of these underground gangs have been shut down in the past ten years or so."

    "Holy shit." Vera sat down on the nearest crate and buried her face in her hands. "Do I know anything about my parents or my own life?"

    "I can't answer that," Hange responded even though it was obviously a rhetorical question.

    "Yeah," Vera let out a faint puff of air that could have been construed as either amusement or disbelief. "So all my father wanted was to keep me safe, and in the end, he was killed in the Titan attack that the bastards working, presumably, on the same side as my mother were the masterminds behind."

    Taking a few steps closer, Levi looked down at her. Worried she would start spiralling again, he looked to Hange for help, but she just shrugged. "You okay?" he questioned.

    "Yeah, sure." Vera let out a breathy laugh. "In the past month, I've found out that my mother, who I thought was dead, is actually alive. I learned that she's been trying to—for lack of a better term—kidnap me for almost my entire life. And on top of all of that, I always thought so poorly of my father when he literally gave everything he had to protect me from my own mother! No, yeah, I'm good. Just give me a second to process all of this and I'll be okay."

    "Kline-" Levi started.

    "No, I said I'm good and I am." Vera stood up suddenly, wiping the tears that had accumulated in her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. "Rescuing Eren and Historia is more important than whatever messed up family drama I have going on. It's bigger than me. I'm fine."

    With that, Vera pushed past Levi and Hange and exited the room, making a bee-line for the others so she could collect her gear and get ready to head out.

    At that point, Vera didn't believe anything she had been told about her parents, her life, or even herself anymore. From there on, she was going to create a new Vera Kline—one without a past and only a future; one that she could control.

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    06.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    because we (i) love pain and aot will be back soon

    #attack on titan #aot anime#aot manga#aot angst #jean x marco #eren x mikasa #erwin x levi #ymir x historia #moblit x hange #jeanmarco#eremika#yumihisu#eruri#mobuhan#Spotify
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