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  • mikasachives
    16.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    does anybody know some rm fanfic, canon divergence? rivamika season 1 after he saved mikasa, and she visited him? please 😭

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  • mikasachives
    16.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    rivamikas!!! Have y'all seen this? I didn't know this such a thing existed!!? And it's FREAKIN OFFICIAL!? does anybody know or heard this before? 😭😭😭 where can we see it?

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  • amaranthinegifs
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Attack on Titan - Eren Yeager | All Scenes: 1 Opening: Crimson Bow and Arrow
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  • anothanobody
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    (This post is rushed and I might re do it later tho)

    I came across a couple of rants here on Tumblr about Eren and Mikasa as a relationship, as the relationship it was built to be. I don't necessary disagree, I do not want people to change opinion or impose mine over others since everyone is entitled to their own. Plus I find it rather annoying when others try to tell me that my opinion is wrong, when it's just that, an opinion.

    So, I will just put my own take out there, take it however you want, I just want to share my personal point of view on it as someone who read the manga from chapter 1 multiple times, read the interviews and was not entirely part of the fandom before 138.

    There is a really big difference between manga and anime, one that has changed entirely their dynamic and relationship, which is annoying when anime-only try to minimize something that was originally written 10x times better.

    I thought from the beginning that they were going to end up together somehow or evolve their relationship in any way.

    Even though a pretty big argument for disliking the ship is Eren apparently not showing any type of emotion or care towards Mikasa, I do completely disagree. Since the trainee days, Eren had always put Mikasa's well being first, while he was enraged with anybody who wanted to join the Military Police for being cowards. He becomes an hypocrite about his own words, and wants her to join them to be safe, even though she refuses. When he refused the name of monster in court, when Mikasa was called that he assumed every fault some not even being real or his.

    In chapter 51, after the confrontation with Dina's titan, he realizes as well his own faults, how being so reckless had caused her to be injured and stayed beside her during recovery.

    The chemistry that was cut off was in my opinion all the first part, in trainee days in the manga they had a pretty normal friendship, Eren was jealous about Mikasa's abilities and Mikasa cared for him and pushed him with what I think is 'tough love' to improve himself.

    During the Female Titan fight at the end of the season, Mikasa's importance for Eren sky rocketed, a big scene changed in the anime, in which Eren after only listening to her words about the condition of the world and its cruelty, is enough motivated to transform after having trouble for some time.

    It's a pattern that will be repeaten multiple times, in trainee days is Mikasa his own motivation to improve, as the roles of who protects who had completely switched. In chapter 50, he has a breakdown over Hannes' death and the reminder of how powerless he is, but it's Mikasa's words of gratitude that motivate him to protect her, punching a titan with no knowledge of having the Founder, meaning he was ready to die. In the RTS arc, Eren's motivation to fight is her again, he wants to get his home back but then looks back at her saying it doesn't matter and by Isayama's words, home for them is a person: each other.

    There is also the troupe used by Isayama, said in the interview with his editors, which is the Sekaikei, in this the said ship is the biggest cause of why the plot continues and by the pattern explained above it is true. There is also another part of this troupe that is choosing between the balance of the world and the significant other, the need of the decision can be applied for both, Eren during s1 to s3, Mikasa during s4 and the ending.

    In season 4 and timeskip there is way more that can prove the relationship was far more than childhood friends BUT as the basis were ruined during the adptation by WIT, it is fair to not understand it or saying it came out of nowhere.

    From the tattoo being only showed to one person and the meaning being 'don't show it to anybody and pass it to your children', to the look in the train, the timeskip was probably a time where the two had gotten the closest. Sharing the ice cream and the drink might be really stupid proofs by it's honestly a cute scene which shows a certain level of intimacy.

    There could honeslty be a spin off, a light hearted way, where the timeskip and preparations could be explored.

    Anyway. Mikasa's goal in the latest chapters was to get him back home, to her. But what everyone fails to understand is why, there was another cut scene about Mikasa's backstory that describes the warmth of a home, she's attached to the only person who still emanates that warmth for her.

    In this though, she's against the actions he's taking, hence she does not join the Yeagerists. In my personal opinion she would have, had she been Season 1 Mikasa, since her goal then was to survive and protect everybody who she cared for at ANY cost.

    But here, after four years of training, there's an internal development she went through and it's her own judgement and duty as a soldier, the first time she went to an expedition, because of her own recklessness, Levi got injured, he scolded her saying to follow the objective and keep the personal achievements to herself, that is what she will do from then on.

    For example: Mikasa's motivation to fight in the female titan arc it's taking responsability for the injure she cause on the strongest person. In season 3, she works alongside Levi and takes his place every now and then, which was changed in the anime in bothe occasions to her screaming for Eren.

    That is what she will do at the end, picking duty and the right thing over her personal motives, by killing him even though he was the only person she had left.

    Her own sense of duty is the reason I believe the opposite could never occur, meaning Eren killing Mikasa, he had no sense of it, he always acted impulsevily or for personal reasons, which would mean he would rather sacrifice the world for her (technically 138)

    What I get for Eren in the first three seasons is something fair, he had a personal agenda to follow and as a 9 to 15 year old, he won't get what love is after being dedicated to killing and revenge for so long.

    If someone tries to discredit their entire bond and call it toxic and abusive over a butthead I will honestly not take it seriously, by that logic no ships in AOT/SNK are valid. Ymir threw Historia off a cliff, Historia head butted Ymir as well, Erwin almost sent Levi to his death, Levi wanted to kill Erwin after Isabel and Farlan died, Hange was grabbed and manhandled by Levi multiple times, Annie almost killed Armin, Armin was the one who contributed the most in capturing her not knowing what the consequences would be for her, Gabi head butted Falco and just like Eren, she was oblivious to feelings as she was focused on revenge and her own mission.

    It would be the opposite of abusive and toxic and 138 is the proof, from the shared Paths dream to the way he says goodbye, telling her to forget him for her own good, Eren had always put her well being and happiness above his.

    The moment that in my opinion he had figure out that he saw her as more was in chapter 50/last episode of season 2, when she smiled and was being grateful, he saw a vulnerable side of her, and by Yuki Kaji's words 'he wanted to protect that smile'.

    By the explained pattern of his decision being either motivated or chosen directly by her, I get that as the why he never told her about the Rumbling but rather pushed her away. She's the only person capable of making such a change for him, 123 she chose the 'right' answer for the world/Ymir but in 138 she chose the 'right' answer for them, for Eren.

    I tie Mikasa and his humanity together, the only person who sees Eren as Eren and not a machine to kill is her. The way he pushed her away in the table scene, refusing the scarf, which is the symbol of their bond, it's him trying to cut off that humanity he cannot have to keep going to the Rumbling route. At lenghts he had gotten he could not afford to feel anything but rage, had he felt sympathy or regret the future would have completely changed.

    in 138, her taking back that scarf and wrapping it around herself is something I see as their bond being forever there, respecting her ideology of keeping the memories alive and reenforced by the extra pages, where the only thing captured is her and him.

    I am completely of the opinion that it could have been done better, there is after all, room for improvement in anything, but I still see it as a beautiful dynamic between the two, that go layers and depth, to me, this is maybe the only ship alongside Touken and little others that will always admire and set as an example.

    There is not everything I wanted to say, it's rushed so I just might re do it later, but this is my honest opinion on this ship. There is a lot that can be said, I would drag it along too much, for me it's 10/10, I do not intend to change anyone's opinion on it.

    Have a good day or night to everyone who is reading!

    Also can I have some EM mutuals -o- I'm new on Tumblr!

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  • sonofthesaiyans
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Gabi fandom is the Worst.

    I really cannot imagine what these people see in the likes of Gabi Braun, a character who was late to the game and so goddamned obnoxious and unsympathetic in her debut. And a character who we were given no reason to sympathize with, ESPECIALLY not after Sasha’s end. 

    In case her defenders have failed to come to grips, NO. Her age and upbringing are not excuses for her many acts of murder and war crimes, or her eagerness to partake in the genocide against Paradis. Especially since Falco was not fooled by their games. If it were not for her age, what would you Gabi fanatics use as your next excuse? 

    Seriously, why the fuck do you people keep making excuses for her? You should not be shocked that people hate an obnoxious kid character, they’ve historically only created more problems in countless works of fiction. And she literally has no purpose here, her redemption, if you can even call it that is a goddamned sham. It doesn’t amount to jackshit in the final stages of the story. Or have you got your heads shoved too deep in the earth to understand that? 

    Not to mention all your tactics for attacking those who tell you how bad she is. All your lies, your slander, insulting people for being mad about Sasha who was beloved by many fans LONG before your little waifu came along........your dirty tactics and lack of respect only make this kid that much more detested for it. 

    Everyone blames Eremika for poisoning the finale. And those people are not wrong. Eremika has never looked worse than it did after that laughable cryfest from Eren. On top of being a major weight against Mikasa’s character development. But the Gabi/Falbi fans, you guys actively insulted everyone and your little waifu is hated for some very valid reasons you threw in everyone’s face. So what makes you think you should get off easy for it? 

    Gabi produced some of the worst fans here. This character essentially hijacked the series. Do not feel bad about calling them out on their bullshit people. DO NOT. It’s always the same crap with them. Spoiled, obnoxious and loud, just like the little shit they keep trying to push as “Essential” to the story. 

    Screw you. She wasn’t. Thanks for helping Isayama screw the series. 

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  • shinzana
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    daydreaming about being a scout in the year 850

    ft Mikasa Ackerman

    i bet you and mikasa would be bunk mates, managing to bring the sense of normality that comes with being teenage girls in spite of being the middle of a war.

    "Lights out!" Hange yells from the other side of the heavy door and you both scurry obediently into your respective beds. your bodies ache from the hard day spent training, practicing for an impossible feat, uneasiness hangs heavy in the air with tomorrow's exploration mission but still, you speak into the darkness.

    "Did you see Eren today?"

    "I did."

    Mikasa's bones feel heavy with exhaustion but her voice sounds like weightless, the mention of his name alone felt like a fresh cup of coffee, she could stay up all night now.

    "Jean was practically breaking his neck to make sure you could see him kicking Connie's ass but all you could do was fawn over Eren who was too busy eating dirt on the ground. That Leonhart girl is a monster."

    Your remarks are strong, especially with the topic and person at hand, if you were anybody else your teeth would've sunk into the wall before you could finish talking. but you were Mikasa's closest confidant, her friend, she adored you and trusted you, and so she laughs.

    She laughs because although her entire heart beats only for Eren it had been a sight, the small blonde girl had stood over his form in fetal position and she wasn't even out of breath.

    You smile as you hear her and continue adding comical details to the retelling of the day's events making her laugh get higher and muffled as she buries her face into the pillows.

    Her laughter is a thing not many were privy to, so airy and light, you'd miss it if you weren't careful, it always melted your heart when you managed to get one out of her. You'd never tell a soul but sometimes your motivation to make her laugh wasn't so selfless, there was something about the sound that was so freeing. it didn't matter how much she'd lost and the adversities she endured everyday, she could still laugh in the face of such a cruel world, and that always felt like your victory.

    #thinking about doing this x all the scouts #let me know your thoughts (: ! #mikasa ackerman #mikasa x reader #mikasa #mikasa x eren #eremika #attack on titan #aot x reader #attack on titan x reader #aot#snk #shingeki no kyojin #mikasa fluff #mikasa ackerman imagine #mikasa ackerman fluff #mikasa imagines
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  • bookobsessed1412
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Can I see an Attack on Titan fanfic where Feral/Wild Titan-Shifter Eren raises Armin and Mikasa, to the point where they were so young when Eren found them that they don’t really remember a lot of the human language anymore? He knows how to feed them partially because he needs at least a little more than just sunlight even if he only needs to eat once every few weeks or so(he mostly eats meat, red meat is his favorite, and can’t handle most plants, but he likes most kinds of fruits), and partially because he had temporarily taken care of an adult human(Levi) for a few weeks about a year or so before he found them and figured out what humans need to eat from him.

    They either eventually get found by the scouts and befriended somehow, or they somehow find themselves inside the walls(the fall of Maria maybe?) and learn how the humans talk and such.

    I was thinking for finding themselves in the wall, that they start out with stealing and hunting in the forests, and armin and mikasa teach eren the few human words they remember(or maybe they did that before, when they were in the wild), until someone kind enough takes them in and teaches them how to act human.

    #attack on titan #aot#fic ideas#eren jaeger#armin arlert#mikasa ackerman #eren mikasa armin #feral eren#titan shifters #titan shifter eren #wild eren #eren lives outside the walls #eren raises armin & mikasa #captain levi#levi ackerman
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  • butterlemonship
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Drunk Levi:Boobies~


    Drunk Levi:yes~


    Drunk Levi:yes~


    Drunk Levi:No~



    Drunk Levi:yayyy boobies(~ ̄³ ̄)~

    Mikasa:Damn reverse psychology

    #rivamika#levimika #mikasa x levi #levi x mikasa #incorrect rivamika quotes #mikasa ackerman#levi ackerman #snk incorrect quotes #SNK
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  • djloveyou3000
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk#mikasa ackerman#annie leonhart
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  • superwholockian444
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The most annoying thing is when you get a new phone so every time you time an anime character’s name that isn’t an English name it always autocorrects. Like babe, lemme spell Daichi not Disney.

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  • starfighter10
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    For a while I was starting to recover from eremika .. but then the pv dropped and now I am fucking crying again.... yall please when yuki kaji and yui ishikawa bring those scenes to life... WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GONNA DO CUZ I AM NOT READY TO BE TRAUMATIZED AGAIN PLZ I -

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  • yrisvielart
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I totally forgot to post this week XD . Drawtober, Strong Women: Mikasa Ackerman ⚔️🧣 . Mikasa could easily be the main protagonist, but sadly she is devoted to ungrateful Eren...

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  • jaegrackrmn
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    imagine not loving these adorable dorks, can't relate

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  • irememberthedark
    15.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Jewelry is Forever


    Eren likes to buy Mikasa pretty things. Then he fucks her in just those pretty things. Why wouldn’t he?

    Smut, Explicit, NSFW, 18+

    Pearls were the very picture of timelessness and elegance. This was something Mikasa firmly believed in when she was a child. Her eyes lit up in wonder when her father presented her mother with a single strand one Christmas and whenever Mama put them on, she was that much more beautiful.

    That’s why she insisted on pearls for the next time Eren wanted to buy her jewelry. If she couldn’t stop him from spending ridiculous amounts of money on her, she might as well get what she wanted out of it. And of course, he never did anything in halves.

    A triple strand set was what he got and they were lovely, the size each bead balanced well against the overall quantity and she begrudgingly accepted them, no smile on her face whatsoever. But he wasn’t done. Next was a very long gold chain that had a string of pearls towards its end. When Eren fastened it around her neck, she was taken with the way it dangled down her back and wanted to wear it at the first opportunity.

    That just happened to be on a beach trip with their friends and while her swimsuit wasn’t completely backless, the part that supported her chest across the back was high enough to let the pearls be visible as they hung, the pattern setting them off perfectly.

    Mikasa supposed that she should know Eren better by now or rather his sex drive. Man, was he hard up all the time. At first, she just thought that was how he was, had wondered how he’d managed to hold off for so long after they’d started dating, had thought maybe it would calm down once his body had realized the drought had ended.

    She blushed, got a little embarrassed at knowing that she didn’t exactly mind it, wanted to indulge him for herself too. That she loved his affection and the way he madd her feel when he touched her. It got even worse between the two of them when he openly admitted, it’s not necessarily him, but her that fired up his libido so. It happened one evening when she’s trying to get just a little more work done. Eren was all over her trying to convince her to pay more attention to him and she just laughed.

    “Did you bother every girl you’ve dated like this?” He snorted into her neck,

    “They wish.” And it made her pause.

    “What do you mean by that?” Sensing her shift he pulled back.

    “…what do you mean what do I mean?”

    “Well…you just…you make it sound like you didn’t sleep with your ex’s…which I know isn’t the case, so I uh – just what did you mean…by they wished.”

    “They wished I bothered them as much as I bother you.” He said it as a question, not quite sure what she was getting at. With her next question he realized. It was always a rare treat when Eren was the one all pink tinged and embarrassed.

    “Why didn’t you bother them as much? Didn’t you like them? They were your girlfriend, after all.”

    “I did like them. They were my girlfriend, yes.” He hesitated. “But I can’t say I was attracted to them exactly…the same way I am… to you.”

    “Oh…” She nodded absently as understanding dawned on her.

    Mikasa let him hit it so hard over her desk after gaining that information.

    But that was just the problem. It wasn’t like he never got tired, but he always seemed to recover so quickly, wanted more so soon and if she didn’t deny him at times, they’d never get anything done.

    Because of that, she should have known better, known something was up with him, when his only complaint was that her swimsuit didn’t look as much like a one piece as she told him it would be. Which was fair with all the cutouts and crisscrossing straps. Eren didn’t say anymore on the matter. And dare she say it, Mikasa was disappointed in his reaction. It wasn’t like he told her what to wear, but she still liked to know his opinion.

    Sure she picked it to match her pretty pearls, but she wanted Eren to look at her too, like he always did when even the smallest bit of her skin was visible. It was like everything else was more interesting to look at than her. He preoccupied himself playing and drinking with the boys, with everyone else. He only deigned to give her attention when she decided she wanted a drink from the bar.

    After a few hours of baking in the sun, of wondering if he was mad at her, Mikasa was a little too aware of his body next to hers, how his skin radiated heat not unlike the sun, how sweat dripped down his body, how she’d have been more than happy to taste his salty flavors as she licked up his abs because they had to be what other women meant by washboards.

    She swore she wasn’t this crazy about touching someone so intimately until she met Eren. And while she’s just pining away, he was glaring this way and that, fists curled into tight balls.

    He harshly denied her free drink from the nice bartender who kindly offered, saying he had more than enough money to pay for it, aggressively asserted himself between her and the man waiting to order next to her, walked even closer on the way back and it was before they reached their group under the large rented umbrellas did Mikasa finally ask.

    “Have I done something wrong?” For maybe the first time since she’d removed her cover up did Eren focus completely on her.

    “No. Why do you think that?” Her gaze dropped to the colored drink in her hands.

    “You haven’t really talked to me all day. I almost feel like you’re avoiding me with how little time you’ve spent with me. Not that you shouldn’t hang out with everyone. I’m not saying that. We came to spend the day with our friends, after all. You know what, never mind. I’m being silly, forget I –

    Eren knew her so well, a hand coming up to grip her tropical drink before swooping down to stop her ramblings in a toe curling kiss. When he pulled back, the heat in his stare, the darkening of his brilliant green eyes, it stole what little precious breath she still had. Mikasa really should have known. At the same time, she doesn’t think she’d really seen him try to restrain himself. It was all downhill from there anyway.

    Because once she knew, she was catching each look Eren gave no matter how far away he is, feeling in laser her skin. His effort to stay away grew weaker and weaker starting with him gently touching the chain that hung down her back.

    Nothing much.

    Then his hand found a place on the skin back. Again nothing out of this ordinary. Until it slid down curve of her bottom. Then he was softly, tantalizingly running rough finger pads up and down, up and down her spine, twisting and untwisting the delicate chain and beads around them.

    Normally, she could ignore the heat Eren stirred up in her, but as it stood, he was everywhere. His hands getting to the point where they were doing a little too much wandering for such a public place, for her to stay calm.

    Also she knew. She knew what would be happening the moment they got back home. Just a little but longer. He had to keep his cool just a little bit longer.

    As they watched the sunset with all their friends, she could feel his pulsing cock through the high cut of her suit, pressing so hot and heavy against her backside. Her hips just moved on their own rolling back into his erection, something just so invigorating about the way he tried to smother his groan in the crook of her neck. If anyone noticed how quickly the two of them were trying to get everything packed up, they were kind enough not to say anything. When they finally finished, everyone disbursed to clean up and get changed to go.

    Mikasa was surprised when Eren yanked her into one of the showers and crowded her into the corner after shoving the curtain closed. But also thankful. So very thankful.

    Suddenly he was on her, crushing his lips to hers in a heated kiss, teeth sinking into her bottom lip to bring out a gasp. Hot breath washed over her lips and into her mouth as he took the opportunity he created to dive his tongue in and over her own. Mikasa struggled to keep up as he tasted her teeth, sucked on her tongue.

    It was easy to surrender and cling to his strong arms while his large hands squeezed her ass, groped her breast. It was hard to keep her breathy moans and sighs quiet the way his cock was poking into her stomach trying to get some relief. She could barely breathe when Eren finally released her mouth, barely managed to cover the squeal that escaped when he bit into her neck, no doubt tasting ocean salt and sweat.

    “How could you be so mean, Mimi, teasing me like this,” he mourned between licks and kisses.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “You didn’t say your swimsuit would be like this when I asked, that you’d show so much of this pretty skin, this sexy body. You should have prepared me better.”

    “I should have.”

    “And then I had to watch assholes drool and leer at you all day.”

    “Was it hard?”

    “So hard,” he breathed next to her ear making the most exhilarating shivers roll down her spine. “And to make it worse, you just had to wear this chain that fits so prettily into your little spine crease.”

    “It’s all my fault.”

    “It’s all your fault,” Eren agreed easily, his rutting getting a little frantic and that’s when Mikasa realized what was happening, how agreeable and whiny he was being, how he didn’t seem to be doing anything to really help, but just touching her. Desperately. It’s how she normally was. The turned-about situation had a foreign excitement bubbling up inside.

    “Don’t worry baby, I’ll take responsibility,” she cooed, palms slipping over his shoulders and toned back and into the waist of his swim trunks. The words came as easily as her actions. Mikasa would take care of him like he always did her.

    “You will?”

    “Yeah, I’ll make it all better.” Her clit ached at the feeling of his glutes getting all tight and releasing the smallest bit as his pelvis worked to ease the tension. They would be getting a much better workout inside her.

    “How Mimi? How are you go – mgh.” Eren went almost limp, most his weight leaning on her when she found his dick.

    “Quiet baby. We can’t let anyone here.” And it was all hot and slick with precum. Mikasa bit her lips as she stroked his twitching dick in between their pressed together bodies, swallowed uneasily to the the sensation of her nails digging into the skin of his firm ass to help him fuck her hand, pushed down moans at feeling his burning skin shifting up and down, back and forth with their movements.

    “Mimi…” His voice was so sweet when he groaned her name like that, the vibrations in her shoulder making her feet shift as her core melted with need. Eren chasing his pleasure, filling his own need when he fucked her into the mattress was one thing, but her actually giving it to him, helping him get there actively…this was a completely different kind of euphoria.

    “You’ve been so good today, haven’t you? Not getting into trouble with anyone’s admiring?” Is this why he enjoyed whispering such dirty things in her ear, giving her praise all the time?


    “Holding back so we could enjoy the day with our friends?” She gripped him more snuggly, thumb skimming over the tips, spreading more precum.

    “Mgh…y – yeah.”

    “Kept it together while I teased you with my sexy swimsuit, while you watched the necklace you bought me dangle back and forth all day?”

    “Mhm. I did.”

    “Then good boys deserve rewards for behaving so well.” When she slipped from inside his trunks, Eren’s reaction was immediate, reddened face lifting from her shoulder to stare at her with furrowed brows, hands trying replace hers from where they’d left. He was so gorgeous and disheveled and ready to burst. Had anyone else ever made him like this? Had they ever had the satisfaction of seeing him so helpless?

    Mikasa reveled in the power Eren was letting her have over him, in the trip it gave her knowing that he wanted her so badly that it led him here, in the way he all but stilled when she hooked her thumbs under the straps of the risqué suit he had such a vendetta against and tugged them down.

    She smiled at how he quickly inhaled like it was some new sight when her breast spilled out, felt a little playful at his roaming gaze as she continued to tug it off to expose more cool damp skin. The wet fabric hit the ground with a solid flop and Eren was already closing back in, making a grab for her, but Mikasa quickly dodged across the small space so she can turn around slowly and place either hand on wall.

    “This is what you wanted all day, sweetie,” she whispered over her shoulder, feet spreading wider, nipples pressing against the cold, clammy wall, spine curving down and presenting her sodden pussy, his reward. She doesn’t think she’s ever been so bold.

    “All day,” he replied hoarsely, eyes on his prize, pink tongue glossing over his lips.

    “Have it, baby. It’s all yours.” Whether it was the hunger in her voice or that he just couldn’t wait anymore, Eren moved quickly. Shoving his trunks down just enough to free his swollen, leaking cock. He gave no warning as he dug hot fingers into her hips and speared through her slick coated walls.

    What a struggle it was to keep the noise in, her nails digging into chipped blue paint with the effort. The slide was easy for him, Mikasa was more than wet enough, but Eren was always so big and her poor pussy was stuffed full, stretched to the very brim, his plump head brushing her tender cervix.

    Before she could adjust, have a chance to breathe, he was moving at a punishing pace, hips slapping against the fat of her ass, shoving her tits harder into the wall. She could do nothing but attempt to support herself under the force and take it as his heavy cock fucked her with quick, harsh thrusts. Over and over, he hit that tender spot that made her clit throb so much more intensely, that made her knees weak and want to give out.

    If it weren’t for the showers going on either side of them, she’d be concerned about the telltale sounds of fucking. Rhythmic skin on skin. That distinctive squelch. His harsh breathing, low grunts. Mikasa was having trouble keeping quiet herself, getting lost in how her walls squeezed and milked him, the pain of just how stretched out she was around his fat cock she was, the pleasure of how he rubbed up her slick walls beating that spot. She was barely hanging on to get them to this point as it was, and he’d quickly rendered her speechless. Any bravado she had melted away with her insides.

    Molten pressure stirred in her core, orgasm quickly nearing, when the rhythm switched. Only one hand was bruising up her hip. The fingers of the other were leaving little burns as they brushed and pecked down her spine, settling the necklace that had been bouncing around in time with his sharp thrusts.

    The little beads pressed into her skin under his searing palms, digits running over them – over her spine. She didn’t think – couldn’t think anything of it when he gave them a light pull, mind filled with the exquisite friction of his pulsing veins against her plush muscles, how they were utterly ruining her, making his rough pads trailing up the smooth skin of her back feel like a raging inferno spreading over her body.

    The way Eren yanked back on the chain, she would later marvel at how it hadn’t broken in that moment and how it hadn’t snapped after as her head left the wall to satisfy his will. Perhaps it was the sudden pain of the delicate gold chains tattooing their pattern into her neck or the immediate lack of airflow that followed, but Mikasa creamed all over Eren’s dick.

    Her cries were breathless, silent, choked as her juices darkened the wall, splattered the floor, painted his cock in more layers that simply dripped down between them. It was only his arm wrapping around her waist that kept her upright, his chain entangled fingers and hold on the back of her neck that kept any obscene sounds from floating out of their tiny stall.

    It was too much as he continued to press into her her, chasing his own release, but mercifully his body fell heavy on hers, hot flesh on hot flesh, pressed up the wall together. He moaned helplessly in her ear as he spilled his seed as deeply inside.

    Mikasa would never look at those pearls any pearls the same. And did they really just have sex in a public place?!

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