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  • For a moment, a band of thieves, In ripped up jeans got to rule the world

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    Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here! / Part 8 Here! / Part 9 Here! / Part 10 Here! / Part 11 Here! / Part 12 Here! / Part 13 Here! / Part 14 Here! / Part 15 Here!

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    Song for this Chapter - (X) 

    A/N: Posted a day early because a few people asked me to, I think y’all are going to like this chapter :)

    * “So what’s your pick (Y/N/N)?”

    * You turn to your right, seeing Tyler’s grinning face.

    * “Pick for what?” You take another modest sip from your glass.

    * Conner’s throwing a party at his house since his parents will be gone all weekend.

    * Half the school must be here, his house is almost as big as the Cullen’s

    * Tyler exchanges a look with Conner and Mike and grins.

    * The three of you and Angela are sitting in his Dad’s study, drinking his finest brandy

    * You’ve just been taking very small polite sips to throw off any suspicions

    * The upside to being a vampire: you can’t taste anything other than blood so the alcohol just tastes like water

    * The downside: you stay drunk until you force yourself to throw it up

    * “F*ck, Marry, Kill: me, Conner, and Mike.”

    * You wrinkle your nose and Angela laughs

    * “Gross questions like that are why I don’t sit with you guys at lunch anymore.” The others laugh and you take a sip of you drink as Tyler grins

    * “It’s a game, everyone’s gone except you”

    * Have they? You’ve been pretty tuned out, Jessica and Bella left to go to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago.

    * To add, you haven’t seen either Edward, Emmett, or Rosalie since you all came together in the jeep.

    * Things are still…different between you and Edward

    * He’s not outwardly hostile towards you or anything but…

    * He doesn’t smile at you anymore

    * Not like he used to, with that carefree boyish grin

    * Just thinking about it gets you down

    * You were fairly surprised when he said he would come with you, Rosalie and Emmett to Conner’s party.

    * You were less surprised when he basically abandoned you as soon as you got into the house

    * You’ve been trying to see if you can hear any of your friends in the house but you haven’t been able to distinguish any voices yet

    * You sigh, holding your drink out to Mike

    * “Marry,” the bright grin on his face almost makes you feel bad.

    * “Kill, kill” your drink sways as you point to Tyler and Conner.

    * Another roar of laughter

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    #twilight#twilight imagine#twilight saga#twilight headcanon #twiligh reader insert #edward cullen #edward cullen imagine #Edward Cullen x reader #bella swan #bella swan imagine #bella swan x reader #mike newton #mike newton x reader #conner twilight#cullen imagine#superhero--imagines#midnight sun
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  • Much ADO new chapter coming soon!


    Chapter 16 picture page part 1

    Engagement party, wedding, wedding toast from family and friends. Honeymoon sex in ocean

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    A predictable picture war ensued. I watched them hand the camera around the table, giggling and flirting and complaining about being on film.

    #twilightsagaedit#new moon#twilight#twilight saga#Angela Weber#Mike Newton#Jessica Stanley#eric yorkie #Angela has a camera but you can barely see it ... but it works a little with the part in the book
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  • nScrypt 3D prints upgraded gaskets for the fuel pumps of Larsen Motorsport’s ‘Gen 6’ dragster - 3D Printing Industry

    nScrypt 3D prints upgraded gaskets for the fuel pumps of Larsen Motorsport’s ‘Gen 6’ dragster – 3D Printing Industry

    Has revealed that it has 3D printed engine parts for automotive R&D firm Larsen Motorsports’ latest dragster. Utilizing nScrypt’s ‘nRugged’ system, Larsen has been able to replace the outdated gaskets on the fuel pumps of its new ‘Gen 6′ jet-powered car, with more durable fabricated seals. “It is an ideal platform for 3D printing and testing both mechanical parts, like the fuel pump gaskets, but…


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  • Edward every single second of his life having to hear the thoughts of horny teenagers, creepy teachers, and his family that just bangs each other 24/7:

    #edward cullen#twilight#twilight renaissance#twilight revival#alice cullen#jasper hale#carlisle cullen#bella swan#esme cullen#emmett cullen#rosalie hale#jessica stanley#mike newton #I found this meme after someone tweeted zayn that they were fingerling themselves to his album and he replied #and I haven’t stopped thinking about that tweet since #anyways edward is vanilla and bad at sex #dick game WEAK #Jessica is probably good at sex and he’s jealous
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  • I don’t remember who said this, but to the person who thought of/came up with the jacob/mike pairing, you’re in my head rent free rn <3

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    Title: Half You Half Him

    Fandom: Twilight

    Genre: Family

    Main Characters: Rosalie Hale . Daughter O.C.

    Side Characters: Step Dad Emmett Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Edward Cullen,  Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorike, Angela Weber, Mentions of Royce King II.

    Warnings: Mentions of past life rape.

    Synopsis: Rosalie didn’t know, but if she had she would have made sure that he would have suffered all the more. None of them knew it was possible, for a half breed child to exist. Did not know that at the time of her turning Rosalie Hale was with child a fact they learn centuries on when Alice is shown, without warning the full truth of Rosalie’s demise along with the fact that the little girl spent a good portion of time with the man who Fathered her, used as a way to take out his angry on Rosalie without her being there and that the little girl is coming to visit Forks.

                                                                : :

    The vase slips from Alice’s hands and shatters as it makes contact with the wood floor below the look of petrified horror upon her face has even Carlisle worried.

    “Alice, what have you seen?” Esme cautiously voices to which the younger vampire’s gaze immediately darts to Rosalie, the franticness within her eyes only growing.

    “There’s something-” she begins only to stop, a airless breath pulling into her lungs. “Your death Rosalie, there is something, you weren’t the only one being hurt.”

    “Alice.” Carlisle cuts in with a gentle warning.

    “No Carlisle.” Alice snaps suddenly her golden eyes shooting toward the older man before drifting back to the woman she has been speaking to.

    “Rosalie, when-when Royce violated you-he-impregnated you and-his-” Alice swallows not wanting to finish saying the word. “His sperm reached the egg just as the turning reached your womb and-and you-you were pregnant Rosalie, the child was half him, half immortal you, and they, they were taken from your womb before they could died.”

    Swallowing again Alice takes a tentative step forward.

    “You’re a Mother Rosalie, you have a daughter.”

    Alice’s right hand fingers softly curl about Rosalie’s wrist her expression gently as she gives the blonde time to prepare herself for the vision she is about to show her.

    In absolute silence Alice observes the female in front of her careful to observe as her expression shifts with each passing image and when Rosalie lets out a gasp, tears springing to the edge of her eyes the pixie hair cut girl begins to release her hold only for Rosalie to hold her hand fast with her other hand the look she then gives letting the other know that she wants to see it all.

    By the end both agony and rage are lighting up the woman’s eyes the reality of everything Royce had put their daughter through making her want to bring him back and kill him again.

    “Have you seen anything else Alice?” Carlisle gently inquires to which the black haired girl shakes her head.

    “Unfortunately not.” she retorts her mate Jasper respectfully cutting into the current conversation. 

    “She is alive Rosalie, she has half a heartbeat and I can feel it.”

    Rosalie swallows her head nodding shortly as a thousand emotions seem to run through her lifeless veins all at once.

    “I-I need some time.” she finally replies as she begins moving across the floor and to the houses front door. “I’ll be careful, don’t worry.” she makes sure to add tossing a loving look back toward her mate.

    Bella tagged along to the airport as Mike had said he was supposed to pick up a little girl he and his family knew and bring her back to their place. Eric, Angela and Jessica were there as well, Jessica asking question after question about this mysterious little girl.

    She exits the plane behind an elderly couple, her frame small, hair graham cracker blonde and eyes a summer sea blue. Her left hand is holding onto the strap of what appears to be a very old fashioned backpack, her frame covered in a bright bubblegum pink sweater, a soothing sun yellow dress of which clearly looks of the vintage variety is adorning her body and there is a cookie cream beret set firmly upon her head an all white pompom set upon its top.

    “There she is.” Mike says pointing directly at the girl in the old-fashioned clothes.

    “A bit old fashioned don’t you think?” Jessica remarks to which Angela is quick to counter. 

    “I think she looks lovely.”

    Jessica rolls her eyes making a distinct noise with her tongue as her arms cross and she looks away.


    It is less than ten minutes they are waiting when she finally enters Mike quick to call out to her and in moments she is looking their way.

    She looks an awful lot like Rosalie. 

    Her small lips pull into a gentle smile form making its way over.

    “Michael, it’s a pleasure.” she voices then her eyes sparkling as she observes him.

    “You know you can just call me Mike.”

    “If that is what you would like for me to do than I shall.” the girl retorts sweetly eyes drifting over to the rest of them. “And who might these four be?”

    “This Eric, Angela, Jessica and Bella. They’re my friends.”

    “My name is Amelia King it is a pleasure to meet you all.”

    Bella’s throat tightens ever so much the girls eyes taking on a sudden light at the action.

    Her last name is the same as the man who raped Rosalie and left her for dead.

    “It’s impolite to stare Miss Swan.” Amelia speaks suddenly Bella’s blinking rapidly as she is desperately trying to categorize what she is feeling at the moment. 

    Just as he said he would do Eric drives Amelia over to his house and helps her settle in, Eric and Angela seeming utterly enthralled with the young girl while Jessica appears less than impressed though Bella believes it is because she has Mike’s attention and not her.

    The two make eye-contact for a brief moment and Bella habitually swallows.

    She really does look like Rosalie.

    That look in Bella’s eyes is one I would never miss and am well aware by her lack of ability to hide what her soul is showing that this mortal girl knows of the supernatural world and more specifically Vampires.

    There are vampires here, werewolves too, this whole town is thick with their scent’s and it is clear by the increase in potency that both sides know that I am here.

    She knows a seer, someone who has no doubt observed my life through visions. She is a member of the only Vampire Coven in this town and her name is Alice.

    Smiling gently I telepathically send out word to the black-haired seer with a propensity for theatrics. 

    I inform her that I will visit them tonight and that the should teach their Human friend not to be so readable. 

    With the corners of my mouth turning up that much more I can feel Alice reply. 

    She is both very shocked at my ability to be able to communicate with her this way as well as being very happy.

    Stilling my hands I inform Mike that I am going to use the ladies room a muttered word from Jessica having me turn back and lock eyes with her.

    “Your jealous is problematic Miss Stanley, and will, if you continue on in this manner ruin what little chance you still have with my friend, I would be wise to curb your raging adolescents if I were you.”

    With a very shocked Jessica left behind me I can hear Erica, and Angela counter my statement with bemusement.

    She is waiting outside the door, her heartbeat distinct and her thoughts anxious.


    Carefully removing myself from the bathroom I gently shut the door behind me, my eyes trailing upward and toward Bella Swan’s face her attempts at intimidation falling immensely short as though I appear to be no more than seven I have in fact been in proper existence since late in the year of 1933.

    “Your attempts at intimidation will not work on me Miss Swan, and I would refrain from trying so hard, you are bound to hurt yourself in the process.”

    As I leave the mortal behind I can hear her calling out to me, trying to get me to respond in the way she intended it to go.

    “Miss Swan.” I calmly begin, turn back on my heel to face just as I reach the room again. “You have no power over my actions and cannot get me to do a single thing that you want. You are not my Mother and therefore have no say in what I do and I would most appreciate it if you would abstain from acting as such.”

    Standing still much as Jessica has done Bella Swan merely stares at me at which point I take the opportunity to  move back into the room and finish what I have previously been doing. Mike’s friends Erica and Angela immediately beginning to hold a conversation with me.

    Out of all of Mike’s friends I like these two the most.

    Mike is easily distractible and as he always ever seems to do he leaves me to my own devices, his friend’s Eric, Angela and Jessica following closely behind him which leaves only Bella and I alone in the house.

    “Well, this has been quite the afternoon but I I believe I will be taking a walk now.” I state as I begin to leave the room.

    “Where are you going?” Bella presses as she strides across the floor and to my side.

    “Wherever my steps lead.” I retort as I toss her a short look. “Now if you will excuse me Miss Swan.”

    For several hours I merely wander about, earning looks from plenty of individuals yet as I receive a telepathic message from Alice asking me where I am. I merely send her a mental snapshot and wait for her to come. 

    At the sight of the incoming car I smile, Alice sitting behind the wheel, the passenger side thankfully vacant. 

    Opening the door I slip inside, careful sit down and buckle myself in.

    The drive is not all that long, but is in fact very calming. The scenery helps much with it of course and as we pull up to the house that Alice and her coven live in I can sense the familiarity in a form inside. 

    “Come on.” I hear Alice voice. “My family is dying to meet you.”

    I can’t help but snicker at the pun weather it be intentional or not.

    Following closely behind Alice as she makes her way up the front steps of the house I can hear the distinct sound of banter from inside the scent of both freshly cooked food and well preserved blood from the freezer drifting up my nose.

    Hand in hand I walk with Alice down the hall, making sure to block my thoughts from the mind reader Edward before he can begin to pry.

    Tossing a look down at me Alice smiles having been able to feel what I had done.

    “Good choice.” she whispers to which I giggle in reply.

    In a matter of moments I find myself standing in the kitchen being introduced to most everyone in the Olympic Coven. 

    Jasper Hale introduces himself first and I can tell right away that he is a former soldier for the Calvary. Then I find myself meeting Edward the vampire who can read minds and the one who without a doubt is involved with that idiotic human Bella. I don’t care for him all that much. Following this I meet Carlisle a kind Doctor with a soothing personality and then Esme his Wife who I immediately find myself drawn to in a more of a Grandmother like way. The next and second to last in the Coven is Emmett a Vampire who without warning I go to hug, a low chuckle leaving his mouth as I do my best to wrap my arms around his middle.

    “Where’s Rosalie?” I hear Alice question, the Vampire am hugging about to reply when another voice cuts him off.

    Swift to turn I find a platinum blonde woman with gold eyes and flawless skin staring back at me and in an instant I know.


    Without warning the little girl calls out her form rushing away from Emmett and into Rosalie’s chest, the Vampire’s chest constricting as she can’t believe what she is being called. 

    Though the act is instinctually Rosalie still has to glance up at her mate to make sure what she thinks is happen is, and by the look in his eyes she knows that what she believes is right. The feeling inside her as if she just knows is beyond anything she has ever experienced before and as the young girl proceeds to bury her face into Rosalie’s chest the elder vampire can feel a heavily relieved yet still very weak smile pull along her mouth.

    Her voice gently loving as she speaks the next words.

    “Yes my darling, it is Mama.”



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    Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here! / Part 8 Here! / Part 9 Here! / Part 10 Here! / Part 11 Here!

    * You stare at the blank ceiling, the smooth unblemished surface like freshly fallen snow

    * you should really put some nudie posters up there or something to lighten the mood a little. 

    * Light notes from the piano float around your room

    * You sigh, so these are the facts as you know them:

    * Edward is your best friend who has occasional bouts of brooding and flirtatious behavior.

    * Bella is not albino, she has a lovely peach undertone, and a lovely grilled peach scent

    * The entire coven has treated your attraction to this young lady’s blood like you got caught masturbating or wetting the bed or something

    * “You don’t need to be embarrassed it’s a perfectly natural feeling.” Esme tells you while rubbing your shoulders

    * “We’ve all been there” Rosalie reassures

    * “Totally not a big deal, it happens to me everyday!” Jasper chimes in

    * You wish sunlight hurt you so you could combust into flames on the spot

    * The piano notes get louder, and you feel your mouth pinch into a frown.

    * “Oh my god Edward! Read the room, I want brooding music!”

    * Edward stops, up until then he had been playing a pretty cheerful Mozart piece

    * You can tell he wants to ask why, you’ve been radiating joy non-stop since biology. But he decides against it

    * “You really shouldn’t eat lying down.” He says as you sip blood while lying flat on your bed.

    * “Okay dad.” You snort

    * Edward starts to imagine what it would be like if you called him ‘daddy’

    * All needy on top of him, your hands curled in fists against his chest, the breathy “daddy please” that leaves your mouth

    * All of a sudden he’s ugly turned on

    * “Ugh you’re no fun, I’m going to hang out with Rosalie”

    * You leave the room and Edward has a total meltdown, is this what a kink is? Is he discovering a kink?!? At 100 years of age?!?!?!?

    * Edward.exe is broken

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    #twilight#twilight saga#twilight imagine#twilight headcanon #twilight reader insert #edward cullen imagine #edward cullen x reader #edward cullen #edward and bella #bella swan x reader #Bella x reader #bella swan #Jessica Stanley x reader #mike newton#angela weber#midnight sun#superhero--imagines
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  • in collaboration with @jasperwhitcock and @cullen-collective, we have created our own version of gossip girl! we were so inspired by cassie’s gg post we had to see it realized. kaity lent her beautiful voice and I edited it together! who wants to see the full series?

    special thanks to my twibitches @phil-dwyer-stan-account @howlonghaveyoubeenseventeen @the-golden-onion @teamjacobthot @paulxlahotee @bellasredchevy @bellaskhakis @inthemiddleofmymidnight for the love and support!!

    #twilight edit#gossip girl#bella swan#edward cullen#mike newton#jessica stanley#twilight#emmett cullen #im in love with cassie #kaitys genius strikes again #kaity legit sounds like gossip girl #i hope yall enjoy #i had to upload it to youtube bc tumblr said the file was too big what cowards #so ig this is on youtube for the whole world to see now #my only youtube video
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  • Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here!
    A/N: Alrightie, so two more parts after this one, and the Bella arc starts! Also I’m 100% posting this because I’m bored and it’s thunder storming in my area so I want attention lololol

    As always let me know if you want to be tagged for the series, and I’m still looking for a few more Beta readers so if you’re interested pls DM me with an introduction!

    * “(Y/N)~”

    * Your eyes fly open, looking straight into the Washington mountainside.

    * Right, you decided to “sleep” on your side. You sit up, rubbing your head out of reflex to see Alice standing by your side, a large Cheshire grin stretched out across her face.

    * Before you can get a word in edgewise she shoves an outfit in your face.

    * “Wear this and then come downstairs,” a smirk arch’s onto her lips. “You’re going to thank me btw” she sings before leaving.

    * You sigh and flop back onto the bed. It’s been a week since summer vacation started, and two weeks since you’ve been to school.

    * You have to say you were surprised when Esme came strolling in the baddest boss b*tch power suit with Carlisle trailing after her. You’re sure the principal was surprised to, he was probably expecting a hysterical mother threatening a lawsuit but Esme remained calm through the entire thing.

    * “With all due respect, you’ve already caused irreparable harm to my child. That’s just the situation, and no amount of apologizing will fix that.” She crossed her legs at that point. You remember because it gave you chills. “I want to know what you’re going to do moving forward, to protect my child, and all the other children at this institution.” When the principal offered no real solution Esme sighed.

    * “I’m afraid half hearted apologies won’t protect my children, from this point on I want all my children to be excused from gym and any other class they may have to undress in, and I want (Y/N) to be able to do her coursework from home- Without penalty- until you’re able to come up with a palatable solution to the lack of privacy”

    * The principal started talking about how that was an unreasonable demand

    * “Surely you can’t expect faculty to supervise the students 24/7, that’s impossible!”

    * “With all due respect, that’s not really my problem, what is my problem is the irreplaceable damage your negligent staff has caused my child.” Esme’s voice is cold as ice. “If you’re unwilling to comply to my request, I’m more than happy to put you in touch with our attorney.” With the Cullen’s money you’re sure it wasn’t an empty threat.

    * And that’s how you got an extra week of summer vacation, no penalty. They didn’t even make you do the rest of your assignments, just told you to get better.
    * Esme was so good she even got a written apology from the Spanish teacher that gas lit you.

    * You expected the whole situation would at least throw a wrench in your spirit squad result, but you got you acceptance letter last week (courtesy of Esme as well)

    * Esme might legit be your hero.

    * Not that you’ve done anything with the extra time. Just spending your days taking care of your animals, and nights pretending to sleep.

    * Can vampires have depression?

    * You glance to the outfit Alice picked out for you.

    * “Ugh of course it’s perfect”

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    ate a hard boiled egg

    #mike Newton#protein #gotta get dat protein in der #new moon
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  • you’re laughing.

    edward cullen just married the girl of my dreams and frisbeed her garter into my face with his teeth and you’re laughing

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  • Bella and Mike’s ship name: strawberry newtons

    #twilight#bella swan#mike newton#asdfghjkl #just so you know they taste like strawberry fruit roll ups
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  • Charlie swan: fuck you my child is completely fine

    Bella swan: *awkwardly sitting between Mike and Jacob in the movie theatre while they hold out their hands to be held*


    Originally posted by mundanitysucks

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  • My man mike really asked out two different girls to prom on the same day

    #twilight#twilight saga#mike Newton #my man was making rounds
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  • The real reason the Cullens have their cars

    #I lost my mental innocence when I sat in the back of the bus #but imagine #Edward would have have a breakdown I kid you not #twilight#the cullens#edward cullen#alice cullen#jasper hale#rosalie hale#emmett cullen#jessica stanley#mike newton#angela weber#eric yorkie#edit
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  • I sometimes feel bad for Mike Newton all he did was day dream about Bella the way the rest of us did over which ever character was our favourite, you know like a teenager is meant to do. He didnt over step the mark by say kissing her without her permission or anything like that so you know, yes he’s annoying but he’s a good guy really

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  • “If you won’t dance with me I’ll have to leave you for my true love,” Mike said, holding his hand out for Eric. “Yorkie, I hope you’re wearing your dancing pants.”

    “But of course, my love.” Eric took Mike’s hand, and let himself be twirled around.

    “Save me a slow one, at least,” you laughed, rushing up to Mike on the floor to smack a kiss on his cheek. “I’ll always dance with you.”

    Mike said nothing, he just smiled. And then picked you up to spin you around.

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