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    07.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Title: Dr. Chase and Dr. Chase

    Ship: Mike x Robert Chase

    Words: 707

    Description: Surprise! We're married now. Thank @serialexperimencelain for that lol.

    Warnings: none

    The first wedding Mike ever went to was their own. It was a private and simple event. Neither one had many people to invite. Only the couple, their coworkers, their bosses, and the dates their coworkers and bosses had decided to bring were there.

    Their attire was only one step up from the business casual worn at work. Mike had put a blazer over a white dress shirt and black slacks. They had also picked out Chase's outfit, a crisp blue suit. Mike felt he looked his best in blue.

    The group stood around the Justice of the Peace as he read a secular version of the usual marriage vows. Mike had also prepared vows in their own words, in the form of a poem. They shook slightly as they read off lines that compared their love for him to life's truest treasures.

    Cameron was the most openly emotional person in the room as they read it. Everyone else used varying methods to hide their emotions. Chase had to turn toward the back wall to hide how soft he was.

    Chase wasn't much of a writer but the vows he prepared made Mike cry anyway. Even then, at their own wedding, Mike still felt amazed someone like him would be in love with them.

    When it was time for one to kiss the other, Mike surprised everyone by dipping Chase into a low kiss. They were sure that was the most flustered they ever saw him.

    Their few guests clapped and they all went their separate ways.

    The couple had decided that dinner on their wedding night would be only the two of them. They went to a restaurant nicer than the ones they normally went to.

    Even on their wedding night, Mike didn't drink. Instead, they clinked a glass of tea against their husband's glass of champagne.

    “This is crazy,” Mike said suddenly.

    Chase looked amused. “Eating dinner together?”

    “No, you dork, being married.”

    “Yeah. It is,” he agreed.

    Mike fiddled with the silver wedding band on their finger. “I never wear jewelry but I'll be wearing this until I die.”

    “Or I do.”

    “Well, I better die first then because I'm not taking this off.”

    “I think we should change the subject,” Mike said quickly.

    The waiter brought the couple's second basket of bread.

    Mike immediately went to town.

    “That's way too much bread,” Chase said.

    Mike shrugged. “I like free bread. Then I'll have leftovers from dinner.”

    After their entrees arrived they talked about varying things until Mike's mind went back to the wild concept of being married to the man across from them.

    “We're both Dr. Chase now,” Mike said. “Then there was your dad. That's three Dr. Chases in the same family.”

    “Imagine our mail,” Mike continued.

    “Our mail?” Chase asked amusedly.

    “If they sent something to us it'd be to Dr. and Dr. Chase. It'd look like a typo.”

    “You really think it's that funny?”

    “It's a little funny,” Mike said.

    They split the bill and left the restaurant.

    “I never thought I'd get married,” Chase admitted on the way home.

    “I hoped I would,” Mike said. “But I didn't think it'd be to someone as wonderful as you.”

    “Wonderful,” Chase repeated. “That's new.”

    “Well, you are. To me anyway.”

    “Can I ask you a stupid question?” Chase asked when they arrived back at their apartment.


    “Do you want me to carry you over the threshold?”

    Mike snorted. “Are you expecting evil spirits?”


    “Old tradition says newly married couples are susceptible to evil spirits so the husband would carry the wife over the threshold to protect her.”

    “You don't want me to carry you?” Chase asked.

    “Can you?”

    “I'm pretty sure, yeah,” he replied.

    Mike sighed dramatically, “Lift me over the evil spirits with your strong manly arms.”

    Chase snorted and took Mike into his arms and carried them into the apartment.

    Mike wiped down their pants when he let them down. “Did I get any evil spirits on me?”

    “I think you have one right there,” he said, brushing their hair out of their face.

    “Did I?” Mike asked. “Or was that an excuse to get close to me.

    Instead of answering, he leaned in for a kiss.

    tag list: @lysandthunder @cozyships @prophetshusband @pucksfictionallovelife @holy-heck-i-love-my-fo @wolffangwife @bee-ships @glitched-ships @jellyfish-ships lmk if you want to be added (or removed)

    #I never even thought about having a mikase wedding until donnie replied to my reply on his post #I didn't feel like making it a big thing like the mikethony wedding was but that does not mean i love chase less #after all i have loved him practically for as long as i can remember #mike talks #romantic: how good looking am i? #self ship #self shipping community #self shipping
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    #metal and his boyfriends #mike talks#mikethony wedding
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    #rose-wine-selfships #with me and history accuracy it's go exact as possible or go home #except for what the movie screwed up #mike talks#mikethony wedding
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    #sacredempressnatlyia#mike talks #i've been like a melted puddle all day #mikethony wedding
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