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  • hi friends,

    i’m super close to my next milestone! could i possibly get a signal boost? 🖤

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  • Oh! I think I forgot to mention last night, but DVHS is officially over 100,000 words long!

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    aaaah thank you all sm !! the fact that there’s 100+ of you guys out there reading my work is WILD and i’m soft for that :’) i don’t really know how to celebrate stuff like this but i guess you can send me personal asks if you want, nsfw and sfw, i don’t mind ! again, thank you sm !! 💛

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  • Goblin Slayer has sold over 7 million copies (including manga, spin-offs and light novels).

    Congrats to Kumo and Noboru for this amazing milestone. Here’s to more awesome Goblin Slayer content in the future!

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  • hey guys just wanted to say thank you so much for 50 followers!!! I haven’t even had this account for that long and I already got 50 followers adjadha but I really appreciate the support you guys give me on all of my timestamps!! fics and long drabbles will be coming soon, so keep on the look out for that!

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  • omg ive been MIA the last couple days and i log in today to update my blog and i hit 41k??? yall are wild <3 thanks so much for all this love, i so so so appreciate it and love blogging w/ yall! 

    PSA if you haven’t already, definitely enter my faves 2.0!

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    HI SHAWTIES!! So I reached 500 this morning and I forgot to make a post about it but I think it’s a pretty cool accomplishment and I’m proud of it, so you know I had to make a milestone post!!

    I know I haven’t done a single followers special thing, but I’ll plan on doing that hopefully for 600! Thanks again guys, I really love you all and the support you’ve given me. It’s helped me so much and I’m happy I met so many creative and friendly people here😌😌😌😌❤️

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  • and I completely missed it. Blame tumblr mobile’s terrible notifications

    We’re currently sitting at 1801 followers. I really never thought I’d get over 100-150 followers and I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,  x1,801

    —– Love, V

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  • okay, so somehow, I’ve reached 200 followers??? thank you so much!!

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  • I cant belive this…


    Omg guys! This is absolutly amazing! I really wanna thank you for all of the support you’ve given me while I’ve been working in this story! Id also like to thank my discord peeps for being so involved in the writing process, and to the beautiful Ms. @ellaovall for making the comic pages (if yall haven’t followed her already, I highly suggest y’all do!) I never thought this AU would get past 20, but here I am, proving myself wrong thanks to you guys!

    Here’s to 200!!!! 😆

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  • Oh!! I didn’t even notice, but we hit 20 followers!! Gee, thank you guys a whole bunch! Each one of use thank you!

    #(I know its small but like this is something I'm passionate about!) #(and the fact that I got to 20 on this blog means a ton and lets me know others enjoy this stuff!) #milestone #it's not over till it's over.txt #.mod
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  • oh shit i hit 800 whaddup

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  • 53.7kg this morning 😁 GOAL ACHIEVED 🎉

    Had a fat breakfast to celebrate with two slices of toast with my boiled egg, peanut butter for the first time in ages, quite a bit of jam and more peanut butter straight from the jar lol and two fancy butter biscuits my flatmate gave me. Also had a small portion of the gingerbread cream liqueur I bought myself recently but hadn’t had yet because of the diet. Cheeky early morning booze, super luxury breakfast, and it feels great 😁😁😁

    Gonna generally ease my calories back up slowly and keep eating a lot of veg etc, but my god this is a huge relief and that was a fucking great breakfast.

    Also having an actual rest today, with no exercising other than I’ve got to cycle into town for something later. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t even do a walk on a rest day. Another big relief tbh, this fasting the last 3 days has whacked my body a bit and I need to recuperate.

    It’s so nice that I’m appreciating a day without exercise and with high calorie treats just so much, I’m honestly on cloud 9 and I’m very proud of myself 😁

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    So, that last post was my 1000th post on this account!  I never thought that once I started this blog that I would ever reach this many posts.  And this quickly!  So I’d like to use this post to thank some people.

    @refractment - You inspired me, not just on this one but on @ask-the-guiding-light-cast​ as well, to start role-playing in the first place!  And you were the first to interact on my blog, as well!

    @cerulean-volcano​ - Your open starter was our first introduction together, and every interaction we’ve done has been incredibly fun!  I’m glad we’ve been able to interact together!

    @mindful-aria​ - I’m glad we interacted together.  Aria is incredible and you are an incredibly nice person, your art is amazing, and your singing voice is great!  

    @dimensionhoppinghybrids​ - You sought me out to interact together, and I’ve had a blast.  Your muses always put a smile on my face and our interactions have always been fun!  I thank you for interacting and I am glad we’ve become good friends!

    And to each and every person that has interacted, reblogged, liked, followed, and in general just checked out my blog, thank you.  I wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone if it weren’t for everyone who took time out of their day to check out Team Destiny and their antics.  Here’s to the future of this blog and to future friends!

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  • Like, I turn around for a sec to study for an exam -which I’ve passed! Yey!- and you grow so much-


    just W O W. Guys. 1603. That’s such a HUGE number, especially because I’m not so active anymore -I’m so sorry for this ç.ç- but like… even so, you still go on supporting and encouraging me. I’m baffled and moved. What can I say more than thank you from the deepest part of my heart? That you’re fantastic. Yeah, that’s it. You’re fantastic. And I’m really thankful to be able to write for your prompts and to read your ideas, personal headcanons and so on. I really am

    So, once again… THANK YOU! For this amazing milestone!! Let’s meet again for the next one 💖💖💖

    #tricia speaks#milestone#guysssssss #i'm so grateful to have so many patooties here in this placid neighborhood #i'd kiss each one of your foreheads #just thank you!!! #💖💖💖💖
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  • Ha, made it! Now to figure out what to do…

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