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  • vinlove
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Top 14 instant cooling dishes for summer in Hanoi

    Top 14 instant cooling dishes for summer in Hanoi

    Summer in Hanoi, you will certainly feel extremely uncomfortable. In addition to hiding from the heat at home or at vacation spots when summer comes, we also need cool foods to cool off. Let’s discover with Vinlove 14 dishes to help cool off effectively in the sweltering sun of Hanoi in the summer! Mixed Caramel Caramel is a dish that originated in France. The recipe to make this dish is quite…

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    #Coconut Jelly #Corn Milk. #Fruit Juice #Gotu kola juice. #Green Tea. #Ice Cream#Milk Tea#Mixed Caramel #Mixed Tao Pho #Patbingsu#Pickled Fruit #Roasted Rice Water. #Sugarcane Juice#Tea #Top 14 instant cooling dishes for summer in Hanoi
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  • naaicha
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    it’s so sad how much i depend on spotify. highlight of my week is checking my discover weekly on mondays to see if there’s anything good

    #milk tea talk #i haven’t cleared out my spotify likes in forever it’s a mess
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  • duck-duck-its-your-boi-satan
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Headcanon: Franziska is easily distracted and is terrible at remembering to set a timer for tea. Her “perfect” cup of tea is oversteeped and Miles thinks it’s disgusting. Franzy has gotten used to it and therefore thinks that its amazing.

    When Franziska, Maya, Phoenix, and Miles meet up, Wright is the only one allowed to make tea for the group because he oversteeps it as well, but Miles won’t complain about it. Maya doesn’t care because she puts so much sugar in it, it doesn’t matter.

    #ace attorney#miles edgeworth #franziska von karma #maya fey#phoenix wright#franmaya#wrightworth #I oversteep my tea so often #oversteeped black tea is delicious as long as you don’t put milk or sugar
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  • alotusstory
    21.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    06212021 - I picked up some milk tea drinks from Machi Machi today! I've been working on setting up my own website, and there are some finishing touches I want to add and maybe even add some articles up onto it before I share it officially. I'm also going to sit down and plan out my content for the rest of the month and all of July! If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram, is there anything you'd like to see from me? I hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start :)

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  • misstealady
    21.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #seattle #milk & leaf #tea-infused ice cream #ice cream#tea
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  • queerblackcloud
    21.06.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #i would literally kill for mango milk tea boba rn
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  • reclusive-mango
    21.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    ☀️warm summer day in Itaewon☀️

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  • teesformommy
    21.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #Tees for mommy #Mom tees #Stylish mom tees #stylish nana tees #Texas stylish nana tees #Kids mug#kids tees #t-shirts for kids #apparel for kids #stylish kids tees #Mugs for her #Mugs for him #Designer mug #US designer mug #coffee mugs#tea mugs#Milk mugs#tote#tote bags #stylish toto bags #tees for lidies
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  • naaicha
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    well… just learned my paternal grandfather’s name today from my uncle’s birth certificate and it’s super weird to think about this person i’ve never met and nobody even knows what happened to him after he left my grandma and i didn’t even know about that stuff until i was in college!!!!!!! it’s fucked up really

    #milk tea talk #happy father’s day 😐 #my entire young adulthood has been (grandparent dies) (massive bombshell revelation abt family history) (grandparent dies) #anyway apparently he was a workman. whatever that means in british colony language
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  • celestialborderline
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i went to an asian grocery store today and bought tapioca pearls + rice tea, what i needed to make kimbap that would be hard to buy at a regular grocer, and some other miscellaneous goods

    i am currently very happy

    #i’m gonna make tapioca pearls soon i just have my birds out #i have my milk tea in the fridge
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  • mama-witch-1921
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    This is a bit of a combination post 🔮

    Spell jar Sunday and self care Sunday.

    Here are 2 recipes for bath teas that I use regularly.

    Lavender chamomile bath tea💜

    1/2-3/4 cup ground oats

    1/2 cup Epsom salt of choice

    8-10 drops of lavender essential oil

    2 Tbs pink salt

    3 Tablespoons dried lavender

    3 tablespoons dried chamomile

    Add to a pint size glass jar and shake well to combine.

    To use place 2-3 scoops in a reusable mesh or muslin bag, secure, and toss in your bath as the water fills. Light white and/or purple candles and enjoy the peace and calm.

    Rose milk bath tea❤️

    1/2 cup ground oats

    1/4 cup powdered milk

    1/2 cup Epsom salts of choice

    8-10 drops of rose essential oil

    1/4 cup dried rose petals

    4 crushed rose hips

    Add to a pint size glass jar and shake well to combine.

    To use place 2-3 scoops in a reusable mesh or muslin bag, secure, and toss in your bath as the water fills. Light white and/or pink candles and focus on your self love.

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  • saynsah
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    A hot cup of tea will refresh mood.

    No matter what the weather it's cold or sunny, or rainy a fresh cup of tea is all we need

    Tea mainly consists of tea leaves, milk, sugar & othet spices to make it even better than normal tea.

    Masala tea is my favourite, whats yours?

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  • fishy531
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    tbh tumblr

    i dont even kknow what i post sometimes

    i want tea so ima go to the store yall want anything?

    #kjfhkdhfahkfhd #bout to get milk and never come baaaaack #but no i actually want tea hhehnbnnbnnn nn
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  • fazcinatingblog
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    white people (me) will go to a bubble tea place and buy a chocolate smoothie and think it's culture

    #i am white people #sigh #i should've got a flavour of milk tea #any of the flavours #with pearls #i've had some bad ones though like i've gotten drinks that i just can't finish #either cos they're too sweet or idk once i got an orange tea drink and they left the pips in the orange #nearly choked on a few pips #chatime does the best bubble tea #actually no i take that back #the place near glenferrie station does the best bubble tea #that's where i first had it and i loved it so much that i get bubble tea whenever i pass a bubble tea place #and sometimes it just isn't as good
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  • izariichi
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    #keichii needs to sleep #genshin impact#genshin#genshin childe #genshin impact childe #childe#tartaglia#milk tea
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  • tsunxshun
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    So, I took a look at Food Fantasy and it's so cute. Idk if I'm just having dumb luck by getting this UR and SR off the back as well.

    Black Tea is marriage material btw.♡

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  • nanastea
    19.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    order: one small taro milktea with tapioca pearls for nanami kento. the imagine is reader and nanami are ex lovers that reunited at jujutsu tech. jealous kento and still-in-love reader! – anon
    pairing: nanami kento x gn!reader word count: 1,975 tags: fluff, hint of angst, cursing-ish, mention of beating up gojo date: jun. 19, 2021

    nana’s note: ahhh i’ve finished this order >< i hope this was ok anon and i hope you enjoyed it! sorry it too so long :( also i didn’t know if you wanted a happy ending or an open ending but i let be a pretty ambiguous :0 also a very platonic gojo x reader!! also the end is giving a lot of guilt vibes .3.

    previous order: guilt | f. megumi

    you were currently sitting in a meeting room where the current teachers and staff of the tokyo academy had been summoned to. yaga had been on one side and he announced something no one really expected.

    “we have a new faculty member coming in today and i wanted to introduce you all to him.” he starts.

    “please come in.” heads turn to the door when it slides open and your eyes widened at who stepped into the intimate room. a tall broad man appeared donning a neatly pressed beige suit and armless glasses that rested carefully on his nose.

    you could remember that familiar strong structure of his face anywhere. unbeknownst to you, gojo has been giving you side glances and stifling a snicker from under his breath.

    “you’re staring a bit too much.” he uttered and that snapped you out of your thoughts and you gasped, palm coming to your mouth as you averted your eyes away.

    “asshole, remind me sooner.” you glare at your friend beside you who can’t resist his shoulders from bouncing and giggling like a high school girl. you cursed at yourself and shut your eyes before opening to spare a glance at the man in front again. with his glasses, you aren’t too sure if he was look at you or if he was looking elsewhere, but you’re quick to look away again. yaga calls yours and gojo’s names.

    “yes?” you say.

    “nanami will be joining you two in training and i trust that you two will assist him in how things work.”

    “why can’t kusakabe or ijichi do it?” gojo inquired, finally recovering from his laughing fit and slinging an arm over your shoulders. “he’d be intruding on my time with my dear sweets.” you roll your eyes, but let him be.

    “you two used to be the closest with nanami, so i thought it’d be best to have people who he’s familiar with.”

    “mm, fine.” gojo said. “nanamin did call me afterall.” you gave a look at the white haired man who returns a grin. as soon as the meeting is dismissed, you, gojo, and nanami meet out in the hall in a very awkward silence.

    “well, nanamin–”

    “please do not call me that.” the blonde replies to gojo’s comment.

    “oh come on, don’t be like that~” gojo coles, slinging his arm around his old classmate. “i was just going to say that my dear sweets and i are going to go on a mission, would you like to join?” your eyes are anywhere but on nanami and you miss the two pairs of eyes that look at you.

    “i suppose so.”

    “ok! let’s go~” you follow gojo silently and with the louding yapping from your white headed friend, there isn’t a dull moment, which you’re glad for. the mission comes and goes, basically letting nanami exorcise it so he could get used to his cursed energy. for which he handles with ease.

    “bringing back memories?” gojo nudges your shoulder as he lands gently beside you.

    “yeah.” you admit in a mumble. you and nanami had met in high school, specifically jujutsu high where your friendship blossomed into something more. high school days were the best years you recall so clearly because of the people that made it memorable.

    nanami kento was one of those people, both friend and lover that you cherished so much. but sometimes good things must come to an end. as soon as everyone graduated, nanami didn’t pursue being a sorcerer, rather he became a white collar worker.

    of course, you supported him and for some time you two made it work until naturally, you guys could not longer see each other and agreed that it was best to part ways. it was over a phone call when you guys decided it. the decision was mutual and short.

    but after days turned to months, a part of your heart began to feel empty, regretful that you two weren’t able to meet again and say goodbyes formally. now after years, you come face to face with your former lover, working in the same field, and confrontation seems a bit harder than you imagined. your name is called and you looked up at gojo.

    “you’re spacing out~” gojo hummed. “thinking about your love?”

    “shut up, grandpa.”

    “grandpa?” he gasped dramatically and clutched his chest. “you know i can handle it when it’s from others but when it’s my dear sweets? gah–” the bean pole dramatically falls to the ground, arm above his eyes and tongue sticking out foolishly.

    “can you get up? you’re so embarrassing.” you grumbled.

    “oh, come on~ that’s why you love me right?” gojo is on his feet holding your shoulders and shaking you desperately.

    “as if. the curses are getting second hand embarrassment that they exorcised themselves.” you rolled your eyes.

    “that’s a little mean.” now it’s his turn to pout, faking his crocidille tears.

    “whatever.” it was then that nanami walked over to you two with his blunt sword in his hand. the buttons of his coat are undone, revealing the dark blue dress shirt underneath. his blonde hair that was neatly parted has fallen from his gelled confines and falls over his forehead. you hadn’t realized that you’d been staring–again–until nanami is the one that calls your name.

    “huh?” your eyes meet his covered ones.

    “are you alright?” he inquired.

    “y–yeah.” you looked at the ground and you can hear gojo stifling his snicker again. nanami silently observes you for a second before putting away his tool.

    “i’ve finished exorcising the curses, i think we should go back.”

    “yeah.” you nod and the three of you make it back to the car where ijichi is waiting. nanami is walking in front of you guys when gojo nudges you.

    “what?” you grumbled, clearly irritated that you were called out by the person you were admiring.

    “i think you should tell nanamin how you feel.” gojo hummed.

    “and what brought that up all of a sudden?” you gave your friend a look.

    “uh, obviously there’s still unresolved tension between the two of you and i can’t stand it.”

    “there’s no tension at all, i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you shrug it off.

    “please, my sweets, everyone can feel it.” gojo sighed. “and i don’t think nanamin can’t not feel it.” you spare a glance at the tall man and ponder. you can definitely feel that awkward tension when you’re close with nanami and you do feel a little guilty that you must be the one making it awkward by ignoring him.

    “well what am i supposed to do? we may have parted fine, but i just feel…bad, you know?”

    “no i don’t know.” gojo shrugs making you roll your eyes.


    “oh come on! if you’re not going to talk to him personally then…” he ponders before the brightest light bulbs goes off in his head. “how about we make him jealous? you know like in those cliches where person a makes person b jealous because blah and blah?” you look at your friend with the most scrutinizing look, but he doesn’t back down.

    “come on it always works! and it’ll be the only way to see if he actually still likes you.” gojo rolls his eyes as if it were the only idea in the world.

    “i can always ask him.” you say, but you’re a little hesitant. did you really want to talk to your ex-lover if he still had feelings for you? you two may have parted on mutual terms, but something in you still didn’t sit right. plus, you didn’t want things to get awkward if nanami really said no he doesn’t have feelings for you. gosh, that’d be so embarrassing. you wouldn’t live it down, and neither would gojo.

    “yeah right.” gojo scoffed. “you obviously don’t have the balls to do that.” that earns him a glare from you, but you it was true anyway.

    “whatever, it’s not like he still sees me that way.” you sighed, shrugging your shoulders. gojo looks at you carefully and chuckles, patting the top of your head.

    “you’re an idiot.” he told you.

    “what?” you clicked your tongue.

    and surely gojo did keep his words, and although he was naturally affectionate towards your, the physical touching was getting a little more suggestive. the hand on your back would slowly creep lower and whenever he hugged you from behind, his face would snuggle against your neck.

    to say that nanami had not realized the sudden shift in your and gojo’s relationship and was envious about it, was an understatement. the blonde knew something must have been going on between you two despite gojo’s denial, but this seemed to have confirmed it. at least that’s what he thought.

    while nanami knew that you may have still harboured feelings for him–hell, he’d admit that he did too–he didn’t act on them. why? because he was afraid that you two would meet that inevitable fate again, and he doesn’t want that. nanami did regret how things ended and he really wanted to make those amends, but he doesn’t know what’s holding him back.

    “and this is what your plan is?” you deadpanned one day, a little tired of gojo’s constant physical touch and no obvious sign of nanami approaching you.

    “yes! physical touch says a lot more than what words can.” gojo hums and he notices the blonde approaching the both of you.

    “he hasn’t even tried to say or do anything, satoru.” you sighed. “what’s the point anyway? he probably doesn’t even like me anyway.” the white head was going to open his mouth to retort, but he finds something even more interesting that that.

    “speak of the devil.” gojo whispered and your eyes looked up to meet nanami who’s a few feet in front of you.

    “hello, nanamin!” gojo grins. the blonde doesn’t respond rather reaches out to grab hold of your wrist which enables gojo to let go of you. there’s a moment of silence–hesitation–until nanami turns and drags you a long to who knows where.

    you’re shocked to say the least and when you look back at your friend, he gives you the widest grin accompanied by two thumbs up. you’ll beat him up later.

    “n–nanami? where are we going?” his sudden halt makes you stop as well, thankful that you didn’t bump into the man’s back. nanami turns and silently observes you.

    “are you and gojo–”

    “no.” you quickly shot down. “we’re not dating.” his question makes you nervous yet excited because what if your buried thoughts were correct and your former lover still loves you.

    you two can confess your undying love and it’ll be a happy ever after again. but you quickly push them aside, not wanting to get too hopeful. there’s that pregnant pause of silence filled with scrambled thoughts and confused feelings.

    “look nanami–”

    “i think i’m still in love with you.”

    “you–you what?” you’re stunned at the words that fall from his lips. honestly you didn’t even think about how you would react if nanami really reciprocated your feelings. so now that it’s really happening, you don’t even know what to do.

    “i-uh, i don’t know what to say.” you uttered, mostly to yourself. the man before you breaks into a small smile and steps forward, gently taking your hand and running the pad of his thumb against your skin. his other hand goes to pocket his glasses before bringing it to your chin to lift your face up. you two are quick to hold each other’s eyes.

    “you don’t have to say anything.” he says softly, face slowly inching towards yours. your breath catches at your throat and you swallow. the nervousness in your face makes the small smile on nanami’s lips widen.

    “i think i can just show you instead.”

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  • marinatedegg
    19.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    nothing happened but i feel like crying today! 🤩

    #not on period either so what the fuck is going on #im tired and my heart has been racing since yesterday #i thought it was from the milk tea i essentially chugged yesterday but i still woke up feeling like this #pp
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