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    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Mil: Sometimes, I think Phukong and I should kiss.

    Sarawat: And sometimes I think I should do crystal meth. I guess we all have bad ideas.

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  • konaizumi
    25.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Mil: *accidentally brushes Phukong’s hand with his hand*

    Mil: Oh my bad--

    Phukong: *aggressively holding Mil's hand*


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  • kaonoppakao
    28.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Sam’s / kaonoppakao’s 1 year blog anniversary celebration

    → 2gether the Series
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  • kaonoppakao
    14.04.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #lovely writer #lovely writer the series #kao noppakao#up poompat#pannedpandawork #milphukong war flashbacks
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  • bl-shitposting
    07.04.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Sarawat: *staring intensely at Mil*

    Mil: Can you stop doing that? You are scary.

    Sarawat: *smiling* How many minutes did I say?

    Mil: *looking down* 20 minutes at 180 degrees in the Air fryer.

    Tine and Phukong: ???

    Mil: He says thats how long it will take to cook Mil in the Air fryer.

    Sarawat: *walks out the room smugly*

    #sarawattine#milphukong#incorrect 2gether #can you tell how excited i am for the movie? #minho radiates sarawat vibes tbh
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  • chosanggus
    29.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    I NEED some Milphukong in the 2gether movie. When are we going to hear Phukong’s song?? When are we going to get the full scene of Phukong crying in the rain?

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  • konaizumi
    22.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

    petition for gmmtv to release another 2gether the movie trailer with proof of some mantype content

    #throw in some milphukong content too #i just need to see my favs still being happy and in love #pls gmmtv#2gether #2gether the movie #mantype
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  • patandpran
    30.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    The Nuisance and the Handsome Prince - A Sarawatine Medieval AU - Chapter 20

    Tine is an aspiring Squire who has been training his whole life to work alongside the Kingdom’s finest Knights. Sarawat is a Prince who, on the outside, seems fierce and unapproachable. He is disinterested in any of his royal duties, namely his Knight training. What happens when Tine is assigned to be the fierce and handsome prince’s Squire?

    Mil burst into Phukong’s quarters without even knocking. He knew it was likely very inadvisable but he didn’t care. It was the only place that felt safe at the moment. After he had left the Infirmary, Mil had quickly found out about Sarawat and Tine’s disappearance from whispers in the halls. Sarawat didn’t just run away - it wasn’t like him.

    “Kong?” Mil called out desperately.

    Mil ran deeper into the set of rooms that made up the Prince’s quarters and found Phukong being dressed by a servant for the evening’s Revelries. The Prince had a midnight blue outfit on that made Mil come to a halt and forget for a moment what his actual reason for being there was.

    “Mil?!?” Phukong’s eyes widened in surprise as he drank in the presence of the Knight.

    Phukong nodded dismissively to the servant who was helping him dress and the servant curtly bowed before making his leave. Silence hung in the air until they both heard the sound of the latching of the door that led to the hallway, marking the fact that they were truly alone.

    Mil’s breath hitched as the Prince slowly walked toward him, studying him as if he was a phantom or a dream. Phukong made one circle around Mil before the Knight couldn’t stand it any longer.

    He put one hand on either of Phukong’s shoulders to stop the Prince and asked, “Are you all right?”

    Phukong sighed, letting down his guard in a way he didn’t for anyone else. “Not exactly but knowing that you are awake again has lifted a great weight from my shoulders.”

    “There is great unrest in the Kingdom.” Mil responded, his brow furrowed with concern. “I have missed so much because of my blindness.”

    “Blindness?” Phukong repeated, confusion in his eyes.

    “You were right all along, Kong.” Mil rambled, the words spilling from his mouth at an alarming rate. “I let my sense of duty get in the way of what is right. I know that my past actions have had dire consequences and I pledge to you that I will make up for them. Starting now.”

    Mil was not exactly a man of many words so this was all very new for Phukong, especially the part where Mil admitted he was wrong. Phukong questioned again whether he was dreaming but could still feel the pressure of Mil’s hands on his shoulders so he knew he was quite awake.

    “I promise to be different.” Mil continued and Phukong relaxed even more. “I want to better… for you.”

    “But what about your Father?” Phukong wondered, knowing that Mil had always been pressured by his Father’s command.

    “He has never treated me like a son, only like a weapon to be used for his own gain.” Mil responded with conviction. “I would rather fight for a decent cause than a selfish one.” Phukong could barely believe what he was hearing but it was unlike Mil to speak anything but the truth, a value that had caused Phukong to fall for the Knight in the first place. Without thinking, Phukong murmured, “But he’s your family….”

    “You and Sarawat are more my family than my Father has ever been.” Mil answered, not missing a beat.

    Phukong wished he could kiss Mil right then and there but it didn’t seem like the right timing. Unconsciously, though, his eyes fell to Mil’s lips and Mil took this as an invitation to lean forward and press his lips to Phukong’s. Of course, the Prince did not put up a fight.

    Never had anything felt so right to Mil. All his life he had felt like he was fighting for something he couldn’t quite right but now, with Phukong in his arms, he felt complete. As long as he could keep the Prince safe, there was nothing else that Mil needed. Finally, he was at peace with who he was and what he wanted.

    “I wish we could just stay here…” Phukong whispered against Mil’s lips. “But we do have a kingdom to save.”

    Mil chuckled and pulled away from Phukong slightly. He put a determined look on his face. “All right. What is the plan?”


    Sarawat could feel hope draining from him at every passing moment. He had shed blood and literal tears to get the message to his Mother but he wasn’t sure if it had worked.

    The previous evening, the Prince had worked up the strength to scale the dungeon wall to the small window in his cell. He had draped several scraps of his outfit over the side, hoping desperately that someone might notice it and recognize it as his clothing, signalling them to his whereabouts.

    Tine had protested the action the entire time, warning Sarawat that if he fell, he would only damage his head even further. As much as he cared for his Squire, Sarawat’s determination to free them had won out against Tine’s rationality.

    But now it was morning and no one had arrived to save them. The sun had replaced the Moon in the sky and Sarawat worried that the message had gone unseen. Sarawat looked over to the opposite cell and saw that Tine was sleeping fitfully against the dungeon wall, twitching so often in a way that told Sarawat he was having a nightmare.

    “Tine!” Sarawat hissed, hoping to save the man he loved from the danger in his dreams but quickly realizing that maybe it was not as bad as facing the doom that reality brought.

    Tine shifted and slowly woke before rubbing his eyes. He winced at the sunlight that streamed through the window. The Squire sighed, realizing that no one had come to their aid, despite the hope that had settled in him when he finally fell asleep early that morning.

    “Are you feeling any better?” Tine asked once his eyes had adjusted to the light. Sarawat nodded slowly, even though he still had a splitting headache. The Prince opened his mouth to respond to Tine when a clunking sound of loud and nearing footsteps interrupted his thought.

    Anger spread like wildfire through Sarawat’s chest as he saw who it was: The Head Knight.

    “Good morning, Your Highness.” The Head Knight sneered mockingly before turning his attention toward Tine. “… And the Traitor. What a pair you are.”

    Sarawat charged forward and rattled the cell bars violently. “Listen to me. The only traitor is you. Tine has done nothing wrong. Now, I order you to release us now!”

    “I don’t answer to you.” The Head Knight scoffed as he paced in front of the cells, dragging his sword lazily along the bars. “I don’t answer to anyone!”

    “That’s your problem…. PRIDE!” Tine cried out in disgust. “There’s not a shred of honour in you. Only action fuelled by jealousy and hatred.”

    “Now, that’s just a bunch of ridiculous words.” The Head Knight retorted angrily. “What I want is power and I’m going to take it.”

    “You are betraying the crown. The crown you have served your entire career.” Sarawat expressed, confusion in his words. “For what?”

    “It was a game of patience, Prince. Something you know nothing about.” The Head Knight explained as he continued to pace. “I have worked my way up through the ranks, using pawns to do my dirty work and feigning loyalty. You see… I am a very good actor. Just like your Father, Tine.”

    “Don’t you dare mention my Father.” Tine spat venomously, his brow furrowed.

    “He had me convinced me for a while, you know, that he was going to be a great Squire, that he would eventually lead by my side but then he acted so… stupidly, leaving me behind and for what? A normal life? How boring…” The Head Knight ranted before pausing in front of Tine’s cell. “But then you appeared at the Squire Trials and I thought… well, what an opportunity this is! What an added bonus to my plan!”

    “You get away from him.” Sarawat growled, struggling to his feet.

    The Head Knight ignored the Prince and thrust his sword between the cell bars, aiming it at Tine’s throat. Thankfully, Tine still had enough strength to keep his wits about him and he scrambled back a few feet, avoiding the blade.

    “TINE!” Sarawat cried out, shaking the bars with all his might.

    The Head Knight turned on his heel and laughed spitefully at the Prince, who’s anguish only fuelled his entertainment. Tine hated looking so scared in front of others but the Head Knight was so unhinged that he couldn’t predict what the man was going to do.

    The Head Knight sighed and pulled his sword from the shell. “You two are much too easy to read. I am doing the Kingdom a favour by taking over. No one would every accept two men on the throne. The thought is so ridiculous that it disgusts me.”

    Tine recoiled, shame spreading through him but Sarawat barked out, “You know nothing of love! You have never loved anything but your own reflection.”

    The Head Knight barely flinched at the Prince’s words which only validated the truth of them. He sheathed his sword and continued on with his pacing.

    “You two will remain here as collateral.” The Head Knight explained. “Just in case the King does not give up the throne, you will be used to convince him.”

    “What do I have to do with anything?” Tine wondered and quickly regretted his words.

    “You will keep the Prince cooperative until he is no longer needed.” An evil smile spread across the Head Knight’s lips. “And then you will be discarded.”

    “The wrath that will come your way if you harm even a hair on his head.” Sarawat called out to the Head Knight. “Plus, our wait won’t be long. My family will continue to search for me.”

    “That’s the thing, Your Highness, they won’t.” The Head Knight laughed as he turned back toward the Prince. “They believe you have betrayed them and fled with your Squire, scattered to the wind to ensure the traitor’s freedom. The best part is that I’m hiding you right under their nose…”

    “Someone will come down here.” Sarawat objected, although his voice revealed that he was losing hope by the minute. “Someone will hear our screams!”

    “The Guard has been strictly prohibited from entering the Dungeons aside from those I trust and as for your screams… they will be drowned out by the Revelries that are about to begin so I suggest that you save your breath.” The Head Knight turned on his heel and stalked down the hallway as Sarawat collapsed down into defeat. “Soon you will be calling me the King!”

    “I don’t understand…” Tine murmured as soon as they heard the slam of the Dungeon’s door. “What is he going to do?”

    “… He’s going to overthrow my Father and take over the throne.” Sarawat answered, his voice small. “His rank is high enough that is he challenges my Father to a duel and he wins, especially without an Heir present, he will take the Kingdom from my Father’s trembling hands. That’s why he needed me out of the way. God, I am so stupid…”

    “I’m so sorry.” Tine breathed out, his throat catching with emotion. “This is all my fault.”

    “No, Tine, this would have happened one way or another.” Sarawat looked up to meet Tine’s gaze. “The Head Knight has been planning this for a long time. We are just his pawns. Who could have know that this was what he was planning?”

    “I knew of his true nature, I should have exacted my revenge on him as soon as I got through the castle walls.” Tine should his head with regret. “Then, none of this would have happened.”

    “You would not have been able to even raise a sword in front of the Head Knight without all the entire Royal Guard descending on you first.” Sarawat protested firmly. “And that’s not to take away from your fighting skill. This is just the reality of our situation. The Head Knight has everyone wrapped around his finger, even my Father.”

    “The King won’t see the betrayal coming…” Tine realized with horror.

    “No.” Sarawat agreed. “He won’t.”


    The Revelries were in full swing when Ohm entered the Ballroom. Green had fashioned an outfit for him as well as many others for those who were working for the cause. Rumour had it that Sarawat would return that evening so Ohm was ready for anything. Weapons were concealed in all parts of his outfit which made it quite uncomfortable but worth it to know that he would be ready if anything was going to happen. Weapons were not allowed at such events but thankfully Green’s fashion kept them well hidden enough to pass the inspection at the entrance of the ballroom.

    The King, the Queen and Prince Phukong sat up on their usual platform above the crowd. One throne sat empty where Prince Sarawat would usually sit and the site made Ohm’s stomach turn over with worry. What exactly was Tine and Sarawat’s plan and why had they fled in such a manner? What was going to happen tonight?

    Fong had insisted on working beyond the kitchen for the evening’s event and Green had even fashioned him a pocket where he had slipped a butcher’s knife, just in case he was also called into action. Ohm kept a firm eye on Fong as he made his way through the crowd, offering chalices of who knows what to the members of the group.

    Ohm nodded for Fong to make his way over to him and as much as wanted to slug down one of the drinks offered on the tray Fong was holding, he knew he had to keep his wits about him.

    “Sir Green has really outdone himself with your attire this evening.” Fong tried his best to lighten the mood as he could tell that Ohm was more on edge than he had ever seen him before.

    “That kind of suggestive language does not help me stay focused on the task at hand, Fong.” Ohm murmured and earned himself a devilish grin from Fong.

    The dance floor was lively with spinning couples and Fong looked out at it longingly. Ohm noticed this and leaned in to whisper in his ear, “When this madness is all over, I’m going to take you dancing.”

    The blush that spread across Fong’s cheeks was well worth it but the moment didn’t last as a scream sounded from the edge of the room as the Head Knight charged across the dance floor toward the platform where the remaining members of the Royal Family sat.

    Ohm watched in confusion as the Head Knight jumped up onto the platform and a flood of Royal Guards dispersed amongst the crowd evenly. Several members of court fainted in surprise and many tried to flee but the doors of the ballroom were quickly barricaded by Guards, blocking anyone from escaping.

    “What in the hell…” Fong whispered and dropped his tray in shock.

    The chalices clattered to the floor with a clang and Ohm stepped in front of Fong to put distance between him and the platform. The King, Queen and Phukong all gave the Head Knight a look of confusion and Ohm’s stomach twisted in a way that told him that this was the event they had all been waiting for.

    The Head Knight pulled his sword from its sheath and for a moment it seemed like he was about to turn away from the King as if to protect him from something but the sneer on his lips told the crowd that there was something much more menacing afoot. The King, the only person aside from the Knights and Guards who was allowed to bear a weapon, reached for his own sword but the Head Knight quickly reacted to this.

    “I suggest, your Highness, that you don’t make another move.” The Head Knight held his sword out toward the King’s throat. “You will surrender the throne in my name or face the consequences.”

    The King rose slowly and the crowed became eerily still. Never had Ohm heard a room so silent. He slipped his hand into Fong’s and squeezed it before reaching into his own shirt to take out one of his concealed weapons.

    “I don’t know what this big charade is about, Head Knight, but the show is over.” The King put one hand down onto the blade of the Head Knight’s sword. “Stand down or the guards will take action against you.”

    “You see, that is where you are wrong.” The Head Knight chuckled. “The Guard follows me, their Future King and not you… Your DISgrace.”

    “How dare you!” The Queen jumped to her feet but Phukong quickly acted and held his Mother back from getting any closer to the altercation.

    “I think this will make you both more agreeable.” The Head Knight retorted and gave a nod to one of his Guards.

    “Father! Don’t stand down. Please!” Prince Sarawat’s voice sounded across the ballroom as Lord Mil dragged him into the space.

    Sir Boss quickly followed with Tine in tow who was putting up the fight of a lifetime. Both young men looked battered and bruised, as if they had never been truly free as had been rumoured.

    “We were kept in the dungeon, I never ran away!” Sarawat called out, equally as resistant to his captor as Tine was.

    “If you do not listen to my commands, I will kill your son right here and now.” The Head Knight explained, turning back toward the King.

    “No!!” The Queen cried out, fighting against Phukong’s grasp. “My son - not my dear son!”

    Ohm looked to Green for direction. Green held out a steady hand which signalled Ohm to stay in wait, as much as he wanted to spring into action and help his friend. Sometimes it was better to wait in such situations than to cause a scene.

    The King’s upper lip curled in a defiant sneer. “Do not lay a hand on my son.”

    “Mil, NOW!” Prince Phukong cried at the top of his lungs.

    As the Moon became full in the sky that evening, the Bear followed the direction of the younger Prince and released the Wolf, passing him his sword and hoping that the Wolf was ready for the Hunt of his life.

    Teeth bared, the Wolf jumped into action.

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    29.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    BEST OF BL 2020: [1/6] Bonus

    2gether + Still 2gether
    #bestofbl2020#2gether#still 2gether#sarawatine#mantype#phukongmil#milphukong#brightwin#bright vachirawit#mike chinnarat#toptap jirakit#drake laedeke#frank thanatsaran#* #2g and s2g were my first two bls so ofc they have to be mentioned somewhere #i am still very soft for these shows tbh #think i might rewatch 2g and s2g sometime after new years #bc i just can't stop thinking about rewatching them for some reason #also yes i'm doing 6 bonuses sjhdslggjk #i can't pick Only 3 for the 3 days that are left #so 6 gifsets for 3 days it is shjdskllk
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  • disaster-j
    26.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    Earn x Pear Social Media AU Part 0 of ?

    Summary | Next | Previous

    When his bandmate Earn starts thirst tweeting on main about his new boyfriend's childhood bff, Sarawat tells Tine expecting they'd have a good laugh and forget about it, but Tine has a different idea. One that involves matchmaking and shenanigans that Wat absolutely did not sign up for. Oh the things we do for love.

    {This is my secret santa gift for the lovely Diz @thanatsarans I didn't know your blog before this but I really enjoyed it and I hope we can become friends from here on out bc you seem cool :3 a very happy holidays to you and I hope that you like this!

    And ofc a very happy holidays to the awesome people that organised this whole thing @mistletoinks }

    #oh and since this is a socmed au and tumblr only lets you post ten pics at a time #ill be uploading this in parts throughout the next 2 or 3 days #so i dont spam the tags #secretsanta'20#earnpear#pearearn #earn x pear #2gether #2gether the series #thai series#thai show#thai bl#thai bls#sarawatine#milphukong#dimgreen
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    18.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Favourite otps [5/5]: FrankDrake / MorkTee / MilPhukong

    Earlier, I asked you to be my fake boyfriend. Today, can you be my real boyfriend? Fine. Let’s do it. Really? Yeah. We are a couple. No breakup. Want to be my boyfriend? You’d better catch me.  Sure.
    #bestofbl2020#frankdrake#my tee#2gether#still2gether#drake laedeke#frank thanatsaran#milphukong#morktee #cause you're my boy #pannedpandawork #i just want them in a good series again for 2021 #please gmmtv #look the 2nd row lol they just hold hands in s2g #but at least they kissed in our skyy
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  • patandpran
    09.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    The Nuisance and the Handsome Prince - A Sarawatine Medieval AU - Chapter 19

    Tine is an aspiring Squire who has been training his whole life to work alongside the Kingdom’s finest Knights. Sarawat is a Prince who, on the outside, seems fierce and unapproachable. He is disinterested in any of his royal duties, namely his Knight training. What happens when Tine is assigned to be the fierce and handsome prince’s Squire?
    Find the Masterpost here Read on Archiveofourown here.

    Sarawat woke and his head felt like it had been shattered into a million pieces. There was a part of him that wanted to open his eyes but another warned him of the consequences of that action. The pain would not exactly be manageable.


    Sarawat heard a voice calling to him and it made warmth spread through him, extinguishing some of the pain that he was in.

    “Wat…. Oh, god. Please wake up.”

    When Sarawat recognized the voice as Tine’s, his eyes sprang open and the pain exploded behind his eyes. How had he got here? He could smell the irony tang of his own blood and the dankness of tepid water that loomed in the dungeons.

    “You’re okay…”

    The sound of relief in Tine’s voice made Sarawat swell with hope. He winced in concentration, willing his blurry vision to focus enough to make out Tine in the distant. As he focused, suddenly he was able to see that he was separated from the man that he loved by cell bars.

    The Prince was locked in a cell as well.

    “What the hell?” Sarawat cried out in shock as he rushed toward the bars, wrapping his hands around them and shaking them will all his remaining strength.

    Tine watched in anguish as the Prince let out a howl of frustration before he crumpled into a helpless heap. Tine wished he could reach Sarawat to comfort him in some way but he wasn’t sure there was anything that could help the Prince at this point.

    “Sarawat… how is your head?”

    Tine asked gently after a few minutes of silence. He needed to know if Boss had caused any permanent damage to the Prince. Tine couldn’t wait to get his hands on Boss, although he wondered if he would ever have the chance to. Their fates did not exactly look very promising at the present moment.

    “I’m fine.”

    Sarawat responded but the weakness in his voice betrayed him. It would take a while for the Prince to get his strength back but it didn’t seem to matter at that point. Sarawat slowly maneuvered himself so that his back was against the cold stone wall of the cell. He held his head in his hands and breathed deeply in an attempt to keep the pain at bay.

    “This is all my fault.” Tine murmured in sudden horror.

    Sarawat was broken and bloodied because of him and nothing else. If Tine had never going to the Squire Trials, if he had never been so selfishly driven by revenge, the Prince would not be in this position. Tine’s eyes welled with tears at the realization. “Wat, I’m so sorry.” Tine continued but the Prince looked up at Tine with a determined look on his face.

    “Tine.” Sarawat stated. “There is something more at work here, something bigger than us. I was lured here and I think this is only one step of the plan. I want you to hear this clearly: this is not your fault. I chose to come here, knowing very well that there was a chance I was walking into a trap. That didn’t matter to me. You are worth it.”

    “I am not worth your freedom!” Tine argued, his frustration with himself pouring out as tears began to stain his cheeks. “You have to stop loving me, Sarawat, it’s going to be the death of you.”

    Sarawat’s gaze softened slightly and a shy smile stretched across his lips. “Loving you is both the best and stupidest thing I’ve ever done but there’s not one part of me that regrets it.”

    Tine would never stop being surprised by Sarawat’s words. Even when he heard them for the first time, it was so hard to fathom that the Prince loved someone as ordinary and common as him.

    “…I love you too, you know.” Tine admitted as he wiped away his tears. “I don’t know when it started but… denying it is like denying the moon hanging in the sky at night.”

    “The moon…” Sarawat repeated in a hushed tone. He had a look of focus in his eyes as if he was trying to remember something.

    Tine’s eyes grew wide and he questioned, “The moon? That’s what you’re taking away from the fact that I just confessed my feelings for you?”

    Sarawat looked up apologetically at Tine. “No, I’m sorry. That just reminded me of something that my Mother said to me… she told me to look to the moon for help… but… I’m not sure what that means…”

    “Wat…” Tine deadpanned. “I just told you that I love you.”

    Sarawat smiled mischievously. “Maybe I just wanted to hear it again.”

    Tine found himself laughing through tears. Of course Sarawat would be the one to make a joke at a time like this. Sarawat moved closer to the front of the cell and muttered, “The irony that we’re able to say that to one another now that we’re locked away together.”

    “Better than being locked away alone.” Tine expressed half-heartedly. “What do you think they’re planning to do with us anyway?”

    “I think there is a plot to get my Father off the throne.” Sarawat explained darkly. “And with me out of the way, I can’t become the King either and Phukong is not of age yet.”

    “What about your Mother?” Tine asked. “Would she not just become Queen of the realm?”

    “She is not of royal blood.” Sarawat muttered. “It is an archaic detail but if you are not of the lineage, you cannot take the throne.”

    “That should be the first thing you change when you are crowned.” Tine suggested, his brow furrowed.

    “If I am crowned…” Sarawat corrected.

    “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Tine promised the Prince. “Not while I am breathing.”

    “See that’s the problem…” Sarawat’s gaze dropped to the ground.  “I am not sure how much longer they are going to let us live…”

    The silence that filled up the dungeon was suffocating. Tine knew the likelihood of walking out of the castle alive was slim but the idea of Sarawat being harmed made his blood boil.

    They had to find a way out….


    The next morning the Castle was in complete disarray.

    The news that the Prince had fled the castle with his Squire spread like wildfire. A letter had been found in the East Tower detailing his plan of escape with Tine who he had freed from the Dungeon. The Queen and King had yet to make a statement about the matter but the Queen’s sobs could be heard throughout the castle.

    No one was exactly sure how they had made their escape in the dead of the night but a search party had been sent out to find them and extra Guards were patrolling the Castle halls and courtyard, lead by the Head Knight.

    The Revelries for that evening had been put on hold until the Prince’s return (if he returned). Ohm was pacing the hall outside of the Kitchen, waiting for Fong to emerge. He felt sick to his stomach. He had a hard time believing that Tine would just run away. It was unlike his best friend to escape his problems in such a way.

    Fong slipped into the hallway and a look of relief spread across his face when he saw Ohm. “I was worried that you had gone as well…” Fong admitted, looking a bit sheepish.

    “I wouldn’t leave you.” Ohm responded and took Fong’s hands in his to lead him to a spot that was much more private.

    Ohm bowed his head down to meet Fong’s so there foreheads were touching. Even though they had been alone together many times before, Fong still felt his heart racing as Ohm looked down at him through thick eyelashes.

    “I was worried that they were going to take you into custody too.” Fong shared, feeling Ohm’s breath dancing on his cheek.

    “Just in case, I better do this now… before it’s too late.” Ohm responded and leaned down to press his lips against Fong’s.

    Fong’s eyes closed and melted into the kiss immediately, hoping to goodness that no one would interrupt them. He had imagine what it would be like to kiss the Squire a million times before but nothing lived up to the real thing.

    When they separated, it took a moment for Fong to regain his breath and Ohm looked shyer than he ever had before. Fong brought one hand up to Ohm’s face and gently brought his thumb along the edge of Ohm’s jaw.

    An awkward cough caused Fong and Ohm to put distance between them. Sir Man stood, looking somewhere between amused and embarrassed. Ohm turned toward the Knight and asked, “Anything?”

    “There has been no sign of the Prince or Tine at their family residence.” Man explained in a serious tone. “Tine and Type’s father is still in hiding but this has made keeping him safe even more complicated… Has Mil awoken yet?”

    Ohm shook his head, “He remains unconscious but the younger Prince has gone to visit him quite a few times… I know I might be biased but I don’t think Mil has anything to do with the Prince and Tine’s disappearance.”

    “Sarawat would not just run away like this.” Man shook his head in disbelief. “And I don’t think Tine would either… something else is at play here but what?”

    “What are you all whispering about in the corner like this?”

    Man, Fong and Ohm jumped at the voice. Sir Boss looked between the three of them with suspicion in his eyes. His usual Jester-like energy was nowhere to be seen and instead he had adopted quite a serious demeanour.

    “We were just discussing the Prince’s… escape.” Man blurted out to satiate his friend’s curiosity.

    Sir Boss raised an eyebrow. “Yes, it is quite out of character for Sarawat to take such a sudden leave like this… that Squire of his really turned the Prince into someone I don’t even recognize…”

    Fong put a hand on Ohm who’s own hands had turned into defensive fists. He knew better than to start a fight with a Knight but a part of him was somewhat willing to take the risk to defend Tine’s honour.

    “Boss.” Man hissed, his eyes narrowed in warning. “You really should keep your opinions to yourself sometimes.”

    Boss rolled his eyes and turned away from Ohm and Fong, focusing his attention on Man. “The Head Knight needs us for consultation. He knows we are close with the Prince so he wants us to share any information we might have on where he might have gone.”

    Ohm wondered why Boss seemed so different than before. It was as if he had dropped an act that he had been playing for quite a long time. Even Man seemed off-put by the change as he nodded at his friend. With that, Boss stalked off and seemed to expect for Man to follow.

    Man hung back for a brief moment and murmured to Ohm, “Go see Green. He is one of us. I will report back anything I find. Be careful who you trust. By the Moon.”

    “By the Moon.” Ohm murmured back and slipped his hand into Fong’s, squeezing it tightly, as he watched Man run to catch up with Boss.


    Phukong chewed his lip with worry as he watched Mil’s chest rise and fall.

    There was so much slipping through his fingers and he felt like he could barely grasp any of it. First Mil and now his brother was gone too. Everything felt like it was falling apart just as he started to discover what his purpose was.

    His plan had worked but he did not think that this would be the aftermath. There were too many casualties and something seemed to be amiss. If Phukong could only figure out what it was… Why had his brother done something so out of character? Why had Sarawat not consulted him first?

    The younger Prince had spent the entire morning consoling his Mother while his Father raged at the discovery of Sarawat’s letter. Phukong knew better than to protest his father’s reaction and instead focused his energy on comforting his Mother.

    It didn’t take long for his Father to storm out of the room which is when his Mother had murmured, in somewhat of a daze, “You have done enough, my son. Please… if you can, go ask the Bear if he knows where the Wolf is.”

    Worry and grief changed people. For Phukong, worry lived in his chest. As he watched Mil, seemingly sleeping peacefully, he felt like it was hard to breathe. He was somewhat envious of Mil’s state. He wished he could escape into a worry-free world like Mil was living in.

    Phukong knew there were no answers that he could receive from an unconscious Mil. He did not have the time to linger any longer, even though his heart was tethering him to the spot.

    As he was the son of the Head Knight, Mil had a private room in the Infirmary. Phukong looked around to check if they were alone and crouched down beside the bed, “Please come back to me, Mil. Sarawat is gone and…. without you too, it’s too much. I need you.”

    Phukong rose to his feet and leaned forward to press his lips to Mil’s forehead. Even though their last few interactions had not been the most pleasant, Phukong still cared deeply for the man that lay before him and he hoped desperately that he would wake up soon.


    “The Revelries will go forward this evening.” The King declared to the crowd. “With or without the Prince.”

    The Head Knight stood to the right of the King with a smug look on his face. It had not taken much to convince the King to go forward with the event. Mentions of ‘civil unrest’ and ‘doubt from the people’ were enough to make the Celebrations be re-scheduled, despite the Prince’s absence.

    Ohm scowled at the announcement and knew that he needed to find Green as soon as possible. He weaved through the crowd in the courtyard and made his way toward Green’s Quarters. He did not know the Royal Tailor well but Ohm knew enough to trust the man.

    He knocked on the Tailor’s door and Green’s assistant, Pear, was the one to open it. “Can we help you, Squire?”

    “I hope so.” Ohm murmured, his voice low. “I am looking for some attire for this evening’s event.”

    Pear opened the door all the way and nodded for Ohm to come in. When Ohm walked in the door, he saw that a small council of people stood within the Tailor’s quarters. Pear closed the door behind him and he drank in those who surrounded him.

    Ohm bowed his head and murmured, “By the Moon.”

    “By the Moon.” The rest of the room chorused back, guaranteeing their allegiance to the cause.


    Mil’s head hurt like hell. He felt like he had not drank water in weeks and his stomach was tied in knots. He felt like he was waking up from a nightmare, loose bits of disjointed information that had been shared with him floated into his memory.

    “not when you become the Prince of the Kingdom after I’m through…”

    His Father’s words sounded in his mind and Mil shot up in his bed, breathing raggedly at the realization of what horrors his Father was going to commit to achieve his goals.

    The image of Sarawat’s face before the Prince attacked him flashed in Mil’s mind. The visual made him wince with guilt and

    The Head Knight had told him every step of the plan. Mil could stop him. He could make it up to Sarawat…. he could make it up to Phukong.

    Mil’s hand subconsciously floated to his forehead where he remembered Phukong had kissed him earlier that day. He had wanted to wake up so badly but his mind had not quite been ready to regain consciousness. He wished he could tell Phukong how sorry he was. He wished he could find him, wrap his arms around the younger Prince and tell him how stupid he had been, how selfish he had been.

    While Mil had always wanted his Father’s approval, it was time for Mil to start thinking on his own. This wasn’t for the better of the Kingdom. It was for his Father’s own benefit. The man was not driven by justice or any other purpose than selfishness. It was for the gaining of power and power alone.

    But now Mil had to take action, despite how weak he felt. He knew where the Prince was and he had to be by his friend’s side. He couldn’t abandon him in a time like this, not when everything was at stake.

    Mil saw that the sword that Tine’s father had crafted lay by his bedside. When his Father told him the truth about the sword and Tine’s identity, it had felt like such a slap in the face but now Mil knew that there was more to all this than his personal feelings or opinions about one individual. Even if that individual was who his best friend cared for more than the world.

    Mil grabbed the sword and jumped to his feet, determined to make up for his past mistakes and misjudgements.

    “Wat. I’m coming.”


    The Queen looked out the East Tower window at the Moon. Change was coming and while she did not know where her eldest son was presently, she knew that he was not far. Her tears earlier that day had been for show. She was stronger than that and trusted her son implicitly.

    “Everything is falling into place, Your Highness.”

    The Queen turned her head to see Fang lingering in the doorway, a focused look on the Knight’s face.

    The Queen nodded slowly, a small smile on her lips. “Yes, Fang. I know it as surely as the Moon hangs in the sky.”

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    i'll know peace when i'm your lover boy ♡
    [phum viphurit "lover boy"]
    #ive been postponing this for ages #first really free weekend in 2 months #so yeah #have some milphukong #i kind of miss them 😭 #milphukong #mil x phukong #phukongmil #phukong x mil #still2gether#frankdrake#frank thanatsaran#drake laedeke#thai bl#vertigox's gifs
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    The Little Things in Life Are What Matter Most

    Man knew Type wasn’t one for flashy clothes or crowded places. He could go there, but preferred not to, and honestly, Man was okay with that. It was nice to just relax at home, everything quiet and still, with no loud music or flashing lights. Dating someone older than himself really made him more mature. Of course, he was probably the most aware and grounded of the three of them. Even so, Man really liked being with Type.

    It had been three years since he graduated and moved to Phuket, to be with Type. He took an online course in business administration for two years, but that was when he was in Phuket. Now he had a nice government job, which gave him a nice salary to help pay for various expenses the two had. This was a nice life, a cushy life; one that Man would be content with the rest of his life. However, he wanted to do something a little bit more, even if it meant nothing in the eyes of said government he worked for. He was getting tried of the job anyways. 

    Man had recently gone out to buy something special for his beloved, something to commemorate their anniversary together. Even though they were still young, they were older now, and Man learned with age came the appreciation of the smaller things in life; whether it be making out on the couch or watching Type smile in bed, everything was magical when they were together, even if they fought sometimes. 

    Because of how busy each of them were--Man having looked for a new job and Type having his own work schedule--it was rare that their off days lined up, much less so actually having one, but today was special. Man and Type spent the day pretty much doing menial chores and then having a nice date night inside their shared apartment. They made a nice meal together and had a few sips of wine, nothing major. That was until Man had turned off the lights and told Type to close his eyes. 

    Type was lead to what he assumed was their bedroom and laughed in nervous amusement at what was happening. He didn’t understand what Man was doing, but assumed it was something cheesy. Either way, he appreciated whatever Man was doing, however, he did not expect what came next. 

    “Open your eyes,” commanded the younger as he let go of Type’s hands. As everything came into view, the elder stared in awe of the younger’s work. He guessed this is why Man took so long changing and why he took a shower after him. A net of fairy lights were strung up on one wall, with photos of them clipped to the free spaces, as well as the jersey Man had given to him. There were more photos than he was expecting, as he didn’t remember Man taking them. They seemed like when he was distracted, as evidenced by the one where he was passed out on the bed, still wearing his work shirt. But there were other moments too that he distinctly remembered, such as when they made noodles at 2 AM or when they took that beach vacation last year. Although, as breathless as he was now, in a second, he would definitely forget how to breath. 

    “Oh...Man...You-” Type stopped himself as he turned around, only to see his boyfriend on one knee, holding open a small blue box with a silver ring in it. Type held his hands over his mouth in an attempt not scream, but that didn’t stop the tears.

    “P’Type. From the time I first met you, up until now, every moment with you has felt right. Something about you drew my attention, like a moth to a flame. In other words, you were ‘duper bright.’” Type laughed at how cheesy all of this was, but quieted himself to listen to rest of Man’s rehearsed speech. “After all these years, you are still ‘duper bright’, no matter what you did or how far away you were; you were always so bright. I love you so much, everything you are and do; from how meticulous and dedicated you are about work, to how you nag me about cleaning out my pockets. And so now I ask you, Type Teepakorn, if you will change your name and be mine forever?” Man had a nervous smile as he held the blue box open. 

    Type dropped his hands and shook his head. He chanted as he cried, “Yes, yes. A thousand times, yes.” Man smiled wide and slipped the band on to Type’s finger, as he reached into his pocket to put on its matching pair. 

    “My duper bright Type. You are mine forever,” he said with a gentle happiness.


    “Let’s take a photo then.”


    The next morning, Type had gotten a call from his younger brother, congratulating him on his engagement.

    “Oho, congratulations Phi. I’m happy for you,” said Tine, “Now I’m just waiting for Ai’Wat to propose.”

    “I heard that!” yelled Sarawat from the background.

    Type laughed at their bickering, but thanked Tine for his call. “It was really special. I didn’t expect this at all.”

    “Well that’s Ai’Man for you; always full of surprises. But it isn’t hard to surprise you Phi, especially when you are working,” stated Tine.

    “And look who’s talking, ‘Mr. Lawyer’,” Type quipped.

    Tine retorted, “But you see Phi, unlike you, I am, ‘Tine Mr. Chic Teepakorn Aekaranwong.’” 

    “Guntithanon!” added Sarawat.

    “We aren’t married!” shot back Tine.

    Type laughed again at their bickering, but quickly ended the call once he heard the bedroom door open. “You two have fun. Man just woke up, I have to go.”

    “Bye P’Type.”

    “Goodbye Tine.”

    Type put down his phone and walked to a very refreshed looking Man. For someone who just woke up, he seemed perfect; his bed head wasn’t messy and there weren’t any bags under his eyes, plus he was fully awake and ready for the day. He just needed to show and change clothes. 

    “Good morning Man.”

    “Good morning P- I mean Type.”

    Type had insisted that Man drop the honorifics, as they were going to be life partners and as such, equals. There was no ‘older’ or ‘younger’ anymore; just them.

    “I’ve made breakfast.”

    “Oh, what is it?”


    “That sounds delicious.”

    “Do you want to take a shower first or eat breakfast?”

    “That depends. Will you be joining me?”

    “Man!” squealed Type, embarrassed at what Man had implied. “So early?”

    “Why, you’ll be able to walk after. I promise.”  

    “Go take your shower,” ordered Type, “I’ll set things up. Now shoo.”

    “So mean, even though we’re engaged,” grumbled Man half-heartedly as he walked away in defeat.

    Type chuckled to himself, looking down and admiring the ring on his finger. it fit so perfectly and glistened beautifully in the sun. He couldn’t wait for it to turn to gold though. And he would love it even more if the government would actually recognize their union. But he had to make do with the present, as the future was still undecided. Even if the government didn’t recognize their union, he did and Man did, and that’s all that mattered. 


    A year later, the two would have a ceremony on the beach. It was small and intimate, each just inviting close friends and their families, but it was enough for the two of them. A ceremony and an union, recognized by the people who matter most. 

    There was a small cake and a bit of dancing, as well as a dinner. Gifts were given and a glistening golden ring adorned each of their fingers. A honeymoon was taken as a trip to Korea, gifted by Tine. They enjoyed that thoroughly. And after that trip, Man decided to get a tattoo, forever the words “duper white” stay on his body. 


    When Man turned thirty three, a boy was adopted, followed by a girl a year later. They had moved into a house and had a dog. Man had gotten a job as a business analyst and was doing well. Type had become executive of the Phuket branch, yet was able to manage work with life well. Though they never forgot to find the little things in life to enjoy. 

    Sometimes the dog would do a funny dance or their son would pull a funny face or even their daughter’s laughter made the room a little more cheerful. Man had gotten another tattoo, being that of his son and daughter’s names, right next to his husband’s nickname. 

    Even though they were Buddhist, Christmas was still celebrated, as a way of surprising the children with gifts instead of celebrating the birth of Christ. They decided to visit Type’s parents this year, which also happened to be the time when Sarawat and Tine were visiting as well. The bright smiles on the children’s faces seem to make the whole world light up brighter than any Christmas tree could shine. If this was truly life, then it was one worth living.


    Many, many, many years later....

    Two names adorn a gravestone together. Their dates of death aren’t far apart, being only a few months. The graves are decorated in flowers and food, and are cleaned spotlessly. A son and a daughter come visit every so often, bringing their families with them. When they do, they bring a soccer ball and place it near the grave, as well as a blanket. 

    Two hearts as one, even through the next life, both will shine brightly.

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    What's with all the hair touching in BL shows between couples? I've noticed that often a thing they'll start to do towards the beginning of their relationships is tousle each other's hair(though usually it's the more dominant of the two who does that). So what's up with that? What's the cultural reason behind it?

    #thai culture#cultural differences #I've noticed it between #sarawatine#leofiat#deanpharm#milphukong #and many others I can't remember rn
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    I Lost a Bet

    So about a week ago, Green had managed to drag Tine and Phukong into a massively stupid bet against Dim, who had dragged Sarawat and Mil into the bet as well. Green had been vague on the exact details, as did his partner. All Tine knew as of now, he was wearing a dress and a wig and sitting on Sarawat’s lap; as was Green with Dim and Phukong with Mil. 

    Tine didn’t even know why or how he had been dragged in. It was just their misfortune that he and his (future) brother-in-law, had been the last two in the cheerleading club room when Green appeared and said, “Tiiiiinnnneeee! And N’Phu. I have something to ask of you.” 

    The bet had consisted of this: they were both supposed to help raise money for the university fundraiser. Which ever club raised the most money, got to make the members of the other club do whatever they wanted. 

    Tine had strongly protested and questioned why him, Green and Phukong were the only ones participating in this bet. The answer: they were the only ones with a partner in the other club. Well, technically Mil wasn’t a part of the music club, but he occasionally helped out, so he was pulled into the bet as well.   

    Now, it was a Saturday night. They were at a club and all three of the losing team were dressed up in women’s clothes, sitting on the laps of their respective partner’s like they were the wives of gangsters. Tine thought this was embarrassing. He wondered what went on in Dim’s head to make him think of this as a punishment. 

    Green was currently wearing a long black wig with straight hair and bangs covering his forehead, kind of like Lisa, which Tine guessed was what Green was going for. He wore a sparkly black dress with a pair of black wedges. The dress reached just above his knees. 

    Phukong wore a brown colored wig, which had all the hair all being draped to the left side of his head. He wore clip-on diamond studs and had been forced to wear a no-shoulder dress--it was red, had puffy sleeves and went past his knees--and his face was pretty much turning the same color. Luckily, he was able to wear a pair of red, flat sandals. 

    Tine was able pull the whole thing off without a wig, weirdly enough. He was wearing a sleeveless dress that revealed a lot of his back. It was blue and went over his chest and up to his neck. He was wearing a pair of black flats and a pair of fake, clip-on, dangling feathers on his ears. He fricking hated all of this. He looked stupid and he thanked Pear for not saying a word during the whole time she was doing his make up. He thought about what must have been going through Phukong’s mind. He was only a year younger and yet he was still doing this. 

    Tine slid off of Sarawat’s lap and sat next to him. He was tired of this and wanted to go home. He turned to Green and asked, “When can we leave? This is embarrassing.” Sarawat was rubbing his back as to comfort his distraught boyfriend. Tine noticed that Mil had turned Phukong around and pulled his face into his neck. Poor kid.

    “Yeah, why are we even doing this? This is stupid,” remarked Sarawat. 

    “Let’s dance first,” said Dim as he stood Green up and guided him to the dance floor. Green looked like he was having fun, but something felt off. Tine decided to ignore it and tugged Sarawat up as to join the other couple. Mil had also managed to get Phukong up and just awkwardly danced with him. Tine thought it must have been painful for both of them. 

    Tine tried enjoying himself, eventually just resorting to liquid courage to make him more relaxed. He hadn’t known how many drinks he had that night, just that he wasn’t going to remember how he got home. Tine had a vague memory of Phukong having a few shots with him and Green drinking an entire bottle of Jaeger. 

    Tine woke up the next day with an ache in his rear and the dress on the floor. It looked like it had been ripped, which was a bit sad since it was a ‘gift’ from Pear, meaning she bought it because Green told her to. Tine had given her some money in return, to thank her for not saying a word about any of the bet. He would have to buy her dinner, but that might be overkill at that point. 

    Tine had opened his phone, promptly getting a call from Mil with a very hungover Phukong in the background.


    “Hello N’Tine.”

    “P’Mil? What’s up?”

    “Did you get home last night?”

    “Phi, I don’t even want to remember last night.”

    “You might want to.”

    “Whyyyy?” Tine looked around the room, to see the back of the head of Sarawat.

    “Turn your boyfriend over. Look at his face.”

    Tine huffed as he tried to maneuver himself, his phone, and Sarawat; an uncomfortable experience all together. When Tine managed to drag himself over his boyfriend, there was a large bruise on the right of his face. 

    Tine, now much more awake, asked, “What the fuck happened last night?”

    “Wow, cursing from such a chic person like you.”

    “Shut up phi. What the hell happened last night?”

    “Well... Some dude may have tried to take a panty shot of you, and N’Wat just wasn’t having that. He basically got into a fight, which from what I remember, I think we got kicked out after that. Surprising no one caught three dudes crossdressing. I think Sarawat might have broke that dude’s phone.”

    “Shittttt,” Tine groaned, pulling a hand over his face as he rolled back over to his side. From the background, Tine could swear he heard a muffled moan. “Phi, what was-”

    “Bye N’Tine.” 

    Mil hung up after that. Tine didn’t want to even imagine what was happening on the other end. Unintentionally, he woke up his partner, having felt a pair of arms drag him backwards, as he tried to put away his phone. Sarawat said nothing and just grumbled something into Tine’s neck. 

    “Good morning,” said Tine. Sarawat had fallen back to sleep in the short, 3-second period he had taken to grab Tine. In his sleep, he grabbed Tine’s boobs, which Tine slapped him for. Either way, Tine had fallen back to sleep too. They could sleep for a little while longer.

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    The Nuisance and the Handsome Prince - A Sarawatine Medieval AU - Chapter 17

    Tine is an aspiring Squire who has been training his whole life to work alongside the Kingdom’s finest Knights. Sarawat is a Prince who, on the outside, seems fierce and unapproachable. He is disinterested in any of his royal duties, namely his Knight training. What happens when Tine is assigned to be the fierce and handsome prince’s Squire?
    Find the Masterpost here Read on Archiveofourown here.

    It was the Eve of the Knight Trials and Tine had never felt so unsure of his path. Finding out the truth from his Father was devastating but at least he had had the chance to see that his Father was alive. Tine’s Father wasn’t exactly well but a plan was now in place to help him escape. Tine felt his chest clenching with anxiety about what the future held. His own fate hung weakly but his own mortality was not the focus, getting his revenge was.

    Tine could barely touch the stew that Fong brought to him. His appetite had been practically non-existent ever since he met with his Father a few evenings before. There was a part of him that wanted to tell Sarawat about the meeting but he knew that would lead to nothing good so he kept his lips sealed. This wasn’t especially difficult considering that Sarawat was all but ignoring him other than any necessary communication during the practices.

    “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Fong murmured and sat at the end of Tine’s bed where the Squire was sitting with his dinner tray propped on his lap. “It’s important to get proper sustenance before a day like tomorrow.”

    “I appreciate the concern, Fong.” Tine lazily dragged the ladle around the stew bowl. “But I’m going to need a lot more than mere sustenance to get me through tomorrow.”

    “I would expect that the Prince is experiencing the same, if not more anxiety than you are.” Fong  shared, seeming like he wanted to prod something out of Tine but didn’t want to ask it outright.

    “I’m not sure how the Prince is feeling.” Tine admitted and that reality stung as the words passed through his lips.

    “I have heard that there has been a noticeable shift in your relationship.” Fong offered gently, seeming as if he was attempting to comfort Tine in some way.

    Tine sighed, placed his tray on the side table and muttered, “The truth is I have no idea where we stand but it doesn’t matter anyway, especially with what’s going to happen…”

    Fong’s brow furrowed in concern. Tine quickly realized that he had not made Fong partial to the plan, so in saying what he had just said, he had implicated his friend. He hoped that Fong would not inquire further but Fong’s eyes looked focused with curiosity.

    Thankfully, a knock sounded on the door and Fong went to answer it. Tine had no idea who it might be but he guessed that it had something to do with either the plan or the Trials the next morning.

    Fong opened the door to reveal Green and Pear who quickly entered the room, their hands both draped with garments. Tine’s eyes widened at their presence, unsure of what the meaning of it was, but happy to see more friendly faces in such a nerve-wracking time.

    “We have your attire for tomorrow’s Trials.” Green explained as he neared the bed where Tine was sitting.

    Tine furrowed his brow in confusion. “I thought I would just be wearing my usual Squire outfit.”

    A mischievous smile was exchanged between Pear and Green as they set the materials down on the end of the bed. Pear explained, “The Prince had these made especially for you for the Trials. I would wear them if I were you.”

    A blush immediately flooded Tine’s cheeks as he ran his hands over the fine materials of the garments that Sarawat had commissioned for him. Green watched Tine’s reaction with smug satisfaction but then a more serious look replaced it.

    “I took the liberty of making some… adjustments.” Green shared and Tine quickly understood the true meaning behind Green’s words.

    There was something going on within the Castle walls and while Tine was not exactly privy to all the details, someone with power had a similar goal to him and while identities still remained in the shadows, he knew there would be changes coming to the Kingdom soon. Something was being set into motion, even beyond his own plan and if he could help make the Kingdom a freer and more equal place, Tine would do whatever he could to make that a reality.

    “That Prince of yours is going to do amazing tomorrow.” Green remarked, seeing the stress that Tine was dealing. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head.”

    Pear giggled and Tine grumbled, “He’s not my Prince, Green.”

    “That’s not what the whispers are saying…” Fong countered and Tine’s eyes widened at the accusation.

    It seemed that what went on between he and Sarawat wasn’t as well kept a secret as they had thought. Pear, Fong and Green shared a knowing look between them and the three silently decided to give Tine his space to mentally prepare for the next day that was likely going to change everything.

    Of course, Tine barely got two minutes of sleep that night. There were too many things that could go awry… Plus, the reality that he would likely never see Sarawat again after tomorrow created a pit in his chest that had the potential to swallow Tine whole.


    The cold air of the morning felt like it would chill Sarawat to the bone. He was already in the preparation Quarters by the field and he felt starkly alone without Tine there to help him get into his armour. It was early still, though, and the Prince didn’t mind the solitude to help prepare himself mentally for the challenges he was going to face in the hours ahead.


    The sound of Tine’s voice made Sarawat spring to his feet. He drank in the view of Tine wearing the outfit that he had described only in words to Green and the Royal Outfitter had created it in an even more exquisite way than Sarawat could have ever imagined.

    Similar to the hooded robes from the Ball, Tine’s top was the deepest crimson red imaginable. His trousers were black as night itself but the part that made Sarawat’s heart almost stop right then and there was the golden brooch bearing his Wolf Insignia that Tine wore fastened to the left side of his chest. It looked as if it had always belonged there.

    Tine noticed the intensity of Sarawat’s gaze and knew that it would not be a good idea to remain with the Prince alone for too long. He quickly turned and took up the Prince’s armour. “I think it best if we get you prepared.”

    The Prince did not protest. He allowed his Squire to get him ready in silence but the tension between them was palpable.


    The Trials began with a number of training exercises such as archery, Jousting, knife throwing and rescue tactic testing that all the Knights breezed through without even breaking a sweat. Sarawat had become noticeably stronger at knife throwing after working on it so avidly with Tine in their private training sessions and Mil had shot 10 bulls eyes in a row after training with Chat for endless hours.

    Tine tried his best to show his silent support without being a distraction to Sarawat. He needed to focus on his own goal later on that day. Ohm seemed to notice the distance that Tine put between him and the Prince but his best friend did not actively comment on it.

    The King, Queen and Prince Phukong sat on a raised platform, similar to the one that had been put in place during the Squire Trials, although this was much more of a formal occasion than that. The King and Queen wore their finest attire and Phukong had a look on his face the was practically unreadable, which was odd for such an expressive and positive person as the younger Prince. Tine found it a bit off but he wondered if the Prince was just worried about Mil and his older brother’s upcoming match.

    The morning matches occurred at a pace that only added to Tine’s anxiety. Sir Man and Sir Boss had faced off against each other and Man had easily overtaken his friend. Of course, the fight ended with an amicable handshake between the two but Tine doubted the same would transpire between Mil and Sarawat.

    Sarawat and Mil were the last match of the morning. Just before he took a step on the field, Sarawat turned toward Tine and asked, “Can I use your sword?”

    Tine’s brow furrowed in concern. His hand hovered protectively over the sword that his Father had forged for him and him alone. There had been times that he lent it to Sarawat during their training sessions where Tine had noticed that Sarawat had become more confident in his skills. Tine wondered if this was why the Prince wanted to use his sword instead of his own.

    “I want a piece of you with me out there.” Sarawat explained, his voice thick with emotion.

    Tine’s breath hitched as he removed his sword from its sheath and handed it to the Prince, their fingertrips brushing against one another. The blade was balanced across Sarawat’s gloved hands and somehow it felt like the most intimate gesture that they had ever shared.

    Tine was trusting Sarawat with his most prized possession. It seemed like the decent thing to do to somewhat make up for his plan. All that Tine could do before the Prince walked out to face Mil was murmur a quiet, “Good luck, My Prince.”

    Tine hovered at the edge of the field, every fibre of his being struck with fear and worry about the outcome of the fight. While they did not need to defeat each other, Tine doubted that Mil was about to go easy on Sarawat, especially given their recent interactions. Both Sarawat and Mil wore helmets that resembled the animals that they had defeated for their ‘Coming of Age’ trials.

    “A fair fight.” Mil murmured, sounding as if he were in a trance.

    “A fair fight.” Sarawat agreed, as per tradition.

    They both took a few paces away from one another and began to circle each other. It was Sarawat who raised his sword first and Mil spotted it and his eyes grew wide, noticing the matching design of his own sword. A rage bubbled up within him as he realized that the Prince was using his Squire’s sword in the fight.

    At this, Mil charged Sarawat without a second thought, his sword raised high above his head. Just as Mil’s sword was about to make contact with his shoulder, Sarawat ducked out of the way, and dragged his sword in a low circle so it caused Mil to stumble out of the way. It was a move that Tine had taught him early during their private training.

    Tine watched from afar as the battle between the two childhood friends began. While Mil had more experience and brawn, Sarawat was stronger at reading an attack and reacting appropriately. Tine watched with bated breath as the two Knight’s swords collided, filling the whole stadium with the sound of crashing metal. It was the sound that Tine relished most but, in this context, terrified him more than anything. He wished he could take Sarawat’s place instead in the match but he also knew that this fight was important for the Prince to take on for himself.


    Sarawat breathed out, seeing that his friend’s eyes were almost vacant each time that Mil tried to land an attack.

    “You don’t have to kill me, you know…”

    Sarawat meant it at a joke, hoping to take some of the edge off. He and Mil had always been able to be playful with one another but Sarawat barely recognized the man that was in front of him. It was as if something had broken inside of Mil and only anger remained. The Prince could not fathom what had inspired such a change inside his friend.

    Mil ran toward Sarawat again and Sarawat raised his sword to stop the attack, his teeth gritting with effort. Mil’s eyes narrowed at the raised sword and Sarawat wondered what the hell was going on with his friend.

    “Your sword belongs to…. a traitor.”

    Mil practically growled before stumbling backward in reaction to the Royal Guard trumpet sounding inside of the arena. Sarawat wondered what the hell could be interrupting a moment like this but also was distracted by Mil’s bizarre choice of words. The two Knights lowered their swords, waiting for an explanation for the interruption.

    “The prisoner has escaped.” The Head Knight cried out and the crowd hushed immediately. “And I know exactly who is to blame for this.”

    Everyone on the field and in the stands stilled, waiting for the Head Knight to continue.

    Tine did not think he was going to have act this early but it seemed like fate was calling him to action. He reached into the seams of his shirt and loosened the threads, his hand curling around the handle of the dagger that his father had given him and Green had so expertly concealed in his design.

    The Head Knight charged onto the field, his sword held high and mighty in his hand. Lord Mil and Prince Sarawat were still a few paces from one another, paused in the midst of their match but neither of them dared to move a muscle as the Head Knight and his gentry flooded the stadium.


    Tine could hear Sarawat’s warning whisper but it was too late.

    “Take Squire Tine into custody… now.”

    The Head Knight’s order sounded out before Tine could even register it. But, thankfully, he was ready. He pulled the dagger from its sheath and pointed it, ready to defend himself. This had not been part of the plan but he was going to have to think on his feet.

    When his weapon was registered by the crowd, there was a rippling of a gasp that flowed through the spectators. Tine did not have time to react to the fact that he was now, technically, a traitor of the Kingdom in everyone’s eyes but the few that knew of his true intentions.

    The first member of the castle guard advanced upon Tine and he expertly avoided the attack. Even though all of his attackers had regular swords, Tine was able to keep himself at a distance with a simple dagger. The Head Knight grew increasingly frustrated at the ridiculous spectacle of all his Knights being bested by a ‘simple’ Squire.

    Sarawat was shocked at first by the accusation but quickly made a move to defend the person he had grown to care for deeper than anyone else on the Earth. Mil grabbed the Prince’s wrist and simply warned, “He’s not who he says he is.”

    “What do you mean?” Sarawat practically spat out, his voice trembling with something he couldn’t recognize. Was it rage? Was it fear? Why did it feel like everything he thought he knew was swiftly being stolen away?

    Sarawat looked into his closest friend’s eyes and saw only a stranger in that moment. Mil’s gaze was cold and empty as if he was trying to keep every emotion far away from the surface in order to accomplish his goal which was unclear to the Prince. He had always thought of Mil as his most loyal friend but all he could feel now from the Lord was betrayal.

    “How could you keep something like this from me?” Sarawat felt something inside of him shatter.

    Mil reacted only slightly, a glimpse of what he was truly feeling bubbling to the surface and revealing itself. “I only wanted to protect you.”

    The sound of steel clashing against steel pulled the Prince and Mil’s attention back to the fight that was happening only yards away from them. Sarawat cursed himself for being distracted by Mil, instead of racing forward to help Tine.


    Sarawat called out anxiously, momentarily pulling Tine’s focus away from his attackers, but Lord Mil had the Prince in his grasp. Sarawat was fighting to get away from Mil but his friend’s grasp was stronger.

    “Wat… I’m sorry.”

    The words felt empty and broken but Sarawat could sense that Tine was being sincere. The pause that Tine had taken to share that with the Prince cost him his freedom. The guards descended on the Squire like starved dogs being fed their first meal in months.

    As the frenzy cleared, Sarawat watched in an empty daze as Tine was chained up by the Head Knight. The crowd cheered at the capture of the supposed traitor and it took a moment for Sarawat to realize he was howling in protest, the screams ripping involuntarily from his throat as Mil held him in place.

    As Tine was dragged from the field, Sarawat had never felt more helpless. As soon as Tine dissappeared, Mil let Sarawat go and Sarawat turned to face his former friend. Sarawat was seething, “How could you let your Father do this? You know what Tine means to me.”

    “He’s a traitor of the Crown.” Mil stated evenly, his tone emotionless.

    With that, Sarawat raised Tine’s sword and charged at Mil. The crowd went deathly silent again, shocked by the Prince’s sudden attack on the Lord. The worst part, though, was that this time Lord Mil did not fight back. Mil let Sarawat scream in rage and deftly moved away from each attack but he never did raise his sword.

    Sarawat let all of the emotions that he was feeling flow through his sword and into each attack he made on Mil. Until, finally, he made contact and the tip of his sword sunk into flesh. It was not a lethal blow but it was enough to make Mil fall to his knees in surrender.

    The Prince had won the match. But at what cost?

    Seeing Mil strewn on the field, his blood wetting the sand sobered Sarawat instantly. This was exactly what his Father and the Head Knight had always wanted. For their two sons to be rivals instead of allies and even though it had taken betrayal and blood, it seemed like their fate was to become enemies in the end.

    Sarawat turned to face his Mother and Father. The King turned his cold eyes away from Sarawat but the Queen had a steady gaze focused on Sarawat, as if to try to reassure him that everything was going to be all right. Phukong had disappeared from the platform, likely fleeing to see Mil’s state as the Doctors dragged his unconscious form from the field.

    Sarawat had never felt so alone, even though he was surrounded by subjects and people he had known his entire life…

    In a daze, the Prince picked up the Wolf brooch that had fallen from Tine’s shirt. Sarasota’s breath hitched as it poked through his leather gloves and pierced his skin, letting crimson droplets fall to the sand of the Trials field like a dark omen…

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