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    14.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Pairing | jjk x pjm

    Genre | angst, fluff, more angst, reconciliation, exes to lovers, blond jungkook, tatted jimin

    Summary | ❝hopping from one city to another was an easy task for jimin. he had no time for past affairs and people that would only forget about him in weeks' time.

    except jimin knew the owner of the plaid shirt from the bookstore had something special about him.❞

    Author’s Note | new series! except this is a jikook fic :] i wrote it a while ago from a fest that i joined on twitter, so i though i'd post it here too. hope u enjoy it ! AO3 Link | https://archiveofourown.org/works/30411900

    Masterlist: yellow plaid shirt (out on 16/05/2021)

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    14.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Hobi: Why party when you can cry?

    Jimin *holding a tissue box and a wine bottle*: Why do one when you can do both?

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    14.05.2021 - 38 minutes ago


    Just Hold me

    1. Part One

    2.Part Two

    •Love me like you

    Chapter 1 : Growing Apart

    Chapter 2 : Anniversary Gift

    Chapter 3:

    Chapter 4:

    Chapter 5:

    Chapter 6:

    Chapter 7:

    Chapter 8:

    Chapter 9 :

    Chapter 10:


    #bts#bts masterlist#bts fanfic#bts fluff#bts angst #bts marriage au #bts fantasy au #bts layouts #bts kim namjoon #bts kim taehyung #bts kim seokjin #bts jeon jungkook #bts jung hoseok #bts min yoongi #bts park jimin #bts love story
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    Sabah akşam orangemint yoonmin diye ağlıyorum 😔🥺



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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ultkpopnetwork#mgroupsedit#maleidolsedit#idolsincedits#yoongi#suga#min yoongi#bangtan#bts #mu. hybe insight #yoongi's hair color palette – black #yoongi in ; 2020
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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ultkpopnetwork#mgroupsedit#maleidolsedit#idolsincedits#yoongi#suga#min yoongi#bangtan#bts #mu. hybe insight #yoongi's hair color palette – black #yoongi in ; 2020
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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    B.E. Photocard Scans (including Polaroid Scan) (i couldn’t find who the credits go to but if this work belongs to you then please let me know)

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    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    I open the possibility of requests: one shots and fake messeges about BTS (Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook). In the request, write the type of story you want to see, the person, and a short description of the topic!

    Greetings! ❤️

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    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ㅤㅤㅤYoongi manip

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  • bibbykins
    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What Love Looks Like (M)

    A/N: Oh man, this is longer than I intended lmao. I initially wasn't going to include smut but I caved anyway, so please enjoy! The semester just wrapped up for me so now all I have going on is seeing whether or not I can buy a house, so hopefully, I'll have more time to write? On that note, tipping is not required but extremely appreciated and pls give me your thoughts and any questions in my ask box! Have a wonderful day/night!

    NOTE: This is part of The Household's Bunny series, so I would recommend reading the other parts prior to this!

    Pairing: Soft yandere! OT7 (Yoongi focused in this fic) x Chubby/ Camgirl! Reader

    Summary: The concept of loving someone and someone loving you in return had remained nothing short of a dream that was far beyond your reach. You never thought you could find something you had no reference for, but sometimes things lost or unknown can find you instead. Sometimes it finds you in the form of a text that wasn't meant to be sent.

    Word Count: 7.1k

    Warnings: 18+, body shaming(done by reader's mom in the past not by anyone currently), mommy issues, beauty standards, low self-esteem, toxic relationship, unhealthy relationship, possessive and obsessive thoughts, self-doubt, daddy kink, fingering, cunnilingus, penetrative sex, office sex, desk sex, reader is a cam girl, spit kink, daddy kink, dumbification, cumming inside, reader just needs love tbh

    Words can never fully encompass the sweet feeling of going to sleep and waking up in the arms of someone who feels the same about you. With Taehyung, it had been tear-filled and emotional whereas, with Namjoon, it had been sensual and intense. However, he meant it just as much as he carried you to his bed and laid with you, only after making sure it was okay as if he hadn’t just consensually made you fall apart on his thigh. He kissed you softly and whispered sweet nothings in your ear as you listened to his slowing heartbeat while sleep overtook the both of you.

    Now, as you laid in his bed alone, you wished you hadn’t encouraged him to get the rest of his work done.

    You had heard him in the other room bickering with Taehyung about another project they have. They had pushed up a meeting and you had encouraged Namjoon to do the responsible adult thing instead of spending the day in bed with you. His kiss was tender, longing, and domestic. He told you you were more than welcome to stay in his room any time, which brought a smile to your face since his sheets smelled like him.

    Sometimes you wished you were a bit more selfish at times like these. You were alone on Namjoon’s floor, playing the demo you had neglected. This time, you weren't clouded by salacious thoughts, and could gush over how excited you were about the upcoming game. You watched the credits roll by and when Yoongi's company name rolled by you sighed, looking down at your phone before shaking your head. You really didn't want to bother him while he's in the middle of overseeing the making of this undoubtedly long game.

    Instead, you opted for playing a drama. You watched with envious eyes as the couple embraced and basked in their newfound love of one another. Yet, you couldn't help but take note of their physique, a habit from your mother that you had been desperately trying to shake. Your mother had always told you that's what love looked like. Her constant lamenting of the difference between beautiful girls that deserve love and then people that looked like you stuck was a leech to your self-esteem. It would be easy to shake off if those weren't the only memories you had of her. Memories of seeing what "love looks like" and consoling her in a quiet voice.

    You couldn't blame your mom fully, it's easy to think that's what love looks like. A skinny man with a skinny woman, a bulky man with a skinny woman. A skinny woman. You see it everywhere, and eventually, you start to believe it. You're happy for the skinny woman, but sad you may never be able to find a love that looks like hers. Sad, that you don't know what love looks like outside of this stupid rectangular box that makes you feel too big to be in there and experience it. Could you ever know what love looks like if that's your only reference?

    You begin to feel the bile of loneliness plague your mind and your phone case catches in the light. You finally caved, typing out an encouraging message to the stoic man you hadn't properly seen in weeks. You sent him a few messages, gushing about the game you loved and not-so-slyly mentioning that you miss him. You smiled to yourself, proud you messaged him in spite of your self-conscious thoughts.

    You took a celebratory breath as you sent the final message and noticed him typing immediately. You supposed you caught him at a good time and when the message appeared, time froze.

    "I love you too, baby."

    Love… you?

    He said he loves you?

    You frantically responded to him, genuinely questioning if you read that right.

    Next thing you knew you were hurriedly making your way to your floor to change. You opted to save time and wear the dress you were before, you just needed proper underwear, forgoing tights, and hoping the chaffing wouldn’t be too bad.

    Not having a chance to think twice about how you looked, you ran out the door. If Yoongi was going to say words like that, you had to make sure it wasn't a mistake before even thinking of emotionally processing it. You couldn't handle the embarrassment of getting your hopes up, of believing any of them could love you if even a shred of it wasn't true.


    Yoongi paced back and forth as his phone nearly shook off of his desk and the man pressed his eyes closed. How could he be so dumb? How could he be so thoughtless?

    He was a calculated man. He had to be. From birth, he was calculating every move he could possibly make. From foster home to foster home all the way to getting adopted, he had restrained acting on impulse. It was survival, it was what got him here.

    Then he met you.

    You were everything he ever wanted and never knew he needed. You had moved in and he initially figured he would mind his business and leave you alone and vice versa, beyond becoming a paying customer to your content. However, you were just so… warm.


    "Yoongi, right?" He jumped at the feminine voice that greeted him at the crack of dawn. He heard you giggle as his gaze fell on your form. You wore a rose pink slip that fell to the top of your thigh and complimented curves as you leaned against the counter with a small smile on your face, which was notably decorated with makeup, “Sorry, I got up early to film and I’m still waiting for the caffeine to kick in.” He nodded politely, ready to grab some coffee, and retreat back to his floor to work, “So, what are you doing up so early?” You asked and he found himself invited in by your genuine interest.

    “I work before work most days.” He explained, pouring himself some coffee before leaning across from you on the counter.

    “Sounds like you have a mean boss, very demanding.” You pouted and he couldn’t help the smile that crept to his face.

    He hummed in agreement before speaking, “I am my boss.” He teased but your face turned smug.

    “I know.” You grinned, “I said what I said.”

    He gaped as you took a sip of your coffee, “Well what about your boss, making you get up at hours like these?” He tsked and your laugh was utterly melodic.

    You hummed in mock agreement as he did, “And look at what they have me wearing, talk about an HR nightmare.” You took another sip of your coffee before grimacing, “And they force me to drink coffee.” You scrunched your face as you set the cup down, “It’s insanity.” You whined.

    He gazed at the mug and was met with the lightest brown he had ever seen in a coffee mug, “Is it coffee or is it milk with a drop of coffee?” He teased and you stuck your tongue out at him, “Why don’t you get creative and add syrup or blend it?” He asked and you shrugged, “You know, whatever you coffee haters do.” He added with a sly glint in his eyes and you gasped in mock offense.


    The morning talks with Yoongi had become a regular occurrence. It would vary on who brewed the pot first, but what would remain the same is the counter you both would lean on. In the first months of you living with them, he had learned a lot about you and, surprising both of you, vice versa. One of the first things he had come to learn about you was that you had no idea how to make coffee taste good. You had told him your go-to move was to keep the milk flowing until you weren’t near tears with each sip.

    “So you’re telling me, I could have been putting chocolate in my coffee this whole time?!” You were sell shocked when he handed you the drink with chocolate drizzle and you didn’t shudder at the bitter taste you were used to, “Wow, I have so much to learn.” You mused, making him chuckle.

    You knew nothing about coffee, and Yoongi was intrigued by it, so days would come where he woke up just a bit earlier to make you different types of drinks. So far, the caramel macchiato and the iced mocha had been your favorites, but everything changed when he took you to a coffee shop and ordered you a frappucino. You gushed about the drink for ten minutes, thanking the barista each chance you got and nothing felt sweeter than watching you giddy about liking a form of coffee.

    During these coffee dates, as you would call them much to Yoongi’s delight, you both would chat about anything and everything. You told him about your degree and he told you about his work. Sometimes he would ask you for advice as a fan of his company’s games, and each time, it was like he struck gold. You were creative, this much he already knew, and extremely articulate when it came to a topic you put a great deal of thought in. You even began asking for his advice in your work since he was also a loyal subscriber. You both had formed a certain bond that bloomed under the dim sky and flourished in coffee-fueled conversation

    You were patient, kind, attentive, and caring. There were days when you would switch out the coffee for decaf, having a rebuttal to each argument he had to justify his caffeine addiction. He was calculated, but you could see the flaws in his formulas. You made him feel more human than he had felt in a long time. Being human to him meant being weak, scared, and unsure, but you made humanity feel almost as beautiful as you were. You flourished in your humanity, warming his cold and hardened exterior with your smile or fearlessness in admitting you didn’t know the answer to things. You were unabashedly vulnerable and he wondered if you were the thing he had been working towards when struggling to survive in the foster care system. Your smile made every painful memory feel like nothing other than a piece of his journey to you.

    You cried when he told you about his time in the system before he was adopted at 17, and he panicked when he saw your lip trembling, “Hey now, it’s okay, I survived, bunny.” He spoke softly, unsure how to console you or help.

    What he didn’t expect was for you to throw your arms around him and squeeze him into a hug, “I’m just so happy our paths were able to cross in spite of all we had to do to get here.” You breathed into his neck as you sniffled, “I spent a lot of my time wishing I was worthy enough for my mom to stay, come back, or even just contact me, but I don’t feel that constant need to prove myself worthy around you like you just think I’m enough as is.” You held him close in spite of the stretching you do across the counter and his arms encircled your waist.

    “You’re more than enough, bunny.” He murmured as you cried, “I’m not going anywhere.” He made sure to add as his anger flared at the thought of your mother, at the thought of anyone meeting you and seeing anything but perfection. Although, you were better off without them. He just wished they hadn’t left a decimated self-esteem and sense of worth in the wake of their mistreatment of you.

    You eventually opened up about the details of your mother’s departure from your life, and it took everything in him not to track her down and make sure she’s miserable. Even hearing about Jungyoon’s apathy towards you was enough to make him want to call Mona and tell her all about the man she held in such high regard. However, he remained focused on you, clinging to every word you spoke, “But I find that whenever I think about her, I no longer want her to come back.” You smiled a bit, “I like where I am and who I’m with just fine.” Your gaze landed on his form and your smile only grew in tandem with his.

    After he and Jin had “did you a favor” he had been worried you would be scared to be around him, but if anything, it only made your encounters better. This time, you kissed him good morning and goodbye as he went to work. You would stand next to him instead of across the counter, leaning your weight on him or clinging to him sleepily as he made your coffee. It was domestic and tender, “If you’re so tired, then why are you up?” He asked on one occasion as he handed you an iced mocha.

    You took it from him lazily, mumbling thanks before giving him a peck on the lips, “Because I wanna see you, silly.” You yawned, missing the gummy smile you gushed about each time you saw it. You wanted to see him. He was giddy as he guided you to the couch. He sat down, inviting you to sit in his lap as he turned on the TV for background noise, “Don’t blame me if your thigh falls asleep.” You giggled as he brought you onto his lap, enjoying how your plump figure felt against him, relishing in the intimacy.

    “It would be an honor for my body to be directly affected by you, m’lady.” He cooed and you stuck your tongue out at him, “So… you want to see me so bad you wake up at the crack of dawn?” He teased and realization flashed across your features as you realized your tired confession. Sensing you were going to try and get up, he tightened his hold on you before whispering, “I like spending time with you too.” He kissed your cheek and just like that, you relaxed against his body with a warm smile.


    It had been a long while since he had been able to spend his mornings with you since the release for the game was steadily approaching. Each morning still he sent you a good morning text and would have your coffee for you in the fridge.

    This longing for him only made your haste that much more needed as you looked up different ways to get to his office.

    You opted to take the bus, not wanting to go through the psychological warfare that was getting your car to turn on. The trip was short and half of you was thankful while the other half internally begged for the driver to go around the block a few times. Nevertheless, you walked briskly, not giving yourself a chance to turn around.

    By the time you wanted to turn around and forget the whole thing, you were faced with a shining smile from an equally shining receptionist, “Hi, is there something I could help you with?” Her brown hair was perfectly slicked back and her makeup was done beautifully, subtle, just like her stylish yet cool business casual outfit. It was at that moment you realized you were dressed closer to a 1950’s housewife than a stylish college student. She looked you up and down and her smile only grew, “You look so cute!” She gushed and let out a squeal when you smiled shyly, “I just want to keep you in my pocket!” She fawned over you, much to your surprise.

    “Thank you!” You chirped with a shy smile, “I, uh, don’t usually leave the house looking this eccentric.” You chuckled and she shook her head.

    “Is it because you’d be so captivating?” She hummed and you nearly choked on your spit. Goodness, she was charming. You were stunned silent as she reached over to brush a piece of hair behind your ear, “Don’t tell me you’re here to see your boyfriend.” She pouted and you gaped at her. Is she… flirting with you? You never had a stranger just decide to flirt with you. You felt your face heat up as her tender touches made you increasingly shy but also so very flattered, “Or is it a girlfriend?” She raised a brow, “Both?”

    You shook your head, “N-Neither.” You breathed and her smile grew.

    “Soyeon, stop flirting with the women that-” Another feminine voice snapped you from your trance as you turned to see an equally beautiful woman looking at you with wide eyes. She had platinum blonde hair that flowed and was similarly stylish to Soyeon, “Oh my gosh, y-you’re bunnyboop!” She squealed.

    Soyeon’s eyes widened, “You totally are!”

    Your eyes widened also. It wasn’t terribly often you got recognized. People were almost always respectful, but it was still a surprise, “Oh, you guys are fans?”

    “All the girls in the office are huge fans-” Soyeon stopped herself, “Outside of work we discuss this, of course, in case HR is lurking anywhere.” She peered around her desk as the blond woman stuck out her hand.

    “I’m Ji Miyoung, a lead developer here.” Her hand trembled slightly in yours, “C-Can I have a photo with you?” Before you could answer she waved her hands frantically, “It’s okay if not, I understand if you want your privacy and-”

    “Sure!” You beamed at her as her smile grew, “It’s super flattering to meet such pretty fans.” The squeals from both ladies continued as they took photos with you.

    Eventually, a small crowd of people of all genders in the office gathered. Everyone was very polite… and flustered as they introduced themselves to you. The last time you drew this big of a crowd was at a convention meant for cam girls. It was a little funny to think all of these coworkers were so comfortable admitting what porn they paid for, but they were all so nice you couldn’t complain. They were all pleasantly mindful of boundaries and you figured it was because they were all around your age, since the impolite fans you had meant were usually much older men.

    You took photos, completely distracted from the issue at hand until you heard a firm, “What is going on?” From a deep voice you recognized. The staff stiffened into uneasy smiles as the crowd slowly dissipated.

    “Ah, M-Mr. Min, good afternoon.” A nervous laugh came from a man who had just been brought to tears when you touched his hand.

    “Junyoung, wh- are you… crying?” He squeaked at the question and went on your tiptoes to see Yoongi sharply looking at his employee.

    “Not anymore, no sir.” His voice cracked and you fought a giggle with the rest of the nervous staff.

    “Hi, Yoongs!” Your small voice made the CEO look up quickly as he made out your eyes while the rest of his employees gaped at you, “I almost forgot I was here to see you.” You giggled, “Everyone here is so nice, so I got distracted.”

    Yoongi didn’t have the time nor the energy to unpack the HR nightmare that was his employees huddling around and gushing over their favorite cam girl on the clock, especially when you were in his office looking like his wife bringing him lunch he forgot at home. His heart soared as you gave him a smile, and he was able to forget why you were most likely here in the first place.

    “Are you dating him?” Soyeon asked in a failed hushed voice, forgetting she asked if you were seeing a significant other just ten minutes ago.

    You paused before shaking your head, “He’s-”

    “Baby, do you want to let them get back to work and we can go up to my office?” The pet name made your cheeks heat all over again as the crowd quickly dispersed and the employees gulped at the thought of lusting after their boss’s girlfriend.

    You nodded and began walking to him, waving meekly at the employees before Yoong took your hand in his as he led you into the elevator. He didn’t let go of your hand when the doors closed, if anything he held it tighter. The ride to the top of the skyscraper was silent and you tried to organize your thoughts to no avail.

    It was hard to focus on his confession of love while he held your hand tightly and yet softly stroking his thumb against yours. Despite his tenderness, he was eerily quiet and you couldn’t figure out why. Could he be trying to organize his thoughts about the confession? Did he even know he typed it out? Could the words he says to you be that thoughtless to him?


    When was the last time someone told you they loved you?

    The question placed a heavy weight on your shoulders until you couldn’t take it and your head was cast down. A better question would be when was the last time told you they loved you and meant it. You shut your eyes for a moment, trying to search through your brain and coming up woefully short. It was a pattern of lies and ulterior motivations. It was a pattern of putting enough love into the relationship for the both of you as if that made up for the lack of reciprocation. Is the word that meaningless now? Or is it that meaningless when it comes to you? Are other people really the problem if you’re the only one that gets hurt in the end?

    The elevator dinged, making you jump from your thoughts as Yoongi led you into his office hand in hand. He remained avoiding eye contact but spoke anyway, “I would ask to what do I owe the pleasure, but I think I know why you’re here.” His voice was low and soft in a way you had seldom heard from him. You opened your mouth to speak, but closed it again when you realized you didn’t know what to say. He stopped walking and stepped in front of you to meet your eyes, “Part of me really wanted to take the cowards route, but you don’t deserve a coward.” His words felt like a boa constricting around your chest, having a feeling of what he meant, you spoke up.

    “I can just forget it happened if that’s what you want me to do.” You looked to him and tried to search for a hint of confirmation, “You don’t have to pretend you mean it in hopes you will one day. I promise, you won’t, and then I’ll really get hurt.” You said this as if you weren’t already hurt like you didn’t expect more from Yoongi. You looked down as you spoke, scoffing at the difference between your pink socks with white pumps and his black dress pants with matching shoes, “You don’t have to love me just because you said it-.”

    “No, baby, don’t ever accept that.” He spoke so resolutely you had no choice but to hold his gaze as he took both of your hands in his, staring at the skin-to-skin contact, “I want to say that what I sent was a mistake.” He said and it felt like a punch to the gut.

    Right. It was a mistake. It would be a mistake to love someone like you. Suddenly you felt the embarrassment of getting your hopes up creeping into your skin, beginning at the fingertips touching his skin as you looked down at them. He squeezed your hands, catching your attention.

    “But that would be a tasteless and cruel lie.” He heaved a sigh and you finally looked at his face again. You searched his eyes for deceit and found nothing but vulnerability, “Did I mean to say it to you right then, over text of all places? No.” He heaved a self-pitying laugh, “But that doesn’t mean it’s not how I feel.”

    “You… you mean that you…” You choked on your words and felt pressure behind your eyes as you shook your head.

    He took your face in his hands, pleading silently for you to look at him and when you did his gaze remained soft yet determined, “I love you.” He struggled to say it, but you could tell it wasn’t forced. You have heard forced confessions before, and this wasn’t one of them, “I know, usually dating comes first, which is why I think I’m an idiot for taking this grand confession away from you, because you deserve to feel like how lucky you make me feel when you just smile in my direction, and instead I just texted it to you after not being able to see your face for over a week and…” He paused his rambling as he felt tears hit his hands on your cheeks, “Bunny, please don’t cry. I’m sorry, I know you deserve so much more than me and-”

    “I love you too.” Your voice was broken but your heart wasn’t as you cried uncontrollably, “I love you and I don’t get how I know, but fuck,” You breathed shakily, “It feels so right to say it because you’re so great and kind. I didn’t know I was capable of deserving even a fraction of the compassion and you all have given me and…” Your speech was hindered by your cries as you pushed forward to hug him close. Your arms went around his neck and his arms wrapped around your waist, “I’m so scared you guys will get tired of me.” You cried harder, finally letting out all the pain of watching the door close while you remained onto the shoulder of his suit.

    Yoongi wanted to ask why on Earth you would think getting tired of you was an option. However, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to hold his temper if you confirmed his suspicions of people using you and then leaving you. Instead, he focused on holding you as close as humanly possible while you cried. He would be here all night if that’s what you needed. It was evident that no one granted you the same courtesy in your life before them, and he would spend forever making up for it if that’s what you wanted.

    He hummed a soothing tune as he held you close to him. This was the second time in your life someone has held you while you cried and some things never get old. The feeling of not being judged as you fall apart. The feeling of him holding you together while you fall apart was priceless. It was one of the aspects of love you could never properly describe.

    “You don’t have to worry about things like that, baby.” He spoke in a gentle voice, “Loving you is the furthest thing from tiring.” He mused and you could feel yourself beginning to calm down, “I’m so woefully enchanted by you, I almost forgot the whole day just from seeing you in that dress.” He chuckled with you.

    “You and your staff.” You giggled and heard his laughter cease, “They were really dazzled by me, I got about a million date offers I didn’t even have time to consider.” You kept giggling at the idea but stopped when you realized he squeezed you tighter and had stopped laughing.

    “Would it be wrong to fire my staff for coming on to you?” He murmured into your hair and you could tell he was on half-joking.

    You smacked his back lightly, “Yes, it would be wrong because it doesn’t matter if they were coming on to me when I’m up here and we’re literally professing our love to each other.” Your voice had a teasing lilt to it but the notion of you also professing your love to him, made him relax against your touch some more, “Plus, that would be a good chunk of my income down the drain.” You chortled and Yoongi clicked his tongue.

    “I can make up the difference.” He joked, although he very well could, but you shook your head.

    “It’s not their fault I’m so hot.” You snickered and he hummed in agreement before you added, “Isn’t it a little funny you’ve been getting VIP access to their favorite cam girl?”

    This made him snort a bit, “Yeah, I’m living the life with someone as lovely as you reciprocating my feelings.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you sighed blissfully.

    It was easy to believe love occurred in spaces you couldn’t fit until it came to you. Until he looked at you like the man looks at a skinny woman in dramas. Until you realized that your love may never look what your mother thought being skinny would be, but it'll feel much more real, much more gratifying. It'll feel just as beautiful as it does in the dramas, and you'll look just as beautiful, at least to someone.

    You thought for a moment before sighing, “I need to fix my face before I kiss you.” You snorted, muffled by the fabric of his suit jacket.

    “You don’t need to do anything.” He pulled back and you squeaked, wanting to hide your face but he caught your cheeks in his palms again as he looked at you in a way that took your breath away, “I love you as is.” His words came out as a promise and you smiled shyly before he pulled you into a slow and sweet kiss, as if he were signing a contract to love you as long as you would allow him to. And maybe, for even longer than that.

    It were times like these you wish you could call your mom and tell her that love takes many forms. That love doesn’t look like a skinny woman in a rectangular box made of pixels. That love can gaze upon you even though you take up more space.

    He kissed you, wanting to take the pain of your past from you and onto him. He wanted so badly to ask for names so he could get to work. So he could break them as they put jagged cracks in your self-esteem. Because you weren’t broken. No, not to him. You were too precious to break at the will of trash. Trash he would end the moment he got his hands on their information, information of what they valued most in their life, information on how to rip that away from them.

    However, he couldn’t shift his focus from your delicate form as you pulled apart from the kiss, forehead leaning on his before placing another kiss on his lips, “And I love you as is.” You reciprocated and he smiled, wondering how it is he got so lucky.


    You hummed gleefully hours later as you sat in Yoongi’s lap, watching him work and not understanding a thing that was going on. What you did understand, however, was how nice it was to have this man peppering kisses into your neck and on your face every now and then. That was his form of taking a break as he clicked away at things, covering your eyes each time a spoiler for the new Zombie Undertaking games was on the screen, enjoying the laughs that provoked from you each time he did.

    Yoongi was similarly on cloud nine as you leaned against him on your phone responding to messages in the same way he was responding to emails. He didn’t want to let you go and you also didn’t want to leave after the tearful exchange of feelings so you spent the day working with him. Bliss couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling as he burrowed his head into your neck for the nth time in the hour placing kissing all over the soft skin, but this time you let out a soft moan and his mouth landed on a certain spot.

    He grunted into your neck before his mouth latched onto the spot, making your back arch, “Yoongi.” You whined, only spurring him on further as his tongue dragged against the fresh hickey, making you move to clench your thighs together, but he caught your thighs with his hands, keeping them spread as you whimpered, “But your work.” You spoke weakly, making him chuckle darkly as his hands caressed your thighs, eyes trained on the way your thick thighs looked in his hands.

    He squeezed the plump skin and groaned, “But you’re so pretty, my love.” His voice was silky smooth as for the second time in this dress, you watched masculine hands push up the hem.

    You preened at the pet name, “You’re not playing fair.” Your huff quickly broke into a breathy moan as he cupped your sex.

    He hummed in delight, “Fuck, you’re so wet.” He groaned into your neck, mouth moving to hover over your ear while his fingers outlined your slit over your underwear, “You’re practically leaking he crooned. You gasped when his finger rubbed circles over your clothed slit. Your fingers dug into his arms as you bit your lip, trying not to moan but wanting to beg him to touch you directly, “Everyone’s gone home and this floor is on mine, so if you try to suppress your pretty little moans, I’ll just play with you like this all night.” His voice was low and you whimpered.

    “No, please, touch me.” You begged lightly and he kissed your neck again, making you wiggle your hips, “Please, please, wanna feel your fingers inside of me.” You begged, shy inhibitions long gone, proving it with the loud moan that escaped your mouth when his hand went underneath your panties and his finger played with your bare clit, “Yes, yes!” You gasped.

    “Namjoon made you cum not that long ago, and yet you’re still leaking on my hand.” He nipped your neck lightly, making you cry out further when his finger sunk into you as he groaned, “You’re so fucking wet, baby, you’re insatiable, aren’t you?” He teased as he slowly fucked you with his finger, smacking your thigh each time you tried to move your hips, “Are you going to cum already?” His voice was degrading but only made you squeeze around his fingers.

    “Yes, daddy.” You nodded and he laughed heartily.

    “No, you’re not.” He deadpanned as he took his fingers from you, making you mewl desperately. He licked your juices from his fingers while you threw a fit in his lap, “Lay on the desk, my love.” He commanded and you did as you were told, cunt empty and begging for release. You scrambled to lay down on the, thankfully, sturdy desk. His look of appreciation as you pulled your dress up to expose your cunt satisfied your submissive brain, “What a good girl I have.” He praised, making you smile giddily while he pocketed your underwear. He took a moment to appreciate your form and bare pussy being presented to him on his work desk, a fantasy he never expected to come to fruition. His hand spread the lips of your sex before he leaned down to gather your juices on his tongue as he slowly dragged the appendage up to your clit. You moaned sinfully as the sensation.

    “Fuck, fuck.” Your high-pitched moans only spurred him on as his tongue worshiped your sex, exploring the parts he had dreamed about since the first time he tasted you. He made out with your soaking cunt before he began flicking his tongue across your clit, enjoying the way you twitched with each time his stiffened muscle passed over the sensitive bud, “Daddy.” You moaned, making him groan into your pussy, the vibrations making your thighs shake.

    Yoongi released your clit with a lewd pop as he let one finger tease the outside of your drenched hole, “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” He murmured as he pressed a peck to your clit, “How fucking hot it is to have you sprawled out on my desk in a pretty little dress with my face between your thick thighs?” One hand went to squish the skin of your left thigh and you keened at the exalting of your form. He dove back in, finger going inside at the same time his tongue reached your clit again.

    The rush of sensations made your back arch off the desk as you clutched the hem of your dress, fighting the urge to grind into his face and grip his hair, “I’m gonna-”

    “No, you’re not.” He kissed your clit before his fingers stilled as you wailed at the loss of your building high. You wiggled in frustration as you could feel your orgasm waning away. He laughed darkly as you begged and pleaded, whining incessantly.

    “I wanna cum, daddy, please, please-” You whined and was cut off with another finger slipping inside of you.

    “What happened to my obedient baby girl that asked to cum?” He mused and you whimpered, having completely forgotten to ask in the excitement of it all. He feigned thought before he took his fingers from you, sucking the juices off yet again but this time, holding eye contact. His gaze was dark, yet there was a clear passionate fire behind them as he hovered over you, forearms on either side of your head while his stern gaze softened, “You really want to cum, baby?”

    You nodded emphatically, “Yes, yes, I wanna cum for you so bad.” You blubbered, lips pouting. He mocked your whine before leaning down to capture your lips in a deep kiss. Your tongue took the initiative to mingle with his as your arms wrapped around his waist. You moaned softly as he deepened the kiss, his tongue circling your as his head bobbed ever so slightly as you both made out. Your legs wrapped around him, making him hum into your mouth, “Fuck me.” You mumbled against his soft lips, “Please.” You added and he growled, unsure if he wanted your first time together to be on his desk, “I wanna feel you inside of me.” You whimpered and that was enough to make his resolve snap.

    He nodded, pulling from your mouth, “Okay, baby, I’ll let you cum on my cock.” He relented as he unbuckled his belt and pulling down his pants in haste as he pumped his hardened cock a few times.

    “Your dick is so pretty.” You spoke with a sensual lilt, “Want you to fill me up.” You proclaimed and that was all the encouragement he needed to slide into you. You both moaned as he bottomed out.

    “You’re so tight, my love.” He sighed, falling onto his forearms over you to give you a sweet kiss before he stood straight again, hands going to your hips as your walls fluttered around him. He watched the area where the two of you were connected with a pleased gaze, and he couldn’t help the lovestruck smile that landed on his face. He could truly stay like this forever.

    Your hands grabbed his wrists, catching his attention. The lovelorn look he gave you caught you off guard but made your heart soar, “Y-You can move.” You gave him a small reassuring smile, “You can fuck me dumb.” You purred but the sultry look on your face was quickly replaced to a pilant one of ecstasy when he pulled out of you only to slam back in.

    He fucked into you at a fairly quick pace, but he made sure to fuck into you as deep as he possibly could. The feeling of being completely filled by him made your eyes roll back each time he pressed into you. You were quickly reduced to desperate moans as he fucked you into oblivion, shaking the desk as he let all of his pent-up desire for you run free, “How do you feel, baby?” He crooned.

    “Ah… good… daddy-I-” You gasped out, words nearly incomprehensible as he pounded into you, “I-I love you-” He gripped your face in his hand, squishing your cheeks as he looked down at you with a look of mock pity.

    “My poor, dumb, baby.” He cooed, “You can’t even think straight already?” He asked in mock exasperation, “I’ve already fucked my girl dumb?” You nodded, making a pathetic noise of agreement with your mouth slightly open and tongue out as he licked at your pink muscle, making you moan further, “I love you too, baby.” He spoke tenderly before he gathered spit in his mouth and slowly let it dribble into your awaiting mouth. You swallowed it gleefully, making him growl and fuck you quicker, “Since you’re being such a good girl, you can cum.” He promised and your sex-fogged mind was abuzz in happiness.

    “Thank you, daddy!” You sputtered and chanted over and over again along with, “I love you, I love you!” It was all you had left in your vocabulary as he fucked you harder and harder until your long-awaited orgasm came with a scream.

    He nearly choked on his own spit when he felt your walls squeeze and flutter around him, “You feel so good squeezing around me like that, bunny- shit.” He grit out while his pace remained unforgiving.

    “Cum inside me.” You begged as your orgasm racked through your body.

    “Okay, baby-fuck- daddy will cum inside, hm?” He struggled to speak as you tightened around him and he found his high rather quickly as he came, fucking his cum into you while you milked him dry, “I love you too.” He breathed when he was finally done.

    You leaned up weakly to kiss him and he took the hint, “Thank you.” You spoke weakly, before smiling wistfully, “I really do love you.” You were blissful as Yoongi cleaned the both of you up.

    “I really love you, bunny.” He smiled unabashedly, “I’m not going to let anyone or anything hurt you anymore.” He promised but you had already fallen asleep.

    Yoongi chuckled as he looked at your restful form. He was stricken with you, and there was nothing either of you could do about it. He loved you, and you would be his first and last love, that much he would make sure of. He called for his car to be pulled around and he lifted you gently. You hummed tiredly against him while he soothed you. You were his now, and it was only a matter of time before the other men in the house would make you theirs as well. In no time, you’ll belong to them as they already belong to you. The thought made him giddy as he carried you to his car.

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