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    surprise | knj + pjm

    ⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader // namjoon/jimin focus. (pls someone find a gif of them from this epi) ⇢ genre: smut. // pwp. ⇢ word count: 8.9K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, poly relationship, panty sucking, fingering, oral sex (f/m), nipple play, finger sucking, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies),  , yn walking around with her cooter out, doggy, cum shot, somnophilia (she sucks him off while he’s asleep), face fucking, deep throat, squirting, cum inside, slight over stimulation if you squint. these people have no boundaries... ⇢ A/N: i nearly died twice writing this... let me know what you think !! (please don’t be a silent reader!) x

    The plan was to surprise them. You were very careful when telling staff you were coming, making sure that none of them spilled the beans to one of the boys. You wanted it to be a surprise. And judging from the lack of texts to your phone the entire time they should be on their way, you're confident it would be.

    You've been here for hours, hauling ass after a photoshoot of your own just to beat them here. Only half packed, but you had a strong feeling the lack of clothes in your suitcase wouldn't make much of a difference. Exploring the dramatically large set was what you spent most of your time doing. Until you settled for sitting by the pool scrolling through your phone for a few hours.

    It was boring and ridiculously large without them and by the time the sun has set it has gotten hard to keep your eyes open. You had planned to be waiting in the living room for them, with enough room to shout out surprise(!) just as they entered the house. But curling up in one of these carefully prepared beds to snag a nap sounded much more appealing.

    You choose randomly out of the seven rooms that were laid out for them, stripping out off your outside clothes and into a large shirt that you had stolen from Jin months ago. It no longer smelt like him and you were making a mental note to snag another one before you were leaving at the end of the week.

    Sleep takes you a lot quicker than you expect, soft snores filling the room. You don't even realize how many hours have gone by. You sleep through Hoseok's shocked voice as he walks through the grounds and the six other equally surprised tones. All the way through them choosing their rooms.

    It's not until you hear heavy footsteps entering the room you found yourself in do you budge. “What up, what up?” Namjoon. You can tell by the steps he takes and the sound of his voice. Roaming around his home for the next few days with no idea what's waiting for him in his bed. Fatigue still weighs you down, though, so you do very little to surprise him. Not at all moving from your original sleeping position.

    Joon is stopping in his tracks the moment his eyes set on the seemingly asleep figure in his bed. Long dark curls splayed over his pillow, face turned away from him but he can tell just from the curve of the ass that it's you. Shirt bunched up at your hips and the panties you've got on leave very little to the imagination.

    He's setting his crate of belongings down faster than imaginable, trying and failing at not being too loud just in case you're really asleep. Which deems itself to be useless, because he's quick to reach his hand out, pushing the hair out of your face so he can peer over at your face.

    Your eyes are closed, but you're not asleep. Not snoring loudly in the way that you do. Even still he takes a moment to admire how pretty you look like this. Long lashes dusting over your incredibly high cheekbones, the cute slope of your nose, the thickness of your lips. Lips that he hasn't felt in God knows how long.

    It's been really hectic and hanging out with you and the other guys (without having to clock in) was very low on his list. At least with the guys, he got to see them every day. But you, besides the five-minute FaceTime calls when your breaks matched, neither of them have seen you in weeks. And the fact that you were here? Pretending to sleep in his bed? It almost felt like he was the one dreaming and the fact that he knew he wasn't, skyrocketed this mini-vacation from a seven to a million.

    His body seemed to move on its own. Soft kisses pressed against the side of your face while his hand slid down the curve of your back. “Sleeping?” His sweet breath brushes against your cheek and you feel the deepness of his voice all the way in your core. Eyes blinking open, you're instantly focusing on his dark ones.

    They look tired, the way he always does. But happy. His hair is much shorter than you remember and he looks like he's gotten beefier. You needed to find a place to file a serious complaint because if this man got any bigger, you're sure you'd combust. His lips stretch into a pretty smile, catching the way you're staring at him.

    And he's no longer trying to stop himself, hand sliding down the small of your back to meet the curve of your ass. Fingers flexing around a cheek and you swear you see his dick jump. “Awake?” He's kneading your fleshy bottom beneath his palm, pulling soft hums from your throat.

    He watches as your eyes flutter, teeth peek out to scrape against your lip as you lift your ass toward his touch. Joon is leaning down to plant a wet kiss on your lips, just as his palm slips underneath the fabric of your panties. Long fingers teasing the end of your folds while his tongue rolls past your lips.

    His kisses are sweet. Shifting so his arm is no longer supporting him, body laid flat on the sheet as his hand reaching to grasp the side of your face. He keeps a firm hand between your legs, switching from teasing your folds to gripping your ass. Your hands reaching out for something to grasp and settling on his shirt, clutching the fabric in your fists.

    Breathy moans fall from your lips as he messily sucks your tongue into his mouth, teeth lightly grazing your lower lip. He can feel his cock stiffening just from the sounds you make, the feeling of your pussy dampening between his fingers. “You're fucking dripping,” He groans into your mouth, lips pushing sloppily against yours.

    You try to angle your hips in a way that has his hands moving somewhere more useful, which grants you nothing but a mean chuckle from him. He keeps his wrist steady, more concerned with tugging at your lips with his teeth. And you can tell by the teasing brush of his fingers, he's just daring you to do something about it.

    So you do.

    With the hands you've got planted on his stomach, you're pushing him back. Joon moves easily, hand falling from beneath your panties and his back hitting the pillows. You catch a glimpse of his intrigued smile as you climb over him, a leg on either side of his hips and your ass pressed firmly against his crotch.

    You're reaching for his choppy hair, ready to pull his head back to reveal more of his neck to you. But your fingers are slipping right out, strands too short to grip. “You cut off all your hair,” You say through a pout, hands reaching up to run through the longer hairs at the top.

    “Mhm. Do you like it?” Head bobbing in an enthusiastic nod and a grin spreading over your features. “Mm, you look very sexy.” Joon was definitely the type to act like compliments, especially about his appearance, didn't phase him. But you knew better than anyone that he loved hearing he looked good.

    Especially if it was coming from you. Blunt nails scratch at his scalp, effectively sending shivers down his spine. His eyes flutter closed, head lulling back to rest against the headboard while his tongue licks at his lower lip. He's got a loose grip on your hips, holding your body close to his as you play with his hair.

    “It's very short, though. I've got nothing to grip while your tongue fucking me,” Joon lets out a soft chuckle, heavy eyes lifting to peek up at you. “Good. You're always ripping it out,” The smile on his face has got to be the prettiest you've seen, eyes hooded and dimples showing. 

    Your nose bumps against his cheek as you lean down toward his neck. “I think you're the one to blame for that,” You're mumbling and he's letting out another laugh, head tilting back to reveal more of his neck to your greedy lips. Your mouth immediately finds the sensitive areas, tongue attacking his clammy skin while his hands move from your hips onto your ass.

    The lace of your panties is basically useless, wedged between the roundness of your ass and he can feel the heat of your pussy through his shorts perfectly. His cock hardens underneath you with each suck of your tongue, roughly squeezing your cheeks. He lets out low moans as your tongue continues its assault, successfully marking up his tanned skin.

    His hips lift from the bed, confidently rolling up into yours. Smirking at the automatic way you react, gasping against his skin while your legs threaten to close around him. His bulge is straining against the zipper of his shorts and you can't help the way your body moves to grind down onto him. “Missed your big dick,” You're sighing, hips speeding up their movement until you're basically bouncing on his lap.

    “Baby.” He hisses, pleasure shooting through his lower belly.

    You look so good perched upon his lap. Swirling your hips this way and that, greedily using him to get yourself closer to your own release. Fingers buried in his hair and head tilted toward the ceiling. He can see the way your tits bounce beneath your shirt, nipples pressed against the material.

    Joon's quick to lean in, tongue flattening on the hardened bud. A shiver runs down your spine at the feeling of the wet swipe of the muscle and you're moaning out when he's sucking it into his mouth. He doesn't stop until he's successfully created a wet circle in your white shirt and then he's moving on to the other side to do the same.

    The sound of your whimpers goes straight to his dick, adding to the pleasure he feels from the slow way you move your hips. With a firm bite into your skin, he's leaning back dark eyes admiring his work. The front of your shirt soaked through where he can see your tits perfectly.

    “Want you, Joon.” Legs spread a bit wider so you're able to feel his length right against your clit.

    He's laughing at the desperation in your voice but complies anyway. Two firm hands on your hips and he's easily rolling your body off of his and onto your back. He's quick to slot himself between your legs, heavy cock pressed against your thigh. His hand slides down the front of your body, nestling itself between your legs.

    You've soaked through your panties, his fingers easily finding your clit through the fabric. “Bet I'd just slide right in, huh?” Fingers rolling against the sensitive nub, a gush of arousal further dampening the material.

    “P-please,” It's all you can manage through your panted moans, legs falling further apart. Hips lifting in hopes of nudging his hand closer to your entrance. He pulls it away altogether, a teasing grin playing on his lips. “Not yet, baby.” He says, leaning forward to cover your mouth with his.

    This kiss is shorter than the last one, wet pecks trailing from your lips down the side of your neck. “Wanna taste your first,” He mumbles into your skin, dragging his mouth down the length of your body until his head is set between your legs, stomach laying flat on the sheets.

    It's one thing to just feel how wet you were, but to actually see the way your pussy sticks to your panties was on a whole other level. The fabric is a darker shade of blue where you've soaked through, thighs glistening with your arousal. He doesn't hesitate for a moment when he's leaning in, strong arms wrapped around your thighs while his tongue begins licking up your juices.

    Starting from the messy you've made on your thighs, Joon takes his time lapping it up, slowly making his way higher. He loves the way you squirm, whiny moans filling the room while you reach for his hair, gripping what you can in an attempt to pull him closer to your pussy.

    He lets you move him closer, nose bumping against your clit. Dark eyes lift to find yours, so fucked out and dazed and he's barely done anything yet. It has him grinning, tongue dropping out to flatten out against you.

    Your head sinks into the pillow, eyes rolling back as he sucks at your pussy through the drenched fabric. “Yes, fffuck,” Words coated in a sigh of relief, finally feeling the way the pleasure warms your core. Joon doesn't bother to remove your panties, sucking and licking at your pussy until the feel of the lace starts to irritate his skin. 

    Even then, he doesn't do much to pull them off, tearing a hole in the center large enough to reveal your dripping cunt to his greedy eyes. And then he's diving right back in. Burying himself back between your legs, tongue licking into your folds with such fervor it pulls a surprised yelp from your lips.

    He slurps lewdly at your pussy, the sound filling the room and nearly drowning out your wanton cries. It takes a lot of effort to lift your head, hooded eyes catching the sight of him between your legs. Eyes squeezed shut and nose pressed against your mound, tongue moving sloppily into you.

    “Right there, shit!” Crying out as your hips lift, pushing closer to his face. His strong arm lays across your hips, holding your body down as his tongue dips into your entrance. The knot tightens in the pit of your stomach, sparks of pleasure spreading throughout your limbs. “J-joon...” You're panting, not sure how to form any other words.

    Though, he pays you no mind either way. Mouth moving up to suck kisses into your clit while his fingers teasing your wet hole. Easily slipping two fingers past your walls, pushing into the knuckle. He watches the way you fall apart, back arched and hands groping at your chest. Jumbled speech and unfiltered curses falling from your lips.

    His dick twitches, feeling the way your walls tighten around his fingers. “Gonna cum, baby?” Words murmured against your clit, sending a vibration throughout your entire core. All you can manage is a drawn-out squeal and a frantic nod of your head. Fingers tight in his hair, holding his head in place as your legs flail, hips jerk as cum leaks from your hole.

    You're breaking the moment his fingers brush against the rough patch buried inside of you, a loud cry erupting from your chest as the band snaps. Body collapsing against the mattress as your orgasm rips through your body. Namjoon holds your shaking legs steady, mouth planting wet kisses against your clit as his fingers fuck into you.

    He doesn't pull back until you're falling limp, heavy breaths lifting your chest arms lifting to cover your eyes. “Feel good?” He asks with a smirk, bringing himself back up to eye level. Fists on either side of your head to hold your body up, he takes in the fucked out look on your face.

    “Mm, thank you.” Lips stretching into a blissful grin, which he matches. His lips and nose are wet, chin dripping with your cum. “I got you all messy,” You're giggling, arms reaching up to wrap around his neck. He makes a show of licking it off, tongue collecting what it can reach off of his face before he's leaning down for another kiss.

    The kiss is a sloppy wet mess as his tongue pushes the taste of your cum into your mouth. He sucks and bites at your lips, swallowing every last one of your moans while his dick grows heavier between his legs. “Have to fuck you,” He's mumbling, hand reaching down between your bodies to fish his cock out from its confines.

    His large hand strokes his shaft, teeth cutting into his lower lip as drops of precum drip from the tip and onto your thigh. You can't help but look on in awe, hard muscles flexing with the movement of his fist. Mindlessly, you're reaching up to tug at the buttons of his shirt, revealing a defined chest and toned stomach. “Flip over for me,” His voice is strained, but you're more focused on the way his muscles tense and jump.

    When you don't move, his stare lifts from your glistening lips to your face. And he's catching where your focus is, a laugh falling from his lips. With a shake of his head, he's reaching down for your hips, finally catching your attention. “Flip over,” He says it once more but takes it upon himself to twist your body.

    Landing with your chest pressed to the sheets and your cheek smushed against his pillows. You can't see him, but you feel the slow drag of his cock between your folds, gathering up your slick as a lubricant. He's groaning quietly, smearing his precum all over your pussy while collecting your cum onto him. Despite how good it feels, you've got a pout fixed on your lips, not being able to reach or see him from this angle.

    “Ready, baby?” Thick head catching on your entrance and it's automatic the way your hips push back toward him. He slips past that first bit of resistance, making you gasp out loud. Pushing past your walls you can feel every inch of him as he stretches you out, strong hands holding your hips steady.

    His pelvic bone presses against the globes of your ass as he bottoms out, his strong arm wrapping around your lower belly. Joon's quick with the way he pulls your body up, cock slipping deeper inside of you as his chest presses against your back. “So big,” You're panting, leaning into the ripples of his chest.

    Slowly, he draws his hips back, allowing you to feel every inch of his cock disappearing from inside of you. And your pussy clenches around him in protest, pulling a strained groan from his lips. “Fuck, you're squeezing me so tight,” He groans, roughly shoving his hips forward.

    You're crying out, head falling back against his shoulder as your body moves with the roughness of his thrusts. The sharp bite at the base of your neck has fresh juices leaking out around his length. “More, Joon.” Your head tilted so you're able to look at him. Cheeks flushed and lips curled into his mouth, dimples on full display.

    A thin layer of sweat has formed on his body sticking the two of you together. He reaches for your face, holding it steady before leaning down to connect his mouth with yours. The kiss is nothing more than panted breaths and desperate whines. He speeds up the movement of his hips, forcing your body to bounce against his as he fucks into you.

    The sound of your desperate pleas for release and skin slapping is what fills the room. He grunts lowly in your ear, large hands sneaking underneath the hem of your shirt to find your breasts. Pinching and tugging at your nipples while rutting his hips. “You're taking my cock so well, baby,” Your heart flutters at the praise, a familiar warmth spreading throughout your body.

    Your ass ripples against his lower belly, legs shaking as you feel the tension growing in your stomach. “I'm close,” You're panting out as a warning, although he doesn't need it. The way your walls clench around him was proof enough.

    He uses his hips to lower your body down, following you, careful not to let his cock slip from inside. You're laid flat on the bed with him his back pressed against yours, hips lifted to meet his and provide enough room for him to reach around and toy with your clit. Joon fucks you into the bed, the loud moans that you let out spurring him on.

    “Cum for me, baby. All over my dick, you can do it,” His lips brush against your ear as he speaks, his tongue pushing out to tug the lobe into his mouth at the end of his words. All it takes is a few more timed thrusts and his fingers pinching at your clit to have you falling apart. The tension snapping, a tingly feeling cruising through your limbs.

    Your body shakes beneath him, fingers clawing at the sheets as your orgasm rips through you, pulling a scream from your throat. Joon slows to a deep grind, helping you ride it out while planting wet kisses against your shoulders. Warm cum surrounds him, leaking from your hole and dripping down to his balls. That plus the sight of you whining and shaking is pushing him over the edge.

    He's pulling out quickly, with the entire intention to calm himself so he can fuck you some more. Then his eyes are focusing on the cream globs of white that drip from your pussy, rolling down your thighs and creating a small puddle underneath you. He feels the jolt of pleasure before he can react, stomach caving in. 

    “Oh, fuck.” Namjoon gasps, large hand stroking himself as thick spurts of cum shoot out to coat your back. His body hovers over your back, fist clenching the sheets as he coats your ass and back with his cum. Low grunts of your name fill the room, turning into low sighs as his orgasm fades. He's letting out a heavy breath before he's flopping onto his back beside you.

    You can already feel his cum turning sticky on your back, but well before you can say anything about it Namjoon is hopping up to his feet. His dick swings as he walks around the bed, cute butt disappearing into the bathroom. He turns the water on just as the front door is being pulled over, quiet footsteps heading right for the bedroom.

    It's Jimin. He's poking his head around the cracked door, eyes widening at the sight of your sprawled out on the bed. “Yn!?” Clearly shocked as he steps further into the room, paying very little mind to the muscly man who wipes his cum from your back. “What are you doing here?” Crouched down in front of you with his fingers tangled in your hair.

    “I missed you,” Lips puckering out to him and he's quick plant a peck to your lips. “Who else knows you're here?” Leaned back at the balls of his feet, Jimin gives you enough space to sit up.

    You're quickly finding Joon's shirt amongst the mess of clothing and you're slipping it on, haphazardly fastening the buttons. He's disappeared in the bathroom once again, shower water running and you vaguely remember him saying he was going to wash up. “No one. I saw Joon first, then he attacked me,” Jimin's laugh matches yours, his arm slinging around your shoulder once you've stood up from the bed.

    Your new shirt falls a lot lower than it did on Namjoon, stopping a little lower than mid-thigh. The fact that you're not wearing anything underneath it was hardly noticeable. “Come on, let's go eat.” Jimin leads you out of the room, excitedly filling you in on the car ride over here. 

    He seems to have more energy than normal, eyes a lot brighter than you're used to seeing, though there's still a hint of fatigue in them. Either way, you can tell that this vacation has already done him some good. Even though, it's just started.

    You follow him into the kitchen, Hoseok stood with his head buried in the fridge. And you're just about to greet him when the soft sound of Yoongi playing the guitar hits your ears. You're making your way further into the house, head peering around the corner to find him sat on the couch guitar in hand.

    He notices you right away, the music he was playing instantly being forgotten when he realizes what he's seeing. And the moment that his brain is registering what he's seeing is quick to setting the instrument to the side, standing and making his way over to you a large grin spreading across his features.

    “When did you get here!?” He says happily, scooping you up into his embrace. The smile he wears stretches to both sides of his face and it has butterflies erupting in the pit of your stomach. Easily, he's lifting you off the floor, spinning your body in a quick twirl that has giggles flying from your lips.

    His laughter mixes with yours, careful as he sets you down onto your feet, an arm wrapped around your waist to keep you from falling over. You've never seen Yoongi this happy to see you, not like he was ever unhappy to see you. He just didn't wear his emotions on his face like some of the others did.

    “I got here this morning,” You're answering, only now remembering that he had asked you a question, to begin with. He only nods in response, pulling your body into his side to plant a soft kiss onto the side of your face. “I missed you,” He's mumbling out and the low trimmer of his voice has a flutter going in your chest.

    Yoongi leads you the rest of the way into the kitchen where Hoseok spots you the moment you're stepping in. He lets out a dramatic gasp, eyes wide as you grin, rushing around the corner to his side. Your arms wrap around his body, hugging him close while he gets over the initial shock of seeing you after so long.

    It's a moment before his arm is coming down to wrap around your shoulders, tucking you into his side. “Woow, I wasn't expecting you to come,” He says with a laugh and you're smiling, leaning up on your toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek all while reaching over the counter to steal the food he just prepared for himself.

    “That's why they call it a surprise,” You say, taking a large bite of his hot dog with a wink.

    Taehyung finds Namjoon outside in front of the fridge on his way to the kitchen. He's changed out the clothes he had been wearing earlier, long pajama pants replacing the shorts he had been wearing before. Hair washed and glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. Tae's smiling wide at his friend, making his way over.

    “Neighbor, hi.” He says, stepping up onto the porch.

    It's the sound of Joon's voice as he responds that has Tae's eyebrow lifting. The: 'Yo, what's up, man?' falling in a tone that sounded a little too familiar. It has a chuckle falling from Tae's lips, eyebrows furrowed as he looks up at his friend. “Why do you sound like that?”

    Namjoon is genuinely confused, never noticed the change in his voice before. “Sound like what?” It's obvious for the people around him, the ones that saw him through a different lens so they were always able to pick up on his little changes in demeanor. Like how his voice got a tad bit gruff after he's just had sex.

    “Sound like you just...” It takes a moment for the pieces to fall into place, the confused expression he had been wearing splitting into a cheek-lifting grin. “She's here!?” Is all he says before he's rushing into the house, Namjoon just steps behind him.

    It just so happens that you're by the door when he enters, large hands planting themselves on your hips. Taehyung doesn't give you much time to process anything before he's lifting you off of your feet, quick to wrap your legs around his waist. With the way he's holding you, he's discovering your lack of panties underneath the large shirt. It has his hips pressing up to meet yours.

    He leads with his hips, taking three large steps until your back is pressed against the wall nearest to the door. You're clinging to him, arms wrapped around his neck afraid that he might drop you. In any other instance, you'd be fidgeting, trying to get him to let you down. But the look in his eye has your body frozen, cautious not to make any sudden movements or else he'd pounce.

    Too late. Taehyung is lunging forward once you're comfortably rested against the wall, hands on either side of your face as he leans in for a kiss. A wet one that has you panting and clutching his hair the entire time. His hips haven't stopped moving subtle thrusts that are just enough to leave you wanting more.

    A hand drops from your face, reaching around for your ass. He's got a firm grip on your fleshy bottom, holding your body tight against his as he licks into your mouth. He kisses you until you can't breathe and then some more after that. Not pulling back until he's sure he'll have you panting, a thin line of saliva connecting your lips.

    “Hey,” He breathes, cock half-hard and pressed against your folds. “Hi,” You say it through a pant, a giggle breaking through. He's just about to lean back in to devour you some more when something Namjoon says catches his attention. Instead of the panty-soaking kiss, you had been expecting, he settles for pressed his lips against the tip of your nose.

    He's gentle with setting you back down on the floor, even reaches to adjust your shirt so it's fully covering your ass. “To be continued,” He says with a nod, turning to follow Namjoon outside of the kitchen. Leaving you with numb thighs and a throb between your legs.

    You're sat between Jimin and Yoongi as they eat, stealing bites from either boy while Taehyung eye-fucks you from across the table. You're not exactly sure what it was, but he really enjoyed watching you squirm nowadays. Would purposely say or do something that he knew would drive you mad, laughing at your reaction.

    Tonguing you down in front of everyone and not doing anything else about it was high up on that list. It only made it worse that he knew the effect that he had on you, so you could never play it off as if you weren't a blubbering mess each and every time he touched you. He'd know you were bluffing right off the bat.

    But, that didn't mean you wouldn't try. You try not to make eye contact with him throughout the entire meal, engaging in light conversation with everyone else. You'd catch his smirk each time you refused to look his way as he spoke, how focused you were on picking up pieces of ham or how intently you listened to Hoseok speak.

    He knew you weren't listening, knew for a fact the only thing on your mind was how hot it would be to be fucked on this table... by all of them. He knew you so well, he didn't even have to guess to know what that was what you were thinking. Which is why it was so much fun to fuck with you.

    Namjoon is the first to leave, wanting to get some sleep to wake up in the morning. He plants a kiss on the top of your head as he passes you, mumbling for you to come up if you want before he's exiting the house.

    You're stuffed and much more tired than you had thought, but you wanted to stay up for a bit longer in hopes Jin and Jungkook would make an appearance before you went to bed. Jimin is standing from his seat, stalking into the kitchen and giving you the perfect opportunity to lay your head in Yoongi's lap, feet lifting onto the chair.

    His hand mindlessly slips underneath the collar of your shirt, palm finding your bare breasts. You're not even sure he realized he's doing it, thumb stroking over your nipple as he keeps up with the conversation going on around him. It's soothing, though, for the both of you and you can feel your eyes growing heavy with each swipe of his thumb.

    They're all moving around you, but it seems that you're in your own little world. He drops pieces of his snack into your mouth, fingers coaxing the nub into a hardened peak. And he doesn't miss the flash of hair peeking out from underneath your bunched-up shirt. The fact that you're completely naked underneath the flimsy material makes his dick jump, but he's too tired to do anything about it.

    Yoongi's backs straightening with a sigh, hand moving abruptly from around your tit. “I'm sleepy. Goodnight!” You're sitting up to give him enough room to stand, accepting the kiss he lands on your cheek before he's leaving to find his room. And then it's just you and Taehyung at the table and he's pinning you with that insufferable pout.

    “How come you let Joon fuck you first?” Now you know him well enough to know that he's not really upset. The eight of you had a pretty good understanding of your relationship by now that jealousy didn't really factor anymore. But, it was Taehyung, so the reason he had for bringing it up had to be less than good.

    You're hitting him with a shrug, reaching across the table to pull his chopsticks from his grasp, stealing a mouthful of food. “Guess you weren't fast enough,” The devilish smirk that takes over his features has a shiver running down your spine. He's reaching across for his utensils, gently tugging them from your grip.

    “Are you challenging me, Yn?” He talks low like it's some big secret, dark eyes dancing over your features. “Should I shut you up? Get you under the table so I can stuff your mouth, want that?” If you weren't dripping onto the chair, you are now. And you're two seconds from telling him you want exactly that, when the screen doing is being pushed open.

    The shout from the youngest member cuts your words off. An excited, 'You're here!?' as he trudges into the kitchen, leaning down to kiss you. One long smooch followed by three quick pecks and he's pulling away, moving on to prepare some food for himself. When you look back Taehyung is gone, empty container being tossed in the trash and he's entering the game room without a word.

    You're sure it's not the last time he'll offer up stuffing your mouth, so you don't chase behind him ready to drop to your knees. Instead, you take to turning your attention on Jungkook. Watching as he slurps up his food, eyebrows furrowed like he's mad at it. Must've been hungry, he barely takes breaths between bites.

    Jimin is settling at the table with a can of beer in hand. And as the moments tick by, it's dawning on you that Jin might not be coming out. “Where's Jin?” Sure you would've heard his voice by now if he was around. You had been waiting patiently for him to come out, but the longer you waited the sleepier you got.

    “He went to bed already,” Jimin tells you, laughing at the way your lower lip juts out into a pout. You knew you'd be able to just see him in the morning, but you had been waiting for him and really wanted to see him now. “I brought Bam along,” He's not even the least bit surprised at the way your face shifts, smile breaking onto your features where the pout used to be. “I wanna see him!”

    Jungkook nods, swallowing around the mouthful of food. “I'll take you as soon as I finish,” 

    You follow close behind Jungkook as he leads you to his house, hands on either side of his waist so you don't trip in the dark. That's the excuse, seeing him in these see-through pajamas was making it hard to keep your hands off of him. So any reason you could think of and you were reaching out for a feel.

    “Bam, have you been well?” He calls as he steps further into the room. He's rushing over at the sound of his voice, floppy ears bouncing with each step he takes. And then he's stopping, right in his tracks and a moment is taken for him to study you. It's been a while so you're not surprised that it takes him a moment, but he's letting out a loud bark when it clicks, running the rest of the way over.

    All but knocking you over in his dog version of a hug, tail wagging as your fingers scratch behind his ear. “He missed you,” Jungkook speaks from the other side of the room. Three excited licks land on your skin before he's jumping off, sensing that Jungkook was leaving the room and he needed to be right behind him.

    You follow them into the bedroom, plopping down onto his bed. “What about you?” He can't help the automatic way his eyes zero in on your bare pussy, the fact that you're wearing Namjoon's shirt and still very wet. He knows you were fucked already, anyone with eyes could see that, but now you were dripping it on his bed and it was starting to get hard to focus.

    “What about me... what?” He speaks as if he's in a daze, words delivered between your legs. And you're letting out a giggle, hand reaching down to tug the hem of your shirt down your legs, blocking his view just to see the dramatic roll of his eyes. “Did you miss me, too?”

    Jungkook lowers himself at the edge of the bed, one arm entertaining Bam while the other reaches behind to shoo your shirt out of the way. “I always miss you,” Words distracted as he fits his fingers between your legs, gathering up enough cum on them before he's pushing them into his mouth, sloppily sucking them clean, keeping his eyes on you the entire time.

    He doesn't do anything else, just licks his lips as he stands to his feet. “Get some sleep,” It's an order, not a suggestion. The tired droop of your eyes being a dead giveaway. And you don't even bother to fight it, nodding your head as he stands. You're slipping underneath his blanket, letting out a long yawn as he leaves the room.

    Not even ten minutes later, you're fast asleep.

    You sleep through Jungkook's alarm, don't even realize he's gotten out of bed until you hear him coming back inside. He's got a lot of energy for someone who only got three hours of sleep. Your eyes barely peek open to find the two of them entering the bedroom. “Bam, why don't you tell Mommy what you did,” You can't hold the giggle that slips at his attempt of a stern voice, it all just sounds cute to you.

    “What happen?” You ask, sure you're not going to get anything out of the dog who's too busy happily slurping from the water bowl. Jungkook plops down on the bed beside you, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “He just shit all over the kitchen,” Laughter erupts from your chest, filling the room.

    And it's even funnier because he's trying to look serious about it. “I'm gonna call you to clean it next time,” He huffs with a roll of his eyes, body relaxing into the mattress and head falling onto your chest. Your fingers instantly find his hair, running through the soft strands as his eyes fall closed. 

    “What time did you sleep?” You ask, mainly because you're curious – hadn't heard him get to bed, but also, you can tell he's still tired despite the fact he should've slept that off. He's shrugging, turning on his side to wrap his arm around your hips. “After the sun came up,” He's mumbling.

    He ignores your noise of disapproval, allowing himself a few moments to rest before he's shooting back up and calling for Bam, who comes running at the sound of his name. “I gotta brush his teeth. Wanna shower together after?” He's offering and you're nodding with a nod, arms stretched over your head as you sink further into the sheets.

    At the same time, you're entering the kitchen, Yoongi is sending you and Hoseok to go wake up the others for lunch. And you're heading straight for Jin's room, finding him asleep with his arms covering his face. He looks so warm and inviting, you don't even think twice about slipping into his embrace.

    His arms are wrapping around your body in an instant, nose nuzzling into your wet curls and being swarmed with the sweet smell of your hair products. A familiar scent that has his eyes blinking open, a sleepy grin spreading across his features. “When did you get here?” Voice gruff as he moves to bury his face closer into the crook of your neck.

    Your arms reach to wrap around him, pulling him close. “Last night, they told me you were asleep.” He hums out a response, body settling into you and he's quickly falling back asleep. You take the time to admire the features on his face, hair much longer now and falling into his eyes. Strong jaw set and thick lips puckered, he's handsome even unconscious.

    No way that was fair.

    The two of you are able to lay like that for fifteen whole minutes before Hoseok is showing up making an obnoxious sound resembling an alarm. He doesn't stop until Jin is asking for five more minutes, which he graciously grants. Once he's gone, Jin's pulling you closer, lips pressing into your skin as he sinks further into the comfort of his bed.

    Yoongi's nearly finished cooking when the two of you are making your way into the kitchen. He's got two arms wrapped around your torso, back pressed to your chest as his steps mirror yours. It was nice, the peaceful moment you spent laying in silence with him as if you were charging your batteries.

    Something that you've done countless times with him before, but never realized how much you needed it until you were going weeks without anything like it. Jin releases you once you're fully entering the house and he's going to help Yoongi with the rest of the cooking.

    It's loud in the way you expect them to be. Chatter overlapping while Joon and Taehyung screech karaoke in the other room. There's one member you notice missing from the chaos and you're willing to bet you know exactly where to find him. “I'm going to go get Jimin!” You're announcing to whoever listening, before disappearing from the house and making a beeline for Jimin's room.

    You find him exactly where you expected. In his room with his head underneath the covers, soft snores shaking the sheets. Now. Being with all seven of them meant you had to get used to seven different personalities, seven different habits, seven different everything. And it also meant that you had your own special thing with all seven of them.

    Silent cuddling with Jin. Cock warming while Joon read. Napping in Yoongi's lap while he was in the studio, etc. They all had a thing that became automatic throughout the years, something special that you hardly did with anyone else. Wake-up calls were that thing when it came to Jimin.

    You're not thinking twice before you're crawling underneath the sheets, being met with his strong bare legs and his boxers bunched up in all the right places. He's not wearing a shirt. He flinches at your first touch, soft fingers brushing against the hem of his briefs. But he doesn't wake up.

    He's not the lightest of sleepers so you know you've got to be fast, fueled by how badly you wanted to feel him against your tongue, you're quick to tug his boxers down his thighs. Even in the dark, you can make up the thickness of his cock. Soft but still impressive, he had the thickest dick out of all of his friends. And it was so pretty, long enough to rest against his thigh a blush pink tint to it.

    Reaching out to wrap your hand around his base, you hear the low hum that falls from his lips. Shifting slightly but he only ends up getting closer to you. You don't tease or stall, wet mouth wrapping around his tip instantly. Slowly, you suck your way down his length, mouth open wide as you try to take all of him.

    Then you're pulling back and trying again. It's at your fourth try that your mouth has loosened up enough so that you're able to suck him all the way down, nose brushing against his pelvic bone. He's much harder now too, felt him growing against the warmth of your tongue. Just as you're about to pull your head back for some air, a hand lands on the back of your head, keeping you from moving away.

    “Fuck, don't stop.” His voice sounds gruff with the morning and you take a moment to peek up at him. Hair falling messily around his face, hooded eyes trained on you, pink lip trapped between his teeth. How could someone look this good just waking up was beyond you.

    You don't stop, heading his order, your head bobs faster, sucking with a lot more enthusiasm. You're reaching your hand out to grasp his balls, rolling them around in your palm as you focus on taking him all the way down your throat. His back falls slack against the mattress, eyes rolling to the back of his head.

    He pushes deep into your mouth, groaning at the way you swallow around him. Mind still foggy from sleep so it all feels like a dream. He feels the first bits of precum leave his body, the tightness of your throat sucking it out of him. He's careful with pulling back, keeping a firm grip on your head before he's pushing forward, fucking himself into your mouth. 

    And you let him. Two hands braced on his hips, you let him fuck into your mouth however he wants. Drool and precum pooling at the corners of your lips, eyes watering and tears threatening to spill as he grows rougher. His whines go straight to your core, pussy clenching around nothing, desperate to be filled with something.

    Preferably his dick. Jimin's drawing back to check out the wet lines that connect your mouth to his cock and he's just about to push back in when he catches the way your thighs squeezed together, free hand wedged between them. You're playing with yourself, mouthful of his cock and fingers between your legs.

    The sight alone is almost enough to break him. Not without giving you what you so clearly want, though, first. “Ride me,” Two words and you're scrambling up to your knees, blanket being thrown off of your heads as you move up to straddle his waist. The panties you wore underneath your skirt are being ditched as you bunch the fabric up at your waist, quickly going to lower yourself onto him. He can't help but chuckle at your haste, arms wrapping around your hips to hold you steady.

    “That's what you came in here for, huh?” His hand reaches down to grasp his hard cock, slowly dragging it between your folds. “Needed something in that greedy little hole,” You whimper in agreement to his words, hips fighting to get closer to his cock. But he's got a strong grip keeping you from going anywhere.

    Jimin takes his time sinking in, enjoying the way your face changes the deeper he dips inside of you. He knows he's all the way in when your jaw drops and your eyes roll to the back of your head. He stretches you much wider than anyone else, the slight sting mixing with the pleasure and it already has a tingle forming n your toes.

    Clit pressed firmly against his pelvic bone, he makes no effort to move against you. Completely still and judging from the smirk on his face, he doesn't plan to move at all either. “You do it,” He chuckles, reaching for your wrists to pull your hands onto his chest. Then he's reaching around for your ass, roughly squishing the fleshy skin beneath his palms.

    You're lifting your hips once, experimentally, and then again when it feels good. He watches with greedy eyes, focused on the way his cock disappears and reappears in between your legs. It's hard to move with your pussy clenched tight around him, still not entirely used to the stretch but you'll manage.

    This is far from the first time that you've ridden him before, though, it was the first time that he expected you to be in complete control. Most times he was the one guiding you, not allowing your hips to move unless his hands were the ones that brought them there. It was much harder for you to find your own pace, especially with the distracting way he toys with your ass.

    Jimin waits. Allows you to fall into a slow rhythm, watches as the swirls of your hips become more confident and then he's knocking you off. Hips thrusts up into you roughly and pulling a loud cry from your lips. “You don't know how to fuck yourself?” He's laughing, sitting up so he's able to reach your neck.

    “You like bouncing on my dick, huh? Like when I make you scream?” Just to prove his point, he's angling his hips in a way that he knows will get a loud scream to fall from your lips. Hitting all of your most sensitive spots, while sucking fresh hickeys into your skin. Your hands desperately search for something to grip, finding purchase in his hair.

    He uses his hands to lift and drop your ass onto him, hips meeting each one of his thrusts. You feel the way your pussy clenches around him, legs tightening around his waist as the heat spreads throughout your body. “So good, Jimin! Please,” Hands fallen from his hair to reach his back, sharp nails gliding over his skin.

    Easily, he's knocking you onto your back, body slotted between your legs. “Gonna make you cum all over my dick,” He groans, lifting one of your legs onto his waist so he's able to reach deeper. It has your back arching off of the bed, hips frantically moving to meet his as the pressure of your orgasm forms.

    “I'm close, shittt,” You've got his cock in a chokehold, nails digging into the milky skin of his back. He feels the wetness that leaks around his length, forcing him to slide in deeper, head pressing right against your g-spot. That has you screaming, threshold shattering as your arousal sprays out of you.

    Your vision blurs as you cum, incoherent sentences falling from your lips as your legs shake around him. Jimin doesn't let up, fucking into you as hard as he was before. “So fucking hot,” He's chanting it over and over, chasing his own release. The force of his hips has your body sliding up the bed, the headboard banging rhythmically against the wall.

    His soft fingers meet your sensitive clit, causing you to flinch away. Dark eyes lift to look at you, cheeks flushed and lips bitten. “One more time for me, baby. Please,” Fuck, he was even hot when he sounded desperate. He's groaning at the way your pussy tightens, head falling into the crook of your neck. “My God, you're gonna kill me-” He groans.

    It's not long before the thrusts of his hips become sloppy and untimed, cock twitching inside of you and fingers moving quickly against your clit. Just as promised, he's pulling another orgasm from you, a clear spray of cum wetting his crotch and stomach. Your eyes squeezed shut as you squeal and it's all he needs to let go, filling you with his warm cum.

    He stays still between your legs, hips glued to yours as he empties his load inside of you. The warmth has soft whines falling from your lips, fingers reaching up to toy with his long hair. The two of you lay like that for what feels like hours, chests rising and falling in tandem as his cock goes soft inside of you.

    You'd be content with never leaving this position, wrapped up in his sweaty arms with his face buried in your equally sweaty neck. “I fucking needed that,” He says with a laugh, lifting up just enough so he can reach your lips. He kisses you slowly, tongue lazily toying with yours and you swear you feel his dick twitch against your walls.

    No chance to explore that, though, his bedroom door is being pushed open and Hoseok is standing in the doorway. “Alright, enough. Let's go,” Somehow, he manages to pull Jimin off of you, guiding him through the process of getting dressed. You're giggling, sure the others must have gotten annoyed with having to wait to eat because of you.

    Thankfully, Hoseok leaves you to get yourself presentable, pulling a shirtless Jimin out of the room, despite his complaints about wanting to stay in bed with you.

    just a few days rest from your busy schedule is enough to get you back on track... spending those days off with your seven boyfriends in a castle built deep in the forest you can kiss any type of rest goodbye!


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  • crownjimin
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★ 030 | day one

    coffee — the enemies to lovers social media au where min yoongi refuses to date a cheerleader, but yoon haryun might be able to change that.

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    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    Yoongi had the mindset of punctuality once he texted Haryun. The clock ticked around to a quarter till one when he decided to head over to Toasty Beans to meet Haryun.

    At the time that he was leaving the apartment, Namjoon was returning from his Philosophy class and gave Yoongi a surprised look when he noticed the older guy dressed in attire other than his pajamas, preparing to leave the apartment.

    “You going somewhere, hyung,” Namjoon asked as he toed off his shoes by the door.

    Everyone knew that unless Yoongi had a mandatory class or basketball practice he’d rather hole himself inside of his room to work on music, and since Namjoon knew Yoongi’s schedule by heart at that point, he was well aware that Yoongi didn’t have anywhere to be at one in the afternoon on a Thursday.

    Yoongi bent over to reach for his own shoes, purposely ignoring the way Namjoon tried to catch his gaze. “Just to get some coffee.”

    “At one in the afternoon?”

    Yoongi hummed as he tied up his black Vans.

    A silence echoed for a mere second before Yoongi could hear Namjoon smile and inhale a laugh,”This is for Haryun, isn’t it?”

    “None of your business,” Yoongi patted both of his sweatpant pockets to check for his phone and his wallet, which he had both. “I’ll be back soon.”

    Just as Yoongi stepped out into the hallway from their apartment, Namjoon shouted,”Please don’t return with any more hickeys on your face!”

    “Why don’t you just shut up,” Yoongi retorted with no real conviction in his voice as he reached the elevators and pressed the down button.

    The reminder of the large, purple bruise (notice the word bruise, not hickey) caused Yoongi to pull the hood of his sweatshirt over his head, being sure to tighten the strings around it to secure it in place and keep the bruise out of sight.

    Once the rumor account on Twitter had posted about the hickey-no, bruise-on his face, Yoongi’s phone had been flooded with direct messages and text messages from his friends and a few girls he had hooked up with in the past. His friends were either making crude jokes or congratulating him on donning a sort of trophy from his “wild night” with whoever gave him the hickey; while the girls from his past hookups ranted about how unfair it was that they hadn’t been able to leave any marks on him. Yoongi found those texts quite funny because he never explicitly told these people to not mark him up, but he never was one for hickeys and such after a one-night stand.

    Besides, this was not a hickey or a sign of a “wild night” with someone. Instead it was a bite mark from a wild Haryun, who for some reason didn’t know how to properly bite someone and instead would leave her victims with blooming red hickies in her wake.

    Now everyone on campus thinks Yoongi has some clingy mistress or whatever, while only himself, his friends, and Haryun knew the truth. And for some reason it made Yoongi feel mysterious.

    from: yoongi

    i’m omw to toasty beans

    from: the actual devil


    i’m getting ready now

    By the time Haryun had texted Yoongi back, he had already reached the coffee shop and perched himself on the barstool at the seating area by the window. From his spot, he would be able to see when Haryun approached the coffee shop, from whichever direction she would appear from.

    The time read three minutes past one, and immediately Yoongi knew Haryun was someone who was terrible with time. As he waited, Yoongi people watched--noticing one woman with a baby strapped to her chest as she strolled down the sidewalk. Another man was walking down the sidewalk with his dog on a leash in one hand and a bag of takeout in the other.

    Yoongi could go for a good takeout meal for dinner, maybe he should start thinking about what he had a taste for.

    But just as he unlocked his phone, it buzzed with another text message from Haryun.

    from: the literal devil

    [ 1:12 ] okay i just left my apartment

    [ 1:13 ] now im in the elevator

    [ 1:15 ] it was a long elevator ride but now im in the lobby

    [ 1:16 ] now im on the street walking

    [ 1:18 ] just passed the phone store, i think i should get another phone case

    [ 1:19 ] that really good hot dog place was giving out free samples, so i got one. none for you though :/

    [ 1:23 ] there was this man with a dog, i pet it a lot

    [ 1:23 ] maybe i should get a dog

    [ 1:24 ] oh my gosh there was a lady with a baby, the baby smiled at me so i had to wave and then the baby waved back. i’m going to go talk to the baby

    [ 1:26 ] the baby’s name is sohye

    [ 1:28 ] sohye just blew me a kiss

    [ 1:29 ] aw i love babies

    [ 1:31 ] okay i said bye to sohye

    [ 1:33 ] im outside the coffee shop

    [ 1:33 ] i see you

    Yoongi watched as the text messages came through to his phone, intrigued by how easily Haryun got distracted. He watched her excitedly walk into the coffee shop before she bounced over to Yoongi with a bright smile on her face.

    “Hey,” She quickly spoke, stopping herself in her tracks before she slammed into Yoongi’s side. “You look all depressed just gazing out the window with sorrow in your eyes.”

    “That,” Yoongi locked his phone and slid it into his sweatshirt pocket. “Is not what I was doing, at all.”

    Haryun let out a noise of disbelief.

    “Oh, by the way. You lose focus very often and ridiculously easy,” Yoongi stood from the stool and made his way over to the line, which was nonexistent when he first arrived at the coffee shop, but now, thirty minutes later, there were quite a few people waiting to have their orders taken.

    Haryun wordlessly followed behind him, allowing him to continue speaking. “And you were also thirty minutes late, Haryun-ah.”

    “My bad,” Haryun blushed with embarrassment. “Moonhee had me locked in a cuddle sesh.”

    “You texted me at two minutes past one saying you were getting ready.”

    They moved forward a step in line.

    “And that was true,” Haryun nodded.

    “It took you thirty minutes to get here.”

    “I had an eventful journey.”

    Yoongi hummed, unimpressed. “How so?”

    “Did you not read my texts?”

    “I did-”

    The two of them moved up another step, only three more customers between them and the barista taking orders behind the counter.

    “Do I have a budget today, Yoongi?” Haryun asked as her eyes scanned the menu.

    “A budget,” He repeated slowly as if to compute what exactly Haryun just asked him. “For coffee?”

    “Well, I’m not quite sure how your bank account is set up so I don’t want to order something too expensive.”

    Yoongi chuckled at how serious Haryun seemed when she spoke. “How broke do you think I am?”


    “The most expensive thing on the menu is 11,000 won.”

    Haryun paused, scanning her eyes up and down Yoongi’s body with judgment in her eyes. “And do you have eleve-”

    “If you want me to buy you anything at all you won’t finish that question,” Yoongi deadpanned, staring at the menu quizzically as he attempted to figure out his own order. “Every time I speak to you my eye twitches in annoyance.”

    “Maybe you should see a doctor,” Haryun said. “That doesn’t sound healthy.”

    “Or maybe you just shouldn’t talk to me at all,” Yoongi retorted instantly, stepping up to the counter as the person in front of them completed their order.

    “Hi, my name is Gaeul, may I have a name for your order?” The barista behind the counter asked, her eyes glued to the register.


    Gaeul’s head snapped up at his name, Haryun giggling at how fast her head moved and the stars that erupted in the girl’s eyes.

    “Hi,” Gaeul muttered.

    Yoongi politely smiled. “Hi, Haryun what are you getting?”

    “Well,” A sigh left Haryun’s mouth that gave Yoongi the idea that she was about to make things difficult and he mentally prepared himself to apologize profusely to Gaeul for her actions. “What’s the most expensive thing on the menu, Gaeul-ssi?”

    “Uh,” Gaeul’s cheeks burned red. “It depends on what size drink you get and if you add things into the already prepared menu.”

    “So if I got a large caramel macchiato, iced with extra caramel pumps?”

    Gaeul paused to punch the order into the register. “Uhm, 9,500 won.”

    Haryun turned to face Yoongi, a look of shock and contemplation on her face which Yoongi returned with his own look of disdain and a whole lot of displeasure.

    “What do you think, Yoongi-ah?”

    Yoongi leveled Haryun with a heavy gaze, her taking it as a signal to hurry up and stop playing around.

    “That’s it for me, Gaeul-ssi,” Haryun turned to step over to the pick-up area, opting to make distance between herself and Yoongi before she pushed a little too far.

    Yoongi apologized to Gaeul before he told her his order, paid the amount due, and stepped off to the side to join Haryun.

    “You didn’t have to be so mean, Yoongi-ah,” Haryun began once she felt Yoongi step beside her. She was preoccupied with her phone, seemingly playing a game as she tapped the screen aggressively and sighed disappointedly. “It kind of hurt my feelings.”

    “How was I mean,” Yoongi stared at the side of Haryun’s face, taking note of the way her eyes squinted as she focused on her phone screen. “I didn't do anything wrong.”

    Haryun didn’t reply, too wrapped up in the game she was playing and Yoongi didn’t mind, he wasn’t in the proper mood to argue with Haryun and win, so if he could avoid an argument altogether then that was what he hoped for. But Haryun seemed like she wanted to continue the conversation as she locked her phone and looked up at Yoongi.

    “You gave me a mean look.”

    “What look?”

    “The one you’re giving me right now,” Haryun pointed her finger right in the middle of Yoongi’s face, gesturing to his expression. “And why is your hood on your head like that, you look dumb.”

    Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Geez, and you say I’m being mean.”

    The two of them stared at one another for a moment, Yoongi watching as Haryun fell into deep concentration and he knew exactly what she was thinking. As she raised her arms to grasp the strings to his hoodie, Yoongi grabbed her wrists and halted her movement.

    “Nuh uh,” He hummed. “Don’t.”

    “Why not,” she whined, stomping her right foot as she did so. “Are you cold or somethin’?”

    Haryun tried to grab his hoodie strings again and this time Yoongi yanked her arms down to her sides. “Haryun-ah, stop it.”

    “Y’know, I never said you could call me Haryun-ah,” She teased. “What if I’m your noona?”

    “You aren’t.”

    “What year are you?”


    “Shit,” Haryun cursed. “I’m ‘94. You’re old, Yoongi-yah.”

    That statement made Yoongi chuckle, genuinely. “Shut up.”

    “Medium Iced Americano for Ji Hajoon!”

    Haryun twisted her wrists to get Yoongi to release his grip on her and stood still for a moment. Yoongi kept himself guarded in case she attempted to remove his hood again, but after a few minutes he relaxed, noticing that Haryun turned her attention elsewhere for the moment.

    But just as Yoongi reached into his pocket to occupy himself with his phone until their order was called, Haryun snuck her hand up to the back of his head, grabbed the fabric of his hood and yanked. It left his neck at an awkward angle, but Yoongi was more pissed about Haryun not listening to him than anything else.

    “Oh my gosh, Yoon-“ Haryun gasped as she caught sight of what the hood was actually hiding.

    “What did I tell you?” Yoongi muttered, not finding the energy in himself to yell at Haryun about her yanking off his hood.

    Her eyes remained wide and they glistened with concern as she eyed the bruise on his left cheek, dark and purple like it had been for the last two days.

    “Oh, Yoongi-yah, I’m so sorry,” There was an air of sincerity in her voice as she stepped closer and examined the aftermath of her assault closely. She cupped his right cheek softly with her hand, using the leverage to tilt his face in a new angle to examine everything closer. “You should put ice on it.”

    “It’s fine.” Yoongi muttered. “Your hands are cold.”

    “Sorry,” She dropped her hand quickly, but her eyes never left the bruise. “It doesn’t even look like a hickey.”

    Yoongi stayed silent.

    “Okay, well maybe it does a little bit,” As Haryun spoke, Yoongi noticed a few people peeking over at him and the side of his face.

    That didn’t surprise him seeing as most of the campus followed the SNU Updates account and no doubt they saw the post about the hickey on his face. But that was different than having people actually stare at him and it, and Haryun was practically trying to medicate him in public like she wasn’t the one who did it.

    But no one needed to know that.

    “Stop looking at it,” Yoongi hissed at Haryun, grabbing her shoulders to turn her away from him. “You’re drawing attention.”

    “Well, it’s kind of hard to miss,” She said with her back facing him. “It’s so big and purple. You should name it.”

    Yoongi scrunched up his face, his nose curling cutely. “What? No. You name it since you did this to me.”

    “Aw really,” Haryun’s voice raised a bit, genuine excitement in her voice. “I think I like the name Farrah.”


    “Well, why not?”

    “It’s ugly.”

    Haryun gasped dramatically, her hand flying up to her chest to emphasize the amount of hurt she sarcastically felt. “Take that back!”

    “Uh, no.”

    “Yoongi,” She spoke, quite loudly, as she whipped around to face him again. “I was going to name my first child Farrah.”

    “I thought you were supposed to name your child something that won’t get them bullied?”

    “Oh, I’m going to cast-“

    “Large Iced Caramel Macchiato with two Caramel Pumps and a Chai Tea for Yoongi!”

    Yoongi walked up to the counter before Haryun could dish out her threat, the young barista handing Yoongi his drinks. Haryun quickly followed behind him, snatching her drink from his hand as she said, “I birthed that hickey on your face so I’m naming it!”

    “You birthed nothing, Yun-ah, let’s go.”

    “Yoongi, that hickey is named Farrah.”

    “It has no name, you poor child, now let’s go.”

    Yoongi made his way towards the door, watching as Haryun said something to the barista before she followed him out the door and onto the sidewalk.

    “Bada agreed with me that Farrah was a cute name,” Haryun said smugly as she stuck her tongue out.

    “Who’s Bada?”

    “The barista.”

    In an attempt to end the conversation there, Yoongi hummed like he finally agreed, but he couldn’t care less about the name for the unwanted bruise on his face. Haryun could think she named it Farrah but it would truly have no name.

    “Well,” Yoongi took a sip of his tea. “That concludes day one I guess.”

    “What are we about to do now?”

    “We,” Yoongi gestured to himself then Haryun. “Aren’t about to do anything. I’m going back to my apartment and I can care less about what you do.”

    Haryun pouted at that. “But Yoongi, we’re supposed to bond so I can forgive you.”

    “We never agreed on that.”

    “It was in the fine print.”

    “There is no fine print in text messages,” Yoongi retorted. “I wanna go back to my apartment.”

    “Then take me with you,” Haryun smiled, and Yoongi almost considered it, almost.

    “No, thank you.”

    “How about we just go to the pond over in the courtyard, sit and chat for a bit,” Haryun offered. “You can even read me the rough draft of your apology. Like a peer review before your final grade.”

    “I’m getting graded on my apology,” Yoongi asked with a slight chuckle.

    “Hell yeah, baby,” Haryun said as she finished taking a sip of her coffee. “Oh, shit, this is good. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

    Yoongi paused for a second, watching Haryun bounce excitedly on her feet as she waited for his answer. He could either go lock himself in his room to attempt to finish a beat he started two weeks ago or he could sit at a pond with Haryun and possibly be annoyed for the next thirty minutes.

    While normally, his answer would clearly be music, hanging out with Haryun seemed promising. And for some reason he couldn’t say no to those big brown eyes that were pleading for him to agree.

    “Fine,” He let out a big sigh and Haryun squealed. “I guess we can go sit around a mass of water for no reason at all for a while.”

    “Not for no reason,” Haryun all but shouted as she excitedly grabbed his hand and pulled him in the direction of the campus courtyard. “It’s to revise your apology, Gi-Gi Bear!”

    “Oh, no, that is not going to be a thing.”

    “I think it’s cute,” Haryun mischievously giggled. “Gi-Gi Bear.”

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    ( masterlist / prev / next )

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    note: lmao, it’s literally 11:45 right now so it’s kind of not even sunday anymore but whatever. sorry, i had a test and a project to do after i got home from work so, anyway. enjoy!

    #jung hoseok#kim namjoon#kim seokjin#kim taehyung#park jimin#jeon jungkook#min yoongi #bts social media au #min yoongi x female oc #coffee social media au #enemies to lovers #min yoongi social media au
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  • ot7armytata
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    10/01/2013 - BANGTANTV


    Olá, eu sou o suga.

    O equipamento que estou inspecionando hoje é a máquina mk2, da empresa NI.

    Há um tempo, o Rap Monster usou isso quando estava apresentando o quarto do Bangtan. Eu farei uma batida com ela.

    Eu estou gripado, então minha voz está rouca.

    Por favor, entendam a minha voz.

    Hoje eu farei uma batida como amostra.

    A maior vantagem da máquina, é que você pode fazer uma amostra facilmente.

    A música que eu usarei a amostra é…

    Muitos de vocês assistiram o filme. É uma trilha sonora par ao filme “Ahjussi”. Vamos ouvir.

    Eu farei uma batida com a trilha sonora de “Ahjussi”. Eu já defini o corte e a sequência. Já que a trilha sonora é uma batida terminada.

    Superficialmente fazendo uma amostra de uma trilha sonora assim. E isso… E… É assim que eu fiz. Agora eu farei um esboço com isso. A sequência que eu superficialmente fiz… Eu usei mais a amostra 808. 808 kick. 808 snare. 808 hi-hat. 808 open hi-hat. (São termos técnicos). Essas são as amostras que vêm com o equipamento quando você o compra. Se você faz uma sequência com isso… Assim. Eu adicionarei os cortes na amostra. Eu também deveria tocar as sequências de bateria. E o metrônomo…

    É assim que é superficialmente feito… se você pressionar o botão de gravação e tocar… será gravado no computador. Então vamos ouvir a batida finalizada que foi gravada.

    (Tradução | @ot7armytata |. Se for repostar, dê os créditos 💜)

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  • eatjeanjin
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Room 202

    Summary: You didn’t expect apartment hunting was going to be this difficult. So when you arrived at your last stop for the day, you were hoping for the tour to just go smooth and quick. But things turned out for the better after you unexpectedly ran into an old friend.

    Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

    Type: One-shot

    Genre: Fluff, Very light angst, Horror

    Rating: Teen and Up

    Warnings: Mentions of ghosts. Mentions of death. Light Swearing.

    Word Count: 2760


    NO-FACETOBER hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​

                ⤖ 「 Day 17 」 : Ghost

             ➻ Prompt Bonus: "Can some ghosts live upstairs?” —My Neighbor Totoro

    This is also my submission for @thebtswritersclub​’s monthly project prompt, “Spooky”

    A/N: This was so random and is therefore unedited. I just felt the strong urge to write and post something different thanks to the prompts above. So here we go. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome <333

    **Please do not plagiarize or redistribute my works. I post my works either on Tumblr or on AO3. If this or any of my works are found on other sites, please let me know so we can report accordingly.**

    The sun was starting to set as you drove to the last apartment unit you scheduled to look at that clear, autumn day. You parked your car in one of the visitor parking spots in front of the building you were going to. 

    The apartment complex, as you have researched beforehand, had three two-story buildings that held a total of 6 units of equal sizes in each, and a main building that held common areas such as the management office, the gym, and an indoor pool. It was built about 40 years ago and had always been used as a residential space. It was owned and maintained by the same family that established the business back then.

    It was, however, going to be your last choice due to the fact that it was close to nowhere-- the closest grocery/convenience store was a 30 minute drive, the closest hospital/clinic was a good 45 minute to an hour drive from there, to cut it short, it was basically away from civilization. But it had the cheapest price tag compared to the other units you were looking at, and right now, you could use every help on that.

    You took your phone from the hands-free holder in front of you and exited the navigation app. Your finger swept through the screen as you looked for the landlord’s number in your contacts and once you had found it, you quickly sent him a short message letting him know that you were there. His response came back a minute later saying, “I was out in town for an emergency meeting but I am on my way back and should be there in a few minutes! I apologize for the wait.”

    The day had been tiring so, honestly, you appreciated the little pause this unintended wait was giving you. So you locked your phone and held it on top of your stomach as you laid back in your driver’s seat to shut your eyes for a bit.

    After what felt like a few seconds, you were woken up by two gentle knocks against your car window. Your eyes flew open at the same time as your body shot up from its semi-lying position. You turned your head to look to your side and found a handsome man waving his hand with an equally handsome smile on his face on the other side of your door. 

    The man looked so familiar but you couldn’t quite remember exactly who he was.

    You lowered your car window down so you could ask, “Hi, can I help you?”

    “More like I can help you. Y/N, right?” He said as he placed his arm on your car’s roof. “It’s me, Yoongi. Min Yoongi.”

    You tried with every brain cell you could use up at that time to remember him by his name. It was definitely familiar, but your memory seemed to have chosen to fail you more than ever today.

    Seeing how you were still trying to figure out who he was, Yoongi chuckled before spelling it out for you, “Middle school? Which was like fifteen years ago but we were seatmates for two school years.”

    And that’s when it clicked. Of course, it was Yoongi-- the quiet kid that sat next to you in class. He mostly kept to himself and despite sitting next to you for almost two years, most of the conversations you had with him would revolve around school work and the weather. To your memory, he was a very nice kid and never said no to anything you needed help with for school. But in your last year of middle school, you mostly sat by yourself, the seat next to you was left empty for the rest of that school year. No one knew what happened, he was just… gone.

    So it was a pleasant surprise for you to have found him smiling and doing well right in front of you. When all the memories of who he was flashed across your head, you smiled and excitedly switched the engine of your car off. You placed your phone in the back pocket of your jeans and got out to greet him properly. 

    “Yoongi! It’s been a long time!” You extended your hand out to shake his, he gladly took it and shook your hand.

    He took his hand away from yours to scratch the back of his head, his eyes drifting to another direction away from yours as he said, “Has it been? I lose track of time easily.”

    “Yeah! It’s like a decade and a half.” You said with a chuckle that he returned with a similar one. “But what are you doing out here?”

    “Oh,” he turned and stretched one of his arms out to point at a room in the building, “I live here. That unit by the corner up there’s been my home since I graduated college.”

    Your eyes followed to where he was pointing to. From where you stood, you could see the last glass window on the second floor was shut tight and the white curtains that neatly lined its sides were tied to the wall next to it. And even with how it was twilight and the indoors were supposedly dark by this time of the day, the lights inside appeared to be switched off.

    “Ah,” you nodded before turning back to him and asked, “did you just get here from somewhere?”

    “Yeah, I was on my way up to my place and saw a car I’ve never seen before parked out here. We rarely get visitors so I got curious, then I saw it was you.” He explained. “What are you doing here sleeping in your car like that? You look exhausted.”

    “I’ve been doing some apartment hunting in the area. And this unit’s the last one on my list for today. I’m just waiting for your landlord to get here and show me around.”

    “That must be tiring. It’s hard to look for good places in this area.” He leaned closer so he could lower his voice to continue the rest of his response, “And our landlord’s really not known for being the punctual type.”

    You laughed and couldn’t help but agree. “And yeah, unexpectedly, it really has been hard to look for a place here.” You rested your back against your car, feeling the exhaustion of how your day had been just from thinking about it.

    “Well, I can at least show you the main areas of this building if you’d like? And if the landlord’s not back yet, you can wait in my place. Unless you like waiting out in the cold like this?”

    You didn’t notice how cold you had been feeling until he brought it up. The jacket you had on was not enough to keep you warm, and now that the sun had completely set, you knew you wouldn’t feel well if you had just stayed in your car and waited there.

    And that was how you ended up walking into the building with Yoongi. 

    The hallways were a neat row of cream colored wallpapers that had a faded pattern of fleur de lis. It was well lit and you could see how they have been maintaining the place well. Another good point was that it was also a quiet hallway, apart from that one unit at the end-- where you could hear a loud television playing behind the much louder laughs and shouts by what sounded like kids. Apart from this, and how the heating system seemed to be taking its sweet time to warm you up, the interior looked promising.

    “Do you know which unit number you will be looking at?” Yoongi asked from beside you.

    “Oh,” you scrambled to fish your phone out of your pocket and looked for the text message from your landlord. “It’s room 202.”

    “Ah, that’s beside mine! And lucky you.” He continued to walk towards the stairs as you followed. “The first floor units can be a mess. I used to live in a unit on the first floor in the other building, and I also heard from other tenants that there’s always some problem with them.”

    “What, like ghosts?” You joked.

    He chuckled but nodded, “Believe it or not, that’s actually one common complaint I heard from fellow tenants. They seem to linger on the first floors of the buildings.”

    “Okay, not that I believe in them but can’t some ghosts live upstairs?”

    “Good question, but as far as I know, no. Maybe their legs are too dead to go up.”

    You laughed at how easy the conversation felt. Now that you remembered it, Yoongi was someone you were always comfortable talking to about literally anything. He was always soft spoken and only responded when he needed to, but he was a great listener and that made you trust him and be yourself around him.

    While the two of you were in the middle of laughing at his last comment, he stopped in front of a door that had the numbers “202” in its top mid-section with a peephole right below it. Yoongi grabbed the doorknob to open it, but it didn't twist all the way.

    “Of course,” he brought his palm up to his forehead, literally face palming himself. “It’s locked and only the landlord has the key to an empty unit.”

    You couldn’t help but, again, laugh at his silliness. He laughed with you before he said, “I’m sorry, I’m such a bad host.”

    “Oh please,” you unconsciously brought your hand up to pat one of his shoulders. Even from that slight touch, you could feel how strong his muscles felt underneath his flannel shirt. And that’s when you were reminded, he may be the same Yoongi you knew before, but this Yoongi is also a man who’s grown up… really well. You shook your head and you knew you had to say something before he notices how you have been checking him out, “You’ve been nothing but a great host.”

    “Why, thank you.” He smiled as he said. “I’m glad I’ve been somewhat helpful to you.”

    “I was just thinking about that, and you’ve always been helpful to me.”

    “Was I really?” He answered and you could see how his cheeks were turning red from the compliment. 

    “Yes, it’s what I remember you by.”

    “Well, let me help you out again and have you wait for Mr. Kim at my place?”

    “Yeah, I’ll take you up on that offer too.”

    Yoongi started to walk over to the next door up the hallway you were both in. He put the key he took out from one of his pockets into the doorknob before he twisted it open. He pushed the door open and was about to step in but stopped. He turned around and was looking into your curious eyes, “Hey, Y/N?”


    “Thank you, sincerely.”

    “I should be saying that to you.”

    He only gave you another smile in response before he motioned for you to enter his home. You carefully walked past him and when you were both in, the door shut behind him. You were met with the darkness of his apartment, with the moonlight as the only source of lighting you could depend on to not step on your own foot-- or worse, Yoongi’s. 

    You could hear him shuffling to take his shoes off from behind you, before you heard him flick the light switch on.

    And again.

    Despite his multiple attempts, the darkness was still the only thing you could see.

    “Shit.” He muttered before walking past you. “I’ll be back, I’m just going to check out the circuit box in the other room. Please make yourself comfortable.” He pointed at his couch that sat next to his window. You could see it and the path you needed to take to get there thanks to the moonlight, but everything else was pitch black.

    “Oh, okay.”

    Once he saw you were sitting on his couch, he walked off into the darkness.

    While waiting for him, you decided to busy yourself with your phone. You didn’t realize that you got a text message from the landlord saying he got stuck in traffic but is almost there followed by a quick apology for his tardiness. Normally, you would’ve just left. But running into Yoongi made up for all of it. In fact, you wanted to catch up with him more which was why you decided to just wait with him here as well.

    As you mindlessly scrolled through your phone further, sleep was starting to take over your consciousness. Eventually, you gave in. You sat back as you held your phone on top of your stomach and rested your head against the back of Yoongi’s couch-- finally letting sleep take over you.

    “Ms. Y/L/N?” An indistinct voice called you awake.

    You opened your eyes and found yourself lying on your side on Yoongi’s couch. You looked around and saw how the lights were still out, but in front of you was a middle aged man who was far from the man you were with… a while ago. How long were you asleep for anyway?

    As you got up, you realized the man was shaking you awake, his hand was still on one of your arms. “Oh my, you’re so cold! I’m so sorry for making you wait for so long. There was an accident on the way here.”

    “That’s okay.” You brought your hand up to rub at your throbbing head. “Where’s Yoongi?”

    “Yoongi?” The man stood up and looked puzzled as he tried to recall the name you had just mentioned.

    “Min Yoongi?” You stood up and exclaimed, hoping to help him remember. “He lives here?”

    “Oh! Mr. Min.” He clapped his hands after successfully remembering. But his face turned somber as he continued, “Mr. Min has not lived here for a while. It’s been a year since he passed.”

    You were frozen in your spot and you felt as if all energy you had left was drained out of you in an instant. You almost lost your balance but you were able to keep yourself up before you did. It was hard to believe what you just heard, so you had to ask him to confirm, “Passed as in, he’s dead?”

    “Yes, it was quite tragic. He was doing really well, having graduated first of his class in college, he was given job offers left and right. But the boy settled here and took a job from that engineering company in the next town over. If it weren’t for his frail body, he would’ve gone so far.”

    You were speechless. The story you had just heard was too detailed for it to be a lie. But the Yoongi you were talking to earlier felt too real to be unreal too.

    The landlord walked you out of the unit and locked the door behind you. But seeing how you were still in shock, he asked, “I’m sorry, did you know him?”

    “He was a good friend.” You snapped out of your thoughts and turned to him. “Um, is it okay if we reschedule the tour tomorrow? I’m quite tired after today.”

    “I thought you already walked through the unit seeing how you were lying comfortably on the couch in there?”

    “No, this isn’t 202 is it?”

    The man lifted his hand to point at the number on the door, and sure enough, they clearly said 202. “Mr. Min used to live next door, but his family bought the unit and it’s his brother who now uses it. He rarely comes here though, they all live in the city nearby.”

    The landlord was understanding enough when you kindly declined the unit. It would’ve been a great pick, but everything about the building would remind you of Yoongi too much. Of how he was when you met him. Of how he could have been if he were still there. As you started your car’s engine, you took your phone out of your pocket and placed it on the hands free holder in front of you. You opened your phone and was about to go to your navigation app but you froze when you saw a notification pop up from the top of the screen. It was a message from an unknown number.

    You clicked on the notification and you were in shock after reading the message, clearly knowing to whom the message had come from.

    “I’m sorry. And thank you for spending some time with me. Sincerely.”


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    has anyone ever thought about creating a btsau! where 3J have a tiktok together and they are very famous on the dancetok side and the other members appear as other famous tiktokers or tiktok users. Then when the profile becomes all of dance line😩😩😩!!!! Ouuu and if you throw in a black y/n that meets them and is also famous on dancetok

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    Taehyung: What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan boys #beyond the scene #bangtan seonyandan #bulletproof boy scouts #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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  • tearbtss
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    ↳  𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 ღ

    ↳ 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞!

    #yoongi#yoongi icons#min yoongi #min yoongi icons #bts#bts icons#bts yoongi #bts yoongi icons #bts min yoongi #bts min yoongi icons #suga#suga icons #yoongi lq icons #bts lq icons #bts suga #bts suga icons
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    Here’s the request for Yoongi!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#min yoongi #min yoongi smut #bts yoongi #bts yoongi smut #bts suga #bts suga smut #bts#bts smut
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    jinnie & yoongi icons.
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  • hobidreams
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    november 1871.

    how do you even begin to navigate this new world?

    pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader words: 1.2k historical note: “mama” is the korean equivalent of “your highness” & the proper address for a queen. her family can simply call her that, but others must add her official title as well.

    moonlit throne index. this is drabble 40. start from the beginning?

    Your head slightly upturned towards the grey sky, you hope to outrun the threat of rain as you hurry towards your apothecary with new supplies in hand. The first drops dampen your white sleeves moments before you slip through the open door and exhale in relief. There is much to do today; you cannot afford to waste time drying your clothes. Still, you leave the door open behind you as you walk in, wanting to see the earth nourish itself, the quiet falling one of your favorite sounds.

    Recently, there’s been a disease spreading through the soldiers. It’s some sort of itchiness that is as persistent as it is pervasive. None of the doctors have been able to find a solution, but they are still reluctant to work with you since you are an inferior woman. You scatter new herbs across the sturdy wooden table, preparing for another long session of experiments. You’ll prove them wrong, even if you have to sacrifice sleep to do it.

    All this to distract from the truth that you haven’t seen the man you love in nearly three weeks.

    Just like you expected, despite his promises, despite your hopes, things changed. Something shifted, that day of the wedding ceremony. Or was it more like something locked into place? Yoongi became a married man even while the ghost of you lingers around him. And he hasn’t summoned you in so long, nor have you dared to even attempt to seek him out.

    These days, no matter if you are within palace grounds or out in town, you can hardly go a few hours in the presence of others without hearing about the new jungjeon-mama. She has visited her people twice already, surveying her citizens with a retinue of guards. Her popularity continues to soar on powerful wings, judging from the awestruck whispers that travel far across the land. She has accomplished exactly what the advisors intended. The townspeople are distracted even as the king must deal with yet another treaty from America.

    You wonder how long it will take for there to be an heir.

    Shut up, you tell your mind as you force your fingers to begin working. At least medicine is something you have control over.

    You end up so absorbed in calculations and properties, you don’t even notice someone has entered the room until a deep voice calls your name. You look up into dark eyes and long hair that seems to glow despite the lack of a moon tonight.

    “J-Jeonha!” You sink into a deep bow without thinking, even though he insisted you dispense of this particular formality some months ago. Your heart aches with happiness, with want.

    The king, achingly beautiful as always, stands on the opposite end of the table. “Are you busy?”

    “No, no.” You give the mixture you’re heating a last stir, knowing it must cook for some more time. “Not as you are, I am sure.”

    He inhales deep at that, shaking his head. “Like you would not believe. There is new pressure coming from Japan, and the Americans have still refused to relent. I don’t know if they will retaliate like they did at Ganghwa. I refuse to let that happen again.” He lets you lead him to a nearby bench, sitting down as his eyes continue to cloud with heat and irritation. “At least some of the advisors are now more reasonable.”

    “…Because of the wedding.”

    His hands press into the seat. “Yes.”

    Part of you immediately wants to change the topic that you brought up yourself, but the other part knows it must be had. That you have to be able to discuss these things, even if it makes your limbs seize up. “The advisors must be afraid to be too rude when she is present.”

    He pauses, as if considering his words before he says, “they are used to my mother shutting them up, I suppose.” Then silence comes in once more to fill, to suffocate the space between you as you process what he has just confirmed—she, as queen, is allowed to participate in the daily meetings. And she is aiding him in a way you cannot.

    God. It’s almost comical how stilted your voices are, your words so formal it’s as if you’ve gone back years. Like neither of you want to acknowledge how odd it is to be this close to him and not have him touch you. He is usually, at the very least, brushing your hand with his fingers. Or pulling you into him to mingle your warmths together. But now, nothing. Promises shattered before your very eyes.

    You bite your lip. “I’m glad she has been helpful then.”

    “Yes, well.” He deliberately cuts himself off, clearing his throat. “Damn it. I am not here to talk about her.”

    But your control is slipping. You know you’re ruining this precious time you have together but you have been so damn upset, so pitifully lonely that the startling jealousy writhing through you becomes too hard to resist. “No? She is your wife after all.”

    You get what you wanted. Yoongi’s anger riles quick, flashing hot through his hardened eyes, but it doesn’t satisfy you like you thought it would. It only cuts you more, a fresh, scalding burn on your heart when he scowls, grits his teeth and says, “No, mama is—”


    Whatever he says next, you don’t register. The inhale you instinctively take is so sharp it steals every other breath from your lungs. These few weeks have been enough for him to pick up the habit of calling her as such, even in your presence. The word detached from the full title implies with no uncertainty that she is his family. She is his.

    You pitch forward, elbows pressed to your knees, burying your face into chilly palms. The first sob betrays you, rattling violently through your body even as you try to choke the rest of the onslaught back. This is the first time you’ve cried since learning of the official engagement. Everything that’s built upon you since then, every bit of pain you’ve swallowed and shoved down and tried to forget slams into your body like a closed-fist blow. It’s all you can do to breathe through the wet hurt.

    There’s a clattering, a shift in weight as he must leap to his feet. “Shit. Shit, I… Fuck. I did not mean…” His panic is palpable but you can’t handle it, can’t handle anything that might leave you hoping and wanting and pathetic.

    “Please… Please l-leave,” you gasp, knowing how long you have waited for this, waited for him but like a small animal, you are all wild fear, needing to lick your wounds in solitude. You are so terrified of what more he might say, or what he might do. He already holds all the power over you. You want a pittance of it back. “Leave.”

    “I didn’t want to hurt you like this,” he mumbles. You hear the wood creak as he steps away. “I never wanted this.”

    But I’ve always wanted you is the only thing that lingers through your tears before the door thuds shut.

    a/n: drabble forty. wow. thank you for being here. thank you for trusting me with these two. it means more than i could ever express and we are so close to the end now! i hope you’ll all stick around to see what happens ♡

    chat with me | support me on kofi ♡

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  • star-sign-virgin
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Yoongi + yellow

    requested by @yoon-guk <3
    yoongi pics by @sugaandspiceandeverythingnice
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  • plvtopixie
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Should I give up,

    or should I just keep chasing pavements

    Even if it leads nowhere?

    Or would it be a waste, even if I knew my place?

    Should I leave it there?

    #i miss yoongi #the way i love him UGH #he's my safe place #bts#bts icons#min yoongi #emo min yoongi #suga#bts yoongi#bangtan yoongi#yoongi icons#yoongi #yoongi boyfriend material #yoongi layouts#yoongi packs#yoongi users#yoongi moodboard#yoongi lover#Spotify
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  • snowbarryiscoming
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ✨Bangtan Series✨

    Welcome to my first ever series. I still don't really know how to work with links so i'll just be putting the summary for the series down below.

    I'm really excited as this is my first series on here and I've been wanting to write these forever. So here we are.

    I'll also include some works that aren't part of the series because self promo

    the series can read as stand alones, but will take place in the same timeline and have cameos so i do recommend to read them in order as listed but it's not mandatory.

    also, some of these i literally just came up with so if it's not really detailed like the others, them it's most likely one of them

    Enjoy 😊


    ~ Yvette Harrington is now a stylist for korean boyband BTS. Working one on one with the boys, she quickly befriends all of them. But along the way, her job and her heart will clash which leaves Yvette to decide which one is more important.

    boy with luv;

    ~ Keeley Jonas makes her viral debut when everyone sees the video of her dancing to BTS' Boy With Luv. Catching the eyes of the band, Keeley secures her spot as one of their dancers. Keeley was never the one to break the rules, but everything she loves- dancing and a certain mochi included- is suddenly put at risk, and she doesn't know where to run to


    ~ Min Yoongi has a hard shell, but inside is a total softie. Dulce Tamaro was an all around sweet girl. Her name literally means sweet. When she runs into Yoongi, she knows that he's not an easy person to make laugh. But Dulce was up to the challenge to make him laugh. But wasn't aware of a little thing called love.

    [non part of the series]

    truth untold;

    ~ Carson Leyva only knew Kim Seokjin because her sister, Ilsa, was convinced that he was in love with her. Ilsa and the entire family, Carson excluded, were rooting for the two to be wed. But when Jin tells Carson the actual truth, Carson's relationship with her family could be put to an end if they ever knew the truth. Ilsa wasn't the one Jin was falling for

    stay gold;

    ~ Gigi was new to South Korea, and didn't know absolutely anything. Thankfully she meets a guy who can show her the ropes and how to fight out the negativity


    ~ Gabriella was an ex cam girl, emphasis on the ex part. She decides to go to college because she feels like she can be more than a cam girl forever. When she's there, she meets Taehyung, a Korean boy, who although recognizes her, proves to her that someone's past doesn't define their future

    life goes on;

    ~ After being ditched on their honeymoon, Evangeline meets Hoseok while she's there, and gets swept up away by his charisma. When she goes back to her home, she's conflicted at the thought of making the mistake of getting married or cheating, and loses herself in the process of finding out what her heart is really trying to yell out

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