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    *how would her friends (aka BTS and Royal) react*

    hobi: OMG MY PRECIOUS GIRL IS 21! *doesn’t let her go*

    samjin: ah hyung why do you to be so noisy about everything?


    namjoon: *pets her head* congratulations, J! only the best of the best for you

    minah: jay oppa? r u crying?

    jay: MINAH FOR GOD SAKE COULD YOU PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT FOR A MOMENT? my girl is growing so fast………… *sobs*

    taehyung&jimin: hApPy BiRtHdAy To YoU!!!!!! *keep singing until they think it’s time to stop*

    jk: suga hyung, come on! say it, it won’t hurt….

    yoongi: ok…. *takes a deep breath* congratulationsjaein *hugs her and run*


    [A/N: omg! it’s by birthday two! when I started to plain all the Royal history and stuff, Jaein was the first one I plained and I decided to reflect a lot of myself through her. I just love her! Congratulations to both of us 🖤🖤🖤]


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  • “I love you…I think?” - Drabble.

    #100 - “I love you…I think?” // Park Jimin x Reader

    A/N: Wow, a lot of you seemed to want #100 with Jimin. Thank you so much for letting me write this !! from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And thank you for your kind words !!


    The loud knocking on the door begins the moment the kettle clicks, startling you slightly. Your gaze drifts across to the clock hanging on the wall, blatantly telling you that it is 10:15pm. You furrow your brows. You had not been expecting anybody, especially not at this time of night.

    You run your hands through your hair, and tug your dressing gown around your chest as you make your way down the hallway. You reach the door, hearing the heavy rain lashing against the plastic as you do so. You turn the key to unlock it, and shiver as you slowly peel it back until you are met with a wide-eyed, grinning Jimin.

    You stand and stare at him, slightly dumbfounded. ‘Why are you here?’ You question finally, narrowing your gaze.

    ‘Can you let me in? It is raining,’ he quips, rolling his eyes with a smirk.

    You smile a soft smile in response and step aside.

    Jimin hurries past you, and immediately shakes his head, sending rain droplets into the air.

    You close the door, and turn on your heel to face him. ‘You’re supposed to be at the party,’ you blink at him, furrowing your brows once again.

    ‘Yeah, but,’ he removes his coat and throws it on to the stairs.

    ‘But?’ you question, running your hands through your hair and feeling your cheeks redden as you feel his gaze settle on you.

    ‘(Y/N),’ Jimin’s face pales and he shuffles closer to you.

    ‘Are you sick?’ you ask, stepping back.

    He laughs a throaty laugh and reaches out until his hands grasp your waist.

    ‘I think I love you,’ his words are quick, and his nervousness becomes apparent. At first, you’re almost positive that you’ve misheard him. ‘I think.’ He adds, snaking his arms around you.

    You nod your head, processing his words. ‘Y-you think?’ you stutter before swallowing hard. You feel your palms begin to sweat as Jimin edges even closer to you.

    ‘I know we’ve only been dating for a little while,’ he explains, tightening his hold around you. You slither your arms around him in return, a smile dancing on your lips. ‘But I really do think that I love you,’ Jimin adds, his eyes glassy.

    ‘Are you drunk?’ you question, your eyes calculating him.

    He swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. ‘I can neither confirm nor deny,’ he chuckles, a childish grin creeping across his lips. ‘I just know that I’m probably, pretty much, in love with you,’

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    Happy holidays from my friends in bt21 and I to all of you. 🥺❤️

    Please give credit to my Twitter @/mikroki if you repost!

    DISCLAIMER: I am NOT claiming the characters as my own. I just wanted to do a cute little piece for the holidays❤️

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    it’s been a few days since namjoon denied you and yoongi to sell pills. the plan was quite simple. step one, get the money from the bank account secretly. step two, tell an elaborate story about how you and yoongi would be going on a vacation to visit a family member of his out of town. step three, the final step. buy and sell the pills a couple towns over.

    you packed up a small bag, excited you and yoongi were getting out of town for even a couple days. “guard my house with your life.” you joke to jimin as the boys were crowded in the kitchen. “and if you eat all my food, at least buy me more.” you scold jin who was cooking a big meal. “alright fellas, yoongi and i are off to his cousins house.” you lie, namjoon giving both of you side eyes. you had to tell the other boys a lie as well because knowing them, they’d tell by the end of the day.

    “ready to implicate phase one?” you ask once you were in yoongi’s car. “ready.” he chuckles soft. you look around the nice car and your eyebrows raise, “how did you afford this beauty?” you ask, buckling up when he drove off. “swiped it from a rich prick, he won’t miss it.” he jokes and you shake your head with a giggle.

    once you get to the bank, you ask for a withdrawl and the bank teller asks for a password since you weren’t namjoon. “uhh.. let’s try his birthday,” you whisper to yoongi and he nods. “091294.” you enter the keypad and it beeped then turned green meaning it worked. when the bank teller left to get the money you whisper under your breath, “he’s such a dumbass.” once you collect the money, you walk out to the car again.

    “alright, phase two. go find a local college drug dealer.” yoongi nods and drives off, going three towns over before finding a hotel. “this is too nice, we can find a dicier area to stay in.” you whisper, worried if you’d be able to afford rent this month if he made you pay for your own room. “hello, reservation for min yoongi.” he told the front desk politely, making you scrunch your nose at his fake voice. “room 203.” she flashes a gummy smile and handed him the keys before he grabbed your hand, dragging you to the elevator. “yoongi, what about my room? are you gonna make me sleep in the hall?” you ask sarcastically, “no dummy, i got us a room to share. there is two beds, chill.” he says after seeing your blush.

    when you enter the huge hotel room, you look around in awe. “this is amazing, how can you afford this?” you ask and he shrugs, making you scoff. “you always dodge my questions when i ask about your financial stability. we do the same job, yet you can afford so much more. how come?” you asked which made yoongi plop on the bed. “i just can Y/N, stop asking me questions.” he replies nonchalantly, making your nostrils flare, “do you have a savings account or something? or maybe-” before you could finish, yoongi cut you off. “i said drop it Y/N.. seriously.” him getting defensive made you want to know more but you left it alone for now. “fine.. let’s go asking around the college for a drug dealer.” you mumble and set your things on the bed next to yoongi’s.

    without a word, he walks out of the room, you following close behind. “there are two universities around this area, shall we go to both or just stick to one?” he asks as if you two didn’t just get in an argument. “uh.. we should stick to just one, the closest one.” you reply, making him grin then nod, “you got it boss.”

    when yoongi pulls into the university’s gates, both of your jaws drop. “this is the biggest college i’ve ever seen.” you whisper which made yoongi nod in agreement. “so just by first glance, i can tell the kids who come here are rich as fuck. so, i’m thinking we should triple the price, how about it?” you ask yoongi, wiggling your eyebrows. “sounds like the perfect plan. now, let’s pretend we go here and are looking for some fun.” he suggests, getting out of the car with you.

    you look at your reflection through his shiny silver car, wondering if you looked young enough. “you look fine Y/N, come on.” yoongi chuckles as if reading your mind. “oh- okay.” you blush embarrasingly, walking with him to a quad where a bunch of skating kids stood.

    “hey guys, do you know where me and my girl can find some of those good pills?” yoongi asks confidently in a his best stoner voice, making you want to giggle. “yeah, our boy bam bam gives us the dopest shit.” one of the stoners say, reaching for your hand and writing a phone number down. “y'all together?” he asks after finishing the phone number, making yoongi and you glance at each other. at the same time, the both of you gave opposite answers. you said no, noticing how cute the guy way, but yoongi said yes. you gave him a ‘what the fuck’ look. “well.. when you decide, you should come to a party we’re having tonight at one of the nearby frats.” he says and shakes your hand, then yoongi’s. “i’m jaebum, but my friends call me jb.”

    you shake his hand and blush brightly, “we’ll think about it.” you giggle, trying to play hard to get. “alright, here’s my number, in case you change your mind.” jaebum says, writing down another number under bam bam’s, putting a small jb next to it.

    you were dragged away by yoongi before you could say anything else, whining once you got back to his car. “he was so cute yoongi, did you see him?” you ask love strucked by a stranger. “yes, i got a good look at him considering we had a full conversation.” he retorts sarcastically. “i’ll talk to bam bam.” he continues when you gave him a scrunched up nose.

    as yoongi still had the fake voice while talking to bam bam, you couldn’t help but laugh from time to time. “alright bud, see you soon, stay chill.” he adds at the end of the conversation, knowing it would make you laugh. he hung up and started chuckling along with you, “so we are meeting him after class which is 2:30 at his frat house, he’s gonna text me his address.” yoongi smiles soft, his smile always contagious with you.

    “we have 30 minutes to kill before we have to meet him, what do you wanna do?” you ask, getting in his car so you weren’t in the heat. “we can get fast food?” he suggests, your eyes lighting up, “sign me the fuck up.” you giggle and he drives off to taco bell, the food fast restaurant you two always went to. you bonded over it when you were drunk once, and never went anywhere else since then.

    he orders you both the same thing you always get, pays, then drives away from the window after receiving the food. “i can’t wait to get all that money and rub it in namjoon’s face.” you whisper as you two ate, parked on the side of the street. “you shouldn’t want to do this so you can rub it in his face.. you should do it so he won’t ever underestimate you again.” yoongi replies with a shrug, making you nod silently. “you’re very wise for someone your age.” you say after awhile, finishing your food pretty quickly. “i’m not wise, i just look at every situation in everyone’s point of view, you should start doing the same.” at first you were offended but then stopped yourself from yelling. “maybe you’re right about that.” you giggle soft, resting your head on his shoulder as you two wait for bam bam to text the address.

    at 3:00 bam bam finally texted the frat house address, and you made your way to it. “i’m nervous but like, happy nervous.” you tell yoongi as he approaches the huge house. “good feeling huh?” he asks you, making your head nod.

    “got the money?” he asks, making sure you missed nothing. “money, keys, phone, wallet.. alright, we got everything.” yoongi smiles, walking the both of you to the front door, knocking gently. once the door opens, a tall but very skinny man stood with a wide smile. “hello! welcome to the only frat house that matters.” he chirps, inviting you both in with a wholesome smile. “are you bam bam?” yoongi asks and the man nods with a chuckle, “i heard you wanted some of my magic pills. come up to my office,” he gestured to an open door, the both of you walking in.

    “we have a system here at this frat. a baggy that contains 4 pills is $100, sound good?” he asks, pulling out a box of packaged pills. “well, how much for, all of them?” you ask, leaning a bit closer to look at the filled box. “uh.. i would say around $20,000.” he replies, giving you both nervous eyes. it was a little more than you had so you gave up. “we’ll take it all then.” yoongi replies, making you and bam bam a bit speechless. “i know what you’re doing. you’re gonna take my pills then repurchase them for a higher price to the desperate teens. i bet you two don’t even go to school around here.” your eyes shift to yoongi when he clears his throat to talk. “and what if that is what we’re doing?” he asks, his eyes never backing down for a second. “i want in, of course, that’s fucking genius.” bam bam replies, shocking both of you. “uh, we aren’t looking for a partnership here dude. i’ll give you the $20,000 down right now.”

    bam bam thought long and hard, shaking his head after a while. “you won’t find the good shit i sell for another hundred miles. i will tell everyone right now i’m all out, then at the party i’m having tonight, sell my shit for $300 a bag there’s roughly 200 bags, they’re all idiots they won’t know the difference. after you’ve sold it all, bring the money back to me and we can split it evenly.” he finishes, staring at yoongi. “no, that’s only $30,000 each. there is two of us and one of you. you should get the 20,000, and we get 40,000.” you chuckle dryly, bam bam rolling his eyes. “you two are difficult.. you realize i’m trying to help you here? i can sell all of this tonight for the same price without you in the picture. take my offer or leave it.” he replies skillfully.

    yoongi glances at you and all you did was give a nod. “fine, 30,000 each.” he replies, shaking bam bam’s hand, you doing the same. “alright, i’ll send a mass text to all the people i deal to, and you just be here at 9 pm sharp. oh and do yourself favors, at least dress like you belong here, no one will buy drugs from two wearing that.” bam bam shakes his head then exits the room.

    “30,000 is not bad yoongi, we will at least have enough for bills this month with some left over after we split it with the boys.” you reassure him once you walk out of the frat house, going to his car. he was silent until he closed his car door, letting out a slight groan. “i thought we were gonna walk out of here with $60,000 easy.” he whispers and slams his hand against his wheel, making you flinch. “that’s just how things go sometimes yoongi, put on a smile that we’re at least getting something.” you flare at his ungratefulness.

    “3,750?” he asks and laughs, “thats what i make in a fucking minute on a bad day. i wanted to be in the drug selling buisness to succeed, not be stagnant.” he says a little too loud for your liking. “what do you mean you make that in a minute? isn’t this your only job?” you ask in a whisper, making him chuckle dryly. “no, i’m a multi millionaire who has part ownership in my family buisness. i’ve been rich my whole life and that’s how i can afford nice things, is that what you wanted to hear?” he asks as rude as he could possibly be.

    “you’re fucking rich? we’ve been struggling for this long and you’ve been rich this entire fucking time?” you ask in disbelief, yoongi shrugging his shoulders, “i wanted to start a company from the ground up, not pay my way to the top. but this is bullshit, we all got $5000 each from Mr. Kim for selling dope, now i feel like we’re going further from where i want to be.” he finishes then drives off to the hotel, giving his car to the valet.

    you didn’t want to cause a scene so instead of talking with him infront of everyone, you waited until you were both in the hotel room. “i knew you were hiding something this whole time and it disgusts me that i’m your best friend but you couldn’t feel comfortable enough to tell me before… did you think i was just gonna beg for money or something?” you ask with tears in your eyes, making yoongi sigh. “of course not Y/N, i know you.. you and the other boys come from nothing, and i come from everything. how was i supposed to feel like one of you if you knew who i truly am?” he asks, his voice cracking a bit.

    “so.. the ransom money.. the $700,000 you paid to get me back, was like pennies for you?” you ask, not fathoming how rich he was. “basically.. it just took a while because $700,000 is not easy to just withdraw from your banking account.” he explains, which made sense why it took 3 days for you to get saved. “i’m sorry, i’m not trying to be rude, i’m just speechless, even though it’s all adding up now. so your parents.. do they, think you’re off at a job or something?” you ask, genuinely curious about his family. “well, my mom is in a different country and my dad is too busy to care. but my grandma, who basically raised me, thinks i’m at college everyday.” he chuckles gently, “i’m hoping to get a fake degree so she’ll get off my back about graduating.” he says with another chuckle, making you smile.

    “i’m glad you told me this, i feel closer to you now than ever.” you whisper after 4 hours of you two talking about your upbringing and past. “i’m glad too, thank you for not judging my livelihood.” he whispers and you lean in to give him a tight hug. “of course, you’re my best friend.” you mumble in his shoulder and relax under his touch, both of you napping close together until the party started.

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    Originally posted by dreamyoongi

    You sat with the boys as Namjoon began to fill them all in with the details of the upcoming party they were hosting in celebration of the end of the tour. Being Namjoon’s best friend, you knew your name would be on the guest list, but as he discussed the matter of plus ones, you couldn’t help but glance over at Yoongi.

    His eyes fell on the floor, refusing to look at you however. The two of you had encountered a few flirty moments over the past few months, after you started working on backing vocals for the group, you found yourself spending more time with your best friend, and his six other friends.

    The build up to these events was always important, the boys wanted to look their best, and be in high spirits, whilst you wanted to be alongside them to support them. Knowing your name would be credited on the album too meant a huge deal to you and Namjoon, you’d grown up together and now you were living out your dreams together too.

    Days went by, and yet not once had Yoongi come up to you about the dinner. You didn’t want to expect anything, but after all the subtle hints and moves you’d made, you couldn’t help but expect him to asl.

    “Have you got a dress yet?” Namjoon asked from the passenger seat, breaking your daydream. You looked over at him, shaking your head, pulling into the car park of the shopping centre. “That’s our mission for the day.”

    “I’m not sure I want to go to be honest Joon.”

    “You have to come!” He shouted, banging his first on the car door. “You’re a part of this album with us, it wouldn’t be the same without you there.”

    You climbed out of the car, following behind Namjoon who quickly pulled you into your favourite dress shop. There was no way he was going to go to that dinner without you, in whatever capacity that would be.

    He knew that you and Yoongi had certainly had your moments, but he never liked to push it, leaving the two of you to work things out together.

    “Now, whichever dress you like, you get. I’ll pay, as a thank you for all your work on the album, and for being such a fantastic best friend,” he spoke.

    Your eyes locked on a baby blue dress as soon as you stepped into the shop, a dress in your size, the first on the rail calling you over. It didn’t take long before Namjoon had paid up and the dress was in your bag, ready to dazzle on the big night.

    The morning of the dinner, you still hadn’t heard anything from Yoongi. You sighed, glancing over at the dress that was hung up in your wardrobe. The dress was the only thing keeping you going, knowing you were desperate to wear it.

    Once you’d showered and fixed your hair, you slipped the dress on, admiring your reflection in the mirror, before applying a thin, natural layer of makeup.

    Every so often, you found yourself checking your phone for a message from Yoongi, but it was empty. The only text you got all day was one from Namjoon, reminding you to show up.

    Yet, as you showed up, you could only hope you didn’t. Immediately, as you walked into the room, you found Yoongi stood with the boys with his arm wrapped around a woman. She was much taller than you, her dress was skimpy and hair high, with a wide smile and bright eyes.

    “Y/N! There you are!” Namjoon smiled, handing you a glass of bubbly.

    At the sound of your voice, Yoongi spun around, gulping when he saw you. His eyes wandered down your body, biting his lip hard to hide the smile he felt flourishing. You looked beautiful, yet there he was with another girl in his arms.

    “You know everyone except Jenni, she’s Yoongi’s date for the evening.”

    Namjoon guided you to the group where the leggy blonde outstretched her arm for you to shake, a blank expression on her face whilst you tried to force a smile.

    The whole conversation was awkward as she retold the story of how she’d met Yoongi several times, until Namjoon eventually excused you and himself, heading over to the bar to get a drink. He could see how hurt and confused you were by the whole thing instantly.

    “Who is she?” You spat, as soon as she was out of hearing distance.

    He sat you on a bar stool, calming you down, ordering a couple of shots. “I don’t know much, but apparently they’ve been talking for quite some time, he wanted to bring her tonight to meet us all.”

    “How long have you known?” You sighed, quickly snatching one of the shots, downing it feeling the burn tickle down your throat. “How much do you really know?”

    “I didn’t know anything until tonight,” he urged, “but I knew if I told you then you wouldn’t come and I needed you here. I’ve seen everything between the two of you, I’m just as surprised as you are.”

    You looked over hearing Jin’s loud, infectious laugh escape as Jenni hit his arm, throwing her head back in hysterics. You didn’t want to label anything, but the familiar feeling of jealousy overcame you, wishing it was you stood with the boys right now.

    Yet, you sat heartbroken, with your best friend as the only consolation. You asked yourself several questions, had he been flirting with you whilst talking to her? Did he ever think of you how you thought of him?

    “Do you want to go back over?”

    “Not right now,” you sighed, resting yourself over the bar, trying desperately to keep yourself together. A comforting arm rested over your back, trying to pull you back to yourself. “Why does this always happen to me Joon?”

    “I don’t know Y/N, I’m sorry. I really thought Yoongi liked you, we all did, but this has knocked us all back.”

    You sighed, nodding lightly. “I don’t want her to replace me,” you whispered.

    “What? Of course, she won’t replace you. The boys adore you, even Yoongi, they would never let anyone come in and take your place, you’re always going to be the best friend of BTS, and you will be my best friend forever too.”

    You smiled, looking up at him, wrapping your arms around his waist. He squeezed you tightly, whispering reassuring words into your ear, standing yourself up from the stool.

    “Now, let’s go over there, with smiles on our face and remain unbothered. Don’t let them win, you’re stronger, prettier, and much kinder than anyone else in the room tonight.” He slipped his hand into yours, walking back over to the group, rubbing the pad of his thumb against the back of your hand.

    As soon as you reappeared, the boys all looked over to you with smiles on their faces. “Are you two alright?” Jungkook asked, looking between you both.

    “Yeah, we’re both perfect, thanks Kook.”


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  • Basic Information

    Name: Do MinHyuk

    Face Claim: Min Yoongi

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Biography: Do MinHyuk wasn’t born with the best of luck. He was an only child to parents who didn’t really care much for his existence, often ignoring him unless he cried to have the basic needs met as a baby. The day his parents took him out of the house when he was only a year hold held hope of them being together as a family but what happened instead he would never understand. He could barely walk yet and his parents left him wandering in an alleyway alone.

    Darkness soon fell and little MinHyuk was alone and afraid in the same alley he was left in. Tears stained his little cheeks as he was approached by a tall shadow figure. All he could remember were glowing blue eyes, that came into view. MinHyuk doesn’t remember much of his parents or childhood, all he could remember was being raised by maids in the manor of one of the most powerful lords in all of South Korea.

    MinHyuk grew up to be a kind and caring young man despite the issue with abandonment he held deep in his heart and against his will, he fell in love with one of the maids that had been his best friend. He loved her with everything he had but he was always too afraid to tell her. He spent years admiring her under the pretense of being her friend and when he had finally gathered the courage to tell her how he felt, he learned that she had fell in love with the son of the master.

    He tried his best to be happy for her,  often smiling through the heartbreak that ripped him apart every time they saw them together, or listened to how she happily spoke of their secret relationship and watch the way she looked at the young noble with adoration in her eyes each time. Love turned into a painful hatred and he couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing no other escape MinHyuk slipped away from the manor to take his own life. Under the tree where he felt most peaceful, where he had spent time caring for swans he had once come upon he the let his life bleed from him.

    Just before the young man took his last breath, there were the eyes again. The glowing blue eyes that appeared whenever he tried to remember his past before the manor. Maybe this was his guardian angel, and the thought left a smile on his lips as his eyes closed for the last time. Or so he thought. MinHyuk’s eyes shot open not too long after his world had gone dark. A burning pain seared through his body, fire rushing through his veins, his heart was drumming against his chest so hard he was sure it was going to break through. Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped and the sound of his heart faded into the night.

    He took a deep breath then, the air that filled his lungs felt new, fresher. MinHyuk knew he was different now and he sat up, wounds healed and the blue eyes gone. He could feel the new sharp teeth against his lips and he knew. He was a vampire now. He stood away from the manor, not sure how he would be able to live with the others. MinHyuk was once again alone and wondering as the times began to change.

    Height: 5'11"

    Age: 240 years old

    Interests: Music, art

    Alcohol: Anything

    Cigarettes: None

    Relationships: Min Jiho (young noble he worked for)

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  • …….but that’s not….nevermind 🤔🤔🤔

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  • Today, you found yourself back at the shelter. You needed advice, you were getting nowhere with Yoongi. However, he seemed really pleased that you’d changed bedrooms with him. Panthers enjoy higher spaces, and your room was the only room on the second floor. So the two of you swapped to offer him some more comfort. 

    Your house was small but you were thinking of some renovations, hybrid friendly. So that’s why you came to the shelter, they housed many hybrids of many kinds. Surely they had some kind of advice to take care of Yoongi.

    The dark haired man from before still sat there, he looked much better. His dark circles were healed up well. He no longer looked like he wanted to murder you. “Hello!” He greeted you, smiling. “How can I help you?” It was refreshing, his great attitude. “I’m looking for some advice, actually.” The receptionist hummed, thumbing through a few pages. “Here, follow me.” He stood and you followed him down the opposite hallway and stopping at an office. He knocked at the door carefully. 

    “Come in,” the receptionist opened the door and stepped aside, letting you in. The man that sat there was the same man who helped you through the descenting machine. His name plaque said “KIM NAMJOON.” He had a deep grape colored hair and the same dimpled smile. He was filling out paperwork, piles of paper sat everywhere. “How can I help you?”

    “Well, I recently adopted a hybrid and I know it’s a long process and all but..” You fiddled with you fingers, eyes downcast in his lap. “He just seems to hate me.” The man hummed and pulled his keyboard closer. “Can you tell me his name? Maybe our files will offer some help.” He turned the monitor so the both of you could see it, “Min Yoongi.” 

    What came up had both of you quiet, a large logo said “ADOPTED” but Namjoon used a passcode to access the full file. It had general information like his name, birthday, etc. But a large label read “VIOLENT” in red letters. You both gulped. “Ah, yes, I remember him,” he stated, followed by a long sigh. 

    “There were many incidents involving Yoongi-hyung.” He pulled up the reports, all marked ‘critical.’ Namjoon printed them and let you peruse them. 

    Attacked a staff member after being prompted to exit his room

    Attacked another hybrid during a socialization exercise

    Sentenced to solitary in response to violent behaviour

    Attacked another hybrid after they attempted to hug him

    And that was only a few of them. You shuddered, knuckles white as you gripped the paper. Namjoon sighed, reaching over to touch your hand. “Miss, please calm down. Yoongi-hyung is a panther, they’re aggressive and solitary. He’s had quite a difficult past, he came from a hard place.” 

    “Whoever helped you with you paperwork to bring him home should’ve disclosed this to you,” he handed you a thick folder marked with Yoongi’s name on it. “Take it home and take your time. Is there anything else I can help you with?” You shook out of your fearful state, looking up to him.

    “How can I make him happy?”

    And now, there are people in your house, installing enrichment equipment for Yoongi. The man himself, was extremely upset. He hated the intrusion and decided to stay in his room. You even thought you heard him push the dresser in front of the door. Because of the mishap in the relay of information on Yoongi’s case, Namjoon insisted they pay for half the fee. They installed a climbing frame that lead from the first floor to the second and various height platforms for the panther side to sit upon. The company installed safer doors and windows, because of Yoongi’s past behaviour. 

    “It’s like a jail,” you heard him say quietly, staring out the window. “What is?” You asked, sitting beside him at the table. “Where I came from,” he sideeyed you, “I saw the file on the coffee table.” He growled low, his dark ears flat into his hair, tail snapping back and forth. 

    “I never meant to,” he said, handing you the folder of his attacks. This was your chance, he was opening up to you. Yoongi was going to tell you about his past, he was letting you in. Yoongi sat quietly, eyes glued to the window. 

    “I came from a good home, way before. Anyways..” He shook his head, “it wasn’t good after that.” The silence that followed was painful, you could see how his tail dipped and curled around his ankle to comfort himself. You wanted badly to pet him and calm him, but you were still a little fearful of how he would react. “I didn’t mean to hurt them, I guess I did, maybe but-” He growled and stood up. 

    “Whatever! It doesn’t matter! You’ve made your decision and you’re not getting rid of me.” His narrow eyes bore into yours, causing your heart rate to increase. He ran a hand through his hair. “You can’t get rid of me.” This boy, you really had no idea what he was thinking. Yoongi’s tail swished, his eyes softening a bit. “Right..?” You nodded hastily, “I wouldn’t dream of it, Yoongi.” 

    He seemed satisfied, eyes shining with something you’d never seen. They looked glassy. He turned on his heel and climbed up the tree-like fixture to the second floor and retreated to his room. 

    Maybe he wasn’t as bad as all those reports said. He was just misunderstood.

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