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    30.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    jungkook: when I go to jail, I'm going to change my name to mitochondria because-

    namjoon: -mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. we get it

    taehyung: oh my god that's fucking GENIUS


    yoongi: so nobody's going to talk about the fact that he used "when" and not "if"

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  • strawb3rrym0chi
    30.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago


    I’m selling my BTS Butter album (Cream version).

    It has been opened but in very good condition + includes everything it originally came with (including the photocard).

    Please DM if interested.

    UK only (excl. NI, sorry 😞)

    Please repost if you see this! 💜

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  • yiaxyc
    30.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    ㅤ 💭 ! 𖧶 ˒ ᥣ꧐vᥱ ρᥣᥲᥴᥱ. 𖨂

    ⤿ ﹙ᥣꪱᩴ𝘬ᦸᩚ ᪈ꧏ ꧏᦸᩚ᥇ᥣ᪈ᧁ ꪱᩴᠻ ᥙ ຮᥲᩨꪚᦸᩚ - ᥙຮᦸᩚ.﹚

    ⌗ᨺ᪈ꪀ'ᡶ ꧏᦸᩚρ᪈ຮᡶ  ㌖  !? ‹𝟹

    ﹊﹊﹊⠀⠀⠀ ⠀  ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀  ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀﹊﹊﹊

    ﹊﹊﹊⠀⠀⠀ ⠀  ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀  ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀﹊﹊﹊

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  • ikoojin
    30.07.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    [🎬]  —   yoongi moodboard;

    - like or reblog if you save / use

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  • btsincquotes
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘁𝗮𝗻 𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗿𝗲𝗰𝘁 𝗤𝘂𝗼𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗣𝘁 - 65

    𝗝𝗶𝗺𝗶𝗻 : *sighs*

    𝗧𝗮𝗲𝗵𝘆𝘂𝗻𝗴 : You bored ?

    𝗝𝗶𝗺𝗶𝗻 : Yeah..

    𝗧𝗮𝗲𝗵𝘆𝘂𝗻𝗴 : Wanna start a drama for no reason ?

    𝗝𝗶𝗺𝗶𝗻 : Thought you would never ask

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  • btsnewsworlds
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yoongi for Fila


    #btsarmy#bts army#bts#suga#min yoongi#yoongi #suga for fila #fila #bts x fila #fila x bts
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  • n3onguts
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    goodbye, dignity. | kim taehyung and min yoongi

    summary — there are rules to follow when you’re having casual sex, but it seems you plan on breaking all of them.
    pairing — kim taehyung x f!reader; min yoongi x f!reader
    genre&tags — college au, angst!!!, y/n is emotionally-guarded (i think she’s a bad bitch, but others might call her cold), taehyung’s in denial because of course he is, yoongi’s dressed as killua from hxh so naturally he’s an agent of chaos even if he doesn’t mean to be, and also everybody’s sex-positive! yay! but terrified of commitment whoops
    warning(s) — 18+, implied smut, heavy alcohol consumption (please be aware of your tolerance, guys!! always drink responsibly)
    w.c. — almost 5k
    a/n — if u want ur friends w/ benefits situation to work, absolutely do not do what these people do. i might make this a series if enough ppl want but for now the ending is what it is! also i keep finding myself writing more and more bts-related fics but what can we do, the muse works in ~mysterious~ ways 🤷🏻‍♀️ love u very much, enjoy as always and leave feedback in the replies

    They say it takes an average of 2 months to form a habit — 66 days, to be exact.

    When you think about your routine, think about the trivial things you fill your days with, the actions that become automatic after so much repetition and next steps that seem natural because you’ve done them before, you realize that, without you even noticing, Taehyung’s slot himself into it with relative ease.

    You don’t have an exact answer for the when of it all, or the how, but you know he has, because when he texts you to ‘come over’ at 11:21 P.M., you don’t question it. You just think, might as well get this over with, the way you would for a morning class or a vaccination or a vodka shot. And you go over. And it’s always the same.

    You’ll knock on his door, and when it opens, Taehyung’ll greet you with his warm, airy mouth clamping down on your impatient lips: no warning, no nothing. And once you’re tangled with him, clothes falling to the floor and limbs intertwining, the rest of it proceeds in chaotic order. Sometimes you’ll ride him like a demon, and sometimes he’ll drill into you like it’s his first time ever experiencing the miracle that is the female vagina. Normally, sheets will get pulled, but occasionally hair or muscles too. There’s also never any musical accompaniment to set the mood, just ragged breaths and the sound of wet skin slapping.

    And when you two finish, you’ll crack a joke — something stupid and corny like, “Do you validate parking?” or “So… Do I just go out the same way I came in?” — and he’ll offer an obligatory laugh. You’ll stumble back into your jeans before daylight breaks and head out with such haste Taehyung sometimes wonders if you’re a mere figment of his imagination.

    You like it this way. You get to brush over the niceties, ignore all the pleasantries, and never care if you look ugly or awkward or like someone who hasn’t showered in 3 days (hey, man, college is tough, no judgment), because Taehyung doesn’t mind, he just needs a body to cram and you need one to consume, so everybody wins.

    Every now and again, he’ll do something off — kiss you like you’re a China plate or ask a too-personal question or suggest you stay even when he’s been ticked off your to-do list — but these are usually anomalies, outliers that you make clear to him are not things you’re interested in keeping a part of your routine.

    There aren’t really any rules to this thing you two have, whatever it may be, but it’s never been necessary, because the singular condition for your relationship, saturating your every move, has always been definite for both parties: don’t take this seriously.

    Thank God that it’s Taehyung whose dick you’ve been noncommittally bouncing on, since he’s probably the most easygoing man you’ve ever met. Where others might fall in love or get you to fall for them, he’s able to perfectly skirt the line between interested and detached.

    It’s only an added bonus that he’s pretty, the kind of pretty that almost seems mundane after so much exposure and then boom one day it just hits you all over again.

    Besides his address, his contact number, and the fact that he’s easygoing and pretty, you don’t know much else about him. And you’d prefer it to stay that way.

    Oh, sure, you might catch glimpses of the personality behind the fine wall of meat, might form an impression from certain quirks he has (like the ‘emergency drawer’ filled only with apple-flavored juiceboxes and condoms, or the Squirtle plushie that sits in his gaming chair), but you never go past that. You wouldn’t allow yourself to. You’re not bothered by what he does outside the confines of your relationship, the vicinity of his room. If you were, an idea would start to form about what kind of person he was, and that would inevitably make you curious, and inevitably force you to investigate, and inevitably lead to a crush, and inevitably end with the shattering of your heart. It’s the natural progression of things.

    So once or twice (or thrice, if you’re feeling extra frisky) a week, you set aside an hour from your day to ruin his bed and maybe your panties.

    Like how you’ve just done moments ago.

    You’re sitting at the foot of his bed, pulling your socks back on when he quips from behind you, “I should start charging you for all the laundry I end up having to do after your visits over here.”

    “Oh, yeah?” You turn around to look at him, an absentminded smile tugging at your lips. “Well, I seem to lose a lot of lingerie whenever I visit, so either I can’t keep track of my own underwear or you're building a collection.”

    He vibrates when he laughs, like he can’t contain all the happiness he has in his body. He raises his hands in surrender, “I plead the fifth.”

    You hop off the bed, set to leave. Your hands are already on the doorknob when he clears his throat, preparing to speak.

    “What’re your plans tomorrow?”

    You feel yourself growing antsy. “Not sure. Why?”

    “Well, the frat’s throwing a Halloween mixer tomorrow.”

    “Oh. Cool.”

    “Joon put Jin and Hobi in charge of party-planning and they’re going all out. Jin’s hyped up on making all these themed drinks — I’m like 90% sure the one he calls ‘Paranormal Slime’ is literally a mix of plain Jell-O and 150-proof absinthe — and Hobi’s just happy he has an excuse to go ham at the craft store.”

    “I’m familiar with the two.”

    “Right. Yeah. So…”

    You tilt your head. “So…”

    “You should come by. It’ll be fun.”

    He says it like it’s a casual invite, like he couldn’t care less whether you go or not, like it’s something he just thought of, like hey, why not, right? But you know better, know when people say something but mean something else, can tell the difference between actual apathy and practiced nonchalance.

    The air in the room shifts. He’s banking on your answer. You suddenly become very aware of how his waiting gaze chains you to the ground.

    When you sigh, his mask slips into disappointment — but only momentarily.

    There are certain things you just don’t do when you’re having sex casually, and one of them is put in effort to see your fuckbuddy outside of the bedroom. Going out of one’s way to do anything implies care. And care, of course, implies romantic interest. And, as everyone knows, romantic interest spells out the end of casual sex. Once you leave the threshold of your little universe together, reality becomes unavoidable — it rams into you like a train.

    But when you look at him, eyes betraying his feigned disinterest by practically oozing out hope, you can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t.

    So you say yes. “Okay. I’ll go.”

    His face contorts when he tries to tamp down his grin. You want to laugh at how smug he looks.

    “Awesome. I’ll see you at 9 tomorrow, then? In costume?”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Think I might go as the Joker. How about you?”

    You shoot him a smirk, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, huh?”

    It’s almost 10 P.M. and you’re still not here.

    Taehyung refuses to admit that he’s been counting down the minutes until you arrive — not to Jimin (who offered him a sympathetic shake of his head and a Smirnoff shot at 9:30 when Taehyung asked if he had seen you around), and definitely not to himself.

    He keeps catching himself searching each room he finds himself in, wading through seas of sweaty bodies and scanning faces cast in harsh neon lighting. For what? Taehyung hasn’t figured that out yet.

    He’s on his fourth lap of the entire party when Jin thrusts a foreign red concoction into his hand. Taehyung gladly accepts (anything to dull the low thrum of disappointment boiling in his belly). ‘Drink’, he thinks Jin mouths — it’s hard to hear over the booming of whatever early-2000s club track Jungkook’s queued up — so he does. Shuts his eyes and downs it in one go like a goddamned macho would.

    A pretty girl saddles up to him immediately after, and it makes sense. Alcohol and women go hand-in-hand for him. She’s decent-looking, not out-of-this-world, not you, but good enough for the night.

    The girl (she introduced herself but Taehyung didn’t bother to listen) seems to know this dance well. She makes herself small — giggles at all his jokes, leaves light touches in all the right places, tucks her hair behind her ears all timid-like — so Taehyung can play predator. If he told her he’d fuck her right then and there, in this dark corner at some college party, he’s certain she’d comply, certain she’d give her all to him without a challenge.

    You’re nothing like this girl, he thinks, because all you know how to do is take.

    His timing’s terrible though, maybe the work of some gods above who are conspiring against him, because when he leans over the girl’s shoulder to whisper in her ear that his room’s right upstairs, he sees you. And when he does, his scope of the party instantly shrinks, blares red with alarm signals as it zones in on you and only you.

    Looking unfairly like an angel.

    A literal one, because that’s what you’re dressed as.

    It’s a scene straight out of a movie: you, staring back at him from across the room. Mini white dress and little, long legs. The angel wings you're wearing make you glow, like there’s a permanent spotlight looming over you.

    He half-expects you to amble over, but you don’t. Send a supportive thumbs-up is what you do instead.

    Confusion must be plastered all over his face because you answer by gesturing towards the girl currently attached to his side (and who he almost forgot about). There’s a knowing smile on your lips.

    In an alternate universe, maybe you would’ve cared enough to break the two apart. If you were a more fragile girl, someone a little looser with her heart, and Taehyung was the fuckboy you turned soft, then perhaps things might be different. Perhaps you’d cause a scene, flee crying and he’d have to run after you, give a whole monologue about what an asshole he is and what a mistake it was, that sort of thing. But you don’t break that easily and Taehyung’s no villain you’re meant to redeem — just a guy who likes pussy.

    The girl keeps trying to climb him like he’s a set of monkey bars, and it’s starting to annoy him. It shouldn’t though, because she hasn’t really done anything, except not be you, which she can’t be blamed for.

    The truth is: he’s happy you’re here. Glad that you showed up, kept your vow to, because, well, that’s gotta mean something, right?

    And, yeah, he’s not surprised at how lax you were about seeing him with some random chick. That’s just the way you are. Ironclad with your words when you say no-strings-attached. Cheering him on like you’re his wingman and not covered in his hickeys under your clothes.

    But he is disappointed. Just a little. Mostly with himself, though. Because even though you didn’t care, and even if there was no rational reason for him to, he still did. Still felt guilty when you saw him with her. Still wanted to regurgitate an instinctive ‘sorry’ and make you promises of monogamy he can’t keep.

    He doesn’t know why.

    Taehyung shakes his head in hopes that all these you-related thoughts might fly out as he does. It would do him good to declutter. Lord knows he’s been trying to rid his brain of you for a while now.

    He looks back at the girl in his arms. She’s pouting, peeved that he hasn’t been awarding her the attention she so rightfully deserves.

    She’s actually very pretty, he realizes, in a way that’s very clean and constructed. He’s had one-night stands with lots of girls less glossy and put-together than her.

    He shouts over the music, “What’s your name again?”

    “Sana!” She shouts back.

    On the other side of the room, you melt into the crowd, back turned as you glide through it. He watches your wings disappear under the hallway arch and into the distance. He commands his feet, ‘stay’, but they follow you anyway.

    “Um— Fuck— I have to— I need to—”

    Taehyung pushes a bewildered Sana off. He’s at least nice enough to look sheepish. “I’m really sorry.” He gets out as he rushes away.

    He bowls through masses, looking for you. A repeat of earlier, but now with intent. He spends hours entering dark rooms and exiting them, again and again and again until the party’s worn out. At 2 A.M., once all the people have dissipated, he bumps into a tipsy Jimin stacking empty solo cups in the kitchen and asks once more if he spotted your angel wings at all throughout the night, only to be met with the same pitiful response Taehyung got at the start of it.

    Where could you have gone?

    You’ve never been a fan of parties.

    It’s not because you hate drinking — far from it. When the guy upstairs gives you a stomach made of steel and an appetite for anarchy, it makes it hard for you not to be a goddamned champion at it. You’re always first to win a drinking game and last to fall victim to the night when you go out clubbing.

    And it’s also not because you haven’t been to any, because you’ve gone to your fair share since your freshman year. But it’s always the same ugly tableau. Humid rooms packed with raucous people. Dried vomit crystallizing on grimy bathroom floors. Boys getting sloppy-drunk and girls blacking out. You’re not one to judge, but it’s depressing to look at with near-sober eyes.

    After a while, it gets monotonous. So you just stopped going completely, declining any and all invitations that came your way.

    Up until last night, when Taehyung asked you to come and you agreed.

    What the fuck possessed you to do that?

    You were immediately greeted with a Dixie cup of green jelly (must be that ‘Paranormal Slime’ Taehyung told you about) from Jin — dressed like the Cheshire Cat, smile and all — upon arrival.

    “Haven’t seen you at one of these in a hot minute.” He comments as you accept the brew. He doesn’t appear to be wasted: trust Jin to be in charge of getting everyone plastered but not get plastered himself.

    You give him a nonchalant shrug, “Not my thing. You know that.”

    “I do.” Jin nods. He’s a year above you, a drama major — fitting since he subsists on attention. He’s also the de facto host of the school’s podcasting show, originally supposed to be about school-related news but which he’s since revamped as him talking about whatever he damn well pleases for an hour every week. It does pretty well, and that’s how you met him as a freshman, when you signed up to be his sound mixer after his first one quit. “What brought you here then?”

    “Nothing, really.” Your eyes flit around the room and Jin can already tell what you’re gearing up to ask. “Seen Tae around?” It comes out more eager than you meant it to.

    “Uh…” Half the frat has already caught you barreling out of Taehyung’s room, still slipping on your shirt, so you know they all know, but Jin’s face grimaces like it hurts him to answer. “Think I spotted him in the living room.”

    “Cool. Thanks.”

    You brush past him, ready to be enveloped by the swarm of drunks littered near the entryway, but before you are, you feel Jin’s hand stop you in your tracks.

    When you turn, he looks a little too nice, like a nurse readying to deliver a diagnosis. “He’s… preoccupied right now.”

    You know what ‘preoccupied’ is code for: he’s with another girl.

    “Ah. Right.” You put on a smirk, “Good for him.”

    Jin doesn’t look convinced. “If it’s any consolation, he was looking for you earlier.”

    “Seems like he found someone else, though.”

    The laugh which comes out of you sounds bitter and fake, and you start to despise Taehyung for resigning you to this role — the girl who doesn’t know any better, the one who people feel bad for.

    “Ew. Don’t give me that face.” You scrunch your nose. “Makes me feel ill.”

    “I’m not making a face?”

    “You are. You’re making a face like you want to say sorry.”


    “And I swear to God, if you do, I’ll punch you.” You raise a balled-up fist to show him you mean business.

    Jin tries for a smile, but it still has ‘apologetic’ written all over it. You’re now determined to get the fuck away from this guy.

    “You’re cramping up my style.” You roll your eyes. “I’m going.”

    You walk with purpose, but without an end destination. The crowd sticks together like honey, elbows and lips brushing against one another’s, so it takes lots of pushing and excuse me’s just to get to the next room.

    It’s more of the same when you arrive: people chugging kegs-on-kegs-on-kegs and sucking face as if it’s a goddamned competition. The music is deafening, thumping like blood through the walls and floors. You spot a few people you recognize, but they’re too far gone to notice you.

    And then you see him. Taehyung.

    He’s in his Joker get-up, like he said he would be, and he looks distressingly handsome. Could-ruin-your-life-and-you’d-let-him handsome. He’s also with a girl, and she’s the kind of cute you could never be — shiny and basking in it. Stationed in his arms like that’s where she’s meant to be, and you wonder if you’ve ever looked like that next to him. Probably not.

    It’s not that you’re jealous, because you’re not. You’re not miserable, and you don’t feel like sulking away. It’s just weird to see someone else wrapped around him the way you’re used to doing. Cements the fact that you’re not his one and only — not that you ever thought you were, but now you’ve been confronted with undeniable proof.

    Truth is: you haven’t slept with anyone else besides him in two months. You dropped all your other options, and he climbed up from his number 3 position on your list to number 1. Not out of love, but out of convenience. He fucks you best and he’s the easiest to deal with — ready on demand to satisfy your needs.

    So this is good, you think, makes it easier in the long run. It gives you the green light; you put all your eggs into one basket and now this is the go-ahead to get back to your old ways.

    But your insides still feel odd and now you also feel out of place. There’s no reason for you to be here.

    Taehyung’s noticed you now though and you’re having a hard time deciphering his reaction — across the room, in the shadows, you can almost make out a frown on his mouth. He probably didn’t expect you to come. Maybe you misread him last night and he really was just extending an invitation out of courtesy.

    Either way, you know when you’re no longer needed. So you force your lips to quirk up and hope it passes for a smile.

    Right about now is when you could use a smoke. From inside the house, the backyard looks promising, wide and lush and undisturbed by sloshed college students.

    You’re ready to bail, but you hesitate before you do, pausing to take Taehyung and the girl in one last time. He’s still watching you with that nauseous expression on his face.

    They look good together, you decide, picturesque.

    It must’ve rained sometime during the night, because the air outside is fresh and cold — water’s the best cleansing agent, you think.

    The noise from inside is contained once you shut the porch door, and when you survey your surroundings, it seems like a place far removed from the one you’ve just left. Quiet, empty, still. Whatever knot was coiling in your belly disentangles itself when you breathe in.

    “Am I dying?” A deep voice interrupts your meditative state.

    There’s a boy sitting on the dark wooden steps. Yoongi. A glass of whiskey sits idle in his hands. He’s peering at you like you’re an illusion.


    “Aren’t you an angel?” He nods towards your wings. “Is it finally my time? Have you come to collect me?”

    You snort. “Not sure you belong in Heaven, bud.”

    He makes a face like you’ve stung him, but you both know it’s just for show. He’s a year older, so you’re not particularly close to Yoongi. You know he’s Taehyung’s frat brother, have spotted him — at night, on your way out — in the kitchen making coffees, and you know he’s a music major (hence the late-night caffeine boosts), but that’s the extent of it. Regardless, you decide then and there that you don’t hate his company. Crossing the porch, you claim the seat next to him.

    “Careful.” He warns. “The wood’s wet.”

    You shrug. “S’okay.”

    Neither of you have much to say to each other, but the silence isn’t awful — quite comforting, actually. A reprieve from the emotional hellscape you were just in.

    You take out a smoke hidden inside your bralette and fish around for a lighter but find none. “Aw, shit.” You mumble to yourself.


    “Forgot my lighter at home.”

    Yoongi reaches into his back pocket and presents you with one, “Use mine.”

    You accept gratefully, flicking the switch a few times to light your cig until you hear the satisfying hiss of burning ember. The red glow at the end of the stick shines bright when you take a drag, but dies out once you exhale.

    Beside you, he’s staring at his drink, swirling the liquid inside the glass absentmindedly.

    “Taehyung’s inside, I think.”

    You sigh. You’re beginning to hate the association.

    “I know. He’s busy, though.”

    He doesn’t need you to expound — Yoongi hums in acknowledgment, so it’s clear he knows what ‘busy’ translates to, but he doesn’t offer you any sympathy, and for that, you’re thankful.

    You take a good, long look at him. Messy silver hair. Loose white tee over a navy blue turtleneck. Plum-colored basketball shorts. “Who’re you supposed to be?”

    He gives you a wicked grin, “You know Killua?”

    “From HunterxHunter? Love that show.”

    “Exactly. My hair was already dyed platinum so I realized this was the natural next step.”

    “Huh. That’s pretty ingenious.”

    “Well, that is what they call me — ingenious Min.”

    You roll your eyes, but you’re smiling. He parts his mouth open to take a swig from his drink — unfurls his jaw like he’s letting the liquor coat his tongue — and after he swallows, he licks his lips as though he’s trying to savour every last drop.

    “Needed a breather?” He nods his head towards the party inside, muffled by the house walls.

    You take another long drag before you respond, “Yeah. Not really a fan of parties in the first place.”

    “I get that.” And you can sense that he really does, that you and him are alike in that way. “So why’d you come then? I mean— I live here so I don’t really have a choice, but you on the other hand…”

    There’s something frigid and expectant about the look you give him, and he instantly understands.

    “Oh. ‘Cause of him.”

    It disgusts you to hear it out loud. “Ugh. Don’t say it like that. I sound desperate. Like I’m in love with him.”

    He tilts his head, “I know you aren’t, but that’s the truth, isn’t it? He invited you and you’re here.”

    “You’re making it a bigger deal than it is. He and I— We’re barely friends. Acquaintances, at best.”

    “...Who fuck.” Yoongi deadpans.

    You groan, put your head between your knees like you’re going to be sick. “Can we talk about something else?”

    “No.” There’s a gentle knock on your shoulder. “You sure you don’t like him?”


    His next words slide out of him with ease: “Good. ‘Cause my room’s just upstairs.”

    You release yourself from your own hold, mouth agape in disbelief at the man sitting on your right. His composure remains the same — no shift in his expression to indicate that he just prompted you to fuck. You stomp out your cigarette on the porch.

    “Are you serious?”


    “But what about like — Jesus, I don’t know — bro code? Isn’t that a thing?”

    He hums thoughtfully. “Are you his girlfriend?”

    “No.” It makes you wince when you say it.

    Yoongi raises his eyebrows like he’s made his case. You came outside for peace of mind and, in the blink of an eye, you’re being propositioned.

    “I can’t believe this.”

    The image of Taehyung and that girl flashes in your head. He got with someone else, so what’s stopping you? There’s an intimidatingly pretty boy beside you and he’s straightforward and confrontational just the way you like it and he’s telling you he wants to sleep with you, so what’s stopping you?

    “Believe it, woman.”

    “You’re ridiculous. I don’t even know you.”

    “You don’t need to know someone to have sex with them. You just need to think they’re hot.”

    You’re incredulous, but part of you wants to laugh. “And you think I’m hot?”

    “Well, I’ve been trying to hide a semi since you came out here and sat beside me.”

    “Tempting. And you think I think you’re hot?”

    “I don’t know. Do you?” His grin is an open invitation, and when you remain quiet, he already knows that you’ve accepted.


    Yoongi tastes like whiskey and black coffee. He doesn’t rush, doesn’t hurry, is agonizingly slow just to torture you. He maps out your body with his mouth, leaves a burning trail wherever he goes.

    You question your impulses when you see him deposit himself between your legs. You can rationalize this decision all you want — try to remain steadfast in your reckless selfishness, argue that you don’t belong to Taehyung and never have — but you know this can only end badly.

    “Still thinking about him, huh?” Yoongi quips from below. The stream of moonlight from his window makes the sweat on his forehead glisten.

    Too late, you realize, there’s no going back. He dives his tongue into you like it’s a promise, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you forget.”

    Yoongi’s knocked out cold next to you when you wake up the following morning. The sunlight is blinding and you’re sore all over. There’s a bad taste in your mouth, like your spit has dried. When you started sleeping with Taehyung, you made it a rule never to spend a night at the frat.

    You’re more careless now.

    You slip on your dress — wrinkled after being bundled up and haphazardly thrown onto Yoongi’s floor — and grab your wings from his desk. As quietly as you can, not wanting to disturb his rest, you tiptoe out of the boy’s room, ready to leave.

    When you turn to head for the stairs, you bump into Taehyung. He has a towel slung over his bare shoulder.

    He rubs the exhaustion out of his eyes and blinks like he can’t believe it’s you. His brows furrow, “Y/N?”

    “Hi.” You whisper breathlessly, hand rushing to pat down your matty hair.

    “Where’d you go? I was looking for you last night.”

    He scans your appearance just as your eyes instinctively dart towards the door you just closed.

    “Why were you in—” Taehyung’s face turns blank. His voice suddenly sounds far away. “Oh.”

    “Um. Yeah.” You’re in desperate need for a shower right now. “Look, I— I have to go.”

    You reach to press a swift kiss on his cheek. The softness of your lips leave a ghost of feeling on his skin, but it’s fleeting. He’s become unresponsive. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”

    You don’t wait for a response.

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    can't believe he's not just a fever dream of mine but a real person... {cr. namuspromised}
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    Gotta go insane to stay sane - Throw myself whole into both worlds
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    I spent too long on this not to post it

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    Suga - Min Yoongi  민윤기

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    Watching A Horror Movie

    summary: the members turn on a horror movie as an excuse to hold you 

    warnings: some swearing

    a/n: i watched the walten files and im gonna piss my jorts so coping by being productive 




    my dear sweet man

    he turned on the movie and almost immediately did the yawn arm around your shoulder thing

    like nothing had even happened yet and hes like ‘are you okay do you wanna hold my hand?’

    completely forgetting he is actually apart of the scaredy cat line

    the first jump scare, you both jump and laugh it off together

    but as the movie goes on, he’s slowly but surely hiding behind you

    he pulls your legs into his lap and attempts to wrap himself around you

    you’re like ‘aw how cute’ but you’re actually a human shield rn babe

    if a demon comes and crawls from the tv, hes prepared to push you and haul ass

    he definitely holding you, but less in a ‘i’ll protect you’ way and in a more ‘babe babe oh my god did you see that did that thing fukcing move ph my God’ while shaking you

    if you wanted to watch this movie in relative silence, jin is not your best choice

    its super fucking funny and instead of being scared of the movie youre laughing at your dear boyfriend



    its a known fact that yoongi wants affection but will never ask for it 

    like he hovers around you and just kinda hopes you pick up what hes putting down

    so this horror movie thing seemed like a Great Idea

    easily the best hes ever had

    he is barely paying attention

    he’s instead vibrating from being so close to you and just wanting to hold you

    hes nervous and bit awkward, but you dont notice because youre watching the movie

    you barely jump and he takes his chance so fast

    arm tucked behind your back, tucking you into his side and finally he can breathe since this thing started

    and youre fully aware of how stiff he is and he doesnt relax until you lean into him

    as the movie paces forward, he just slowly pulls you farther into him

    he couldnt care less about the movie the movie is not the point of this you are the point of this

    he has his arms wrapped around you and his face tucked into your hair and by god he is Happy

    you use his arm to shield you, peeking over it cautiously and hes melting

    hes dying

    he cant believe this idea actually fucking worked

    when the movies over you ask him what he thought and hes just a little flustered because he has no answer



    we already know how this is gonna go

    jin gave him the idea and he gullibly thought oh hell yeah this could so work

    as the movie began, he started to question why he needed an excuse to cuddle you he would cuddle you anyways

    but it was too late now

    and regret had settled in

    how did he let jin trick him into this

    scaredy line part 2: it gets louder

    jin was at least subtle in the act of using you as a human shield

    hobi is behind you, screaming into your back

    this totally flipped on him 

    it ends with you holding him

    his legs end up in your lap and he uses your arms to protect him from the fictional hell

    completely backfired on him super hard

    as soon as the movies over, you kindly recommend a romcom to soothe his soul, which he gladly accepts

    you end up cuddling properly and he swears to himself never ever again



    hed been looking for cute couple things to do, and jimin the romantic, suggested the idea

    namjoon doesnt necessarily see the appeal of horror movies, and is one of the members who can keep completely calm during a horror movie

    he’ll jump during an unexpected scare but thats about it

    but holding you sounded very nice

    and the idea of you looking to him for protection was very validating

    so thats what convinced him 

    he was somewhat restless, and didnt want to wait for something spooky to happen to have you pulled against him

    he takes matters into his own hands and just holds you

    like yoongi, he melts when you use him as your armor 

    but for a different reason

    yoongis touched starved and namjoon is bursting at the seams at the idea of you finding safety in him 

    it fries his brain a little to think about as you press your face into his chest 

    hes sappy and he didnt expect to find this situation so validating

    one of the few who actually paid attention and can have a conversation about it afterwards 



    as mentioned during namjoons drabble, jimins a little romantic and absolutely has this on a relationship bucket list

    is super super eager to protect you, but also hes a Brat

    so hes being super cute, holding you and hiding your face against his shoulder

    but hes also teasing

    ‘oh is my baby scared? dont worry i’ll protect you~’

    its super fueling to his ego to have you press closer to his body, leaving him grinning like a fool the entire movie 

    im making him sound like a sadist but i promise its not like that

    its just a super cheesy romantic thing to do and your are filling the role perfectly

    his little dream come true 

    watches the movie with a dreamy look on his face while rubbing his hand up and down your arm comfortingly 

    hes just a little smug but i’ll allow it 

    he might even make this a thing

    which sucks for you but is great for him



    this is taehyung so dont expect anything normal

    he executes the idea perfectly just with his own spin

    instead of him holding you, you are holding him

    he’s not the most afraid of the movie, but he uses it as an excuse to slowly make himself smaller and curl into you

    and youre totally into it too 

    you pull him into your chest, grazing your fingers up and down his back

    holding his waist gently when you feel him tense or hear him gasp in surprise 

    you two eventually end up lying down completely, taehyung tucked between your legs and resting on your chest

    hes a large man but he can and will make himself small to be held by you

    11/10 moment hes really enjoying himself 

    he would definitely make this a thing just to feel you softly cradling his head, and youd wanna make it a thing to feel taehyung squeeze your arm and hide in the space that connects your arm to your shoulder

    little spoon tae ftw

    (i so desperately wanna be his big spoon with every fiber in my body)



    by far the most normal in this situation

    he likes horror movies and just wants to share this with you

    im split between him being the type to make commentary and him being the type to be dead silent

    im leaning towards commentary because i am projecting once again

    its a simple a cute date 

    his arm is wrapped around your shoulders and youre leaning back against his chest

    every time you jump, he makes a point to find something to make you feel less scared

    chances are hes already seen the movie, so he’ll mumble small trivia facts about certain scenes

    its very grounding and enjoyable 

    its his way of helping make the movie feel more fictional 

    dates like these are probably not uncommon, and over time youre less scared of the movies but still just want those wholesome moments 

    sigh jungkook makes me so soft


    a/n: hi darlings i hope you enjoyed i had so much fun writing this. i am a little frustrated because i also want to write monsta x but suddenly i can only write bts. like i tried earlier and i am incapable. 

    id deeply appreciated a like, reblog, and/or comment. and pls give feedback! i always want to improve

    im super duper tired so goodnight my darlings and see you soon <33

    #bts#bts scenarios#bts imagines#bts reactions#bts fanfic#kpop fanfic#kpop #namjoon x reader #jin x reader #yoongi x reader #hoseok x reader #jimin x reader #taehyung x reader #jungkook x reader #kim namjoon#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#park jimim#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook#bts fluff
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    The Princess of Bangtan | Chap. 2

    WARNINGS: Just mild swearing, hope you enjoy 😋

    Words: 3.1k (ish)

    Thank you so much for all the support so far, hope you guys enjoy 💜





    K A I A

    Kaia groaned in her unconscious state as her brain felt like it was rattling in her skull, a small wince escaped her chapped lips while she forced her eyes open.

    Her body went ridged as Kaia found herself in an unfamiliar room and by association an unfamiliar house, in an unfamiliar bed.

    Instantly, Kaia lifted the blanket that had been so delicately placed on her body up, a small sigh of relief left her mouth as she found her self still fully clothed.

    The next thing she found herself checking was her pockets, that small speck of relief dissipated when she noticed that both her pocket knife and her phone were gone.

    'Oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuc-'

    "You're awake"

    A deep but familiar voice following after a door creaking open sent off signals in Kaias brain, like clockwork, everything from her walk home rushed back in her mind.

    The alley, Taemin, Daniel, gunshots and...

    As her eyes lifted they met up with those doe eyes, the gaze that belonged to the other man in that alley.


    In this moment, she could finally get a good look at him now that she was in an area that was lit instead of his appearance being shrouded in darkness.

    Kaia could confidently claim that this man was gorgeous, annoying gorgeous is how she would put it.

    His jaw was so carefully sculpted, Kaia's eyes slowly traced it, wondering if any part of his face looked even the slightest bit off.

    Much to her annoyance, she found no flaw on this mans face, even the mole that sat under his plump lips added to his good looks.

    His dark and slightly tousled hair matched his big doe eyes, the feature that was most recognisable to Kaia.

    Even though JK's familiar appearance gave her a small comfort, silently grateful that it was him who was here and not Taemin or Daniel, she pushed herself further away as she saw him approach the bed.

    JK halted his movements when he saw her frantically shuffle back in fear, his arms raised up in surrender.

    "Woah woah, easy, I'm not going to hurt you"

    He remained in his spot while he gestured to the bottle of water that Kaia had only just noticed he had been carrying.

    "I'd thought you'd be thirsty"

    Kaia's throat clenched at the word, she swallowed her own saliva uncomfortably as she noticed just how thirsty she was.

    Eventually, Kaia eased up realising that JK meant well and sent him a small nod, sending JK a signal that he could approach her.

    He made small steps, fearing he would startle her if he seemed to eager, and handed Kaia the bottle to which she took timidly.

    She took small sips at first, almost as if she was testing to see it was in fact water, but that only lasted a few seconds before she ended up downing half of the bottles contents.

    JK's eyebrow lifted in slight amusement as he watched her almost chug down the water. Once  she seemed like she was done, she apprehensively offered the bottle back to him.

    "T-Thank you"

    "It's the least I could do after last night"

    JK sat himself down at the end of the bed as Kaia pulled herself up to a sitting position, she didn't miss the small hiss escape from his mouth as he settled himself down.

    Kaia's eyes narrowed on him for a moment, remembering how ruthlessly Taemin had kicked him while she had to watch, she shuddered as his pained gasps filled her memory.

    "What happened to the other guys? Uh Taemin and Daniel? The last thing I remember was hearing gunshots"

    JK sighed, his smile dropping into an annoyed frown as his gaze drifted away from Kaia's and onto the floor.

    His gaze narrowed so much so that Kaia thought the carpet would erupt in flames if he continued to stare down at it.

    "They got away"


    P A R K J I M I N

    "Jimin, you're pacing"

    Jimin ignored the blatant observation and continued his panicked pace throughout the compound, The BTS compound to be specific.


    BTS or as they were more commonly known as BangTan, was one of the most powerful and influential gangs in all South Korea.

    While they were not opposed to commuting many acts of crime, they held themselves to a code of honour, everything they did had purpose and no operation was ever done out of pettiness or needless violence.

    They even tried to keep civilians casualties to a minimum.

    The same can't be said for some of the other gangs that rivalled them.

    Jimin was a regular resident of the BTS compound, something Kaia never knew of.

    Not only was Jimin involved with the gang and mafia life style, He was in charge of some aspects of it.

    Park Jimin was Bangtans debt collector and money handler, the irony of it wasn't lost on him, given how much of his childhood was spent running away from money launders only for him to become what his childhood self feared.


    Hours had passed at this point, agonisingly long hours and Kaia still remained missing.

    He felt so guilty and most of all angry, so angry that he didn't just escort her that night.

    'I should've persisted more'

    'If I was with her then everything would be fine'

    'If anything happens to her... I'll never forgive myself'

    The other man that stood on the opposite side of the room rolled his eyes before striding over and grabbing Jimin by his shoulders to stop his pacing.

    "Jimin, sit the hell down. Your pacing is starting to get on my damn nerves"

    "Yoongi- "

    Jimin found his lips slamming shut as Yoongi's intense gaze closed in on him, tightening his grip on his shoulders was enough to silence him.

    It wasn't long after Jimin had called Taehyung he had found himself seeking out Yoongi, the man that had brought him into BTS when he was just a teenager.

    Yoongi, while mildly annoyed at Jimins panicked call in the middle of the night, told Jimin to get to the compound so he wouldn't go out and do something reckless.

    "Taehyung has it handled"

    His tone, while firm, had a touch of sincerity to it.

    Not many saw this side of the Second Pillar of BTS, Min Yoongi.

    Maybe Yoongi had a soft spot for Jimin, not that he would ever voice that aloud.

    Yoongi dropped his hands from Jimin's shoulders as the door emitted a distinct squeak, both of the male's gazes moving away from each-other and onto Taehyung who had finally come back.

    Jimin tore himself away from his mentor and feverishly strides over to Taehyung.


    "She's alive"


    Jimin groaned as Yoongi locked his gaze on him, his eyebrow raised questionably, Jimin had failed to fill in who exactly had been causing him this amount of stress.

    Jimin could feel his heart ease at the confirmation that Kaia was okay, ignoring Yoongis curious glances as a sigh of relief left his lips.

    "Where is she?"

    Taehyung lips grin curled up into a mischievous grin almost like he was just dying for Jimin to ask that question, he knew exactly where this Kaia girl was and who she was currently with.

    "See that's the interesting part", Taehyung chuckled, Jimin tilted his head in confusion and waited for him to continue. "She's with Jungkookie"

    Within seconds Jimins sweet relief was swept away from him, hearing that familiar name of his coworker had been mixed in with Kaia.

    Jimin stormed towards Taehyung whose amused grin hadn't left, not even for second, even as Jimin had gotten directly in his face.

    "What the fuck do you mean she's with Jungkook?! Why would she be-"

    "What the hell is going on here?"

    The air felt like it stopped as that authoritative voice rang through the heated exchange.

    Everyone's gaze fell on the arrival of the infamous Mob Boss of BTS, Kim Namjoon or RM as he called himself nowadays, crossing his arms over his chest and staring at Jimin and Taehyung expectedly.

    Taehyung, eyeing Jimins nervous expression turned to face RM, eager to share his new information.

    "Looks like our Jungkook has found himself a Princess"


    J U N G K O O K

    This was a situation Jungkook did not think he'd find himself in.

    Jeon Jungkook, the Protégé of Bangtan, had put himself in a precarious position that night.

    He had been careless, way too careless and it had gotten a innocent civilian caught in the crossfire.

    And one who was the reason he had gotten out of that alley unscathed.

    Though the throbbing pain etched in his ribs reminded him he had that unscathed was a huge understatement on his part.

    But now here he was, in his safe house with the girl that practically saved his life.


    His alias name felt weird coming from her lips Jungkook thought, didn't feel right for her to to refer to him as that name.

    She hadn't met JK, she didn't know how dangerous JK was. She didn't know what he was capable of.



    He couldn't stop himself, his mouth working against his brain and everything in his soul telling him how stupid he was being right now.

    "My name, JK is a uh- nickname of sorts", he spoke carefully,  he was doing something incredibly idiotic, revealing his true name to someone not involved in Bangtan but he felt that she deserved to know at least that.

    "Well, Jungkook", She smiled softly as she muttered his name, "Regardless of what happened, I wanted to thank you"


    "Who knows what would've happened to me if you weren't there, so thank you Jungkook"

    Jungkook eyed her as if she had just sprouted three heads, she thanked him when in reality it should be the other way around.

    Jungkook with an eyebrow raised, he scratched the back of his neck. "Between the two of us, I think you did more damage than I did"

    His mind took him back to her being held by that bastard Daniel, to when he had noticed that blade only faintly protruding from within her pocket.

    She could've cowered in fear when he gestured to it, she could've not have had the insight to have understood him in that moment.

    But she understood him, knew what to do and did it without hesitation.

    He didn't even think she knew how brave she was, she stabbed Kang Daniel, a dangerous mobster and she did it without flinching.

    Jungkook could not deny this girl was fascinating.

    He found himself tilting his head as she crossed her arms, her eyes showing a glint of fire.

    "You kinda did take more damage between the two of us"

    Jungkook let out an airy laugh at her quip, not expecting her jab at him to be so thick with sass.

    "Ha, I guess your right about that Princess"

    He didn't miss her cheeks flush a dim pink at his pet name, he couldn't help but grin at her flustered appearance.

    'Heh, cute'

    "U-Uh, um"

    Jungkook watched her with interest as she attempted to form words, avoiding his gaze as she awkwardly coughed to cover up the mumbled words escaping her.


    "Well I don't exactly know what to call you, you haven't told me your name"

    "Oh!", she shly giggled, playing with her fingers  before looking up back to Jungkook. "It's uh, Kaia"

    K A I A

    Kaia watched JK no, Jungkook, grin as she spoke her name.

    "Hmm, Kaia", Jungkook muttered, his chin now resting in his hand thoughtfully. "I think I'll still call you Princess"

    "Why? You got something against my name?"

    "Hardly", Kaia narrowed her eyes on his muscular frame, Jungkook only raised his eyebrow up with a sly grin. "Princess just seems to suit you"

    Kaia rolled her eyes at Jungkook, the action only making him let out another small chuckle.

    His playfulness was so infectious to her, that she couldn't help but also let out a small giggle of her own.

    Jungkook just had this charm that made it so easy for her to interact with.

    Not to mention on top of that he was beautiful, the same level of the stupidly beautiful category she placed Jimin under.


    Within seconds her laughter ceased, her body stiffened as her mind went back to that night but not of her encounter with Taemin and Daniel, but to earlier in the night.


    Kaia: I'll be fine! I'm not making you walk all the way out here just to escort me ten minuets down the road.
    Jimin: Ugh, fine but can you at least message me as soon as you get to your apartment? So I know you got home okay?


    Kaia leaped out of bed to the nearest window, Jungkook jumping up in alarm as she pushed away the curtains to reveal the dim light of dawn creeping through the sky.

    A few hours had passed since Kaia and Jimins last exchange, and Kaia had not delivered on letting him know that she had gotten home since she never did make it home.

    Kaia sighed, guilt creeping into her conscious knowing how worried Jimin gets when it came to her, it's why she made sure to always do anything to ease those worries.

    And she hasn't done that.


    "Princess? What's wrong?"

    "I need to call someone, uh, do you know what happened to my phone?"

    "Oh right, shit! almost forgot", Jungkook dug into the pocket of his jacket, pulling out the familiar black cased iPhone that he had been holding onto. "It is a little cracked but it should work just fine still, I had it on charge while you were out"

    Kaia frowned at the sizeable crack throughout her phone screen, she suspected she had broken it when she fell back from the backlash of Daniels hit.

    "Thank you"

    She watched him go to say something but a low buzz sound pulled his attention away from Kaia and to his own phone.

    Jungkook started speedily typing on his phone as Kaia opened up her phone, she frowned when she saw the slew of notifications from one person.

    10 missed calls from Park Jimin.
    20 unread messages from Park Jimin.

    'He was probably up all night worrying'

    She didn't make him wait any longer, her finger tapping his number and pulling her phone up to her ear.

    Kaia only heard the line ring for a couple seconds before connecting through.

    "Hey Jimin-"

    Kaia wasn't prepared for the scolding Jimin had in waiting as she finally dialled his number, the next few minutes was spent by her spewing out apologies, completely missing the male on the other side of the room staring at her with widened eyes as that familiar name left her lips.


    P A R K J I M I N

    "And what's that's supposed to mean V?", RM questioned with raised eyebrows.

    "JK got a civilian caught up in business last night"

    Jimins face paled at that new piece of information, RMs gaze not missing a beat, he had spotted his change of expression.

    "Someone you know?"

    Jimin remained silent at first, not wanting to answer, he felt pathetic knowing the one thing he never wanted was for Kaia was for her to get involved in his dangerous and borderline criminal way of life.


    He could feel RM's eyes narrow down intensely on him as he still remained silent, It took for Yoongi to smack Jimin upside the head to remind him who was speaking to him.

    "Y-Yeah, she's a... close friend"

    RM's glare softened on Jimin, before fixing his stern gaze onto Taehyung.

    "What else you know?"

    "Not much, most of the street footage has already been erased", V paused to bring out his phone and chuck it to RM. "Except for that"

    Taehyung's phone speakers buzzed as the footage played out, gunshots clipped through, indistinct shouts coming from the bodies of those obscured by the darkness.

    At first the video didn't look like it had anything, RM thought about questioning Taehyungs insistence on showing him footage that didn't show much if at all anything, until the last five seconds played out.

    Running out the alley, an alley Jimin recongsed to be very close to Kaia's apartment as he hovered over Namjoons shoulder, was Jungkook and in his arms was an unconscious Kaia.

    Jimin's body felt like it had been dunked in ice cold water when his eyes locked on Kaias unconscious form in the footage being carried away by Jungkook of all people.

    His body flinched when RM shut off Taehyungs phone and tossed it back to him. "There's no way to see more of the footage?"

    "Not likely, Beomgyu said he was lucky to get even that"

    RM sighed as his hand pinched the areas between his eyes. "Someone get ahold of JK and tell him to get his ass to the compound"

    Yoongi nodded lazily while bringing out his phone.

    "Jimin, what can you-"

    Ring, rinnnng, rinnnng.

    RM had been cut off by Jimins high pitched cell ringtone. Jimin, not wasting any time, darted to the back of the room, away from his mafia brothers and picked up his phone.

    "Hey Jimin-"

    He didn't let her finish. "Where the hell have you been! Do you have any idea how worried I was?!", He scolded her, silencing anything she had wanted to say.

    "Kaia seriously! I thought something happened to you! I went to your apartment and you weren't there!"

    He stopped himself from continuing his scolding when he heard her voice and how sad she sounded when she uttered his name.

    "I'm really sorry, something uh, happened last night, it was my fault. I shouldn't have done it but-"
    "Kaia, breathe"

    He kept his voice soft as he called out yo her to stop her rambling, she had a tendency to do that whenever she was stressed or upset.

    "What happened?"
    "I-I, I don't really want to talk about this on the phone"

    Jimin narrowed his eyes slightly, his mind replaying the footage of her unconscious body, his free hand clenched so tight that his nails threatened to tear open the skin on his palm.

    "Where are you, I'll come get you"

    Jimin had already started striding out the door, Not missing the glare RM had fixed on his build as he jogged away.

    That glare was a silent message to Jimin, letting him know that they would be talking about this later.

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