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    Minato's precious boy ❤❤

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    Pokèmon x One Piece

    Pokèmon x Naruto

    #feel free to add more #champion cynthia#vinsmoke sora #gym leader volkner #minato namikaze#pokemon#one piece#naruto#reincarnated au #when anime characters die they get reincarnated into the pkmn world
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    #anti minato #anti minato namikaze
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    Day6: Edo Tensei | Founders Week

    @foundersweek | I'm sorry for once again making you all suffer with my awful quality of pictures.

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    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    (Im)pure Chaos


    Sometimes, the past doesn't stay dead.

    It bites you in the ass.

    Rating: Mature Fandom: Naruto Relationship: Gen Word Count: 1260 (Complete)

    Entry for @foundersweek​

    Day 6 - November 27: Jutsu Accident | Edo Tensei

    With thanks to @kurakura0-0​ for allowing me to take their fantastic fanart and turn it on its head to make this insanity - I always love working with you!

    Madara: *stepping back* ... and I think that should work.

    Izuna: *forming out of a White Zetsu body* ... nii-san?

    Madara: Izuna! I've missed you so much!

    Izuna: *hugging Madara* Nii-san! But... I'm dead.

    Madara: *proudly* I brought you back!

    Izuna: I can see that! But why?

    Madara: To help me take over the world!

    Izuna: ... wow. Nii-san, have you been eating anything odd? Drinking anything funny?

    Madara: NO!

    Izuna: *ignoring him* Because that is crazy talk.

    Madara: Look, this guy brought me back - though with a few odd additions - but that doesn't matter! The plan is working.

    Izuna: Okay, I want to see these additions because trying to take over the world is - and let me repeat myself - insane.

    Madara: *unbuckling his armour* I don't see why you're so suspicious of me...

    Izuna: *bellowing in Madara's ear* BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE AN IDIOT!

    Madara: *wincing* Izuna, ow! Volume!

    Izuna: *staring at the HashiBoob* Nii-san. WHAT.

    Madara: *a little shamefaced* That was not my idea.

    Izuna: ... someone brought you back and thought that you'd like Hashirama's face on your body?!

    Madara: ... apparently?

    Izuna: *looking around for someone to sacrifice* ... I need Hikaku. We need more sanity.

    Read the rest on AO3.

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    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    Tobirama playing his dad role to the T by falling asleep around 7pm at gatherings
    #Minato is just happily chatting away while cuddling his sleepy hubby #and just think of how comfortable and safe Tobs feels by falling asleep so easily #around Minato and other people in their home #so much growth qwq #it warms me heart ~ #I know I said I would stop posting at 4 in the fucking morning #but I got too excited #I like this one ~ #:: my art #naruto#naruto shippuden#tobirama senju#senju tobirama#minato namikaze#namikaze minato#tobimina#minatobi #tobimina raise naruto au
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    Saw this on FB 💛⚡️😆 “He’s too fast”

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    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Past Cannot Be Cured


    Sometimes, the past comes back to life.


    Rating: Mature Fandom: Naruto Relationship: Senju Tobirama/Uchiha Izuna, Uchiha Izuna & Uchiha Madara, Senju Hashirama & Uchiha Madara Word Count: 2180 (Complete)

    Entry for @foundersweek​

    Day 6 - November 27: Jutsu Accident | Edo Tensei

    Written with @kurakura0-0 and for @dominaaurum​ who helped to bounce this crazy idea around with us!

    Also for drelfina because of one very specific line in their story Cicada which has haunted me ever since I read it.

    I am so sorry drelfina - I had to!

    The title is a quote from Elizabeth I.

    Tobirama listens as Anija recounts their history - the origins of the feud between the Uchiha and the Senju, his relationship with Madara, the founding of the village - and wonders.

    Is this truly the way that Anija sees their past?

    Many of the incidents that he speaks of are things that they have never discussed, respectful as they were of each other's privacy.

    Tobirama had never known that their conversation on how the Hokage should be chosen was overheard. He'd never known why Madara had defected, nor why Madara had come back to attack the village with the Kyūbi.

    Perhaps, if he'd known... would he have judged the Uchiha less harshly?

    He'd always watched them closely, concerned that they could fall to madness and despair even as he gave his trust to those within the clan who devoted themselves wholly to the village. He'd worked towards Anija's goal of a community which transcended the boundaries of clan and family, always pressing forward towards village unity while treading the path between his brother's idealism and the danger of Madara's legacy.

    And it has led to this.

    A world in which Madara has been returned to life through the use of the Edo Tensei, and with a plan aimed at the destruction of all the shinobi in the world. If this young Uchiha speaks true - and he might yet be wrong - Madara wishes to turn everyone into puppets to be manipulated.

    That sounds terribly unlike the man that Tobirama had so briefly known, but Anija's words have made it clear that he has never seen the Madara that his brother knew and loved.

    Just as Anija has never known Izuna.

    And so, as the last descendant of the Uchiha declares his intention to head to the battlefield, spurred by the love of his dead brother, Tobirama finds himself raising a hand.

    "Stop. Before we go, there is someone you should meet."

    He unwraps the long braid of hair, dark as a crows wing, from around his wrist and coils it carefully into the palm of his hand before closing his fingers over it.

    A talisman and a touchstone throughout his long life, it will now serve another purpose.

    "More, there is someone Madara should meet."

    Read the rest on AO3.

    #foundersweek2021 #Day 6 Prompt 2 #Edo Tensei#Phlebas Writes#Naruto#fanfiction #Story: The Past Cannot Be Cured #Series: Crack AUs #Senju Tobirama/Uchiha Izuna #Uchiha Izuna & Uchiha Madara #Senju Hashirama & Uchiha Madara #Senju Tobirama#Senju Hashirama#Uchiha Madara#Uchiha Sasuke#Uchiha Izuna#Namikaze Minato#Sarutobi Hiruzen#Hōzuki Suigetsu#Orochimaru#Uchiha Obito#Tsunade#Ōnoki #A | Yondaime Raikage #Gaara#Terumi Mei#Tenzō #okay to reblog
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    Anyways , speaking of AUs , have you considered him? ( WIP )

    #I need to brush up on my coloring so #turning a few doodles into semi full pieces #I really like how he’s looking here #isn’t he cute ? 🥺 #:: koko speaking! #wip#naruto#minato namikaze
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    #Minato#Namikaze Minato#Yondaime#noodles#ramen#painting practice #i realize now that his hand is too high #rip #i liked how the ramen turned out tbh #wanna practice drawing more food
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    26.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    There are shinobi who are allowed their individuality (whether because of a blood relationship with a previous Kage or from a link based on a mentor-student dynamic), but most of them work to maintain the hero status of others. In that sense, Danzo worked to maintain Hiruzen’s hero status most of the time by doing things that benefited Konoha yet left out Hiruzen's name; Madara worked to maintain Hashirama’s hero status (and this is to be further investigated but basically: Madara, by solely existing as the juxtaposition of Hashirama and being seen as the “evil/mad” one, puts Hashirama as the “good/sane” one. If we take Madara out, everything Hashirama did is questionable, the primary reason why it wasn't was because of who fought against it); we don’t have much information on Tobirama’s time but I’ll say Madara’s influence as the “villain” still painted his realm in a positive light; and Minato had Danzo still.

    Extract from "Naruto and the Hero Concept" post currently being written.

    #anti konoha #anti shinobi system #anti hashiram #anti hashirama senju #anti tobirama #anti tobirama senju #anti hiruzen #anti hiruzen sarutobi #anti minato #anti minato namikaze #danzo#danzo shimura#madara#madara uchiha
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    The masculine urge to hold your boyfriend close on days you’re not feeling yourself

    #almost forgot to post this #making tamales can wear ya down #:: my art #naruto#naruto shippuden#tobirama senju#senju tobirama#minato namikaze#namikaze minato#minatobi#tobimina
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    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Scrapbook of a Dimension-Traveling Sideshow: Here

    Read on AO3

    Samsaric AU (Minato lives)


    Naruto slept. A lot.

    He’d been worried at first—what if he’s sick? does he have chakra exhaustion? what do I do if he doesn’t wake up?—and it had taken Tsunade literally slapping him to halt his panic attack in its tracks. Then she had sat him down and explained in very clear, very loud, and very angry terms that Naruto was a normal, perfect, healthy child. The lecture was several hours long and took up most of his workday. At the end of it, Minato had glanced away from the diagrams thrust in his face and simply asked, “So Naruto’s okay?”

    As it turned out, he was.

    When he wasn’t sleeping, Naruto ate. And ate. And ate. And ate. And ate. Sometimes Minato worried about Konoha running out of formula. But eventually, Naruto would be satisfied and he would get just a couple minutes of peace with his son before he fell asleep again. He practically lived for those small moments, holding the fragile being that was his own flesh and blood and watching as those small eyes tried to focus in on the world around him. Minato would whisper his name to him—Naruto, his sweet Naruto—and play with his tiny feet.

    But then Naruto would fall back asleep and it would be over.

    — — — — —

    Mirai was not a happy child.

    Her screaming kept him up at all hours of the night and his body hurt from the lack of sleep. His heart hurt more, however, because his daughter was crying and there wasn’t anything he could do. He would hold her, but she would simply writhe angrily in his arms, almost like the contact was too painful for her to bear. When he tried to sing her to sleep, her cries only got louder and more raw. Maybe he was doing it wrong, and the thought that he didn’t know what he was doing as a father hung heavy around his neck.

    “Chakra hypersensitivity.”

    Minato jerked his head up and blinked the tiredness from his eyes. He wasn’t sure anymore if the screaming in his ears was just echoes or actually Mirai. “Sorry, what?”

    “Your daughter has chakra hypersensitivity,” Tsunade repeated, crossing her arms and staring down her nose at him. “Meaning, your daughter is extremely reactive to chakra. It hurts her.”

    “A-and the holding is—“

    “Negligible. As long as you avoid chakra use around her until her coils are more developed, there shouldn’t be any serious consequences.”

    “But the screaming. And the—“

    The woman grunted, grabbing the front of his shirt and yanking him to his feet. “Sometimes kids are just angry and loud, Minato. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not your fault—it’s not anyone’s fault. That’s just how she is. Give her a while; she’ll calm down. They always do.”

    — — — — —

    He should have died instead.

    Kushina, after all, was the one that should have been there with the kids. She was more prepared, more ready, more experienced with the idea of family. He’d never really thought about balancing life as a father and as Hokage before because he’d never imagined it without her. And he often found himself wishing that he’d died in Kushina’s place; maybe they needed a mother more than they needed him.

    And then Mirai stopped making noise.

    It wasn’t that her screams died off, or that she didn’t cry as much, or even that she was quieter. She simply stopped. He snapped his head up, flailing wildly for a moment before peeling the document—probably something important, but he didn’t really care—from his cheek. “Mirai?” he slurred tiredly, his ears ringing from the sudden lack of sound. It took a moment for him to register that there was no sound at all. Not even the sound of breathing.

    His heart rammed against his lungs—she wasn’t breathing, she wasn’t crying—and he nearly broke his own ankle as he stumbled over to the crib. Minato curled his fingers tightly around the railing, feeling the wood give beneath his grip, and he stared fearfully down into the bed.

    She stared back at him with wide eyes—Kushina’s eyes.

    “You’re okay,” he murmured. “You’re okay, and you’re not crying.” He reached down and then suddenly pulled back, hesitating. She could start screaming again, and that was the last thing he wanted.

    A gurgle. He looked down to find her tiny arms waving towards him. She made another odd sound and he felt his heart crumble. “Mirai-chan,” he whispered, lifting her delicate body into his arms. “You’re okay. You’re okay.”

    — — — — —

    His kids couldn’t be more different.

    Naruto was a menace to society—a cheerful, ramen-loving, orange-wearing, happy menace, but a menace nonetheless. He spent his days running up and down the halls of the Tower, leaving devastation in his wake. His ecstatic laughter echoed through the building like a nightmare. Minato loved his son, but sometimes he wondered if Naruto was the devil.

    Mirai was not her brother. She was quiet, a stark contrast to the screaming she’d done in her first few weeks of life. Sometimes it scared him because she would go hours, even complete days, without saying a single word. He worried. But Mirai seemed to live in her own little world—a world that revolved around Naruto. The most she spoke was around her brother, her sentences filled with soft echoes of Nato as she playfully ruffled his hair.

    But sometimes she stared at Minato like she wasn’t seeing him at all.

    — — — — —

    Someone was screaming.

    That was all Minato knew as he snapped out of bed, landing on the floor in a crouch with a kunai clutched in his hand. He blinked, glancing around the empty room. He wasn’t under attack. But someone was still screaming. He tilted his head and rose slowly to his feet. It was the screaming of a child. But that couldn’t be possible. There weren’t any—

    His heart stopped twice in the time it took him to make it down the hallway. He slammed open the door and stood there, chest heaving. His gaze danced over the room—no intruder—before snapping to Naruto’s bed.

    It wasn’t him crying.

    “Mirai,” he muttered incredulously, stumbling towards her. She was curled in on herself, clawing at her chest and shrieking like her lungs were burning. “Mirai,” he said, the reality finally settling in. He snatched her up into his arms, cradling the toddler against his chest. “Shh, Mirai,” he murmured. “It’s okay. It’s okay. I promise.” He tucked his head against hers, closing his eyes as her screams died off into choked sobs. “It’s okay. Touchan’s here. Touchan’s here, Mirai. I promise.”

    Then her sobs wound down into whimpers and she clung desperately to him as if she was expecting him to disappear. “Touchan,” she whispered, her voice raw.

    “I’m here, sweetheart. Touchan’s here.”

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  • jjgrace42
    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Symphonies - Chapter 27

    Read on AO3

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

    The Five Stages of Inadequacy

    "Gate duty again?" Minato asked, taking the proffered pen so he could sign his team in. "What happened this time?"

    "Hayate broke his leg," Shikuro said, nodding to his youngest student. "We're in-Village for the next week while he finishes healing."

    "You broke your leg?" Obito asked, pushing his way past his teammates. He put his hands on the desk and leaned as far over it as he could to try to see. "What happened?"

    Hayate shifted in his seat, wincing. "I, uh—"

    "Your sister is badass!" Aoba cut in. "How come you aren't that cool, Obito?"

    Obito pulled back. "What? I'm cool! I mean, Kyo-chan is cool, too, but she's not badass. I'm badass!"

    "If you're badass and she's not, then how come she killed fifteen people and got her sharingan on her first mission and you didn't?" Aoba asked, cocking his head to the side and leaning one hand on the desk with the other propped on his hip. "Sounds to me like she's the badass in the family."

    "Kyoko-chan did all that?" Rin asked. "What happened?"

    "I only know what Shimon told me," Yuugao said. "He heard it from Ebisu, who hear it from Genma, who heard it from Raidou. Raidou was the one on the mission with her. Apparently he got real hurt, and she saved him."

    "By killing fifteen people?" Rin asked, pressing her hands together. "But Kyoko-chan is— She's so small!"

    "There's no way!" Obito interrupted. "She couldn't—"

    "Obito," Minato interrupted, dropping a hand to his student's head. "Volume."

    "But Sensei, she can't have her sharingan! I haven't even—"

    "Maybe you should find out what exactly happened, first. Because if any of that is true, your sister is probably going to need someone to talk to. Right?"

    Obito faltered, lowering his hands and curling them into fists. "Right. Um, she can be pretty sensitive sometimes, I guess. I should check on her."

    "We can stop by to see Raidou first," Rin suggested. "He can tell us what happened, and we can bring him something for while he gets better." She turned to their sensei. "Can we?"

    Minato glanced towards the Tower and nodded. "Go ahead. I'll deliver our mission completion to the Hokage alone for now, so long as you all have your written reports done to turn in tomorrow morning."

    Rin smiled and straightened. "We will! Right, Obito-kun?"

    Obito nodded. "Right!"

    "Kakashi-kun?" she asked, looking towards their third teammate. "Are you going to come with us?"

    He shrugged. "I guess. I already wrote my report."

    "What! How?" Obito demanded. "We just got here!"

    "Last night. When we stopped on our way back." Kakashi turned away from the gate desk and started walking. "Where does Raidou live?"

    — — — — —

    When Raidou opened the door, Rin smiled and held up the box of tea. "We brought you get well gifts."

    He blinked slowly, the action looking odd due to the sheer amount of damaged skin on his face and the few bandages pulling at the edge of his left eye. "Oh, thank you." He smiled and stepped to the side. "Come on in. My mom's at work, and making something for you would be a little difficult right now," —he looked down at the arm trapped against his chest in a sling— "but there's some leftover monaka, if you want some. I think." He paused. "Actually, I might have eaten the rest of it."

    "That's okay," Rin said, leading her team inside. "Do you have something I can put these in?" she asked, taking the flowers that Kakashi was holding.


    "Did Kyo-chan really kill fifteen people?" Obito interrupted. "Did she really get her sharingan?"

    "I— What?" Raidou frowned. Or at least, he seemed to try to frown as best as he could. Almost immediately, he winced and lifted his good hand to touch the side of his nose. "She didn't."

    "Aha! See? You just can't trust rumors." Obito sighed in relief and held out a hand for the flowers. "Here, I'll find a vase." Once Rin had handed them over, he pushed past them all into the kitchen and started looking through the cabinets. He found a glass vase and lifted it out.

    As Obito turned to the sink, he heard Raidou clear his throat a couple times before saying, "No, it was just four people. Then Suzaku-san got us away before anyone else tried to attack us."

    Something hot and angry jolted through Obito's body, and he jerked back, knocking the vase against the edge of the sink. It shattered. He tightened his hand into a fist and whirled around. "So she did get her sharingan?"

    "Obito!" Rin rushed forward. "Your hand!"

    "Did she? Raidou—"

    "Obito!" She grabbed his wrist, twisting it so his palm was up. "You're bleeding! Hold still." She dragged his hand under the faucet and turned the water on.

    Obito hissed, flinching back. "Ow," he whined.

    "I'll fix it all in a second. I just have to make sure the glass is out." She frowned up at him. "You need to be more careful with yourself."

    He sighed. "Yeah. Sorry." He looked down at the flowers in his other hand. "Sorry about the vase, Raidou."

    "It's okay. Here." Raidou opened a cabinet and pulled down a glass. Once Rin had moved from rinsing Obito's cuts to healing them with iryo-chakra, Raidou tipped the glass under the water. He set it on the counter and put the flowers inside. "There's this, too." He opened a drawer and pulled out a small jar. He turned and held it out to her. "If it would help."

    She took it and opened it. Peering inside at the ointment, she asked, "Chakra balm?"

    "Kyoko-chan made it for me. For my, uh." He winced and gestured to his face.

    "You were burned?" Kakashi asked, joining the conversation for the first time.

    "Yeah. Tsunade-sama said I'm lucky Kyoko-chan started treating it so fast or it might've been worse. Though I probably wouldn't have made it at all without her, either."

    "So Aoba was right," Kakashi mused. "She is more badass than you, Obito."

    Obito huffed and stuck his tongue out at his younger teammate. Then he looked back towards Raidou. "What happened?"

    — — — — —

    Kyoko frowned when he picked them up from their Obasan's. She frowned as they walked home. She frowned while he cooked. She frowned while they ate dinner. And when Obito finally ushered Shisui off to bed, she sat on the couch and frowned. Obito returned and stood a few feet away, shuffling his feet and rubbing his arm. He cleared his throat.

    "Can I have a hug?"

    Obito blinked. Kyoko hadn't moved from her spot, but she wasn't frowning anymore. Instead, she was giving him a nervous smile with one hand outstretched. He grinned. "Course. You know I give the best hugs." He climbed onto the couch next to her and dragged her in close. As she gripped one of his hands with both of hers, he rested his chin on the top of her head. She was so small. There was no way she could have done anything Raidou said she had, right? She was so small.

    "Kyo-chan?" he whispered. "Can I see 'em?"

    She didn't say anything to that, ducking her head. Then she sighed loudly and shifted so she could face him. When she looked up, her eyes were red with one tomoe each.

    Obito swallowed, staring at them. "How? It's— I don't have mine, so how did—" He yanked his hands back and dug his nails into his thighs. "It's not fair. I don't have mine. How come you're so much, so much, so much better than me? How come—"

    "I love you." She blinked, and her sharingan was gone. "I'm sorry you're angry with me."

    His shoulders slumped. "I'm not angry with you," he mumbled.

    "You're going to get your sharingan. I promise."

    "Yeah? You think so."

    She smiled and turned to settle back into his arms again. "I know so."

    Obito sniffled. He wrapped his arms around her tight. "I love you, too."

    — — — — —

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

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    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Good cop Minato and Kakashi and criminal Obito fic


    Kakashi grabbed his upper arm in a vice grip when Tobi turned for the exit. “Have you lost your partner?” his target’s head snapped his direction sharply, his whole demur changed from playful to serious, and then tense when he saw Kakashi’s shiny badge “How about you join us instead for a chat?” He didn’t wait for an answer as he dragged Tobi along “My partner is right there.” Tobi only whined softly at the harsh treatment, but there was no resistance offered.

    “Please forgive my partner.” Minato started softly, offering one of his trademark bright smiles “He is new. I’m sure you know how it is?”

    Tobi nodded hesitantly, his voice weak when he said “It means he is stupid.”

    #naruto#fanfic #hatake kakashi x uchiha obito #minato namikaze x uchiha obito #hatake kakashi#kakashi hatake#uchiha obito#obito uchiha#namikaze minato#minato namikaze #kakashi x obito #minato x obito
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    Symphonies - Chapter 19

    Read on AO3

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

    The Weak are Meek

    "I can walk."

    "You don't need to!"

    "Could you at least stop skipping, then?" Kyoko asked.

    Obito slowed, settling into a walk. "Sorry. Is that better?"

    "Yes. My jaw thanks you."

    He grinned when he felt the weight of her chin on his shoulder. "Glad to hear it. Decided what you want yet?" he asked as they stepped through the compound gates.

    Kyoko hummed in his ear, tapping her right foot against his thigh. "Ramen?"

    "Ramen's great! Minato-sensei has a favorite place. You'll like it there."

    "We can't be there too long. I'm supposed to meet Tsunade-shisho in forty minutes."

    "Don't worry." Obito turned his head so he could get a glimpse of her. "I won't make you late. You're still at the stage when you need to impress your sensei, after all."

    "Being on time is basic necessity, not me trying to impress her. You should try it sometime."

    He snickered. "When did you start being a smartass, Kyo-chan? Uh. Don't tell Tousan I called you that."

    Kyoko laughed. "Don't worry."

    He heaved a sigh. "Good. Alright, here we are." He stopped and let her slide off his back. Obito raised his arms to present the stand dramatically. "Welcome to Ichiraku!" He pushed her inside. "Ohayo, Teuchi-san!"

    The man looked over his shoulder. "Obito-kun! And who's this?" He set down his spoon and turned, wiping his hands on his apron. "A friend?"

    "My sister," Obito corrected. He picked Kyoko up, ignored her undignified squeak of surprise, and set her on one of the stools. He hopped up onto his own seat. "This is Kyoko. Kyo-chan, this is Teuchi. He makes the best ramen you'll ever have. Do you know what you want?"

    Kyoko leaned forward, elbows on the counter. "Ohayo, Teuchi-san," she greeted. "Pork, please."

    "Miso for me," Obito said. As Teuchi got to work, Obito turned in his seat and leaned into Kyoko's space. When she pulled back just enough for him to see the eyebrow she'd raised, he grinned. "You wanna hear a secret?"

    "Do I?"

    "You do," he decided. "Okay. Minato-sensei brings us here a lot, but," —he leaned in close and dropped his voice into a whisper— "I'm pretty sure he mostly likes to eat here in hopes that Kushina will show up."

    Kyoko twisted to look at him. "Kushina?"

    He nodded. "Kushina's the best. She's Minato-sensei's girlfriend, and they get all, uh, Kakashi calls it gross." He dropped his chin into both hands. "He does this and he'll stare at her like he's never seen her before. Which is stupid, because they see each other all the time."

    "They're in love," she said, smiling. "Do you think it's cute? Or do you think it's gross like Kakashi said?"

    He squinted at her. "Dunno. Why are you smiling like that?"

    Her smile just brightened. "No reason. Oh." She sat up as her ramen was place in front of her. "Itadakimasu."

    — — — — —

    "Hi! I'm here! I'm here!" Obito said, sliding to a stop infront of them. He put his hands on his knees and leaned over, panting.

    "You're late," Kakashi said, arms crossed. "What's your excuse this time?"

    "I was getting ramen with Kyo-chan to celebrate!"

    "Celebrate?" Rin asked. "Oh! Did Kyoko-chan move up again?"

    "Nope! She graduated! Oh, and! And!" Obito grinned, bouncing in place. "She got a perfect score on her exam!"

    "Perfect?" Minato asked, cutting into the conversation. His eyebrows were raised and his eyes wide. "Perfect score?"

    "That's impossible," Kakashi said. "Even Minato-sensei didn't get a perfect score."

    "It's not impossible," Obito defended. "Kyo-chan did!"

    "She can't have."

    "Kakashi-kun," Minato said firmly. "You can't say that. From what I've heard, Kyoko-chan is very impressive."

    "Sensei, if you couldn't get a perfect score, doesn't that mean it's unlikely she could either?" Rin asked. "I like Kyoko-chan, but it's . . . a little hard to believe, isn't it?"

    "Rin-chan," Obito said, whipping around to stare at her. "You don't, you don't think I'm lying, do you?"

    "Of course not," she said, giving him a smile. "I'm just . . . ."

    "It's a surprise," Minato said gently. "But your sister does seem to have shown that she's full of those."

    "She's a genius," Obito said proudly.

    Kakashi snickered. "Too bad you didn't get any of that."

    Obito scowled. "You can shove it, Bakashi! Just 'cause Kyo-chan is brilliant doesn't mean that I'm not too!"

    "Okay, let's not get started on that," their sensei cut in. "Obito, since you were late, you missed our warmups. So get that done while I get Kakashi and Rin started on sparring. Okay?"

    Obito shot Kakashi a glare before nodding. "Okay."

    — — — — —

    "Why's Kyo-chan not back yet?"

    Kagami glanced at the clock. "I'm sure Tsunade-san is wanting to maximize their first few days working together. That's all."

    Obito leaned against the counter, resting his chin in his hand and staring at the plates Kagami was stacking on the drying rack. He sighed and started running his thumb over a chip in the edge of the countertop. "Hey, Tousan?"


    "Am I dumb?"

    The clattering of the dishes stopped. Kagami shut the water off. "Obito. Look at me."

    Obito pushed off the counter and straightened, looking up.

    Kagami frowned, drying his hands off. Then he crossed his arms. "Let's start with my answer. No. You're not dumb."


    "Tell me why you would ask that."

    Obito huffed and shoved his hands in his pockets, turning his head to stare at the front door.

    Kagami signed and unfolded his arms. "Obito," he said softly. "Is this about Kyoko?"

    "No," Obito said quickly. "Really. It's not."

    "Uh-huh. Then did Kakashi say something again?"

    He hunched his shoulders. "No."

    "So Kakashi said nothing about Kyoko to you?"

    "He . . . ." He looked down and scuffed his foot against the bottom edge of the cabinet. "He might have said something."

    "I see."

    Obito jumped in surprise when Kagami put his hand on his head. He looked up as his father ruffled his hair. "Kyoko is really smart."

    Kagami nodded once. "She is."

    "I'm not."

    "That's not true."

    "She just graduated with the best score ever. I graduated in the bottom third last year."

    "Rin-chan graduated last year in the middle of your class. Kyoko did much better than her. Does that mean Rin-chan is dumb?"

    "She's not dumb!"

    "Do you see my point, then?"

    "But . . . ." Obito sniffed and rubbed at his nose with his sleeve. "Bakashi's super smart. Like crazy smart. And crazy skilled. Aren't I dumb because I'll never be able to be like him?"

    "Am I dumb because I'm not as impressive as my teammate that became Hokage?" Kagami shrugged. "Comparing yourself to your comrades to try to figure out your worth is pointless, Obito. You're not dictated by others. Understand?"

    "Yeah," Obito muttered. "I guess. I think you're way cooler than Hokage-sama, though."

    Kagami grinned. "Thank you. That means a lot."

    — — — — —

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    Symphonies - Chapter 14

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    To Be Stubborn is To Be Able

    "I'd like to be your apprentice."

    Tsunade looked up from her discussion, already frowning. Her gaze flicked around the restaurant before settling on Kyoko. "What?"

    "I'd like to be your apprentice."

    Tsunade blinked. She glanced at the man across from her. He looked from Kyoko to her and back, giving a shrug. He motioned to her to answer. Tsunade looked back at Kyoko.

    And she started laughing.

    "Sorry, kid!" she got out between guffaws. "But no. I don't do students."

    — — — — —

    "Your kanji are so pretty," Shizune said, leaning far into Kyoko's space to look at her notes.

    "Thank you," Kyoko murmured, starting a new line about perception-distorting genjutsu. "I've practiced them a lot."

    "I can imagine you couldn't have done that much practice. I mean, you're only four. And babies can't hold a pen."

    She glanced up. "I'm five."

    Shizune gave her a broad, cheeky grin. "Are you? Your cute, chubby cheeks say four."

    "Well, they're wrong."

    Shizune giggled at that and then bent to look at the page again. "They're so neat and clean. You don't even flow your lines."

    Fuuinjutsu doesn't work with flowed lines, Kyoko didn't say. Instead, she just smiled.

    — — — — —

    "I'd like to be your apprentice."

    Tsunade jerked her head up, eyes wide. Then they narrowed, and her grip on her clipboard tightened. "What?"

    Kyoko squared her shoulders and didn't flinch. "I'd like to be your apprentice."

    Tsunade didn't say anything for a long time. The hospital remained busy and loud around them. Kyoko didn't move. And then the Sannin snorted out half-laugh. "Listen, I'm busy. I have things to do."

    "I know." Kyoko folded her hands behind her back, standing at attention. "I'll try not to take up too much of your time today. But I do want you to be my sensei. I'll work hard, and I won't distract you from your other duties."

    Tsunade frowned at her. "No."

    — — — — —

    "Obito and Shisui found some people for Ninja. Are you sure you don't want to play with them?"

    Kyoko shook her head, not looking up at him. She kept all of her attention on Itachi. She was holding him carefully, stabilizing him on his feet while he stared up at her with a mostly-toothless smile. "No thank you. I'm trying to teach Itachi-chan how to stand."

    "I can see that. He's just barely old enough. You didn't stand until you were almost nine months, you know."

    "So he has three months to beat me," she said. "He'll get there."

    Itachi gurgled and swayed forward. Kyoko smiled and lowered him down onto his front. "Careful. Keep yourself up." She moved his arms so he was propped up on his elbows. "Just like that." She finally looked up at Kagami. "He's cute."

    Kagami nodded and reached out, dropping his hand on the top of her head. "I don't think I've ever seen a baby that wasn't cute. You were too when you were a baby."

    Kyoko pouted. "Are you saying I'm not cute now?"

    He laughed. "Of course not. You're the cutest."

    She looked back down and smiled. "Itachi's cuter."

    — — — — —

    "I'd like to be your apprentice."


    — — — — —

    "That's amazing, Kyoko-chan," Rin said, watching the green chakra. "I couldn't do anything with iryo-chakra until last year."

    "I've practiced," Kyoko said, pulling her hands back from the orange she'd been demonstrating on.

    Kakashi frowned at it. "Is it safe to eat?"

    Kyoko looked up at him. It was easier than it had been before, but her gut still twisted when he stared back at her without any real recognition. "Yes. It's safe."

    "Good." He picked it up and started peeling it.

    "Hey, Bakashi! That's from my lunch!" Obito yelled, diving for the fruit.

    Both girls were pulled back as the two boys immediately dissolved into a wrestling match. Kyoko leaned her head back to see Minato. He offered up a smile. "Very impressive, Kyoko-chan."

    — — — — —

    "I'd like to be your apprentice."


    — — — — —

    Kyoko woke up from the dream that she was dying in to a reality where she'd already done so. She laid there for a moment, reminding herself that she was alive. Then she got up and got dressed. The clock beside her bed said it was half past four, and she didn't have the Academy for a few hours. There was no way she would be sleeping again.

    She settled at the kitchen table with a plate of leftover onigiri and one of her father's books on katon. She had made it through ten pages in the book and thirteen in her notes when she heard a door. Kyoko looked up and smiled. "Shisui," she said, careful to keep her voice low. "Did I wake you up?"

    He rubbed his eyes and squinted at her. "Kyoko? Um . . . . I'm thirsty."

    She nodded and got up from her seat, moving to get him a glass of water. Then she walked to where he was still standing in his doorway. "Here," she murmured, pressing the cup into his hands. "Drink this."

    "Okay. Thanks." He peered past her at the table. "What are you doing?"

    "Studying," she said, ruffling his hair. "Get some sleep, okay? I love you."

    — — — — —

    "I'd like to be your apprentice."

    Tsunade slammed down the pen she was writing with so hard that it snapped, spilling ink all over her fist. "What is your problem?" she demanded, staring at the girl that had interrupted her work.

    Kyoko steeled herself. "I'd like to be your apprentice."

    Tsunade's eyes narrowed and she looked her up and down. "No."

    Kyoko huffed, gritting her teeth. She nodded. Asking repeatedly had worked with her father, but it looked like she might need to introduce a backup plan to deal with the Sannin. Said plan was simple.

    Kyoko flicked out a kunai, slashed it across her thumb, and then stitched the wound back together with iryo-ninjutsu.

    Tsunade straightened. "Huh," she said, staring at the blood at the tip of Kyoko's thumb. She reached out and grabbed her wrist, turning it so she could see better. The action smeared ink across her skin. Then she caught Kyoko's stare. "There are a lot of other iryo-nin, even just in your clan. Mikoto-hime herself is an incredible medic-nin. She'd probably say yes if a stubbon relative went to bother her for training."

    "I want to be an iryo-nin," Kyoko said. "And a combative shinobi. She might have been able to do that for me once before, but she has a baby now. You're the only one that can teach me how to master both."

    Tsunade let her go and sat back to study her. She tilted her head to the side. "No."

    — — — — —

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