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  • The flesh exists only as a doorway to step into the soul. So do not even touch, if you don’t intend to reach the soul…

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    The human mind has not evolved. It has developed technologies and philosophies that go well beyond medieval illumination. It is still capable of crude idiocy.

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  • Me gustaría ser de esas personas que disfruta de estar con amigos y que no anda buscando amor o alguien que la acompañe y dé cariño porque es una dependiente emocional.

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  • Igual yo mori el día que tenía como 5000 seguidoras, todas éramos enfermas y queríamos ser flacas.

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  • Si viviera sola me habría ido a encoronar hace rato. Que triste existir. Daría mi vida para que unx abuelitx siga con vida.

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  • Yo creo que el insomnio ya me tiene su1c1d4 wey.

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  • Something I love about the Mass Effect universe, the trilogy in particular, is how headcanons for your Shepard can not only be manifest in their actions during their interactions with other characters and in various situations, but that they can also extend to what thoughts they may have during silent moments in their present environment or in quiet observation of an object of focus, the latter of which I refer to when reminded of a particular moment during the events of Mass Effect 2; on the mission to Bekenstein when my Shepard decides to assist Kasumi in her attempt to reclaim the stolen graybox containing layers of information pertaining to her lover.

    Upon first entry into the lower room where security mechanisms are set up in front of Hock’s vault of museum artifacts, Shepard takes a glance at the golden statue erected of former Spectre agent Saren Arterius, the base of which securely houses the equipment needed to follow through with the entirety of the mission, including weapons and armor pertaining to Shepard. Apart from the interesting providential situation of said equipment, Shepard observes the vaguely imposing focus of the ex-Spectre upon his position, the live reinstated one returning a look of some grim seriousness upon the height of it. This is something to my understanding can be seen and understood as a look of resentment or contempt upon a former villain that sought to preoccupy the galaxy at large with a grave predicament regardless of whatever noble intentions were first had of the turian in regards to the lives throughout. I certainly received it as such; my Shepard never really hated Saren. He was a Christian, a follower of Christ first and foremost even while a soldier having experience with death and grim temporal undertones of the world. It was an essential foundation for being able to withstand the weighty endurance of the mission of 2183 to stop Saren and the geth at his command, with the accompaniment of various assignments offering insight into the desperation and struggles of the galactic community. The moderate scowl cast on the statue was the outward expression of his thought in consideration of the purposes of having such one made in the image of the rogue agent. My Shepard considered the potential for the golden figure’s suggestion for idolatry and material obsession, things which particularly the former is condemned in Scripture, the [Christian] Bible in which is referenced by Legion itself, a biblically inspired figure by name. Whatever the God of the Bible would be disapproving of, the resurrected Spectre would share the sentiment of it, and therefore express the aversion to a possibility of excessive admiration derived from a frivolous investment into such a procurement, the image of a dead person with an emphasis on the material luster. Something to divert attention from the One who authored life and the creation of diverse, non-human persons possessing human interconnectedness, the power there is in belief towards such glorification, a contrary object of gold that would rather inflate the already criminal and financial elite into further obsession of wealth and possession. Instead of being any form of resentment for the Spectre of yesteryear, I have my Shepard consider instead the dubious purposes of merchandising dead men with the freedom of thought I can instill within my own Shepard, making for one great, interestingly distinct connection established with a game character.

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  • I wonder..

    Did I give the universe enough time to put someone in my path that would make me feel as loved as you do?

    It’s not that I want anyone else or that I don’t want to be with you. 

    But the part of me that was never able to commit after you cannot help but doubt that you really are the only person that can make me feel this loved.

    Is it wrong to wonder how unique your love really is?

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    “Her big heart is a mansion,

    a place with many rooms that was meant to be


    breathtaking architecture with a pool that you

    could’ve washed away your doubts in,

    a kitchen where you could’ve put together the

    perfect recipe of love,

    a bedroom where your naked soul could’ve

    found rest,

    a home perfect for your heart to stretch out its

    legs and run free.

    Why did you choose to be homeless?”

    Ashes of Her Love by Pierre Alex Jeanty

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  • A volte vedere “qualcosa di sbagliato”, laddove non c’è, non esiste, ed è solo frutto di pensieri pessimi, è da paranoici.

    Ammetto che lo faccio, ma quando vedo qualcosa che non mi piace, qualcosa che si ripete o che mi fa pensare esattamente quello in una determinata situazione.

    Forse perchè ci si tiene, dispiace e quindi c’è sempre la paura di rimanerci male…

    Beh se c’è una cosa che ho imparato in questi mesi, è che se anche il pensiero rimane, dopo un po’ svanisce tutto e diventa semplice viverla con meno pensieri

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  • Lost inside.

    #i dont like my mind right now #thoughgs #its dark inside #dark#mind
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  • I have learned, during these past few years, that a small misstep can lead to an unraveling, in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes. Wisdom or mental strength is not what is lacking when this happens. To acknowledge that it is not a failure does not mitigate the grief. The difficult moment is not when one gives up—giving up, in fact, brings certainty; relief and peace, too—but afterward, when the same pattern repeats itself. Why, one asks again and again and again.”

    ~ Yiyun Li, Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life (Random House, February 21st 2017) 

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