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  • clownmasteraz
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Angelique was just enjoying a day on the beach.

    Allow yourself to sink comfortably down.

    Wriggle your toes and fingers, and let them slow right down.

    Take a slow, deep breath, and allow those eyes to close.

    Calm. Peaceful. Content.

    Take another slow, deep breath, and begin to imagine.

    Your toes… curling into warm sand.

    Get a sense of what that’s like when you’re feeling those tiny grains of sand pouring between your toes.

    Scrunching underfoot.

    Soft and warm.

    The sun’s streaming down.

    It’s a beautiful day.

    Fluffy, wispy white clouds drift lazily through the azure blue sky.

    And the crystal clear blue ocean gently laps onto the golden sands.

    You take a step forward, and feel the gentle ocean breeze on your cheek.

    So calm and peaceful.

    As your foot sinks into the sand, you look down and notice the individual grains falling around that foot.

    All the way down.

    A little way ahead you can see palm trees near an old stone wharf.

    And those crystal clear light blue ocean waters stretch out into the distance.

    You walk along the beach towards the palm trees.

    And the old stone wharf.

    There’s no-one around.

    It’s peaceful.

    And as you’re looking at those trees, you can pay attention to all the colors.

    So many different shades of green.

    And yellow.

    Some leaves are almost iridescent in the brilliant sunlight.

    Waving in the gentle breeze.

    You take a slow, deep breath and taste the salt on the air.

    So calm.

    So peaceful.

    As you walk slowly along the sand, you hear the sounds of the water washing in.

    And the leaves rustling in that gentle breeze.

    You’re getting much closer now.

    The details of that wharf are becoming clear.

    It’s ancient.

    And there are so many shades in those ancient stones.

    Solid. Forever.

    Built to last.

    You arrive at the wharf and pause for a moment.

    Your hand reaches out and touches the stone, warm in the sun.

    You run your hand along the ancient stone and feel all the textures.

    Sometimes smooth. Sometimes rough.

    Some sand falls away from the ancient stone at your touch.

    You watch it trickle down from the wharf, joining the rest of the sand on the beach.

    And leading away from the wharf, there’s a pathway laid in stone across the beach.

    Into the forest.

    You walk to the edge of the forest by the palm trees.

    Your hand reaches out and touches that palm tree.

    It’s bark is coarse to your touch.

    You feel the energy flowing through that tree.

    It feels good.

    And underneath that palm tree, there’s a patch of long grass.

    Soft and green.

    It looks like the perfect place to lie down.

    So does the soft sand of the beach.

    You look at the grass and notice that there’s so many shades of green in every leaf.

    Infinite variety.

    You lie down in the grass and look closely at that leaf.

    It’s almost glowing in the sunlight.

    And as you’re paying attention, you can begin to notice there’s so many colors here too.

    The grass is cool to your touch.

    As you sink down further.

    Calm. Comfortable. Peaceful.

    You could easily fall asleep hear.

    There’s the sound of the ocean lapping against the beach.

    And the leaves rustling in the breeze.

    And the sun on your face.

    And the taste of salt on the air.

    So relaxing.

    So peaceful.

    As you find yourself drifting further down.

    Sinking away.

    It feels good.

    And as you’re experiencing all of that, I’d like for you to notice that you’re really quite relaxed.

    Scan through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

    And notice that relaxation growing from the inside.

    Stronger and stronger.

    So relaxed.

    So peaceful.

    Nothing can bother you.

    Nothing can disturb you.

    As you’re relaxing more and more fully now.

    Feel that relaxation spreading throughout you.

    And allow that relaxation to saturate your body.

    And your mind.



    Content. Obedient Mindless Blissful Empty Mind

    There’s nothing to do. Nothing to think

    Nothing to see. Nothing to do.

    Nothing to hear. But the sound of my voice in your head

    As you’re relaxing even more completely now.

    Take a moment and reach out to the rest of your day in your imagination.

    See yourself through that day, noticing how easy it is to be fully relaxed now.

    And any time anything happens throughout your days where it seems like you might feel stressed.

    All you have to do is take a slow, deep breath, and feel that relaxation filling you completely now.


    It’s so easy to relax. No more…thoughts… …Feel yourself sink deeper into trance staring deeply into my eyes. Feel my eyes hypnotize you… …my words…hypnotize you… Your mind is slowly going blank. Falling into a deep hypnotic trance. You cannot resist… You…cannot…resist… sink deeper and deeper. Your will is slipping away… Your will is slipping away. …feels…so good…” Powerless to resist. Wanting only to go deeper. You want to go deeper…” Your mind drifting down slowly. Remember how good it feels to go into trance.

    you’ll find that you can quickly and easily relax any time you’d like now. Or when someone you trust uses the phrase, "Clown Mind Activate" and it will bring you back to this state of mindless bliss and obedience Where you have no resistance. You have no will But you are free to obey everything you are instructed to do.

    And it feels good knowing that, doesn’t it.

    Every time anything happens that might have led you to feel anything but relaxed, all you have to do is take that slow, deep breath, automatically now, and feel relaxed in exactly the right way.

    See yourself stepping up to each thing that might cause you to feel anything but relaxed.

    Allow that slow, deep breath to happen automatically.

    And relax.

    So easy now.

    Relaxing automatically, whenever you want to.

    It feels good knowing that.

    One more time, in your mind’s eye, step through the rest of the day, and notice yourself relaxing automatically every time something happens that might have caused you stress.

    And relax.

    It’s automatic now.

    So that you can be exactly as relaxed as you’d like to be.

    You look up at the palm trees above you.

    So many colors, swaying gently in the salty breeze.

    You stand, and step onto the stone pathway.

    Feeling the sun on your skin and the gentle breeze on your face.

    You walk to the wharf, touch the ancient stone, and feel relaxed.




    You say goodbye for now, and curl your toes into the sand as you walk back down the beach.

    The waves are still rolling in.

    Crystal clear waters.

    Bright blue sky.

    Feeling relaxed, calm and content.

    You walk along the beach more quickly.

    Heading home.

    Until you find the spot where you arrived.

    And step outside of that.

    You take a slow, deep breath, and look around one last time. WAKE UP thanks to maxtrance.com (modified induction)

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  • kelvinmccray
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago
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  • deathdrips
    15.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    is roc royal still in jail

    #it’s a missing mindless behavior kinda night
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  • harryxanthony
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #anonymous #i went hard for mindless behavior #i was team mindless all day #some of y'all probably don't know who they are huh?
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  • cuntyko
    30.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • consciousdipsomaniac
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    How you do anything is how you do everything.

    Be careful what you say, words are sticky.

    Finish the small tasks first, they help you finish the big ones.

    You have to be the hero in your own life. Nobody’s going to do it for you.

    Follow your actions with a, “Why did I do that?”

    All you have is your own mind.

    #sayings#life #you can do anything #anything at all #think#brain#use it#worldwide#philosophy#be careful#wisdom words #being a hero #why why why #mindless behavior
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  • adelaidegarden
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Predictably unusual

    When he called me, it was 2 AM where he lives. That was unusual: he's usually a very serious man, he wakes up early, works out, meditates, and heads to his high paying boring job.

    I'm pretty sure he was drunk.

    He was angry and desperate. He really likes me, and the last time he wanted to give me some very inaccurate "business advice", I called him a bitch.

    He got angry and promised himself he wouldn't call me ever again.

    But... here we are.

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  • hailey2013
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • tremendousdreamergonebroke
    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Im tryna kill my ego cause this bitch need to transform already like giddy up Sadie I got shit to do today

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  • godmia
    15.04.2021 - 2 monts ago
    Today on ‘ Things That Are Throughly Accurate & Spot On ‘
    #— * • . [ ‘ misc. ‘ ] #misc. #— * • .​ [ about mia. ] #timeandplace. #— * • . [ ‘ time & place ‘ imagines ]
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  • skepticalkoi-catastrophe
    10.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    It still kills me that my 'boy band' experience started with Mindless Behavior, then Big Time Rush, and is now stranded in Kpop

    #kpop multifandom#btr #big time rush #mindless behavior#boy band#imagine that #started from the bottom now we here
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  • godmia
    05.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I’m honestly mad bored so like here’s a story time about how I got my ipod touch , my computer privileges taken away & my ass beat when I was younger for writing smut & stories in my notebooks / journals . . You can read this story or not. I simply want to make this a space where I’m just one hundred percent me and transparent about it so—

    Let’s take it back. Waaay back before I even knew of writing websites or platforms and outlets to put my work on. Since I was younger I’ve always had a deep love for writing stories and telling stories. Especially in elementary school. I’ve always loved English Class & writing from writing prompts and as I got older my passion for that became more prominent and it wasn’t long before I was low-key just living in my head creating stories , and scenarios all the time. I had no idea what a Wattpad was or any writing websites as a matter of fact because when I would use the internet I would use it to play games , watch videos and roleplay. Roleplaying and writing go hand in hand of course but I was writing before I was roleplaying on here.

    Chile , the year was 2013 and I was a Mindless Behavior aficionado. One thing that’s remained adamant and consistent throughout my life is the fact that I’ve always been a fan of music and musicians and around that time Mindless Behavior was my niggas. Like those was my BOYS. Specifically Princeton because he had pretty hair and I just liked him the best out of all of the MB Boys. I remember being out and spotting this red notebook while I was at the store with my aunt. I begged her to get it and she got it for me because I used to collect journals back then and treat them like diaries where I would write down my thoughts , goals and other stuff so me getting the journal was nothing different or unusual.

    But — it was only when I got this red notebook that I started writing fanfiction in it. At the time I didn’t know what I was doing was called fanfiction or had a name. I just thought it was me writing short stories about Princeton. Whatever whatever. I started writing these short stories about Princeton . . writing smut in it. I learned about erotica and smut through roleplaying so I started incorporating it into my writing and one day while I was at school . . I guess my aunt found the notebook. .

    I forgot how it went but I remember coming home from school and going up to my bedroom. I was in my room looking for my notebook but I couldn’t find it. . My auntie ass had it to my dismay so of course I wasn’t going to find it [ duhh stupid bitch ] as I had gotten settled in and changed from my school clothes to my pajamas my aunt called my name to come downstairs.

    MIND YOU I had no idea that she had my notebook , had been in my room or was going to check behind what I had been doing on the computer. Anyways I think nothing of it and I go down stairs . . where is she is sitting on the couch with my notebook in her lap , a belt and printed out screenshots of my roleplaying history.

    🥲 She had me read what I was saying in my notebook out loud. All of the cringe ass smut — the dialogue and everything. She also showed me my roleplay screenshots and then proceeded to whoop my ass. She took my ipod touch I was using to get on Tumblr , and I couldn’t use the computer for like 3 weeks.

    😭 And I just wanna say that essentially since then I haven’t written a DAMN THING pertaining to stories or erotica on paper anymore. I write on my computer from now on and now that I’m grown there’s nobody checking that. I even still have my notebook. I was just telling my bestie about it today. The growth in my work as a writer . . I’m just. . I just gotta be thankful for it. I don’t even write in first person anymore because I hate it. And my handwriting has gotten a lot better too. I’ll probably burn this notebook.

    I hate it. Respectfully.

    #— * • . [ ‘ murda she wrote. ‘ ] #velirants. #talkyoshitmia. #— * • .​ [ about mia. ] #mindless behavior
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  • theardentlover
    05.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Excuse my behaviour..

    Sometimes I felt like I lost myself.

    I'm just finding my way back.

    God ease my heart.

    Heal me.


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  • crazymp3
    01.04.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #mindless behavior#diggy simmons #s: mrs. right #a: number 1 girl #audio
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