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    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [📢] KINGDOM : NO LIMIT Round Evaluation Details


    * Global Vote:

    MAY 27(10PM KST) - MAY 30(11:59PM KST)


    * Video Evaluation

    Ep.8: MAY 20(10PM KST) - MAY 23(11:59PM KST)

    Ep.9: MAY 27(10PM KST) - MAY 30(11:59PM KST)

    * Global Voting (Whosfan App)

    So keep on creating new accounts and follow ATEEZ

    Must vote for the best 2 teams

    Prioritize voting for ATEEZ

    * Video views evaluation will last for the first 3 days

    Let's get ready to vote and stream


    #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #エイティーズ

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    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sorry I can’t hang out, my schedule is packed

    #wooyoung #is the physical representation of love #he deserves the world 😭😭 #ateez#jung wooyoung#park seonghwa#choi san#jeong yunho#kang yeosang#choi jongho#kim hongjoong#song mingi#kpop#atz#kpop bg #inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest #atiny
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    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    [210518] Instagram - @/1stlookofficial

    🔗 https://www.instagram.com/p/CPAcALrjF5_/?utm_medium=copy_link


    @ATEEZofficial #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #エイティーズ

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  • serialee
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    If anyone has any soft mingi pics - please send some to me!

    i need soft mingi / bf mingi for a fic header! :D

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  • lovesanmotion
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Long Journey - Park Seonghwa

    💌 This is: Requested

    summary: in which ceo!seonghwa doesn't want to end the day and gives you half of the department's paperwork due within the day

    Long before you came into the company building, Seonghwa had most of the women throwing themselves at him. But he rejected their advances one by one much to the women's displeasure, causing a rumour of him being attracted to men instead flying around department per department. But Seonghwa didn't any mind to it, he was devoted to his job and loved how his fingers would smoothly glide from key to key of his keyboard. The aroma of his iced americano wafting aroung his office and the afternoon sun slipping into his windows when its almost sun down.

    And because of his hardwork, Seonghwa started from the Sales Department agent to becoming Manager to General Manager to Director of Administration to VP of Administration and finally the brand new CEO of the company.

    Then came the spring season and the company needed new faces to fill up certain blank posts in the company. Once he gathered and resumes of at least thirty participants, he handed them to his secretary. And the following day, Seonghwa came to work absolutely struck by you. Even though your skills were only above average, he told his secretary to accept you and land you a position in the closest department to his office. Out of the thirty applicants that applied, only five were hired. Including you.

    And every morning before Seonghwa heads to his office, he always makes sure that he passes by your department's window to get a glimpse of you. His heart would always jump at the sight of you and a smile would instantly paint his lips.

    He felt like a high school boy again for acting this way. And since he is the CEO of the company, he has eyes everywhere. And when he learns that you always drop by the cafe, he would have your set menu ordered and paid before you could even drop by during your break time. Telling the person behind the cashier not to mention who ordered it for you. He watched as you made your way to the top of the company just like him. He was impressed that you are slowly learning and using your knew found knowledge to help you get to the top.

    What Seonghwa hated the most is end of shifts. It just means that he won't be able to get to see you and have to wait until the following day or when the weekend passes him by. When Monday morning finally came, Seonghwa basically took every workload that his secretary have and specifically gave them to you. To be handed the following day.

    He knew it was too much to ask for you, but he really wanted to spend more time with you. He just didn't know what to say. If loving was like working, he'd know how to push and manage the buttons. But it isn't. And so every hour, you had to drop by Seonghwa's office to hand out the envelopes filled with papers. But as the end of shift hour slowly starts to come up, you were still in the half portion of what needed to be done. Once the clock strikes 10:00pm, you heaved a sigh and walked towards the door to his office.

    "Come in" he spoke, slowly turning the golden knob, you stepped in.

    "Are you finished with the remaining?" He asks, a small smile wainted on his lips. Heaving a deep sigh, you shook your head.

    "Tragic. And I was beginning to think you're the person for the job." He drawls.

    "What you gave me is a week's worth of workload!" You fumed at the front of his desk. "And I'm tired" you said, dropping your shoulders.

    "You can't be tired now. What about the rest-" But Seonghwa didn't get the chance to continue to finish what he said.

    "Then I quit." You spoke, bowing your head and then walking out of his office. But a few steps away from the door, Seonghwa wrapped his arms around your frame tightly, pushing your back to his chest.

    "Stay." He whispered. Bright red tint splotched across your cheeks. "I handed you those just so I can spend time with you. I guess I won't be needing to hide it anymore." He says.

    "Seven" you mumbled under your breath.

    "What was that?"

    "I handed you seven envelopes today. You owe me seven dates."

    (gif is not mine! credits to the rightful owner!)

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  • hwaseongsbabie
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Famous (Chapter Twelve)

    Warnings/Genres: fluff, crack, angst. Sexual content, mentions some gore, throwing up again. I think that's all.

    Word Count: 5.3k

    Previous Chapter


    Taglist: @ahgasearmyfan @yeosangmystar


    When I get back into my car, I call Hongjoong, who answers almost immediately. “I’m done with the interview, and since I am in town, is there anything you boys want for dinner?” I ask. “Yeah, we know, we watched it live,” he chuckles, “and let me ask real quick.” I give him a few minutes to talk to the others, and I shake my head, unsure of what to think of them watching it live. “I think we are fine with whatever, and I mean, if you just want to cook or something, that’s ok as well,” he answers.

    “Are you hinting at wanting a home-cooked meal?” I chuckle. “Maybe,” he giggles. “Well, I can make Italian food again. I know how to make Chicken Alfredo,” I offer. “Hold on a second,” he responds. I start the car as I wait, idling in the parking lot until he tells me the plan. “Sorry, I had to look it up and explain what it was to the others. Of course, you know Yeosang was all over it, and everyone else seems positive about it, so let’s go with that choice.”

    “Ok,” I laugh. “If none of you need anything, I’ll be on my way home.” After a few minutes, Hongjoong responds with, “We are all good. Just head on home.” I put the car in drive and start towards home. “Ok, well, I will be there in about ten minutes. I’ll see you guys then,” I say. “Alright, drive safe.” I hang up my phone and turn up my music, which started playing randomly and scared the shit out of me.

    I arrive home in precisely ten minutes, like I said, which surprised me. I leave my car in the garage and make my way into the living room. “Is San still asleep?” I ask, a little concerned. “I assume so since he hasn’t made even a noise since you left,” Seonghwa answers. “Ah, I’m going to go wake him up, then I will cook. Plus, I need to clean all of this gunk off,” I frown as I wipe my face.

    When I walk into my room, San is just lying there, staring up at the ceiling. “You ok, babe?” I ask, walking towards the bed. “Hey, Princess,” he smiles, turning towards me. “Oh, you’re all dressed up.” “I had an interview,” I chuckle, climbing in bed next to him. “Something on your mind?” He looks over at me and smiles. “Just thinking about how good I feel,” he laughs at the end of his sentence.

    “I’m glad you feel good,” I smile, resting my hand on his bare chest. “It’s because of you,” he flips over to lay on his side. “Come here,” he says, extending out his arms. I happily oblige, laying my face against his chest as he wraps his arms around me. I lay in his embrace for a few minutes before breaking the silence. “I love doing this.”

    “I do too,” San agrees, his heartbeat increasing slightly. “Getting nervous?” I pick on him. “No, I was just thinking of how much I want to kiss you,” he answers smoothly. “Well, be my guest. My lips are all yours,” I smile, pulling my face back from his chest. He lowers his face to mine, pausing when he is only a breath away. “Good,” he whispers before connecting our lips, kissing me passionately.

    After a few seconds, he pulls back. “I should clean my face and go cook dinner, and I am sure you could use a shower,” I say. “Yeah, I guess I should do that,” he nods. “Ok,” I nod, getting off the bed and entering my bathroom. As I am washing my face, San gets in the shower. “Have you ever eaten chicken alfredo?” I ask him. “No, I don’t think so. Is that what you are making for dinner?” he asks. “Yeah,” I nod. “Well, I am sure it will taste fantastic,” he smiles. I laugh at him as I dry my face. Seeing him naked like this doesn’t bother me as much as I would have assumed it would.

    I leave the bathroom right after and head to the kitchen, beginning to make dinner. “Do you need any help?” Seonghwa asks, joining me. “Oh, that’d be great, actually,” I smile. We begin to prepare dinner together, talking and joking as we go along. “Wait, the sauce is white?” Seonghwa asks, seeming surprised. “Yes,” I laugh. I know his mind is in the gutter when I look over and see him covering his mouth with his hand.

    “You’re not a messy eater, are you?” he asks, the hint of laughter still clouding his voice. “Don’t be dirty,” I chuckle. “I literally can’t help it. I’m sorry,” he lets out his laughter. “Plus, it shouldn’t be THAT white, I assume. I mean Sa-” I stop myself from finishing that, speaking off impulse. “Please don’t finish that,” Seonghwa frowns, turning his face away and gagging. “I won’t,” I laugh.

    “I made sure to finish it as soon as I got the chance,” I add, trying my hardest not to burst into laughter. Seonghwa covers his mouth again, but this time, not to hide a smile. He rushes over to the trash can and vomits, just like yesterday. “Oh my God, Seonghwa,” I laugh, even though I shouldn’t. “What the hell?” Hongjoong asks, turning around to look at what’s going on just in time to watch Seonghwa throw up again. “Don’t worry about it,” I laugh, almost doubled over by now.

    “No matter how cute you are, you disgust me. Dear God,” Seonghwa says as he lays across the floor. “Who’s cute?” San asks, walking in and hovering next to Seonghwa, who looks up and gets right back to the trash can. “Damn, sorry that I make you sick,” San sighs. “No, not really you, specifically. He was acting dirty, and I took it too far, and now he is throwing up again.” “What were you guys talking about?” he asks, ignoring that we now have everyone’s attention.

    “The white sauce, and then your-” I try to explain, but Seonghwa cuts me off with a gag. “Yeah, so, I guess he thought about it too hard and made himself sick,” I nod. “Uh, babe, I think you’re burning something,” San spins me around to look at the stove. “Oh, right,” I shake all other thoughts from my head and go back to cooking, taking over Seonghwa’s part now as well. “You know, I thought Wooyoung was the gagger,” I pick on Seonghwa.

    “In all honesty, he is, but I think I am coming down with something,” Seonghwa says as he stands back up and leans against the counter. “Explain any symptoms you’re having,” I offer, hoping to put my knowledge of modern medicine to use for once. “Well, nausea, headache, I feel weak, I’ve also been getting dizzy a lot. And even though I already sweat a lot, I feel like it’s gotten worse lately,” he says.

    “Sannie?” I ask. “Mhm?” he hums. “Will you get my thermometer out of my bathroom? It’s in the drawer next to my sink.” He nods before hurrying off. “I clean it after I use it, don’t worry,” I laugh. “I’m not,” Seonghwa shakes his head. “Have you felt more tired or sore than usual?” I ask, thinking of more questions. “A lot more tired, but not really as much of the sore part. I mean, I haven’t been doing the dancing and stuff that we usually do since I’ve been here.”

    San returns with the thermometer, and I put it under Seonghwa’s tongue, ignoring his puke breath. I go back to cooking until I hear the beeping of the thermometer. I pull it out of his mouth and look at it. “You guys go back to Korea tomorrow, don’t you?” I ask. “Yeah,” Hongjoong nods. “Can you, like, talk to your managers or whatever about getting him to a doctor. He should go before he leaves, but I understand if they won’t allow that. He has a fever, so I am thinking he might be getting a stomach virus.”

    “Yeah, I’ll message them,” he says. “Ok, Hwa. Just take it easy and drink lots of water,” I smile. “If you need nausea medicine, let me know. I hate taking medicine myself, but sometimes you have to do things you don’t like,” I sigh. “Actually, that sounds great,” he nods. “Ok, San, can you take over cooking? Just make sure that nothing gets burnt for like three minutes, maximum,” I chuckle.

    “I can try,” he shrugs. I leave and get the medicine for Seonghwa, debating on cleaning everything that he has touched. “Who have you been sleeping with?” I ask as I hand him the medicine. “Hongjoong and I have been rooming together,” he answers. “Joongie, do you feel ok?” I ask. “I feel great,” he replies. “Ok, good. But just to be sure, Hongjoong should room somewhere else for the night. Is there anyone that isn’t rooming with someone else?”

    “I’ve been on my own. He can room with me,” Jongho says. “Well, there you go,” I nod. I take back over dinner, finishing it up. When I get Seonghwa alone, I whisper to him, “Sorry for the awkward question, but have you had diarrhea?” “It’s normal for us to talk about that stuff, and I mean, a little, but not really.” I nod my head, almost sure that it’s just a stomach bug.

    “Ok, it’s done.” I turn off the heat and gather dishes to use. Everyone makes their plate, and we sit in the living room as we eat, something I do all of the time. “Is there any left?” Sammy asks when she finally comes home. “Bold of you to show up,” I laugh. “There should be plenty left. I made more than I usually do since the boys are here. Oh, and stay away from Hwa since you’re pregnant. He’s sick.”

    “Alright,” she nods, heading into the kitchen. She sits in my chair, which is the farthest away from Seonghwa she could get. “Tastes better than usual,” she says after eating half of her food in three minutes. “Well, that’s probably because Seonghwa helped,” I laugh. “Wait, so he is sick, and you let him help you cook dinner?” She asks, causing Wooyoung to stop eating to look up at me with a mouthful of food.

    “He just boiled the noodles, that’s all. Don’t worry,” I laugh at Wooyoung’s face. I can see the relief wash over him as he goes back to eating. “It was delicious. I think I may have to start going to Italian restaurants when I go out to eat,” Yeosang says. “Oh, I wouldn’t advise that,” I shake my head. “Most people, unless you are in Italy, don’t know how to cook it right.” Yeosang sighs. “Then I guess you are just going to have to cook for me when we are around each other. Well, maybe not all of the time. I don’t want to work out any more than I do already, to keep my weight down.”

    “Well, I’ll be sure to cook for you sometimes, then. Plus, I know how to cook more than just Italian food.” I take Sammy’s plate with mine and put them in the sink. “I’ll do the dishes tonight,” she offers. “That would be really nice of you,” I smile, glad that I won’t have to do them. When I go back into the living room, I lay across the ground instead of sitting on the couch. “Want a pillow?” Hongjoong calls out.

    “Yeah,” I nod, turning to him. He tosses the pillow to me, and I actually catch it, something that shocks both Sam and I. “I’m surprised you caught that,” she laughs. “Leave me alone,” I pout. When San is done with his food and back on the couch, I throw the pillow at him, catching him off guard and hitting him in the face. “Hey!” he frowns, grabbing the pillow from next to him. I hear Yunho laugh softly along with Wooyoung and Mingi.

    “What are you going to do about it?” I challenge him. He tosses the pillow back at me, but I catch it again. “Damn, two in a row,” Sam exclaims. “Do I sense a pillow fight?” Yunho smiles. “Hmm, I like that idea,” I consider. “But maybe when everyone is finished eating, so we don’t make a mess.” I look over to Hongjoong as he stuffs more food in his mouth, Jongho doing the same.

    “I think that’s the most Hongjoong has eaten in a long time,” Yeosang laughs. Hongjoong mumbles something that no one can understand, his mouth too full. “Just don’t try to talk,” Yeosang shakes his head. Hongjoong shrugs, ignoring us as we continue to make fun of him. I turn my attention back to the movie playing as everyone finishes eating. As Sam leaves to wash dishes, I hear whispering from behind me, which I choose to ignore.

    I realize it was a bad decision when a pillow smacks across the back of my head. I scowl as I turn to look at the men, cutting up. “Who did it?” I whisper to Seonghwa. “Who do you think did it?” he chuckles, turning to look at San before meeting my eyes again. “I thought so,” I whisper. I give one of the pillows to Seonghwa before taking the other over to San, smacking him across the face with it.

    He wrestles me for the pillow, finally managing to get it from me and hitting me with it. When Wooyoung laughs, I grab a different pillow and throw it at him. As chaos erupts in the living room, Sammy observes from the kitchen sink, rinsing the dishes and transferring them to the dishwasher. The boys hit each other around San and me as we engage in our own play fight, wrestling on the couch.

    I grab the pillow and pull on it as hard as I can as I use my legs to push on San’s stomach, trying to get away with the pillow. Wooyoung sees and hits San on the back of his head with a pillow, making him let go. I take the pillow and begin to run away. I don’t get very far before San tackles me to the ground, landing on my back. I manage to flip myself over to where I am positioned under him, making me blush.

    “You like this positioning, don’t you?” San whispers. Not sure of what to respond with, I clear my throat, pushing him off me. He shakes his head, and he picks me up, tossing me down on the couch. As soon as he goes to hover over me, I pounce on him, knocking him back on the sofa. His eyes widen in shock, showing that he wasn’t expecting me to take control.

    I position myself over his hips, giving myself the perfect vantage point for tickling him. My hands work under his shirt, grabbing his sides and tickling him. He grabs at my hands as he howls with laughter, doing everything in his power to stop me. After a minute, he succeeds, rolling us both off the couch. I shriek in surprise before the wind is knocked out of me on impact with the floor mixed with San’s body colliding with mine.

    He takes his chance to tickle me back, throwing me into a fit of laughter and wiggling as I struggle to get him off me. Both of us are too entertained to notice that everyone has gone back to their previous positions, also engaged themselves. “You asshole,” I give up on fighting him, attacking his sides. He struggles just enough for me to retake control, rolling on top of him.

    I lean forward, and my hips roll against his, something that causes both of us to stop and look at each other. I look up and make eye contact with Seonghwa, whose eyes are more expansive than usual. I clear my throat before climbing off San. “So, do you guys want to watch a movie?” I grab the remote and lay on an empty part of the couch, stretching out. Wooyoung coughs before nodding.

    “I’m in the mood for a horror movie, so you babies are just going to have to get over it,” I say as I scroll through Amazon Prime. I find one that has just come out and rent it, remembering the teasers I saw. San sits next to where I have my head resting as I start the movie. As the opening credits roll across the screen, I make him reposition himself where I was lying so I can lay on top of him.

    He props his upper half up with a pillow, and I adjust to that, sitting on his lap and laying back, putting my head on his left shoulder. “Scoot up some,” he whispers into my ear. “Why?” I ask. “Just do it,” he chuckles. Hesitantly, I scoot my hips back to his, our heads now on the same level. Sam turns off the lights and gets back in my egg chair right as the opening scene begins. San wraps his arms around my body, letting his hands rest on my lower stomach.

    The movie draws everyone in immediately, all of us quietening down and focusing in, which tends to be a bad idea when watching a horror film. Only fifteen minutes in, we run into our first jump scare, Wooyoung screaming loudly. San jumps underneath me, causing me to laugh at him. “Oh come on, it wasn’t even that good of a jump scare.” “Leave me alone,” he chuckles. I flip over, letting my head rest on his chest at an angle that still allows me to see the TV.

    He pulls up my shirt and runs his fingers across my back, threatening to lure me to sleep. Suddenly, I begin to feel discomfort in my stomach, causing me to turn around and sit up. "Are you ok, baby girl?" San whispers, seeming concerned as he takes his hand off my back. The discomfort gets worse, turning into a sharp pain, almost causing me to throw up. Without any warning, I leave the living room and rush off to the bathroom.

    I make it to the toilet just in time, not making a mess as I throw up. I groan internally, assuming I caught whatever Seonghwa has since we were so close yesterday. San must have been concerned and followed me, walking into the bathroom just as I hurl again. He rushes over and grabs my hair, holding it back. "Well, I guess you have what Seonghwa has." I shrug my shoulders, not having the strength to say anything at the moment.

    We spend about fifteen more minutes in the same position before I finally stop throwing up long enough to take some medicine and drink water. "I think, maybe, I'm just about to start my period," I say into San's chest as he holds me to him, leaning against the counter. "You'll be ok," San whispers, kissing my forehead. "I think I can go back now," I say; my stomach calmed down to only a small amount of pain and nausea.

    "You don't have to push yourself, Andi. If you want to just head on to bed, you can," San says as he runs his fingers through my hair. I look up to him with puppy eyes, pouting like a child. "But I want to go back with everyone else and finish the movie," I whisper. "I wasn't saying that you couldn't go back in there, baby," he chuckles, "I am just saying that if you don't feel like doing anything but going to bed, no one will be mad at you." He presses his lips against my forehead, letting them linger for a second before removing them.

    I squeeze him tighter into me, breathing in his scent and absorbing his warmth. "Thank you," I whisper, muffled by his chest. "For what, baby girl?" He rubs the small of my back. "For being here for me and making me feel loved," I answer. "I'll always be here for you, Princess. I love you as a friend, and my love is only growing deeper for you. As your boyfriend, your companion, I will never deprive you of anything, especially attention and the love you deserve. You mean the world to me, and I am always going to make sure you know that."

    I feel happiness wash over me, my heart rate speeding up as I take in his words. "I can't hug you tight enough," I whine. "Come here, then," he says, sliding his hands to grip the back of my thighs. I immediately understand what he wants, hopping up into his arms and moving mine around his neck. "I haven't brushed my teeth," I sigh, rolling my chin to rest on his shoulder as he holds me. I squeeze my legs around him, holding him as tight as I can. He keeps me just as close for a few minutes before I climb down and brush my teeth.

    "Now, kiss me," San smiles, his arm snaking around my waist as I turn around. "Pick me back up," I smile, lifting my arms like a child. He chuckles at me before picking me up, my legs squeezing him to me once more. I stare into his eyes, admiring how gorgeous he is and how intense his gaze stares into mine. "You're so gorgeous," I whisper. He rolls his eyes with a bright smile. "Just kiss me." I give him what he wants, kissing him like it's the last time I could get the chance.

    “Thank you,” he whispers breathlessly when he pulls back. “No, thank you,” I shake my head, grabbing his cheek with a free hand and squishing it. “For everything.” San lowers his eyes in thought. “People only say that when they are saying goodbye,” he explains. “No, I say thank you a lot. And right now, I just have way too much to thank you for,” I assure him. “But let’s go back and finish the movie.”

    “Ok,” San smiles before kissing me again. I drop down from his hips, and we walk into the living room together. “Is everything ok?” Hongjoong asks as we lay in our previous positions on the couch. “I assume Andi caught whatever Seonghwa has,” San chuckles. “Damn, I’m sorry, Andi,” Seonghwa sighs, the disappointment shadowing his face. “Well, I am supposed to start my period tomorrow, so that could be why. Don’t worry, I get sick a lot when I am on my period,” I shake my head.

    “Wait, you’re supposed to start your period tomorrow?” San asks, earning a few laughs from around the room, the dread in his voice a little too obvious. “Yeah, I told you that when we were in the bathroom,” I nod. “Oh, I guess I was zoned out, then,” he sighs. “Anyway, my periods only last about 4 days, but they are cumbersome. They never really caused any cramps before, but with what we did the other day when you were drunk, I know it will be bad.” San rubs my stomach, a smirk forming on his face. “I could always take that away for nine months,” he challenges, obviously joking. “Yeah, sure. That’s exactly what we need,” I laugh.

    “I will let you practice taking it away, but I’m not going to let you go all the way yet. Not for a long time.” San sighs, making me realize how bad he wants to be a father. “You’ll become a dad one day, San. Don’t worry too much.” He stays silent, not focused on the movie, but seeming to be in deep thought. “Did you watch my interview from earlier today?” I ask. “No. Should I watch it?” he responds, slightly shocking me.

    “Yeah, I think you should. I mentioned a few things that I probably shouldn’t have said as much about,” I admit. “What do you mean? You didn’t tell anyone, did you?” He asks, starting to freak out. “No, baby. I didn’t tell anyone, don’t worry. I just gave a little insight about some things,” I assure him. “Ok, I can watch it after this movie is over,” he agrees. “Did you have something on your mind?” I ask, curious.

    “Just thinking about the future, that’s all. Don’t worry about it.” He kisses my temple before relaxing back and focusing on the movie. I sigh softly before getting over myself and tuning into the film as well. “Oh, come on, that’s so unrealistic,” I complain as blood squirts out of the neck of a decapitated body like a water hose. “I’ve seen movies better than this from the 1900s.” Wooyoung looks towards me like I am insane as he shies away from the movie in disgust.

    “Wooyoung, honey, I love you, but you’re the biggest baby I have ever met,” I laugh. I hear Yunho chuckle along as he stares at the movie like I do, seeing it as a poorly edited comedy posing as a horror movie. “Hey, I’m going to go to the bathroom,” San says as he pats my thigh and begins to sit up. “Ok, babe,” I scoot off his lap, letting him get up and leave. I move over to sit next to Seonghwa just in case I’m sick.

    “Hey,” he smiles as he wraps his arm around my shoulders. “Hey.” I smile back at him. “No fair,” Jongho pouts. “I might be sick, Jongho, so I figured sitting with Seonghwa would be safer,” I explain, chuckling at how jealous the men get. “I don’t care! He got you yesterday,” Jongho frowns at Seonghwa. “Hey! I have to sleep in the same room as you tonight, so you better not get near her!” Hongjoong scolds Jongho.

    I hold my arms out, and Jongho looks at them before looking at Hongjoong. “Fuck you,” Jongho says before crawling over to me and laying his head on my lap. “I always win,” I joke towards Hongjoong. Jongho adjusts himself on my lap, and I play with his hair. “Ok, and that’s where I am going to say no fair,” Yeosang frowns. “I have room for one more,” I shrug. “Damn right, you do,” Yeosang says, laying against Jongho and resting his head on my lap.

    I play with both of their hair as we watch the movie together. “What the hell is this?” San asks as he walks back in. “You always steal the women, don’t you?” he looks towards Seonghwa. “I’m her bias,” he shrugs with a smirk. “So is Yunho,” I defend him. “Huh?” Yunho looks towards me with big eyes. “I’ve always had two biases. You and Seonghwa,” I explain. “I don’t recall you saying anything about this before,” Seonghwa steps in.

    “I thought I did,” I shrug. “Alright, Seonghwa, I’m sitting on your lap,” San says as he walks over. “No, you’re not,” he says, picking me up and setting me down on his lap, causing San, Jongho, and Yeosang to scowl at him. “Fine,” San shrugs, sitting next to Seonghwa. I dangle my legs over him, and Yeosang and Jongho lay back down on my lap. “Wait, so do we get bias perks?” Yunho asks.

    “Nope. San gets the bias perks,” I laugh. San clears his throat, obviously fighting a smile. “If only,” Seonghwa whispers. San hits him on the arm so hard that it shakes me as well. “Hey,” Yeosang complains, “I’m trying to relax here, stop hitting each other.” “Well, to be fair, there aren’t any bias perks. I can’t say it that way because then all of you would get the perks. You just get the satisfaction of knowing you are/were my bias,” I explain, trying to get the testosterone to calm down.

    “What’s the point of being your bias anyway?” Yeosang groans, flipping around. “Nothing, that’s the point. It just means you were my favorite for some reason.” I caress his cheek with my thumb softly before working my fingers back into his hair. “Are you two laying between her legs?” Wooyoung asks, looking over to us. I look down, not realizing it until now, but they are. “I was wondering why it was so warm,” Yeosang chuckles.

    San sighs, sounding a slight bit pissed off. “Really warm,” Yeosang says, making me realize he is just trying to fuck with San. Seognhwa must have caught on as well because he laughs before joining in. “Probably because she is sitting on my lap,” he smirks. San looks over to me, and I shake my head, but he doesn’t seem to care. “Keep telling yourself that,” San whispers. “Nah, I think it’s because my face is between her legs,” Yeosang smirks.

    “Can you guys stop?” I ask, my face flushed from all the things I am imagining. “Oh, look, she got hotter,” Yeosang smirks. San raises an eyebrow at me, and I give him a pained expression. He smirks before shrugging. “You guys are terrible,” I sigh. “You’re the one that likes it,” Seonghwa whispers, his lips so close to my ear that I shudder. “Alright, that’s it,” I say. I scoot off his lap, pushing Yeosang and Jongho off my lap, and rush over to Sammy.

    “You run to me like you think I wouldn’t fuck you just like they would,” she laughs. “Jesus, every one of you is a sexual predator,” I complain, resorting to just sitting by myself on the couch. “Excuse me?” Hongjoong turns to me. “You kissed me, don’t even try to act innocent,” I frown at him. “I don’t think I have done anything wrong,” Jongho complains as he rubs his eyes. “You’re right; you haven’t. You can come back,” I nod.

    I allow Jongho back to my lap, playing with his hair. “It’s ok, Yunho, I’m not good enough either,” Wooyoung pats Yunho’s thigh. I look up to see Yunho pouting like a child. “You asked about bias perks, and Wooyoung, I have stanned you guys long enough to know that you aren’t allowed anywhere near my lap,” I shrug. “Sucks to be you,” Jongho chuckles as I play with his hair.

    Mingi says something in Korean and looks towards me. “Mingi wanted to know what was going on,” Hongjoong laughs. “He says he hasn’t done anything wrong,” someone explains after Mingi says something else. I motion for him to come over with a finger, and he happily obliges, laying his head on my shoulder since Jongho is positioned between my legs. I look over to San and smirk before grabbing Mingi’s hand, locking my fingers between his.

    By the time the movie is over, Mingi and Jongho are both asleep, weighing me down. San chuckles before walking over to me and pulling on my arm. “Alright, get off my girlfriend.” Jongho gets up and rubs his eyes as I let go of Mingi, who wakes up and scoots over. “Be glad I shared for the short amount of time you guys got,” San shakes his head. “I think you still have to share her with us three,” Hongjoong points towards Yunho and Wooyoung before pointing at himself.

    “I’m not a fucking toy,” I frown, causing all of the men to stop and stare at me. “San, go sit over there. You’re in trouble.” “I’m w- what?” He stutters, his grip on my arm dropping. “Go sit over there. I’m going to sit back down and enjoy another movie, and you’re going to sit over there and shut up.” “W-” he blinks for several seconds in silence before sighing. “Fine.” Several laughs are heard around the room at San’s cooperation. I smile, sitting back down and allowing Jongho and Mingi to snuggle back into me.

    We start another movie, and it doesn’t take much time before I fall asleep, just as Mingi and Jongho did.

    Previous Chapter-(not yet released)

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    ateez reacts: agere!s/o being a brat

    💌 This is: Requested


    "Reading is fun. Plus it also expands your vocabulary." Hongjoong insists as he continues to hand you multiple books that you can choose from. But you kept being stubborn and shook your head, crossing your arms over your chest and looking away at the stack of books he's held out for you. A deep sigh escapes his lips before placing them down on top of the table.

    "You're not getting any dessert tonight until I see reading at lease one of them." He says before closing the door behind him.


    "But vegetables are good for you!"

    "I don't wanna!"

    "Why are you making this difficult?" Seonghwa drops the spoon filled with carrots down on top of the plate and got up from his seat. "You don't get to stand up from your seat until you've eaten what's on your spoon."

    6pm became 7pm, and then 7pm became 8pm and 8pm became 9pm. You've stared at your spoonful of carrots with disgust and your butt cheeks are already hurting and going numb for sitting too long. Disgusted, you took the spoon from the plate and ate it. Quickly chewing the orange vegetable inside your mouth.

    "That wasn't so hard right?"


    "But I want nuggets" You mumbled, pouting to yourself as you watch Yunho cut vegetables on the kitchen counter.

    "Too much nuggets can increase your blood pressure which will then become a problem for you when you grow old." He says, walking over to the kitchen table and placing a plateful of vegetables and fruits in front of you. "At least have some fruit and veggies to clean out the toxins inside your body." He placed his on the opposite of you and sat down. You sadly stared at your plate and picked up your fork before eating your food sadly. Yunho watched as tears started brimming in your eyes, falling down to your cheeks as you ate the food.


    "Why does your room look like a storm came over here?"

    It was true, clothes thrown over on the floor and on top of your bed, books hanging open and a few of your plushies scattered everywhere.

    "Can you at least clean your room?"

    But you were unresponsive, staring blankly at your room. "Make me." you mumbled under your breath. Yeosang sighed and rolled his eyes. "It doesn't hurt to be neat. It's like showing your personality to which you're showing me what trash you are."


    "Why are your toys still on the floor?"

    It had been exactly and hour and a half since San told you to clean up your toys after scattering them all over the living room.

    "But I wanna finish this movie" you mumbled as you sat down in the middle of your scattered toys. San shook his head and turns the tv off, earning a loud whine from you. He walked over to the corner and picked up a large red bag, handing it to you.

    "You can continue watching your movie after you've finished cleaning everything up"


    "Darling, rise and shine! Please get up from the bed now"

    You opened your eyes and rolled them before turning to the other side. "No"

    "Don't give me that attitude. I said, wake up already" Mingi says, shaking your shoulder. But you whined and swatted his hand away. "Still sleepy" you mumbled.

    "Too much sleep can give you a headache. Now get up before I have to carry you out myself." With that, Mingi stood up from the foot of your bed and left the room.


    "Bath time is actually a good time. How come you don't want to take your shower?" Wooyoung asks as he watches you hide beside your cabinet. "I turned the termo on so that your water is warm?" Hoping you would finally get up, you just shook your head.

    "I have your favorite clothes prepared too! Are you going to take you bath now?" You shook your head once more.

    "If you aren't going to take your bath then you don't get any ice cream for a week." You immediately stood up from the ground and walked towards the bathroom, scowling at Wooyoung as you pass him by.


    "But Jjongie.."

    "There's always a next time, sweetheart"

    "But there's no next time!" you frowned, stomping both of your feet while holding on the purple octopus plushie that you so wanted for Jongho to buy you.

    "If you at least behave then I would buy it for you. But seeing as you're giving me an attitude, I guess I won't." He said, frowning to yourself, you put on your best behavior just so he could buy it for you.

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    Watch "ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘Leave The Door Open’ Cover (Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic) (@IDENTITY 2021)" on YouTube

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    Hongjoong: San, you are exacerbating the situation instead of ameliorating it.

    San: I'm not! But just to be sure, I'll check the dictionary

    #Ateez #8 makes 1 team #incorrect ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #ateez reactions #ateez incorrect quotes #ateez incorrect texts #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#incorrect kpop#Hongjoong#Seonghwa#Yunho#Yeosang#San#Mingi#Wooyoung#Jongho
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    Here’s the request for Mingi!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#song mingi #song mingi smut #ateez mingi #ateez mingi smut #ateez#ateez smut
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  • latte-fairytaekwoon
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    Ateez: Being Friends With Benefits

    Warnings: Suggestive scenarios but nothing too explicit.

    ❥𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓳𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓰

    Hongjoong awoke only to feel sore and exhausted from the previous night with you, a hand clasping over his eyes as he dragged it down his face.

    "Morning sleeping beauty." He heard you giggle next to him. Turning his neck, his eyes were blessed by your nude figure that was illuminated by the small ray of sunlight that was peeking through the curtains.

    "Oh God, is this heaven?" He asked with a tired smile.

    You rolled your eyes at him. He always got like this after a night of intense fucking with you. It wasn't often that he'd call you over, either to the dorm or the studio, so whenever he did, you knew he really wanted to relieve stress. And you always looked forward to it cause it was amazing. More often than not, he'd be pretty tired the next morning, and that's why you made sure to take care of him after he made sure to satisfy you the night before. That and the man hardly took care of himself, so someone had to.

    "I'll be back." Kissing the top of his head, you quickly threw on one of his shirts and went out of his room to make your way into the kitchen.

    Few minutes later, his roommate came in, wearing a sly smirk on his face.

    "Well I'm glad kicking me out of my room was worth it, you were both pretty loud last night." He snickered at him.

    "Oh shut up." Hongjoong chucked a pillow at him, rather weakly since Seonghwa was able to catch it.

    "Lucky you though. You get to have your girlfriend make you breakfast after getting your dick wet." Seonghwa said, a hint of jealousy in his tone.

    "She's not my girlfriend Hwa. We're just friends." Hongjoong reminded him.

    "Friends that fuck each other." Seonghwa snorted, to which Hongjoong also smirked at.

    "Yeah and guess what? You're sleeping on the couch again tonight."

    ❥𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓢𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝔀𝓪

    Knowing that practice was probably over for them already, you gathered your courage and called Seonghwa, nervously biting at one of your nails as the other end continued ringing.

    "Hey." He greeted, you could faintly make out the pants he was releasing, no doubt due to the intense choreography he just did. You could already picture him dripping wet with sweat, hair sticking to his forehead and it only worsened the problem you were feeling in your pants.

    "Are you tired?" You shyly asked.

    Seonghwa chuckled as he guessed what you were calling for.

    "Do you require my assistance?" The cocky change in his voice did not go unnoticed by you.

    "I mean, I guess my vibrator could get the job done too-"

    "I'll be there in 15 minutes." He immediately hung up the call after that.

    Indeed, 15 minutes later and there was a knock on your door. As soon as you let him inside, Seonghwa kicked the door closed behind him as his mouth latched onto your neck. Guiding you to your room, you expected him to push you onto the bed, but instead he lead you into the bathroom.

    "Oh. This is definitely new." You pointed out as you helped him remove his shirt, his abs nearly making you drool.

    "Listen, I'm still sweaty and gross from practice and my dick is aching to bury itself in you."

    Stripping you both out of your clothes, he backed you into the shower and turned on the water.

    "So why don't we save time and kill two birds with one stone?"

    ❥𝓙𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓾𝓷𝓱𝓸

    Sometimes you felt like Yunho acted a little too affectionate around you. Like right now, he was cuddling himself up against you, one of his hands holding tightly onto yours. When he felt your hand slightly pull away, he only held onto it tighter, fingers intertwining themselves with yours.

    "You know Yunho, it's not necessary for you to act like this. We're not....in an actual relationship." You kindly reminded him.

    "Oh I know." He stated nonchalantly, pressing himself closer to you.

    "Then why must you get like this anytime we hang out?" You asked him.

    "Listen, you get my cock and fingers anytime you want to get dirty, and I get my own personal plushie to cuddle with no sassy remarks or complaints from her." He answered, shifting positions on the couch so you were now trapped in his arms as he held you in a spooning position.

    "Well it's kinda hard not to complain when you're squishing the life out of me." You wriggled to get a little loose from him, resulting in him tangling his legs around you.

    "Plushies don't talk now hush and let me enjoy the movie."

    You decided to just let him be and gave in to what he wanted. After all, it was true that you did get his dick anytime you wanted. In fact, it was always you who was asking him to come over. You couldn't even remember if there was ever a time Yunho asked for your help instead. He only called you to hang out, often than not resulting in him smothering you in his arms. It made you wonder sometimes.

    "Yunho.... do you just not care about sex or..?"

    You heard him snort behind you.

    "It's not that I don't care. I just really enjoy cuddling you since the other guys don't really like it, except San, but he has Wooyoung so." He explained, which made sense to you. Yunho just enjoyed showing people affection in the most pure and platonic way possible.

    But you also knew that if you asked, he'd definitely never turn down an opportunity to get naughty.

    "Yunho wanna fuck?" You suddenly blurted out.

    "Yeah sure. Why not?"

    ❥𝓚𝓪𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓮𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓷𝓰

    You had come over to the dorm hoping to get Yeosang all to yourself, and instead, here you were having to deal with the others intruding on you both as they decided to run around and even play some stupid tv show. Yeosang himself was also irritated as he wanted to spend some alone time with you, but of course, his friends just had to be a bunch of cock blockers.

    You tried to get his attention, hoping to send some signals to him, but nothing proved to be effective. Using it as a last resort, you excused yourself to go to the bathroom. Whipping out your phone, you pulled your shirt up to expose your tits and snapped a picture before sending it to him. With a satisfied smile, you walked back into the living room, leaning against the wall as you saw that Yeosang had his full attention on you, a flustered smile on his face.

    "Oh for goodness sakes. If you two are going to fuck, just get it over with. Neither of you are slick. You know." Jongho cringed at you both, making a gagging noise that had the others laughing.

    "Yeah. I saw the picture you sent Yeosang." Wooyoung held up a thumbs up at you, making his friend next to him hide his face in embarrassment.

    "Guys come on leave them alone. Stop embarrassing them." Seonghwa spoke up.

    "Yeah. It's already bad enough Yeosang is too shy for these things." Hongjoong light heartedly teased.

    Raising an eyebrow at the leader's words, Yeosang shocked them all as he sprinted off his seat and walked over to you, lightly patting your butt as he pushed you in the direction of his room. He sent the other members a wink as he warned them before leaving:

    "Be sure to turn up the volume up."

    ❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓷

    "I'm horny. I need your help."

    You nearly bursted out laughing when you picked up the phone and that's all San to you.

    "I'm not even back from my trip for 1 hour and the first thing you call to say is that you want to fuck." He was unbelievable at times.

    You let out a deep and pensive sigh.

    "Ok fine. Just come over and we'll fuck enough times to make up for the time you were lonely."

    You scrunched your eyebrows when you heard your doorbell ring.

    "Already here, now open the door." You heard San say before hanging up.

    You practically scoffed as you saw that indeed it was San at the door, a cheeky grin on his face as he slid right in and greeted you with a kiss.

    "Were you stalking me?" You squinted your eyes suspiciously at him.

    "I just couldn't wait for my favorite person to get here." He chuckled, leaning down for another kiss, only this time it was on your neck.

    "Favorite person? Or favorite pussy?" You snorted, yet still leaned your neck back to allow him to nibble slowly on your skin.

    "We both know that position is held by Byeol." Pulling away, he held out the pretty bag he had brought for you.

    "A brought you a gift." He had that cute and adorable smile you loved. Taking out the contents, you bursted out into giggles when you saw what it was.

    "Are you sure it's for me? Cause I feel like it's more for you." You observed as you held up the purple lingerie set.

    "It's for both of us, now please put it on so I can finally fuck you."

    ❥𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲

    Walking side by side with your friend as you scanned what rollercoaster you wanted to ride, you were startled when you felt him brush his hand against yours.

    "Yes Mingi?" You looked over to see if he saw something he was interested in.

    "Oh um.....did you not want me to hold your hand?" He seemed unsure himself if it was ok to ask that question.

    "Why would I want to hold your hand? I mean, unless you're worried about getting lost."

    He quickly shook his head.

    "No, that's not why I- oh just forget it." He let out a large puff of air as you two just continued walking around the amusement park.

    Although you tried to ignore it, you could see out of the corner of your eye that Mingi would often look over at you, as if he was trying to make up his mind about something. But you soon forgot about it since you were too occupied with enjoying yourself as you got on all the different rides the park had to offer. Mingi, being not a fan of adrenaline rushes, just stayed behind and held your phone in case you accidentally lost it.

    After getting off one of the last rides, you looked around but were confused when you couldn't see where he had run off to, but you guessed probably the bathroom. You were completely wrong when you saw him walking up to you with the biggest and most adorable teddy bear you had seen.

    "Managed to maneuver your way around the rigged games to win that?" You joked.

    With a proud smile, Mingi held it out to you. "It's for you silly."

    Your heart dropped and that sinking feeling crept up again. This is exactly what you feared about starting a no strings attached relationship with Mingi, that he'd get attached.

    "Mingi.....you do know we're not dating right?"

    He seemed confused by your question.

    "Yeah I know, but can't I do something nice for you every once in a while?" He tilted his head.

    You let out a small laugh, thankful that it wasn't actually what you were thinking about. Mingi guessed why you were worried and he started laughing too.

    "Don't worry. I totally get there's to be no feelings whatsoever."

    ❥𝓙𝓾𝓷𝓰 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓰

    "Yo. You up?" You asked as you held the phone up to your face.

    "Yeah I'm up.....up here, stuck with cleaning duty cause Seonghwa blamed me for a mess I don't even remember doing." Wooyoung grunted as he continued to aggressively wipe the wall in front of him.

    "Damn that sucks. Want me to come over and help?" You offered.

    "I mean if you want." He shrugged.

    "Are the other guys there?" You wanted to make sure before putting your plan into action.

    "No why-"

    Wooyoung was confused when you suddenly hung up, but didn't think much of it. Not when he still had to finish a task set by a grumpy maniac with OCD. 20 minutes later and he heard the doorbell ring. Knowing it was you, he got up and went to open the door. He gave you a questioning look when he saw what you were wearing.

    "Really? Who wears a trench coat to help with cleaning?"

    You shook your head as you began untying the sash tied around the waist.

    "I never said I was helping with cleaning."

    Wooyoung's mouth, just like your trench coat, dropped to the ground when he saw that you weren't wearing anything underneath it.

    "Oh fuck. We're really doing this right now?" He asked after you had pushed him back into the couch.

    "Do you not want to?" You asked him.

    "No I do, it's just I literally finished disinfecting the couch..."

    Sitting up, he smirked as he picked you up and lead you somewhere that was definitely not his room.

    "So we're doing it on Seonghwa's bed."

    ❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝓸

    "So how is this going to work exactly?" Jongho fidgeted nervously with his hands.

    "Simple. You just tell me when you're horny or I tell you when I'm horny and we meet up to fuck." You explained with the calmest expression on your face.

    "Ok, but there are absolutely no feelings involving?" He wanted to make sure you were both on the same page.

    "No, and I don't think either of us getting attached will be a problem considering we both have our busy schedules and we're mature enough to not let it get to our heads." Hence why you weren't afraid when you brought the idea of a fuck buddy relationship up to Jongho.

    "So I don't have to worry about taking you out on dates or buying you gifts for your birthday?"

    You let out a groan.

    "No you don't have to worry about dates. We'll continue as we normally do now..... and you do have to buy me gifts on my birthday. We're still going on be friends you ass."

    He flinched away before you could fully reach over and smack his arm.

    "Except every once in a while we're going to end up naked." He commented.

    "Exactly." You nodded.

    "Is there a specific code we're using?"

    You face palmed at that.

    "No we're not using codes Jongho. All you have to tell me is something straightforward like... I'm horny, can you please suck my cock?" You gave an example.

    "Oh ok...." He paused before looking in between his legs.

    "Well I'm horny, so do you mind sucking me off?"

    Gifs not mine, credit goes to their respective owners

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  • suraj-mukhi
    17.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #ateez#mingi#yunho#ateezlovenet #this has been in my drafts for too long... but it's a bit :[ hmmmmm #anyway!!! #yungi!! #jeong yunho#song mingi#ateez moodboard#ateez aesthetic#🌻mb's
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    OMG PLEASE San 😭😩😩and then yeosang in the background 😩😩 and Minho😩😩😩

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  • roniscloud
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    mingi boyfriend headcanons

    mingi would be the type of boyfriend to:

    bring you to an animal shelter for dates and eventually after going for a while y’all get attached to a particular puppy and adopt it. probably a golden retriever

    wait for you outside your classes at uni and then take you out to the quad for a picnic date

    would surprise you with your favorite snacks or drinks during work

    when he introduces you to his family and you’re super nervous he would be like “don’t worry it’s fine they love you already and haven’t even met you” bc you’re the only thing he ever talks about and his parents are just happy that he’s happy and once you meet them you immediately hit it off with them yet he’s the one who gets super nervous

    text you randomly at 3 in the morning with weird questions but if you respond to him he’s like “excuse you?!?!? why are you answering?!?!? why are you awake?!?! you need your rest!!! 😤”

    loves being little spoon

    lays his head in your lap and just looks at you with the most adoration

    absolutely loves it when you play with his hair

    purposely leaves his clothes at your place and asks why you stole his things but it’s secretly bc he loves seeing you in his big clothes

    when he’s holding your hands he loves swinging them back and forth and then dragging you around

    the most excited when you remember the little things about him and he’s like “you remembered????? 🥺🥺🥺🥺”

    loves to teach you his raps and choreos to ateez songs and when you get it down he hypes you up so much

    loves giving forehead kisses and when you give him kisses on the cheek and neck. his jawbone.. oh he’s done

    will snuggle you and talk in tinie when he’s feeling emotional or nostalgic

    originally written: 5 november 2020

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  • kimbapuhkidding
    17.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Stop Pretending//Song Mingi

    Pairing: Mingi X female!Reader

    Themes: Fluff, angst, fake-dating!au

    Summary: You tried to make your ex jealous, but it only resulted in making Mingi jealous

    Why? Just why? Why would your ex of 5 years invite you to his wedding to his new girlfriend of 6 months? You were going to go, but what made him think he could invite you. Luckily for you, you were able to invite a plus one. And you knew just who to invite.

    You immediately called your best friend, Mingi. "Heyyyy, so I have a favor to ask". You knew he wouldn't say no but you still worried he would.

    He let out a sigh. "What is it?"

    "Do you remember my ex? The one that I cried to you about for a month. Yeah, well, he's getting married and he invited me. So I was wondering if you'd be my plus one and pretend to be my boyfriend to make him jealous."

    He let out another sigh. "I guess". He didn't sound as happy as you expected him to be. He hated your ex and said how much he'd love to get back at him for you. But now that you had a plan, he didn't seem as happy.

    "Really? Thank you so much! The wedding is in a couple of weeks." You talked to Mingi a little while longer about the wedding and your plan to make your ex jealous.

    The day of the wedding arrived, and Mingi showed up to your place dressed immaculately, with a tie to match your dress. As soon as you opened the door his jaw dropped when he saw you. "Oh wow! You look gorgeous." He couldn't help but stare at you.

    "Good! I want to show him what he's missing". You grabbed your clutch and pushed Mingi out the door. You wanted to hurry to the wedding.

    You arrived at the ceremony and took your seats. It proceeded perfectly, your ex not even noticing you were there. Afterward, Mingi leaned down to you. "They look really happy. Do you need to try to make him jealous?"

    "We were together for 5 years and he dumped me like I was nothing to date this whoever, and now they're getting married after only being together for half a year. Yes, I have to make him jealous. He needs to know what he threw away".

    Mingi let out a sigh but the two of you made your way to the reception. You had to admit the wedding was beautiful, and so was the bride.

    The reception proceeded, your ex and his new bride dancing and looking happy. How disgusting. Eventually, they made their way around the room, thanking everyone for coming. They made their way over to you, both with huge smiles on their faces. "Y/N! I'm so glad you could make it". They both gave you hugs, while your ex stuck his hand out to shake Mingi's.

    "Of course. I wouldn't miss it. And this," you placed your hand on Mingi's bicep, "is my boyfriend, Mingi".

    "Nice to meet you." Your ex and his bride greeted him politely.

    They thanked you again as they made their way through the room. Once they were a good distance away you turned to Mingi. "Do you think he's jealous? He's jealous, right?"

    Mingi let out another more dramatic sigh. "I don't think he's jealous. I think he's happy. Look at them, they can hardly keep their eyes off each other and their smiles haven't left their faces. I think they're really in love. Maybe you should let them be".

    Your heart broke. You knew Mingi was right. But why did he have to be right? You enjoyed the rest of the reception, but you couldn't help but keep glancing over at your ex. Mingi noticed this and leaned down to you. "You really need to stop. You asked me to pretend to be your boyfriend and then you ignore me the whole night. It kind of hurts".

    You glance up at Mingi and your heart breaks all over again. He looked upset, and you started to feel bad. "I'm sorry. You're right. For tonight you're my boyfriend and I should treat you as such". Your mood started to brighten, but Mingi's stayed the same. He didn't like that it was all fake to you.

    The reception came to an end and you and Mingi made your way back to your place. "Thanks again for tonight. You were right. I should just let it be. I should move on. He's happy now, I should be too".

    "Good. And next time you ask me to pretend to be your boyfriend. Don't let it be pretend". You looked up at Mingi confused. "Your goal was to make your ex jealous, but you only made me more jealous. I was so jealous of your ex. He always got your attention even after you broke up. So unless you plan to actually date me, don't ask me to pretend to be your boyfriend."

    Mingi began to turn away, but you stopped him. You grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I don't know if I'm ready to move on, but I'm willing to try".

    Mingi gave you a soft smile. "You're not ready. But I'll be here when you are". He leaned down and kissed you softly, before turning and leaving you standing on your porch.

    You may have not been ready to move on just yet, but maybe you will be soon. Maybe Mingi could help you move on.

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