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    Am I wrong tho? I don’t think so

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    realized my bias "list" in skz is just all the ones with set warm colors

    #minho hyunjin jisung felix . yeah #red pink orange peach.. my beloveds <33 #changbin and seungmin are forest green and baby blue respectively and i dont know what the FUCK chan and in's colors are #also can i just say . i love how green changbin is #like hes just so #GREEN#its beautiful#magpie thoughts#skz
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    ㅤㅤ 大 : ⌗ SKZ IC0NS ⌗ : 大

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    (Gif source)


    Welcome back my people of the internet. I present to you another part!

    I really hope you guys have and will enjoy this series as it continues on. And feel free to let me know whether you like these parts or not so far! I’m open to critisism cause this series is as much your as it is mine.


    Series- If You Ain’t scared, You Ain’t Human.

    Based off- The Maze Runner.

    Pairing- Newt x Gn!Reader

    Part 2 of- Welcome to the Glade.

    This series is based off of the first movie of the maze runner. The only parts that belong to me are the characters that I add. The story respectfully belongs to James Dashner.


    You and the new Greenie had started walking through the busiest part of the Glade as it had offically become alive.

    There were Gladers that worked on either side of the grassy field you walked along. One that never seemed to fade, no matter what time of year it was.

    “We eat here,” you began after a moment. Making sure that your voice was clear enough to be heard before you kept on going, “We sleep here, we grow our own food, build our own shelter,” you listed off while your hands pointed in their certain directions.

    However, in the next moment, you twisted your body round so that you could see the newbie himself, and even maintained the speed of your walk at the same time, but he didn't seem to be focusing on what you were saying.

    More so, everything else but you.

    “Whatever we need, the box provides.” you insisted with a nod of your head. And when you did in fact notice that he wasn't directly looking at you, the movement of your walk started to slow, until you fully stopped with the Greenie following after a second, “The rest is up to us.”

    “The box?”

    His words were immediate. 

    A feeling of curiosity evident to your own eyes as his eyebrows furrowed, and it was even more known when that feeling caused him to look back to the contraption he was once locked inside of. Which wasn't even that long ago.

    “Yeah,” you assured with a nod of your head while your arms came up and crossed over your chest, unfortunatly letting your own gaze fall onto that spin-chilling machine.

    “They send them up once a month with fresh supplies, and a new Greenie,” you continued on through a breathy voice until your eyes were set back onto the guy in front of you, and a light smile started to tug at your lips for some reason, “This month that's you,”


    It honestly didn't even matter what you said. The Greenie looked utterly confused no matter what. 

    Especially when you nudged his arm with your elbow after your words as it just caused him to narrow his eyes in your direction, “Sent up?” he spoke up after a moment, taking a short glance of the box once again before his full attention was finally on you, “By who, though- Who put us here?”

    Now that was a question you literally couldn't answer.

    Hell, maybe at some point you would’ve know how to respond to that, but you definitely couldn't now.

    All you could do was stare at the confused boy who just stared right back.

    Your mouth even slightly twitched, words itching to roll off your tongue to be able to supply him with some comfort in these... weird circumstances. But, again, you literally couldn't.

    You couldn't remember.

    “Yeah...” was all you were able to get out before a sigh passed through your lips. 

    Your hand had come up to your neck and began to lightly rub at the nape while you tried to avoid the gaze from the Greenie that seemed to be stuck on your own, “That we don't know.”

    You felt bad.

    I mean, sure, he had blasted you with a lot of questions. However, they were questions that you should, in realness, be able to answer without hesitation.

    But no.

    You just left him with nothing.

     And that probably made his head race even more.

    “Hey, you alright, Y/n?”

    That voice.

    That damn voice.

    You know that moment where you're in a car, or just in some place, listening to the radio or even a playlist on something, and that song just comes on out of nowhere.

    That was exactly what Newt's voice was to you.

    Your favourite song.

    “Green bean,” you eagerly started up the moment you were facing the Greenie, waiting until Newt was by your side to continue on while a large smile was displayed on your lips with every second of his presence that went by, “Meet Newt.”

    “Hi,” the blond himself spoke up almost immediately, and the two started to share a handshake. “When me or Alby isn't around, he's the one in charge.” you finished off with a nod in his direction before you crossed your arms over your chest. Curious to see how this scene will play out. 

    But Newt himself was quick to send you a cheeky look while, for some reason, still shaking the hand of the Greenie he held on to, “Well, it's a good thing you're both always around then.” he insisted with a light smirk before his gaze went back to the newbie's almost immediately, “Listen,”

    “That was some dash you made earlier,” the blond started up with eyes that squinted from the light of the sun, and you were almost relieved when you saw that he had finally stopped shaking the Greenie's hand, “You know, for a second there I thought you had the chops to be a runner...”

    “Till you face-planted.”

    A roll of your eyes was what you sent to Newt almost immediately. 

    Your arms held the same position across your chest as before, but you shook your head the blond himself as he still wore that cheeky grin in his lips.

    “Wait...” The Greenie suddenly started up after a moment, and you realised that you had almost completely forgotten that he was there, stood right beside you, “Runner?”

    A sort of silence washed over the three of you.

    Sure, there were sounds of Gladers and the general ambience of the Glade. 

    But all you and Newt could do was look at each other for a second. It may have been the briefest movement, too, but it still managed to make your shoulders sink either way.

    A sigh even ended up passing through your lips while you let yourself face the blond, whether you actually meant it to or not.

    “Bud,” you began through a clear of your throat which was attempted to try and switch up the subject, even more so when you placed a hand on Newt's shoulder, “Do us a favour.”

    “Go find Chuck will you?”

    The same expression that Newt wore when you told him it was time to go earlier had resurfaced once again.

    He stared at you with just a mild flash of annoyance, but he realized the common rule that both you and Alby had when a new Glader eventually arrived.

    Make sure to keep the whole, being surrounded by a maze thing a little quiet.

    “All right.”

    So, with a little duck of his head, he started to make his way between the two of you, a movement that had you sucking in a breath through your spaced lips. Managing to gently pat the back of his arm before he had fully started to walk away, “Thanks, Newt,”

    God, you wanted to face-plant yourself.

    “All right, look,” you started up through yet another sigh to quickly move things along. You even tugged the Greenie to walk when all he did was stand there, just staring back at the boy who had just left, “I'm sorry to rush this.”

    “You came up a little late, and there's a lot to do.” you continued on with an audible stress to your voice, trying to pick up the conversation from somewhere so that it wasn't just going to be straight up silence, “We've got something special planned tonight.”

    Now that was the comment that seemed to snap the Greenie back to reality.

    He was no longer looking back for the blond.

    His eyes were settled on the side of your face with that same narrowed gaze, and it wasn't until you fully met it that your lips curled into a light grin, “Yeah, that's right,” you laughed out while you walked with him, and lightly shook his shoulder after you placed your hand on it, “You'll see.”

    “Alby will fill you in a little more when you meet him.”


    After the two of you had walked through the fairly bright Glade for a bit, you ended up at the watchtower that rose up in the air, given the fact that it was generally the tallest thing any of you had built.

    A little hard to miss.

    There was a slight grunt that pierced through the area when you jumped onto the main platform. Beads of sweat started to build up on your forehead from the hot sun, but you were more focused on placing your hands on the wooden ladder than making an attempt to wipe it off.

    You had started to make your way up to one of your favourite places in the entire Glade. Placing your foot on the first step, then the second step, and then the third...

    But you didn't hear anyone else following you.

    “Hope you're not afraid of heights,” you spoke up with an audible tease to your voice as you stopped yourself from going any higher, and you kept your body in a position that you were actually able to turn around in. Only to see that the Greenie was indeed still on the ground floor. Just stood there staring up at you.

    Your eyebrows rose when you got no response.

    The confusion that the Greenie continuously expressed had now fed into your brain, and it left you with the singular ability to stare at him for a few more seconds until you made up your decision on what to do next.

    “Come on, man,” you called out with a simple wave of your hand, opting to not waste any more time as you twisted your body to face the wooden ladder once again.

    “Let's go.”


    Eventually, the Greenie had joined you at the top of the tower.

    The two of you were just stood there. Eyes dancing around the Glade as you basked in its peaceful nature. Or at least you did.

    “This is all we got,”

    A sigh was once again quick to run through your words at the first chance it could. Only this time it wasn't for the same reason. 

    It was more for a show of content rather than a way of getting out of an awkward situation, “We've worked hard for it.”

    “So,” you began with a clear of your throat, feeling the wood of the banister that lightly dug into your skin while you faced the newbie. A movement that seemed to be acted on at the right moment too as the Greenie had just managed to rip his eyes away from the surrounding area, “If you respect this place...”

    “Then I think you and I will get along just fine.”

    Simple words.

    That was all they were.

    But simple words could always have greater means.

    It was a thought that seemed to be understood by Greenie, as his head nodded a moment later. But there was a hint of cautiousness that had taken over his eyes when he did so. His eyes just flickered back and forth between your own.

    Though he knew it wasn't meant as a threat.


    So, he took his chance.

    “What's out there?”

    It had taken you a moment to process his question as you had only now realized that he wasn't even looking at you any more. But the moment that you saw a certain movement of his arm, you had to pay attention.

    You followed with narrowed eyes in the direction he gestured in until you finally saw what he was trying to get answers about. And you couldn't help it when your shoulders decided to sink.

    The maze.

    Right in the direction of the maze doors.

    The Greenie's gaze were just set on you.

    Those hazel eyes watched every single reaction or movement that happened to show in response. And once again, you were left to deal with it all by yourself.

    Yet another question.

    Your lips could only fall into a line in that moment. There were thoughts that battled their way around your mind, but now you were the one that just had to stare at him for a moment. 

    Another question that couldn't, or, shouldn't be answered.

    So, to stop the silence that was burdened to fall between the two of you, your eyes set back onto the Glade that beamed in the sunlight. You followed around the people that were doing their jobs, your friends, the trees that blew in the wind. Racking your brain for anything you could say.

    “We only have three rules here,”

    Until you found something.

    Your hands had now gripped onto the rounded wood of the banister that kept you from danger. The cool air getting taken into your lungs while you tried to collect yourself before speaking, a thing you only did when you knew for sure that the Greenie had started paying attention to your voice, “First,”

    “Do your part.” you started with a simple nod of your head, and you let your eyes meet his own while you continued with a soft but firm voice, “No time for any freeloaders.”

    I mean, it was true.

    The system wouldn't exactly work if everyone just acted like it was some kind of a summer holiday, would it?

    “The second one should just be common decency,” you introduced with a simple tilt of your head, “But, it's never harm another Glader.”

    “I know it will be a little harder when you meet certain people,” you assured with a lighter tone that may have been a little quick, but you had your reasons.

    You knew every single guy in this place, and you knew for sure how they could act. I mean, it was to the point that you definitely knew the difference between good and bad people, “But unfortunatly, none of this really works unless we have trust.”

    There was certain eye contact that had been maintained between the two of you for the duration of your speech.

    It wasn't one of threat, nor was it surprisingly one of confusion.

    But it was understanding.

    And to further prove your thought process, the Greenie sent you a nod of his head with a look on his face that showed he was actually listening to you. He understood the ways of your system, and he understood the rules that had been set in place.

    He just didn't know why.

    “Now,” you started up again when you saw that it had fully settled in. You had even pushed your weight off of the banister in preparation for how serious your words needed to be taken, “I think Alby would argue that this rule, the last rule, is the most important when it comes to the people of the Glade.”

    “Which now includes you.”

    The grip that your fingers held on the wooden barrier slightly increased as you lowered your head a little.

    The same eye contact you held previously with the Greenie had never even faltered during that time, and that seemed to make a feeling of intimidation hit him square in the chest, especially when he took note of the emotions in your gaze.

    “Never go beyond those walls.”

    You stared right into those hazel eyes with every second that went by. A thing that ended up with the Greenie doing the same, as that was practically the only thing that he could do, “Do you understand me, Greenie?”

    His narrowed eyes were just stuck onto yours while it looked as if a million more questions joined the swirling circle of thoughts in his head. A new fuel to the fire.

    However, before he could even properly get his words out. Even dream of making a comment in response-


    Confusion rang around the shells of your ears, a feeling that you knew was going to be shared, but the Greenie almost looked relieved as he had now been released from your extremely intense gaze that he hoped would never have to be used on him.

    Ever again.


    Within seconds of the newly returned voice, your body was practically on the other side of the platform underneath your feet.

    It was a voice that you could recognize immediately, but finding the source was a bit of a struggle until you fully looked down at the grass below.

    You found the culprit.

    There was a grin on your lips despite what you felt in that moment. A thing that seemed to ease the feelings of the Greenie up there with you as he even moved to stand by your side again.

    On purpose.

    “Hey Chuck,” you called down to the kid when he had found you, and your heart beamed when he sent you back that smile of his. I mean, it was kind of the only thing he could do given the fact that he carried a bunch of stuff in his arms, “Where've you been, man?”

    But the moment you actually realized that the newbie was now stood beside you, your attention on the kid slightly faltered. And your eyes flowed over to the side of his face while he looked down at Chuck, whose expression was getting more and more excited looking.

    “Hey,” you called out through a voice that was almost a whisper. A hand was even placed on the guy's shoulder at the same time so that you didn't startle him, but it was a movement that caused him to look at you almost immediately either way.

    “Come on.”


    The smile that you held when Chuck arrived hadn’t faltered once. It was like it was permanently there, even when you jumped off of the last, small platform that brought you back to the natural floor.

    Your feet collided with that green grass once again before you set towards the kid that still carried a bunch of things in his hands. Things that were meant for a certain person who followed somewhat closely behind you, “Greenie,”

    “Meet Chuck.”

    Practically within the next second, and when you were stood beside the kid himself, your arm was wrapped around his shoulders. 

    It was a hold that Chuck seemed to lean into on instinct while the two of you looked towards the newbie when he finally got down the ladder himself.

    “He was the last to arrive, so he gets to break you in.” you informed, and you even gave the kid a light shake, but his eyes were already stuck on a certain person.

    You didn't even have to ask.

    “Hey, nice to meet you,” Chuck began the moment the Greenie was stood in front of the two of you, a certain eagerness encasing his voice while he repositioned the stuff in his arms, “Got your stuff ready,” the kid then added on, and you removed your arm from him so that he could get a better grip, “Picked out a great spot for you, right next to mine.”

    But it seemed to be that your movement wasn't even needed.

    The moment Chuck had finished his words, the basic supplies that a new Greenie would need was launched out of his hold without any warning, which you thought was going to end badly.

    However, apparently you were wrong, as the newbie ended up catching the stuff almost immediately with a light grunt.

    Not very gracefully, though.

    “Do you have a name yet?”

    The rush of words just flooded out of the energetic kid. He spoke sentence after sentence, but almost all the time, he never waited for the person he was talking to, to actually answer. It was endearing if not the tiniest bit overwhelming.

    But, this time it was a question that caused your smile to die down a little. I mean, the Greenie himself could only stare at him.

    And he sure did.

    He was just stood there with a pile of stuff in his arms, blankly staring at the kid while he tried to get a better grip on it. But even in the end, he just looked to you for help on what to say and do.

    “Hey, don't worry about it,” Chuck started up before you even had the chance to part your lips to speak, and your eyebrows rose a little when you turned to face him, “It took me a few days, too. Everyone's different.”

    “Right, Y/n?”

    Chuck was the youngest in the entire Glade.

    Generally, the guys would end up being around 15-17 whenever they managed to remember that piece of information. But Chuck was 12. He was a literal kid put in this sorry excuse for a home.

    Yet he was the brightest person you had ever met. And the fastest learner.

    But you definitely were gonna beat the shit out of the people that put this damn kid in a place like this the moment you found them.

    Your head was quick to nod the moment the kid turned to face you for input, wild eyes even flickering towards yours. However, it seemed as if he didn't even catch your reaction, as by the time you did actually nod your head. He wasn't even looking at you any more, “Yeah,”

    “That's right, Chuck.”

    There was a certain, familiar clanging of a pan that broke you from your thoughts. But it was a sound that immediately made your head turn in that specific direction. 

    Yet another thing to cause a grin to take over your lips.

    Oh, yeah.

    “Huh, sounds like quitting time.” you commented through a breathy laugh, letting yourself stretch out your aching muscles before a sigh followed your words.

    A mild expression of amusement took over your lips when you happened to notice that same look of confusion just spread across the Greenie's face all over again.

    “Right, Buddy.” you started up when you fully faced the kid beside you. There was a quiet grunt that escaped you when you lowered yourself down in front of him, but you continued on until you were exactly in level with his eyes. That same smile taking over your lips like before, “Take care of our newbie, all right?”

    “You know what to do.”

    The request looked like it made Chuck's face lighten up almost immediately. 

    It was just an expression, but it made a feeling of warmth layer over your heart. Especially when he started to vigorously nod his head in response, “Heck yeah, you know it.”

    You bet that smile never left your lips.

    You could only shake your head at him after you let a laugh slip, feeling like if this kid continued to be this wholesome, your heart was just going to explode.

    So, the moment you stilled that head of yours.

    Your hand was held out right in front of him.

    And unlike the Greenie's response, Chuck didn't even waste a singular second to response to it as he already started to shake your hand with a visible eagerness the moment it was offered. 

    The two of you just smiled like complete idiots for a while, until you finally acknowledged the presence of the Greenie again.

    Even he appeared to take note of both you and Chuck's friendship.

    When the newbie realised you had caught onto him, his body seemed to straighten up. A certain emotion visibly circling around his own eyes while you finally took your hand away from Chuck's, letting your own body straighten its spin before you had sent a light smile in his direction, “It’s all right,”

    “You're in good hands now, Greenie.”


    Once again, you found yourself standing with a bowl of hot food held in your hands.


    It really didn't seem like that much time had passed, but apparently it did.

    Either way, you were just extremely happy with the presence of food. 

    And what was even better, was the fact that you were with the same person from when you had breakfast, “I mean, he's doing a good job considering everything, but that could change soon, you know?”

    No one was going to catch you complaining.

    The two of you were stood chatting under a shaded part of the Glade. It was like a hand-made canopy that arched up above for when it was either way too bright, or way too hot.

    Very useful in a place like this.

    “Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it,” the blond spoke up the moment he finished his mouthful. He even swiped the side of his finger over his lips to make sure that he didn't look like an idiot before talking, “He's got Chuck to look after him anyway, Y/n. I think it would be daft to think anything like that.”

    A scoff passed through your lips almost immediately, whether you meant it too or not. Another case of Newt making jokes to try and ease your worries. 

    What a man.

    Your head shook with the giggles that you had attempted to stifle, but either way, there was a large grin that rested on your lips, “Yeah,” you managed out after fully securing the stream of laughs to be contained, “Yeah, that's very tru-”

    “Don't touch me!”

    To be completely honest, the sudden shout took a moment to fully process in your mind for a reason that was unknown. However, when it did. 

    Your response was immediate.

    Your body practically twisted in the direction of the sound about a second later before your eyes wildly flickered around the remaining areas of the Glade. 

    You didn't know exactly what you were looking for, but many ideas of what it was popped into your head one after the other while you scanned around.

    And it seemed at least one of them was right.

    You had spotted the source.

    But the thing that fully caught your attention was where it was taking place.


    It was right in front of the maze doors.

    From what you could see in that moment, the Greenie, who you originally assumed was doing something with Chuck, had just shoved himself off of the ground. A movement that you didn't fully understand until you saw a certain person who stood right beside him.

    Damn it, Gally.

    Your eyebrows were just furrowed with confusion that just led you to stand there for a moment, watching as the thing that Gally did caught the attention of almost every Glader that heard it.

    All of them simply abandoned their stations and made their way over to the tall guy, and the very tensed looking Greenie, “Hey, what the hell is wrong with you guys?!”

    A grunt of annoyance was the only thing you were able to let out before you had to start jogging over yourself. You even sent a look to Newt beforehand that said it all, but even then, he followed closely behind you, despite having another one of your moments ruined.

    It took a bit for the two of you to get over to the guys as you had to run across an entire field, but eventually you had joined everyone else at the doors, and only slowed to a stop when you got to Alby. The Greenie just shouting all sorts.

    “Just calm down, all right?” Alby spoke up right as you arrived, his hand raised up and everything to emphasize his genuine attempt. But the Greenie just wasn't having it, “No, okay?!”

    “You guys can't just keep me here!”

    He was angry.

    A million emotions flooded through not only his voice, but his entire body as he couldn't even keep his feet still on the dirt ground.

    It was a thing that made your heart hurt when you noticed. His eyes flickered back and forth between everyone with visible hesitance, wanting to make sure that he could see all the people that started to crowd around him yet again which just showed you the amount of trust he held.

    And it was none.

    Your own worried eyes were on Alby's the moment he had turned to face you, but the man himself only gave you a look. A look that you had just somehow known despite the action being wordless.

    Work your magic.

    So, with a clear of your throat, you took a step forwards. A movement that caused the Greenie's eyes to snap to your own almost immediately, “Look, I know it's a lot to take in, okay? But we...” you started up as fast as you could with the most genuine expression you could've mustered in that moment, “I can't let you leave.”

    “Why not?!”

    God, the way he stared at you.

    Obviously, he wasn't going to hurt you no matter what, and you sure as hell weren't scared of him in the first place. 

    But the look he held towards you literally caused you to swallow thickly. A certain nervousness appearing for yet another reason that was just unknown.

    However, before you could even get any word to roll off of your tongue.

    Something else had its own plans.

    There was a familiar rumbling that emitted from the huge doors that towered behind the adrenalin filled Greenie. Echoes of metal clanging together, cogs turning and locking together. All these sounds followed one after the other, which almost everyone recognized immediately.

    And because of that, everyone was quick to brace themselves when a sudden gust of wind pushed right through those massive doors. 

    They lifted their arms in the air, held them right in front of their face to shield their eyes from the cold breeze, and some of them even fully turned away...

    But the Greenie just took it head on.

    His body faced the entrance of the maze without even flinching once when the breeze actually came. He was just staring like a champ, and that was one hell of an introduction, “What the hell?”

    However, when the huge slab of stones began to rumble even louder, you caught onto the Greenie taking a startled step back. A movement that you couldn't ever blame him for, considering the fact that it sounded like it tried to imitate a volcano.

    Even though they were just trying to close.

    Almost everyone that stood there with you had been watching the Greenie's reaction while he stared at the closing doors. A thing that carried on for some reason, even when the doors had officially latched together.

    It was quiet.

    A place so close to being silent if it wasn't for the rest of the Gladers just doing their thing.

    “Next time,” Gally started up through a voice that held audible annoyance before anyone else could, and your eyes narrowed when you watched him move in front of the Greenie who was still trying to process everything, “I'm gonna let you leave.”

    Gally may have been the first person to talk, but he was also the first person to leave, as when he realised the Greenie wasn't even looking at him. He for sure wasn't going to waste his time.

    The rest of the Gladers went on to follow after him, going back to the jobs one at a time as they had to.

    But you, however, did in fact do quite the opposite.

    You had started to walk over to the Greenie who gazed up at the locked doors that kept his wild mind from being soothed. It was a decision that you made, and soon learned was right, after you sent a look to Alby who stood a few steps back.

    The moment your hand made contact with the fabric on the Greenie's shoulder, his head immediately jerked to face your own with such quickness that made you feel bad despite the simple movement.

    His eyes were just glazed over with so many emotions, but he narrowed them almost immediately. A certain scepticism taking over whatever things were being displayed throughout his face, but you just took that as your first chance to properly smile at him, “Well, Greenie,”

    “Welcome to the Glade.”


    “Where's that Greenie now?”

    The tone of Gally's voice and facial expression was just priceless.

    Priceless enough that it caused you to have to try and contain the urge to let out a laugh in response. So, you pressed your lips together with a clear of your throat and tried to focus more on the coolness that had begun flowing through the Glade as it faded into night.

    “He's with Alby for the special chat,” you informed with a simple look when you were close enough, and a grin was now displayed on your lips as you had to break just a little bit, “He's not around to scare you, don't worry.”

    There were a few huffed laughs that passed through the chat filled air in response to the comment, but Gally himself only rolled his eyes at you. The guy even crossed his arms over the table with a noise of annoyance, as if he hadn't been dramatic enough already.

    Nevertheless, you continued to walk towards the lot until you ended up at the head of the table all of them seemed to sit at. A particular group that never really dispersed, even when they had the opportunity to sit at any of the other tables that were placed randomly around that one.

    It was almost like it wasn't even an option.

    “So,” you called up before you lifted your hands and rubbed them together, a certain amusement gathering in your chest when you realized that you had the boys' attention, “You guys excited for tonight?”

    The area was calm despite the conditions. And in response to your question, excited chatter rose from the table in front of you. A thing that you both loved to hear, and see.

    “Personally, I will only be excited if it means that we get a little something from Fry,” Minho quipped up which seemed to quiet the chatter a little, especially when he cleared his throat. 

    But, even then, his eyes were set right on a certain cook which was practically a thing that went on from the moment you had said your comment in the first place, “You know...”

    “Perhaps some... Bacon?”

    The eager hums of agreement were quick to ring through the air from basically everyone at that table, and a smile immediately took over your lips. Even more so when Fry himself began to chuckle at everyone that sat around him.

    “Well,” the blond started up after laughs of his own, and it seemed to just snatch your attention as you turned to face him. But he himself had turned towards Gally by the time you actually managed, “Then we can't forget about the special drink either, now can we?”

    This time, the chorus of sounds that followed were a lot more conflicted than of agreement. 

    It was a thing that caused your eyes to roll, as you knew they just did that because you were there. Standing right in front of them.

    But you knew they agreed within seconds.

    Your head shook with a certain fondness before you put more weight onto the hands that pressed onto the wooden table, an eager breath of air sifting through your lungs when another breeze had blown in the direction of you and the rest of your boys.

    It was a moment that had left you to gaze across the Glade that surrounded you once again. 

    Your head had twisted to the side a few seconds ago, and now you were stuck, gazing right at the land you couldn't ever take your eyes off for some reason.

    It looked so beautiful in the fading sun.

    “That Greenie didn't annoy you too much, did he?”

    The sudden question had caused your eyebrows to raise the moment it caught onto your ears.

    Within seconds, your head had moved back into its original position, only to find that everyone started to stare at you. Waiting for a response to the question you had almost forgotten.

    “No,” you spoke up quickly so that the conversation wasn't stalled, clearing your throat in the process, “He was actually quite calm today... For the most of it, anyway.”

    “Right, but the first thing he tried to do was go into the maze after, well, I'm assuming you told him... not to?” Gally began all of a sudden with that voice. Doing that same thing he always did when he had something to say, “He definitely would've gone in there if I hadn't got there in time.”

    Now Gally's eyebrows were the ones that raised. 

    A look that just told you that he was trying to challenge you.

    However, the only thing you could do was tilt your head to the side, as in the next moment, your focus was put on someone else when a certain blond had cleared his throat, “I don't know about that.”

    “Well, I'm just glad that I didn't have to go back into that maze after him.” Minho uselessly contributed to the conversation and a roll of your eyes was the only thing you gave in return before the runner beside him patted a hand on his shoulder, “Hey, but, that would've meant yet another amazing adventure for us.”

    The two runners were now stuck trying to contain the amusement that was created in what you thought was the worst moment. Minho even snorted in response to the comment before he shrugged the hand off of his shoulder.

    One of those times where the Gladers seemed to forget their origins.

    “All right, guys, come on now. You know what it's like to arrive here for the first time,” you pointed out through a huff of air when the laughter had died down, having enough of the boys just taking their abilities for granted, “Cut him some slack for at least a couple of days, okay?”

    And with the way you had started up, it definitely would've shut them up if they hadn't already. 

    “Yeah, we understand that Y/n, but his first reaction was to run into a maze the moment he could stand,” Gally pointed out as if it was the most simple thing, once again beckoning the eyes towards him while you just shook your head, “I don't really want to trust a person who would rather be in there than stay in the Glade,”

    “Regardless, of who they are.”


    You never thought that people could think like this.

    Especially your boys.

    “Gally, his instincts were to run because he had an entire crowd of people towering over him like a group of hawks,” you pointed out with furrowed eyebrows before you shifted your weight onto the other foot, “I personally wouldn't want trust a person who didn't at least try to run after that.”

    You felt... angry?

    How could he be so inconsiderate?

    Given the fact that he went through the same thing, and even though he didn't run himself when he first arrived, surely he should understand why someone would do that anyway.

    The boys were just silent. 

    All of them were either ashamed of the way they had acted or were just too scared to speak over you, “You were in their exact same shoes at one point. It's not something that I take pleasure in reminding you of, believe me, but you can't just undermine that kind of reaction.”

    “He still has no idea who he is. Neither his name nor where he came from in the first place,” you continued to list off with shakes of your head, just watching as the expression on Gally's face surprisingly faded into one of what looked like guilt, “At least just be a little more considerate, even if he tries to make dumb decisions.”

    There was a deep breath that you took in the moment you were finally finished with your rant. You had even sunk back from the table while a layer of ashamed silence washed over the boys that sat in front of you.

    You were trying to maintain that tough exterior, but it was getting a little hard to keep up when you saw Newt attempt to contain the gentle smile that threatened to break onto his lips. 

    Either way, you were at least glad someone had common sense even if it was just one person.

    “However,” you began after a few more seconds of silence which called all of the eyes to look in your direction, and you cleared your throat before your head shook in amusement, “If that Greenie asks one more question, my opinion may alter just a smidge.”

    The attempt at lightening the mood thankfully seemed to succeed, as their expressions looked as if they came back to life. Gentle smiles taking over people's lips, and a few of them even laughed.

    You couldn't have asked for more.

    “Well, guys,” a certain cook started up with a clear of his throat, and your eyes flickered over to him when he began to push himself up from his seat on the wooden bench, grateful that someone else was going to keep the mood from sinking once again.

    “Bacon it is.”

    Now, this is exactly what you had wanted.

    In an instant, the energy had been rebirthed. Wide smiles had taken over people's faces, and chatter had risen back from the depths to where it originally was. 

    The peace had been restored.

    “Do you know how long it's going to take?” you questioned Fry just as he was about to fully pass you, but he stopped almost immediately, taking about a second to look over at the excited boys before a smile appeared on his lips when he turned back, “Well, that's my secret.”

    “But,” the cook started up again, elongating the vowel in the process which caused the attention to flow over to him, a thing that seemed to be exactly what he wanted, “With Jack in the kitchen with me, maybe less than...”

    “10 minutes?”

    There was a sudden sound of cheers and drumming on a table which made you feel like you could've jumped out of your own skin in that moment, but Fry only laughed as he made his way towards the beloved cooking shack, leaving you to deal with the visibly excited boys all by yourself.

    “Easy- Easy, guys, come on,” you fumbled out while a smile of disbelief took over your lips. A thing that remained, even when they eventually complied.

    There was a chorus of laughter that broke out after a moment. A sound that probably pierced through the entire Glade, as it was that time of night already.

    “You guys better behave tonight,” you spoke up when the boys had finished their moment, and you even pointed an accusing finger at a few specific ones, “I don't think either me or Alby will be at all pleased if its a repeat of last time.”

    “Oh, come on, Y/n,” Minho practically whined all of a sudden while his head leaned back a little, a thing that caused your eyebrow to raise almost immediately when noticed, “We only get these things once a month- We have to make the most of it.”

    “Yeah, well, that maybe be right- But do you really want to be going to work tomorrow with a pulsing headache?” you challenged with a noticeable quickness, finally pushing your hands off of the table you leaned on while maintaining eye contact with a certain runner.

    “Not everyone will be drinking tonight.”

    There it was.

    Gally attempting to defend whatever you were going up against. Always on the opposing side of your argument, “Oh, I know that.”

    However, this time you were quick to match his comment with a quirked eyebrow, “It was more of an.... open statement.”

    “You know, it could've been aimed at your whole, uh, fighting thing.”

    “Oh yeah, I forgot,” Ben breathed out after a second with a tilt of his head, and he aimed his eyes right at Gally which made everyone else follow suit in response, “You made that bet with Jim.”

    The chatter had risen once again. People betting on who would win and wouldn't...

    But you weren't focused on that.

    And apparently, neither was someone else.

    Ben had just attempted to stretch a certain muscle. A normal movement as the general toll of being a runner took its place like anyone would expect.

    However, there was a sound that followed after it that had caught your attention.

    It was quiet, but loud enough for a person to hear if they paid attention.

    And that seemed to only be you.

    It was a strangled grunt.

    Your eyes were narrowed even when the sound disappeared into the chatter. 

    He held this face of pain that wouldn't normally be caused, considering where the feeling had come from. I mean, unless he had a cramp in his abdomen, it was a little... unusual.

    But, before you could even ask about it, or think about it any longer. It was just gone. 

    Ben practically looked anywhere, and at every other person other than you when he noticed your eyes on him.

    “What was it even for?”

    Was he hiding something?

    Your brain had tuned back into the conversation even if you weren't ready for it to, but you let it happen either way, and your eyes fell on Gally once again. You and everyone else now awaiting his response to the blonds question, as you didn't actually know why yourself.

    “My awesome food, of course.”

    The grin on your lips had appeared within seconds of the cook's return, your mind apparently forgetting the recent events as you just looked to Fry when he moved beside you. And the smile on your lips only widened when he placed a hand on your shoulder.

    “Good enough,” Gally commented with a certain sarcasm, and Fry let out a scoff in response before he just shook his head at the man who now tried to contain his own amusement, “Watch it.”

    But after a movement of your own, you were now leaned forwards from where you stood. You had a hand placed on Minho's shoulder when Fry removed his from your own, and it caused not only the runner, but everyone else to look towards you in response, “Well guys,”

    “I think we're ready.”


    Thank you so much for reading!

    I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

    Let me know what you thought about it if wanted. Criticism and general comments are always welcome.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good day or night!- Alex :)

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    minho's smile is my refuge, he makes the world seem like a better place<3

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    Stray Kids Thunderous MV Review

    Stray kids music video:  8/10

    Basic review:

    At first I hated the opening, and didn't like Changbin’s rap either but after watching the music video a couple of times it grew on me. Not really sure why there are blue flames everywhere but I don't think it fits with everything else in the music video. JYP Entertainment never fails to bring to life a group's concepts and I really felt that with this music video. The colours really help to amplify that this is a darker concept. The closeups in the video helped bring across that intimidating feel that the song carries and helps create basic characters within the idols themselves. The CGI needs some work, you could tell it was fake and just ended up looking sloppy. I do like the camera movements that happen in conjunction with the dancing, making it feel like we are there with the group watching them in real life. I do like the touch of animation within the music video, that helps to bring a different vibe to the concept and something new to music videos. 

    Top five things:

    1. Felix’s long hair suits him.

    2. The visuals are great, the colours in the music video really help amplify the concept they are going for.

    3. The dance is very catchy

    4. The whole part at the end just feels like a party I want to go to.

    5. The whole animated parts of the music video bring something different to the concept.

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    your daily dose of legendary sub!shinee stages: everyone looking absolutely sweeping and handsome in silk/ribbon bondage + various chokers for Tell Me What To Do 💎

    pause button meme bonus: of course it’s taemin going haywire choking himself out in broad daylight. 

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    who’s the HANDSOMEST of them all ?

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