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    Hate You - Chapter One

    Warnings: fluff, slight angst

    Word count: 3.5k

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    Her eyes rolled to the back of her head for what felt like the umpteenth time in the span of five minutes. Y/N had woken up in a bit of a rush (thank you alarm for not going off), her shower was rushed and she swore that if she didn't take the extra few seconds to wash out her hair she'd be rushing to work with globs of dried up conditioner in her hair.

    She was barely halfway ready. Her blouse was half on just hanging over her shoulders unbuttoned and unattended to as her black pencil skirt did its best to hang around her hips as the zipper was left unattended. She felt like more of a mess than she appeared to be.

    Moving as fast as her tired body would move she danced into her small kitchen snagging the now cold piece of toast. She made a mental note to make it after her shower next time. That was if, of course, she had the time. But time on that sunny Thursday morning seemed to never want to slide in her favor. She began to wonder what type of god she pissed off to have it fair like this.

    Her next dance had her meet the living room where she allowed herself a brief minute to catch up with everything. There was certainly no way she was fully running late. Her shower was less than five minutes thanks to throwing everything on, she had breakfast (if she called the cold half soggy toast in her mouth), and her shoes were in the shoe closest by the door.

    The couch was a tempting thing calling out her name with such an unheard melody. The exhaustion of running around was already starting to take its toll despite it only being roughly 20 minutes since she woke. But her dances between each room were draining and taxing.

    The now cold single piece of bread was barely enough to satisfy her for the morning. It was obvious when her stomach lightly grumbled at her in demand of more. But even the single thought of staying and longer had her stress levels higher.

    The morning, she noted, was already quite bitter to her. Y/N had always lived by the small motto that if your morning activities were filled with stress and worry the many hours ahead would greet the same fate. Stress would be the keyword for today.

    Upon the small demand that hardly registered in her brain her eyes flicked toward the clock hating the ending result. The more she stood around in the quietness of her living room the faster time seemed to go. Almost as if it was a mere tease waiting to laugh at her fall.

    The silence was filled with a momentary sound of a zipper being zipped the moment the piece of bread was gone. She only had three objectives now and the main one was simply getting out the door. At this point, she felt like she was trying to nail a choreography and the title was "making it to work on time".

    It was all almost too much for her half-awake brain to handle, and the worry of "I'll forget something important while rushing out the door" flew around in her mind heavily. It had simply been far too long since she had woken up late. She almost couldn't remember the last time she did.

    The unbothered buttons soon found themselves being bothered once her skirt had all the attention. Each click gave her what she needed to know as her brain told her legs to make a move towards the door. With the snap of the final button, her hands were free to grab her purse that held her car keys and everything else she needed.

    Feeling grateful her shoes weren't as much as a fuss like the rest of her clothing she slipped them on soon greeting the empty hallway.

    "Oh—." Y/N stumbled back slightly her eyes widened trying to figure out what was just shoved in her face. If the morning wasn't already frantic enough this would certainly add to the cake. She blinked her eyes now fully focused on the coffee cup in front of her.

    "The lady downstairs said she didn't see you walk out. I figured you were running late so I went out and got you coffee!" Her eyes switched between the Starbucks coffee cup to meet the chocolatey brown eyes of her neighbor, Lee Minhyuk.

    "Oh, thank you, Minhyuk. But I can't take that." Her words were quick as he reminded her that she was indeed running late. As they always say; time stops for no one. And it certainly wouldn't stop for her to grant her a much-needed breather.

    Pushing past him with a soft apology the only thing she had in mind was the elevator that would take her to the garage where her car was parked. Her mind was racing as her eyes did a double check to see if she had clicked the down button to call the elevator to the floor she stood.

    Her eyes sat glued to the grey metallic doors of the elevator. The small prayer she said oh so silently seeming to no be heard as the elevator doors found themselves latched together without much care.

    She felt her body jump as a hand fell onto her shoulder, her head whipping around to meet the same pair of eyes she had just met when she left her apartment.

    "I insist." Minhyuk was quick to speak as the warm coffee was once again in her face. Her mind now felt like it was soaring. She'd have to repay him for this. Not everyone was this kind, especially in the morning.

    "Minhyuk I—"

    "Please." His face changed to that of a puppy. Eyes blinking in an uneven stance that had her wilding pumping heart flutter. Was his blink always so unevenly adorable? The ding of the elevator opening snapped her out of the daze she found herself in, a blink, then a smile that wouldn't have fit her otherwise hectic morning.

    He followed her towards the elevator but not fully standing inside. His arm, god forbid, stood fully in the way of the two doors shutting as she pressed the "G" button. He was persistent. She'll give him credit for that.

    "Fine," The feeling of warmth from both the cup of coffee and his fingers sent a jolt of electricity throughout her body. "Thank you Minhyuk. I owe you."

    The smile was the last thing she caught from her cheerful neighbor as the doors greeted each other. The descend down to the garage was filled with the back and forth between checking her phone for the time, which of course, never helped her panic, and taking a drink of her coffee. She'd have to ask Minhyuk how he knew what she liked so well.

    The ride down wasn't as long as her brain had made it out to seem. Being on the fourth floor with no interruptions was less than a minute on its own, but with how fogged her brain felt the ride down felt like an eternity. The jolting stop of the elevator seized her impatient foot-tapping, something she hadn't even noticed she was doing until the sudden movement.

    Her mind was racing. The possibilities of the day getting worse for her was at the highest of highs. To top it off the creeping anxiety of being late to work ate away at her skin. It was almost calming seeing her car come into view.

    Did she feel bad that she practically ripped her poor car door open? Of course, she did, but time was a ticking essence and it hated her. Her heart fell at the sound of her car not starting.

    "No no no no!" Her cry was a mix between pathetic and exhausted. There was no way her car was craping out on her now! Her head fell against the wheel as a cry fell from her parted lips. Thursdays would officially be her terrible days.

    Her attention was now on her purse rummaging through it to find what she needed. Her phone. Grateful that it wasn't forgotten in her apartment. Quickly unlocking her phone she swiped through her contacts finding the person she had hoped would help.


    "Minhyuk, hey," Her heart fluttered when he picked up. She had hoped her neighbor wouldn't blow her off. "I'm so so sorry if I'm being a bother but my car isn't starting and if I wait around to have it jumped I'll be so later for work. Is it possible for you to take me?"

    The silence that came from his end was incredibly deafening and time-consuming. She shuffled around in her car seat hoping that he'd answer soon or a cab would be her saving grace for the day.

    "Absolutely!" The way his voice rang over the phone had her smile way too brightly for how stressed she felt. "I was going to head out anyways. I'll just tell the boys I'll be late."

    He was meeting up with people? Now she felt even worse that he'd possibly go out of his way for her. Opening her mouth to reply she was met with the call ending much to her amazement, then a figure appearing in front of her with a bright gumming smile.


    How could she forget that he parked his car beside her? The countless times they'd meet each other just to have a short conversation was endless, but always cut off with her needing to be somewhere. Her job felt too demanding at times.

    Her thanks to her neighbor came spilling out over a million times as he pulled out of the garage. Still, he wore the same smile like her asking for such a favor in the morning never bugged him at all. How the man had no worries in the world was beyond her. She wished she carried his attitude.

    "Minhyuk, thank you so much," Y/N spoke up once more after her coffee cup met the cup holder. She turned to him with the softest smile she could muster. "I think you saved my ass this morning. Probably more than you could know. My boss sent me this email this morning saying I had to be there or I would've called off. I owe you the world."

    "Nonsense." His right hand waved around almost dismissing her last sentence. "If you need me to pick you up after work I'll gladly do it. It doesn't bother me as much."

    She blinked wondering if he had said was true. Was he doing it out of the kindness of his heart? Of course, he was. The smile she held this time was a true one. Silently she thanked whoever she could that gave her such a good neighbor.

    Still that single sentence floated in her mind. The simple "It doesn't bother me as much." had her heart flutter. Shaking her head she spoke, "Oh no I couldn't ask for that. You've already bought me coffee, I'm still waiting for an answer on how you knew my favorite by the way, and now you're taking time out of your day to drive me across town to work. I'll take a cab home."

    He chuckled at her words sneaking a quick glance at her. "Remember that one day we bumped into each other at the Starbucks down the street from the apartment complex? It was a gamble from there. As for the last thing, there's no way I'll let you take a cab home that late. Are you crazy?"

    It was her turn to laugh at his words as he pulled into the parking lot that she worked at. Something she always did was pay attention to each car that was parked, but her heart stopped when a single car came into view the closer Minhyuk got to the front.

    Y/N's smile fell as realization dawned on her hard and fast. It was like something slapped her, and the worries about running late all morning was gone with the wind. Her body sat frozen mind racing. Then she forced her body to blink hoping the car he had just passed wasn't who she had thought it was.

    "Hey, would you look at that! Ten minutes to spare!" The chipper voice that came from Minhyuk ripped her out of the deep thoughts she once found herself in.

    She turned to him her smile not quite reaching her eyes like the ones before. She had hoped he wouldn't question it, and she was glad he didn't.

    "Thank you." Her voice was soft as she finally spoke. She didn't want to take out her anger that was boiling inside her out on the man that helped her. It wouldn't be right. Grabbing her things she gave his cheek a soft kiss showing her gratitude then leaving with a wave.

    Her eyes flicked towards the parked silver car that sat right next to the building. She knew who it was. And the knowledge of it made her blood boil. The lobby was as full as she expected it to be. The man she had worked for made a living for himself, and his business was booming.

    Her eyes locked onto the girl working the desk. Ha-Joon, the receptionist that usually worked the mornings gave Y/N a sad frown almost knowing what she'd be walking into.

    "Hey, Y/N?" Joon spoke up in hopes of catching the other girls' attention. Y/N stopped short of the elevator her eyes flicking towards the younger blonde as she cleared her throat. "Just a warning, the boss didn't look too pleased this morning. I also don't know why he is here but I'd be careful."

    "Thanks." That word was new in Y/N's vocabulary for the day. Giving Joon a bow she stepped into the elevator pressing the button to the top floor. Her eyes glanced down at her phone noticing she had a text.

    Neighbor Boy: Text me when you're out and I'll be there! I hope you have a good day!!

    The text was refreshing as she read it over and over. She had never received such a message from the male before, but she welcomed it. She hated the moment the elevator doors opened knocking her out of whatever fantasy she had fallen in.

    The moment she stepped out she blinked being greeted with the familiar eyes of one of his bodyguards. Of course, she had long since forgotten his name. He meant little to Y/N.

    "Excuse me." She uttered moving around the male to get to her desk. Normally when she arrived she'd give her boss a good morning then focus on her work for the day. But having him in the office stopped the want in doing so.

    She fell against her seat relieved that she could finally sit down without worries of being late. With five minutes to spare thanks to her amazing neighbor. Her eyes fell shut taking a sigh of relief. This was nice. No more worries.

    Her boss knew she was here now.

    The sound of the large oak doors merely caught her attention, but she had refused to open her eyes until the sound of footsteps disappeared or she was really needed.

    "Y/N, my office please." Her heart sank at his tone. Eyes now opened she glanced around noticing her boss had left his door open, but what really made her curious was the fact that his bodyguards were lingering around despite their boss not being there.

    Standing up she quickly dashed into his office closing the doors behind her. The moment she turned to him his face was in his hands completely blocking off her chance to read his emotions.

    "Did he leave us some bodyguards or something?" She laughed trying to lighten up the mood. The air felt too tense despite her just stepping inside the room and she hated the feeling.

    "Sit down Y/N." Finally looking up at her Y/N could tell how serious he was. That alone made her uneasy. Was she getting fired? Had he said something to her boss that made her seem so bad that her boss would kick her to the curb after all these years?

    "I don't want you to get upset with me--"

    "Are you firing me?"

    "No, not necessarily—"

    "Then don't say that."

    "You just won't be working for me anymore." He finished watching her face contort with confusion. "I'm sorry, Y/N. We had an hour-long meeting. I tried to negotiate but he wasn't budging."

    "No. Absolutely not." Y/N's tone was sharp as her eyes glared daggers into the man that had taken the role of her boss. She watched him sigh falling back against the leather seat as his hands rubbed over his face. "You can't sell me to him like that!"

    "Please calm down. I'm not selling you to him. Please trust me."

    "Are you out of your fucking mind?" She hissed. Normally she'd never talk to her boss like that but she was livid. The anger inside her almost felt like it was too much for her to handle. "You expect me to drop everything I've built working for you to work for...him?"

    Her eyes watched carefully as her boss bit his lip, his pleading look telling her to not argue with him. Surely if he had tried hard enough she wouldn't be arguing with him right now. He would've been gone before she got to work, and she would be having her morning chat with her boss.

    That's not how life works though. Not even her boss's sorry expression made her feel remotely sorry for him. She wanted to scream. To yell at her boss and call him every ugly name under the sun if that meant she didn't have to work for him.

    "He'd take this company down if I didn't agree. Please believe me." A scoff fell from her lips. She couldn't even look at her boss anymore. She felt sick. He was throwing her away for his business?

    "You want me to believe you? You're a joke, you know that?" Y/N's tone remained calm as she stood fixing her skirt in the process. Turning on her heel she walked towards the door, hand on the knob as she spoke, "I hope your company burns."

    Leaving was the only thing she could do. She couldn't hear what he had to say. She didn't want to hear any more of his pathetic excuse. She just wanted to go home. Maybe even hang out with her neighbor. He had a knack for putting a smile on her face.

    Her body froze at the door upon noticing it was no longer just his bodyguard. No. Someone else was there. And the aura that came from that person screamed that they were in charge and they got what they wanted no matter what.

    "There's my new secretary! I've been waiting to see her all morning." His voice was smooth as he spoke. Her eyes met his immediately hating the smirk that itched his face.


    "Ah, ah. That's Mr. Oh to you." With each move he took, she watched carefully. He walked towards her like she was his prey, and he was the hunter ready to attack her when able.

    Personal space felt like nothing to him. The word being a foreign concept that he didn't quite want to grasp. Sehun did what he wanted. And he made sure everyone around him knew that well.

    The simple smirked remained on his face as he was now inches from her. Teasing her with unspoken words that made her body shiver. No. She wouldn't give into him.

    "I heard your little argument in there," He finally spoke brushing a piece of hair out of her face. "You really think I was simply going to walk away. Your boss, well, ex-boss owed me. Big time. So I was going to take something important from him."

    Y/N scoffed hating that she seemed like a simple object to him. Pushing past him she missed the wild smile that replaced his smirk when she did such.

    "Awe come on. Don't tell me you're playing hard to get now. Face it, you're working for me now. If you don't show up on time tomorrow things will get ugly."

    Once again her body froze, her finger lingering over the call button to the elevator. Ugly? What did he mean by "ugly"? The ding of the elevator had her body unfreeze as she stepped in turning towards her new boss.

    "I'll see you then, boss." She spat out each word dripping an ugly amount of venom as she eyes him until the doors fully shut.

    "Good girl."

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    So apparently Hyungwon hasn't stopped growing...

    is it time we do something about it? 😂

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    OMG YES😂😂😂

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    This moment Somewhere in the world, thousand of Mbb got killed by this stunning dude 🤪🥴💥💘

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    Attention, we need MORE idols like Minhyuk...

    Ones that don't get scared scolding fans ESPECIALLY when they try to humiliate another❗❗❗

    Bebe's that acts this way should know better and thank GOD Minhyuk know to stand up and put them in place 👏🙏

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    Op asked him to do the kissing challenge. my god, he is so cute💙😭🐰 Mood: jealousy😩 cr: ️Bombom930301

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    Hyungwon: ... You're giving me a sticker?

    Changkyun, beaming: Not just a sticker. That is a sticker of a kitty saying "me-wow!"

    Hyungwon: I am not a preschooler.

    Minhyuk: Kyunnie, I'll take it-

    Hyungwon: I earned this, back off!

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    A wholesome sequence of events 🐋

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    210916 it's Live Twitter update


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    Eunkwang and Minhyuk for Star1

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    Eunkwang and Minhyuk for Star1

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    Minhyuk for Star1

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