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  • tarosmilkteatales
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    in which you, one of the few healers left, are summoned to help figure out what has turned a bright, warm aristocrat into nothing but a haunted, reclusive shell of who he used to be.

    gn!reader X aristocrat!sungyoon .

    PART WARNINGS: just ominous things <3 nothing triggering ! (word count: 600+)

    NOTE; any depictions of the real people in this are not a direct reflection of them in real life; please do not take it as such.

    ( apologies for this being late !! hope you enjoy 💕✨ )

    Sungyoon hadn’t moved from his spot in the windowsill in a long time; he had yet to even speak since he’d gotten up hours ago, and he couldn’t quite find it within himself to do so now — despite the worried looks Jangjun, who’d left with Youngtaek earlier for reasons unknown, and Daeyeol had given him as he continued staring out into the garden maze. His silence wasn’t necessarily an unusual thing — it hadn’t been for months — but he would, at least, usually greet the few people he saw first thing in the morning. It was a habit he’d had for so many years that he wouldn’t ever be able to quit — one incident couldn’t knock that out of him.

    From where he was, Sungyoon was able to watch as the two remaining gardeners — Jibeom and Jaehyun — slowly made their way through the maze; Jibeom brightly talking, his hands carrying buckets full of freshly-pulled grass, and Jaehyun nodding to whatever the other was saying with a smile, pulling a small wagon full of mulch and miscellaneous flowers.

    “Bomin’s been gently fussing for the garden to be brighter to look at.”

    Sungyoon lightly jumps in surprise, before looking toward where the voice came from; finding Daeyeol sitting at a table a few feet away, looking up at him from where he’d been fixing a torn shirt. Noticing the surprise and confusion on his face, Daeyeol adds, “He kept saying that the dark roses your mother picked were too dreary to see every day. He wanted to add more color to the garden now that he has the power to — and he thought it’d be better for everyone since…whatever happened to you two out there’s created some unwanted talk.”

    “This would,” Sungyoon’s voice cracks, making him clear his throat as he tries to relax before hesitantly restarting, “This would be the first time the flowers have been changed since he was born, right?”

    Daeyeol lightly hums as he thinks, lifting an eyebrow at the obvious swerve into a lighter topic, before returning his gaze back to his sewing as he replies, “I believe so. Either that, or your twenty-first birthday.”

    Ignoring the slight hiss Daeyeol lets out after pricking his finger after he finishes speaking, Sungyoon hums, “Bomin’s twenty-first is coming up, isn’t it? In a couple weeks?”

    “It is, yeah.”

    “Do you know if he’s wanting to have a traditional celebra—”

    “He’s decided to have a household-only party, if what Donghyun’s told me is true.” Daeyeol gently cuts him off, as if he were already expecting the question before Sungyoon had even thought of it. “Who’s left of the household, anyway…”

    “Ah, yeah…how many more left this week?”

    “Ten,” Daeyeol lifts the shirt he’d been sewing up to check it, “which means that it’s just us, Bomin, Jangjun, and the five that Jangun’s collected under his wing left here.”

    “‘That Jangjun’s collected under his wing’ as if you haven’t taken to parenting them as well.” Sungyoon teases him, “Distancing yourself from the fact you co-parent with Jangjun won’t happen with me, ‘Yeol.”

    Daeyeol pauses in his movements, opening his mouth with a look of offense, but a set of light knocks on the door interrupts; Seungmin’s cherry hair poking through a moment later as he peeks into the room, quietly shuffling toward Daeyeol once catching his eye.

    As Seungmin bends down to lightly whisper to Daeyeol, Sungyoon watches for a second with a slightly puckered frown, curiosity beginning to eat as him at the blatant show of secrecy, before he turns back toward the window; Jaehyun and Jibeom now beginning to tear into the fresh bags of mulch, their large grins showing that their conversation was still as vibrant as it was before Daeyeol spoke, and Sungyoon’s body fully relaxing when noticing the two young gardeners’ grins as they work — willfully ignoring the hushed conversation of guests, a healer and their willful friend, having arrived along with Jangjun and Youngtaek only a few minutes prior going on behind him.

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  • drunk-jaez
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    ⋆﹒゚. we’re making shapes out of the rain clouds⋆﹒゚.﹒⋆

    #he’s so cute 🌱✨ #seungmin#kpop#gncd#kpop aesthetic#kpop boys#minigalixies#aesthetic#moodboard#kpop moodboard#golcha#golden child#blue#yellow #゚⋆﹒seungmin ! .﹒⋆ #boy groups#bae seungmin#golcha aesthetic #゚⋆﹒ golcha ! .﹒⋆ #brown #golden child aesthetic #golcha moodboard #⋆﹒⸱ ‘98z ! .⋆﹒
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  • tarosmilkteatales
    14.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    (art by quint buchholz, found on pinterest)


    a time when i, bobbie(or bie), try to create mini-works through the months of september & october about miscellaneous kpop boys ! the collection — as yes i have enough ideas at this point to call it that — will be full of spooky cliches, lots of open endings, some ‘x reader’, others completely kpop-boy/group-centered, and maybe twists on said-cliches; this year’s works will include kpop boys from groups such as golden child, nct, tomorrow x together, p1harmony, and maybe more !
    ANY TRIGGERING CONTENT WILL BE LISTED AT THE TOP OF EACH WORK — please take care of yourself & check it ! (& lmk if i miss one and/or list something wrong)
    some may end up being late due to some personal stuff and the fact that i’m currently trying to get a mini-series, haunted. finished … however i hope to publish weekly alongside haunted.’s updates ! :)


    [nothing more romantic than dying] gncd/kjb x gn!reader.

    TO BE PUBLISHED(list will be frequently updated!) :

    [whispers] gncd x gn!reader.

    [angel of the morning] cyj x gn!reader.

    [different definitions of ‘normal’] p1h.

    [the devil’s bakery] ??? x gn!reader.

    [that feeling] gncd/hjc.

    #minigalixies#kpop #drabbles by bie <3 #bie’s spooky szn ! <3 #this is two weeks late however ….. stIL L L !!!!
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  • drunk-jaez
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ⋆゚⋆.﹒⋆.゚ should i take my heart out to copy and paste on you? ⋆﹒⋆.゚⋆.﹒゚

    #happy yeonjun day !! <3 #kpop#yeonjun#txt#kpop aesthetic#kpop boys#green#aesthetic#minigalixies #゚.⋆﹒junnie ! .⋆゚﹒. #txt aesthetic#choi yeonjun#txt yeonjun#moodboard#txt moodboard#kpop moodboard #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #yeonjun moodboard#green moodboard#green aesthetic #⋆﹒⸱ ‘99z ! ⸱.⋆﹒
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  • drunk-jaez
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    .﹒゚⋆.﹒⋆゚ like a key to a memory frozen in time﹒⋆゚.⋆゚⋆﹒

    #kpop#daeyeol#golden child#kpop aesthetic#kpop boys #゚⋆﹒daeyeol ! .﹒⋆ #minigalixies#aesthetic#golcha#gncd#moodboard#kpop moodboard#boy groups #゚⋆﹒ golcha ! .﹒⋆ #golcha aesthetic#lee daeyeol#golcha moodboard#brown #golden child aesthetic #daeyeol moodboard#daeyeol aesthetic#brown moodboard#brown aesthetic #help i forgot i was wanting to do all of them for this OFOFJFJ — the big sad boinked me :( #⋆﹒⸱ ‘93z ! ⸱•﹒.
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  • tarosmilkteatales
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    gn!reader X non-idol!golcha/jibeom(romance is optional)

    zombie apocalypse au ! (word count: 800+)

    WARNINGS; bruising mentions, zombies, death, gun insinuation, open-ish ending. (& 1 cuss word)

    this all just … tumbled out throughout this past week so .. only slightly edited + can only hope it makes any sense PFPFPF — hope you enjoy ! please like/rb if you do :)

    With his hand in yours, Jibeom watches the zombies bang on the doors as you settle back down onto the small couch; the feeling of fear having faded into one of acceptance in your heart, but your hands still tremble ever-so-slightly as you accidentally make eye-contact with one of the bearers of your end after pulling a blanket over your thighs.

    The bite on your leg itches; as if to remind you that you were going to die whether your group’s safe-base was attacked or not, that the hoard was — if anything — speeding up the time you had left as you. Your goodbyes to the rest of the people you’d spent months with happened only — what feels like — a few minutes ago; Joochan’s ‘no goodbyes, only see you laters!’ still ringing in your ears, which reminds you that you should probably —

    “You need to go.” You let go of Jibeom’s hand, looking toward him and away from the hallow eyes. “They’re waiting on you, dummy.”

    You’re met with silence — or as much silence you can get with the banging and snarls — and you realize that Jibeom hadn’t even been looking at the crowd of monsters, but at the bruising bite on your calf. Fighting back a groan as you move it away from his sight to gain his attention, you say, “Jibeom.”

    He finally hums, before looking over at you; his eyes shiny while his mouth was twisted into a frown. “I’m still not sure this is the best—”

    “Don’t do this.” You sigh, looking away and bringing the blanket around your shoulders closer as if to shield yourself from Jibeom’s continuous protests. When he opens his mouth to continue his speech, you add, “It hurts to move anything below the waist at this point — this is the best.”

    “And you need to go — your window of opportunity is closing.” His face scrunches up more after you add this, as if to try his best to oppose your decision in any way he can.

    “I just hate the thought that your last moments are of us leaving you to them.” He finally states, all of his face flattening out aside from his mouth, which was still stuck in a deep frown. Your heart twists as you realize that that was what was bothering him — that you wouldn’t be able to comfortably pass away. You look at Jibeom for a moment, trying to ignore the feeling of hey, you’re dying! sinking into your bones.

    “My last moments will be knowing that you guys are safe.” You point out, “Not of you guys ‘leaving me to them’. I’d like to think that you’d know I wouldn’t think of you like that.”

    A sharp sound of glass breaking echos just as you were about to teasingly click your tongue, bringing your and Jibeom’s attention back toward the groaning monsters’ banging on the windows and doors. “Shit, okay —”

    Your hands begin to lightly shake again, the fear of Jibeom not making it out in time growing larger at the sight of the large crack appearing on one of the windows; a clear sign that it wouldn’t be long before the entire window would give in to the weight of who-knows-how-many zombies. With a growing knot in your throat, you wince as you reach over to pull Jibeom’s bag over; a sharp pain spiking up your spine at the sudden movement.

    “You need to go, love.” You state, swatting at his worried hands he had stretched out the second you moved to grab his bag. “Before we both end up food for them, and Jaehyun tries something stupid to get you.”

    Although slightly slow — as if to still silently argue with you — in his movements, Jibeom finally stands up; pulling his bag over his shoulders, and shuffling toward the back entrance everyone else had earlier.

    “But hey,” you start, making him pause halfway to turn to look at you one last time, “I’ll find you, alright? Maybe not as human - or one of those things - but maybe as something smaller. So stay safe, you hear me?” You give him a small, but stern, glare with a teasing smile, sitting back against the couch arm.

    Jibeom hums, continuing his way toward the exit while shaking his head, “I’ll try - until next time, right?” And with a tight grin and two-fingered salute, he leaves; the sound of his footsteps just barely audible over the banging and groans of your soon-to-be-guests, and you wait ten more minutes after he disappears before moving again, grabbing an object off the floor with a shaky sigh.

    There’s nothing more romantic than dying, you think one last time just before pulling the trigger; the sound echoing with a loud bang! just as the doors break under the monsters. The commotion causing Jibeom — and your group — to look over and watch as the monsters stampede the building that had once held a warmer life.

    #i’m really sorry for this one PFPFPF #also … the ending lowkey not it .. sorry :( #‘romance is optional’ = it’s more-so insinuated than main like what i had in mind when i started so …. take what u will from this !!!! #minigalixies#kpop#golcha#gncd#kpop blurbs#jibeom#golden child #golcha x reader #tw zombies#tw death #by bie <3 #golden child x reader #gncd x reader #zombie au#kim jibeom #tw bruising mention #tw injuries #jibeom x reader #was GENUINELY about to make this an unrequited love so …. spared you there :]
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  • drunk-jaez
    30.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ⋆.﹒゚⸱⋆﹒. the magic began the moment i saw you ⋆゚.﹒⸱゚﹒.⋆

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  • tarosmilkteatales
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    in which you, one of the few healers left, are summoned to help figure out what has turned a bright, warm aristocrat into nothing but a haunted, reclusive shell of who he used to be — all in the midst of wild rumors spreading about the elusive man’s family and estate.

    gn!reader X aristocrat!sungyoon .

    OVERALL WARNINGS; talks of insomnia, nightmares, insinuations of murder, mentions of blood, open ending, and light cussing . (RATED M.)

    NOTE; any depictions of the real people in this are not a direct reflection of them in real life; do not take any of them as such.

    ⌗ [ ZERO ] ⌗ [ ONE ] ⌗ [ TWO ] ⌗ [ THREE ] ⌗ [ FOUR ] ⌗ [ FIVE ] ⌗
    #LOOK AT THE WARNINGS FOR POTENTIAL TRIGGERS . #minigalixies#kpop#gncd#golden child#golcha#y#choi sungyoon#sungyoon #sungyoon x reader #golcha au #golden child au #golcha x reader #golden child x reader #gncd au
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  • tarosmilkteatales
    26.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago



    ( ⋆﹒➝ SKZ LIST . )
    ( ⋆﹒➝ kth/v , 11:12pm )
    ( ⋆﹒➝ pjh/jae/eaj , 11:30pm )
    ( ⋆﹒➝ cyj/yeonjun , 12:33pm )
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  • tarosmilkteatales
    26.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago



    [ taeyong , 1:31am ] [ yuta , 11:51am ]
    [ mark , 11:24pm . 1:28am . 2:23am ] [ jaemin , 12:31am ] [ shotaro , 5:45pm ]
    #nct#nct 127#nct u#nct dream#wayv#nct blurbs#nct drabbles#nct scenarios#nct imagines #nct u timestamps #nct u drabbles #nct u blurbs #nct u scenarios #minigalixies #nct dream timestamps #kpop #nct dream blurbs #wayv scenarios #nct dream drabbles #wayv blurbs #nct dream imagines #nct 127 drabbles #wayv drabbles #nct dream scenarios #nct 127 blurbs #wayv timestamps #nct 127 timestamps #kpop timestamps#kpop blurbs#kpop drabbles
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  • tarosmilkteatales
    26.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago



    [ jangjun , 1:14pm ]
    [ ★ jibeom , there’s nothing more romantic than dying ]
    [ ★☆ ot10/sungyoon , haunted. ]
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  • tarosmilkteatales
    26.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    please let me know if any links don’t work ! ♡

    MAIN ACC: @beomsdaisies


    [ golden child ] [ nct ] [ misc. idols ]
    [ BOBBIE’S SPOOKY ‘21 ]
    #minigalixies #drabbles by bie <3 #➷navigation. 🐾
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  • drunk-jaez
    24.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ⋆.゚﹒゚⋆. you're so beautiful that i carefully knock on your heart, my love ゚.⋆゚.﹒゚

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  • drunk-jaez
    21.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    ゚⸱﹒゚⋆.゚⸱ you stopped in my world, my only one .゚⋆.﹒⸱゚

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  • drunk-jaez
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    .﹒゚⋆⸱. you bloom inside my heart ⋆.゚﹒.⋆゚

    #kpop#kpop aesthetic#kpop boys#minigalixies#aesthetic#gncd#golcha#golden child#golcha aesthetic #golden child aesthetic #moodboard#kpop moodboard#boy groups #゚⋆﹒ golcha ! .﹒⋆ #bong jaehyun#jaehyun#bongjae#golcha moodboard #゚⋆﹒bongjae ! .﹒⋆ #pink#blue#pink moodboard#blue moodboard #the cow one was too cute to not use 🥺🥺 #⋆﹒⸱ ‘99z ! ⸱.⋆﹒
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  • drunk-jaez
    13.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ﹒゚.⋆﹒゚i always want to see you smiling ⋆゚⋆.﹒⋆

    #first kpop boy i knew that was younger than me :’) #happy hueningkai day !! <3 #kpop#kpop aesthetic#kpop boys#minigalixies#aesthetic#moodboard#kpop icons#bg icons#icons#kpop moodboard#boy groups#txt #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #brown#hueningkai#huening kai#hueningkai moodboard#hueningkai aesthetic#txt aesthetic #txt huening kai #brown moodboard #゚.⋆﹒huening ! ⋆.゚⸱ #゚.⋆﹒txt ! ﹒.⋆゚ #⋆﹒⸱ ‘02z ! ゚⋆﹒.
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  • drunk-jaez
    13.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ﹒⸱゚⋆.﹒now, it's you and me. it’s "us" now ⋆゚﹒.゚

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  • drunk-jaez
    13.08.2021 - 1 mont ago




    [ group / duos / trios / etc. (1) ]
    [ yeonjun (1) ] [ soobin ] [ beomgyu ] [ taehyun ] [ hueningkai (1) ]


    [ group / duos / trios / etc. ]
    [ yeonjun ] [ soobin ] [ beomgyu ] [ taehyun ] [ hueningkai ]
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  • drunk-jaez
    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    ( random song rec. : fanfare - golden child ! )

    click for better quality ! <3
    please give creds if you use ! 🌱
    ゚﹒.➷ first set ! 💘
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