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  • minimal888
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    had to empty my jacket pockets today so decided to make an edc or what’s in my pockets

    here it is.

    1. that’s my wallet. my minimalist wallet. i had it for about 2 years now. it has two cards now; my credit card and my european insurance card that had expired last year. i keep it just in case. i also have a bay leaf in my wallet as it’s supposed to bring me money.

    2. cigarettes and a lighter. last time i smoked was two weeks ago. i am trying to quit but i still keep the pack as it has 5 cigs left and i can’t get myself to throw them out. the lighter was found in my old dorm room. it was used to open beer bottles that’s why it has those marks.

    3. hand cream. due to me constantly using the hand sanitizer my hands became super dry. i have never had a problem with dry hands as i have always had sweating problems but now everything changed. i love it. it’s with hemp although it doesn’t have that smell. moisturises great. i recommend if anyone’s interested.

    4. hand sanitizer. i found this bottle and used it ever since. i keep on refilling it because it’s such a great bottle; 100 ml, super comfortable, can be refilled. i use it every time i touch something on the street. it’s a habit i wanna keep even after the pandemic.

    5. airpods. best thing ever. i could not be happier with this thing. bought it last year and there hasn’t been a day i did not used them.

    6. coin wallet. i got it years ago from a friend that got it in morocco. it’s such a great thing as it’s hard to open for the people who have never seen it so i guess it’s a great party gift. it’s in my favourite, dark green, colour with some gold details that over years have come off. i do not mind carrying around two wallets as this one often stays in my inside pocket along with cigs and a lighter.

    7. crystals. currently in my jacket i only have four; amethyst, obsidian, clear quartz and rose quartz.

    i also have my mask and my phone on me all the time. but at the time of taking this picture my phone was in my hands and my mask was on my face.

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  • deboribou
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

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  • minimal888
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    my phone

    this is my lockscreen. i know it’s rather ugly with colours not matching and having no aesthetic. before having this picture as my lockscreen i used to always have really nice, aesthetic pictures, but this one means so much to me and i don’t think i will ever change it, or if i will it’s still going to contain these 4 beauties. when i left my home back in october i left my pets with my parents; my dog tutis who was 16 at that time, my cat baller, my snail mercury and my betta makemake. my dog died few days after i left the house. months later my snail died as well. later i had to find out my fish died as well. i still blame myself for that and still get emotional thinking about it. i made this lockscreen before i left the house to always remember them. now that 3 of them are gone i don’t wanna forget them. that’s why thats my lockscreen

    this is my homescreen. i spend a few hours making it a week ago. i liked it at first but i don’t like it anymore. it doesn’t look minimalist to me, also it doesn’t show me those red bubbles with amount of notifications. i am going to change it either today or tomorrow and i am going to update this post with how i did it.


    photowidget: it’s an app that lets you put a widget photo on your homescreen. now my photowidget consists of 7 black and white pictures of kim minseok that change throughout the day. he is an idol from a group called exo. he is someone i aspire to be and his pictures are like motivation to me.

    anime: i use crunchyroll to watch anime. i am currently watching black clover. after that i am planning to watch banana fish but sadly crunchyroll doesn’t have it.

    youtube: i will make a separate post about it. i don’t use it too much on my phone, i use it on my laptop.

    anime list: it’s an app called myanilist. it helps me store my anime watchlist. i am not so sure if i like it or not as i don’t use it that often.

    thrones: it’s a game called got conquest. i am very addicted to it and i am planning on taking breaks from it. this game is the only place where i interact with people.

    photos: i will make a different post about it as well. i try not to have many pictures on my phone. i wanna keep it under 500.

    meditation: i haven’t used this app yet. i just can’t get myself to open it and truly focus on meditating. i used to meditate a lot but after i left my home i stopped doing it. i downloaded it in hopes of getting back to the habit but currently it’s not working.

    pinterest: i love this app. but i spend way too much time on it. after decluttering my apps i will probably delete it and only use it on my laptop.

    stars: it’s an app called nebula. i’m sure most of people who are into astrology or spirituality knows about it. it shows your birthchart and gives you daily horoscopes. i don’t use it that much anymore.

    money: it’s called monefy. it helps you log your money. i to update it as i have made some purchases recently.

    seb: that’s my bank app.

    forest: i used to use this app so much. you have to set a timer for the amount of time you don’t wanna use your phone. if you manage to go through that time without using your phone, you grow a tree, if you use your phone, the tree dies. i was obsessed with this app. i was in the top 50 users. i would never use my phone. sadly, everything changed. i wanna go back to that time.

    currency: i currently live in denmark. they have krones but i am not from here. my brain still thinks in euros. so i have to use this app to not overspend.

    my most used apps are spotify, ecosia, messages and mail.

    if i swipe to the left i have some widgets. here they are:

    yes i was listening to megan thee stallion. don’t judge. and i wasn’t lying when i said i play that game way too much.

    if i swipe to the right all my other apps appear:

    not much to say about it.

    here is a closer look to socials:

    i don’t use facebook, but i need this app because of my work.

    i don’t use instagram either. i deactivated my account. i have two other accounts but i don’t post or do anything there. i will delete it.

    i don’t use messenger either. it’s only for work purposes as my manager only communicates with us through messenger.

    i use tiktok a lot. i wanna cut down on it. maybe i will put screen timer on it.

    i don’t use viber as well as you can see. i used to communicate with my mom through this app, but now i just facetime her once in a while. my family decided to try and communicate with me through here. i do not look at their texts. i don’t wanna talk to them.

    i don’t use whatsapp either. it’s only to communicate with my roommates. i hate whatsapp. i would much rather prefer using imessage.


    i use clock app as my alarm. i hate the sound it makes. it’s the worst thing to wake up to.

    ecosia is probably my favourite app on my phone. it’s a search engine that lets you grow a tree after 45 searches. i have planted 143,6 trees using this app not included the searches from my laptop.

    i really wish i could delete find my, safari and wallet as i do not use them. sadly i cant.

    these are all the apps and widgets i have on my phone

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  • jonny97
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

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    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

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